The rebirth of the great war of fiction 3 copper speaks up

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The rebirth of the great war of fiction 3 copper speaks up

Postby SuperED » September 4th, 2014, 7:22 pm

Hey everyone superEd Here enjoy this new chapter
I own nothing !
The day after Vixey's revenge was a day full of sorrow . The funeral of Banzai was taking place . Many tears were shed especially from Ed and Shenzi because Shenzi's unborn pups would never meet their father . Todd hung his head in sadness as he and Scamp gazed at the grave " Banzai you were one of my closest friends you would've made a great dad too and you will be avenged ! You here me Vixey I'll get you ! Oh we'll get you your gonna wake up dead !" Todd snarled into the wind . Then Todd went to report Banzai's death to Scar he walked into the cave " Scar the death of Banzai has been confirmed the funeral is going on you should come " Todd said " yes yes the hyena is dead I have more pressing matters to handle " Scar growled . This pissed Todd off " you know Scar Banzai was one of your best friends at least show some dam respect you know !" he snapped . Scar sighed " Todd when your a king you choose between friends and power I chose power "scar laughed " Scar power is great but one day you'll wake up an we'll all be gone what good will power do then ? So let us all starve you'll be sorry " he growled leaving in a huff .As the fox leaves Scar's eyes hold back tears and
he begins to cry . Todd is standing just outside the cave and can hear " I knew he'd crack " he turns to Scamp who standing next to him " you owe me 20 bucks and that Klondike bar !" he snickers his best friend only growls . As they walk back to their bus they hear a srange sound when they arrive they find it's Dixie throwing darts at a picture of Vixey " wow Dixie is really taking that attempt on your life seriously " Scamp said " well it's serious Scamp if you or I die that's a big blow to the military of the Outlands " Todd explains . They turned to Dixie " hey honey what's up ?" Todd asked confused . Dixie sees them and the frown on her face vanishes.
"hey darling I'm planning something big it's a suprise ". Todd and Scamp look at each other " a suprise for who ?" they ask in unison . She smirks " for Vixey " she answers then the boys catch on " can we be a part of it ?" they ask " of coarse but Angel and I have a few things to do first right Angel ?" she asks her best friend who walks into the room " yeah so you boys just meet us in the Pridelands later ok ?" Angel tells them. She pushes them out the door and closes it leaving two very confused vampires . The two vampire girls head to the dark forest where they are greeted by Bambi and Ronno " hey girls what's up ?" Ronno smiles " we're gonna need something from you " Dixie tells him with a smirk ." Ok what do you need ?" Bambi asks " call your dog soliders "Angel instructed . The two young deer did so when the dogs arrived Dixie gave them instructions " ok split up team 1 go to skeleton city and round up Dodger , Oliver and their gang team 2 go to the Pridelands and corner Vixey I'll meet you there " she told them they nodded and ran off " what about us ?" Bambi asked " you Boys tell Kiara and Nuka to go with some lions and hyenas to attack Simba and Nala then meet me in the Pridelands speaking of Nala we have some business with her see you guys around " Dixie said as she and
Angel got in the bus and headed for the Pridelands . When they got there they saw Nala out for a walk . Dixie opens the door and smirks " hello Nala " she says slyly Nala hears Dixie's voice and cocks her head confused " Dixie what are you doing here" she asks. " oh nothin I'm just here to talk " she forces a smile and puts emphasis on the word talk " what about ?" Nala asks not understanding " I think you know " she growls . Nala shakes her head " oh you don't get it ?! I swear sometimes I just wanna bite you !" she snarls clamping her teeth together then she raises her claws above Nala's face and rakes them down upon it knocking the lioness down and scaring her face badly . She weakly gets up " what's this about Dixie !?" she growls " oh I don't know how about ... The atempted murder of my mate !" she snarls getting in Nala's face . Nala growls " so that's what this is about !?" she growls angrily "." Oh ya think " Dixie says looking away then she whips her head round on the lioness " go and die !" she snarls as she starts to walk away . Nala is about to get up when something or someone jumps on her back and starts attacking her . She looks behind her abd growls " Angel why are you here ?" . Angel snarls in response " don't play dumb your plan was that after you killed Todd you were going to go after Scamp !" she snaps . Nala smirks " I guess you outlanders aren't as dumb as you look " she laughs . This pissed Angel off and she was about to bite Nala in the neck wgen Dixie interrupted " Angel don't waste your time she ain't worth it girl she dosn't deserve to become a vampire besides we got a fox to kill " . At this statement Angel smirks and jumps off of Nala " have fun getting mauled " they laugh as they walk away ." What are you talking about ?" she yells after them but is cut off by sounds in the darkness she sees another lioness walking toward her she looks like an outlander verison of Nala with red eyes Nala's eyes widen in shock " Kiara !" she screams " hello Mother " Kiara purrs cracking a twisted , sadistic smile as Nuka , Vitani , Shenzi , Ed along with many other outlander lions and hyenas emerge . Not far off Dixie and Angel are walking when they hear the hunter dogs barking ."Right on time " they say in unison they fallow the barking to Vixey's hole where the dogs are trying to flush het out ( Vixey's pov ) I'm in my hole binding from those stupid hunter dogs when I voices outside " good job boys all we have to do is wait " I heard Dixie say well they'll have to wait a long tine if they want to catch me ... ( normal pov ) Soon enough team 2 arrived with Dodger , Oliver and the company followed by Todd and Scamp " how's it going beautiful ?" Todd asks Dixie ." not good she won't come out we don't know what else to do " Dixie says sounding defeated ." we'll just have to force her out " Ronno says walking up from behind along with Bambi he's carrying a stick that's on fire . He drops it into the hole " fire in the hole !" he yells as Vixey is finally flushed out the pack begins to chase her. As they do the fire spreads finally the outlanders corner the female fox with the help of Shenzi and Ed who left Nala to be oiled by Nuka , kiara and the others to seek their revenge on Vixey . " so your the little [censored] That's been causing all this trouble " Dodger laughed . He turned to dixie " what do you think Dix who gets to take Vixey here out of the picture ?' Duxie thought and said" how about Shenzi I mean Vixey did kil her mate " Dixie said turning to her hyena friend " I'd love to " Shenzi smirks . " this is it " Vixey thinks " I'm about to be murdered , everything around me is on fire and I'm cornered at the bade of a ledge I don't see myself getting out of this one " she thinks . Just as Shenzi is about to pouch a mysterious shape jumped from the ledger and knocked Shenzi down when the shape revealed himself everyone's jaws dropped in shock ." Copper what are you doing here !?" Todd asks bewildered " get away from her " the hound growls . " but copper why ? We have a job to do " Todd reminded him ." I don't care " Copper states
bluntly ." why do you suddenly want to protect her ?!" Todd growls " two reasons the first reason is I find this whole war to be pointless we're all just Scar's puppets modestly killng I don't want to fight anymore and if I must fight I want to fight for good not evil " Copper explained the first reason " your a fool but because your my friend I'll let you tell us the second reason " Todd sad sighing . Copper's eyes darted around he was was clearly nervous but there was confidence in his voice when he spoke " I am in love with Vixey " Copper confessed ." come again " Oliver asked trying to be sure he heard that right ." yeah that's right and not only do I love her but you wanna know why you didn't see me last night ?! I got her pregnant " Copper stated bodily as he turned round and nuzzled Vixey . " ha I thought she Looked kinda fat " Ronno laughed earning laughs from the other outlanders . Copper whips round and knocks Ronno into the dirt " shut it you have know right to disrespect her no right at all!" he yells as Ronno snarls and Bambi helps Ronno up " let's clear something up you and I are no longer friends and if I , Scamp , Dixie or any of us get a hold of your little brats you'll wish they were never born !" Todd snarls ." I agree " a new voice said from behind Zira walked up along with Kiara ,Nuka and Dag " Copper must be punished for his crimes and as queen I here by degree that Copper and Vixey are to be held in prison until a exile ceremony can be set up " she said as she walked up to copper and in anger and disgust swiped him across the eye leaving a large scar . After the imprisonment of Copper and Vuxey Todd sat alone and sulked . Until Scamp came over " you ok dude ?" he asked " no I just lost my best friend !" Todd cried . " Who needs him ? If he wants to be in love with someone who's going to toss him away let him you don't need him we hang out more and he's never supports us forget him !" Scamp says giving his fellow vampire a pep talk . Todd dried his eyes " yeah your right I don't need him !" " good now let's take the girls out for a dance at the flea bite club " Scamp says to chher his friend up . So everyone in the Outlands minus thisevwho were guarding Copper and Vixey went to skelton city. The capital of the Outlands that was modeled off of new York and went to the club owned by Charlie and Carface'called the flea bite . They got a table and sat down to eat . " I swear honey Vixey better watch out because I'm gonna turn her into a fur coat for you " Todd smirks " oh Todd make me a fur coat ? How sweet " she coos and kisses him " yeah Todd you'd skin skin one of your own kind ? Isn't that just sweet " a voice laughs sarcastically . Todd turns and see's their waiter Noah laughing " oh butt out Noah get lost " he snaps at the bookworm sarcastic teen . As Noah turns Dodger calls after him " hey Noah how's your relationship with Heather going ?" the street dog asks " really good Cody and Courtney are also doing well " Noah answers . After that Todd and Scamp take Dixie and Angel on the dance floor for their favorite song ( eletropop ) . After that wild night of dancing and drinking something happens inside the stomachs of Dixie , Angel , Kiara ,Shenzi , Two Tone ,Cadpig ,Belladonna and Mittens . Dixie stares at Todd for a minute before saying " um Todd something just happened ..." she said nervously " what" he asked " well you know how you , Scamp , Charlie , Lucky , Banzai , Mooch , Nuka and Bolt " got us pregnant nine months ago .."?" she said " yeah what about it ?" Todd asked " well all our water just broke " Dixie stated ." " what !?!!" all the mentioned males screamed . They rushed back to the dark forest where Bambi and Ronno gave them thickets to give birth in . After the extremely painful experience the Outlands now had 8 new litters , 8 happy and tired mothers , 7 happy fathers and 1 happy godfather .

Hope you enjoyed this chapter I'll set up a baby naming contest yay ! Got a baby idea ? Eiether post it here ,on my soon to be set up baby nameing thread or pm me bye !

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