The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 7:

If given a chance

Kovu woke up feeling exhausted despite what Vitani told him he did not sleep well at all, his mission was clear but he didn't know how he was going to act upon it, but now all he needed to see was Kiara she made him feel so great, he needed that now. He saw Kiara waking up he made his way toward her she looked at him concerned.

"Kovu you look awful." She said clearly worried.

"it's nothing" Kovu said brushing off her concerns.

"no don't do this, don't shut me out." Kiara asked him while placing her paw under his chin looking him in the eye smiling warmly.

"It's alright Kovu just talk to me." Kiara said sweetly.

a voice thundered out behind both of them. "I don't want you talking to him!" Simba stated firmly.

His expression suddenly softened, "I want to talk to him." He said his voice much more kind and polite this time. Kiara smiled at her father she expected Kovu to do the same but he looked even worse than he did before.

Simba and Kovu walked through out the pride lands exploring the areas that the recent fire destroyed.

"I don't hate you truly Kovu I want you to know that." Simba told him.

"well obviously I doubt I would walking with you if you did." Kovu joked.

"it's not about you it's about Scar." Simba continued.

Kovu's ears perked up at his predecessor's mention, "Scar" he asked confused.

What did Simba have to do with Scar Kovu knew that Simba usurped him but not much else.

"Scar was my uncle" Simba said, This Kovu knew.

"and I admired him he was coolest guy I ever knew, there were times when I wanted to be like him, but I didn't know" Simba continued.

"know what?" Kovu asked.

Simba looked down saddened his uncle's betrayal still hurt him, "the darkness in his soul, Scar hated my father I'm not sure why but everyone told me there was a reason, he wanted to be king apparently he saw the throne as true happiness once again I don't know why" Simba explained.

Kovu listened where was this going, "Whatever reason, Scar couldn't let it go and he murdered my father and tried to murder me as well, I was just a cub." Simba went on.

Kovu's expression changed, his jaw dropped in shock and his eyes widened he did not know this how much had Zira kept from them.

"he then wouldn't let it go he willingly let the entire pride lands die for his ego, and later betrayed his own friends who killed him." Simba told him.

This was insane if all this was true Scar was a monster, no wonder Simba took the throne, but wait what if he was making it sound worse to demonize Scar just like Zira demonized Simba.

"I could've saved him and I chose not to, it was wrong, but like everyone there's a darkness within me too and in that moment I gave into it." Simba said regretfully.

Kovu looked at Simba surprised he was actually admitting his mistakes, maybe he was wrong about Simba, or maybe Simba was a very good liar.

"That same darkness existed in Scar he couldn't escape it and in the end it destroyed him." Simba finished his tale.

Kovu wasn't sure what to think of all this, "I never heard the story of Scar like that he really was a killer." Kovu said sorrowfully, and even more shocking his Sorrow was real.

Simba saw Kovu's doubt and uncertainty so Zira had lied to them about the truth, Simba may have misjudged him, he saw him as only an outsider maybe it was time to see the other.

Simba motioned to the destroyed forest and wiped the ashes away "fire is a killer, sometimes what's left behind can grow better than the generation before if given a chance." Simba told Kovu while showing a small flower growing underneath the destroyed ground life had already began to grow anew.

Kovu looked at the flower as he pondered Simba's words maybe that was all that was needed, just to give each other a chance.

"why didn't you give us a chance just because we were loyal to Scar did we deserve exile for that?" Kovu asked a hint of anger in his voice.

Simba shook his head in sadness, "That's not why I banished you, I banished you because Zira killed my son." Simba nearly sobbed the last two words.

Kovu turned to him in shock, "no Kopa's death was an accident, Vitani loved him, She wouldn't kill him." Kovu said in complete denial.

"I'm sorry but it's true." Simba told him.

Kovu couldn't even look him in the eye. "Maybe we've all looked at this the wrong way, maybe we can solve this we just need to give each other a chance." Kovu told Simba, he'd tell him anything to find a different solution.

"You sound like my son, I know I should forgive but I can't." Simba said in response.

"I understand" Kovu barely managed to choke out the words.

Simba had enough of this conversation he got what he needed to know Kovu did not know of anything he was just a victim of the conflict, all of sudden Simba didn't feel so angry about seeing him with his daughter, those were probably some of the only happy moments of his entire life.

"How do you know Kiara so well, what happened between you is not enough to warrant the affection you two feel?" Simba asked.

Kovu knew he had to come clean, "for almost a year and half I would see her almost every other night, we'd stay together till almost dawn." Kovu told him.

"those are the best years of your life aren't they?" Simba asked though he knew the answer.

"they were incredible" Kovu answered.

Simba looked at him with what appeared to be pity, Kovu wondered could he get the truth from him it was worth trying.

"I would've given anything to see her again, why did you have to seal the escape route? We were safe, we were happy." Kovu asked him the last few sentences were board line desperate.

"I already told Kiara this but I didn't seal that up" Simba answered his voice was very soft and quiet.

"I had a theory you two were seeing each other I discovered her escape route as well but Nala and my mother convinced me to leave it" Simba explained the kindness in his voice growing.

"because it made two cubs happy, and that was enough." Simba finished, and Kovu believed him Simba did not seal that path but who did, he wasn't going to get the answers here because Simba did not have them.

"You"re very kind, your majesty" Kovu said in almost a whisper.

"hm I try I hear you've been trying to teach Kiara how to hunt, how's that been going." Simba asked a slight smirk on his face.

"I've seen antelope hunt better" Kovu answered shamed.

"and they don't even hunt!" Simba finished, both of them shared a laugh over that comment.

"maybe you should leave it to the professionals." Simba said smugly.

"you're looking at one." Kovu responded.

Simba wasn't sold, "really you want to make a wager on that?" Simba challenged him.

"sure if she catches an antelope within the next month you have to give me your half of the following meal." Kovu wagered.

"oh that's how we're going alright if she doesn't you have to soak in the water hole and sleep in a puddle." Simba fired back.

Kovu smirked "you're on" they shook paws.

"you've got your paws full on this one." Simba warned him.

"I always like to look at things on the bright side at least I'll stink up your den." They both laughed at that one.

They continued joking all the way back to the den, something weird was going on Kovu was actually liking Simba, it wouldn't matter when the time came right, he could still do it right, the truth was he wasn't sure anymore, Simba had given him a chance and now he deserved the same chance. Kovu continued to struggle with his inner turmoil, he had been told directly if he didn't do this everyone would probably die, what did he do now he just didn't know did he sacrifice a friend for everyone else and would that even solve anything, would anything, He just wasn't sure anymore.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 8:

Kovu's decision

The last few weeks had felt like a new life, Kovu had begun sleeping in the den right beside Kiara, He had also begun helping Simba explore the borders, this naturally turned into a competition on who could finish their territory first, Kovu couldn't quite beat him on that one, though it didn't help that they would invade each others territory and try to overtake it. It was sheer fun there were no other words to describe it. It was almost ironic a few weeks ago Simba and Kovu wouldn't even look at each other now you'd almost mistake them for best friend, whenever they were with each other they were laughing and joking, one particular time had Simba supposedly locking away Kovu until the lands melt, the reason having Kiara back three seconds late, the whole pride laughed at that one, while Kovu looked like a whimpering puppy in the den. There was also Kiara, Kovu's lessons weren't going so well and Simba had been generous enough to point out where the best puddles are he also gave him a leaf he could use as a blanket, the jerk. Kovu regretted none of it he finally had a real friend he could trust, talk with and goof off with, but beyond all else he had Kiara, she meant the world every second he spent with her was a treasure, he'd wouldn't give her up for anything, which was saying something he had lioness lining up for him but he didn't want any of them he had already found the lioness he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and he hoped he would, plans were being made for the exact idea.

Simba was sitting in the den thinking of the coming future he looked over at Kovu and Kiara who were overlooking the lands, they were inseparable they loved each other so much, good because Simba had made his choice.

"I see my stubborn son has taking a liking to our potential new member." Sarabi said.

"mother, yeah I have to admit I was wrong about him." Simba replied.

"hm maybe we should use that statement of yours for the morning report." Sarabi said jokingly.

"I see after all these years you still have your sense of humor." Simba stated.

"actually I've mellowed out you should've seen me when I was young, I put both you and Kiara to shame." Sarabi told him.

"I'm grateful I wasn't there." Simba said.

"I suppose, but you are right he's proved himself, I suppose you have another reward this one for both of them?" She asked though she already knew his response.

"yeah I'm going to announce it later today during a gathering at the river, get him there but don't tell him why." Simba requested.

"this will be a wonderful surprise for both of them, you've done well your father would be proud and so would Kopa." Sarabi stated she then hugged him.

"I'm proud of you Simba" she told him.

Simba returned the embrace, "thank you mother it's a new time a better one." He told her.

Simba had been a fool the last few years he had everything a lion wanted, a wonderful daughter, a great mom, an amazing mate, and now a great soon to be son in law, he let his darkness control him but not anymore this was a new life and it was going to be better one just like Kopa promised and just like Simba promised Sarabi, those dark were over he was better so was she they all were. Simba and Sarabi left pride rock to get Nala she would get Kiara later so they could all prepare Kovu's little surprise.

Kovu didn't know why he was out here tracking the antelope herd it wasn't his job but Simba had requested it, he was hunting with Sarafina, Kiara's grandmother and Nala's mother and he hoped his soon to be grandmother as well.

"I feel like I was chased away for a reason." Kovu said.

"we just want to make sure the hunt goes well" Sarafina replied.

"I think Simba just wants me away because I'm more handsome than the king." He said smugly.

Sarafina chuckled, "you remind me of Taka."

Kovu felt worry he knew Scar's real name, "I was just kidding you know that right." Kovu said.

Sarafina merely smiled, "no I mean Taka not Scar they were different." She stated.

Kovu was confused it was just a name, "how" he asked.

"Taka was selfless, even when he betrayed his family he did it so hundreds of living beings wouldn't starve, everything he did came from his heart." She told him smiling at the memory of her lover.

Kovu listened to her but couldn't find anything to say, "yes I loved him and he loved me, his Nala the very thing I named my daughter after." She said gently her voice was soft like there wasn't an inch of darkness in her.

Kovu felt sorry for her, "I'm sorry for your loss." He said.

"it's alright I would never want to forget him, we better get moving I heard there's something near the river let's move." She told him.

the two of them headed toward the river, Kovu had a feeling they stumbled onto something good he had no idea.

Nuka watched the two depart, well Kovu sure seemed to be enjoying pride lander life he had embraced it completely just like he anticipated, all had fallen into place it was time for one of the final phases, smiling Nuka followed them.

Kovu and Sarafina were nearing the river but Kovu couldn't really see anything.

"you sure there's anything here?" he asked before he could do anything Simba and his family came out of the tall grass surrounding it.

"Surprise Kovu." They all said.

"whoa what's going, what is this?" He asked.

"It's for you your welcoming." Kiara said.

Kovu grew more confused, "for what?"

"your lion's not familiar with surprises Kiara." Nala said chuckling.

"I'll handle this, Kovu a month ago you came here asking for judgment, and I have made my choice." Simba voice was less than friendly.

"you surprised me to kick me out." Kovu said trying to fight back tears.

Simba glared at him then smiled, "how's that even make sense, no." Simba said the last part rather flatly.

"Did you have to act like you were about to eat me?" Kovu asked.

"I can't believe you fell for that." Simba said laughing, before suddenly stopping.

"but I can't accept you as a member of the pride." He said firmly.

Kovu didn't get any of this, "because one day you will be king." He finished compassionately.

Kovu was at loss for words, "what" was all he could choke out.

Kiara walked up to him and placed his paw in her own, "Kovu we are betrothed to be married." Kiara told him her voice sounded like an angel.

The words reached Kovu like nothing ever had, tears streamed down his cheeks, he began to sob uncontrollably he buried his face in Kiara's shoulder, this wasn't real soon he'd wake up and see he was back in the termite hill living nothing but anger and hate, begging for love.

"Kovu are you alright?" Kiara asked him.

Nala placed a paw on her shoulder, "he's having trouble taking it all in dear." She told her.

Simba approached his friend, "it's alright Kovu this isn't going to disappear it's your life now if you want it." Simba told him quietly.

Kovu looked up at him and hugged him, Simba returned, "thank you, I don't deserve this." Kovu sobbed.

"of course you do you earned it. Simba told him.

Kovu couldn't believe this was happening after all that had happened in his life here he was finally feeling happiness he never thought possible, this didn't solve his dilemma but Kovu didn't care, somehow, someway everything would turn out okay, he should've known better than to think that for even a moment.

Nuka watched the ceremony unravel and though he never liked him it still surprised him to see Kovu in such a state, Nuka wondered what it felt like to be so happy all you could do was sob and cry in joy, to have a beautiful home, a loving family, Nuka knew it once until it was all taken from him in an instant, he still remembered what it was like eating good everyday, his mother not thinking he's worthless, his sister actually caring if she died. Nuka understood Kovu's happiness, he'd cry too if he was him, especially at the thought of betrothal, Nuka knew what it was like to want to be loved, a few of the lioness in his pride he tried win over, but only one in particular stood out Ibada he knew so much about her, she was everything a woman should be admirable, determined, valiant, and selfless, not that it mattered she regarded him as garbage, but that would change he hoped it would change maybe after he had proven himself somebody would finally love him, maybe he might find a mate. This was his only chance at happiness and if he had to crush Kovu's to get it so be it. Nuka saw a log in position he slashed with his claws and severed its link sending it crashing down toward Simba.

"come on Kovu it's finally time you prove me right." He said to himself, he knew Kovu would he always did.

Kovu had begun to pull himself back together after his breakdown, he was nuzzling Kiara when he caught a scent, Nuka.

"oh no." he said so quietly you couldn't even hear him.

He then saw it the log crashing it's way towards Simba, he couldn't warn him in time the only thing he could do was save him, and expose himself once for and all. This wasn't Nuka, Nuka was an incompetent fool and a lazy whiner he had never done anything useful ever, but it had to be him who else would deliberately put him in this position, if he tried to warn Simba it would be too late and he would likely die in a freak accident his mission would be complete and it wouldn't have even been his fault he would still have Kiara and his home but after what Simba just did for him could he really let him die, his only friend, would he be able to sleep at night ever again, but his family would survive if he didn't do this they'd all die, his mother, Vitani, Nuka, the cubs all of them, or worse Zira would just go to war and not only would the prides kill each other but he would also likely have to kill members of his own family what did he do, one of them he would have to sacrifice. There was no time Kovu had to decide, Simba and Kiara or his family, Kovu cursed himself and Nuka before making his decision, he dived at Simba pushing him out of the way.

"Simba look out!" he cried, as he knocked him aside the log was about to smash right into him, without really thinking he threw himself into the river and let the current take him.

"Kovu!" Kiara cried out, it was all Kovu heard before he was swept down the current.

Kovu opened his eyes to see he had drifted to the shallow side of the river that was fortunate he thought for sure he was dead. He caught Nuka's scent again where was he?

"I know you're here Nuka, show yourself!" he demanded.

"you're already beginning to inherit Simba's temper." Nuka said grinning at him.

"what do you think you're doing Nuka you almost killed me." Kovu said in anger.

"proving your loyalty, what happened there you had the perfect opportunity and you do nothing has Kiara brainwashed you that much?" Nuka asked.

Kovu felt his anger building, "the only one who brainwashed me were my own family!" Kovu declared.

"so you have chosen your side, and after all I've done for you." Nuka said mockingly.

"what have you done for me?" Kovu asked through clenched teeth.

"nothing really accept Kiara." Nuka answered.

"you had nothing to do with her!" Kovu roared.

"oh yeah I just happen to let you wander away near the exact area she is, and then mother never finds out about you swapping saliva with her, heh little rebel" Nuka explained.

"you wanted us together, you wanted me to fall in love in with her." Kovu said realization dawning.

Nuka's grin grew, "and believe you lost her so the anger would take hold." He continued.

The truth hit Kovu like a brick, "the path you sealed it!" he concluded.

"oh he can use his brain, yeah took you long enough." Nuka answered.

"but why" Kovu asked.

"a catalyst once you love someone it doesn't go away, but I needed you to be ready for the mission and all it'd take was a few encounters and you'd fall in love all over again." Nuka finished.

"you used me and you used her!" Kovu screamed in fury grabbing Nuka around the neck and lifting him off the ground.

Kovu tightened his grip around Nuka's neck but Nuka didn't seem worried at all he merely glared at Kovu.

"That's the last time you ever lay a paw on me." He said seething.

Then with speed unlike any Kovu had ever seen Nuka shot his knee into the air and slammed it into Kovu's jaw, Kovu let go of Nuka's neck and stumbled Nuka kicked his legs out from underneath him and before he even hit the ground uppercut him right in the jaw, knocking him in the air, Nuka jumped up and caught him by the mane throwing him over his shoulder to the ground. Kovu pulled himself to his feet mostly because Nuka let him what on earth had happened, Nuka wasn't a fighter he was the weakest member of their entire pride. Kovu stood up and glared at his brother.

"Guess you're not as weak as I thought but you're still nothing." Kovu spat at him.

"Come see just how wrong you are." Nuka challenged him.

Kovu charged him swinging his paw straight for his head, which Nuka easily sidestepped, Kovu then threw a kick to his side which he caught mid motion and used to spin Kovu around and pull him directly into a knee to the ribs, Nuka then grabbed him around the mane and pulled him down into a clench slamming his knee into his face before throwing him aside and backhanding him to the ground. Kovu clawed his way to his feet and ran at Nuka swinging his paw wildly at his face, neck and chest. Nuka moved his body to each side dodging each blow and striking Kovu each time, the first was an elbow to the shoulder, the second was a paw swipe to the chin, and the third was paw thrust to the stomach. Kovu collapsed to his knees, holding his stomach.

"you merely thought I was weak, but I was studying every lesson you were and some you weren't you know what they say you're at your strongest when your enemies think you weak." Nuka said while circling him.

Kovu growled and tackled him sending them both crashing to the ground he wrapped his paw around his neck and used his other to smack his head from side to side deliver three straight strikes, Nuka's head jolted side to side but on the forth he caught his paw and wrapped his other one around his neck, he preceded to smash his own paw into his face and slam him to the ground his grip tightening Kovu struggled but he was too weak he could not push him off, his vision began to blur, it was over he had underestimated Nuka and paid the price for it. Nuka released him, he turned away.

"I'm not quite finished with you yet but I assure you next time I'll leave you broken." Nuka promised before slamming Kovu to the ground knocking him out cold, Kovu couldn't believe it Nuka had beaten him, no Nuka had destroyed him, he lost.

Kovu slowly opened his eyes to hear a strange voice calling out to him, "ah ha, he's awake, oh you took quite the pounding there." The voice said Kovu turned to see a baboon with a stick and a weird fruit attached to it.

"Who are you?" Kovu asked.

"You don't care who I am but you really question who you are." The baboon said.

Kovu looked down uncertain, "I do I turned my back on my whole family, they were counting on me and I let them down, I abandoned them for my own selfish desires, I deserved what Nuka did to me at least he's fighting for our family." Kovu said painfully.

"are you saying you regret saving the king's life?" the baboon asked.

"no, maybe, I don't know!" Kovu said while placing his paws to his head.

"How can you not you were crying about it in joy moments ago." The baboon stated.

"no, I mean yes that's what I want but that doesn't make it right!" Kovu stated tears beginning to appear in his eyes.

"and betrayal and murder is?" the baboon stated.

"No of course not but if I don't my family dies, or they go to war and there's nothing else I can do!" Kovu collapsed his claws beginning to dig in his mane.

"but there must another way." The baboon told him.

Kovu shot up grabbing the baboon off the ground, "then tell me, tell me what it is, tell me so don't have to betray the woman I love or watch my family die!" Kovu said tears streaming down his cheeks.

"does your love for her insure their death?" The baboon asked.

"what is right what will save the innocent?" He finished.

Kovu thought about his words it was too late his family wouldn't trust him anymore his only option was Kiara.

"It was agreeing to this in the first place that brought me here I'm sorry to the pride and my family who were counting on me but continuing to follow it will only make things worse." Kovu said sorrowfully.

"I choose the pride lands and Kiara." Kovu had decided, with those words he turned away from the baboon.

"wait!" the baboon called out, Kovu turned back to him, he held out his hand in it was a strange tiny fruit with markings on it.

"what is this for?" Kovu asked.

"if the time ever comes you will know and you will doubt no longer." The baboon stated.

Kovu accepted it and turned away he wondered what its purpose was, but there would come a time when he would find out and Rafiki was right he would doubt no longer.

He made his way back toward the river where he saw Kiara sitting alone.

"Kiara" he said.

"Kovu! You're alive! I've been looking all around the river for you!" Kiara cried embracing him.

Kovu returned the embrace, "let's signal everyone that I'm alright." Kovu said.

They both roared together signaling the others, they'd be there soon.

"Yes my answer is yes Kiara, I want to live here I want to be a part of this pride, this family, I want to marry you." Kovu told her, she could see his love sparkling for her between his eyes, she felt the same for him.

"than you will, this is our lives now Kovu." She told him softly, the two of them held each other close and then they kissed. There was no going back now Kovu had made his choice and nothing would change it.

Rafiki watched the two of them together, he couldn't believe Mufasa's plan worked they loved each other and the pride accepted him, but he still wondered how this would deal with Zira and her clan, if anything this could very well escalate the conflict, things were far from over, in fact they just got past the easy part, now the hard part began and if they couldn't pull it off a lot of people were going to die. It was all or nothing now.

Well I would call that a pretty big wham episode, all joking aside this is definitely the turning point of the story up to now it's mostly been the story of Kiara and Kovu from this point on things get a lot more intense maybe even the most intense I've done. This chapter was definitely something I felt should've been in Simba's Pride despite really liking the movie Kovu's inner conflict was massively undeveloped and one of my main goals here was really delving into Kovu's mind and allowing us to understand just how hard his situation would be. This was also why I made him and Simba friends as it only adds to his inner turmoil. Of course we can't forget Nuka, Nuka being a cunning manipulator isn't a huge twist most people prefer that portrayal but were you surprised to see him as such an effective fighter, someone so skilled and powerful that he completely crushed Kovu in battle, did this catch you off guard.

Well I'm afraid I am going to have to stop at this point, and I think this is a good stopping point as it definitely has a sense of climax to some aspects of the story and does pay off some things. Hope you've enjoyed Cycles End up to this point, and fasten your seat belts things get insane and really intense from this point on. I'm hoping to get the next few chapters updated in a week or so let's see if i live up to that, till then see ya around.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

Postby Hatari05 » April 12th, 2016, 12:41 am

Well Miracles do happen it's been six days and I am back ready to post the next chapters of Cycles End, what do you know I made a deadline. Anyway from this point on things really take a different turn from this point on. I thank you all for taking the time to read my work and hope you haven enjoyed it. Well here you go the next chapters in Cycles End.

: Chapter 9:

The First battle

Nuka had made his way back Zira's hiding place the very same field where he had set Kovu up with Kiara the tall grass on the left side made it easy to hide. Nuka was pleased his plan had worked perfectly just as he had expected Kovu had proven he didn't have what it took, now it was time for Kovu's fall and Nuka's rise.

Nuka met with Zira near the end of the grass field, and told her the unfortunate news.

"Are you certain?" she asked with a roar.

"Yes he had the perfect opportunity and let it slip." Nuka answered.

"Kovu cannot betray us!" Zira said seething.

"He has, he chose the daughter." Nuka stated.

"Kiara." Zira responded through clenched teeth.

Vitani couldn't help but overhear their conversation and she didn't believe it.

"there is some reason to this Nuka, give your brother time." Vitani requested.

"you know the reason sis, he got close to the princess too close." Nuka told her.

"Than what do we do?, Kovu was our last chance, it's over!" Vitani responded frantically.

"Enough!, if Kovu has abandoned us we will simply take desperate measures and force Kovu to play his part, Nuka, Vitani what recent information do you have?" Zira said while stepping between her two children.

"Simba and Kovu patrol the kingdom together." Nuka answered.

Zira ears perked up at that news, "really than perhaps we could use that opportunity to strike." Zira stated.

"Strike at Kovu our own blood mother have we really come to that?" Vitani asked in regret.

"Don't question me Vitani Ever! Now assemble the pride and prepare to strike!" Zira commanded

Vitani looked down regretfully before complying at a time Zira would've taken her daughters turmoil into consideration, but not on this day. "

What is your plan mother, I want to help." Nuka stated.

"Merely do your part and be ready when Kovu and Simba approach the gorge we strike." Zira told him.

Nuka bowed in compliance, "I am ready mother to do what I must for our pride and fulfill Kovu's place." He told her.

Zira laughed mockingly at him, "you, you're weak you could never fulfill Kovu's role nor be worthy of it!" She cruelly told him.

Nuka was shocked he never thought his mother's words could hurt him so much he was wrong, for the first time ever Nuka lost his temper.

"I'm your son not him! Every step of the way I have been loyal to you I have stood by you even when you cost me my home! Despite all this you still regard me as trash I deserve better than this! And I deserve better from you!" Nuka screamed at her.

Zira looked at him with surprise, Nuka felt his boldness fading, he braced himself for the blow it never came.

"finally you show your true nature." She said with a hint of pride.

"what?" Nuka asked confused.

Zira smiled at his confusion he thought she didn't know it was time to show him how foolish he was for thinking he could fool her.

"Did you really think I wouldn't know, you want Kovu's place then take it, you've planned this far." She told him grinning.

Nuka felt scared she knew she knew of his scheme that he in a way sabotaged her, and yet she seemed almost pleased with it, he couldn't be afraid he had to stand his ground.

"yes I have I knew Kovu didn't have what it took so I let him prove me right." He told her confidently.

Zira turned away from him coldly, "then fulfill your plan, show me once and for all you are Scar's true heir." It was the last thing she said to him before departing.

She was challenging him, and Nuka wasn't going to prove her right, at the gorge he would crush Kovu, slit Simba's throat himself and stand triumphantly over his body and then both his mother and even his father in the stars would finally know he was the one true heir.

Vitani was sitting alone in her sorrow, she wanted desperately for Kopa to comfort her but there was a barely a brisk in the air, she felt her pain increasing, Kovu betrayed them and now she would have to likely kill him was that all she was now a killer.

"Kopa I need you I need someone anyone! Why does this keep happening to me why must my life only be pain? Kopa please tell me why?" She said her voice sounding completely miserable.

"I don't think he has that answer sis." Nuka told her emerging from the bushes.

"Still ease dropping on me brother, guess counting the grass grains got boring." Vitani told him trying to mimic her smug demeanor.

Nuka saw how fake it was, "don't lie to yourself Vitani, and about Kovu I'll handle him you just deal with Simba." He told her.

"yep just kill, that's all I am." She said tears forming in her eyes.

"no don't say that" Nuka said compassionately wiping away one of her tears.

"there's more to you than that, and I swear tomorrow I'll see to it you never have to kill again." he promised her.

Vitani wanted to believe him, but the years had taught her all life is, a bunch of empty promises and lies, and like all the rest this one would be just as hollow, she wouldn't allow herself to believe it.

"wake up Nuka, you're not going to solve anything because in the end nobody does, no matter what you say I'll always be a killer, because that's all the world is a killer, one murder after another, and you won't make a difference!" Vitani shouted to her brother, before turning away from him.

Nuka looked down at the ground in sadness, his poor sister, she had been so much more than this and Simba's grudge stripped it all away, and the sad truth was he wasn't certain he could save her anymore.

Kovu woke up beside Kiara, he smiled down at her sleeping form gently stroking the tuft on her head, she was his, and he was hers, a few days ago Kovu had made his choice to turn his back on the outlanders and become an official pride lander it wasn't an easy choice but it was the one he would always make.

"Treasuring the gifts life has blessed you with?" Sarabi asked him suddenly standing over him while Sarafina sat beside her.

"what is this about?" Kovu asked uncertain.

"who you've decided to be Kovu." Sarafina answered him.

"I don't understand why that matters." He asked Sarabi answered this time.

"Have you chosen this path because it is right or because of what you gained?" Realization began to dawn on Kovu, somehow they knew.

"how do you" he couldn't even complete the words.

"Zira is my sister I know her, there's no way she would ever let anyone turn their back on her even her own son." Sarabi answered.

Kovu looked on in shock, "we didn't know for certain but there were too many coincidences, the fire, you of all people saving her, and even your near death experience, you also left pride rock late during the night you were here for a different purpose." Sarafina told him.

"you're right I came here to save my family, but I can't do it, what kind of monster chooses to betray their family?" Kovu said in self loathing.

"I wouldn't know, I betrayed my own sister. It's my fault we are where we are." Sarabi responded in shame.

"Kovu why did you choose us?" Sarafina asked.

"I love Kiara and Simba is my friend, and maybe someday I'll be able to find another way for my family." Kovu told them despite making his choice he was not at peace.

Sarabi looked at him in admiration, "I wish I could love my sister like that, don't ever stop loving them Kovu." Sarabi asked him.

Kovu nodded he then heard Simba calling him. "Kovu I've heard there's a situation at the gorge want to help me deal with it might finally give you the edge." He called out to him jokingly.

"go everything's fine now." Sarafina told him sweetly.

Kovu smiled at both of them before going to meet Simba, "Ready to admit defeat?" Simba taunted him.

Kovu smirked "I still got a trump card." He said smugly, he had no idea how much that comeback would haunt him, secrets were coming to an end

Simba and Kovu made their way to the gorge which appeared to be abandoned

"doesn't seem to be anything wrong, maybe we should go." Simba said.

"we can't leave until we know there's nothing wrong let's try the other side." Kovu requested.

Simba shrugged and he and Kovu headed to the other side of the gorge there was nothing.

"I think someone played a fast one on me." Simba said annoyed.

"You have no idea." Nuka's voice came from the shadows.

All of sudden growling surrounded them and Zira and her entire pride emerged from the shadows many of them climbing up the gorge, Simba looked on in confusion what was going on.

"Why Simba what are you doing all the way out here and so alone." Zira asked him mockingly.

Simba looked at Zira with hatred, "Zira what is this?" he demanded.

Zira merely grinned, she glanced at Kovu and her grin grew, "how does it feel to be led to your death by your so called friend?" She asked sadistically.

Simba turned to Kovu in confusion, Zira relished his confusion, Kovu thought he could abandon them all, now he would pay the price, his new family and the lioness he loved.

"we'll done Kovu just like we always planned." She said.

Simba turned to Kovu in pain and anger, "you, you, traitor!" Simba screamed his voice filled with anger and pain.

"no Simba I" Kovu tried to explain Zira would put an end to Kovu's pleas.

"Attack." She hissed.

The lionesses charged Simba mauling him, Simba fought back against them pushing one off with his feet, while backhanding another one aside, the first crashed into a rock on the far left while the second was sent toppling to the ground, three more came at him, dog piling on top of him pushing him off his feet and sending him crashing to the ground. Simba struggled frantically as one of them bit into his shoulder, another sank their claws into his side, the third went straight for his throat, Simba intercepted her kicking her in the jaw and use his one free paw to grab her leg throwing her into the one on his side, no longer hounded Simba grabbed the third one and slammed her head into the rocks but just as he freed himself over half a dozen more came at him. Simba swiped his paw in all directions batting lionesses aside, one jumped right on his back, he proceeded to smash her in between the wall, before throwing another one over his shoulder, four more piled on him with a mighty roar he threw them off him but four more were already heading at him he prepared to charge them when Vitani backhanded him hard. Simba stumbled from the blow throwing his paw at the lioness his son had loved, Vitani dodged it and backhanded him again causing Simba to lose his balance and fall into the gorge, his body bounced on the rocks, as he stabbed his claws into the wall slowing his fall but not stopping it, he hit the ground hard. Simba struggled to rise to his feet but he could feel his energy draining and more lionesses were descending into the gorge, he needed escaped now.

Kovu watched as Zira's pack attacked Simba, he wouldn't allow his friend to die he jumped into the gorge embedding his claws into the wall and sliding down to the bottom, he was about to aid Simba when Nuka came lightning fast striking him in the chin knocking him to the ground.

"You should just give up now before I crush you." Nuka said smugly.

"No and I won't underestimate you again, let's go." Kovu said glaring at him Nuka returned it, he caught Zira's gaze this was it now he would prove himself to her, to everyone.

Kovu and Nuka came at each other full force colliding in mid air Nuka grabbed Kovu by the mane pulling him down to the ground, he then threw his paw at his head which Kovu parried away he then slipped his tail underneath Nuka and knocked him off balance Kovu took this advantage to push Nuka off of him, he then grabbed him and smashed his paw into his ribs, he threw another backhand at his face which Nuka batted away he then grabbed it and used the momentum to spin Kovu around and strike him in the chin knocking him to the ground, he descended down on him with his claws but Kovu rolled out of the way, Kovu then took the opening and kicked him in the face sending him rolling away from him while Kovu rolled in the opposite direction. The two of them clawed their way to their feet before charging straight at each other roaring.

Simba felt his battered body being beaten back and forth as the lionesses mauled him like a pack of bears, he tried to push them off of him but he was too weak.

"Yes, we got him!" he heard Zira call out with glee.

He couldn't die like this using what strength he had he grabbed one the lionesses by the throat and lifted her off the ground he then spun and threw her body into her comrades, knocking them off of him he painfully pulled himself up,

"Remember your training as a unit!" Zira commanded her forces.

They were already coming back at him, he needed to get out of there, at that moment he caught sight of a bunch of logs piled up it was his only chance, using the last of his strength he bolted toward them.

Kovu and Nuka grappled with each other, grabbing each other around the neck strangling the other, Nuka smashed his paw into Kovu's cheek causing Kovu to growl in anger lifting Nuka off the ground Kovu slammed him down and smashed his paw into his skull, Kovu tightened his grip on Nuka's neck, struggling Nuka placed his leg underneath Kovu and pushed up before pulling Kovu down flipping him, Kovu's body bounced on the hard floor before skidding to a stop. Kovu extracted his claws, roaring, running at Nuka he sliced his claws straight at his chest before taking a slice at his right eye, Nuka sidestepped the second while the first graced his ribs cutting his skin, Nuka roared in pain and slashed Kovu with his own claws fully intent on slicing his throat open, while Kovu went for his stomach fully intent on disemboweling him. They both narrowly missed each other, growling in anger Nuka struck Kovu in the temple while Kovu struck him in the left cheek before swinging for his jaw, Nuka caught his paw and embedded it in the ground, Kovu struggled to free it but before he could Nuka began pounding away at his skull, Kovu tried to defend with his one remaining paw but Nuka caught it and held it in place before blasting him with a barrage of blows, Kovu felt his whole body being battered around him, he felt himself succumbing to the blows and his body collapsed, he had given it his all but it wasn't enough, Nuka had beaten him again, he was simply the better fighter.

Zira could not believe her eyes, all this time she was wrong about him, she had always considered Kovu the strongest and yet Nuka had just bested him, she had always known her son had Scars cunning mind but she never knew he was such an accomplished fighter, she felt true pride for him, indeed the chosen one should've been him. Zira also saw some of her own lionesses staring with shock, some with desire, Zira smiled at the image, she had never been so proud of any of her children. However there was still Simba frantically climbing the logs but at least two of her soldiers were in hot pursuit, they weren't the only ones Nuka had thrown Kovu's body aside and was now ascending the logs toward Simba.

"Follow me!" he commanded as he neared Simba's position.

The remaining lionesses roared as they followed their leader, Vitani was attempting to reach the top of the ledge before Simba could trapping him, they truly had him this time, soon it would be over, and then Nuka could choose his mate. Nuka climbed his way to Simba grabbing him by the ankle he would not escape, he would die, and their family would live, Nuka would save them all at last.

Kovu could barely pick himself up after the thrashing Nuka gave him but Simba was about to die he had to save his friend no matter what he painfully pulled himself to the logs, Nuka had grabbed Simba's leg and soon he would pull him down. No Kovu wouldn't let his friend die, without even really thinking about what he was doing he began pulling on the bottom log.

"Kovu what are you doing!" Vitani cried out to him, he wouldn't.

"Kovu no don't!" She begged him Kovu ignored her and pulled the log loose causing the entire pile to come tumbling down.

Nuka prepared to drag Simba down when the log he was standing on rolled backwards causing him to lose his balance and tumble off he crashed into another and looked up seeing another one rolling right toward him, "No I have to save them." It was his last thought before the log smashed on top of him. Simba had made his way to the top and out of the gorge he willed whatever strength he had to run and escape.

Kovu looked dumbfounded at what had happened, he had killed him, he had killed Nuka, no that couldn't be he rushed to the logs and began digging, only to find himself thrown out of the way by Zira.

Zira had watched as Nuka closed in on Simba, he was so brave and valiant and yet seeing him climbing on that log had created a sense of worry she didn't want him there, then she saw Kovu approaching the logs and Zira immediately began frantically calling out to her son but it was too late, and he fell. Zira frantically searched the logs for him, she had to find him she had shown him nothing but contempt since Scar died, but he wasn't useless, he was her son. She pulled the logs away unearthing Nuka's broken form.

"Nuka my son." She sobbed.

Nuka choked and gasped for breath, "I'm sorry mother I failed you." Nuka said weakly.

Zira hushed her son and placed a paw on his cheek, "you never failed me, you were always there no matter what I did, your strength, your fighting skills none of that mattered it was your love and devotion that mattered, I couldn't be more proud." Zira said crying, she should of said all this long ago now it was meaningless.

Tears streamed down Nuka's face, "no, you were right I wasn't worthy, I fa iled y ou all." They were the last words he choked out before the life left him.

"No! you didn't fail Nuka, I was wrong, please get up, please Nuka!" Zira cried her tears dripping on his body.

It was too late he was gone. "I'm sorry, god I am so sorry." Zira sobbed.

She buried herself in his shoulders feeling the tears stream down her cheeks, she didn't think she could feel this human anymore, Nuka always there to save her, especially from herself, realization hit Zira she had lost sight of it all, her hatred had clouded her mind she had forgotten about her family but now she remembered she remembered why she sacrificed her soul in the first place, she loved them, and now it was too late, but it wouldn't stop her from saying it,

"I love you Nuka." She had not spoken truer words in decades.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 10:

Cast out

Simba painfully limped back to Pride rock Kiara, Nala, Timon, Pumba and Sarabi all rushed to him.

"father!" Kiara cried out.

"Simba who did this to you?" Timone asked, "I did this to my" Timon began to think in rage.

"Kovu, ambush" Simba barely got the words out before he collapsed.

"Simba my son!" Sarabi called out to him.

"Get him help immediately!" Nala called out

"It's alright Simba everythings going to alright" Timon said as and Pumba dragged Simba dragged back to Pride rock

"How could I let this happen how I could I let any of this happen to my, no enough none of that is true it never was all those years even if I did raise, no it'll never be true no matter how much I believe it, he never needed me" Timon thought sadly.

Kiara however could only think of what he said, it couldn't be Kovu it couldn't, she looked at her mother and grandmother.

"it's mistake it can't be true." She said with sorrow.

"I'm sorry Kiara." Nala told her sadly.

"grandma you know there's something missing he wouldn't do this." Kiara cried Sarabi didn't say anything she was the last person fit to judge anyone.

"Kiara he fooled us all." Nala told her.

"no, no he didn't I know it was real I just know." Kiara said desperately, Kovu didn't do it she wouldn't believe it she couldn't believe it, her heart wouldn't let her, and the last thing Kopa told her was to follow her heart.

Zira sat motionlessly near Nuka's body the rest of the pride had also gathered around him, Vitani stood in the front not bothering to fight the tears in her eyes she remembered the last thing she said to him and all he was trying to do was comfort her. He was the best of them and was treated as the worst, she would never forgive herself for it.

"I'm sorry Nuka, Kopa guide him to a better place he deserves it." Vitani prayed in a sobbed whisper.

The rest of the pride was also crying in remembrance of their fallen comrade, friend, and leader.

Zira could barely hear anything around her all she could hear was Nuka's pained final words, they broke her heart and it was her fault he thought that, she had told him to prove himself which led to his choice she led him to his death, what kind of a mother was she.

"Scar, Mufasa, great kings, please do not blame Nuka for my sins watch over and let him find peace, please." Zira prayed sorrowfully.

"mom" she heard the voice and immediately Zira felt her blood boil how dare defile Nuka's grave.

Zira turned to Kovu in rage extracted her claws and slashed around the eye, he cried out in pain, but Zira ignored it, he looked at her a massive scar now going right down his left eye exactly like the one her mate had.

"what have you done?" she demanded trembling.

"I didn't mean to, I, I did nothing!" Kovu stuttered the words before finally saying them defiantly.

"exactly and in doing so you betrayed Scar, betrayed your family!" Zira spat.

"I want nothing more to do him!" Kovu said in rage.

Zira circled Kovu barely able to look at him, "you can't deny who you are, Nuka is dead because of you!" Zira screamed.

Kovu felt his drive fading, "you killed your own brother!" Zira roared at him.

Kovu felt sorrow building but he couldn't back down no longer would she hide the truth from them.

"No you killed him the moment you led us down this path! The moment you killed Kopa!" Kovu shouted.

Vitani heard Kovu's words and turned to her mother in shock, "it's a lie you told me it was an accident tell me it's a lie." Vitani said desperately tears forming in her eyes.

Zira wanted to tell Vitani that she had nothing to fear, that what she told her was true, but she couldn't lie to her anymore, she merely shamefully nodded her head no, now tears were streaming down Vitani's face, Zira could hear her sobs, they stabbed at her heart.

"it was me and I've regretted it everyday since." Zira said her voice cracking as she said the words.

Vitani couldn't believe what she was hearing the cause she thought she was fighting for was a lie as was the cause of all her pain, it had all been Zira she refused to call her mother anymore. In an instant Vitanit erupted.

"How could do that?! How could you kill him, even after I begged you not to?! How could use his death to manipulate me and then look me in the face and tell me you love me!" Vitani screamed while crying.

"because it wasn't a lie I do love you Vitani! But if I told you the truth you would've left me and I couldn't bear losing you!" Zira said desperately she too was beginning to cry.

"then where were when I needed you every time I was lonely or in pain where were you?!" Vitani demanded.

Zira looked at her with pained regret, "I don't have an answer for that I admit I haven't been there but please my daughter forgive me." Zira begged.

She knew she'd find none but she hoped that Vitani would at least be willing to try, unfortunately Vitani had none, she hurt Zira more than any blow could.

"don't ever call me your daughter ever again you are not my mother." Vitani said seething before turning away from Zira.

"Vitani please I'm begging don't do this." Zira sobbed literally on her knees.

"we are done." Vitani hissed, she would pay her no more heed. Zira collapsed into the ground and cried, she had lost them both.

"Vitani I'm sorry but a lie is never better than the truth." Kovu said to her placing a paw on her shoulder, she turned to him with fury in her eyes.

"are you insane?! You just destroyed my life in a single instant, you single handily turned me against one of the last people I still loved and now you've left me with nothing why did you tell me?!" Vitani screamed while her beating her paws into Kovu's chest.

"leave I hate you! I supported you two I practically gave you her and then you betrays us for her, you killed Nuka for her! So go back to her, you're dead to me!" Vitani shouted while pushing Kovu away.

Kovu knew he had no place here he had to go back to pride rock and pray for mercy.

She was the worst mother imaginable, her son dead, her daughter may as well be, and her youngest son a traitor and exile, she led them here, both her and Simba, his entire pride had cast them out without any care, they needed the pride lands, and the pride landers would never welcome them, she could hand herself over to Simba, but Simba would not forgive and even if he did no matter which of them chose to give up their life there would always be another who wouldn't forgive, there was no solution beyond war anymore, and maybe now she would actually succeed since death was all she was good for.

"There are a great many things beyond that my dear." Scar told her having appeared alongside her.

"not now." Zira told him coldly.

"I have not come to you for some time, clearly we should find some happiness for us," Scar told her, but for the first time his words rung hollow to her, so matter of fact rather than passionate.

"I said no, I can't do this anymore." Zira said painfully.

"we are so close Zira Nuka's loss hurts but it's not the first sacrifice we have endured." Scar said his voice completely calculating but laced with sympathy and determination, but it only made Zira feel angry.

"He was my son, she is my daughter, and the hyenas were my friends! I can't sacrifice anymore because I don't have anything to and you would ask me to endure!" she roared at him never before had she unleashed this anger before him and never before had she noticed it.

"we are too close Zira you can't give up, now fight on!" Scar commanded her.

Fight on she had killed her closest friends for him despite the fact that they didn't even directly do it, she had murdered an innocent cub for him, and emotionally broke her daughter in the process she had turned her children into suicide bombers and lost her eldest son no she would follow him no more!

"No! you are not him, Scar may of never given up but he would never demand this of me, leave me you mockery!" She thundered, and in an instant Scar was gone.

Now she and she alone would lead this. She turned to her pride who stared at her in shock,

"I have led you astray, but now I am ready, ready to give you the home you so rightfully deserve, if the pride lands will not have us then so be it we will take them, and those who have wronged us will at long last face justice! I will demand nothing of you I will merely ask will you stand with me?" she asked, the pride roared in unison.

They would follow her and finally Zira would right her wrongs and the ones who led them here would at long be punished, both of them.

Kovu made his was to pride rock he was greeted with nothing but hatred and contempt, Kovu felt great sorrow over this, after all this time he thought he had finally found a home, guess he was wrong. Kovu saw all the animals gathered at pride rock and pushed past them, they all gazed at the scar on his face, and called him a monster, they could call him whatever they wanted so long as he saw Kiara again.

"Kiara please I need you to listen to me, queen Nala please let me speak" he pleaded.

Nala emerged on top of Pride rock and looked down at Kovu with disgust. "How could you dare show your face here?" she seethed.

Kovu looked up at her pleading, "I had no where else my own family has cast me out." He told her.

Nala claws embedded into the rock, "and you think we would have you I should have you disemboweled!" Nala spat at him.

"please it wasn't me I killed my own brother to save him!" Kovu cried out.

Kiara showed up on pride rock "mother please let him speak." She begged her.

"tell it to my mate, he's barely moving." Nala said venomously.

"Nala I'll handle this." Simba said in a painful groan.

"Simba you shouldn't be up." She told him, "

I have to do this." He told her, Nala merely nodded and allowed him forward and soon he was staring down at Kovu.

Kovu stared up at his closest friend knowing that wasn't the case anymore.

"why have you come here?!" Simba commanded.

"Simba please I had nothing to do with that ambush, you're my friend!" Kopa cried out to him.

"you betrayed me, used my family to get to me and worst was I trusted you!" Simba thundered.

"Simba please my family has turned away from me." Kovu pleaded.

"you don't belong here!" Simba stated.

Kovu kneeled down humbled, "please I beg your forgiveness this is all I have left." Kovu begged.

Kiara pulled her way out of the den, "father please listen to him." She said.

"silence!" Simba snapped.

"when you came here you asked for judgment and I pass it now!" he continued.

"no please" was all Kovu could whisper.

"exile!" Simba roared.

"no!" Kiara cried out.

Kovu looked up at Simba the animals began closing on him threateningly,

"leave now or face the penalty!" Simba demanded.

Kovu looked up and saw Kiara he had to see her one more time, "I will leave but let me see her one more time." Kovu requested.

"remove him!" Simba commanded.

The animals all began pushing Kovu back, he began thrashing against them batting them aside.

"don't touch me I'm going to see her one more time and I'll go through whoever is in my way!" Kovu shouted, while throwing a antelope aside.

"you owe me this!" Kovu commanded, while throwing a monkey in the lake.

"I owe you nothing you are one of them!" Simba roared down to him.

Kovu's anger peaked he plowed through the animals like plastic and shouted up to Simba.

"you want to be the king your father was yet you've learned nothing!" he roared.

Simba was visibly startled by Kovu's words, "all you've done is make the same mistakes again and again!"

Simba could only look down in shock at Kovu, "you made it with Scar, when you exiled my family, now you're making it with me, you will never be the king your father was because you have learned nothing!" Kovu's words echoed all over the kingdom, and the whole pride stood in silence,

Simba felt Kovu's words cut deep into him, he was right, and if he denied him this, he would just making the same mistake again.

"Let him up" Simba demanded but his voice was visibly shaken.

Kovu made his way up Pride rock past the entire pride until he was in front of Kiara.

"Kovu don't go." She said tears already pouring from her eyes.

"I have to Kiara please understand" he replied he too was crying.

"what will you do?" she sobbed.

"I don't know, but one thing I do know is I will think and dream about you for as long as I live." He told her his heart breaking.

without hesitation he kissed her for the final time, she returned it as they held one another knowing it would be the last time they broke the kiss and Kovu turned away.

"I love you Kiara and I always will." Kovu said, his voice finally cracking.

"I love you too Kovu." Kiara said in tears.

Kovu turned and departed he turned to Simba, "that's your problem you know that, you're not your father and he wouldn't want you to be him." Kovu told his friend before running down pride rock and heading for the boarders and the unknown beyond.

Kovu couldn't fight the tears anymore he let him fall wherever he went, his home was gone, his family was gone, his mate, the love of his life, the life he dreamed of was over, despite being dead Nuka had won, he had lost everything.

Simba pondered Kovu's final words to him and they echoed again and again, had he just made another mistake was that all he would ever do?

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 11:

Love will find a way

Kiara stood on pride rock in sadness Kovu had just been exiled by her father and she would likely never see him again did her father not realize how much this is hurting her.

"father please reconsider." She tried to reason.

Simba said nothing still shocked by what he heard, "I can't." he finally said.

"why? Look even you doubt your decision." Kiara said defiantly.

Simba looked Kiara in the eye, "maybe but I just exiled someone I thought was a friend." He said glaring.

"he is your friend, and he loves me!" Kiara declared.

"he is following in Scars paw prints and I must follow in my fathers." Simba said solemnly.

"you will never be Mufasa!" Kiara shouted.

Simba turned to his daughter in shock who ran off, she said the same thing Kovu did was it true?

"Find your own path." A compassionate voice called out to him, it was his son.

"Kopa what do you mean why has my father turned away from me?"

"Look inside yourself" Kopa responded.

Simba was so confused what should he do, could he ever be the lion his father was, should he even be.

Kiara was moving under the den when she caught a glimpse the opening she used to escape as a cub it was sealed off but she wasn't a weak cub anymore, she clawed at it with everything she had tearing away at it slamming rocks into it, she saw it begin to crack, she continued pounding away at it until a piece broke off Kiara used her claws to forcibly widen the hole breaking a few of them in the process, she held in her cries of pain and began to squeeze out she didn't want to leave her family but she remembered what Kopa told her to always follow her heart and her heart was telling her to find Kovu not just for herself but for something else she didn't know what it was but knew it was important, she pushed her way out of the den and bolted off running past the borders.

"Kovu?" she called out to him.

He had to be here somewhere he wouldn't go much further then this for survival reasons, She wandered all around hoping to find him but there was no sign he couldn't be gone Kiara wouldn't accept that, she gazed up at the stars remembering watching them with Kovu when they were cubs they had endured so much, she looked down to see her reflection in a pond one half of her was obscure she wasn't whole and she knew what was missing. She heard a sound coming from a bush she turned to it hopeful only for a small meerkat to emerge, Kiara's face saddened and she turned away she wouldn't give up after all her and Kovu went through Kiara knew in her heart they were meant to be.

Kovu was seriously contemplating drowning himself in the nearest river when he caught a scent, it was Kiara's impossible she wouldn't follow him out here. Kovu had to find it he followed where it was coming from a beautiful meadow near a lake, and he saw her, she had followed him here, she had given up everything just to find him, Kovu felt an overwhelming joy take him, he thought he had lost her and here she was. Kovu ran towards Kiara and called out her name, Kiara looked at him and began running towards him as well, they ran into each others embrace nuzzling each other, Kiara licked Kovu on the cheek which he returned, the two of them laid together underneath the stars, Kovu wrapped his paws around her, holding her in his arms, she turned to him and placed a paw on his cheek, she smiled warmly at him and Kovu her. The two of them embraced before kissing each other passionately, their pain melted away, their heart rates accelerated, and in an instant they were whole.

Vitani was marching toward pride rock with Zira and the rest of the pride despite this Vitani felt completely alone, everything that mattered to her was gone she seriously didn't want to live anymore. She briefly glanced at Zira and remembered everything they would do together before her father's death how she would spend the whole night with her when she thought there was a monster in the cave or when she took her out to see the stars, she never missed a sunrise, and in that moment Vitani remembered that she loved her once, she felt the wind brushing against her and she could almost hear Kopa urging her to let go of her anger.

"she's done too much Kopa." She told him.

"close your eyes." She heard him say.

Vitani sat down and closed her eyes as he asked "I'm here to see you." Kopa told her sweetly.

Vitani couldn't believe it he was here, "Kopa." She said in tears.

"keep your focus," he told her.

"I want to see you." Vitani begged.

"we do not see each other with our eyes." Kopa said while reaching his paw to Vitani's cheek.

Vitani could feel it all of it, she reached out and placed her arms around him.

"Our hearts are tied, linking us more than any physical bound could." Kopa said while feeling his own heart pound rapidly despite being deceased.

Vitani and Kopa embraced each other they gazed at each other and saw the one they loved exactly as they had been before fate tore them apart and then though it could not be seen their muzzles met in a passionate and romantic kiss. This was impossible yet it was happening Vitani could feel it all, his touch, his voice, his kiss, and she could even see his eyes. They broke apart and Vitani felt her pain return.

"thank you Kopa but it can't change anything I can't live with this, I've done things and I'm going to do even more" Vitani said regretfully.

"you don't have to there's a better path." Kopa urged her.

"no there isn't, I know you want to believe that but there isn't and I can't be the cub you knew anymore." She told him. "that cub is the one I fell in love with." Kopa responded.

"be realistic how long will you wait for me?" she asked.

"forever." Kopa said without doubt.

"I love you but I won't keep you waiting for someone I can't be until I'm dead forget about me Kopa." She said while opening her eyes.

she heard one final sound of his voice "I'll never leave you no matter what."

Vitani cried over her decision but it was the right one neither one of them would face false hope anymore and now that Vitani had severed her last ties she could be the soulless killer she needs to be, then once she had rotted away and her purpose in life fulfilled she would welcome eternity with him, and she really hoped it would be soon.

Vitani's words had hurt Kopa but he still maintained his beliefs, he looked down on her as well as Kovu and Kiara, he smiled at the two of them Mufasa had been right all along, things were getting worse but there was still a light within, Kovu and Kiara were that light. With war brewing the great kings were beginning to lose faith, but Kopa would not because he knew even in the darkest of days love will always find a way.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 12:
The only option left

Kovu and Kiara were sitting by a pond nuzzling each other when Kovu looked down to see that their reflections in the water had melded together.

"Look we are one now." He said.

Realization dawned on Kiara's face, it all made sense to her now what her father had said and what Kopa's words meant, his dream.

"That's it I understand now." She said in barely a whisper.

"what?" Kovu asked, "that's it Kovu I know how we can end this, we have to go back." Kiara said with certainty.

Kovu turned away, "I can't go back" he said.

"of course you can we can't keep running or the fighting will never end." Kiara stated

"if I step foot in the pride lands they will kill me, Kiara." Kovu tried to reason.

"you can prove you truly belong there." Kiara responded.

"I can't", Kovu said solemnly.

"why!" Kiara demanded.

Kovu looked her in the eyes, "I can't watch my family die." He said with sorrow.

Kiara placed her paw on his cheek, "I understand but I can't stand by and do nothing." She said with strength before turning away.

"Kiara" Kovu called out.

Kiara looked back at him with love and compassion, "wait for me." She said softly before departing and heading back toward the pride lands.

"Kiara" Kovu said almost sobbing, why couldn't he go with her, he knew where he stood, he had already decided, so why was he still so conflicted.

Simba was making his way toward Rafiki's tree with Nala and Sarabi behind him.

"Simba if you need this kind of assurance regarding your choice, then it's clear you made the wrong one." Sarabi told him.

"he tried to kill him how could that warranted anything but exile?" Nala retaliated.

"The last time you exiled someone in anger is the whole reason this happened." Sarabi stated.

Simba froze, "I know but there's something wrong going on and I need to know what it is." Simba said while arriving at the tree.

Rafiki caught sight of him and came swinging down, "Simba what brings you here?" he asked.

"There's something wrong going on, the past few weeks I've felt like my father has given up on me." Simba explained

"what that's absurd Mufasa would never give up you." Rafiki said.

"I need to know, you need to contact him." Simba stated and it wasn't a request.

Rafiki didn't like this the truth was that there was something going on Mufasa had tried to contact Simba but something was interfering and Rafiki didn't think forcing it was a good idea, despite this he merely nodded to Simba and began putting the components for the summoning together dropping them all in he shook it and recited a brief chant before blowing into it and placed it near Simba filling it with water so Simba's reflection was shown.

"I warn you Mufasa has been struggling to contact you but something's been blocking him this might not work." Rafiki told him.

"what something is blocking my father" Simba said with shock.

"but how what is it?" Sarabi asked.

"I don't know but it seems familiar look deeply into your reflection see within." Rafiki told Simba.

Simba stared deep at his own reflection and rippled the water seeing his father within.

"Simba my son." He heard the voice mighty and powerful like thunder, it had worked.

"Father" was all he could say.

"Simba I have been trying to reach you for some time." Mufasa said a bit of concern in his voice.

"I know, it's good to see you again father." Simba said softly.

"Yes, but I'm afraid you have become lost." Mufasa stated.

"I am I don't know what to do did I make the right choice?" Simba asked his voice shaking.

"You have made a mistake and not for the first time my son." Mufasa answered.

Simba felt his doubt growing, "Than Kovu was right I have made the same mistake again and again I haven't learned anything." Simba said with shame.

"You have learned but your anger has consumed you just as it has Zira, you are the same." Mufasa responded.

"How could you say that!" Simba cried, but he knew the truth Kopa had told him the same thing.

Mufasa looked to him with regret, "because you have allowed your family to break apart and in doing so you have broken the circle of life." Mufasa explained.

"How can I make it right?" Simba asked.

"You cannot turn to me every time you are uncertain you have to discover the truth for yourself." Mufasa told him.

"How!" Simba asked in desperation.

Mufasa chuckled at his response, "still uncertain, you'll never be ready." Mufasa stated.

"What but father." Simba said hurt and confused.

Worry appeared on Mufasa's face, "Simba I didn't say that!" Mufasa tried to warn him but he felt himself being blocked again. "

After all your promises of guiding him and you fail." A cold, calculating, sarcastic and mocking voice said, Mufasa knew it, all this time it was him.

Simba called out to his father he had abandoned him again, "father please don't abandon me!" Simba cried out.

His father's voice returned "what do you do perhaps invite Zira over and tell her you're sorry, I'm sure she'll forgive you." Mufasa said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

It hit Simba his father had never shown even a hint of sarcasm but he knew someone who did.

"I never would've imagined I'd ever cross you again, but this is too far I know it's you Scar!" Simba roared.

Sarabi and Nala turned in shock, "what did he just say Scar?!" Nala asked panicked.

"That, that's impossible!" Sarabi cried.

A mocking chuckle surrounded them all, and the true voice emerged the same voice that haunted Simba's nightmares.

"Bravo, bravo, the wise king has seen through my ruse." Scar said not even hiding his sarcasm.

"How are you here." Simba demanded.

"Oh you poor boy so blind, I may be dead but that doesn't mean I surrendered myself to the kings." Scar said smirking.

"Using Mufasa to attack Simba you have no shame." Sarabi spat at him.

"It seems you took it personally as well, exploiting my brother's family while he can do nothing, few things are more satisfying." Scar stated cruelly.

Simba roared and swiped his paw at him but hit nothing.

"You can't hurt me Simba." Scar told him grinning.

"what do you want?!" Simba commanded.

"Why to help my favorite nephew." Scar answered, his voice sounded almost completely sincere, it made it all the worse.

"I'm not cub anymore Scar!" Simba thundered.

"Oh of course not but you still don't know how to solve this dilemma" Scar told him while walking circles around him.

"I know the best chance to preventing this war and saving countless lives" Scar continued.

Simba's anger softened and his uncertainty return.

"but if you don't want it I shall be on my way, enjoy the bloodbath." Scar stated while beginning to fade, no Simba couldn't let him leave, he, he needed him,

"No Scar wait!" Simba called out to him.

Scar smiled to himself "please how can I save my kingdom?" Simba asked in desperation.

Scar's smile grew and he turned to Simba letting him see his grin letting him know that he had controlled him once more.

Simba saw it and relented dropping to his knees, "please Scar" he pleaded.

Scar approached him grinning cruelly he then leaned and down looked him in the face, "call me uncle." He said.

Simba swallowed his pride, "please uncle" Simba begged.

Scar smiled in satisfaction "of course Simba" he told him faking sympathy.

Nala and Sarabi looked like they were ready to dismember him which they would've if they could.

"there's only one way to prevent a war, Zira believes you have wronged her and lets be honest you have, she demands justice give it to her." Scar told him.

Nala was outraged, "you can't expect Simba just hand himself over like a lamb to the slaughter!"

Scar ignored her comment, "your blood is all she will accept but your people may be spared." He stated.

"no if Zira wants anyone's blood she can have mine, I have wronged her more than anyone!" Sarabi shouted.

"you can try but I don't think she'll see it that way, I mean who knows her better than me?" Scar responded.

Simba was torn this might be the only path to peace but what if it didn't work, "is this a certainty." He asked.

"Simba no, you can't possibly be considering this!" Nala cried out.

"no it's not." Scar answered.

"then why should I even consider it?" Simba asked.

Scar looked at him and a grin appeared on his face, "because it's the only option you have left, what will it be you or your pride, decide king." Scar said the last words with a hiss, before allowing his spirit to fade.

Rafiki was not surprised to see it was Scar blocking Mufasa who else could've it been. Simba turned to him,

"He's not wrong this is my fault." He said

"Yes it is." Rafiki told him.

"Then I have to do what's best for the kingdom I'm going to give myself up to her." Simba concluded.

"No Simba you can't!" Nala cried.

"We can find another way, Rafiki say something!" Sarabi said desperately.

Rafiki nodded regretfully "he must make this choice on his own." He said.

Simba turned to Nala and placed his paw under her chin, "I'm doing this to protect you, because I love you." He told her.

“I know, Huzuni loved me too and so did Kopa, I don’t want you to be someone who loves me” Nala said trying to fight back her tears.

“Because in the end they die!” Nala screamed tears falling from her eyes.

Simba felt his own tears, he did not like hearing Nala sound so broken, to see her so sad, it brought him great pain. It always did even when they were young, seeing her in pain and in danger always stirred strong emotions in him. The thought of Shenzi hurting her filled him with rage and the thought of losing her terrified him. He remembered being told they would be married his reaction, his denying of it, yet his words were false they were always false, how many times did he think of her dream of her in that jungle.

“I was so wrong, I was in denial, I always felt something for her, something deep” Simba thought to himself.

“How could I not, I lived without you once and I learned something. I was wrong. I was wrong about I what I felt.” Simba told Nala.

“Huzuni was right, I couldn’t live without you” Simba continued.

“But you did, all those years and you were fine” Nala tried to reason.

“No, I wasn’t everyday I missed you, not a day went by I didn’t think about you. Every time I fell asleep I would dream about you. Deep down I needed you in my life” Simba said softly.

Nala continued to look at Simba confused was he suggesting what she thought he was, that was ridiculous he said it himself as a cub.

“I was wrong, I said couldn’t marry you so long ago, yet in that jungle you were all I wanted, all I needed.” Simba told her.

“Simba are you trying to suggest” Nala began to say before Simba cut her off.

“I’m suggesting nothing, I always loved you, I always wanted to be with you even when I thought otherwise, I love you Nala, I always have and I always will” Simba told her while gazing into her eyes.

Nala felt tears filling her eyes, "I love you too Simba, please don't make me lose you." Nala begged while nuzzling him, Simba returned it before licking her cheek, which Nala returned.

"Simba please don't I already lost everything once and saw where it led me don't send me back." Sarabi pleaded.

Simba hugged his mother, "you are better than that I believe in you." He told her before turning away.

He caught Nala's gaze "stay here I'm going to end this." He told her.

Nala couldn't turn away from his gaze, nor could he her. They thought back to all they had been through running and playing through the pride lands, protecting her from the hyenas, being pinned by her every time and how each one deep down made him feel warm, pleasant and blissful, meeting her in the oasis, pinning her for the first and only time, Kopa's birth, Kiara's, every nuzzle, every lick, every kiss, he remembered it all and wished there was more time, this would be all they had, he and Nala ran to each other and embraced each other in their arms before their muzzles met in the most passionate kiss of their lives, they gave everything they felt for each other in this one moment, and then it was gone, Simba gazed at her and took in her natural beauty one more time, then with a deep pain in his heart he left her. Simba was confronted by Rafiki outside the tree when Sarafina came running frantic.

"Simba Kiara's gone!" Sarafina cried.

"what where is she!? Simba asked.

"it's best she's not here the outlanders are in the pride lands, they are heading for pride rock it's war." Rafiki told him.

Simba knew what he had to do, "No, no one will die, send Timon and Pumba to find Kiara then gather the pride and prepare to meet Zira." Simba commanded.

He would let nobody else suffer for his mistakes it was time to atone for them.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 13:


Simba and Zira's pride's had gathered around outside of pride rock the rain pouring down heavily and soaking their fur, both prepared for the war that was about to come, neither would turn away on this day Zira would see to it that her family would finally return home. Simba would allow the suffering to go on no longer on this day he would end this cycle even at the cost of his life. The two of them stared intensely at each other.

"it's over Simba I have dreamed of nothing else for decades." Zira said the rain dripping down her face.

"It doesn't have to end this way Zira." Simba told her.

"What would you have me do return my family to the outlands where they will die?" Zira asked.

"No I ask that you take me, take my life and let my pride, my family live." Simba pleaded while stepping forward.

"Once I also begged you for that and what did you do?" Zira hissed.

Simba became desperate, "please Zira I'm sorry for what I've done to you please just kill me and put an end to this!" Simba begged her.

The truth was Zira wanted to take it but Simba was wrong it wouldn't end anything, Nala would fight on in his place, then another, there was no escaping this war.

"No I can't let it go and neither could either of our prides this is our fate Simba, war, it was the only end for us." Zira said her voice and tone truly regretful.

"attack." she commanded sorrowfully.

Her forces charged forward and as did Simba's pride they met head on in battle drawing claws and teeth, they slashed and bit into each other, all peace, and civility was gone, no mercy was shown, no quarter given, it had all been in vain, the war had begun.

The prides battled it out below Pride rock swiping there paws at each others face while others tackled each other to the ground others threw each other into the stone floor soon the battle was spilling onto pride rock and all around it. Vitani fought her way to the den, five lionesses in her path.

"move or die." She demanded.

They roared and attacked her Vitani readied herself for their assault but three more members of her own pride came souring from the side colliding into them they pulled each other down crashing onto the floor their claws tearing at each other and their teeth trying to sink into the others throat, Vitani met the remaining two herself dodging a slash from their claws, while catching the second mid charge using the momentum she flipped her over on her back while striking the other one between the eyes, she fell to the ground while flaying blind, Vitani knocked her on her back before stabbing her in the side, the second one was getting back up before she could fully rise Vitani kicked her legs out from underneath her, and stomped down on her neck she ended it with a swift twist, the one she stabbed was struggling to stand, before she could Vitani stabbed her in the chest and let her body slide off her claws, another murder that's all it was how many more would she have to commit.

Nala and Sarabi rushed to Pride rock they knew Simba had asked them to stay but seeing the chaos that had ensued they couldn't wait any longer, they saw that pride rock and the area surrounding it had become a battlefield. They had to get to Simba and fast.

Simba was smashing his way through multiple outlanders as he made his way toward Zira, more descended on him, he whirled around and grabbed one by the neck slamming it to the ground he grabbed another one from behind and smashed her into the rocks before back handing another away.

Nala and Sarabi saw Simba struggling against multiple lionesses, but something more terrifying caught Nala's attention Vitani was in the den near the cubs.

"Rescue Simba I have to secure the cubs!" Nala commanded.

Sarabi complied and ran toward Simba's position.

Nala ran into the den and confronted Vitani.

"Vitani don't hurt them, there only children." Nala implored her.

"I'm not going to I just need to secure them and this will be over I won't have to kill again!" Vitani responded.

"Vitani stand down." Nala said.

Vitani frowned, "fine you won't leave, then I'll make you." Vitani stated flatly.

before Nala could react she struck her in the cheek, before swiping at her jaw, Nala avoided the blow and sidestepped a slash, she grabbed Vitani's paw while forcing another down.

"where is this going to lead, do you really think this madness will bring anything!" Nala shouted to her.

"All I am trying to do is ensure our victory so no one else has to die!" Vitani retaliated.

Nala struggled to hold her in place Vitani pushed against her and kicked her leg out from underneath her sending Nala crashing down. Vitani leapt on top of her and placed her paw around her neck, Nala pushed herself upward and pushed Vitani off knocking her on her back and pinning her.

"Vitani please listen to reason, you were once like a daughter to me I thought we would be family don't make me hurt you!" Nala tried to reason.

"I don't want to hurt you either, but we are not family, family do not abandon each other!" Vitani roared while kicking her off of her.

Nala stared her down.

"I won't kill you, not you." Vitani told her.

Nala still refused to move, "If family does matter to you than go safe your husband." Vitani said.

Nala looked at Vitani with shock, sorrow appeared on Vitani's face.

"Please don't let another life be lost." Vitani pleaded.

Nala was stunned she looked to the cubs then to Simba's direction, "they won't be hurt, he will die." Vitani made clear.

Nala knew she was right and ran out of the den toward Simba, while Vitani approached the sleeping cubs, hopefully after all this they could live happy lives that would have to be enough for her, because she sure wasn't going to.

Simba threw the lionesses off of him when Zira leapt down and smashed her paw into his jaw knocking him on his back. Zira placed a paw on him pinning him down.

"let's see if this end's everything like you thought it would." She told him raising her claws.

"Sister please!" Sarabi called out to her.

Zira turned to her glaring how dare she believe she could call her that after manipulating her and using her own children against her, she had loved her and in return she betrayed her, no she did not use that term anymore.

"Don't call me that you lost that privilege long ago!" Zira roared.

"Than take me in his place, I have wronged you let me pay for it." Sarabi requested.

Zira heard Sarabi's plea and unfortunately could not go through with it, "no despite all you have to done to me, I can't kill you." Zira told her in sadness.

"so you would have my son's life instead!" Sarabi stated.

"you nearly killed my children remember?" Zira snarled.

"I do and nothing can make it right." Sarabi admitted.

"leave Sarabi I don't want you to see this." Zira warned her.

"If you attack him I will bear down on you with everything I have!" Sarabi threatened.

Zira ignored her and raised her claws only to find them intercepted not by Sarabi but Rafiki whose staff had stopped Zira's claws mid motion, he knocked her out of the way. He then allowed himself to channel the energy of the kings raising his staff in the air the sky crackled and for a moment one could almost see the form of the kings, before a bolt of lightning descended down towards his staff. The Outlanders stared in shock at what was happening before them. Rafiki let out a battle cry before spinning his staff at the outsiders which fired off crackling bolts of lightning in the outlanders direction, the tides now turning the pride landers now charged beginning to push the outlanders back. A roar shook the ground there stood Vitani,

"This is over our forces have secured the den and surrounded the cubs stand down or else." Vitani demanded.

Zira knew exactly what her daughter was threatening and only felt disgust not at her daughter but at herself for bringing her to this point, she and Simba had done this and it would only end with them, then Vitani could be the lioness she wanted to be it was all that mattered to her. Simba had to give up if he made Vitani do this Zira would make him wish he was dead.

"Stand down it's over" Simba commanded.

"fall back" he finished.

"No you did this you will die." Zira hissed.

"No the king will not die today!" Rafiki declared unleashing another bolt of lightning pushing Zira back.

The opening exposed Sarabi jumped on Zira tackling her to the ground, they crashed into the dirt rolling about, Zira grabbed Sarabi by the neck while Sarabi pushed down on her head, Zira removed one paw from her neck and smacked her in the jaw sending her toppling off of her, she threw another one for her temple, which Sarabi deflected and sent her paw upward into her jaw she threw another one which Zira caught Zira slashed her claws at her which Sarabi caught with her one remaining paw, the two of them began pushing and struggling against each other.

Rafiki fired off one bolt of lightning after another pushing the pride back, he turned to Simba, "get out of here!" he shouted.

Simba watched as Rafiki continued to fight unleashing an entire field of lightning surrounding the entire area.

"Fall back, fall back!" Simba commanded.

The pride landers began moving into the jungle disappearing into the night.

Sarabi and Zira struggled against one another twisting their arms and pushing each other, they began throwing blows at each other swinging for the others head some missing while others connected, Sarabi's paw struck Zira's left cheek, while Zira's struck Sarabi's right, the two of them then threw another hitting each other in the stomach before swiping at the jaw, they both knocked each other back, "go Sarabi now!" Rafiki called out to her. Sarabi stared at Zira who glared back with an angered roar Sarabi turned away and ran into the jungle.

Zira watched Sarabi leave it didn't matter she had no intention of killing her but Simba had escaped as well she turned her attention to Rafiki and approached him. Rafiki focused the lightning in Zira's direction trying to push her back. Zira fought against it and used her paw to push the lightning back, electricity surged through her, but pain was nothing new to her she pushed forward and soon she was mere inches from him, Rafiki pushed back with all his strength while Zira fought against it they both let out mighty warrior cries.

A clawed paw stabbed deep into Rafiki his eyes went wide and the lightning died down, Zira stared in shock and horror, behind Rafiki stood Vitani who had impaled him from behind. Rafiki stumbled and his staff fell from his hands onto the hard floor, Vitani looked on with disgust and with a swift motion ripped her claws out, she looked on in misery.

"I envy you, you will see him before I do." She said broken.

Rafiki collapsed to his knees and fell to the ground, his breathing ceased, he was among the stars now.

Zira approached Rafiki's body and picked up his staff she glanced at Vitani whose expression was completely dead, she threw the staff aside in disgust, this was not what she wanted, she wanted Vitani to be free, while she and she alone became little more than a murder, instead here Zira stood her hands clean, her soul still intact, and in her place was her daughter Vitani who was slowly rotting away from the inside, never at any point was Zira prepared for this consequence, this couldn't be the sacrifice that had to be made for their survival, please not this, not her Vitani.

Well I'm guessing that caught a lot of people off guard and not in a good way I bet. This is the biggest turning point yet, and now there is no one to guide them they must get through this for the first time alone. It also creates an intriguing situation who do you side with in this situation, if i did my job right you care about both characters so where do you stand do you hate one character for killing another, do you feel for the one who became a murderer, or is your sympathy towards both. How did this chapter make you feel, feel free to PM me your thoughts on this shocking turn of events.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 14:

Consequences of war

Kiara arrived in the pride lands and could hear the fighting coming from Pride rock she followed her way toward it, unfortunately by the time she arrived the battle was already over, she saw Zira ascending pride rock but her father was nowhere in sight, there was nothing Kiara could do at this moment so she retreated into the jungle, things had gotten worse but Kiara wasn't giving up yet.

Zira sat at the top of pride rock staring out at the kingdom it was so beautiful, everything they had fought for and finally they were here, it was too much Zira couldn't witness this beauty alone the rest of her family needed to they needed to see the full glory of their triumph.

"it's beautiful, Nuka can you see it?" she asked.

She waited for him to show but then remembered he wouldn't he was gone. Zira felt great sorrow at the thought he deserved to see this but Kovu and Vitani still could especially after all they had lost,

"Kovu, Vitani come here and see this all we have fought for and it wasn't in vain, come my son, my daughter see your home, your new life." Zira said happier than she had been in decades.

She waited for her two children to appear what was taking them then she remembered slashing Kovu across the face, exiling him from their pride, why had she done it? Why couldn't she remember any of this? Surely Vitani was still here, they would always love each other, they always had, Zira looked forward to witnessing this alongside her.

"Vitani look what we have achieved, I promised you we would, let us see it all together as mother as daughter." Zira said in joy.

Vitani didn't show either she smelled for her and found her scent she went to the furthest part of the den, why would she be here all alone.

"Vitani, dear" she called to her but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her, a dead gaze in her eyes which were sunken and heavy, she looked like she was on the verge of becoming a corpse.

"Get out I have nothing to say to you." Her voice was even worse than her physical form.

It came back to Zira now Vitani killing Rafiki, the dead look in her eye, no that hadn't happened, her finding out the truth about Kopa she was responsible for that right. What was wrong with her why couldn't she remember anything her mind was spinning thoughts flooding into her, Nuka's death, Kovu's disownment, Vitani disowning her, her turning her back on Scar, and Vitani killing Rafiki, likely dying inside in the process, no that couldn't of all happened and within the span of a day, she couldn't believe that she wouldn't, was that why she couldn't remember was her mind simply not letting her, they couldn't all be gone.

"Nuka!, Kovu!, Shenzi, Banzai!, Vitani!" with each name she said Zira's voice would break more and more when she finally reached Vitani her voice broke and came out in sobs and whispers.

"Please come back please, don't leave me." She whimpered.

An image began to appear in the shadows beside her no it couldn't be him.

"I warned you this would be the end result." Kopa told her regretfully.

Zira looked away in denial "no, I couldn't have lost them all not when I finally fulfilled my promise!" Zira cried.

"why do you care you won." Kopa told her.

"I haven't won I lost everything, my mate, my friends, my children, what do I have?!" Zira demanded in tears.

"Nothing, I'm sorry I wanted more for you I still do." Kopa said than his image distorted and faded.

Zira turned and all she could see were images of better times flashing around her, what was going on where was she.

"no just make it stop I can't see them anymore, they hurt too much!" Zira screamed while clenching her head she collapsed on the ground rolling around and began frantically clawing at herself but no matter how much she clawed, the visions kept flashing, trapped and without hope Zira screamed in agony and over time those screams turned into whimpers.

Simba and the rest of the pride had taken refuge in an abandoned cave all of them had their heads bowed low in respect and remembrance.

"Today we honor the memory of Rafiki, a true friend," Sarabi said.

She looked at the rest of the pride who were also crying, Sarabi suppressed a sniffle.

"I knew Rafiki most of my life he helped me through some of my toughest times I wouldn't be the lioness I was if not for him" Sarabi eyes filled with tears as she began to stutter and choke on the words.

"I'm sorry I can't," she barely got the words out.

Sarafina placed a paw on her shoulder, "it's alright I have you, let it out," she said, and so Sarabi did.

Sarafina turned to the pride, "we live in a world of violence anger and hate, but in those worlds there is always one who refuse to let it corrupt them, Rafiki was one of those beings, he was always there to help other wherever they may be, and no matter how lost one may seem, he never lost hope for them, he was kind and wise, his life may be over, but he is still among us alongside the greatest of the kings, to Rafiki." Sarafina said in soft, sad but still hopeful tone, she gave a final bow.

Simba heard the end of Sarafina's speech and could only feel shame, he was the one who was supposed to make the sacrifice instead yet another one had died for him, he turned to see Nala who still had tears in her eyes, she turned and pushed Simba to the ground burying her face in his mane.

"I thought I would never see you again and for that I forever be grateful to Rafiki." Nala sobbed.

"I failed again, Scar was right Nala, I'm not fit to be king" Simba said almost detached.

"That doesn't matter right now, things always get worse before they get better at least you're here." Nala told him.

Simba looked and reached for Nala's paw, "I can't believe I'm beside you right now." Simba told her while gazing longingly into her eyes.

"Simba" Sarabi said

"yes mother" Simba answered.

"The animals of the pride have detected Kiara in the kingdom." Sarabi told him

"She's alright I have to go find her" Sarabi gently pushed Simba back.

"No you need to stay here with your pride, Sarafina and I will find Kiara" Sarabi told him.

Simba nodded his head she was right, "I'm sorry I can't be the king my father was." Simba told her.

"No Simba that's your problem Kovu was right you are trying to be someone you are not nor should you be, you are not Mufasa you are Simba, and Simba is all you should ever be." Sarabi told him.

Simba listened to her words pondering them.

Sarabi smiled before turning away and heading off into the jungle. "Never forget that." She called back to him.

Simba lay beside Nala grasping her paw in his hand but he couldn't get his mothers words out of his head if he wasn't a king like Mufasa then what kind of king was he.

Kiara was having a difficult time evading Zira's forces who had taken control of the pride lands. The animals of the kingdom were already asking questions about where Simba went, though they weren't a full on rebellion yet.

"I don't care about how Simba ran things he's not in charge anymore so you'll do as your told." Kiara heard a lioness say.

She made her way towards where the conversation was taking place, she saw the animals an elephant, monkey, and giraffe all arguing with two lionesses one of which was Vitani.

"You'll follow orders or you will pay." The lioness declared.

The animals cowered in fear at the threat. Kiara felt anger at the way the kingdom and its citizen were being treated she wouldn't tolerate it this was still her kingdom.

"Don't bow to them you are not our slaves you have a place in the circle just as much we do." Kiara told them.

The elephant looked uncertain, "ignore her worry about me" The lioness growled.

Kiara stepped in front of the elephant, the monkey standing defiantly beside her.

"The princess is right we are not your slaves." He said.

"We rule pride rock, we rule the pride lands." The lioness stated her anger becoming clear.

"We have always followed the way of pride rock." The giraffe stated.

"It's true we stand by the rulers of pride rock." The elephant stated.

"Good then no harm will come to you and you will be treated fairly." The lioness said.

Vitani continued to watch detached, the monkey stepped in front of them, "well I won't I would never betray the true king Simba." He said proudly.

The lioness angrily grabbed the monkey around the throat and extracted her claws, "very well then you will be an example." She said.

Kiara charged forward and knocked her out of the way, "this is my kingdom, my home you won't defile it." Kiara said confident.

Vitani looked up at Kiara with interest the first sign of life she had shown during the entire message.

The lioness pulled herself up growling "you prepared to die." She said seething.

Kiara stood in front of the animals, "if you're going to kill me go ahead but I am prepared to fight for this." Kiara stated not blinking, she then turned to the animals.

"Are you, are you willing to live in fear or will you stand up for what you believe in what you stand for?" Kiara said her voice was firm unyielding and powerful.

Vitani was intrigued by Kiara's boldness she rose from the ground and gestured the lioness to stand down, "where did this strength come from Kiara." Vitani asked.

Kiara stared her in the face without hesitation. "I finally know who I truly am, and what I believe in." Kiara answered.

Vitani turned her head slightly before brushing her emotions off. "I wish I did." She finally said.

"Vitani you know Kopa wouldn't approve of this" Kiara told her.

Vitani's eyes filled with rage and she tackled Kiara to the ground pinning her with her paw pressed down on her neck, "Kopa is dead!" she screamed in her face.

Kiara could see the pain in Vitani's eyes, "what happened to you Vitani?" she asked while struggling to breathe.

"I lost everything." Vitani answered broken.

"He's still here Vitani think about how it made you feel, who it made you want you to be." Kiara said desperately.

"It was an illusion, I'm not worthy of him, he was pure and kind, gentle, his soul filled with light, true compassion, innocent." Vitani said her voice filled with pain and sorrow.

"I'm a killer, brutal and vicious, lacking any mercy, a life of only blood and death, it's all I am, I'm not worth it." Vitani said while pressing down on Kiara'a neck causing her to pass out.

The animals immediately went into an uproar.

"let the princess go,"

"she didn't attack you,"

"we will not bow down to savages" they all said.

Vitani ignored their words but saw a hint of a smile on Kiara's unconscious form, "clever, inspire them, take her" Vitani stated she turned to the animals with a message.

"You may think you're strong now but you will not feel strong when you see what it cost you, trust me I know." She warned them before leaving.

she felt Kopa's presence again and almost completely ignored him, "give up on me, I'm not worth it." She told him.

She turned her back and looked at her reflection remembering what she wanted to be and never would be "I'm not innocent" she finished in complete despair.

Sarabi and Sarafina arrived just in time to see Kiara being taken, "let her go" Sarafina demanded.

The lioness turned to them, "I've got orders." She said.

Sarabi stepped in, "we wish to see Zira, we wish to find a solution to our conflict." Sarabi said.

"you don't want to see her." The lioness replied

"You're probably right but it's necessary take us to her." Sarabi said.

The lioness complied she knew Zira and if Sarabi wanted to see her, then her orders would normally be to let her, her orders now would be quite different since Zira wasn't the lioness she used to be, in fact she was completely coming apart.

Sarabi and Sarafina arrived at pride rock and made there way to the center of the den where Zira was but this was not the Zira they were expecting. She was sprawled out all over the floor rolling frantically, everything in the area had claw marks all over it if it hadn't already been completely shredded and she appeared to be babbling to herself, what had happened to her?

"Zira" Sarafina called out.

Zira's ears perked up and she turned her head toward them, her eyes were sunken and swollen, her face visibly twitching, "Sarafina, Sarabi." She said slowly and uncertainly as if she wasn't sure they were there.

Sarafina stared at her in horror Zira had once been family to her and it ached to see her looking so awful.

"oh my god Zira what happened?!" Sarafina cried.

"I, I don't know." Zira responded. It only reduced Sarafina to even more tears.

"Zira we came to talk to you about Kiara." Sarabi told her.

"ah yes the daughter, she defied us now she will die in the gorge." Zira said in almost a mumble.

"no more blood has to be shed Zira we've all suffered enough." Sarafina tried to reason.

Zira began to slightly twitch, "no, no, no it's not over yet, it, it can't be over yet." Zira stuttered,

Sarafina cried even more tears she wasn't even recognizable anymore, "I can't, Sarabi I can't" she said.

Sarabi placed a paw on her shoulder, "it's alright it's my turn now." Sarabi told her.

"Zira this needs to end too much has been lost on both sides." She told her.

Zira began to ramble, "don't worry, don't worry at all, it's almost over, yes, we're almost done, the end will be soon." She said almost incoherently.

"When does it end?" Sarabi asked her

"when those who brought my family to ruination pay" Zira answered her voice sounding almost dazed.

"and then maybe they will go away." Zira said softly and way too calmly.

"what?" Sarabi asked.

"can you make them go away sister," Zira grabbed Sarabi pulling her in closer.

"make them leave, make them cease, please I can't endure it any longer!" Zira screamed.

Zira for a moment regained control and pushed Sarabi away from her, "get away from me and take Vitani with you, please leave!" she screamed.

Sarabi was kind of scared for most of the conversation Zira had been barely understandable now all of sudden she was screaming she really had lost it, and it was Sarabi's fault.

Zira was walking away from her the voices were back but this was a different cruel sadistic one her maker, as this was happening Sarabi approached her putting her paw on her shoulder concerned, all the while Zira heard the voice of the devil.

"I told you Zira blood and death is your life, it is all you have or ever will be." Kecila stated cruelly the same demonic smile that scarred Zira, on her face.

"No! you can't be here it's impossible just leave me, leave me, leave me!" she cried while slashing her claws vigorously resulting in her slashing Sarabi right on the neck.

Sarabi collapsed on the ground and Zira was left staring at her dumbfounded.

"What, what, how, how did this happen, what happened?" she asked in sadness and confusion she really didn't know how it happened.

Sarafina came in to see Sarabi on the floor barely moving, "Sarabi oh my god!" she said while running to her.

"what happened?" she asked frantically.

Sarabi choked "it was my doing, I did this to her." Sarabi answered.

"Sarabi hang on" Sarafina pleaded.

"It's alright, Sarafina Zira did not do this it was me the moment I betrayed her I drove her to this." Sarabi choked out.

"Sarabi please save your strength" Sarafina said in desperation.

"I admired you Sarafina I only wish I could've been like you, thank you, you were the greatest friend I could ever have. Please leave us and tell Simba be better than me." Sarabi told her friend.

"I will thank you Sarabi." Sarafina said before leaving she turned to Zira.

"she's your sister I leave her to you, my friend." she told her with those words Sarafina left.

Zira leaned down and held her sister in her arms, "this wasn't suppose to happen" she cried.

'I'm sorry Sarabi." she said in sadness.

Sarabi struggled to reach up and take her paw, "no I'm sorry, I never should've betrayed you, hurt your children like that please forgive me." Sarabi begged.

Zira looked down at her with tears in her eyes she wanted to but she knew that would be a lie, "I can't fully forgive you not for that, but you can't fully forgive me for what I did to Kopa." Zira responded.

"I don't need to Zira, you're my sister, even if you hate me." Sarabi choked out.

"I never hated you, even after all you did I never stopped loving you, my sister." Zira said while smiling down at her gently grasping her paw.

Sarabi returned the smile a sign of forgiveness and love between the sisters and in that instant in the cold den under the shining moon Sarabi, mother of Simba, mate of Mufasa, grandmother of Kopa and Kiara, and beloved sister of Zira passed away.

Simba was reeling from the news of his mothers demise it couldn't be, another had died for his mistakes, though Sarabi had made many of her own, it was still painful.

"I should've been there" Simba said fighting back tears.

"No I don't like it but Sarabi needed to face that herself and as much as it hurts we need to move past it for now." Sarafina told him.

"She was my mother and your best friend how can we just" Simba began to say in outrage before Sarafina interrupted him.

"We have to, I understand why Zira won't give up she doesn't just seek to kill you she also seeks to kill herself, but she can't bring herself to take her own life until she is certain you are dead this war is the only way to insure both of you die!" Sarafina shouted.

"why herself?" Simba asked.

"because she destroyed her family just as much as you did." Sarafina told him.

"first Kopa, then Rafiki, now my mother, this isn't going to end unless I confront her." Simba concluded.

"She's going to execute Kiara at the gorge." Sarafina told him.

Simba understood why, "the conflict ends in the one place defined by death." Simba said.

It was then that Nala arrived "I'm not letting you go alone we've lost too many friends." She said.

"This is my fight, but I also can't win it alone" he looked at the rest of the pride.

"You won't have to." Nala stated.

The rest of the pride roared in unison they were with him.

"There are many animals in the pride lands that will stand with us." Sarafina told him.

"This is all out war you know that." Simba told her.

"I won't be fighting it, this war could destroy the pride lands I'm going to use everything I have to evacuate as many as I can." Sarafina stated.

"yes just in case we all fall, Nala you could join her." Simba said.

"No I'll risk my life and I'll take others but I won't lose you I've lost enough people I love." Nala said with sorrow the memory of Rafiki, Sarabi and most important of all Huzuni flashing in her mind.

"I wish I could be Huzuni, but I am not the pure soul he was" Simba said with regret.

"You've done everything you could" Nala told him.

"No, I promised him that I would protect you, that I would build a better life and I haven't" Simba said with shame.

"I've made mistakes too but whatever lies ahead for us be it peace, slavery or death we will endure it together" Nala told him while gazing into his eyes Simba also gazed into hers, the two of them nuzzled each other, one way or another no matter what happened they would be together, forever as mates.

Simba prepared for the coming war staring out at the pride lands wondering if they would survive.

"Good idea taking the image in might not be there much longer." Timon said, standing beside him.

"Timon I don't think now's the time for jokes." Pumba said.

"I wasn't kidding." Timon replied.

"Timon's right all this could be ashes tomorrow, you guys don't have to fight the battle tomorrow you know that." Simba said.

"It's not wise to abandon the king." Pumba stated smiling at his friend.

"I'm serious I don't want you risking your life for me I already lost my son, Rafiki and my mother I don't know if I can take another one." Simba told them.

"friends stand by each other." Pumba said.

Simba smiled at him it was great to have such friends, "then gather whatever citizens stand with us." Simba asked.

"You got it pal, Timon you coming?" Pumba asked.

"Go ahead I'll catch up in a minute." Timon said, Pumba just shrugged and headed off.

"I'm sorry Simba I failed to Kiara failed to keep her safe." Timon said sorrowfully

"You did everything you could don't fight because you feel you have to make up to me" Simba responded.

"Simba I know you don't want me here" Timon said.

"I just don't want to lose anyone else" Simba replied.

"And I don't want to lose you, anymore than any father would want to lose his son." Timon stated his voice filled with more emotion than Simba had ever heard. Simba was stunned by his words.

"I know I could never take Mufasa's place, but I raised you from cubhood to where you are, I'm not your father to you, but to me, no matter what you'll always be my son." Timon told him before embracing and hugging him which Simba returned.

Simba couldn't believe what he just heard yet it was true he took him when he was alone fed him watched over him how many times did they walk across that log how many times did he stay with him comfort him everytime his nightmares haunted him. Simba felt tears in his eyes he knew he could never say it aloud but it was true he had two fathers.

"Thank you Timon for everything you don't know how much I needed you." Simba told him.

"I do now, you've made me proud, and I know Mufasa is proud too" Timon said before he smiled up at him, his little lion, "I'm going to help Pumba I'll see you tomorrow whether it be just another day or the last time." Timon than ran off to catch up to Pumba as he ran he felt the wind against him.

"Thank you" Mufasa told him. Timon could hear him he actually was thanking him, All this time Timon thought he was a terrible father to Simba yet no one else did maybe all this time he was the one who was wrong.

"No thank you" Timon said softly.

Simba was now alone when Nala approached him, she said nothing merely leaning close to him and nuzzling him Simba did the same, for now they would merely enjoy each others comfort then tomorrow they would face their futures together even if they ended that very instant.

Wow that was a long chapter, so much happened in it. I'm guessing you're still taking in everything that happened or not, what do I know right lol. This chapter saw quite a few plot points reach their conclusion, many that tie to Fall of Pride Lands in particular. Spoiler alert coming but what's your opinion on how Sarabi's arc ended and do you feel about Zira's complete mental meltdown, or Vitani's descent into despair? Finally anyone like my portrayal of Timon I knew I wanted to do something with him eventually just didn't know quite what, then it hit me he is Simba's second father. There was a lot of potential there, of course I'm certain others realized this too in fact I've read some stories which had similar portrayals of him. So I'll stop talking and get to posting the next chapter, seriously though what is your reaction to all the events that happened in this chapter?

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 15:

Final decision

Kovu sat alone in a field waiting for Kiara who hadn't come back yet. He knew she was in trouble he could almost feel it, why did she have to go back to the pride lands why didn't she just stay with him. Kovu of course knew the answer how could she abandoned her family the better question was why didn't he just go with her, sure he was afraid of the penalty but it didn't matter he was tempted to drown himself without her anyway.

"She's in trouble I can feel it, I have to help." Kovu told himself.

"But what would I do, attack my family, kill my mother and sister?" he asked himself.

he placed his paws on his head in confusion, "but what about Kiara?" he wondered.

he let out a growl of frustration, "I don't get it I made my choice, why am I still lost!" Kovu shouted.

He then looked down and saw the fruit that hung from his neck, the same fruit Rafiki gave him, he removed it and placed it in his paws, Rafiki said after he took it he would question no longer.

"Time to see what you meant" Kovu said to himself before taking a bite from it, it tasted awful like most fruit did, all of sudden Kovu found himself getting dizzy and his vision blurring he then collapsed and passed out.

Kovu opened his eyes to see himself in a void of light and darkness, there was nothing else surrounding him, what was this place?

"well done Kovu." He heard a voice speak to him he turned to see Rafiki glowing between both sides of the void.

"what's going on, where am I?" Kovu asked.

"The fruit I gave you is a spiritual remedy, through it you have manifested your own inner spirit." Rafiki told him.

Kovu still didn't fully understand, "you have journeyed within yourself Kovu and here you will find your true self." Rafiki finished before fading away.

"wait! What do you mean!" Kovu called out to him, but he was gone, Kovu would have to face this alone.

He turned to the two voids they represented two sides of him if what Rafiki said was true, well if so he wanted to be free of darkness, he turned toward the light and reached out to touch it, only for the light to blast him back sending him toppling over to the nonexistent yet somehow painful ground.

Kovu pulled himself up why had that happened, he walked over to the darkness and peered into it, he expected to see nothing but violence and death and it was there but that wasn't all. Kovu also saw Kiara, all the time he spent with her as well as his time with his family, this didn't seem to be evil but rather simply his life.

Kovu didn't understand why did the light reject him, why was the darkness simply his life.

"I don't get it this darkness is just the life I lived, while I can't even entered the light why!" Kovu yelled in confusion and frustration.

"My poor son, so closed minded you're so certain light is good." That voice he had only heard it a few times in his life.

"Scar?" Kovu asked while turning around and sure enough there he was standing in front of him.

"what are you doing here." Kovu asked.

Scar smirked and placed a paw on his shoulders, "I see your uncertainty Kovu and I'm here to show you the truth." Scar told him.

"what do you mean?" Kovu questioned him.

"I was lost once like you, when I was a different lion all I wanted was to save the hyenas from starvation, they did not deserve the life they had been condemned to but when I brought them into the pride lands the whole kingdom nearly died, it seems they were forbidden for a reason, we simply couldn't support them." Scar explained.

"but I don't understand what does that have to do with anything?" Kovu replied.

Scar's expression became cold, "it means that sometimes you have to forsake right and wrong and simply do what is the most effective and logical thing to do, the lioness hated and plotted against me, the most logical option was keep them in line and weak by starving them for a few days." Scar answered.

"But that's not right." Kovu said.

"If I didn't they may of killed me, is that right Kovu." Scar scoffed.

"No, but I don't know" Kovu responded.

"The logical thing for you to do is join your family they will forgive you, Simba will not, ergo why fight for him?" Scar asked.

"because we were friends he might," Kovu began to say.

"Simba has already proven he is unforgiving don't be naïve." Scar said coldly.

"but Kiara I love her, she's everything I want." Kovu said desperately.

"Dreams are meaningless, I achieved everything I dreamed of and came to despise it all, everything I wanted in the end I wanted nothing more than to see it burn, no matter what you want or love in the end it will only destroy you." Scar said bitterly.

Kovu was surprised he had no idea his adoptive father was this bitter, Simba was right he did give into the darkness.

"No there's no point in living life if you'll just allow yourself to be miserable." Kovu stated.

"I was miserable all because of my father, Mufasa, Simba and the pride!" Scar spat.

"No you have no one to blame for your pain but yourself, you could've trusted anyone, you could've left with mom, but you were too busy being sorry for yourself and then you blame everyone else rather than admit your own mistake!" Kovu roared at him.

Scar felt his rage grow he took that little whelp in and chose him to succeed him and this was how he repaid him, Scar grabbed him around the neck.

"I gave you a home, I chose you to carry on my legacy and protect our family, you swore you would, and that's a promise I intend to make you keep." Scar seethed.

"I won't I see now Kiara is right this conflict this war you started against your brother must end, we all must learn to live in peace, I see it clearly now with certainty my purpose, I will protect our family, I'll protect them from you." Kovu said for the first time in ages with certainty.

The void that was dark filled with light not enough to be blinding but just enough it to light the way and the two voids became one taking the appearance of a beautiful night under the stars it brought back fond memories that Kovu longed to experience again. Kovu could see everything in it clearly now the good and the bad, that's all the darkness was, not evil or cruelty or death but uncertainty.

Scar growled with rage, "why you ungrateful little!" he roared before backhanding Kovu to the ground.

He pushed his paw down on his neck before lifting him off the ground and hurdling him across the void, Kovu smashed into the invisible floor with a hard crunch he was certain if he was in his body something would be broken.

Kovu painfully climbed to his feet, Scar charged at him and plowed into him smashing him into what Kovu could only assume was the barrier.

"Get up and fight!" Scar spat.

"No I'm done fighting I'm not going to hurt anyone ever again." Kovu said defiantly.

"Than you're as weak as Mufasa was!" Scar screamed smashing his paw into Kovu's face brutally.

He raised it again when a force came from the light grabbing his paw and pulling it back, it took on the form of massive lion golden like Simba but even more powerful and confident, "that's enough brother" Mufasa commanded.

The mirror sight of his brother filled Scar with rage he had always controlled his life now he believed he could intervene with his family.

"No you don't have any authority over me!" Scar growled and swiftly backhanded Mufasa in the face Mufasa stumbled from the blow but stood his ground he turned to Kovu.

"You have done well Kovu the final truth you seek lies within there." Mufasa said while gesturing to the light Kovu walked toward it.

"No, he will not abandon us again!" Scar screamed while jumping toward Kovu claws extracted only to be caught by Mufasa and thrown aside while Kovu disappeared into the light.

Mufasa and Scar circled each other growling and staring daggers at each other. "No matter what I have you always take it from me." Scar seethed.

"I have taken nothing from you Kovu made his choice it's time to accept what you brought upon yourself." Mufasa stated.

"what I brought upon myself!" Scar roared, before leaping at Mufasa and tackling him to the ground while meanwhile the void had changed it was now clear and empty.

The two brothers grappled with each other biting and clawing at one another, Scar swiped his claws at his brothers eyes which Mufasa narrowly avoided before striking Scar under the right eye, Scar retaliated with swift stab from his claws, Mufasa caught his claws his legs sliding from the force, Scar growled in rage swinging his left arm and slamming the back of his paw into Mufasa's jaw, the force of the blow knocked Mufasa right off his feet and partially flipped his body before crashing down on the ground. Scar jumped for Mufasa his claws extracted, Mufasa rolled out of the way and kicked Scar right in the face sending him hurdling across the void, Scar angrily forced himself to his feet, the two brothers charged at each other they're paws wrapping around each others head and pulling each other with all their might, they struggled as they pushed each other back, Mufasa let out a mighty roar and pushed Scar on his back, swinging his paw for the top of his head, Scar slipped his tail underneath Mufasa and prepared to use the force to throw him off when Mufasa's other paw grabbed it, trapped Scar reached up and pushed his paws into Mufasa's face gouging at his eyes., Mufasa cried out in pain pushing Scar back from him, blinded Mufasa swung his paw frantically, Scar took this advantage and threw a kick at him striking him in the right cheek but Mufasa managed to deliver an uppercut to his jaw, both blows hit at the same time knocking the two brothers back, they tumbled and toppled before sliding to a stop.

Scar and Mufasa forced themselves up, and began circling again. Mufasa felt sadness at having to fight his brother once again that was not what he came for.

"Are we done Taka." Mufasa asked.

Scar let it out a snarl, "After everything you've done and are still doing, we won't be done until you lie broken and battered and your legacy in ashes!" Scar screamed in fury.

Mufasa did not understand, yes he hurt him in the past but that matter was dealt with harshly what had he done to him since?"

"What I've done to you brother" Mufasa said in disbelief.

"You killed my father, killed me, traumatized my son, broke my mate which eventually killed her, and indirectly caused the death of both my grandson, and my closest friend! What have I done to you!? You destroyed my life! why do you despise me so much!?" Mufasa thundered the words were true Mufasa wondered how he could still care about his brother after everything Scar had done to him.

Scar expression was one of fury, "How could not know." He seethed.

"How could you not know!" Scar roared before charging Mufasa swinging his claws as if they were bullets from a machine gun.

"It was because of you I lost Sarafina, you could've said no, I lost my chance at the throne, you stood back and let our mother die, you were adored loved, you ruled a paradise, I was hated and despised I ruled a barren wasteland, you watch with pride from the stars while your family shapes history, I watch my mate descend into insanity, my daughter die inside, my family slowly destroy themselves!" Scar shrieked, tears were streaming down his face, by the time he reached the end of his rant he was crying.

Mufasa stood in shock Taka had not cried since father disowned him, and it really hurt Mufasa to see it, but it also gave him hope.

Mufasa sidestepped, avoided and dodged all of Scars enraged attacks but now they weren't even close to hitting Scar was out of control simply swinging wildly and his body was beginning to shutdown, Mufasa finally caught his two paws in midair but Scar didn't attack again, he merely stared at Mufasa with desperation.

"Tell me why, why I have to watch this, all because Simba can't let go." Scar said his voice beginning to choke.

"You couldn't let go." Mufasa told him.

"Maybe but I wanted to save us all both hyena and lion." Scar said still on the verge of completely breaking down.

"I believe you, but you cannot deny you stopped caring about that somewhere down the road all that mattered was yourself." Mufasa said firmly.

"It would've been perfect why can't anyone see that if given the chance" Scar stated.

"You had a chance and wasted it on your own selfish desires, you could've been a great king but you chose not to be." Mufasa responded.

"How could've I managed that I couldn't turn the hyenas away" Scar said quietly empty, something in him was changing.

"You could've tried to control them but you showed no responsibility at all, the saddest thing is your rule could've been a golden age, you could've been a greater king than I or father could ever be!" Mufasa shouted his voice filled with sadness.

Scar turned to Mufasa in shock, "what? You and father never believed in me." Scar tried to reason.

"I always had faith in you even after you killed me I hoped you would succeed because the reward if you did would've been worth my death, but you wasted it, and more than ever before you let me down." Mufasa said sorrowfully.

Scar was conflicted, the void that had been clear darkened again and clear images transformed into an entirely new life, it wasn't Kovu's journey anymore. Scar could see all the images he glimpsed one where he was looking beyond Pride Rock his mother beside him.

"Mufasa, I?" Scar tried to say but he couldn't find the words he looked at the images in front of him moments he for the longest of time was certain of but now those choices and their reasons didn't seem so clear, maybe there was more he could've done. He looked at the image of him and his mother again in that moment he remembered a promise he made.

"I won't fail you Mufasa or you mom, dad."

He remembered when he said it yet it was a lie he remembered his promise to the hyenas that was a lie too, he failed all of them, the guilt reached him as something, someone fought their way out of darkness.

"Mufasa, you're right, I failed I did this." Scar said regretfully but in that moment he was no longer Scar, he was Taka once more.

"Now I don't know what to do." Taka said.

"admitting your mistakes is the first step, are you ready to finally stop running and come with me" Mufasa told him.

"I can't, I can't face father or mother, I turned away from them." Taka stated nervously.

"The only thing mother and father have longed for is for you to find your way back, and now as I always believed you have." Mufasa said while placing a paw on his brother's shoulder.

"I wanted to help you in that gorge all those decades ago, and I failed to, but I can help you now if you'll let me brother." Mufasa pleaded while reaching his paw out to him.

Taka looked at him with uncertainty but he saw the certainty on his brothers face, he knew who he was, Taka thought he had known but that had been a lie maybe Mufasa could help him discover who he truly is.

Taka reached out and accepted Mufasa's paw, and as he did so the Scar going down his eye began to fade, it was the first step to his journey, and the two brothers would continue down it until finally after all these decades, the pain, anger, sadness, and bitterness of Scar faded away.

So now we find ourselves getting ever closer to the end, as you can see things are really starting to wrap up. How do you feel about the conclusion of Scar's or more accurately Taka's arc, were you satisfied with how the story between the two brothers concluded, was the resolution of Kovu's inner struggle what his void represented and what do you think he will find in the light. One final question which void did you prefer the dark one in this story or the light one from Fall of the pride lands?
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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 16:


After entering the light Kovu found himself in a strange void surrounded by what he could guess were millions of images of an uncountable amount of living things some he recognized most he didn't.

Kovu gazed at them, one was of two cubs playing a game of pinned you, which the girl kept winning, wait a minute that was Simba and Nala, spaces away he saw them as full grown lions nuzzling each other, he saw another one it was Scar and Zira. One that really caught his eye took place in barren pride land, where Nala was passionately kissing a hyena which he returned tears streaming down his cheeks. Then Kovu saw what surprised him the most it was him and Kiara as cubs, making out under the moon, sure enough a more recent one with them wasn't far from it.

"I prefer my guest get the grand tour by me." A soft kind and unbelievably compassionate voice told him.

He turned to see a small lion cub with gold fur, a small tuft on his head, and green eyes, looking at him, he had never met him, but he knew of him, how could he not he was a legend.

"I don't believe this you're Kopa, the light of the pride lands, the cub who fell in love." Kovu said with shock.

Kopa gave a bit of an amused smile before letting out a small sigh.

"what I did wasn't anything special anyone is capable of it regardless of age as you and my sister proved." Kopa said while gesturing to the image of the young Kovu and Kiara.

"Why do you have all these do you watch them all?" Kovu asked.

"They pray to me, ask me to guide their hearts." Kopa said while looking at an image it was a young cub trying to find the strength to give a girl cub a sea shell he found.

"They don't actually need me no they can do this themselves." Kopa said.

He reached in and touched it sending a surge of light in and a small gust of wind hit the girl a bit cold snuggled up to him, smiling he presented it to her.

"Everything is already there all they need is small nudge." Kopa said as he watched the girl lick the cub on the cheek.

"I watch because their happiness makes me feel happy and I'll do what I can to help them get it," Kopa turned away satisfied.

He turned to the image containing Kovu and Kiara's first kiss, "but in the end you have to take the leap." Kopa stated while turning to Kovu.

"you mean they do right?" Kovu asked.

Kopa gestured him to follow him they entered the center of the void and every image was now one of Kovu and Kiara.

"No you do, do you why you're here?" Kopa asked him.

"I was hoping you would tell me?" Kovu said.

"Why would I know who chose to eat the fruit and why?" Kopa questioned.

"because I was lost but I know now what I believe there's no need to fight anymore and I'm going to do what I can to bring peace." Kovu stated.

"And how will you do that without fighting." Kopa asked though in truth it wasn't a question he already knew.

"You see I do believe in peace but I'm not a fool either, sometimes to achieve it you have to fight because there will always be those who won't give up." Kopa answered.

"you mean my mother you're right she needs to go down, she's a monster." Kovu replied with sadness.

"No she's not look at her now." Kopa told him.

Kovu looked at the image he saw Zira sorrowfully burying Sarabi, as she sealed the grave she looked up at Vitani with pain in her eyes, only for Vitani to turn away from her in disgust, Zira went back to sealing the grave, struggling not to cry.

"Is that the face of monster, to me it just looks like someone lost, so lost." Kopa stated.

Kovu looked at him with shock, "she killed you, she's the reason you'll never be with Vitani." Kovu stated.

"I made my choice, and I'm beside her everyday, love is so much more than you know it's beyond this world." Kopa told him compassionately.

Kovu looked at Zira she did seem so human, he also saw Kiara imprisoned.

"Kiara! No I should've gone with you." Kovu said regretfully.

"Now I ask again why are you here?" Kopa asked while gesturing toward the images.

"because I love her, but if I go back I'll have to fight my family, this war, I'm not sure love can overcome it." Kovu stated.

"Then you don't know love this whole thing started because Taka didn't want to lose the one he loved, it continued because Simba did, and than Zira, it's love, it can be the most beautiful thing in this world or the most destructive, but there will always be darkness and pain, but no matter how dark things get or what we become, in the end love always finds a way." Kopa explained.

"Yet we always follow hatred, even me if Zira hurts Kiara I will show her no mercy." Kovu said in rage.

"we've all done terrible things, but in the end we have to find the strength to forgive to let our hatred go or be destroyed by it." Kopa stated his voice was soft and wise.

"I'm prepared to fight but if I go back I might have to leave her for good later." Kovu said fearfully.

"you're afraid, understandably so but are telling me you will continue to fight what you know is in your heart" Kopa told him while approaching him.

He extracted a single claw from his paw, "it swells within you and all around you now look deep and feel it within your soul."

As Kopa finished those words he pressed his claw to Kovu's chest and flash of images were sent to his head, he felt it and he could see it, love in it's purest form, Taka and Sarafina laying on each other embracing in the elephant graveyard, Mufasa and Sarabi sitting alone near a pond Mufasa's paws wrapped around her waist, Zira and Scar nuzzling each other in pride rock, a hyena embracing Nala, Simba on top of Nala, Nala licking his cheek smiling warmly, Kopa and Vitani kissing passionately under the moon, and finally him and Kiara, her licking his cheek, their first kiss, the two of them kiss passionately in the night, watching the stars, and embracing one another, laying together her head on his chest smiling up at him. Kovu smiled warmly as the feeling overwhelmed him.

"it's beautiful." Kovu said in a blissful whisper.

"What's it worth?" Kopa asked.

"Everything I'm not losing Kiara and I'll risk everything to make her dream and your dream a reality." Kovu said powerfully.

"our dream, deep down it is what we all want." Kopa told him.

"I know who am, I know what I want." Kovu said with certainty.

"then go forth and claim it for us all." Kopa told him and with that the entire void faded.

Kovu opened his eyes confident, he would run no longer it was time to finally put an end to all this and finally allow the prides to find peace, and he would give everything to insure they did, with more resolve than he ever had Kovu took off running making his way back to the pride lands, where he would make his and the entire prides dream a reality.

Kopa watched him leave with pride, "you did well." Mufasa told him.

"I did nothing it was all him it always is." Kopa replied.

"soon this will all be made right, only one remains." Mufasa stated.

Kopa knew who "leave her to me." he said.

The time had come everyone had gathered on both sides there would be no turning back now it was do or die, on this day they would all find peace and at long last the cycle would end, or they would all die in blood, death and revenge, either way it would all end here.

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