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Hey everyone sorry it's been so long but I'm finally back and ready to begin posting the next installment in the War Of Ideals trilogy. As I usually state the following story is a sequel to Trials Of Chaos so it is highly recommended that you read that story before starting this one or you will not understand the character and story events going on. Another note War Of Ideals was written as one story so while many of your questions from Trials of Chaos will be answered much will still remain a mystery. Clash Of Faiths is by far the most spiritual story in the saga and heavily focuses on religion and faith both the bad and the good much like Trials of Chaos focused on Anarchy. I assure any christians reading this that this story is in no way meant to insult your faith and all moments that seem to appear like it does are merely part of the whole while there will be a negative and especially violent side just like with Anarchy there will be a more positive image beneath it. This story was a lot harder to write than Trials Of Chaos so I hope you enjoy it.

: Prologue:

Seeds of conflict

Order had simply seized to be everything that even remotely resembled civilization had completely crumbled. There were rioters in the streets mobs tearing into everything in their paths the leaders of the kingdom had all but gone into hiding abandoning the people, that's why they were here.

Two lions one of white fur the other with gold Usawa and Machafuko made their way through the kingdom watching as the citizens tore each other to shreds the situation had escalated completely out of control but how did you bring a group under control who didn't want it, it was something Usawa wondered while Machafuko would never even consider the idea.

"So what exactly do we do about this they certainly won't listen" Usawa said.

"The council is mistaken we can't use force for this situation" Machafuko replied

"Then what do we use?" Usawa asked,

Machafuko pondered the question for a bit, "perhaps we let them continue for now save those in danger along the way" Machafuko answered.

"That's not solving the problem we need to take action" Usawa stated.

"I don't know their society collapsed trying to take action we need to be very careful here" Machafuko stated.

"Very well, we will watch and protect for now but this can't be a permanent solution" Usawa responded.

"I'm aware of that but we can't rush into this that will likely make things worse we'll provide a proper solution when one becomes available" Machafuko told him.

Usawa still didn't like the idea of leaving things for now but Machafuko was right they didn't have a plan and the council that sent them certainly didn't either for now they just needed to protect innocents they'd bring order when there was a feasible way to do so.

Usawa and Machafuko moved through the kingdom watching as animals fought over food, shelter and water there was plenty for all but apparently they weren't concerned with that and attacked one another. This was when the lions intervened whenever one attacked the other they would throw them off each other, if a conflict looked like it was about to escalate they would jump in and separate the combatants.

They would stop as many senseless tragedies as they could and they would protect whomever they could, naturally after all this was the sole purpose of the lions to act as guardians of all other living beings. Machafuko began dispensing food to hungry crowds while Usawa protected the children safely guiding them to the waterhole to satisfy their thirst. Their presence seemed to be working the violence was dying down but it was hardly order, of course that was always where the two of them differed, they both had very different ideals on what order and peace were.

Usawa and Machafuko watched as the animals ate their food, it was a start.

"Things seemed to be going well" Machafuko said.

"For now but I'm still worried what these people will do when we leave" Usawa stated.

"Why would we leave they need us" Machafuko replied.

"We have orders Machafuko and we don't question them" Usawa told him.

"I know but they would abandon these people and then send us to clean up the mess if we are to fulfill our duty shouldn't we finish our job isn't that what a guardian does" Machafuko asked him.

Usawa couldn't deny it he was right again, they were sent here to bring this land under control to salvage it for the council of course their reason for being here was simply to save lives, and as much as Usawa honored his role as a soldier he was first and foremost a protector.

"You're right we came here to help these people we protect them" Usawa stated.

Machafuko smiled pleased that both agreed on their role, "the council may not like it but what can they do these people are the ones who matter their happiness, their freedom, their lives" Machafuko stated.

"Perhaps but we all need each other to properly function" Usawa replied.

Machafuko wasn't so sure of that in what way did these people need the council, oh the council needed them make no mistake but these people did not need them they never needed them. Machafuko turned to Usawa who continued watching the kingdom eat and thrive this was their goal above all else and he hoped Usawa would always remember that, he valued him.

"we did well" Usawa told him.

"yes I am honored to work alongside you" Machafuko told him.

"as am I brother" Usawa replied.

They stood side by side and watched what would certainly be the future, the future of all these animals and the kingdom as a whole Usawa turned his attention to a giant rock in the distance it was majestic with a massive ledge at the edge that overlooked the entire kingdom, it was a sight of pride a sight of strength, it would make a great home and a perfect place for defense the perfect place for the strong and noble to protect the innocent. Machafuko saw a different vision when he gazed at it, a powerful sight a symbol of unity and a place for the people to stand side by side in pride, the perfect place to represent the pride of the people. They both wanted the same thing to protect the innocent but they're ways to do so were different and that would inevitably lead to conflict they were both good people, they were both noble heroes but they could not work together for long and only one of their dreams could prevail. Usawa and Machafuko turned to each other their expression serious deep down they knew.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 1:

A different Pride Land

Simba's eyes shot awake it had happened again he had been having dreams like this ever since Hatari sent them to him, there were two different dreams he experienced one was what he could only guess was the past that rock the two lions saw was certainly Pride Rock but it clearly hadn't been named yet, was Simba being shown the origin of the lions if so why? The other dream was what he could only guess was the future and it wasn't pretty he kept seeing it in his mind that horrific monstrous demon glaring at him burning all in it's path, was it real if it was what was this thing? And how would they stop it, could it be stopped? These were some of the endless questions he had.

So much had changed four years ago he met a lion named Kurongu who was different from any other lion Simba knew not driven by the past or even responsibility he was driven by faith, faith in a higher entity that presumably not only watched over all of us but already knew how everything was going to turn out for literally everyone. It was in truth a near incomprehensible idea but it was inspiring. That same year the pride lands were attacked by the society of Machafuko an order dedicated to toppling the reign of the lions and plunging the world into chaos, they partially succeeded the pride lands were a wreck and even after four years Simba and Nala hadn't managed to fully rebuild them, Kovu was trying to manage it as well but without Kiara, Simba thought about the last time she was in the pride lands the anger she felt he had only seen her a few times since.

Simba walked to the edge of Pride Rock overlooking the kingdom he saw numerous animals all around they had accepted their reign but something had changed many animals were praying this was nothing new, after defeating the society Kurongu and his pride helped Simba rebuilt during that time Kurongu's beliefs began to spread throughout the kingdom they were pretty prominent now. It didn't matter things were finally starting to return not to normal but at least peaceful.

"I get tired of hearing that name, Mungu" Nala said annoyed.

"They believe it now, and without it I'm not sure we would've gotten here" Simba told her.

Nala was aware but she still didn't like it this wasn't the life she believed in well used to before the society crushed it to pieces.

"You're right your highness" Nala said.

Simba almost cringed, "Nala you don't have to refer to me like that" Simba told her.

"I am but another lioness in your pride mate or not" Nala replied.

"No Nala you're my queen and everyone's" Simba tried to reason.

Nala ignored his statement gently nuzzled him and turned away she didn't need to reply he already knew her response she was no queen.

Kovu was returning from a hunt alongside Vitani acting as the second leader Kiara filled that role originally but ever since she left it fell to Kovu one of the many things he had to do, they approached Pride Rock with their most recent kill.

"Nice job Kovu" Vitani told him.

"Thanks let's move on" Kovu replied.

"Actually your going to have get this back on your own there's somewhere else I need to be" Vitani told him.

Kovu knew what she was talking about and wasn't certain it was a good idea.

"Does she even know who you are yet?" Kovu asked her.

"No and she can't" Vitani told him before heading off.

Kovu made his way to Pride Rock when he caught sight of an animal sulking against a tree he didn't look he ate for some time, "food for a poor stranger" he asked, Kovu looked at him with pity before breaking off a piece of meat and throwing it to him it's what Kiara would've done well before she was consumed by anger it was an agonizing thing for Kovu to even think about.

Vitani arrived at a massive cave it was decorated with painted symbols Kurongu's cave or as he called it his church, Vitani made her way past the animals praying in silence and entered a smaller cave to the left, lying on the ground was Vitani's closest friend Shauku and right besides her was her daughter Uhuru.

"Please tell me you're getting me out of here" Uhuru said.

"Sorry" Vitani answered.

Uhuru merely slouched in disappointment.

"How nice of you to arrive Hasara" Shauku said calling Vitani by her false name.

"Of course how have you been" Vitani asked.

"Alright" Shauku answered, Vitani could tell she was lying.

"Uhuru I forgot something back at Pride Rock a small piece of meat from our kill could you go retrieve it" Vitani asked.

"Leave this prison I'll bring an extra" Uhuru replied running out of the cave.

Vitani turned her attention back to Shauku, "she's right you know you're keeping her locked up like a prisoner" she told her.

"Don't tell me how to raise my daughter Hasara!" Shauku snapped.

"How could you still be unable to come to terms with it" Vitani asked.

"You find out you're directly related to a murder then tell me to accept it" Shauku told her.

Vitani knew that feeling well she herself was a murder.

"I understand but you can't be blamed for Kecila's actions" Vitani told her.

Shauku's expression softened, "I don't know, it's just I've had Sarafina try to find anything on why my parents did what they did and she can't find an answer, for years I've tried to figure out why they didn't want me and I just can't" Shauku explained.

Vitani understood what she meant, "that's why you keep Uhuru locked up here" Vitani asked.

"My parents abandoned me I won't abandon Uhuru" Shauku stated.

"You know keeping her locked up is only going to push her away" Vitani replied.

"I can't let her out of my sight if anyone finds out or knows of our heritage they'll kill her" Shauku said in fear.

"It's a difficult position but you're going to have to find a balance" Vitani told her.

Shauku knew she was right but didn't know how to go about that the risk was just too great it was the whole reason she joined Kurongu's church in the first place to insure her daughters protection.

"I joined this church to protect her" Shauku concluded, Vitani wasn't going to argue.

"That's your choice, have you heard from Yatima" Vitani asked.

"Not for a few months he seems to be avoiding me I don't know why but then again we're not actually family" Shauku stated.

Vitani didn't feel that way at all Nuka was her brother they may of not been related by blood but Nuka was her brother.

"I hope neither of you believe that" Vitani stated

Shauku turned to Vitani and smiled, "thank you Hasara you're the only one I can truly trust" Shauku said softly.

Vitani merely nodded feeling sick to her stomach she could trust her alright, except for the part where she doesn't even know her real name or the part where she asked her mother to wipe out her people oh yeah she could trust her.

"I have to go now" Vitani said softly and kindly.

"Of course I will see you again my friend" Shauku told her.

Vitani departed reentering the church she heard many animals silently praying to Mungu was it, yes.

"I ask you to help guide me to help me find someone I can love and who will love me" a teenage tiger said.

Vitani felt anger he was praying to the wrong person Vitani knew someone who would actually guide him to love.

"You know the very thing you ask is what Kopa believes more than anything" Vitani told him feeling angered that anyone could forget that.

The tiger looked up at her, "I'm sorry I am not familiar with who you speak" he told her kindly.

"The cub who fell in love" Vitani said.

"I have heard of that legend" he said.

Vitani felt her anger grow, "that was no legend I was the one he fell in love with" Vitani seethed.

The tiger looked at her with regret, "apologies I know very little of the pride lands" he said.

"It's alright" Vitani said before leaving him she heard other prayers and for but a moment stopped and looked up at the symbols there was one thing she would pray for but it was an impossibility, she turned away and left, this blind faith was just too much for her what did it really accomplish it gave hope but what good was false hope, after all none of their prayers would be answered none of their faith would be rewarded, right?

Kiara watched the pride lands from afar she had heard the change that was slowly sweeping over it and she didn't like it Kurongu had managed to stabilize the kingdom and restore order not that Kiara felt those ungrateful treacherous worms deserved order the only reason Kiara even bothered saving them was to keep her home alive. The kind princess was gone she was a fool naïve and that naiveness nearly got her family killed one mistake one mistake they had nothing to do with and the whole kingdom turned around and stabbed them in the back and her father allowed them to come crawling back he may forgive them but she wouldn't. Now the inhabitants had gotten even more ungrateful if such a thing was possible they had all embraced Kurongu's faith and in doing so had disregarded everything the previous kings and queens had done for them. Kiara watched and listened hearing the sounds of begging selfishly.

Kiara growled, "You have everything yet you ask for more" Kiara seethed.

She looked to the sky and for a moment could sense her grandparents and her brother the very ones the kingdom were casting aside.

"Thing's have changed so what would we do now" Kiara asked her deceased family.

"I know you would forgive Kopa but I'm neither you nor you Mufasa, I want to forgive but I can't trust a kingdom that could turn on me at any moment" Kiara said regretfully.

She really meant it she wanted to believe her ideal was possible but such peace could not exist when the world was filled with nothing but selfish worms that would stab anyone in the back the moment it benefited them.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 2:

Not everything changes

Umoja moved through the pride lands alone he was still trying to adjust to the changes he had grown quite a bit in the last few years now in his mid teens he was much larger than he used to be his gold fur shown proudly while showing signs of what would soon be a black mane, his body had changed but his mind still remained mostly the same. Umoja was curious about this new pride and had spent the years trying to understand Kurongu's ideal, it was a bit more difficult since Uhuru didn't like discussing it so this journey fell to him. Umoja was sitting outside Kurongu's church he could hear the voices inside but didn't enter it was a bit crowded and Umoja preferred his space, he listened to the animals inside.

"May he deliver us from anger, may he deliver us from greed" they said.

Umoja had heard these seven crimes that were said to be the source of evil.

"He is our lord" he heard Kurongu say.

Umoja was intrigued by the ideal much different from the last one he learned but it wasn't enough to listen sometimes you needed to speak with someone, and Umoja knew someone open minded enough to listen.

Umoja arrived at the anarchy pride where he saw Kilbali sitting down.

"Umoja I welcome you" Kilbali said in a friendly tone.

"Hey Kilbali" Umoja replied.

"So what brings you here" Kilbali asked.

"Well you're great at listening and I have some questions I think you might be able to answer" Umoja told him.

"listening is not really a talent well at least it shouldn't be" Kilbali said with a chuckle.

"What's on your mind" he asked.

"I've been studying Kurongu's faith and it's confusing" Umoja said.

"All ideals are confusing Umoja it took me years to understand the Pride Lands back when I was young" Kilbali said.

"You lived in the pride lands" Umoja asked.

"Yes I was due to be married but our believes in life were different" Kilbali told him.

"You didn't love each other" Umoja replied.

"Well I don't know about her but I did to the point that I was almost willing to give up my ideals but in the end it wasn't meant to be, but that's not what we're discussing come back for story time later" Kilbali said chuckling again.

Umoja chuckled at Kilbali's joke "I will" Umoja said.

"This faith they have it's all in one being they completely place themselves in it's paws" Umoja explained.

"Yes where does your question come in" Kilbali asked.

"How did they come to believe this what compelled them to leave their fate solely in the hands of another and one they've never seen?" Umoja asked.

"Why not a child places themselves in their parents paws and that is all they are doing" Kilbali told him.

"I suppose I just wonder they believe in free will yet everything is predetermined" Umoja said in confusion.

"I don't have the answers you seek Umoja perhaps you should ask Kurongu" Kilbali told him.

"Are you opposed to it?" Umoja asked.

"No I would never try to incorporate it but only because much like you I don't understand it" Kilbali stated.

Umoja knew where Kilbali was coming from there was nothing wrong with it, so far at least it didn't seem harmful.

Umoja was deep in thought when Uhuru snuck up on him grabbing his paw and flipping him on his back.

"Still can't detect me, really Umoja use your senses" she told him.

"I was thinking about something else" Umoja told her.

"and what would that be?" Uhuru asked looking at him curiously.

She had grown as well becoming much taller her form was slender but well toned and defined, like Umoja she too hadn't changed very much mentally.

"Nothing" Umoja answered.

Uhuru wasn't convinced, "trying to figure out another way of life" she said.

"Yeah and it got to admit it's intriguing" Umoja said.

Uhuru didn't feel the same way, "maybe but you don't hear it everyday ever since my mom joined" Uhuru said.

"Your mom actually joined I knew she lived there" Umoja began to say.

"She officially joined a few months ago" Uhuru told him.

"Are you one" Umoja asked.

"no way" Uhuru stated.

"is that her view of it or yours" Umoja asked.

"the only one that matters" Uhuru answered.

Umoja wasn't surprised Uhuru had always believed in freedom a true anarchist she still maintained those believes but now she was a little more open minded and accepting to other ideals that kind of happens when you see the destructive potential of yours. Umoja looked at Uhuru studying her reaction.

"Are you welcomed there" Umoja asked.

"I really don't care" Uhuru answered.

"that's always where we differ I'm curious about it, how they live that way" Umoja said.

"So you're opened to any belief right" Uhuru said

Umoja nodded yes Uhuru then asked him a question he had never even considered.

"If your opened to all of them do you really believe anything?" she asked him.

The question stopped Umoja dead in his tracks it was a good question, Uhuru then stared Umoja in the face more curious than he had seen her in years she really wondered what his answer to this was.

"what do you believe Umoja?" she asked.

It was a deep question one Umoja struggled to find an answer to before he realized he didn't have one what did he truly believe what did he hold above anything else, he simply didn't know.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 3:

Fear and faith

Simba was sleeping in the den his body shaking and trembling his breathing heavy.

"No" he said in fear.

"Get away" he cried.

"Run, run" he panicked.

Simba was standing in the pride lands there were two massive groups fighting a fire was rising the two sides were brutally slaughtering each other without mercy Simba tried to stop them but he could not reach them he watched as they unleashed their teeth and claws upon each other.

"No stop!" he cried.

He then heard laughter coming from all around, it was next to impossible to describe how it sounded, it started off deep deeper than any voice should ever be inhuman really, booming low almost like a growl only the growl was the persons voice than it changed it became more animalistic becoming slightly more high pitched before going from a deep growl to a near shriek, the horrific laughter was all around him, then it's voice spoke to him.

"You have prepared for my arrival but now you have failed" it said it's voice sending chills up Simba's spine.

He turned his attention to the battle below only for the ground to crack open the animals were all sent plummeting into the hole which was filling with molten lava and fire.

It then emerged from the fire over eight feet tall it's back hunched over talon like legs monstrous hands with claws half a foot long spike protruded from it's back and elbows and massive horns protruded from it's forehead before wrapping around it's entire head and running through it's entire skeleton. The demon pulled itself from the ground staring at the Pride Lands.

"All look to this place and see hope now I take that hope" it said unleashing a massive inferno of fire from it's mouth the fire consumed the entire kingdom.

The pride charged at the demon led by Kovu and Nala.

"No don't you'll die!" Simba called out to them, but they couldn't hear him.

The demon unleashed a wave of fire upon them the entire pride dropped to the ground roaring as the flames consumed them. Kovu swung his claws at the monster slicing right at it's head it had no effect the demon grabbed Kovu by the neck and in single instant erupted him into flames and seconds later ashes.

"No!" Simba cried out.

Nala stabbed it in the chest only for it to stab her Nala's body began to heat up, smoke began to rise from her body as she screamed before being reduced to ashes.

Kiara was running as was Vitani and Umoja the demon merely tilted it's head and the ground ripped open sending Vitani and Umoja falling into the inferno the demon then suddenly appeared in front of Kiara who looked at it in terror it grabbed her by the neck and lifted her off the ground it smiled a horrible and sadistic smile before snapping her neck.

The demon then let out a horrific shriek as the sky itself cracked the whole world was breaking and being consumed by fire Mufasa Kopa and the great kings were dragged from the sky and hurdled into the inferno screaming.

Simba looked around it was all gone the whole world had been consumed by an inferno the demon snapped it's spine out of place and twisted it's neck backwards to gaze at him it then twisted it's body all the way around and then it was standing in front of him. Simba couldn't move couldn't speak couldn't do anything except stare at the creature in horror it grabbed Simba around the neck lifting him off the ground he could hear the screams of everyone it killed coming from the inferno it pulled him in close smiling sadistically he stared into it's monstrous eyes which had blood red pupils while everything surrounding it was black, it laughed in his face before unleashing a fiery inferno Simba screamed in agony and terror as the flames consumed his body.

Simba sprung awake screaming in terror he looked around the den to see everything was still intact that was the most horrific dream yet he rested his head down when he heard a ruckus coming from outside what was going on he exited the den to find Kovu and Hatari arguing oh this wasn't good what was his brother doing here.

When Simba had the visions transferred to him it also sent him visions of Hatari's past which revealed their blood relation Simba would normally be happy to have a brother but considering the clear dislike he showed for him Simba was a little skeptical about him.

"You're not wanted here!" Kovu told them.

"You have no right to deny my presence I'm a lion!" Hatari fired back.

"This is our home!" Kovu said angered.

Hatari growled he had been denied this home his whole life and even still he was being disregarded.

"It's my home now as well" Hatari told him.

"You are a rogue and will earn your place here as I did" Kovu said firmly.

Hatari grinned at his response, "oh yes so to earn my place I must stab my family in the back" he said cruelly.

Kovu roared in rage, "don't you dare mock what I've lost!" he shouted.

Loss the boy didn't know the meaning of the word, "lost oh yes you've lost much what with the glorious kingdom beautiful home loving family, son, mate how do you make it through the day?" Hatari said mockingly.

Kovu was getting ready to tear his throat out, "what do you want?" Kovu demanded.

"Only to be acknowledged as a member of this pride" Hatari told him.

"You kidnapped my mate you were partially responsible for what happened to the pride lands" Kovu seethed.

"Under Kurongu's instructions" Hatari stated.

"After four years I think I've proven my place" he said.

Kovu wasn't sure how to counter him so he finally stood aside, "stay out of my way and when I'm king don't mess up or you're gone" Kovu said in anger.

Hatari watch as Kovu left Pride Rock finally now he could have his little family discussion in private.

"Simba I know you're here" Hatari said.

"Hatari please come up" Simba said politely he was his brother he would treat him as such.

"Quite the home you have beats the outlands" Hatari told him.

"Apologies I've been trying to reach you for years then you just show up" Simba said.

Hatari ignored him, "the visions what did you see" Hatari asked more serious.

"The demon it destroyed Pride Rock the kingdom followed shortly after" Simba told him.

Hatari listened to his statement, "how did it happen" Hatari asked.

"I don't know I'm still wondering if that thing is even real?" Simba stated.

"oh it's real you know that" Hatari said.

"Then why isn't Kurongu telling anyone if the end is coming shouldn't the kingdoms know?" Simba asked.

"How would you react if someone told you the world was going to end" Hatari asked him.

"I panicked I can barely sleep at night it haunts my nightmares" Simba answered

Hatari cut him off, "now put the whole world in your place the demon wouldn't have to do anything" Hatari stated.

Simba understood what Hatari meant the mass panic alone would destroy the prides the only thing they could hope to do is prevent it.

"You're right but what do we do about it" Simba asked.

"Believe have faith and we will survive" Hatari answered.

"How can I have faith in something I've never even seen" Simba asked.

"That's the pride lands problem they judge only by what they can see and feel, the Mungu is more than that" Hatari told him.

"will he save us?" Simba questioned

"If you have faith" Hatari answered.

Simba was uncertain how could he put his faith in something in the hopes that it might save them, it was absurd insane at least the kings could communicate with you.

"I sense you are afraid brother" Hatari said softly.

"But you have no reason to be we have prepared for this our entire life" Hatari told him.

"We can't beat this thing alone can we?" Simba asked

"no" Hatari answered

"then none of us matter we're nothing without this Mungu without him we have no relevance" Simba said quietly

"I had no relevance I lived my life alone I was cast aside living a life where I was wanted by none and then I hear about you" Hatari said his voice showing a hint of anger.

"what does that have to do with anything?" Simba asked

"We are all irrelevant none of us have purpose all we do is serve something higher that is our purpose nothing more" Hatari stated.

"accept this truth brother" Hatari said before leaving he got the information he was sent to get.

Simba pondered his brother's words and couldn't believe them if this was the truth of Kurongu's message than Simba didn't want it in his kingdom.

"You seem troubled Simba" Nala said.

"I'm afraid Nala" Simba told her

"Afraid of what?" Nala asked

"This creature it's an abomination Nala and if my visions are accurate it can kill us all" Simba worried.

"You're worrying about nothing Simba" Nala told him.

Really how could Simba not know this the end of days a monstrous demon burning the world it's ridiculous the fact that Kurongu has Simba buying it.

"It feel real that thing looking me in the face destroying the pride lands slaughtering you and everyone else" Simba said trembling.

"Think about it Simba for as long as anyone can remember has anything like that ever happened?" Nala asked him.

"I know but I just can't ignore it, it doesn't feel like a nightmare" Simba said

"what does it feel like?" Nala questioned

"A warning" Simba said

"A warning that something awful is coming" Simba stated.

Nala still wasn't sold but it was possible the demon was metaphorical for something else.

"something probably is remember the society of Machafuko they nearly destroyed the world, it was a potential apocalypse" Nala told him.

Nala had a point the world possibly ending was a possibility but a demon it was crazy, perhaps it did represent something but that only brought further problems namely that Simba had to find out what it was before it's too late.

"I don't know Nala I saw my father appear in the sky and Scar's ghost speak to me directly" Simba said

"That's different" Nala reasoned

"how?" Simba asked her

Nala tried to come up with an answer but couldn't really there was one reason above all else that Nala didn't want to believe this.

"It's terrifying Simba" Nala whispered

"the thought of some unstoppable creature rising and there's nothing we can do to stop it" Nala said now she was the one shaking.

"I want it to be a lie but I keep seeing it" Simba said in fear.

"I won't believe it because if I do I'll never be able to sleep again, how do you in your mind that thing is coming nothing we do will stop it, it will come it will destroy everything, it will slaughter us like lambs, and it won't stop until there's nothing left and we're all dead, how do you sleep Simba?!" Nala shouted.

"I don't you're right Nala I've seen it countless times that's why I have to trust Kurongu because if that thing comes we're dead" Simba said in fear.

Never in all his life had Simba feared something as much he feared this thing Kurongu had to know how to stop it. Nala and Simba turned to the stars looking up at them.

"Are we helpless" Nala asked

she hated feeling powerless but Simba told her about his nightmares and that was definitely the proper way to feel.

"I don't know Nala" Simba told her.

Nala turned away from Simba she had hoped to persuade him not to worry about his nightmares instead she scared herself right out of her skin, so much for that, she couldn't help him anymore nor could she help anyone else Nala returned to far side of the den.

"If I can't even help Simba sleep anymore what can I do?" Nala asked herself in self loathing.

Simba sat at the edge of Pride Rock still haunted by his own thoughts he looked up at the stars he wondered what Mufasa would do in this situation would he be afraid Simba most certainly was.

"Father I know you asked me to deal with things on my own but I need you this demon terrifies me I don't even know if it's real and it's still destroying me I can't fight this what do I do" Simba asked, there was no response.

"Am I worrying over nothing?" Simba questioned all he got was silence.

"Please father I'm afraid" Simba said he sounded like a little child, his father did not come to him.

Simba felt so alone and against overwhelming odds he was helpless and he needed something to inspire him something to give him hope that he could survive this. Simba needed help he didn't care who.

Simba closed his eyes and gently sat down, "I don't know if you're there but please show me if this is real and give me the strength to overcome it" Simba prayed, he got no answer.

Simba growled in anger he hoped he received his prayer his father and the kings weren't interested in helping maybe this other entity could assuming of course he exists, and if he didn't then maybe the demon didn't or maybe Mungu wasn't real but the demon was which of that was the case then whatever plan Kurongu had wouldn't matter because they would all certainly be dead.

Hatari returned to Kurongu's chamber where he was kneeling to a statue.

"What news do you bring" Kurongu asked.

"Simba's visions of the demon are becoming more apocalyptic and more frequent" Hatari answered.

This was not what Kurongu wanted to hear, "Then the end of days may be closer than we imagined" he said with a hint of concern.

"Are we certain he is with us" Hatari asked.

"He is as afraid as we are he will join us" Kurongu answered.

Hatari scoffed at the mention of the idea, "I understand your anger but Simba had nothing to do with what happened to you" Kurongu stated.

"He was the reason I was abandoned left for dead" Hatari said angered.

Kurongu had heard this before he wasn't in the mood to hear it again,

"Enough what happened in the past is irrelevant" Kurongu commanded.

"Keep gathering followers we must all be united if we are to survive" Kurongu ordered.

"Of course" Hatari replied before leaving.

Kurongu sat alone he bowed to the Mungu statue once more.

"Everything goes as you predicted" Kurongu said.

a deep low mighty and booming voice answered him, "Of course I tell no lies my child" The Mungu said.

"Of course not father it's coming soon" Kurongu said visibly scared.

"Do not fear Kurongu for you are protected by me as are all things just have faith child and you will survive, you all will survive" The Mungu stated.

Kurongu would not argue the Mungu had guided him this far ever since the day he called to him many years ago, and he would serve him forever until he was given his reward his place in paradise alongside his beloved mate his Hasara.

"Well I think I've had enough chapters to mention a few things the first thing is of course the question of this Demon is it real, is this Apocalypse truly happening or is it a warning to something else if so what? Simba's nightmare was meant to show the end of the world in a different light that is often overlooked in hollywood, terrifying, the Demon is not supposed to be this awesome villain instead the Demon is a walking nightmare a creature of pure terror. I mean think about it this thing is coming it's invincible and when it arrives nothing will stop it, it will destroy everything and slaughter everyone and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it. It's a horrifying thought a feeling of true helplessness. The idea of all this showing how someone would react to the mere idea of the apocalypse coming and there's more to come from this side and what of this Mungu is Kurungu truly guided by a higher being or does this mysterious entity have ulterior motives, read on to find out."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

Postby Hatari05 » June 11th, 2018, 7:18 am

: Chapter 4:


It was a late night and Kovu was making his way toward a field with large grass near the borders of the kingdom he remembered it well, he knew she'd be here. Kiara looked up at Kovu and smiled at him a smile he returned the two of them ran towards each other and nuzzled each other.

"I've missed you Kiara" Kovu told his mate.

"I've missed you too Kovu" Kiara replied softly.

"I knew you would choose this place" Kovu told her.

"Of course this is where our relationship began" Kiara said still smiling

"I remember each detail" Kovu replied.

Kiara gazed at him while he did the same she gently pushed him on his back, "I remember many things" Kiara said while gazing at the moon.

"yeah what was our make out record?" Kovu asked smirking,

"thirty minutes well as cubs" Kiara answered a smirk appearing.

"Wow impressive, I miss when things were that simple" Kovu said sadly.

"Me too back when I actually believed in our kingdom, our subjects" Kiara said with regret.

Kovu saw the regret in her eyes after four years Kiara still wasn't certain about her decision to abandon the kingdom.

"You could come back you know that" Kovu told her.

"Of course I do but I won't lead a kingdom that will stab me in the back the first opportunity it gets" Kiara stated.

"I need you Kiara I can't manage this on my own" Kovu told her.

"Kurongu's turned the kingdom upside down everyone's converting to this faith of Mungu" Kovu said.

"They're sheep they'll follow whatever benefits them then abandon it when it's convenient" Kiara said spitefully.

"Where's that leave me how am I supposed to become king when the kingdom doesn't even embrace the ideal anymore?" Kovu asked.

"I don't know Kovu but I hate what my home is becoming" Kiara replied.

"You haven't completely abandoned it have you?" Kovu questioned.

"No I suppose not" Kiara said a small smile appearing before her contempt returned

"but I hate them, they come crawling back to us begging and then they turn to something else" Kiara said in rage.

"We have to accept their beliefs even if we don't like it" Kovu said

"I would I really would" Kiara said,

"if it didn't make them disregard everything we've done for them Mufasa Kopa!" Kiara growled

"I actually met someone who didn't remember Kopa" Kiara was seething,

"you have Mungu so the kings don't matter anymore!" Kiara spat.

Kovu wanted to argue but in all honesty he agreed with her.

"They're all ungrateful vermin!" Kiara roared

"You're right I agree with you I do" Kovu told her

"and I don't blame you for wanting nothing to do with them but you're family wants you back too" Kovu said.

Kiara listened to his words it wouldn't hurt to go back for a bit, "you're right Kovu and I want to see them, Umoja visits me often but I miss my father." Kiara stated.

"I'll see them but I'm not staying I won't be associated with that kingdom" Kiara finished

"alright you don't have to live there but could at least help me deal with all this?" Kovu asked.

Kiara smiled at him, "Alright I hate politics but I'm not leaving my mate" Kiara said nuzzling Kovu gently.

"We don't have to leave yet right" Kiara asked

"I was hoping to relive some memories" Kovu told her.

A sly smile appeared on Kiara's face, "well I'll be happy to accommodate you" she said her muzzle meeting Kovu's gently.

She kissed him passionately which Kovu returned he felt her slip her tongue into his mouth which he preceded to do himself he welcomed the taste of her saliva, it was perfect for that moment she was his mate again.

Shauku paced back and forth in her cave waiting for Uhuru to return she had snuck out again. Why did she keep doing that did she not realize that Shauku was only trying to keep her daughter safe. Shauku heard someone silently moving through the church clearly trying to get in unnoticed well she didn't.

Uhuru slowly crept to her bed, "where have you been Uhuru?" Shauku demanded.

"Just out with Umoja" Uhuru answered.

"Don't lie to me" Shauku said angered

"alright I visited Kilbali" Uhuru answered

"you left the pride lands!" Shauku shouted

"Just for a bit" Uhuru answered impatient,

"I told you to stay here in the pride lands away from the others!" Shauku told her.

"I don't want to be here! I hate this place why do you keep me here why can't I see anyone else!" Uhuru demanded.

"Its not safe Uhuru!" Shauku stated.

"I don't care it's better than being locked up like a prisoner!" Uhuru spat.

Shauku was about to say something but allowed herself to calm, "I know but I'm only trying to keep you safe they don't accept us Uhuru not really" Shauku said while wrapping a paw around her teenage daughter.

"Umoja does" Uhuru replied, Shauku smiled warmly at her,

"Yes but he can't keep you safe do you remember before we arrived here" Shauku asked.

"everyone was trying to kill us" Uhuru replied,

"Do you know why" Shauku asked her

"because we're hyenas the same species that spawned Kecila" Uhuru said saddened.

She hated that monster she ruined everything for every hyena alive most of which were now dead.

"That hasn't changed most of these animals would happily see us dead" Shauku stated.

Uhuru began to cry, "why we're innocent we haven't done anything, tell me mom why do we deserve to die" Uhuru asked in tears.

"I don't know but you're not safe out there you can stay with Umoja but you can't leave the pride lands anyone who saw you would surely kill you" Shauku said in pain.

"I'm telling this you because I love you I can't lose you" Shauku said hugging her daughter.

"I love you too mom" Uhuru said returning the hug.

Shauku held her daughter closely for a moment forgetting about the world that would gladly kill them She didn't understand why everyone wanted them dead either if they found out about their blood link they'd have every excuse to murder them.

Shauku hugged Uhuru one more time before leaving her in her bed, she loved her daughter and would do anything to insure nothing happened to her.

Shauku left the cave and entered Kurongu's church it was deserted she liked visiting it in the night it was truly a beautiful sight she walked through it gazing at all the symbols.

she gazed at one of them which said "hate not those who have wronged you forgive and pity their souls" Shauku gazed at the words.

It was said that all would have a chance to enter Mungu's paradise she wondered if that applied to hyenas? Kurongu had once told them that there are angels here watching over did her parents become one could they be here? Shauku looked out at the chamber the cave had been knocked partially down to give a view of the stars a light shining in, there was a carving on the stone showing a lion ascending into the sky shining a light down on the animals.

Shauku got down on her knees maybe they were here.

"Mom dad can you hear me, I know you probably don't want to hear from me but I just don't understand if I'm your daughter why did you leave me didn't you want me, why?" Shauku asked feeling tears.

"Why didn't you want me, why didn't you love me?" Shauku asked tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Why?!" Shauku screamed her voice echoing across the church.

Shauku sat in silence her anguished voice the only thing to be heard, "How do you know they didn't?" Kurongu asked entering the church.

Shauku felt foolish she must've woken him, "oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you" she apologized.

"You didn't" Kurongu told her.

"Oh well I shouldn't be here at this time" Shauku said preparing to leave.

"It's alright anyone is welcomed here at any time" Kurongu told her softly.

Shauku sat down, "this isn't about what people come here for" Shauku said.

"Helping someone in need is why this place exists" Kurongu said compassionately.

Shauku relaxed, "do hyenas have a future after death" she asked him.

"Of course they do?" Kurongu answered.

"But we are responsible for the war for Kecila" Shauku tried to reason.

"You question the worth of your own life, but this shouldn't be a question" Kurongu stated.

"The hyena made Kecila, the lions made Scar, tigers made Pindua, every species has made a monster yet only the hyenas have truly suffered because of theirs, it's not right" Kurongu said.

"we were all killed why?" Shauku asked.

"Mortals are flawed we act upon our emotions often doing things we will come to regret" Kurongu told her.

"Do you think my parents loved me?" Shauku asked.

"I believe any mother and father loves their child at some point you are aware Shenzi and Banzai were not romantically involved" Kurongu stated.

"You know of my heritage" Shauku said.

"Yes someone very powerful told me" Kurongu said.

"If they weren't involved I was just an accident" Shauku said in sadness.

"There are no accidents every single individual was born for a reason a purpose we will fulfill one day that includes hyenas" Kurongu said gently placing a paw on Shauku.

Shauku looked up at him and smiled gently, "I'm sorry I just have so much to say" Shauku said.

"No ones here say whatever you need to" Kurongu told her.

Shauku then began explaining everything that had led her to the moment she discovered the truth.

Yatima was watching the cave from afar he saw the pain in Shauku's eyes she still didn't understand he couldn't help her he had something much more important to do. Long before he even joined the society of Machafuko Yatima discovered a secret and for now he needed to keep that secret even from Shauku. Yatima caught a scent he was not surprised she was their she was always watching Shauku always protecting her and her daughter and that may prove useful in Yatima's mission, he went to meet her.

Vitani could hear Shauku's cries and they were awful it made her feel even more disgusted with her family as well as herself than she already was. It was her fault she could never know her parents understand their choice Vitani robbed her of that chance the moment she demanded their blood Vitani remembered it.

Thirty years ago, Vitani was sitting alone in her bed all she could think about was her father her father who was never coming back thanks to those treacherous hyenas that were supposed to be family, as it had been with most nights for the last few years Vitani spent the night crying.

"why did they do it?" she cried

"why did they kill daddy" she sobbed.

She began scratching her claws against the walls screaming in anger, "they did it I hate them I hate them!" Vitani roared.

"Vitani what are you doing?" Zira asked having entered the den.

"I hate them mommy!" Vitani said in tears and anger.

Zira held her daughter close, "As do I it won't go unpunished Vitani I promise" Zira told her.

Vitani thought about the three of them paying for their betrayal it just didn't quench her rage.

"All of them" she said seething.

"What?" Zira asked.

"Every one of them make them all pay mommy!" Vitani said in rage.

Zira didn't like seeing her daughter like this she was a little girl she shouldn't be asking no demanding blood.

"Calm down Vitani you shouldn't saying things like that" Zira told her.

Vitani stared up at Zira her eyes red from crying.

"I'll do anything to make sure you never cry like this again Vitani" Zira told her.

"You won't leave right mommy" Vitani asked.

"Not so long as you need me I will always be there for you and I promise I will never hurt you" Zira told her.

Vitani reached up and threw her paws around Zira who did the same they embraced each other sharing their pain and sorrow as mother and daughter.

Vitani remembered her words if she had not said that to Zira maybe she wouldn't have killed the whole pack the trio were dead there was no way around that but if Vitani hadn't asked of it the hyenas might not be nearly extinct. The thought ate away at her it was her fault and she didn't even care until meeting Shauku it was why she protected that family.

"I knew you would be here" Yatima said having appeared behind her.

"I'm always nearby in case they need me" Vitani replied.

"Yet she doesn't even know your real name" Yatima said

"you know as well as I do she can't" Vitani replied

"I know but it's sad hearing her say you're the only one she can trust" Yatima stated.

"You don't think I'm aware of that?!" Vitani shouted.

"I don't see you helping her, your own sister and you won't even lift a finger for her!" Vitani said in rage.

"She's not truly my family" Yatima told her

"I had an adoptive brother too and I never stopped considering him my family!" Vitani said in disgust.

"I do care about her but she's still the reason my mother was going to let me die" Yatima stated.

"Blame your mother for that not her!" Vitani screamed.

"I do the real reason is I don't make her life better" Yatima told her

"She doesn't care she needs you" Vitani said,

"she needs her brother" she finished.

"I will help her when the time is right but she has to face her issues with her parents on her own" Yatima said.

"what are you doing?" Vitani asked spitefully

"I have my own purpose and if you insist on remaining beside her than you very well might play a part in it" Yatima said.

"what purpose, is this about the apocalypse Kurongu mentioned" Vitani asked.

"Yes in a way" Yatima replied.

"what does that mean?" Vitani asked him but he was already leaving

"what does that mean?!" Vitani called back to him but he was gone.

Vitani pondered his words and they made no sense but he did confirm one thing the apocalypse her father mentioned maybe it was real if so Vitani couldn't help but wonder what side she would be on she had changed yes but that didn't undo her crimes and she wondered if when the time came if he was even real The Mungu would take mercy on her soul.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 5:

Umoja's question

Simba kicked and turned in his sleep he could hear the screams of his family could feel the heat as their flesh burned could smell the burning bones then it approached him the world was turning black but he could still see it gazing at him smiling sadistically.

"Wake up as many times as you want one day it won't be a dream, sleep peacefully I'll be waiting, I'll always be waiting" The Demon told him.

It then began to fade away it's hellish eyes the only thing visible, "I'm coming for you all" The Demon said in a nightmarish whisper, it then came charging out of the darkness hellfire behind it.

"Simba!" The Demon roared it was the first time it ever said his name.

"No!" Simba cried springing awake he looked around and realized he was still in the den. This was getting bad the dreams were coming every night now and the other ones just stopped.

"Simba I could hear you screaming" Nala said in worry having entered the den.

"It was the worst one yet it spoke to me" Simba said.

"What" Nala asked.

"After it killed everyone it told me" Simba said trembling.

"Simba what did it say" Nala asked.

"wake up as many times as you want one day it won't be a dream" Simba said quivering.

"Oh my god it's real, it's actually coming" Nala said terrified.

"It knows are they even dreams or is it invading my mind!" Simba cried.

"Simba I I" Nala said shaking.

"Simba Nala what's wrong" Kovu asked having entered the den with Kiara behind him. Normally this would bring great joy to Simba and Nala but right now they were too terrified.

"Father are you alright?" Kiara asked.

"Kiara" Simba said surprised.

"You came back" Nala said trying to sound happy.

"what on earth is wrong with you" Kiara asked.

"just a really nasty nightmare" Simba answered.

"oh god I hope so" Nala whispered.

Kiara hugged her parents it had been a few months since she had seen them. "It's good to see you again" Kiara said kindly.

"You've returned Kiara" Nala said.

"I couldn't leave my family in the end but I'm not here to change my mind on the kingdom" Kiara told her.

"That's alright there may not be a kingdom" Nala whispered again.

"what" Kiara asked

"nothing let's talk it's been too long" Nala replied Kiara smiled and followed her.

Kovu turned to Simba who just stood there like a statue aside from the occasional shiver. "what's going on Simba you look like your about to have a panic attack" Kovu asked him.

"Kovu?" Simba said.

"Yeah" Kovu said.

"What would you do if you knew the world was going to end soon?" Simba asked him

"what? Simba what are you talking about?" Kovu replied in confusion.

"Just answer it" Simba said quietly

"why would I think that what kind of nightmare did you have?!" Kovu demanded.

"The same I've been having for four years" Simba answered,

"Kovu if you knew the world was going to end soon and nearly every night you saw how it was going to happen and you knew one day it won't be a nightmare what would you do?" Simba asked.

"I would stop bothering to pull myself out of bed, I would stop bothering to eat I would stop bothering to live" Kovu answered

"why what's going on Simba" Kovu asked

"nothing" Simba said nervous

"you're lying what has so terrified tell me!" Kovu demanded

"I won't this has very nearly destroyed me I won't pass that fear to you!" Simba stated.

"Fine if not me at least talk to Sarafina maybe she can help you" Kovu told him, Simba nodded.

Kovu embraced Simba and hugged him, "it's alright pal its okay" he told him before entering the den. Simba decided he would take Kovu's advice maybe Rafiki's tree had some kind of answer he didn't think it would help but then again in this situation nothing could help.

Kiara and Nala were talking below Pride Rock, "what have you done all these years" Kiara asked.

"Nothing I don't lead this pride anymore" Nala told her.

"What but you're the queen" Kiara said confused.

"I gave up that title the moment the society exposed it for the fraud it was" Nala stated.

"Than what do you do" Kiara asked.

"Kiara I don't know all I do now is talk with others it's literally all I do I don't know what my purpose is anymore" Nala told her sadly.

"That makes two of us I don't want to lead this pride I don't trust them" Kiara said.

"But I'm struggling to find a different path to follow" Kiara stated.

"you could try Kurongu's" Nala said.

"And betray my grandparents and my brother's memory" Kiara said angered.

"At least we have a purpose in it" Nala replied.

"Yeah to be puppets to some higher entity is that who you'll choose to be mom?!" Kiara snapped.

"Why is it so bad?" Umoja asked emerging from the den,

"why are you so against it mom" he asked her.

Kiara gazed at her teenage son of all the members of her family Umoja was the one she had seen the most, "because it's overtaking our way of life" Kiara told him.

"We're still free to believe it isn't that all that matters" he asked her.

"I'm going to leave you two alone" Nala said turning away she knew what Umoja had to say and almost agreed with him.

"Stay grandmother" Umoja requested.

"What is this about?" Nala asked

"You said it yourself Kurongu's belief allows people to feel they are important" Umoja said.

"How are you important when everything you do is out of your paws!" Kiara roared.

"She has a point Umoja how are you?" Nala asked once again feeling her hope for her own purpose fading.

"You matter" Umoja answered.

"I suppose but what about those who die" Nala asked

"I don't know all I'm saying is there's nothing wrong with what they believe or what we believe it can coexist" Umoja said.

"You don't sound so sure Umoja" Kiara told him

"I'm not I just I don't know" Umoja replied,

"There's nothing more for me to discuss goodnight Kiara Umoja" Nala said heading into the den. Kiara and Umoja sat alone each thinking about what the other said,

"So how long have you been looking into Kurongu's faith" Kiara asked her son.

"Ever since it really became prominent" Umoja answered.

"Do you understand it I don't but if anyone could it would be you" Kiara told him smiling with pride.

"You could too if you weren't so angry with it" Umoja replied.

"You know my reasons" Kiara responded,

"I know it's just the whole idea of giving everything a chance I learned from you" Umoja told his mother.

"You've made me proud Umoja more than I could ever imagine but you are also naïve" Kiara said.

"Why?" Umoja asked.

"Because you still believe in people you still see them as good" Kiara said her voice becoming a bit cold.

"I know they're flawed I just believe in the best of them Uhuru and Kilbali showed me that and so did you" Umoja stated.

"All Uhuru's faith did as well as mine was show us how wrong we were Uhuru watched her ideal destroy an entire kingdom and I watched the people I thought respected and stood beside me take my ideals and use them to spill blood and I'm waiting to see how Kurongu's faith betrays him, because they all do in the end" Kiara said her anger returning.

"You can't give up on them" Umoja said

"I watched them kill each other for no reason they are monsters any faith you have will be rewarded with pain and blood and then you will understand" Kiara stated

"I won't no matter what happens even if my belief's do betray me" Umoja responded. Hearing that statement made Kiara curious her son believed in so much what did he stand by.

"What do you believe Umoja?" Kiara asked.

"What would you give everything for, what would you fight for until you have nothing left?" Kiara asked him.

Umoja didn't have the answer Uhuru asked him the same thing, "I don't know, I don't know what I value more than anything I don't know what ideal I embody because they all counteract each other I want them all to coexist but they can't I just, I just don't know mom" Umoja said lowering his head.

Kiara felt regret she wasn't trying to hurt him she was just curious what ideal her son embraced, "It's alright son no one knows not until it stares them right in the face" Kiara said.

It didn't help Umoja was so confused right now he understood Anarchy and believed under the right circumstances it could thrive but he also understood the pride lands monarchy and knew it could thrive as well, Kurongu's faith spirituality could thrive as well none of them were wrong but he didn't fully embrace any of them either how could he ever become a leader when he couldn't even decide what kind of leadership he believed in.

"So what do you think of the story so far whose side are you on what would you do in this position. How is the portrayal of the Demon so far do you find it terrifying would you react the way Simba did if you were facing this potential horror. Can Sarafina help him can anything. To whatever christians are reading this how do you feel about this so far the idea here is to pretty much show this ideal from both perspectives Kurongu is a strong believer and has helped many people others are neutral like Simba and Umoja then you have those like Kiara who firmly against it. Have both perspectives been portrayed well so far I know Kurongu's hasn't been shown as much but we are getting more of that soon, like i said this was such a difficult story to write I hope you have all been enjoying it up to this point?

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