Possibly revived characters...

Possibly revived characters...

Postby UncoordinatedPisces » November 30th, 2016, 10:23 pm

Shadowfax and I did this post-apocalyptic RP a couple of years ago, I suggested a remake...and here I am, remodelling characters.

Name: George Anthony Winslow
Age: 23 years old
Place of birth: Outskirts of North London
Appearance: 5 foot 10, dark slightly curly hair, grey eyes, lanky but fairly lean, soft facial features, general style tends to be shirts w/ jeans and a nice pair of trainers, likes wearing a good jacket
Personality: George is a creative young man who enjoys new experiences and adventures. You could say all the depressing literature he has read has made him somewhat of a pessimist, but he has moments of great determination, especially when he cares deeply about something. He is known for being thoughtful and generous, but also known for his short temper when annoyed. He is protective of those he loves, and can choose whether to be compassionate or cruel when need be.
History: Born to fairly wealthy parents, George has wanted for nothing. That being said, he never got too big for his boots and was aware of how lucky he was. He had a pleasant childhood, and is very close with his younger sister Cassie. He was pushed hard in education, and it paid off when he got into Cardiff university to study English Literature (although his parents would've preferred a Science subject). He got on with mostly everyone at university, both people on his course and off his course. He made his best friend while studying, a Welsh student named Lloyd. The two shared a flat in their second and third years and stayed in frequent contact when they parted ways. George moved back to London and worked as a columnist for a newspaper for a year before the outbreak took place. His life was naturally turned upside down when the pandemic hit, and all of his immediate family was wiped out apart from Cassie. The world turned to anarchy as people slowly died off, and he and Cassie are currently travelling from town to town surviving, hoping there's a large refuge somewhere.

Name: Cassie (Cassandra) Elizabeth Winslow
Age: 17 years old
Place of birth: Outskirts of North London
Appearance: 5 foot 5, long slightly wavy blonde hair, greenish grey eyes, slim with slight curves, soft facial features, loves comfy jumpers and jeggings but doesn't say no to a dress either
Personality: Definitely more of an optimist than her brother, Cassie is bright and cheerful most of the time. She shares her brother's passion towards thing she enjoys, in this case, anything historical or political. That being said, she has led quite a sheltered life and therefore can be a little more sensitive to the world around her. She feels the need to help all the people she can, but her naturally trusting nature can get her into trouble. Cassie certainly has more raw intelligence than she does common sense.
History: Similarly to her brother, she had a loving upbringing without want or need. Luckily, her brother instilled that same virtue of 'knowing you're lucky' from a young age, so she has rarely acted bratty in her life. She has grown up with a physical condition called hemiplegia, a weakness down the right side of her body that leaves her fairly prone to cramp, the shakes and very rarely, brief paralysis. This has slowed her down somewhat, but she still enjoys an active life, even if she can't go crazy. The condition also affects her problem solving and concentration skills. Before the outbreak, she was attending her last year of sixth form studying A-Levels, having received offers from numerous universities. Her life looked pretty set - she had a large group of friends and a bright future. It all came crashed down when the outbreak hit. She is still emotionally fragile about the loss of her family, more so than George, but slowly she is realising that this is the way life is now. She wants to survive, and has far greater hope of a new society out there.

Name: Lloyd Evans
Age: 24 years old
Place of birth: Newport
Appearance: 5 foot 11, shortish blonde hair, blue eyes, average build with slight muscular figure, defined jawline, stubble, not too fussed on his outfit choice but is happy in a comfy tee
Personality: Lloyd is very confident, to the point where he slips into arrogance. However, this is looked over by his peers because of his humours and charming persona. He picks things up rather quickly, and has proved his intelligence to those who doubt it multiple times. He is a natural flirt, he knows he's good looking and he flaunts it. However, being his confident facade is a man with an addictive personality and someone who is more than capable of having a mean streak.
History: Lloyd grew up in a rather rough area. While he had loving parents who encouraged him in education, they and his peers all had habits that he soon adopted. Drinking and smoking. He was involved in petty crime at a young age, never getting caught, but always with a guilty conscience. Neither were good for his health, he knew that, but it didn't stop him from pursing a Sports Science degree at university. It took a lot of hard work at A-Levels, but he got to Cardiff university. He had to commute from home due to the lack of money in the family, but it didn't stop him making a wide group of friends. In particular, George Winslow, who he lived with for most of his uni life thanks to George offering to pay a large percentage of the rent. He is forever grateful, and also grateful for that fact that George convinced him to vape instead of smoke to quell the habit. The drinking still continued, but under George's watchful eye it never became an issue. The two parted ways when university finished, and Lloyd decided he wanted to pursue a career with the police as a kind of turn around. He was a year into his training when the outbreak happened. Everyone he personally knew had died, and was unable to get in contact with anyone outside Wales. Luckily for him, he had managed to gain access to the police station and horded many of their weapons and equipment, which came in handy for later being accepted into one of the wandering gangs that had begun to form because of the anarchy. He's not proud of himself and the terrorising he's involved with in this post-apocalyptic world, but he can't see another option - not yet.

Name: Matthew Scott
Age: 25 years old
Place of birth: Glasgow
Appearance: 6 foot 1, almost black hair that's usually styled, dark eyes, looks about average but harbours some muscle, tries to keep clean shaven, likes to make a presence and keeps himself well groomed whatever he wears
Personality: The first thing everyone notices about Matt is his seemingly split persona. While remaining cruel and manipulative, he either chooses to be loud and unpredictable, or quiet and calculating. Somewhat of a sadist, he enjoys other people's pain and being in control of said pain. He's quite happy to kill to make a point, but would much rather people live and work for him so he has the opportunity to be in power. There is an element of paranoia and lack of trust around his fellow humans that he does not always show, he likes to maintain the strong 'boss' image.
History: Matthew grew up in a wealthy family, though his parents had been divorced from an early age. Being one of four children, the second to last born, he was often ignored and pushed aside as a child. This lead to resentment early on in his life and things did not persevere. Being deemed quiet and odd by his fellow schoolmates, he received little social interaction - however, he was beginning to develop a need to hurt to make a point. It was only in his later years that he started being violent, earning him trust from criminals. He had managed to secure himself in a job that was part of a pyramid scheme and put on a professional facade. He accumulated dirty money and friends before the outbreak, and now the world has turned to anarchy, he happily leads a group of bandits to terrorise other survivors into working for him across the country (working his way south), handing over supplies and essentially, give up their lives to his hands.
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