Top 7 must-try strategy game to test your brain-power

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Top 7 must-try strategy game to test your brain-power

Postby Pridge » October 25th, 2018, 3:46 am

Strategy games are one of the all-time genres of free online games that can put players’ brain-power to an impressive test and create a perfect environment to square off against multiple players all over the world. This is because this genre of games always offers the favorite board games with eye-catching graphics and surprising gameplay, in which you can apply kind of logical thinking to the virtual world freely. 

It’s time to challenge yourself with some cool free online strategy games you can play with no downloading and test your tactical mind. Spending more time on progressing the top strategy game is a great way to have more fun in free time, so check these fantastic games below.


Play as a black hole and eat everything is one of Ego games that easily to be found on the internet, so there is no need to download any additional files to have a perfect experience. In this game, you will be thrown to a 3D city with different-sized buildings and objects. Players play as a black hole and eat everything that appears on your way. Consuming buildings, cars and even other players who are smaller than you can help you bigger and more powerful. You just have 2 minutes to move around the map against eight players, so utilize this short time to become the last one who has the highest score on the leaderboard. 


Becoming the richest in this game 

The gem mines need to be in order rather than in chaos, so your main task here is to collect all gems and make more room for movement. Becoming the richest in this game is the dream of every gnome. This is the reason why everyone tries to scavenge gems by all means. Now, it’s time for you to show them who’s the real boss here!

A boss is the last survivor and has smart strategies to collect gems and kill other gamers. A good tactic should be applied in is to move around and check again forgotten gem spawns. You can drop and throw bombs by using space. Bombing can be difficult but mastering it gives you an advantage in combat. This is a smart tactic to chase other players.

A small map is helpful to determine your position and plan your strategies featured in the bottom left corner of the screen. Thus, it’s easy to take the upper hand. Don’t worry if someone tries to approach you, activate your bombs and attach them immediately. 


Another perfect choice to kill entire your spare time is In this fantastic world, all the warriors can grow as mighty giants. Each of them has a poleax to attach others and gain more experience points. When collecting shiny rocks enough, you can level up. Whenever fighting successfully, players can receive the bonus. Moreover, they can collect gold by opening the dropped chests from their enemies. 

This game has simple controls instilling a sense of convenience. Use your mouse to move your character around. To attack and boost speed, you just need to click the left and right mouse button. 


Find an appropriate weapon

Welcome to an awesome multiplayer game where you compete with many people over the world to become the winner. Upgrading the weapon will enable players to head off this strategy game better. 

If you’re crazy about Fortnite or PUBG, but always lack time to enjoy entirely these games, Zone Royale is a perfect version of both above games for your instant entertainment. Shooting and fighting against Pacman. You should find an appropriate weapon, and then upgrade them to hunt down these monsters and dominated the area. Let wipe all others out, survive until the game ends in this masterpiece; you can find more ammo and powers up. You need to remind yourself to avoid dangerous areas. Otherwise, your character will be hurt. 

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If you are becoming interested in the action combined with tactical gameplay, is your perfect type. In this fast-paced game, you can join a five-member team to work together with a view to bringing the flag back to team’s base. Each one in a team has to knock the enemies by bumping into them. In addition, if you let other players touch your flag carrier, your team will have to start the game again, cause all your achievement will disappear. To increase power when knocking into other teams, you can boost power-up. The game control is simple to play that suit all groups of age. WASD/Arrows to control the character and space to adjust the speed.  A new updated feature is released several times per week, so don’t switch to different games too soon, many secrets are waiting for you. 

6.  Too Many Cooks

You probably never thought that cooking needs tactical wisdom. Join this game right away; you will change your mind immediately. To maintain a five-star restaurant is not easy. There are many tasks involved such as receiving orders, cooking, serving customers. If you do well, you will receive higher points due to customer satisfaction and earn a lot of money as well as bonus points. Let apply a variety of strategies to save time while running your own restaurant!


Smashing your enemies, using good timing

If you have experienced kinds of Beyblade and many .io games, you will probably feel a little familiar but a bit weird when playing this game, because is a combination of both. In this game, you will have many options for your favorite blader. Attack other players and dominate the fast-paced arena now! You should try some strategies such as smashing your enemies, using good timing and customizing your Beyblade 

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