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: Chapter 7:

Her kind of cub

It was a sunny day in the pride lands, not that Kopa noticed his thoughts focusing on something of much greater importance.

"uh hi Vitani your fur looks nice today, not that I mean it's not always nice." Kopa stuttered, while practicing in front of a frog, the frog was unmoved.

"not even a croak, wow that must've sucked." Kopa said to no one in particular.

"Okay I've got to remain calm, smooth, and cool" Kopa took a firm and powerful stance, "most importantly strong and confident." he said while puffing out his chest.

"Alright again, hey Vitani what say you and me take a stroll through the lands." He said his voice sounding like some weird mix between a body builder and surfer.

"I bet with an offer like that she couldn't refuse." A firm yet joking voice said.

"Ahhh!" Kopa cried out before turning around and finding Sarabi and Sarafina both sitting behind him.

“I think she would find it sweet.” Sarafina stated.

Oh man how much were they listening, did you hear the whole thing oh man that would be embarrassing.

“How much of that did you hear, you hear all of it didn’t you!?” Kopa said panicked.

Sarabi chuckled while Sarafina gave her a bit of glare, though it was a playful one.

"Calm down Kopa." Sarafina reassured him.

Kopa face palmed. "It was bad wasn't it." he asked.

Sarafina smiled playfully while Sarabi chuckled a bit.

“I wouldn’t say bad, I personally found it quite hilarious” Sarabi teased.

“Sarabi, you are not helping” Sarafina stated.

“So it was bad, I did I not notice how awful it was” Kopa said sadly.

“Do you know what you did wrong, Kopa?” Sarafina asked compassionately.

“Well the first was pathetic and the second, well” Kopa tried to say.

“The first you could barely get out a word, the second sounded like you were writing a scripture on the way of manliness.” Sarabi joked.

“I suppose that was a bit much” Kopa concluded.

Sarabi and Sarafina gave a brief smile to each other, it worked again and best of all Kopa realized it on his own.

“Maybe you’re trying a little just a little too hard” Sarabi said while giving him a playful smirk

"But with a cub like Vitani you gotta pull all the stops." Kopa replied.

Sarafina chuckled it was a very friendly sound, “Of course with any girl you care about you have to do your best, so your feelings are natural” Sarafina said softly.

“When do you become the wise one?” Sarabi asked her friend jokingly.

“I was a mother of a young girl, a teenage lioness, I had to learn wisdom” Sarafina replied the last part sounded a little witty.

“I suppose you’re both right but it’s harder than I thought” Kopa replied.

“Well you didn’t think it would be easy now, and if it was would it even worth it?” Sarabi asked him.

“No I suppose not, but I’m not sure what to do” Kopa stated.

"don't worry about it I'm sure she has some kind of idea, you just have to remain confident and remember what's important." Sarabi wisely told him, it did not have the effect she expected.

"Of course this isn't important I got to focus on more important things than my emotions." Kopa said his entire tone expression and demeanor changing.

"What Kopa we didn't say that, you should never ignore" Sarafina tried to say but it was obvious Kopa didn't hear it.

"I get it almost got lost their but a king can't forget his mission thanks grandma both of you, I gotta go." He said before bolting off.

"Kopa wait!" Sarabi called but he was already gone.

"what was that about?" she asked.

“I don’t know, what kind of cub would think their own emotional needs weren’t important?” Sarafina replied.

“Does Simba know about this, I think we should tell him about what just happened.” Sarabi stated

Sarafina agreed, Kopa was not a normal cub, in fact he didn’t really act like a cub, he was responsible, risked his life for others and now was developing potential romantic feelings much earlier than expected. There was something about him none of them understood, the question was what did it mean for him, he was noble and heroic but Sarafina and Sarabi couldn’t help but wonder what kind of future possibly awaited someone who didn’t care about their own emotional needs?

Kopa ran through the jungle his thoughts overwhelming him, "Stop thinking about her you have a duty that's more important than your wants." he tried to tell himself but it was getting difficult.

He decided to stop in order to rest and get his head on straight. "What brings you out here kid?" Timon asked while approaching him.

"Timon he probably wants to be alone, he looks like he's got something on his mind." Pumba told his friend.

"Well of course he would after his little incident with that uh what's her name again Pumba." Timon asked.

Kopa stood up, "darn it!" he thought to himself they put her back in his head.

"Vitani her names Vitani." he answered.

Timon grinned, "My little adopted nephew got himself a crush, right?"

Kopa knew he couldn't lie. "Kinda" he said.

"well kid say no more I am the master at romance." Timon said while bowing theatrically.

"But Timon didn't you try and break his parent up before they got together?" Pumba asked confused.

"Pumba we don't talk about that, now let's just help the kid out." Timon said.

"Oh I don't think so I don't see us getting together anyway." Kopa replied nervously.

"why would you think that Kopa?" Pumba asked.

Kopa tried to hide his blush, "I'm just not her kind of cub."

Timon looked at him unconvinced. "bogus kid, you're the exact kind of cub she'd like."

Kopa looked unsure "she would want someone strong."

Timon responded immediately "is that Hercules I see"

Kopa continued, "someone courageous and heroic"

this time Pumba responded. "Are there any other knights in shiny armor in the pride lands?"

Kopa still wasn't convinced, "The cub for Vitani would always be confident."

This time both Timone and Pumba replied "whose more confident than you?"

Timon pushed Kopa forward a bit, "if anyone's her kind of cub it's you kid." he assured him.

"But I'm not, I'm not always confident, heck I don't think I could even maintain my self around her." Kopa said uncertainly.

"It won't hurt to try." Timon said. Kopa knew they were right. "But wait what about your duty." his mind asked him, but it was ignored this time Kopa listened to his emotions, he wanted to see Vitani.

Kopa made his way to the den Vitani and her family stayed in, thankfully Zira wasn't there, but he couldn't seem to find anybody else, where was everybody?

"Got the rundown of the place Kopa. Vitani said her voice almost purring on his name.

Kopa felt his confidence completely draining, but he had to maintain it. "Hey how you've been?" he asked.

Vitani smirked "fine you?" she asked though it really didn't sound like a question.

"I've been alright but I didn't stop here to talk about our day" Kopa said.

"Oh really" Vitani said her smirk grow wider.

"Actually I was wondering if you wanted to go out maybe the lake. He asked, sounding way more confident than he actually was.

"Sounds fun" Vitani said "I accept." she finished her voice far more flirty.

"Great" Kopa said happily as the two of them headed off.

Timon watched as Kopa and Vitani walked side by side, "you think he'll pull it off." Pumba asked.

"I have little doubt, but let's help him out just in case." Timon replied, the two followed them seeing just what Kopa's little day of romance would entail.

The day was unexpected for the most part first Kopa and Vitani went to the lake where Vitani sun bathed right before she pushed Kopa into the lake. Kopa emerged naturally freezing as he shivered Vitani could not help but giggle, it was a beautiful sound. Itching for payback Kopa walked up to Vitani and began shaking himself vigorously the water splashing her, by the time he was done he looked like a big fluff ball while Vitani looked kinda like a drowned rat.

"okay this is war." she said and with that she tackled him into the water.

he flayed about frantically as she dunked him again and again by the time they were done they were drenched, but Kopa was the more wet one, Vitani began drying herself. It was then that Timon and Pumba grabbed Kopa while Vitani wasn't looking.

For a moment Kopa thought someone was kidnapping him, "what the heck guys." he whispered.

Timon cut him off. "Kid romance her at least help her dry her fur."

"Oh right" Kopa said.

He ran off and grabbed a massive leaf and began gently rubbing against Vitani's fur.

"A gentleman." she said slyly.

They next began exploring the jungle, where he scouted out some of the best flowers he could possibly find, sometimes grabbing some of them before he realized they're prickly. The worst by far being the one that was unknowingly attached to a wasp nest, unsurprisingly Kopa ran as fast as he could meeting up with Vitani after a few painful stings. It was at that moment the wasp found him, pushing Vitani down he ended up being stung right on his tuft, but he saved Vitani, he looked over to see her swatting them down.

"I get points for trying right" he asked himself.

At that point Timon pointed out a flower hanging from a leaf, Kopa grabbed it holding it in his mouth, it tasted nasty,

"I got this for you." he said to Vitani who replied her voice surprisingly not snarky.

"It's beautiful thanks." she said as Kopa placed it on her left ear.

It was then her nose caught a scent she had known it all day it was time for them to know they weren't so secret.

"Look at the two of them when I'm right I'm right." Timon said smugly.

"They do seem close I think everything turned out fine." Pumba said.

"Yeah what did I tell you he's definitely her kind of cub." Timon said.

Vitani interrupted them. "oh yes everything I've been looking for, that was what you were going to say right?"

Timon was a little scared. "Hey fancy seeing you here."

Vitani didn't buy it. "I don't like being followed what do you say we finish where we left off."

"which was?" Pumba asked nervously.

Vitani grinned. "I believe it was the part where was I gonna eat you, yeah that was it meal time." with that she growled at them.

"Let's get out of here!" they screamed as they ran off.

Vitani was satisfied she returned to Kopa.

"what was that about?" he asked.

Vitani got closer to him. "Just some unwanted company."

Kopa felt his nervousness returning, "So what'd you think of today." he asked nervously.

Vitani turned to him brushing her tail against his nose before licking his cheek far more slowly and affectionately than the first time. "I think it will do, yeah I'd say you're my kind of cub." she said her voice a mix of affection and teasing.

Kopa didn't fully hear her words being completely dazed from her kiss, when he finally regained himself he saw she was already leaving. "Hey wait up!" he called before following her to whatever their next location for this wonderful day would be, it would not be safe and the day would no longer be wonderful.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 8:
The flood

Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed crept up to the dam making certain nobody noticed them.

"This is the place." Shenzi said.

"Alright let's get this over with." Banzai said clearly in a rush.

Ed said nothing only laughing manically.

"Shut up before we get caught." Shenzi ordered.

Banzai clamped a paw over Ed's mouth. "So what do we do anyway?" he asked.

The 3 made their way to the cliff right beside it. "Simple" Shenzi said as she sliced through the wood.

Banzai and Ed understood and began slicing, Shenzi stopped them and kicked over a giant rock with Banzai's aid the rock smashed into the dam breaking a large chunk of it.

"That's it now let's get out of here, before that thing bursts." She commanded

"you don't need to convince me." Banzai said as the 3 fled, Zira's plan had been set in motion.

Kopa and Vitani were playing in a small pit near the mountain side together with Vitani managing to get the upper hand every time

"pinned you again." she said victoriously.

Kopa didn't mind she could pin him all day for all he cared. She leaned in close to him preparing to brush her tongue against his nose but stopped right before touching it.

"That's not fair!" Kopa whined.

Vitani smirked, "well it seemed like you were enjoying being pinned by me."

Kopa struggled to get up, "I don't want to be pinned anymore!" he whined again.

Vitani let him up. It was then something caught Kopa's ear,

"can you hear that?" he asked.

Vitani was already getting bored, "is it the sound of you giving up." she said smugly.

"Vitani quiet!" Kopa snapped.

"Excuse me no one talks to me" she found herself cut off again.

"I said quiet!, and listen." he said.

Vitani didn't understand, "what is this?" she asked.

Kopa's expression changed into one of fear, "Vitani run." his voice was almost a whisper.

"what?" she asked.

"Ruuuuunnn!" Kopa screamed.

Vitani then heard it to the sound of water, they took off running as fast as they could at the moment the dam burst sending a massive tidal wave of water rushing towards the lands. Kopa and Vitani fled out of the pit rushing to the nearest escape point, behind them a thousand tons of water.

Simba was currently talking with Sarabi and Sarafina about their encounter with Kopa, Nala was with him. It was strange yet it kind of fit the conversation he had with Kopa.

“He said that, like those were his exact words?” Simba asked confused.

“Not exact but they pretty much translated to that.” Sarabi told him.

“What does that mean, I know he’s devoted to his duty but I didn’t think it was to that extent.” Nala replied.

“Maybe he just has a sense of responsibility” Sarafina said.

“Maybe, but he was devastated when he failed those monkeys, I think he actually has a hero complex.” Simba told them.

“A what!? Simba are you serious he’s a cub, how could he possibly?” Nala said shocked.

Sarafina could tell her daughter was having trouble taking in what she heard it was surprising though in truth not really this actually made sense of a lot of Kopa’s actions.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see this, how could I not and if he does believe this what can I do to help him?” Simba questioned.

“Simba, sometimes you can’t do anything Kopa made his choice already now you have to let him find his way, guide him when he needs you.” Sarabi stated.

Simba pondered his mothers words when he noticed the smell of water a lot of it, he turned and could see it from here a massive flow of water rushing towards them.

"The dam!" he said frantically Sarabi and Sarafina looked at him confused.

“What is it my son?” Sarabi asked.

"we have to leave pride rock now the dam broke." he said urgently.

"what!" Nala screamed.

They ran by the kings they ran the sounds of a rushing tidal wave following them through the mountain. Vitani spotted a set of ledges they could use to escape.

"there!" she shouted.

Kopa understood, "let's go hurry!" he yelled.

They began climbing the ledges the water chasing after them.

Zira sat on top of the most northern regions of the pride lands as the flood began to spread. She smiled to herself she had her families home relocated to the north specifically for this purpose.

"Soon, Simba soon" she said quietly to herself, right then Simba came rushing to the ledge.

"Zira the dam's broke!" Simba cried.

"what how you said this wouldn't happen!" Zira shouted.

I don't know but Kopa's trapped near the mountain side!" he said in panic.

"oh dear what an unfortunate situation for you" Zira said in mock concern.

"wipe that smirk off your face Vitani's down there with him. Simba growled.

Now Zira was in a panic, "Vitani!"

The water was filling the area as Vitani and Kopa rushed to reach the top but it was becoming clear it wouldn't be long before there was no ledge to climb to. Kopa caught sight of his father along with the rest of the pride rushing towards them, but would they be there in time. Kopa then saw a group of beavers frantically trying to escape from the oncoming tide.

"I've got to help them!" Vitani grabbed his shoulders.

"are you insane you'll never make it!" she cried.

Kopa pulled away from her, "I have to try Vitani it's who I am!"

Vitani still wouldn't let him go, "I don't want to lose you please!" she begged.

Kopa looked into her eyes, "trust me I know what I'm doing, get to higher ground go!" he said before jumping down to the beavers.

The branches were beginning to snap, Kopa placed himself under them and acted as a support. "go now get out of here!" he told them.

they rushed under the supported dead branches. Now that they were safe Kopa began rushing to the top again, he caught sight of his father with a massive group of animals.

"Kopa come on!" he called to him

"No dad you get those animal to safely find a path this water can travel!" Kopa told his father.

"The geysers the geysers in the elephant graveyard!" Simba concluded.

Kopa understood, "you can use the entire pride to knock down the dead trees to guide it's path!" Kopa shouted.

Simba understood. "but I have to save you first!" he said.

"No save your kingdom, I can handle myself you have to trust me!" Kopa pleaded.

Simba didn't like it but he knew his son was right, "all of you with me and follow my lead!" he commanded the pride.

Kopa began climbing but the water was catching up fast he wasn't going to make it. A dead tree branch fell down in front of him

" Kopa come on!" Vitani shouted.

Kopa began making his way up while Vitani supported it narrowly escaping the bone crushing wave. At the moment however the massive branch gave out snapping while pulling the weak ledge down with it. Kopa and Vitani were sent hurdling into the never ending water.

Simba and the pride rushed through the land kicking over any solid object into the water that they could logs, bolders, weak trees, one by one they slowly diverted the waters path. Simba then turned to the rhinos and elephants who were using massive vines attached to branches tied to multiple trees.

"Now pull!" the king commanded.

They did as they were told and pulled with every last bit of strength they had yanking the trees down and sending them crashing into the water, it worked the water's path began to divert.

"again" Simba ordered, every animal across the entire pride lands repeated the process forcing the water more and more toward the elephant graveyard.

It was then that Simba saw them 3 hyenas trying desperately to escape, he roared in fury as he leaped at them they tried to flee but the mighty king pounced on top of them and pinned them.

"What are you doing here." he asked them in an icy tone.

"This wasn't supposed to happen!" Shenzi cried.

"yeah Zira said we would be safe!" Banzai squealed.

Simba was furious, "Zira!"

The hyenas trembled "yeah this all her fault you let us go we can bring her to you." Shenzi promised.

Simba wasn't moved, "no you're not going anywhere." he hissed. At the moment more trees were pulled down diverting the water's path further.

Kopa emerged from the waves panting as he looked desperately for Vitani. "Vitani!" he caught sight of her floating in the water clearly unconscious, the current ready to take her

"no!" he cried out as he grasped her paw holding it tightly while using his other paw to dig his claws into the nearest wall.

The current tugged on his arm while his other tried desperately to cling to the wall, with all his strength he pulled Vitani in pushing her up against the wall, but he couldn't hold on much longer there had to be another solution, then one came to him and it was gonna hurt. Holding Vitani tightly he placed her paw in his mouth.

"sorry about this." he said as he bit down forcing her claws to extract before repeating on the second paw, then he threw her on his back and took hold of her paws and in a swift motion he buried the claws into his side.

"aaahhh!" Kopa shrieked in pain, he then dug his claws into the side of the cliff and began climbing.

Simba watched as the animals pulled down the last of the trees, it had worked the water was heading for the geysers, he and the pride made their way back towards pride rock. When he arrived he threw the hyenas down,

"see to it they don't escape." he ordered.

Nala came rushing up to him "Simba where is Kopa!" she screamed in worry

"what do you mean I thought he met up with you." Simba said dread overfilling him.

"no he's not here he's still in the flood Simba!" Nala cried.

Simba was in a panic "no!"

Kopa climbed with all his strength but he could feel himself weakening.

"Vitani!" he heard Zira cry out.

"Help!" he shouted.

Zira peered over the ledge Kopa was slowly losing his grip.

"Help me up!" he shouted.

"I can't pull up both of you up throw me Vitani first!" she shrieked.

Kopa unlatched Vitani claws from his side and threw her up to Zira who caught her.

"Now help me!" he called up to her.

Zira smiled, "thank you for saving my daughter farewell prince." she said menacingly.

She prepared to turn away from him but before she could Kopa leaped up and latched to her arm. Zira yelled in pain and threw Kopa off who managed to pull himself up the ledge, he was furious.

"You traitor!" he growled.

Zira showed no reaction. Kopa noticed none of Zira's other family was present and the pieces fell into place.

"you! You're the one who planned this!" he shouted in rage as he launched himself at her. "traitor!" he yelled.

Zira swatted him aside and sent him crashing into the wall. Zira closed in on him growling viciously. "No more games it's time I end this!" She shouted, raising her paw for the killing blow.

Right at the moment the geysers activated vaporizing the water, this moment briefly startled Zira it was all the opening Kopa needed, he sprung into the air and sunk his teeth and claws into her left ear. Zira shrieked in pain flaying her head around trying to throw the cub off, instead Kopa bit harder and with a single tug tore a chunk of her ear out, Zira let out a cry of agony as Kopa slid underneath her and took vitani into his paws holding her closely he slid off the edge into the remaining water below.

Simba and Nala watched as the flood ceased, it was now safe to begin looking for Kopa, "search everywhere I don't care where you have to go just find him!" Simba demanded.

The pride set out across the lands to find the prince.

"Why aren't you searching for our son!" Nala demanded.

"I plan to but I don't think that flood was an accident and I'm going to get the answers I want." Simba said darkly while dragging Shenzi, Banzai and Ed forward.

"and they're going to tell me no matter what." Simba said darkly.

Well that could've gone better, for anyone who feels this story is following the formula of the original movies too much, then I'm happy to tell you that section is over as already said, the opening sections are a little difficult to do and this was my first story, but from here the story completely becomes it's own and also if you haven't already be certain you are at least familiar with Fall of the Pride Lands before reading on, (It's not completely necessary to understand the story and I will try to clarify a few things but it will give many future scenes far more impact than they would normally have) as Kopa's Burden contains a lot of past references to it from this point on.
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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 9:
Beautiful Vitani

Zira stormed her way to her home den at one of the highest peaks of the pride, she was furious, "Nuka! Get out here now!" She demanded.

Nuka came out slowly he was clearly scared, "mother hi I'm assuming you're here because" he didn't get finish.

"I'm here because your blundering nearly got Vitani killed!" she roared.

"I thought she was home I really did mother!" Nuka said backing away in fear it did him no good her paw smacked him across the face sending him crashing to the ground.

"You failed like you always do you worthless waste of space!"

Nuka shed a tear that hurt more than any of them he didn't say anything he just left. After he was gone Zira looked down in shame why she was she always like this?

"You lost your temper again my dear." Scar spoke.

"I know I'm sorry I failed you too." she said in shame.

Scar brushed it off, "I'm sure you'll find another solution you always do."

"Soon the hyenas that betrayed you will pay you will be avenged." she promised.

Scar smiled. "Then you continue to prove your worth, continue onwards we will speak again later." he vanished.

"Of course as you will it." She said almost sorrowfully she missed when she could actually love him she missed being a happy family it was why she did what she did.

Kopa pulled himself to his feet his entire body aching he looked up and saw that the entire habitat in the area had been decimated by the flood. His head was throbbing, he tried to piece together the last events, the flood, Zira, Vitani, Vitani where was she!?

"You're awake about time." Vitani said her trademark smirk returning.

"you all right?" he asked her.

"I'm fine thanks to you, Kopa you saved my life." she said softly her voice almost like a melody had it always sounded that wonderful?

"I couldn't let anything happen to you, you mean too much to me." Kopa said gently.

A sparkle lit up in Vitani's eyes it was like the stars, no that wasn't accurate her eyes put the stars to shame, they sparkled unlike anything Kopa had ever seen before, they were mesmerizing, he found himself staring deep into them as if they had some kind of hypnotic hold over him they were so beautiful, blue as the ocean and like the ocean the beautiful glow in them seemed to go endlessly, how had he not noticed till now?

"Kopa you okay?" the angel beside him asked.

For a moment Kopa snapped out of his trance "I'm fine." he said.

He then caught sight of her again her fur looked perfect not a single string out of place it looked soft, and comforting, everything about her seemed to stick out at this moment, she had always been attractive but now Kopa just couldn't stop staring.

"Kopa those people up there might need some help should we head up?" she asked.

"not yet you still look a little hurt and I want to make certain your alright." he said.

"wow shelving your royal duties for a moment just to make sure I'm okay I must mean something." Vitani said jokingly, she would be shocked by Kopa's reply.

"You mean everything to me. " he said, his eyes lit up had he actually said that aloud his answer would come soon.

In that moment the unthinkable happened, Vitani's smirk left her face and formed into true genuine smile. It was the most gorgeous thing Kopa had ever laid eyes he was certain somewhere all around the pride night was turning into day because Vitani's smile could light up an entire pride and this light from somewhere Kopa could not even comprehend was directed at him, it was unthinkable he wasn't worthy of this no one was it was something only the great kings could've sent and yet it came from the simple smile of a cub.

"Kopa wake up!" Vitani called out to him.

"sorry I zoned out a little." Vitani continued to smile at him.

At this point Kopa decided to take the full image in, and it was amazing, she was amazing, her eyes, her smile, her fur, her laugh, just her voice in general, did he know a great princess of the past, it was the only answer he could think of, she was so beautiful, probably the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on, he found the words repeating in his head over and over again, Vitani is beautiful, he couldn't stop thinking it.

"Alright Kopa I think it's time to move." Vitani said.

"why?" he asked in truth he just wanted to hear her angelic voice again.

"it's getting boring here there's probably more that we can do elsewhere." she answered.

"Alright lead the way." he said.

She smiled back at him one more time before they headed out, Kopa took the image in he would never forget it for as long as he lived, he didn't know what to call it but there was one name that came to mind one name that summarized the entire picture perfect, a simple name, Beautiful Vitani.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 10:

Simba paced the den of pride rock impatiently, "Any word of him yet?" he asked his mate.

"None, Simba I'm getting worried what if he didn't" Nala began to say before she was cut off by Simba.

"don't think that way he's fine." he said.

Nala seemed uncertain, "you told me the hyenas said Zira was involved in this." she spoke.

"that's what they claimed." he responded.

Nala growled at the news, "what if Zira's looking for him, I'm not just going to sit here and let her find him!" she shouted.

"Nala you can't go after Zira by yourself I don't know if you could beat her!" Simba tried to reason.

"I don't care I won't let her near my son! Keep Kiara safe Simba." she said before she ran from Pride rock.

Simba's worry had only increased now his son and mate were in danger, he had to do something, and he would.

"Get those 3 hyenas in here now." he demanded the lionesses in an icy tone, Zira was a threat to his family and he was going to end that threat before it escalated.

Zira waited for Nuka at the edge of the gorge, he was always late, that worthless excuse of a son, it was his fault Vitani was lost right now the least he could do was prove his worth by finding her.

It was at the moment Nuka appeared, he was clearly worried. "Did you find her?" she asked.

"she's with the prince she's safe but I can't reach her." he said.

"of course you can't." Zira said harshly.

Nuka ignored her "Simba captured the 3 hyenas they're gonna squeal, he's gonna know our involvement." he said.

Zira was unmoved by the threat, "then we'll let them come to us." she said.

Nuka did not understand, "mother what exactly is that supposed to mean?" he asked.

"Simba will not want to get his paws dirty if they confess he'll likely send them to do dirty work and we'll be waiting, assemble the pride tonight is retribution." she said her paw slicing a rock, she smiled cruelly dreaming of the chaos, blood, and death.

Kopa and Vitani moved through the mountainside, they were close to finding a path out, as they moved however Vitani could not help but think back to Kopa's words to her.

"you mean everything to me." that is what he had said to her was it true, she had no way of knowing, but she couldn't help but be intrigued by the cub herself. There was a kindness to him, and it was this kindness that had brought Vitani to him in the first place, she had never seen something like it before.

"Vitani we found the path it leads to the meadows." he said.

"great!" she replied.

"you can head up right now if you want but I'm going to help the beavers down here repair their homes a bit longer." he told her.

"I can wait." she said.

"go I know you don't enjoy it down here go somewhere you want to be I'll be there shortly." he said softly.

"Okay" Vitani said. As she headed up she saw as Kopa aided the beavers along with the birds and wildebeest any animal he could help actually no matter how big or small.

Vitani watched it all unfold and the strangest thing was that despite all of them being completely different creatures they were all getting along like the prince brought some kind of light that brought pureness and kindness everywhere it went. Vitani watched it all and couldn't help but wonder how does he do it? How does he bring that much kindness and compassion everywhere he goes? How does he always seem to bring out the better side of everyone he meets including her? Vitani was trained since the death of her father to be a cold warrior having little time for luxuries such as kindness and compassion, or friendliness for that matter, and she followed that rule until she met him then she changed she embraced kindness and even a little compassion. How does he do it? How is he so pure? How is he so innocent, the words went through Vitani's mind again and again,

"he's innocent, so innocent." she thought

Vitani could not help but wonder another thing if he could be that innocent if others could be could she? She had been raised for most her life to be a killer, she had actually shed blood in her life had actually watched living things die some by her own hand. She'd been taught to never regret to never show mercy and for a time she followed both, is that redeemable, could one ever be pure after living like that if even for a short time. She'd lived in blood raised for carnage, could one molded to death ever be innocent, could she, Vitani asked herself, she wanted to be but she couldn't help but ask herself if it was possible.

"Can I be innocent?" she asked herself

Vitani watched Kopa aid others she didn't know how long she watched but he seemed to be almost done, and the animals were talking with one and another he had done it again, his innocence had spread she could almost feel it too all around her a light within all of them had been lit up once more. Vitani felt it in the air and longed to feel it in her to feel her own spirit shining within her to know despite the things she'd done or will do rather willingly or forcibly she could be saved too she could be pure and join the rest of the pride alongside Kopa and watch as Kopa's kindness spread more see as an entire pride divided became innocence. It sounded strange but Vitani truly believed Kopa could make the world a better place he had already made her a better cub.

Vitani emerged in the meadow sitting alone her thoughts wandering, she saw Kopa who was resting she approached him slowly feeling her heart beat accelerate she felt it and she liked it.

"can you make it never end, my light can it make it shine again?" she asked as her muzzle itched closer to his.

"can you make me innocent?" she asked, with that she brushed her tongue against his muzzle gently, he stirred for a moment before a smile appeared on his face, Vitani smiled too, she rested her back against him, she removed the flower from her ear and held it closely to her heart as she looked to the sky.

"innocent." she said the word one last time before she drifted to sleep.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 11:
Simba's ultimatum

Simba had Shenzi, Banzai and Ed brought to him, they were clearly terrified.

"So what honor do we owe to be standing in the presence of the king?" Shenzi asked.

Simba roared furiously at her.

"I don't think we're exactly wanted here so we'll just take our leave." Banzai said as he, Shenzi and Ed were slowly attempting to sneak out of the cave.

"You're not going anywhere!" Simba thundered.

"Then why are we here?" Shenzi asked.

Simba roared "for to me determine if you even live beyond this day!" He shouted.

It was at that moment that Banzai stepped forward, "don't threaten her like that!" Banzai shouted.

Simba swatted him aside, "no more games answer my questions, was Zira behind the flood?" the king demanded.

"Yeah it was her." Shenzi answered.

"Why? Tell me!" Simba commanded.

"She planned to use it to topple the entire monarchy." Shenzi said.

"for what reasons?" Simba said.

"to avenge Scar and her family you kicked them off the throne and since Scar's death she's been completely nuts, I mean she's cuckoo!" Banzai replied.

"And you helped her because?" Simba asked his claws digging into the ground teeth baring. Shenzi and Banzai cowered in fear while Ed continued to drool mindlessly.

Shenzi was the one to answer, "Same reason we helped Scar to get back into the pride lands." she said her voice far quieter than it usually was.

Simba had heard their reasons and everything now made sense, "you're cowardly scavengers who can't do anything by themselves." the king hissed.

Shenzi was about to speak when Banzai interfered again "come on your majesty we've been going hungry in the outlands." He said.

"The pride lands have kept their end of the peace agreement of bringing your clan food." Simba said.

"But it's not enough there's too many of us we're starving to death; please we need a proper home we'll do anything you like." Banzai groveled. It looked very strange to see him doing it.

Simba was intrigued by the offer, "Very well then I will allow you 3 to remain in the pride lands and allow you to provide more food for your clan." he said.

the hyenas were shocked "really oh thank you your majesty." they exclaimed except Ed who continued to drool on the floor laughing.

"On one condition you eliminate Zira for me." Simba finished.

The hyenas were startled, "what?" Shenzi asked.

"Kill Zira." Simba clarified.

Banzai didn't like this idea, "but at this point she probably hates us enough as it is, she'll kill us!" he exclaimed.

"This is your only offer." Simba said.

"Then we're not taking it maybe she used us but Zira was my friend once and I'm not just going to kill her when I don't need to not to mention risk my life!" Shenzi stated.

Simba roared again. "You don't understand either you finish Zira and this place becomes your home or you deny and your life's end right here at this very moment!" Simba stated.

The hyenas were stunned at the king's sudden ruthlessness, but now they knew they no longer had a choice.

"Where do we sign up?" Banzai asked trying to fake sounding enthusiastic.

"Go do it now" Simba commanded the 3 hyenas obeyed.

At that moment Nala had returned overhearing Simba's conversation "you actually decided to use them as assassins!" Nala said.

"They can eliminate this before it gets worse." Simba replied.

"Are so certain of that" Sarabi said having entered the den.

"this has to stop before things escalate" Simba argued.

"Simba this is morally questionable at best." Nala stated.

“What choice do I have?” Simba asked uncertain.

Nala wasn’t buying that for a moment using the hyenas wasn't the only option they had, no way there were others and there was no way Nala was going to let Simba convince himself he has no choice.

“You know there are others” Nala stated.

“They’re the best option” Simba reasoned.

Enough, Nala would not allow this to continue, he was forgetting the promise they made and disregarding hyenas despite the good they could do, she would not allow this belief to go on she would make him remember.

“Why because they’re expendable!?” Nala angrily stated.

Simba hesitated he wasn’t sure what to say in response to that, it was so harsh.

“Have you forgotten the promise we made him?” Nala asked.

Simba knew who she was talking about it was just another example of how he wasn’t worthy of almost anything he had.

“He died for us, for, I viewed him as almost expendable and he died for me!” Nala said screaming the last part.

Nala tried to regain control but realized she couldn’t Huzuni was relying on them she couldn’t let him down, he never failed her, she wouldn’t fail him, she couldn’t.

“You swore you would protect his people, we swore” Nala stated.

“That’s what I’m doing Zira’s a threat to them too.” Simba countered.

You can lie to yourself but don’t you dare lie to me.” Nala growls.

“I can’t do this myself, I failed him but it was you above all else I swore to keep safe, I can’t do this, so they will it’s necessary to protect others.” Simba countered though he didn’t sound like he entirely believed it.

Sarabi wasn't convinced she had believed that once too it led her nowhere good, "Necessary those are dangerous words Simba" Sarabi told him.

"I know but I don't want to kill a member of our own pride imagine how that would shake the Pride and this will benefits us all." Simba said uncertain.

Sarabi slapped him, "don't you dare believe this is for others, don't you dare go there Simba!" she roared.

"Sarabi calm down" Nala said.

"I don't want this, but there's no other option, Zira has to die" Simba said the last part almost a whisper.

Sarabi stared intensely in his eyes, "and after her whose death would be necessary next, those hyenas then who who would have to die next, how many deaths in the end would be necessary?" Sarabi asked her voice like ice.

Simba knew what his mother meant he remembered what she told him, what happened to her, "Is that happening to me?" he asked himself, "first Scar, now Zira who would be next" Simba thought in horror an even worse horror hit him the truth of his own hatred the same hatred that killed his father.

"Scar, Zira, Sarabi, am I next am i falling into darkness or have I already fallen into it?" Simba thought remembering the chose he made that day.

The abyss was deep and good intentions could send you there just as fast, sometimes faster. "I don't want to do this and I'm hoping they'll make it so I don't have to" Simba said regretfully.

Nala gazed at her mate, "And if they fail?" Nala asked.

"I'll do what I have to." Simba answered he stared deep into Nala's eyes, "but I don't want to."

Sarabi approached her son, "and what is it you have to do?" she asked.

"I'm not sure" Simba answered conflicted.

"There are but two choices which one will you make?" Sarabi said

Simba pondered her words he was so conflicted so torn, but he would have to decide, decide just what his choice, his ultimatum would be. Finally he spoke his voice so lost and confused a mere whisper.

"I don't know, I just, I just don't know."

So remember when I said this story would have a lot of references to Fall of the Pride Lands this was one of the chapters i was referring to, and there will be more references later on as well. Well I'm afraid I have to cut the story off at this point, I will try to get the next chapters up sooner but as usual I won't make any guarantees, so what's your opinion on the story so far feel free to tell me in the review section below. I hope you have enjoyed this saga up to this point and continue to enjoy it in the future, till next time, Hasta la vista.
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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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Hello everyone how have you been lately it's been a bit but I am back and ready to post more of the story these coming chapters are among some of the most important in Kopa's burden up to this point and regarding most of them definitely some of the more intense ones Hope you have enjoyed the story up to this point and continue to enjoy it going forward.

: Chapter 12:

By my side

When Kopa opened his eyes the first sight he saw was Vitani's beautiful face, was there a better thing to wake up to he didn't think so, he saw her nestled comfortably against his chest he gently stroked her fur smiling his thoughts once again wandering to her. This feeling he was experiencing how did he never noticed them before, how did he miss the fact that when he saw her he could feel his heart pounding rapidly. How could he have been so oblivious to how happy he was around her, she was perfect, the perfect cub, the perfect lioness.

"Do I love her" he asked himself, his mind immediately dismissed the thought.

"even if you did you got more important things to focus on remember your duty, you can't be distracted." he told himself, it was during this thought Vitani awakened.

Vitani awoken to find herself snuggled up to Kopa who was already awake.

"how'd you sleep?" she asked him. Kopa knelt closer to her.

"good though I could sleep on a crocodile if I was with you." he said. Vitani blushed and smiled at him, once again it took Kopa's breath away.

"Do you think I'm a good person Kopa?" she asked.

"you're the most wonderful person I know." he answered.

"I've done some bad things." she said.

"none of them would affect me Vitani I don't care what I go through as long as you're by my side." he said his green eyes staring deep into her blue.

Vitani felt tears in her eyes, only her parents had ever loved her like this. She slowly approached Kopa never losing sight of his eyes she gently pushed him to the ground, and rested herself on him.

Kopa lied on his back Vitani resting on top of him he stared deep into her eyes and saw heaven.

"Vitani" he said her name like it was a treasure, a treasure could not compare.

"Kopa" she spoke his name as if it was worth a king, it was worth far more.

Vitani leaned her head down and began licking Kopa's muzzle. Kopa was nearly overwhelmed as he felt Vitani's tongue gently and lovingly brush against his muzzle repeatedly, he felt her saliva on his mouth and smiled at the feeling of it however he couldn't help but wonder if Vitani wanted this feeling too he looked into her eyes and knew she did. He motioned his head upward and found his tongue brushing against Vitani's muzzle which tasted far better than his, he continued to lick her and Vitani him, a passion erupted within both of them for a moment they stopped and looked up at each other Vitani smiled at Kopa he returned the smile his muzzle wet from her kiss. He felt his heart pounding like never before. He wrapped his arms around her his left paw gently stroking her back. Vitani also felt her heart accelerating and wrapped her arms around Kopa, her right paw under his chin. For a few moments they just held each other, treasuring the moment together. Kopa brought up his right paw and began running it through her tuft, their eyes met again staring deep into each others, there faces began to itch closer to one another neither fully knew what they were doing. Their hearts knew however, they closed the gap between each other and their muzzles met in a romantic and passionate kiss.

"I have never known" Vitani thought as she deepened the kiss between her and Kopa.

She could feel it that light she had longed for she could feel it inside her now, her innocence had been found and more. She felt Kopa arms around her and gently placed her paws on his chest.

"Kopa you are a gift a gift I did not deserve but have been given, I will always be there for you." she vowed. She ran her paw through Kopa's tuft. She did not know this feeling but she wanted it to last forever.

"Great kings this is paradise." Kopa thought to himself as felt Vitani's muzzle connect with his.

He felt Vitani deepen the kiss he accepted, one turning into several. He continued to stroke her back.

"She is an angel." Kopa thought as he felt her soft fur brush against his.

He took in a breath of air and noticed an intoxicating smell and knew there was only one being it could come from. She'd always been this and he failed to notice. He took in the scent again and felt bliss, he took it again and noticed it was stronger more potent he soon knew why due to her brushing her fur against his her scent had rubbed off on his, he'd thank the kings for it. Vitani placed her tongue in his mouth and he did the same, he tasted her saliva, it was surprisingly sweet.

"This is the greatest day of my life if I am unworthy of the stars then please just let me stay in this moment, with my sweet perfect Vitani." he thought.

His mind screamed at him telling him he couldn't do this he had a duty to the kingdom there was no room for love.

"I don't care." Kopa told himself and for the first time in his life he completely ignored his duty.

He surrendered to the passion and bliss. He looked into her eyes one more time and gazed at her smile before drifting to sleep what sight could possibly be more beautiful, she was everything, everything he would ever want and need, the key to his heart, the source of all the happiness in his soul, he loved her. Beautiful, wonderful, flawless, his perfect sweet Vitani.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 13:


Shenzi, Banzai and Ed entered the elephant grave yard they were shaking, they knew what they had to do, Simba had commanded them to kill Zira for her part in the flood and if they refused he would kill them, the choice was obvious. There was no going back now if they returned without her body they were dead.

"Let's do this." Shenzi said still not looking forward to killing someone who at a time was her closest friend.

"Are you going to be alright?" Banzai asked her.

"I'll be fine." Shenzi answered

"ah come on she's just one lion, a vicious, fruity, obsessed, ugly, dangerously psychotic lion but one lion, I'm sure me and the pack can take her alone." Banzai said.

It hit Shenzi at that moment "where is the pack anyway?" she asked.

"hey your right they would've at least stopped anyone approaching by this time." Banzai replied.

They entered their cave slowly looking in all directions for any sign of their clan, nothing. Banzai had to admit he was getting a little spooked it was as if the entire clan vanished.

"This is ridiculous Shenzi where are they?" he asked his voice filled with a hint of fear.

Shenzi was about to answer when she heard Ed call to them his laughing taking on a strange tone that almost sounded like fear. Shenzi and Banzai approached the direction Ed was showing as they entered they understood his fear they felt a chill go up their spines as well. The ground was littered with the bodies of hyenas scattered across the cave, it made perfect sense why they hadn't heard from the pack, there wasn't a clan at all anymore.

"I get the feeling she knew we were coming." Shenzi said.

"As always your observation continues to impress Shenzi." a cold and cruel voice called out to them, it was Zira.

"Hello my old friends how great of you to finally join your clan." she said, a cruel smile spreading across her face.

Shenzi was outraged, "how dare attack our clan, why have you done this Zira!" she demanded.

Zira's grin grew wider, "retribution." she said sinisterly.

Banzai was confused "for what?" he asked.

Zira's smile faded a look of rage taking its place. "Do you believe me a fool, I know what you've been hiding you did not just abandon Scar you murdered him! She shouted in fury.

Banzai was in a panic, she knew! "We weren't the ones who killed him, we didn't even touch him!" he said frantically.

It only fueled Zira's rage "you are a liar! You were his friends he trusted you and you would betray him in such a way!" she screamed.

Shenzi jumped in front of Banzai, "No he's telling the truth our pack ate him but we never touched him, I couldn't even bring myself to watch it!" She stated.

Banzai stood beside Shenzi, "I never had someone I considered more a friend than Scar, but he betrayed us, tried blame us for his actions and face his punishment, he was my friend once but not anymore." he said his voice showing a hint of sorrow.

Zira was unmoved, "He gave you everything he only asked you remain by his side and you betrayed him." She said in an ice cold voice.

Shenzi decided she had enough of this back and forth, "fine it was our fault but your slaughter won't bring him back." She said, she knew Zira wouldn't listen and this was likely her end but she would meet it with dignity.

Zira faced the traitors her blood boiling the thought of revenge consuming and it was finally now. She allowed herself to calm, her cold calculated demeanor returning.

"So the traitors confess to their sins." she said coldly.

Banzai was done playing games "yeah so give it your best shot we won't die cowards!" he declared unsheathing his claws.

Zira grinned, "there will be no honor, no dignity, no funeral, your bodies will not be burned or buried you will be left to rot like he was, disgraced." she promised.

"After all those who commit betrayal should face a death befitting of the treacherous." Nuka said as he entered a cave close to dozen lionesses with him.

Nuka stared daggers into Banzai, "that one!" he said while pointing to Banzai, "he's mine!" Nuka said.

"So be it but leave Shenzi alive for now I want her to suffer." Zira replied.

Nuka grinned, "whatever you say I really don't care either way." he stated.

Zira grin widened, "excellent now our time is finally here. Kill them all!" she commanded.

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed readied themselves as Zira's pack rushed them, they didn't run they charged and met them for their clan. Their claws slashed at the lionesses face while their paws smacked their jaws, Ed sunk his teeth into one of their paws the lioness roared in pain and attempt to shake him off however Ed did not notice one behind him her paw smashing into his skull sending him crashing to the floor.

"No Ed!" Banzai cried out while jumping on the lioness's back slashing it with his claws until it dropped to its' knee's he prepared to bite down on her throat before he was tackled by Nuka.

"hey uncle how's it going up for a little playing?" he asked mockingly as he dug his claws into his chest, Banzai shrieked in pain trying to squirm free.

"Oh no you're not running coward!" he told him.

"no intention of it." Banzai replied, slashing his ribs, Nuka jumped back Banzai slammed into him digging his claws into his side and dragging him to the floor.

Shenzi meanwhile held her ground with Ed against half a dozen lionesses she slashed gouged and bit at them but soon found herself being surrounded.

"guess this is how it ends." she told herself.

Ed came charging from the other side grabbing one of their heads and smashing it into a rock he grabbed her limp form and tossed it into the path of another. Ed charged at Shenzi knocking her away from the group.

"What are you doing Ed!" she cried. Ed knocked her back again and motioned to the exit of the cave.

"No way I'm leaving you!" she said tears almost in her eyes. Ed knocked a group of lionesses back while Banzai struggled with Nuka.

"you have to you're the only hope for our clan continuing go find others get out of here Shenzi!" he screamed to her.

Shenzi was practically frozen, "I can't"

Ed desperately held back a group of lionesses, "g o sis ter l ive." he spoke to her.

Shenzi felt tears streaming down her cheeks she did as they asked and ran out the cave.

Zira was furious, "no she can't escape I'm going after her, end this." She hissed.

Nuka and the lionesses surrounded Banzai and Ed, "finish them." Nuka commanded, the lionesses charged at them.

Banzai and Ed watched as the whole of Zira's pride came down on them, but they did not run instead they marched towards it.

"I guess this is it Ed." Banzai said his voice without a trace of fear Ed stood firmly as well for first time ever his drooling ceased.

"Ready?" Banzai asked him, Ed nodded as much as he could.

"for Shenzi." Banzai declared.

Banzai knew this was it thoughts of Shenzi ran through his mind their first meeting, sneaking into the pride lands when they were pups, watching her take her place as queen, comforting her pain and turning away from pride rock in tears feeling her paw in his. He wanted so much more but would be content with the moments he had he turned to Ed and knew they shared the feeling, they both loved her although each in a different way and they probably couldn't save her but they'd take as many down with them as they could. With that final vow they ran at the pride both of them cackling manically as the pride descended upon them, it was the only way for a hyena to die, laughing.

Shenzi heard the laughter of Banzai and Ed echoing across the cave until it ceased and she knew they were gone. She moved further to the cave entrance only to find Zira blocking her path.

"You will not leave." she said.

Shenzi stood her ground, "maybe not but why don't you and I settle this, face me!" Shenzi commanded her.

Zira ignored her challenge, "I said you would die without honor." she said darkly.

Shenzi noticed Nuka and the rest of Zira's pride surrounding her, it was over. Zira swatted Shenzi to ground with her paw before slicing her across chest, Shenzi doubled over in pain.

"restrain her." Zira commanded.

The lionesses grabbed Shenzi and slammed her to the ground, holding her down. Zira was satisfied.

It's done you're finished soon my beloved Scar will be avenged." she said.

Shenzi spit at her, "you really think he cared about you when he died he didn't care about anybody but himself" Zira face contorted with rage.

"but by all means continue your little vendetta and see where it leads you and when you reach the end of your road and see the truth that he didn't love you and I'll be laughing from other side!" Shenzi spoke, they were her last words.

She began laughing it started as a chuckle than escalated to a laugh before growing into full blown cackle echoing across the cave. Zira stared at her in rage, "finish her, slowly." she hissed.

The pride tore into Shenzi granting her the same fate she had granted Scar, they swarmed over her biting, slashing, tearing, gouging, ripping, they tore her to shreds and devoured her, she never stopped laughing, it was a death befitting a hyena queen and though she would never want to hear it, her mother would be proud.

Zira turned away from the carnage it was not what she had expected nor was it nearly as satisfying. Zira heard Shenzi's laughter cease and knew it was over. Nuka approached her.

"we did it we avenged dad, those slime balls didn't know what hit them." he said.

"We are not done yet, head into the jungle and track down your sister and the prince but do not engage them take a lioness with you and when you find them have her report back to me, understand?" she asked.

"of course mother" Nuka answered, and he and the lioness headed out the cave.

"I don't suppose while we're looking you'd interested in a date?" Nuka asked the lioness, she simply roared angrily at him, her answer clear.

Zira watched them leave, "you continue to impress my dear." Scar said to her.

"we are very close my love only one thing remains then you will truly be avenged." she said to him her voice almost deranged.

Scar placed his paw under her chin "you have done well I thank you for your loyalty, you have proven your value more than I could imagine, you are my queen." he said lovingly as he faded.

Zira didn't actually know whether he was real or not and quite frankly didn't care, all that mattered was that she saw him again.

"We're almost there just a little longer." she said while staring out to the jungle envisioning the pain to come.

Well I'm guessing I have some explaining to do if many fans haven't just decided they want my head. First thing yes, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed are dead. I know they have quite the fan base but it really didn't make sense for Zira to keep them alive plus I like the idea of the story between them being one of tragedy these former friends fall apart before killing each other it's quite tragic and was unfortunately always the end I had in mind for their story. It's sad to see them go but they went out in a blaze of glory, here's to Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.
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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 14:

What do you want

Kopa awoke to find Vitani nuzzled up to him, it was a wonderful sight. "We'll she is wonderful, the most beautiful thing imaginable." Kopa thought to himself.

How he longed to be with her, to live a life with her free of all the burdens he had on his shoulders, how he longed for her, how he loved her. "I love you Vitani." he said out loud to himself.

It was then his mind snapped back to reality. "Wait what did I just say?" he asked himself.

"I love her, is that even possible for me?" he wondered.

"For kings sake I'm a cub and cubs don't fall in love, they shouldn't even be capable of it!" he said.

"what's wrong with me, have I forgotten my purpose, I have to be king." he told himself as he stormed into the middle of the meadow.

"I can't do this I can't ignore my responsibilities." he reminded himself.

In that instant the pressure he built upon himself caused him to explode "but I don't want it!" he screamed to the heavens.

"oh you make enough noise to wake an entire pride." said a strange voice, it belonged to a baboon holding a stick with a fruit attached to it, Kopa knew him.

"Coming from the baboon who laughs like a hyena, Rafiki" Kopa said smirking.

"Laughter is a miraculous thing" Rafiki stated.

"I don't need your help Rafiki" Kopa told him. "you sound so certain" Rafiki replied.

"I've read extensively about you I know how you work." Kopa stated.

"I imagine you would but regardless what you think you do not know your path" Rafiki responded.

Kopa gave an amused smile "alright I'll humor you I know my path to lead my kingdom and to fulfill my responsibility." Kopa told him.

"And what responsibility is this?" Rafiki asked.

"Are you always this persistent?" Kopa said still smiling in amusement

"just satisfy an old baboons curiosity" Rafiki responded.

"You of all people should know that a kings time could end at any moment, if I am not ready like my father the whole kingdom could fall just as it nearly did before because my father wasn't ready, I will not succumb to the same fate, I will be ready I have dedicated my life to nothing else." Kopa said with certainty.

Rafiki wasn't buying it "And what of your heart?" Rafiki asked.

"My heart does not matter." Kopa answered.

Rafiki let out an insane laugh, "says the cub who fell in love." he said.

Kopa protected his words, "Obviously convincing you wouldn't be that easy, well what usually comes next" Kopa asked though he knew the answer it was one of his favorite lessons.

"I believe it's the part where you look within yourself but you already knew that just as you know your own uncertainty" Rafiki said while gesturing toward the pond.

Kopa was done playing this game, "Enough I don't need guidance! I know my path! Kopa shouted.

"And yet there you were screaming to the sky in conflict but if you are so certain why are you afraid to look within." Rafiki asked.

Kopa finally relented and looked into the pond it was the same image it always was.

Rafiki stepped closer, "What do you see?" he asked.

Kopa was honest. "I see a young and strong lion with a brown mane with the weight of an entire kingdom, and the pain and needs of a thousand creatures, I see a king." he said.

Rafiki was stunned, "This does not sound wrong to you." Rafiki asked him.

"What does it matter it's what it is." Kopa stated angrily.

"You are a child Kopa." Rafiki pleaded.

"I don't have the luxury of being a child I tried" Kopa screamed

"but I could never forget what Zira told me I couldn't sleep all I would see is my failure I couldn't be the child I wanted to be a whole kingdom needed me so I had to be what they needed me to be regardless if it meant my happiness!" Kopa shouted on the verge of tears.

"you are not happy with the path you chose?" Rafiki asked him of course as usual he knew the answer.

"how could I be I don't have any friends or anything in my life to look forward to, now I find something I truly want with all my heart and I can't have it because I can't be a cub, I have to be a king." Kopa finished his voice almost a sob.

"I know someone who says otherwise, look deeper" Rafiki said while causing a ripple in Kopa's reflection.

Kopa stared deeper into the water and saw a face, "no it can't be." he said.

"Kopa" the voice said strong, firm, deep, wise, and caring, the voice of King Mufasa, whose spirit emerged from the water before Kopa's eyes.

"grandpa" he said softly.

"Kopa you have learned much." he said his voice thundering.

Kopa bowed in respect. "I have done it in your memory and the good of all creatures." he said humbly.

"Yet you have become lost." Mufasa said.

"no regardless of what I feel my path is to help others." Kopa said.

Mufasa remained firm. "You have become so concerned with the happiness of others you have forgotten your own." he stated.

"There are more important things than a kings happiness this is my burden." Kopa said the last part sounding uncertain.

"And who gave this to you besides yourself you deserve more than this Kopa you deserve your love for Vitani." Mufasa stated.

Kopa lashed out at his reflection, "no I'm not in love a cub can't be in love!" he shouted.

"You ceased being a cub long ago, you yourself stated that." Mufasa said.

"What would you have me do?! What do I choose?" he said his eyes filling with tears.

"You know what is in your heart will you live in denial forever." with those words Mufasa began to fade.

"wait what do I want most!? What do I do!?" Kopa called out frantically but Mufasa was gone.

Kopa stared down at the ground in confusion, Rafiki laughed, "quite the sight never get use to it, do you see now Kopa?" he asked.

Kopa exploded, "see what!? I don't know what I want most! You didn't tell me what choice to make!" he screamed.

"Only you can make that choice only you can decide who you truly are." Rafiki told him while pointing to the pond again.

Kopa looked down at his reflection again and saw a cub, just an ordinary cub. "Is that me?" he asked shocked at the sight of his true reflection.

"you've built yourself into something so much more than you or anyone could ever live up to." Rafiki told him

Kopa tried to fight it, "but the kingdom I will be king one day I have to be ready." he said.

"That time is not yet yours Kopa it is your fathers and what does that mean for you?" Rafiki asked though he already knew the answer.

Kopa's eyes widen in realization "it's not my duty yet, not my burden." he said, the truth finally dawning on him.

"Now that you know you must ask yourself, what do you want?" Rafiki asked.

Mufasa was right he could deny it no longer, his eyes filling with tears, "I want to finally be happy. Vitani, I choose Vitani." he said, before bolting off.

"Where are you going?" Rafiki called out to him, "to Vitani, I choose love!" he called back.

Rafiki started laughing crazily, "what are you waiting for then go!" Rafiki called back continuing to laugh.

"you know I hate to break this to you but you might be insane!" Kopa yelled back.

"don't worry about my sanity now go run to her!" Rafiki said, he watched Kopa run towards the path he had chosen, love, and continued to laugh happily yet it a bit insanely.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 15:


Vitani awakened expecting to see Kopa but he was not there. "Kopa, where are you?" she asked she heard a sound coming from the bushes.

"Kopa?" she called out, unfortunately it was not who she hoped, she sniffed the air and caught a familiar scent.

"It's rude to spy to on people brother." she said.

Nuka stepped from the bushes, "Hey sis." he greeted her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

Nuka gave a sly grin to his sister, "I would ask you the very same thing, you know when mother said get close to the prince I don't think she meant that close." he said.

"You have no idea what's going on." Vitani spoke back.

Nuka's sly grin widened. "I don't know I don't think I was mistaking when I you saw swapping saliva with him, naughty girl." he quipped.

"why are you here?" Vitani asked firmly.

Nuka's grin vanished "mothers ready, she doesn't need you around the prince anymore." he said faintly.

Realization dawned on Vitani's face, "no" she said quietly.

Nuka looked regrettably, "you knew this day would come you had to."

Vitani refused to believe it, "no! I won't let her hurt him!" she shouted.

Nuka looked at her with regret, "I'm sorry Vitani but you don't have a choice my orders are to bring you home." he said his voice filled with regret.

Vitani remained strong, "no, I'm not going anywhere." she said firmly.

Nuka expression hardened "yes you are." he motioned his head and Vitani found herself surrounded by her pack.

"whether the easy way or the hard way." Nuka declared.

Kopa rushed back to where Vitani was lying his heart racing, "so many things I have to say to her tell her." he thought, this was a new day for him, a new beautiful life of love. Kopa was distracted from his thoughts when he picked up two scents, he recognized the first instantly

"Vitani." he said, he then focused in the second one, it was then that he noticed there were several more one all too clear.

Kopa felt his blood boil, how dare she he thought, "Zira." he hissed angrily fire practically in his eyes. He raced in the direction of the scent, nobody would hurt her and if they did they would face his wrath he promised.

Vitani extracted her claws as her own pride closed in her, "so you're willingly to hurt me just to please mother." she said unafraid.

"I don't want to hurt you and rather you give up or not you'll still be fine in the end, but it will still hurt." he warned her

"bring it." Vitani challenged.

The pride jumped at her their claws weren't out but they were still far stronger than her, she would have to play this smart. She dived out of the way of them jumping on top of another pushing off of it and using its own momentum to crash into another lioness. Two more came at her, she ducked underneath them using her smaller size to her advantage she slid underneath another kicking her legs between her sending her crashing to the ground.

"You're making this harder than it needs to be sis." Nuka said.

Vitani saw another lioness coming at her and noticed the other three she knocked down were already back up.

"I need to change my tatics." she thought.

She ran at them before ducking down propelling herself she slid underneath them and ran in the other direction

"follow her!" Nuka commanded.

Vitani continued running crouching into narrow areas that allowed her to avoid her pursuers she ducked into a log and began moving through it.

"Where is she?" Nuka demanded.

They had lost her for now but they would soon track down her scent. Vitani continued running making her way to the elephant graveyard, "let's see them deal with a couple dozen hyenas." she said to herself.

she heard them coming she began climbing the massive elephant bones.

"She's up there, get her! Nuka ordered.

Nuka and the lionesses began climbing the bones after her.

"that's right come and get me." she said smugly as she used her claws to severe the links to a massive weakening bone sending it loose, two lionesses were sent tumbling over the edge.

Vitani made her way to the top of the bones preparing to severe another link.

"Have you ever considered if you go along with this mother might let him live, for you." Nuka asked her.

The question stopped Vitani cold. "Would she actually?" she asked her voice cracking.

Nuka was honest, "it's the best shot he's got." he said.

"if you stand down." he finished.

Vitani hesitated her whole body had frozen up. Nuka and lionesses took the opening, leaping from his position he jumped to the top and pounced Vitani, pinning her to the ground the remaining four lionesses made their way to the top surrounding all sides.

"game over sis." Nuka said.

"get away from her!" said an angry voice.

Kopa came out of nowhere like lightning, he slashed Nuka in the face and with speed nearly impossible to keep up with jumped onto the back of a lioness digging his claws in he flipped off her and severed the bones she was standing on with his claws sending her tumbling over the ledge before the others could even respond Kopa jumped to the next one severing the bones, he then slid under another slicing through the ground under her feet, both lionesses were sent sliding over. Only Nuka and another remained confused disoriented, the entire attack had happened in less than 10 seconds, Kopa sliced his claws through the rest of links holding the ledge up. Nuka and the lioness dug their claws in to hang on, but Kopa kicked a bone in the lionesses direction knocking her off, he then jumped in the air and slashed Nuka right in the face sending him off the ledge, but Kopa was falling too when he suddenly found himself grabbed by Vitani, she pulled him back up and the two of them jumped to a different ledge.

Kopa and Vitani sat on the ledge taking glances at each other, Vitani broke the silence.

"Okay that was awesome Kopa!" she exclaimed.

Kopa blushed, "you really think so" he said.

"oh yeah I didn't think you could be that cool." she replied.

"So what do we do now?" Kopa asked.

Vitani remembered what Nuka had said her mother was no doubt after them, they had to run. "Let's leave." she said.

Kopa was confused, "what?" he asked.

"Let's leave explore the whole world together, go wherever our hearts desire." she answered.

"The only thing my heart desires is you." Kopa said.

"Then let's do it let's be together, nobody could interfere, no dangers, no problems." Vitani said almost frantically.

Now Kopa was curious, "Vitani are you okay? Are you hiding something?" he asked.

Vitani looked at him regrettably. "Your family's in danger, my mothers going to try to kill your father." she confessed,

"what! We have to warn them!" Kopa said in a panic.

Vitani stopped him. "No Kopa my mother will expect that, we have to leave." she cried.

"I can't leave my family!" he stated.

Vitani was in tears, "I can't lose you! I can't please Kopa!" she pleaded.

Kopa put his arm around her, "we'll go together and when the time to confront your mother comes I'll stay out of it" he said reassuringly.

"Okay." Vitani said her voice a whisper.

Kopa smiled at her, "alright let's go" he said.

They prepared to depart when Zira jumped in front of them.

"so predictable prince." she said

"run! Go!" Kopa exclaimed.

They attempted to flee when Zira cut off their path. Kopa jumped at Zira and she swatted him aside,

"Vitani run go warn my parents!" he cried

"stay where you are Vitani!" Zira commanded Vitani obeyed.

Kopa was confused, "what's going on?" he asked.

Zira saw his confusion and relished it, "time to stab the heart deeper." she thought.

She said the words that would hurt Kopa more than any physical wound. "We'll done Vitani you have done your part perfectly as we planned." Zira said.

Kopa was in shock, "what do you mean?" he said dreading the answer.

Zira smiled "she has been following my commands since the beginning." she explained.

"leading you to this very moment" she finished while giving Vitani a dark look, Vitani knew what it meant she would remain silent, tears fell to her cheeks.

Kopa felt like a claw had stabbed deep into his heart and then it kept digging, she had never loved him she had never cared about him it was all a lie. He felt his heart shatter, his dreams and hopes wither away, in that moment he just wanted to lay down and die. He stood there in silence tears falling to his cheeks, the pain of the betrayal overwhelming him. In that moment he was angry and wanted nothing more than to make Zira pay for this pain she caused him.

"It's not true liar!" Kopa screamed in fury and charged at Zira, she batted him aside with ease, he charged at her again tears flying from his eyes, he didn't get the chance to attack, Zira severed the link to the bones he was standing on and sent him off the ledge.

Vitani looked over the ledge and saw that Kopa was unconscious, and Nuka and the lionesses were back on their feet.

"Take him." Zira commanded.

"no mother please don't hurt him." Vitani cried, just as stung by her mother's betrayal as he was

"you knew this was coming, I warned you." Zira said coldly.

Vitani began to cry her eyes out. "I'm sorry mother, but I can't help myself just please spare him I'll do anything!" Vitani pleaded.

Zira felt a sting of pain from seeing her daughter in such a state, "why him of all the ones you could've loved why did it have to be him?" Zira asked sorrowfully.

"I don't know but I know what I feel and he feels it for me too." Vitani said.

"Do you really believe he can love you after he knows that you allowed his father to die?" Zira questioned

"He will leave you." she finished, in a far softer voice.

"I don't care as he long as he lives, please mother, I'm begging you please." Vitani begged.

Zira seemed moved by her daughter's tears. "I'll consider it." she said.

"Thank you mother" Vitani said barely containing herself.

Zira cut her off, "on one condition you will go to pride rock and tell Simba what has happened and you will tell him to come here, then you will stay out of the way!" Zira commanded.

"Are you certain it will be safe how long before the hyena clan" Vitani began to say before Zira cut her off.

"They are no longer a concern." Zira said sounding quite cold.

Vitani was surprised to hear what Zira said for a moment she stood in silence, looking at her mother.

"You did it you made them all pay" Vitani said a bit pleased.

"Do not concern yourself with that, focus on the mission I have tasked you with, if you want him to survive." Zira told her daughter harshly, she didn't like having to be so cold with her, then why was she being so cold, as usual she didn't have an answer.

Vitani nodded knowing she had no choice, "as you wish mother" she said trying to hide her pain and failing. She didn't notice it but her tone visibly hurt Zira who could no longer keep eye contact with her.

as she set off to pride rock, Zira called back to her, "remember Vitani his survival is in your hands!" she clarified, Zira felt like she was going to throw up after she said it.

"Then don't say it you don't want to hurt her stop doing it!" She heard her conscious tell her.

Vitani understood and continued on her path while Zira wanted desperately to stop her to tell her how sorry she was, that despite this she did love her.

"She's not far go and tell her! Zira told herself, she ignored it again she almost always did.

Zira watched her leave and once again felt regretful of all things she had done this stung her worst using her daughters love for another to manipulate her. She didn't like it but she was committed. She hoped when all this was over her daughter would understand her actions and they could return to being the happy family they were, but for some reason she highly doubted that's how this was going to end or that they could ever be a true family again, and the thought broke her heart.
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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 16:

The memories of Scar

Kopa awoken to find himself in a cage made of bones, he took a moment to take in his surroundings the area was dark and filled with geyser pits he was clearly in the elephant graveyard.

"So you are finally awake" a voice told him.

He turned to see Zira outside the cage, she seemed to be alone. "Where's Vitani?, what have you done with her!?" he demanded.

"she's not here." Zira answered.

"I swear if you've hurt her!" Kopa shouted.

Zira cut him off, "calm yourself she's fine and I would never harm my daughter, you were the only one I sought" she said.

Kopa calmed himself if he was going to get answers he would have to be smart. "Why me?" he asked.

"You're Simba's son the perfect way to exact revenge for what he did to me!" she said her voice growing in anger.

Kopa understood where this was going, "he only attacked Scar because he killed Mufasa, my dad fought to avenge his father and Scar was a tyrant he had to be removed for the sake of the entire kingdom!" Kopa declared.

Zira felt her anger growing even more "tyrant, murderer, you call him those things and yet you didn't even know the lion" she said her voice almost a whisper.

Kopa remained firm in his belief. "I heard enough, and no matter who you talk to the results are always the same." he said.

Zira turned to him seething yet with a hint of sadness, "of course that's what you'd hear but I ask did you truly know him, his dreams, what he hated most, what he loved most and who he was?" She asked tears welling up in her eyes.

Kopa was surprised he did not expect this he had always thought Zira was cold and heartless but now she just seemed almost broken, "but why, what did she lose?" Kopa thought to himself his opinion on the entire matter changing dramatically.

Vitani rushed to Pride rock looking frantically for any sign of the king and queen.

"I have to find them Kopa's life is at stake!" she thought to herself, but then felt regret she was leading his parents into a trap that would likely result in their deaths all for her own selfish reasons. Her mother was right Kopa would never forgive her for it and she would lose him forever, the thought of it tore her heart to pieces. "But he'll at least be alive." she told herself and her resolve returned as she rushed to pride rock hoping that someday Kopa would find it in his heart to forgive her.

Simba sat in the den with Nala as well as his 2 closest friends Timone and Pumba.

"Wow you used those hyenas as assassins, I normally support you buddy I do, but that's pretty extreme." Timone said.

"I know but there's more to it." Simba said.

"Alright I get it, there's always more." Timone said in somewhat uninterested voice.

"Timone maybe he could explain it." Pumba stated

"oh come on what could possibly, hey I got something maybe you can explain it to us." Timone suggested.

Nala wasn't impressed, "Pumba just suggested that." she stated.

"uh I did?" Pumba asked in confusion.

Nala groaned in annoyance "there your friends dear." she said.

"Just slow down and I'll tell you." Simba said.

"Alright lay it on me buddy." Timone replied.

"It was the quickest solution to our problems, and I didn't want to have to do it myself." Simba explained.

"can't say I blame you buddy I've only ever killed bugs and that's messy enough a full grown lioness, ew, I need to take a shower." Timone responded.

Simba looked down regretfully, "it's not just that this is actually my fault." He told them.

Timone and Pumba looked up in confusion as did Nala Sarabi however remained still her expression not changing a bit.

"what do you mean Simba?" she asked him.

"Everything Zira has done is because of me, because of my need for revenge." Simba answered

"revenge but you didn't kill Scar" Nala responded in confusion

"of course not my pal Simba would never give into hatred, right." Timone said though he was beginning to sound uncertain.

Simba lowered his head in shame, "I may as well have, when the hyenas surrounded him he cried out to me, begged me for help, I could've saved him, but I hated him I wanted to see him die for what he did, so I turned away and left him." Simba explained shamefully.

"I let Scar die and Zira knows it." Simba finished.

Nala and Timone looked at Simba in complete shock they never would've imagined this Sarabi remained unmoved she already knew this.

"She's justified her vendetta against me is justified." Simba concluded.

Timone looked at Simba in disbelief, Simba could see his disappointment, "no, Simba no, you're better than this, the cub I practically raised is better than this." Timone said sadly.

"I'm sorry I'm not." Simba stated in regret.

"I can't believe this but I went to a dark place too once we all have that moment but it does not define you Simba." Nala told him.

"our whole family is in danger because of me." Simba responded.

"Yes they are" Sarabi stated.

"I never would've imagined this possiblity" Simba replied.

"We always believe our actions will only affect us until the consequences stare us dead in the face" Sarabi told him.

"My mothers right Nala I should've seen this coming" Simba said with regret.

"doesn't matter I still believe in you all the same and I still love you all the same." Nala stated.

Simba gazed at her looking deep into her beautiful green eyes, she smiled gently at him before nuzzling him which Simba returned, regardless of what he had done they would love each other all the same, not unlike two certain cubs.

Just then Vitani came rushing into the den, "Simba! Nala!" she cried out to them.

Simba was shocked to see Vitani she looked like she was out of breath. "What's wrong Vitani?" the king asked

"you have to come with me quickly now!" Vitani said panicking.

"slow down Vitani what's going on?" Nala asked.

"It's Kopa my mother has him and she's taken him to the elephant graveyard!" she said frantically.

Simba heard the words and elephant graveyard and knew what it means his mission failed.

“If she’s alive then the trio are likely” Simba couldn’t finish the statement.

Vitani was confused what was he talking about yes the hyenas were there Vitani noticed their scents there well what was left of them, did Simba send them after Zira, that didn’t sound like him at all.

“What are you talking about you sent them to her, hm thank you this world has less filth” Vitani said coldly.

“It doesn’t make sense the pack should’ve aided them, they should’ve been able to take her with them” Simba said in confusion.

“The Pack’s dead, mother mentioned it to me” Vitani said without a shred of remorse.

Nala and Simba looked at Vitani completely dumbfounded at what she just said. No that couldn’t be true not after everything they tried. After everything it couldn’t be in vain, they couldn’t of failed, he depended on them they couldn’t of let him down.

“No, no!” Simba screamed slamming his paw on the ground.

Nala fell to her knees in sorrow, “we failed, I failed you” Nala said sadness.

Vitani didn’t understand didn’t they hear what she said about Kopa, did she need to be clearer?

“Why do you care about filth, didn’t you hear me, Kopa’s in danger, I think she’s going to kill him!” Vitani cried tears actually filling her eyes as she said the last part, her words got Simba and Nala’s attention.

"what!" Nala cried.

Simba was furious, "how dare she." he growled.

"if she harms my son I swear!" Nala said in rage.

"Wait I want to save Kopa too but she's still my mother, if you don't have to kill her please don't." she begged tears in her eyes.

"Okay but your mother will answer for her crimes." Simba said

"I understand." Vitani said sorrowfully.

"I'm coming with you." she stated, it was not a request.

Simba understood, "okay." he said.

Nala nodded and left the den only to find Sarafina waiting for her, “mom what is it?” She asked her.

“I can see your guilt, Nala.” Sarafina told her.

Sarabi approached her son, "you know what is coming what choice will you make?" Sarabi asked the question piercing his core.

"She's going to kill my son" Simba reasoned in a near whisper.

“Of course I would be guilty, he depended on me did everything for me and I could do nothing for him!” Nala cried.

“He never asked anything of you, you know this, this burden is your own” Sarafina told her softly.

"And Scar nearly took my family where did that lead us?" Sarabi asked firmly

"What other choice is there!" Simba demanded.

"I don't know, you will have to determine that" Sarabi replied before turning away.

“How can I not, he gave the world for me, how could I not do the same, those hyenas were my responsibility, my duty and I failed.” Nala stated.

Sarafina smiled very gently at her daughter, “you question why your son would burden the world on his shoulders and yet how could he not isn’t that what his parents do everyday, you asked what was wrong, he didn’t fall far from the tree at all” Sarafina told her.

"Wait aren't you coming with us?" Simba asked.

Zira hates me probably more than she hates you, if I go Kopa's chances of survival decrease dramatically, I won't have the blood of another child on my head." Sarabi answered her voice filled with self loathing, she then turned away again.

“I’m his mother, I let this happen too, can’t you see, I fail those I love.”

“But that’s not for you to determine others must be allowed to make their own choice Nala even those we love, you must accept that there are things that you can’t control, Huzuni made his choice.” Sarafina told her daughter firmly.

“Kopa has chosen his own path, and he will make whatever choice he must, the path of others should not be your burden to bear my daughter” Sarafina told her wisely.

"you are from a better time, be better than me my son" Sarabi called back to him.

Simba heard her words just as he heard them long ago but he still questioned if they were true.

“Mom” Nala asked.

“It is in their own paws” Sarafina told her before turning away and leaving. As she left Simba brushed past her she gave him a compassionate look.

“I’ll take care of her” Simba told her.

“That is not your choice to make, It is in her paws, as Kopa is in his, as is everyone else” Sarafina told him before entering the den. Simba then approached Nala

"Simba" Nala said with concern.

“They’re dead because of me” Simba said in guilt.

It was true, he sent them there because he was too weak to deal with it himself now because of him all the hyenas were dead Huzuni died for nothing.

“I promised him and they’re all dead” Simba said in sorrow.

Simba felt his pain growing, could he help anyone, his father, Huzuni, the hyenas all he ever does is fail them, all of them he could only imagine the shame his father was feeling towards him.

“Everyone who believes in me, in the end I let them down.” Simba said in self loathing.

Nala felt a sting of pain after hearing Simba refer to himself like that, he didn’t fail her and she was the one who failed Huzuni not him, but she sure wasn’t going to sit around and let Zira get away with it.

“Simba we can’t let this stand” Nala said determined.

“Nala I fail everyone, what if I can’t save him, What if I fail Kopa in the end too!?” Simba shouted trying to fight his tears.

No Nala would not allow that, she would not fail another person, her son was coming home and Zira would pay for what she did. Nala would not let Simba think this way either, the moment they doubt themselves they are already defeated.

“No I won’t let that happen and you won’t let that happen!” Nala stated.

Simba saw the determination in Nala’s eyes, she was always stronger than him, she seemed certain and he would trust her, as he always did, she was the strong one not him.

“Okay, let’s go save our son” Simba said

Was he any better, could he help anyone, or did he just fail everyone who depended on him, tonight he would find out.

Kopa and Zira sat in silence in the cave not a word uttered since their last conversation. Kopa was deep in thought at Zira's words. She clearly loved Scar there must have been a reason for it was there more to him? As he asked these question he couldn't help but wonder,

"what was he like?" the last thought came out of his mouth as words.

"What?" Zira asked quietly.

"there was clearly more to him, what was he like, not as a king, as a living being?" he asked.

"I don't want to talk about it." Zira said sadly.

"look at you now, clearly whatever it was is clearly the happiest you've ever been and maybe by remembering it if only for a moment you can relive it." Kopa said his voice filled with compassion.

Zira couldn't argue with that he was right she desperately wanted to live those times again, even if only in her memories. "Very well." she relented.

Kopa sat up having never been as intrigued with something as he was now Zira begun. "

Scar's reign was difficult as you are aware there was a terrible drought during the later years, the extra presence of the hyenas only made finding food more difficult. I returned only a few months after his reign begun having been wandering the outlands in self imposed exile." she said.

"why?" Kopa asked.

"I had failed him years ago and refused to return home until I had build him a pride of his own I also had more personal things memories trauma I had to deal with, over the years I succeeded, it was then I heard of his reign and at long last returned home. He welcomed me I saw his eyes light up and I knew the lion I loved was still there. I became his queen shortly after and we had a son Nuka. We loved our son but he was very weak and frail and unfortunately not a proper heir but Scar saw a shadow of himself in Nuka and raised him to be king regardless. Years later while patrolling we came across a wounded lioness named Hasara she was pregnant but to weak to raise her cub we took her as our own." Zira said.

"You had a family Scar was Vitani's father?" Kopa said shocked by the news he had heard, Scar a father.

"How did he handle it?" the prince asked.

Zira continued while thinking back to that life, a better life, a life where she was happy.

The pride lands were swarming with life in a time before the drought truly hit the kingdom the grass was still green but the trees were showing some signs of weakening and the herds were very slowly shrinking, it was during this time that king Scar had taken his family to explore the kingdom that one day would be theirs.

"you see the light well everything it touches is ours." Scar told his children.

"Wow it's almost never ending." Nuka said.

"yes our kingdom is quite large and glorious I wouldn't choose to rule a cruddy one." Scar said arrogantly.

"Anyway one day after I've gotten bored and uninspired one of you will be king." he continued.

"can we brag about it daddy!" Vitani asked excitedly.

"my daughter that would be rude, prideful and egoistical to the rest of the pride, of course you can brag." Scar answered

"yay!" Vitani cheered.

"of course there a rules you need to follow." Scar said sounding almost disappointed.

"What I thought a king could do whatever he wants." Nuka said.

"I know responsibilities as the king I found it shocking too, let's discuss them, well as much as they make sense and remember to ignore as many of them as possible." he answered.

"Everything there is exists in a balance somehow, I'm not sure how, and apparently we need to understand that balance and respect the animals blah blah the ant, the antelope"

Nuka was confused, "we eat the antelope." he said.

"Yes but apparently when we die we become the grass." Scar replied not sounding like he believed a word of what he said.

"Daddy I don't want to eaten!" Vitani cried.

Scar took her in his paw, "don't worry Vitani I've never seen a lion turn to grass, I won't let the antelope get you." Scar told her the last phrase sounding a little mocking he then turned away from her.

"You're afraid of the antelope." Nuka teased.

"No I'm not I just didn't want to be grass." Vitani said defending herself

"all right enough you two." Scar said turning around to face them but noticed they were gone.

"where did those trouble makers go." he asked himself.

Zira had snagged Vitani who was now crouching with her in the grass.

"keep quiet, Vitani want to surprise your father?" she asked while motioning Vitani to crouch down,

"alright I've wanted to practice this." she whispered.

Zira smiled, "Nuka go meet your father and stay quiet about this." she said.

"okay but I don't like where this is going." he replied.

Scar continued to search for his trouble making cubs when he saw Nuka coming out of the bushes, "where's your sister?" he asked.

"not sure probably getting ready to pounce me." Nuka answered.

"oh good this should be fun." Scar replied while sitting away from Nuka.

Zira and Vitani crept closer, "stay low to the ground and do not make a sound, ready?" Zira instructed her daughter.

Vitani sprung from the bushes pouncing on top of Nuka and pinning him to the ground. Scar chuckled at the sight pleased with his daughter's skills, "you're good." he said.

"that's not the only surprise daddy." Vitani said cheerfully.

"what, wait where's your mother?" he asked while slowly looking around.

"oh no." he said.

In an instant like lightning Zira shot from the bushes and pinned Scar to the ground.

"My back, Zira you know I'm not cut out for this kind of stuff." Scar said to her.

Zira and Vitani were practically in fits of laughter, "Nuka, Vitani get him!" she said almost playfully.

"oh no no no, Nuka help your father." he said.

"sorry dad gotta stay on the winning team." Nuka replied.

"why you stinky little traitor, how dare you betray the king!" he said overly dramatic.

"There's a new ruler now daddy." Vitani stated as she and Nuka jumped on their father and completely pinned him down, Nuka played with his mane while Vitani playfully batted his ear, Vitani Nuka and Zira all began laughing, Scar didn't laugh but he did chuckle happily.

Zira felt tears fill her eyes as the memory concluded. Kopa was at a loss for words.

"He really cared about them, and you were happy, what happened?" he asked.

Zira felt a sting of pain at the coming thoughts, "we did love them, eventually Hasara gave birth to another cub unfortunately she passed while doing so." This was a lie of course but Zira did not like talking about Hasara what happened with her was by far one of Zira's biggest mistakes or maybe it wasn't Zira still wasn't sure.

"We took him in we called him Kovu, he was healthy and strong perfect for Scars heir. The state of the pride lands began to decay, the rains would not come and the pride blamed Scar for it, it was his fault it wouldn't rain, his fault the herds decided to move further, they hated him for things he couldn't control. We grew tired of it and decided to take a family trip to an oasis, it was fun but the children got into trouble, they went to the river that was property of the crocodiles, which we had forbidden, we narrowly saved them." She told the prince, the memory become all so clear again.

Scar and Zira returned to their spring they had been staying at gently placing the children down, "would you like me to handle this with you my love?" Zira asked.

"No I'll do this myself, take care of Kovu." Scar responded.

Zira nodded and scooped Kovu up in her mouth before walking away.

Scar sat down waiting for his children to sit beside him "Nuka! Vitani!" Scar called out to them.

Nuka and Vitani slowly approached their father hesitating with each step they took until they were in front of him.

"Nuka Vitani what did you think you were doing today, you disobeyed me." Scar said angrily.

"It was my idea dad." Nuka said.

"why don't you realize you could've been killed Nuka, why!?" he demanded.

Nuka was in tears, "I just wanted to prove I could be a worthy heir a worthy son." he said sobbing.

"you think I see you as an unworthy son?" Scar was shocked.

"do you Vitani?" he asked.

"I know you wanted a boy as your heir and now that Kovu was here, we wanted to matter." Vitani said.

"I thought Kovu was more important, he was chosen to be king." Nuka said sobbingly.

Scar couldn't believe what he was hearing so this was how his mother felt when he opened up to her.

"stop, Kovu was chosen because it's not safe for you Nuka or the kingdom, you just aren't strong enough to defend it." Scar told his son.

"the am I st ill aro und?" he asked crying his words mirroring the words of a cub long ago.

"because you're my son and I care about you, I don't want to lose you, any of you." Scar said to his children while wrapping a paw under both of them, he understood now why Mufasa threw himself into that stampede for Simba he would've if it was Kovu, Vitani, or Nuka.

"you are all the most important thing to me, more so than being king." Scar said shocked by his words he was certain nothing would ever be more important than the throne, he was wrong.

Vitani snuggled her father, "but you're a great king daddy, the other lioness are just stupid, everything will get better." she said sweetly.

Scar was trying not to choke up, "hey dad you'll always be there for us right." Nuka asked.

Scar thought for a moment, "Nuka Vitani look at the stars," he said.

"yeah I heard the great kings of the past look down" Nuka began to say before Scar cut him off.

"No that's wrong, look at them they're endless, there won't be enough kings to fill all those in eternity, no my mother told me the great beings all great creatures that live look down on us, and there guiding us so that we can find our own greatness." he said remembering that stormy night the night that in a way gave birth to his ambition.

"one day I will guide you to yours just as my mother did me." he finished the memory of his last moment with her and her last words to him echoing in his mind.

"You won't join them soon will you daddy?" Vitani asked sadly.

Scars smirk returned, "I have no intention of joining them any time soon, not until I'm a bitter, decrepted, grumpy old but remarkably handsome lion." he told her.

"It's time to go to bed now." Scar said as he led his children to there beds, before returning to his.

Zira was already there but Scar paid her no heed instead gazing at the stars many of them seemed to be keeping their light from his area she really did forsake him why he didn't understand.

"We should probably get some sleep we're returning home soon." Zira told him snapping him out of his trance.

"oh right home." Scar replied saying the words as if they were a plague.

"You really don't want to return do you?" she asked.

"I want my throne I just don't want all the whining why can't they see none of this is my fault why can't any of them." he said but this wasn't just about the kingdom his mothers last words echoed in his mind again why did they see him this way why did his mother see him that way?

"They should love me all the same she should love me" Scar ranted.

"calm down my love whatever you are thinking is long buried for now let's just enjoy the time we have been given." she told him.

The two of them nuzzled together and with Kovu between Zira's paw Nuka nestled himself under Scars mane while Vitani slept gently beneath his paw, it was a moment of happiness for the family, it also be one of the last they'd ever have.

Zira began to cry even harder at the life she had lost.

"when we returned things got worse food was becoming non existent and it was during that time that Nuka and Vitani fell ill, Scar was away negotiated a peace treaty with the cheetahs and wouldn't be back for a few days, I had to take the children and leave I couldn't risk Kovu falling ill too so I left returning to the oasis asking my sister Sarabi and my sister in arms Sarafina to tell Scar the nature of my departure when he returned." Zira said completely on the verge of tears now.

"they didn't did they?" Kopa asked.

"no they used it to try to manipulate him into doing what they believed he should!" Zira said seething with rage.

Of course what Sarabi actually did was far worse harming her cubs in such a way it was a betrayal so painful Zira didn't like even remotely thinking about it true she could use it to turn Kopa against them but that would require having to once again acknowledge that it happened and that was one thing she just couldn't accept completely even after ten years.

"I trusted them, and they betrayed me made Scar think I had abandoned him! He sunk into despair and just gave up all that mattered was the throne it was the only thing he believed he had left." she sobbed.

"and we all know how the story ends." it was too much finally she completely broke down.

Kopa couldn't believe it this was so different from what he expected, Zira wasn't heartless, she was hurting, just like his father was, they were the same, the full truth of it all finally dawned on Kopa at last he understood everything, everything he had learned from his father from Rafiki and Mufasa, everything he learned was about chances giving himself a chance Vitani a chance his father and now even Zira, at last he understood they were all the same they were part of each other.

Zira sobbed endlessly almost forgetting Kopa was even there.

"I get it, I understand now." he said.

"what do you mean?" she asked.

"it makes sense Scar wasn't just a monster neither are you you're just in pain that's what drives you, and I'm certain that's what drove Scar, I've been wrong about you, and I think I can forgive you." Kopa said softly.

Zira couldn't believe what she was hearing for a second, "you are aware you probably won't survive today?" she asked.

"Nobody has to die today Zira you can leave this all behind raise your children watch them grow find mates, become parents." Kopa said.

"No I made a promise to Scar to restore our family to our rightful place and I will keep it." Zira declared.

"Do any of your children even want that?" Kopa asked.

"that doesn't matter it's what Scar wants." she stated.

"You really did love him I know how it feels." Kopa said his mind thinking about Vitani, he then felt the pain of betrayal again.

Zira saw the pain in his eyes and felt remorse he had shown compassion to her she could at least do the same. "My daughter did not betray you to me I lied about that, she loves you I know that much." she told the prince.

Kopa felt tears of joy fill his eyes, "thank you." he said to her.

"don't think this changes anything I am committed to my mission to Scar." she reminded him.

"Your loyalty to him is admirable but you have to accept he's gone now, I'm sorry." Kopa said regretfully.

"I can't." Zira replied.

"I know you love him that's the problem you love him more than anything else even your children." he told her.

"I love my children!" she said her voice cracking.

"I don't doubt it but you love Scar more than anything else and you have to let that go or in the end you'll lose everything you love, Zira please." Kopa pleaded.

"Why do you care?" Zira asked confused.

"I understand, you don't deserve the pain you're going through, I want you to find some kind of happiness you deserve it." Kopa answered.

"I can't go back." Zira replied, as she walked out of the cave.

"know this no matter what choice you make I will at least understand it and hope for some kind of happiness for you, whether this life or the next." Kopa called out as she left.

Zira was more torn than ever, Kopa was a good person and worst of all he actually cared about her happiness, but she was committed she had to be, it was then that Zira heard a loud roar Simba and Nala were here, she motioned the lionesses to spread and bring Kopa to the top of the cliff, she didn't know what she was going to do but one thing was certain no matter which choice she made, it was going to haunt her for the rest of her life.

So now we find ourselves entering the climax. A few fun facts here the scene between Kopa and Zira was the first scene I ever thought of for this story and one of the first Lion King scenes I ever created it was actually through that scene that a lot of the saga I've been telling you was pieced together. I also have to ask what are your opinions of how I've handled Sarafina and Sarabi and their relationships with their child?

Well I'm afraid that's all for now my next updates will mark the conclusion of Kopa's Burden. So now that you're very close to the ending what's your overall opinion of Kopa's Burden and what did you think of his scene with Rafiki or his relationship with Vitani and his father, how does this story measure up to the others is it your favorite least favorite, feel free to leave a review in the comment section below, hope you have enjoyed the saga up to this point and hope you will continue to enjoy it going forward, till then see ya around.
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