[Private] TravelerBlu and Leviara_Lioness

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Re: [Private] TravelerBlu and Leviara_Lioness

Postby Leviara_Lioness » December 12th, 2015, 6:52 am

[b][color=#8000FF]**Leviara goes around to everyone, purring kissing hugging all of her new Taiyo Pride Beyondic Big Cat family, even with Lui looking resentfully, walks by him, looks at him eye to eye very intensely locking eyes, smiling at him very defiantly inspite of his self centered and hating attitude, which Leviara is not impressed by and makes it clear, showing it<- XD :notimpressed: :despise: , Medhu and Hatada seem and are, moved by her boldness, no doubt she is a game changer, little do the Taiyo Pride know, just how much so, Leviara the new Taiyo Pride Lioness will be, mysteries will be revealed that will change lives, the island of Sukai and the Prides entirely, for the better forever.**

(Once A Lifetime Comes One Lioness Like No Other, That One Lioness, Is Leviara Cleopah Jasmine~)

**Comes back over to Medhu her mommy leopardy, sitting between, her and Hatada. Leviara relaxing wearing a heavy long sleeved clear to her wrists nearly, Pink Leather Halter top that Medhu made her, that wraps around covering her thin bony back completely, covering down to her upper hips. inside it is a hidden pouch/pocket with something in it??! What could it be?? hearing the others chat and talk....See's her father lion's Hatada's ears twitch which means he already hears them approaching, as she hears him say, that the other Beyondic Big Cats will be arriving soon, sits relaxing expectantly, as her father says this..looking happy and calm as does Medhu too, her ears now twitching....**

**Then Hatada no more than finishing his statement, as suddenly a small Clouded Leopard walks in as she is sizeable half that of a lion, but 5 times that of a house cat, padding in, her neck looking glittering with gold, silver and jeweled, tribal necklaces, and her wrists/paws covered in beautiful Gold/Silver gem studded tribal bracelets all looking of being paw made in the ancient Tribal way of the Henget Taivaalla, being what she is it suits her well with her pelt colors of clouded leopardess.

Leviara See's the painted Tribal stripes of the Tribes Prides; under her left is Blue and Red streaks, and under the right eye is Black and Yellow to represent and resemble all the Prides of Sukai. A strong strange smell of exotic fruits and strange plants, its rather intoxicating scent inhabits Leviara and the cave room, as it goes inside her as she feels the chilling yet soothing tingling taking over her Lioness body... She looks much older as Leviara looks at her unsure of her, but remaining confident and sweet, as the Clouded she sits next to by Hatada...
Leviara hears her say , "So This's Leviara, ehh?"

** Leviara Relaxes, as now the Clouded Leopard comes over, upto and close to her, as Leviara can feel her power, warmth and Sensive Psionic Powers reaching into her mind, as both lock eyes, soul searching, as she then look over my eyes, checking to see the blindness in the right eye, then the left with partial blindness, as then she grabs my Paws looking at them, seeing I've no claws..
Then looking at my teeth as she pulls up my jaws, to see that I'm missing all teeth completely, save but Incisors and Canines, which the upper are are 4.6" inches and the lowers are 3.75" , even the incisors are unusually large at 2.50" inches each next the upper and lower canines; the clouded leopard nodding as she examines my scars, over my face and body as she feels them sensing what and how I got them, over my time of life! One very long Jagged scar, long about 60cm (24"inches) starting from my under my upper ribcage to 1 inch below my naval, as she gently pulls up my leather top a bit to look at it, her eyes blink, but in a way that tells me, she knows a great deal, about this particular scar.... I blush a bit red in my cheeks, as she pulls down my leather top, smiling kindly at me patting my right paw reassuratively , as I'm a bit wet in my fur all over on my lioness body from nervous sweating.... As I've never been examine before, this was a new experience completely, for me as I showed complete trust to this new family member... then looks over my waist just see how thin I am, as its seemingly impossible, but I'm alive despite my ultra thin Lioness size...

**see's as she sits up and standing partly, looking at me, then Hatada, saying..." In Bad Shape this one is! But she will be a good warrior, I can feel it! Strong and Brave, Wise And Noble"!
Looking at the Clouded Leopard, then at mommy leopardy Medhu, who smiles sweetly..Medhu then speaks..
"Leviara, This's the Mystic of Sukai. Her name is Althea, She has been here long since us, she came with the first Beyondic Cats, and was gifted by the Henget Taivaalla, with Immortality. She is a healer, able to hear and fix things with Majik..She can speak fluently with the Henget Taivaalla".

**Looking at Althea, then I smile.** "Hi Althea, its a pleasure to meet you, I love how you look, You're quite pretty, you are!" **hugging the Mystic Healer very sweetly, nuzzles her face sweetly, in traditional Lioness fashion! Althea returns it the same, impressed by my boldness, and loving kindness... Then Althea as she pull back , then going to turn, suddenly does a (doubletake) seeing on my head a pulsing Blue Paw Print, as its light flickers and pulses, then seeing on my right shoulder a Firey orange yellow glowing, pulsing, spiraling vortex shaped marking... She looks amazed, rather intensely intrested, a look of sheer realization comes across ** Althea's face, revelation of the truth of my Markings..
hears her aske me, if I know what those marking are on my head and right shoulder?? I have no idea, as she asks the question! Medhu speaking up**, "Leviara doesnt know, Althea"....
Althea facing a stunned Pride and a very Stunned/Shocked Medhu and Hatada..
She then says before All the Beyondic Big Cats..**

" That paw print...it is the symbol of Greatness, The Symbol of the Great Sielu Himself!" **The entire Pride Gasps in surprise, eyes all locked on Leviara, in perpetual amazed shock..** Althea continues.**
"The Sielu is the Warrior in the Sky, the brightest Star, he was never alive himself while i was, but stories have been passed on forever.. Led by the his Star is the Constellation of the Warrior Claw, , that marking on you're forehead. I dont know what it means for you, though. I will speak with the Henget Taivaalla. Whatever the Sielu has in plan for you, is good!"

**The Pride is Stunned and Shocked at Althea's Revelation's... Moreover are Hatada and Medhu, looking in complete awe of thier new Tayo Pride Daughter..**
Althea then speaks again:**
"That marking on you're shoulder... it resembles the ancient Beyondic Symbol for speed like no other... Hmmmm.." **Althea then sits up relaxing, thinking of what she has just said to All the now shocked and stunned Beyondic Cats..**

**Leviara then nearly jumps as she hears another voice suddenly chime in..seeing Hatada jump a bit Unexpecting Lukio, coming up behind him..seeing Also Coal a Grey colored Mate, he sends Hatada a friendly nod.
"Hello Hatada!"
**Lukio says excitedly to Hatada, then she grabs my paws shaking them as I hold hers sweetly returning the kindness to Lukio. hearing her speak.
"I'm Lukio, the Chieftain of KasaiPride. You Will Love it here. You arent the only Lioness coming from somewhere totally different! I was born in Japan, lived there till I was 11 years old! I dont know where you are from, but you will love it here a whole lot!"
**I nodd to her smiling sweetly, agreeing with her quietly. then hugging her very lovingly, purring loudly** i then Speak, ** Lukio, I'd Love it for you to be a Sister to me! Would you Like that Lukio? **Seeing her stunned looks, as she smiles Brightly**..I then relax, seeing behind her three cubs, two lions and a leopard. One Lioness cub, a deep russet color, with two blue tinted grey feathers clipped behind her ear lioness ear..One lion cub I see with a tan color and black hair on his head, some hanging over his eyes..The other a dark tan leopard with black spots and a cheeky grin on his face.. I look at all three smiling and looking sweetly at them, cooly and calmly.. Seeing the Russet female lion step forward, I stay calm..**

"Hey, Leviarah. I'm Anna.And this's Kai and Devin. **I return speaking**
Hi Anna its nice to meet you, too, and Hi Kai, **looking at Kai kindly** "Hi Devin, nice to see you too" **looking at him, sweetly** I smell the scent offa Anna which is bewildering, of Pine and Herbs and Fresh Berries..looking at her I'm suddenly confused realizing she's not from the same Pride...**Anna see's my confusion, speaking up..** "Oh yeah, I'm a KaiganPride Lion! They belong to Kasai. But we hang out at the park alot together."
** Kai winks and Devin waves**I wink at Kai back and wave to Devin in kind. A similar cent of that like Anna's comes into the room..with presence of a large Male Lion, he is Tan in color, with a dark brown mane with faint streaks of blue running down the lengths of his magnificent mane...his face broad and strong powerful jaws, but does not look incredibly old..** "Anna" **he chuckles with a deep voice** "I asked you to wait for me! My legs cant catchup with you".
**Anna grins apologetically** "Sooory, Tabbaki!"

** I watch as he comes over to me, his tall stature over me.. I relax staying cool holding Medhu's now very wet/damp right leopard paw as its damp from my sweating from nervousness..**
"Ah, Leviara Cleopah Jasmine, the new Taiyo Lioness.."
**Tabbaki, the leader of KasaiPride says haughtily..His dark tail with Blue Chieftain Ribbon held at a humble greeting point. Tabbaki then speaking** "You look beautiful. Welcome Dear.I wasnt able to bring my Mate and Co-Leader Lusa, Today.. She was busy coordinating our december Stock-up hunting trip, to stock up on fish for the winter..Our part of the river that flows through our Province is so large, because every year water flows down from the melted snow left over from the Henget Taivaalla Mountains and fills our rivers, making the Yhera the wettest,also the hardest to find fish in.."
**Listens sweetly with excitement as I hear Tabbaki explain it all. then grabs his paw, patting it sweetly, in kindness.. acknowledging him..**
**listens as he explains why the Kurai leader Lexias, was not able to make it, for reasons un-known??! hears Tabbaki mumble to her Hatada,as they share a long nervouse, as I then look nervously at Medhu looking for reassurance?! as Tabbaki and Hatada clear thier throats..**

**Hearing Lukio, she speaks up, saying that they trust thier messenger Crane and Lexias just as much as thier Messenger Parrot Zuma and All of the Leaders in the room..hearing her say this as she looks a little uncertain at the rest..
She describes Lexias and his oddly shady acting behaviour..when they do see him..as I hear this, I feel at great unease with Lexias, as I sense deeply evil, and treachery...I sense a great deal in Lukio as I hear Lukio, looking not as confident about her statement of Lexias.. As if she knows something..not telling quite all?? Seeing Althea, looking too very intently at Lukio.... I keep cool well knowing who Lexias really is, hiding behind his trickery as I have a sudden (Vision of Lexias), while all is being Said by Lukio..Wiping off my nose as I suddenly feel it bleed slightly..keeping this to my self hiding the blood smear on my paw, unknowingly to me blood has dripped a bit on the front of my Pink Leather top, streaking it, whether others see this is not known to me....as I know my lioness nose does this when sensing or knowing something, I need to tell..or that something is very wrong..
Seeing Kai share a skeptical glance at Devin then snorts...Seeing my father Hatada step forward, to describe and introduce me to our messenger Crane**

**Seeing a Large Red crowned Crane fly in through the crack in the cave ceiling where the Henget Taivaalla was once Luminating, which is glowing faintly from the light of early dawn, as he lands next to Hatada, as this crane stands out loudly, with his red tuft on his head as he stands out from all the other Lions/Lionesses and Beyondic Big Cats in the cave room. Listening to how most Prides have Cranes though Lukio she has a Macaw named Zuma, which she brought from Japan.. hearing Hatada now describe our messenger crane, Jiko, a proud crane, with a stiff, Jiko nodding with a bleak expression though standing with Pride as he is a Proud Crane...I then bow to him respectfully as in Japanese Tradition to show an Elder or Messenger to show respect to honor thier presence!
as Hatada explains that the other Prides have Osuva and Hayaku, from KuraiPrides and KaiganPride..
as These birds send/receive messages from Pride to Pride..

**Then Tabbaki says he with Anna, Lukio and her two Kasain cubs as with her mate Coal, as they say good bye as they will be seeing me around, i nodd saying the same in kind... "By Sister Lukio, Anna Tabbaki and Coal, and Kai." ** I say to them sweetly as they go, as dawn is now here!
See my father Hatada nodd goodbye as we then go as my mommy leopard Medhu flanks me close followin in behind me...as we all go back to Taiyo Province..

As we walk back I see the dawn air and sky, as its litt dimly as the sun rises from the eastern Province, remembering I had been born from such a star, but much larger, than this one.. knowing that non know of my actual origin, maybe Althea, I smile slightly, as I then walk feeling the cool damp air, seeing the tall jungle foliage and trees, as I gaze at the the dawn sky, seeing the blood streak on my front pink leather halter top, wondering if others do, too???
I then suddently for unknown reasons trip, crying out painfully as i fall forward.. I then unleash a what appears to be a Booming Thundering Jet of bright orangy blinding nearly fire with glowing embers of bright yellow, as it explodes on the ground coming out from my two front paws and my mouth, sending out a vapor Shock near deafening thunderous BOOMInG shock who's white vapor goes out from my body spreading out very visibly in the air Above me and All around me spreading out fast, that thuds everyone and thing for 5 miles around, but not knocking any one down?! I remain suspended in the air, as if I defy gravity, my facial expression of sheer surprise, I had not wanted to do this, to let them see this till later..the ground is litt up but not burnt, by the fire, but its power is apparent, as it thundered from my lioness paws both of them as I threw them forward to block my fall.....then the fire subsides as I come too, floating in the air then putting my lower paws on the ground, as I also see (Jewels/Coins) 6 of which are scattered, out by my near fall, Althea sees them as well, everyone is is stunned wordless by this surprise of my powers unleashed, and the now (Jewels/Coins) which reveal everything I had once hid, in my hair mane... I had hid them inside now my heavy leather top, which had an internal pocket, on the tummy area of it, inside.. the (Gems/Coins) now shown, the ground glowing hotly, but only warm, not hot, despite the fire coming out of bothe my paws... As I now realize.. That a great deal has been shown....The Gems, Are as follows on the ground...A Star Sapphire, A star Ruby, An Emerald Trillion cut Cabochon, and a large Diamond Sphere, with glowing powers in it.. as the two coins are made of pure Platinum, both lage, both with glowing symbols and shapes....

**One coing with two eclipsed suns, a paw print in the middle and a "V" shapped sybol with lines through it.. the coing it glowing, pulsing hotly, as it the other with that Fire Spiral Vortex, as there TWO Spiral Votexes, as the Spin Counterclockwise and Clockwise in a symmetrically ContraRotational form glowing brightly the coins do pulsing with heated powers, but too hot to touch.....I now see Lukio, has seen this too, as the others now from which were leaving, have now come over to see this spectacular sight...as my Lioness body is pulsing with *(Veins) of bright glowing lights , as theres now on my left paw/wrist/arm a Tribal Birthmark, so unusual it is...with a big cat, whos blue eye is glowing with a spiral of fire in its centre, and so is the crescent moons, too with a larger Fire Spiral........I stand there Aglow, looking with an expression of, Stunned Silence, shame and a Loss of words for what I have just shown to ALL!!**

OOC: OK Saskia, Hope i did Good??! Now I cannot wait for you're Reply! OMG I'm exhausted... Hey I hope you like my New Signatures?!
Night Sweetheart! :shiney: :shiney: :tiifu: :tiifu:
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