Jurassic World FK talk (SPOILERS)

Jurassic World FK talk (SPOILERS)

Postby gothprincesskiara » June 22nd, 2018, 7:34 pm

Ok JP/w fans those who have seen, it can we please talk?

Overall I'm speechless, right now I dont know what to think :eyeroll: :ermm: :oops2: :eyebrow6: :hopeful: :ooh2: :roll2: :/

But whats really bothering me is one of my favorite Dinos dying all because it was left behind :( :sob3: :cry2:
Now can someone direct me to the BEST JW fan forum like this one so I can see what the others fans are saying about it for those who have seen it. I want to be part of the discussion on this, cause im itching for opinions and ideas on this one.
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