My favourite TLK remixes.

My favourite TLK remixes.

Postby Rollo » October 14th, 2016, 6:44 pm

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the musical artist Pogo, but he's one of my favourite artists of all time, known for his particular style that consists of editing film sound clips to create songs. Some of his most famous works include "Alice",, a remix of Alice in Wonderland, and "Upular",, a remix of Up. He also creates music that has nothing to do with movies which he's also very skilled in. Due to his popularity, he's spawned several artists who take after his distinct 'Pogo style' to create their own remixes, and we're very fortunate to have a few Lion King remixes that are almost as good as Pogo's himself! (Pogo has never made a TLK remix since I believe he mentioned that he isn't a fan of the movie. It's a shame, but not the end of the world.)

T Sex's "Simbphonic"

Wow...what can I say about this remix. While it is structurally a little clumsy in parts, the beginning and ending to this track are phenomenal. By focusing on the Circle of Life, I feel they capture the essence of TLK so perfectly in just a few seconds. The vocal clips chosen are amazing too. I could listen to it endlessly.

AshChirn's "Nalarific"

This is, in my opinion, the best Pogo-style TLK remix that's ever been posted online. It's a remix dedicated to Nala, consisting entirely of her voice clips as well as some clips from Hans Zimmer's score and "Can You Feel The Love Tonight". There's not a thing about this remix that I don't like. I think it works incredibly well and holds its tune nicely throughout the entire thing.

AshChirn's "Simba's Destiny"

A lot simplier than Nalarific and not as catchy, but still a very good Lion King remix that has charm in its simplicity. I especially enjoy the part starting at 1:53 with the Busa theme. The part starting at 3:12 to the ending is great too.

JulesKennedvitch's "Nalatic" ... king-remix

Unsurprising that someone else has chosen to focus on Nala as her voice works nicely in these remixes. This is actually a Lion King 2 remix, and I think it makes excellence use of the He Lives In You African vocals. It loses its charm halfway through the song, I think, but it has a strong start and it's not at all bad.

AshChirn's "Hakuna Matata" WIP

Unfortunately this is a WIP that has so far not seen a completed edition. I love this song. It somehow manages to make Hakuna Matata sound even better, and I would be so happy if Ashley decided to finish it. Hopefully he reads this and does so :P

There's plenty more Pogo remixes of TLK out there but I feel what I have listed is probably the best compilation, or at least the most professional, as the other remixes I've listened to--while having the bear bones of something pretty darn catchy--are not very good in terms of structure.

AshChirn is the most prolific of these artists and has some other TLK remixes on his channel, as well as a few TLK 2 ones. I also believe he had remixed the third movie and posted WIPs but these have never seen completed versions either. Feel free to post any TLK remixes you find as I'd be happy to listen to them!

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