The greet war of fiction chapter 10 an unexpected arrival

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The greet war of fiction chapter 10 an unexpected arrival

Postby SuperED » August 23rd, 2014, 4:27 am

After the forcefield had been set up he outlanders got right to work under the new management of Scsr . They built new tunnels that their enemies were unaware of . Scar got used to power again the 8 soon to fathers were busy dealing with their mates but at the same time creating a deadly revenge plan . In the Pridelands Rafiki had just developed a new weapon " it uses glass harness light and a generator to produce it " he explained to the king and queen holding up the gun like machine ." so it produces artificial light " Nala states trying to understand the invetion ." yes I believe this can help us be rid of some of the outlanders more specifically the vampires and shadow demons " Rafki concludes " but how long does it work for ? Does it stop working after a certain amour of time ?" Simba asks curiously . Rafiki sighs sadly " yes at present we can only get it to work for 45 minutes to an hour tops " Rafiki said hanging his head slightly ." one big interference would be the non vampire outlanders "Simba stated knowlingly . The two sides were so busy preparing their forces they were totally unprepared for the suprise coming their way .
Somewhere in the distance the plane known as the flying death trap was making it's way through the Bermuda triangle the sadistic host of the total drama series Chris Mclian was now creating a new season called total drama surival that was similar to world tour buy in more dangerous situations . All the contestants from seasons 1 through 4 were featured . The triangle' began to mess with the with the plane's gps and blows the engine to make matters worse Cheif had fallen asleep and the plane did nor have auto pliot . Everybody freaked out as the plane crashed and got thrown in the winds " we're all gonna die !" Owen screamed the fat good natured boy grabbed his 4 best friends Noah ,Cody and Harold " get off me your cracking my spine " Noah snapped " if it weren't for my mad skills I'd bending crushed right now " Harold growled . " I'm just glad I'm being hugged by Owen and not -" before Cody can finished his sentence " his crazed stalker Sierra came and hunger him ." Codykins hold me !" she screamed in fear. " ah !" he screams finally the plane plummets to the ground .."Great just great I just got this thing fixed !" Chris yelled angrily " oh who cares about your stupid plane we could've died !" a voice screeched from underneath the rubble Heathet crawled out along with Courtney they ran to Cody after his last appearance on season 3 he had become quite the ladies man . Even though he didn't end up with Gwen like he wanted Heather and
Courtney were now the objects of his affections . But dispute this he and Gwen stayed close friends like Courtney and Duncan speaking of the others all 51 looked round at the redolent African landscape around them and watched as hyenas and dogs surround them one thing was for sure this wasn't about wining money anymore this was about survival . To be continued in part 2 of the great war of fiction saga .
I hope you enjoyed it remember I own nothing no copyright inteneded I know this one is short but it's a cliffhanger so .. Also I'm sorry didn't include the season 5 characters I haven't watched a full episode of that one yet so yeah any way see you tomorrow !

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