Post a picture of your bedroom.

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Re: Post a picture of your bedroom.

Postby Gaze » June 30th, 2016, 12:07 am

omg, I can't believe I just now found this thread! I LOVE seeing peoples' rooms! thanks to everyone who has shared photos. it's cool to see how many of us put our love for TLK on display in our rooms

I can't get good pix of my room because it only looks good at night with all the mood lighting turned on, but unfortunately that doesn't show up very well on my iphone camera (the only camera I have). so sadly you'll have to look at it in its inferior form: with the overhead light on

here's an attempt at getting the lighting --

and here's the bed w/ the light on. notable features include: the pink silk sheets, the chief bogo plush I just bought impulsively, the neon borzoi light my friend bought me, and the neopets mystery island playset I found in a thrift store for 50% off

this is the shelf by the foot of the bed. it holds a few practical things like books and art supplies, but mostly furbies, and my neopets plush toys (not pictured)

i'd like to redo this side of the room and make it look nicer, but I'm hopefully moving in a couple months, so doesn't matter too much anyway. my TLK collection, the spongebob TV I got for christmas in elementary school, some various toys....etc
not pictured, to the left: my shelf w/ MLP brushable toys sitting on their MLP castle, books (mostly warriors books), and tons of VHS tapes

this is the little 'altar' area across from the bed. there are pink LED lights hanging underneath the sheet and it looks great in the dark with the three pink candles lit.

so yeah, that is my room.....really looking forward to hopefully moving and decorating a more cohesive, nice looking room without that horrible blue office carpeting (my current place has been used as commercial office space for the past 20 years before I moved in!)

for a fun comparison, here's an old photo of my former bedroom at my parents' house. I redesigned it to look that way when I was in middle school. next to my current bedroom, it seems like I've actually gotten younger instead of getting older. LOL.
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Re: Post a picture of your bedroom.

Postby Bunga1973 » January 24th, 2019, 12:08 pm

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