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The Lion King 5: the returns of the darkness

PostPosted: August 5th, 2014, 7:56 pm
by NightDaiana
Chapter 1: the born

one day in pridelands, the queen Nala and the King Kovu have two sons: Santino and Shujaa. the heir of the throne will be Santino.

Adofo was walking until he saw a Little baby lioness, but not a ordinary lioness, a blue lioness with horn and wings, she was crying until Adofo hug her call Arcee.

Adofo take Arcee and leads her to Pridelands. Simba is here see his Nala with Kovu and their sons

Adofo: hey Simba!! look that I found
Simba: *see Arcee* awww she is so cutie Adofo you adopt her?
Adofo: yes, I call her Arcee
Simba: Arcee?? cute name for her

Nala see the blue baby and call Adofo

Nala: Adofo!!!! Come hither
Adofo: okay

Adofo put Arcee on the floor and Santino look her. he left arms of his mother and sat next to Arcee and hug her.

Kovu: I think they will do mates
Adofo: nononononono *take Arcee* she will never be mate with your cub Kovu.
Nala: why adofo?
Adofo: after you do to Simba HA! she will NEVER be mate with your cub, Okay. Arcee is tired *look her* come my Little we must sleep

Adofo and Arcee goes to sleep.


okay the first chapter. I hope to like it

Re: The Lion King 5: the returns of the darkness

PostPosted: August 6th, 2014, 9:59 pm
by NightDaiana
Chapter 2: the encounter part 1

has spent 12 years and Arcee grew becomes a Little girl, the other lioness the mocked and laughed in her face. one day four cub lioness see Arcee and they start to talk about her

Lioness 1: you girls see Arcee? she is the ugly lioness in the pridelands
Lioness 2: ohh that right! and one human adopt her, if I were that human, would abandoned her.
Lioness 3: *who came with the lioness 4 running* girls! Santino will choose the lioness who will be the queen with he.

Arcee hear she and run to pridelands. the lioness 1 rag her.

Arcee: what do you donig??
Lioness 1: hear this blue, Santino is mine, hear good, Santino is mine and I will be the queen

one serval with one lioness, called Anna and Argentina, hear all and they stop her

Anna: hello stupid lioness :evil:
lioness 1: Anna! Argentina! :ugh2: what they are doing in this lands?
Argentina: nop *look Arcee* are you right?
Arcee: yes, thanks
Anna: look, Arcee knows the Prince much longer than you! you know the prince yesterday, after what we did
Lioness 4: be quiet serval! Arcee doesn't be queen
Argentina: and what happened to the prince choose her??

two lions has hair and walk of pridelands, that lions called Daiana (meeeeee)and Guido (my love <3) and they see the situation.

Daiana: what happened here?
Guido: :x :angryeyes: you!!!
Daiana *look Arcee* Are you Arcee? the prince wants to tell who will be the queen
Guido: yes, and you go to you home
Lioness 1: NEVER!!!

Vitani ran and found the cubs and followed them. when this momento the cubs that walk with kisio and kuzuri (they was found by they).

Arcee: thanks everyone!
Daiana: they help you because we are best friends! or no guys?
Anna: yes, best friends foreverrrr
Arcee: thanks, must we go to pridelands
Argentina: yes ran!!!

the cubs ran to pridelands and all lioness and lions were here. the King Kovu and the queen Nala with their cubs Shujaa and Santino to be decide the queen.

Kovu: all lioness and all lions, my son will be choose the queen
Lioness 1: *with her friends* this meeeee or no girls
lioness 2, 3 and 4: yess
Nala: *look Santino* you choose my son

Santino look all of the lioness and what lioness he choose? ARCEEEE

Santino: I choose Arcee

and He approached her and kissed her the lioness 1 start to cry because she was no choosen. but Adofo see this and he began angry and walk to the scene

Adofo: *take arcee* WHAT ARE YOU DOING LITTLE???????
Arcee: sorry daddy is that.. that
Anna: but sir. she love his very much as Daiana love Guido
Daiana and Guido: HEYYY!!!
Anna: or Argentina love Kisio
Arcee: or you love Kuzuri * and all start to laught
Kuzuri: Anna, you love me?
Anna: not
Adofo: okay you will mate with Santino
Arcee: YAY

Adofo look Santino and take him

Adofo: if you fool her. I will kill you
Simba: *he and Kiara hear all of the conversation* yes, you fool her, the three kill you
Nala: SIMBAA!!
Simba: :grr6: :roar:
Kiara: and you kovu, must be say goodbye to shujaa
Kovu: :x
Arcee: please don't fight!!
Adofo: okay
Kopa: cubs! they must be sleep
all: okay Kopa.

the light was off and on again and they see the bodies of the lioness 1, 2, 3 and 4 with blood. all of lioness scared then

Simba: go to the priderock now

when this night and all sleep Arcee has to Nightmare. so her was attacked and one lioness irrumped this story.

Susan: was happened Little?
Arcee: who are you?
Susan: I'm Nightmoon, the queen of the night and the princess of the dreams
Arcee: my.. my name is Arcee.
Susan: I must go

when Susan go Arcee get up and see around her and continue to sleep
well the second chapter. Adimu, Makete, Shadow and the cubs and Kanisa apear in the third chapter.

yes I know Susan apear only in this chapter and one more


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PostPosted: August 7th, 2014, 6:33 pm
by NightDaiana
Chapter 3: the encounter part 2

Arcee gets up when her best friends called her

Anna: bzz, Arcee get up
Arcee: what happened??
Adofo: *hear Arcee and wake up for see what happened* this is the morning cubs
Argentina: is... Shadow has two Little cubs
Arcee and Adofo: WHATTTTTTTTTTTT??????????????????????????????????????????? :saywhat: :afraid:
Daiana: yes, the cubs called Kimbugana and Kina
Adofo: where is Shadow?
Anna: in the waterhols? (sorry my bad english)
Arcee: thanks

Arcee and Adofo run until to get the waterhols. here is Shadow with Adimu, Kanisa and Makete. this cubs are cubs of the friends of Shadow.

Arcee: MOMYYYY!!
Shadow: awww my love and my Little are here
Adofo: *see the cubs* they are so cute!! as their mother and their Little sister *pointing Arcee*
Kanisa: and so.. you're Shadow's daughter?
Arcee: yes, the adoptive daughter
Adofo: *frozen so it he Heard* .......
Makete: you will be mate with my nephew?
Arcee: your nephew????
Adimu: is that Makete is Kovu's Little brother
Arcee: ahh

Argentina, Anna, Santino, Shujaa, Daiana, Guido and Kuzuri walk to the Waterhols and see Arcee, Kanisa, Adimu and Makete

Anna: hey everyone
Argentina: yay the group of the best friends is completed
Arcee: what?
Guido: yes Arcee, the only that missing, is you
Arcee: really :kiaraexcited:
Daiana: yes

Shadow and Adofo looked the cubs

Shadow: awww look Adofo, Arcee gets new friends
Adofo: yes, she is really happy with her friends
the third chapter!!!! the cuarter is that start the war and the deseption hahahahhahaha

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PostPosted: September 18th, 2014, 12:21 am
by NightDaiana
chapter 4: the begin of the war

in the Rafiki's tree, fenix returns from his trip in the future, after seeing Uru's death. Rafiki sayswelcome to fénix.

Rafiki: Hi Fénix, you see the past?
Fénix: yes, but why she is dead? why? *cries*
Rafiki: oh fénix, Pridelands has one lioness to revive all lion
Fénix: :-o who? please tell me
Rafiki: *showing Arcee's paint to Fénix* Arcee, the flying lioness with her horn she can revive all lion or lioness
Fénix: where is she now? where?
Rafiki: in the priderock
Fénix: thanks Rafiki!

Fénix ran to the priderock. in the priderock, came the bath time for Arcee. Adofo attempt to take her but Arcee resisted.

Arcee: no daddy, I don't go the bath. I hate the bath time *digs her claws into the floor*
Adofo: Arcee, not complicate
Arcee: nonono, I hate the bath time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow: please arcee, this bath time will be fast
Arcee: okay *sack their claws of the floor and she and Adofo fall in the floor*

Fénix came to the priderock and she see Arcee and Adofo in the floor.

Adofo: who are you?
Fénix: my sir, I'm Fénix, I'm looking for Arcee
Arcee: me? *she walk and digs her paws in Adofo's face*
Fénix: you? a Little liones? the lioness of revive all animal
Arcee: who know that? what?
Fénix: Rafiki tell me abaut you, I need to come with me
Adofo: nonono, If I not come with us, Arcee don't go
Fénix: Come If you want
Arcee: pleaseee daddy!!! pleaseeeeeeee :D
Adofo: wait Arcee, you says that to safe the bath time
Arcee: nop
Adofo: okay.

Adofo, Arcee and Fénix ran to the strange place, and here is the body of Uru

Adofo: Uru!
Arcee: Uru?? :roll:
Fénix: yes, she is uru, Ahadi's mate and as to mother to me! Arcee, I need to revive her, please
Arcee: okie to live, to be, to resurrect *from his horn came a light, and that light could revive all the lions, not only one but all*
Uru: *she wake up* Fe... Fénix?
Fénix: Uru, you're live
Adofo: Arcee, this is the light and the phrase to all lion?
Arcee: :-o yes, then I revive all lion, including...
Adofo and Arcee: :-o Zira and Scar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fénix and Uru see the big terror to cause Zira and Scar, and they fell a Little bit of scared


the four chapter! sorry for the late :D