Hopeful Mystery

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Hopeful Mystery

Postby Mistiria » April 20th, 2016, 7:30 pm

The day the five adults, two adolescents, and six small cubs was exiled from their home. A small cub stayed close to the large male lion who was injured. They were from the wind walker pride all of them had the same mark on their right shoulder blades of a lion walking in the wind. The large male lion was leaning on a couple of the lionesses with them. This is how little Mystery became a protective, loyal, brave, and strong lioness. She could only follow the adults to a safe new land so her father could heal or die in peace.

So when they stopped to let her father rest she wanted to go explore the new surroundings they were in. Once her mother gave her a nod and a warning not to go to far away from the camp. Mystery smiled and agreed not to go far away from her family. There was a tree near by that her mother could still see her from where they were resting. It was an easy place to get out of the hot sun. She had a worried look though in her eyes feeling that there was something wrong with her father.

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