SELLING: Janja Plush, WDW Nala Plush

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SELLING: Janja Plush, WDW Nala Plush

Postby Rollo » June 29th, 2017, 12:54 pm

Hi everyone! Me again :lol: Trying to make a little extra cash right now, and also condensing my collection as there's some things that just don't fit my ~aesthetic~ anymore. All items can only be shipped to the UK I'm afraid!

I'm now selling my Janja plush from the Disney Store. This guy was well taken care of but his ears have gone floppy and he doesn't stand up anymore. I honestly can't recall if he ever stood up, but thought it was worth mentioning. He's a bidding listing starting at £4.99 and can be found here: ... 1555.l2649

I'm also selling my WDW Nala plush. She's the older version of Nala who was part of the 2003 10th Anniversary set. She's in great condition but she does have some thread loose on one of her back paws. She's also a bidding listing starting at £3 and can be found here: ... 1555.l2649

Not TLK-related, but I'm also selling my Disney Store Nick Wilde plush here: ... 1555.l2649 (starting at £1.75) and my Judy and Nick Funko Pops here: ... 1555.l2649 (starting at 99p, and they're in perfect condition!)

Bonus reminder that I'm currently selling the UK version of the Disney Store Scar plush, which can be found here: ... 1555.l2649

Thanks very much guys! :happy3:

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