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[PRIVATE] [Swifteye, Radi, Simba_Lion]

PostPosted: June 11th, 2016, 6:18 am
by KionScar
Simba_Lion = Simba (obviously)
Swifteye = anyone you want and more, including Semi-canon. Kion & Nala please?
Radi = you too if you'd like more than just playing your OC.
KionScar = Scar's Ghost, Mlezi/Shar. & OCs.

Spoiler: show
(Banner will come later, I got to go make it first. ;) )

Ironically fitting :evil:

Location: Pride Lands, Africa.


A select few of the nearby Shamanistic Pride of lions to the Pride Lands, those being the King and his mate and their recent child somehow believed, or knew, that Scar hadn't completely lost the Power of the Roar on using it to Destroy the Lion Guard.
The cub was a young Lipard, she ran from her home as a war and vicious storm tore through her lands. She did not know if any of her Pride still lived, or her friends for that matter. But the stars of the night appeared to confirm her suspicions of her being the last of her kind, and Pride.

She cautiously walked up to the lion family in the Pride Lands having a walk, she looked at the two cubs - Kion and Kiara, before looking up to the Queen and King. "Um… hello?" She asked with a sweet voice and smile.

Elsewhere, Kuumiza prowled along the edge of the border looking to gather Hyena and Jackal alike under one banner, to raid the Pride Lands successfully for once. He would be leader, sending the best where needed.

Three rogue lions decided to mess around for sport with the herd animals, chasing them into corners in the Pride Lands causing stampedes everywhere.

Re: [Swifteye, Radi, Simba_Lion]

PostPosted: June 11th, 2016, 7:13 am
by Swifteye
((OOC: I will start with Kion, Kopa & Nala off, then add more chars on the go?))

Re: [Swifteye, Radi, Simba_Lion]

PostPosted: June 11th, 2016, 8:11 am
by radi
(Thanks! I'll think up something to do.)

A honey badger, Radi, brother of Bunga, woke up with a start. Another nightmare interrupted his sleep. Will they never end? Darkness spreading across the pridelands, an evil roar devastating the land. Hyenas terrorizing the land. It was like the reign of Scar was back, and all withered. Why was he so cursed? He got up, shaky, he could never get a good sleep.

He tottered to the water hole and got a drink. Voices murmured around him from every direction, and he jumped, looking around to where they were coming from. Bunga was brave, wasn't afraid of anything. Radi was the opposite. He was afraid of everything! The grass, the rocks, the water, the trees, were talking to him in voices only he could hear, and it frightened him. He knew he was going mad, if he wasn't there already. He huddled down on the ground, holding his ears. Would he never have any peace? Stop talking to me!!! he screamed.

Re: [Swifteye, Radi, Simba_Lion]

PostPosted: June 11th, 2016, 12:36 pm
by Swifteye
((OOC: Hello all. I may not want to RP here because Role Players tend to bad & unwanted attention. I want to think it over if I want to continue with any form of 'roleplaying'. Give me some time please. You guys can go ahead.))