who would have won: pridelanders vs outlanders

Re: who would have won: pridelanders vs outlanders

Postby FriendlyHyena » December 10th, 2018, 3:34 am

Haraka wrote:I do believe that the outsider would have won , given what is shown

See , even if they are malnourished as PrincessTali point out , they have absolutely nothing to lose , they trained probably each day in order to be able to compete. They seems strong enough to fight a pridelander one on one ,but even so "they act as a unit". In the clip , at 0.53 or so a pridelander is litteraly going to be teared apart by 3 outsiders. Even if they are strong , well built and proud , one can't fight off three revenge angry Lionesses ganking up on her.

Plus zira's strenght is proved hard time. When she finally stop coaching and get down to buisness , she just walks to simba who is struggling with numerous lionesses and swipe him off his feets in a single blow. She was probably the most trained and efficient killer the pride landers were to confront. The only Lion who ever knocked down Simba like that was scar , and he had a very hard time doing it.

Furthermore , their main strenght being the way they act together is proved to be a strong factor. in the ambush scene , vitani jumps on simba's back and bite his neck , three unnamed lionesses attack , from each side and after kovu get knocked off nuka charge them all to make them fall down the cliff. So It took 4 lionesses to stop simba from putting up a good fight. Also worth the mention , vitani knocked kovu , a well build and muscular male lion , unconscious in a single swipe from her back legs. If this isn't a proof that they are as strong as a pridelander....

Finally they lose no time , in the clip shown above , at 0:44 in the background , a pridelander pin down an outsider who seems defeated. The lioness take a second to roar and in an instant the outsider "wake up" and slaps hard the one we though was winning hands up.

All of theses factors are what would have played in the advantage of the outsiders in my opinion.

Zira's seeming strength is actually in question, because she is ultimately foiled by the untested Kiara, who seemingly can't even hurt prey correctly.

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Re: who would have won: pridelanders vs outlanders

Postby Outsider218 » December 23rd, 2018, 11:32 pm

I think the Outsiders WON!! They were seeking revenge & are full of hatred. That helped them fight better!
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