[Request] Brotherhood

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[Request] Brotherhood

Postby FlipMode » February 1st, 2017, 9:48 pm

Family was always important to Sarabi, as with any other lion or lioness, sticking together as a family and taking care of each other was a natural part of them. Unfortunately so too was jealousy, lions would turn against their own family out of bitterness in response to feelings of betrayal regardless of whether those feelings were correctly justified. And so for that reason the news had not been broken to Taka yet.

But Sarabi was indeed going to be giving birth to a new prince, who would be next in line for the kingdom.
The environment they were in just wouldn't sufficiently accommodate this. And neither would it provide enough food and water for the ever growing kingdom.
It was time to relocate to a better and bigger place.

Taka had not yet awoken. So Sarabi decided to check on her beloved, Mufasa, she loved him in such a way to only two souls who were perfectly aligned for each other could.
"Hey, are you awake?" she raised her eyes over to him as they laid together after an otherwise peaceful night.
The sun had just started to rise, breaks of light were shining in through the gaps in the entrance to their den, reminding her that harm could come to their cub in the future if they continued to live where they currently were.
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Re: [Request] Brotherhood

Postby Queen Elsa » February 2nd, 2017, 3:51 pm

Mufasa opened his eyes a little bit when he heard Sarabi's voice. He smiled, and then yawned and stretched before lying back down and looking at her with a smile on his face. He didn't smile very often, but Sarabi seemed to have a way to always make him smile, no matter if it had been a relaxed day or an exhausting one.

He looked through the gaps in the den to see that the sun had just barely started rising.

"Well, I am now," he said. "But why did you wake me up so early?" In a quieter voice, he asked, "Is something wrong?"
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