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Hey everyone! I'm 22, female and mexican.
As of late most of my active fandoms haven't gotten new content, so with nothing to look forward to by chance I watched an episode of the Lion Guard (Bunga and the King) and fell in love with the series. After watching that episode I rewatched the movies and my love for TLK was reborn.
I love my country's dub of the movies, and especially adore the fact that all the original cast returned to the Lion Guard, so I really enjoy watching it on TV especially to listen to Simba <3

I'm looking forward to having fun here :) !!
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I also just began writing TLK fanfiction !
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Re: Hello!

Postby SimbasGuard » June 17th, 2017, 7:50 am

Sorry this thread was missed :oops: Welcome to The My Lion King Forum. I'm glad you like it here.

The original Mexico voice cast of The Lion King came back for The Lion Guard :thumbsup: That is awesome. Here in the U.S. The only original cast member to come back for the series itself is the original voice of Pumbaa. Ernie Sabella.
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