What if Zira had tried to get at Simba through Kiara?

What if Zira had tried to get at Simba through Kiara?

Postby FriendlyHyena » April 3rd, 2018, 9:09 pm

Zira forms a risky plan to train Kovu all of these years to then somehow get into the Pridelands and get at Simba:

Of course, there are multiple areas through which the plan could have gone wrong. Of course, the area where it DID go wrong (Kovu falling in love with Kiara), could happen in my alternate timeline idea too so that there can be a happy ending.

1.) Kiara could have died in that fire. Then Simba would have no reason to let Kovu in.
2.) Even if Simba let Kovu near his daughter, he could have made sure that he never went into the Pridelands and only saw her outside of it, with some supervision from the Pridelanders, of course.

What if instead, when Kovu and Kiara first met, Zira (though first wanting to kill Kiara to get back at Simba, she changed her mind) noticed that Kiara was friendly toward Kovu, and kept letting Kiara come back? Simba thus wouldn't know about Kovu and Kiara would slowly grow more trusting of Zira. Zira could then say that she was banished merely for disagreeing with him about Scar (which could be true). Kiara would then start to worry if she might get banished too for upsetting her father,and, over time, Zira would sow more and more doubt in her mind about her father.

As time went on, Kovu would grow closer to Kiara too and would, known only to himself, and perhaps Vitani, doubt whether he should go through with Zira's plan, which was to get Kiara to go somewhere far enough away from the Pridelands where there wouldn't be a long drawn out bloody battle (in this version, I guess "the battle may be bloody" thing didn't "kind of work for" her as much as the original) but where she could easily hold Kiara prisoner but where Simba would suffer heavy losses to get to her and that she could just whack Kiara before Simba got up there.

As time went on and Kovu and Kiara went into their teens, Kovu would start coming into the Pridelands as Kiara's boyfriend. As Simba wouldn't know he was with Zira, Simba would be suspicious (as would any father with a guy around his teenager daughter) but nowhere near as suspicious as he was when he KNEW that Kovu had been raised by Zira.

Eventually, of course, Simba would find out that Kovu was tied to Zira and would order him to leave. Kiara would be devastated, but would be watched by Timon and Pumba. As before, she would escape. However, this time, she'd go to Zira and tell her that she was right about Simba. Zira would act concerned and feeling sorry for her and say that she'd take her somewhere where she could be with Kovu and Simba couldn't interfere with her anymore. So she'd take her to the top of some rocky fortress and into a cave and then double cross Kiara and have her imprisoned. Kiara would feel betrayed by the lot of them. Zira would leave Kovu and Vitani to guard Kiara and then send a message from one of her Outlanders to Simba saying that Kiara was her prison and to come immediately and to give up the throne to either her or Kovu or Kiara would die. Simba would be on his way, actually willing to go give up his kingdom to save his daughter.

However, as Kiara and Kovu would talk, Kiara would tell Kovu what REALLY happened to Scar. Kovu, who'd about had it with Zira's plan anyway, would agree to free Kiara. Kovu would easily convince Vitani (who also kind of liked Kiara) to join in. As they secretly escape, Nuka spots them and alerts the Pridelanders and Simba arrives and is about to give up his kingdom to save his daughter.

Now, whether Nuka dies like before or ends up getting redemption can be left for debate, but her, Zira, knowing that her plan is starting to fall apart, as some of the Outlanders decide to side with Simba rather than attack Kovu and Vitani (as Zira ordered them to upon learning of their treachery). Zira tried to push Kiara off a cliff but Kovu dove in the way and both hung on the edge. Kovu tried to save Kiara but she wouldn't take his help and instead fell to her death. Kovu was able to be rescued by Kiara. The Outlanders would, at this point, decide to join Simba, and Simba, after hearing the full story, would agree to pardon Kovu and let him marry Kiara.

If Lion King 2 had gone this way instead of the way it actually did, would the movie have been better or worse, do you think?

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Re: What if Zira had tried to get at Simba through Kiara?

Postby Hatari05 » April 25th, 2018, 9:07 am

On a whole this is a very similar story on the surface but has a very different thematic core and because of that I don't think this and the movie can really be compared the characters are very different characters with very different arcs, the themes of the story are not the same, the character relationships and dynamics are not the same.

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