The greet war of fiction part 9 broken ties and shadow wars

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The greet war of fiction part 9 broken ties and shadow wars

Postby SuperED » August 20th, 2014, 2:33 pm

SuperEd heare and chapter I own nothing.
Days had past since the last of the symbiotes was killed off Todd was now suspicious of how Bolt got rid of them . He and Scamp padded up to Bolt one night to confront him . " So Bolt how exactly did you get rid of the symbiotes and I don't mean tactic wise I mean who did team up with because it was obviously a team effort " Todd said with an accusing look on his muzzle . Scamp shared this look Bolt sighed in defeat " I teamed up with Tramp and we hid in the tunnels " Bolt connfesed ." You what ?!" Scamp snarled " why !? Is my rival and more importantly an enemy ! Why would you team up with him never mind show him the tunnels !?" Scamps voice was laced with venom ax he asked this . " It was the only way to defeat the symbiotes and at that time there was more to worry about then your rivalry with your dad . Besides Tramp showed me every inch of the Pridelanders territory ." Bolt justified his actions . For a few seconds Todd and Scamp stood there silent until Todd spoke up " every inch the territory " he said amazed . Bolt nodded his mutation had also given him a computer like memory . " good that'll be useful later I'll go prepare the army for an attack " a voice said i was Kiara she stepped out from the darkness with an ugly ,evil smirk on her face flanked by
Shenzi , Duxie ,Abgel , Mittens , Rita and Belladonnna as Kiata walked away the other girls
walked over to the 3 males " wow good job Bolt you may have balls after all " Miittens says
laughing . " hey Miittens are mates are just as awesome as yours I Angel said also laughing "
Imean tenderfoot here may not have as big balls as Bolt does but he's close " Angel says with a
sly smirk " Angel I thought we agreed you wouldn't call me that anymore !" Scamp wines as

Todd and Bolt snicker at the nickname ." aw what's the matter house pet am I ruffling your
fur " Angel snickered as Todd and Bolt start to laugh harder and others can be heard laughing
such as Copper ,, Banzai ,Ed ,other hyenas ,Cartman ,Kenny ,Butters ,Mooch ,Patch ,Whizzer
,Dipstick ,Lucky and Mooch's lackey Turner even Dixie began to laugh . Scamp finally had
enough and left the area in a very annoyed mood as the other mentioned males followed
behind still laughing .in the Pridelands Tramp was sharing news with the king and queen " ok I
know you've been wondering how I killed the symbiotes well I used fire and sonic waves but I
wasn't alone I received help from Bolt " Tramp confessed . Simba and Nala gaspe

Tramp Bolt is one of the most dangerous and evil outlanders !" Simba said bewildered. " I
know but it needed to be done . On the bright side I now know how the outlander's tunnels
work " Tramp said triumphantly . Simba was about to scold Tramo again fir working with Bolt
until this information registered in his brain . " alright then be prepared to lead the army for
an attack there tonight" Simba instructed as he and Nala walked away . Later that night
Tramp lead an ambush in the Outlands tunnels they rigged all the tunnels with explosives and
then covered the explosives up with leaves and sticks to conceal them . After a while of
waiting someone finally came along a outkander patrol consisting of Kenny ,Kyle ,Stan ,Ed
,Banzai and Whizzer walked by " be carful guys there could be traps remember Tramp and
possibly the other Pridelanders know how these tunnels operate now " Kyle warned . They all
gave serious nods all except Ed who gave his trademark drooling idiotic smile nod
.unfortunately Kenny wasn't watching where he was going and stepped on a bomb killing him
. His last thought was " you know this is just like the time I set my self on fire and died
only a million tines more painful " as he once again died . Thankfully the others escaped but
not before Whizzer's bladder problems took over and since urine is extremely flammable
caused a bigger fire Nuka , Todd , Bolt , Scamp , Charlie ,Mooch and Lucky run in and with the help of
Banzai manage to put the fire out with a large amour of water . Unfortunately all 8 suffer
burn injuries after the attack the outlanders declared an all out bloody battle style war with
the Pridelanders . The the 6 burn victims returned to their dens their mates made the rest
of that night full of pleasures for them ... The next day the boys talked about the attack and
started planing revenge . But as they began to talk Kiara and Dixie walked up to them . " can
you boys come with us please come with us ?" Kiata asked . The 8 former burn victims walked
with the two females until they reached a clearing . There they saw " Angel ,Belladonn
,Shenzi , Miitens ,Two Tone and Cadpig who all looked fat in the stomach and nervous looks
on their faces. Kiara and Dixie shared these traits as well " so what's up " Lucky asked
confused ." well you know how we all had bit of fun with you boys last night?Dixie asked " um
yeah so?" Charlie said not understanding ." don't you guys get it we're pregnant with your kids
!" Cadpig snapped . For a few seconds all 8 froze in shock after recovering they grinned wildly
and chanted " we're dads! We're dads!" as they ran to tell their friends as the girls watched
them go with annoyed looks on their faces . When they came back Patch ,Copper ,Ed ,the
south park boys and one of Lucky's other brothers Rolly were waiting for them .when the 8 soon to be fathers came back with smiles Patch looked confused " why are you guys so happy
?" he asked ." Well we just found out we are gonna be dads !"Banzai says in a ecstatic tone .
" Get out !" Cartman said in shock " it's true " Lucky confirms . The guys began to talk
excitedly until Copper gets there attention" um guys we have to rebuild the army remember?
"He reminded them. Then Nuka got a idea . Later that day he and Kiara made a new law " all
citizens of the Outlands must join the army from this day forward " Nuka proclaimed . In no time geyser cave in the elephant graveyard was packed with the new recruits . Nuka climbed
up on a large , tall rock and gave a speech ." As many of you know I along with 7 otlands's
finest generals and soldiers are going to fathers !" Nuka said happily . He was met with chhets from the assembled Outlanders ." Yes this certainly wonderful newc but I'm afraid we were ambushed last night and lost many good fighters " Kiara said with great sorrow in her voice . This was met with boos " but we will not let this go unpunished and to do Thayer have many friends here tonight for example my sister Vitani has left her job on the outlanders police force force in skeleton city to aid us .( authors note skeleton city is a city I created and is the largest and only city of the Outlands ) "Spakong of the police force Ddger ,Oliver ,Tito ,Francis , Einstein ,Roscoe and Desato who are some of our finest officers ard also hear"
Nuka announced as those mentioned smiled ." but my sister in law is not the wonderful female officer here one of my greatest friends and Scamp's sister as well as a awesome example of how girls can be just tough as boys Danielle along with her new polce work male partner Rhino!"Kiara said smiling as Danielle and Rhino waved from the crowd . " also are other friend who runs the best club in the lands Carface' along with his business partner Aleu as well as their associates Berkioz ,Toulouse ,Isis ,Streaky ,Louise Belcher , Jean Belcher and Tuna belcher" and I for one am a fan of their club " Nuka said as he took a sip from a beer he recently bought at Carface's club "some of other very special recruits here include the new young mayor of the dark forest Bambi along with his advisor Thumper his secretary Fealine and his generals Ronno , Tripod ,Holyleaf , Dag Kenai and Koda along with their army of
dogs cats ,bears ,deer ,coyotes and other animals Tripod happens to be a brother of Patch , Lucky ,Rolly and Cadpig and leads his other siblings other then those 5 Dag is also the police Cheif and his extremely large coyote pack has given us new police officers and soliders " Nuka said loudly " but the most important people here tonight are my mother and father Zira and Scar as well as 4 other close allies from villain committe Cruella de vill ,Shere Khan ,Leroy with his army of alien experiments and clones who happens to cousins with one of our soliders Stitch . But our most important ally here is clearly Dr Faclier who using the power of his friends on the other side is giving us An army of shadow demons !" Nuka said his voice full of excitement . As Dr Faclier summons his friends and their leader opens it's maw letting thousands of shadow demons loose ." we outlanders do not look at each othe like subjects we are family and we don't leave anyone behind ! Now let's bring our enemies greatest fears to life to make sure that when the next generation is born they will not live in a barren wasteland but a lush paradise and even if this dosn't effect their future we'll still di it because no body keeps us outlanders from getting what we want right !!?" Kiara roared all the outlanders cheered and swept across the Pridelands like and huge wave attacking every enemy in sight . The Pridelanders were fighting hard but loosing badly many were dead or injured and supplies were limited . Timon and Pumbaa had been captured and Kiara and Kovu actually met in battle on opposite sides Kovu had lived a rogue cub until he was taken kn by Simba and got himself a mate now he and her were fighting Nuka and Kiara " aw what's wrong little termite can't fight any more "? Nuka tauted as hyenas ,dogs ,cats and coyotes pulled Kovu down . Just as it looked like the outlanders would win Nala called in some renforcements god like ones she called in the genie . Once there Genie used his magic to conjure up an army of powerful heroes that quicky deafeted the outlanders huge numbers because quality beats qunity meanwhile he cheers for robin Hood who's fighting Todd " r o bin h o o d what's that spell ? Robin hood !" Genie cheers excitedly " stay out of this !" Todd snarls Genie looks annoyed and takes a tiny orange flag with a yellow t on it " Todd Todd he's our mam if he can't do it Great !!" genie snaps he has enough and captured the shadow demons in his old lamp with the loss of their magical allies the outlanders start to weaken and after some citing are deafeted by the hero army . Then genie poofs up a huge baseball bat " batter up !" he shouts as lines up the outlanders and hits them all way back to Outlands " home run !" he shouts in victory as the other heroes cheer then he puts an electric forcefield around the boarder to keep the villains from escaping . Peace was once again restored but the outlanders don't give up they'd be back soon ...


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