Kanye West's "Wyoming" projects

Kanye West's "Wyoming" projects

Postby WildSimba » June 24th, 2018, 3:51 am

So recently for the last 5 weeks, Kanye West has released 5 albums of which he produced fully, 1 each friday. Each album is of a short length, typically 23-24 minutes, with 7 or 8 tracks. I figured now that I've listened to all of them at least several times each, I'd give my reviews of each.

Great way to start off the albums. Easily the most hyped up I've heard Pusha T outside of Clipse, and very fueled by Kanye's always excellent production, this one is a really great way of showing what was to come.

ye - Kanye West
Easily Kanye's most personal album since College Dropout, and one of his best produced ones as well, and extremely versatile as far as lyricism and subject matter goes. A career peak for Kanye.

Absolutely excellent album that I'd suggest to anyone whether a rap fan or not. With a heavy experimental edge, as well as extremely sound songwriting Kanye and Kid Cudi come at this project with such heavy energy and extremely tight production that it's hard to ignore the quality of it. Easily one of Kanye's modern day masterpieces.

While having some great tracks, there's unfortunately a significant amount of filler for this project. NAS can only really keep 1 flow, and while he keeps it pretty consistent it makes for a much more overall boring project than the previous ones. Some absolute bangers on this one still and I'd say there's only really one VERY dull track, but the rough and (what feels rushed) production doesn't help. Certainly a let down after the extreme high that Kanye dropped the previous week.

K.T.S.E. - Teyana Taylor
Absolutely fantastic way to round up such a great line of albums. Another peak for the albums, this one runs an extra track than the others, and it's so understandable. This one is a smooth as heck R&B album, where it hits deeply into Taylor's need for a father figure (which she found in kanye), her growing up in a rough area, as well as some interesting exploration into her sensuality. A gratifying and fitting end for this line of albums.
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