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: Chapter 17:

War of the Pride Lands

Rain poured from the night sky while lightning crackled all around as if the heavens themselves were enraged, the falling rain soaked the pride lands, flowing all over the ground filling rivers, water built up around surrounding dam's most of it around the gorge, massive water puddles filled it the raging wind blowing caused many of them to spill, it would not be the only thing that was spilt in the gorge tonight.

Simba and Zira had gathered their prides on both sides of the gorge staring intently through the other both knew this is what their whole life had been leading them to. Simba stared intensely at Zira, this would be it, after two decades one of them would not survive, he had made the mistake once before when he allowed Zira to live he would not make it again, tonight in this gorge he would kill Zira or die trying. Zira glared daggers at Simba finally it would end so many times she had failed to kill him but this time he would not run he would face her and she would kill him, then she too would follow him shortly after, at long last the ones who destroyed her family would pay and her family would be avenged. Vitani saw several dozen pride landers she wondered if that would be enough, enough to at long last reunite her with the only one she loved, and end her days as a killer, she would find out and add more bodies to the pile no doubt, but this would be the last time she killed she swore it. All sides had made peace with themselves tonight it would end once and for all, one of the prides were not leaving that gorge, or maybe both of them.

The armies stood assembled on both sides waiting for the order to strike.

"So here we are Simba, this is where our paths have lead us only one survives." Zira said grinning.

She pulled Kiara and threw her to the ground, a lone lioness placed her claws to Kiara's throat, "if you run she dies." Zira stated.

"There are more important things at stake than me father, don't do this, I am prepared to die for this." Kiara told Simba.

"Last chance Zira, go home." Simba demanded.

Zira looked to her pride and then to Vitani, "we are home." She said with a mad glimmer in her eye.

"So be it then, no mercy" Simba told his pride.

"Kill them all" Zira ordered her voice almost raspy.

The two prides charged at each other roaring running across the entire gorge to close the distance between each other many didn't wait they leaped at each other and collided in mid air, others grabbed each other pulling each other to the ground, while others slammed into their opponents and speared them sending them to the ground, they grappled frantically on the ground biting into each others limbs and clawing at their bodies. The rest of the prides met head on the armies washing over each over in the middle of the gorge, claws were extracted as lionesses sliced at each others, smashing their paws in their opponents jaws, stabbing their claws into the enemies chest, pounding into each others skull, throwing and smashing their foes bodies into the hard stone walls and floors. They bashed each others heads into logs, and pushed the logs down toward the center trying to crush each other, they rolled around in mud puddles grappling and struggling for control, forcing their adversaries face into the puddle trying to drown them. In mere moments the gorge had turned into full on all out war zone, crippled, incapacitated, and dead bodies littered the ground all around them, tonight this conflict would end and the pride lands would be theirs even if they had to kill every single one of them.

Sarafina was gathering as many of the kingdom's inhabitants as she could and began escorting them to the borders, all she could hear now were lion roars and stone, wood, and bones breaking, the war had begun, which meant it wouldn't be long before it spilt into the rest of the pride lands.

"What in the world is going on down there?" an antelope asked.

Sarafina moved him and the others further, "ignore it if we don't move now we may not be able to later." She told them.

The animals moved forward getting across the borders, just as the antelope was crossing he saw a well built lion with dark fur and a black mane run past him, Sarafina recognized him, Kovu he came back.

Kiara watched as the two prides tried to kill each other, this wasn't how it was supposed to end and she wouldn't let it, taking advantage of all the chaos Kiara rolled away from the lioness guarding her, she rolled downward into the gorge right in the middle of the battlefield the lioness rushed toward her but quickly found herself pulled into a fight, Kiara pulled herself to her feet, just as she did so she saw two lionesses come crashing on the floor in front of her, the outlander bit into the others shoulder, who responded by clawing her back, they both let out roars of pain, the outlander than extracted her claws trying to force them to the others throat, she pushed her foot underneath the outlander and thrust upwards flipping her, she crashed into the hard stone wall, she painfully clawed her way to her feet but before she could attack she was impaled from behind by another pride lander, that same pride lander found herself thrown into a pile of logs which proceeded to collapse on top on her. The outlander was then taken down and had her head bashed into the floor, she responded by stabbing the pride lander in the ribs. It was total chaos death was everywhere, lionesses were killing each other left and right, Kiara had to stop this but first she had to find her parents and Vitani, she caught sight of Vitani and began carefully making her way to her avoiding whatever battles she came across and sadly ignoring the bodies that were already piling up.

Simba fought against five outlanders who were charging at him he readied himself for their strike when Nala intercepted them killing one instantly Knocking another one into the rocks before forcing a third one down. Simba grabbed one and threw her into the wall before backhanding a second one to the ground half a dozen were coming down on him they piled on top of him sending him crashing to the floor. He pushed up against them throwing them off him.

"Simba, you're mine!" Zira challenged, as she leaped down to him.

"very well let's settle this." Simba accepted.

Zira swiped her paw at his head which he deflected throwing a thrust for her upper eye which Zira parried away, Simba threw a massive strike for Zira's temple while she threw a uppercut to his jaw both blows connected sending both combatants falling backwards, they caught themselves and met in battle again.

Vitani was carving a path through the pride landers biting into one's neck while flipping another one on her back before stabbing a third in the spine she watched her drop to the ground lifelessly, they should consider themselves fortunate they were free now. Vitani turned to see Nala fighting her way toward her she was being pinned down by an outlander who she quickly threw off before slamming another one into a rock she glared at Vitani.

"Here for your precious daughter Nala." Vitani said lifelessly.

"Vitani." Nala said.

She prepared to attack when an outlander pulled her down all the while a pride lander came behind Vitani she quickly side stepped their attack and knocked their legs out grabbing her by the neck she tilted her head back and placed her claws at the pride lander's throat, without hesitation she sliced it open and threw the body aside how many more would she have to kill? Nala had kicked the outlander into a pile of logs and was facing Vitani again rage in her eyes.

"That's the last life you take I promise!" Nala vowed.

"then please keep that promise." Vitani replied empty.

Nala looked at Vitani with horror she had been so full of life before what had happened to her.

"I pity what you've become Vitani all I see in you is pain, and now I'm going to release you from it." Nala declared.

Vitani looked at her almost pleadingly, "I can only hope." She said broken.

Nala wanted to turn away from her but she couldn't Vitani was too far gone only death could free her now and worst of all it was the only thing Vitani wanted.

Sarafina was guiding another group of animals to the borders when she was confronted by a group of leopards, snakes, and crocodiles.

"you are not leaving the kingdom." The crocodile told her.

Sarafina stood in front of them, preparing for the attack when the whole ground shook, they all looked in confusion when out of nowhere came Timone and Pumba leading a herd of elephants and wildebeest.

"charrggge!" Timon shouted.

The herd came smashing through the trees, charging right at the leopards, the crocodiles moved in front of them pushing a bunch of logs at the elephants knocking them into the lake, taking advantage of this the crocodiles dived into the water and began biting at the elephants, one elephant grabbed a crocodile with his trunk and threw him smashing him right through a tree, while three other crocodiles dragged an elephant to the deep end of the lake dragging him underwater, another elephant smashed it's foot down on the crocodiles head, but dozens more began piling into the lake. Pumba led the wildebeest who were ramming the leopards with their horns while other leopards were piling up on other wildebeest using their teeth and claws to bring them down, one of them closed in on Sarafina when Pumba plowed into it knocking it into a rock, the snake meanwhile was wrapping itself around Timon, who frantically grabbed a rock and slammed it down on the snakes head, freeing himself.

"You got this Pumba, I'm going to the gorge to help Simba!" Timon said.

"good luck Timon." Pumba replied.

He watched as Timone jumped on a wildebeest and rode it to the gorge, Pumba saw the leopards and crocodiles were readying for another assault and more snakes had appeared on the trees.

"with me now, attaaack!" Pumba cried out while leading his forces into battle, Sarafina took advantage of this and began moving the refugees to safety.

Simba continued to struggle against Zira, he grabbed her around the neck and pushed her against a rock, Zira also grabbed Simba by the neck and pulled him closer to her, stabbing him in the side, Simba roared in pain and threw Zira to the ground Simba stumbled from the wound and struggled not to collapse Zira was already on her feet and heading at him again, when she was intercepted by Kovu who slammed into her and struck her in the cheek sending her toppling to the ground.

"Simba come on get up!" Kovu said to him while giving him his paw to help him to his feet.

"she's getting ready to strike again! Kovu shouted

"Kovu, you traitor get out of my way!" Zira commanded.

"you'll never hurt Simba or Kiara not while I'm here!" Kovu vowed.

"Then I'll just have to make it impossible for you stand!" Zira growled. Simba and Kovu stood their ground as Zira came charging right at them.

Kiara struggled her way through the gorge until she finally found Vitani battling against her mother, Vitani sliced her claws at Nala's neck while Nala threw a backhand at Vitani's chin, knocking her down, Nala came down right at her, only for Vitani to kick her right in the face sending her hurdling into a rock, Vitani prepared to move towards it only to find Kiara standing in her way.

"Vitani stop this is madness, look around whose going to benefit from this?" Kiara asked her.

Vitani ignored her question and knocked her right off her feet, Kiara hit the ground before rolling to the side to avoid Vitani's next attack, Vitani threw her paw at Kiara's upper eye striking it and knocking Kiara to the ground, Vitani then came down straight at her, Kiara caught her paws struggling to hold them back.

"Vitani listen to me please!" Kiara pleaded.

Rage filled Vitani's eyes, "listen to you, you turned Kovu against us, it's your fault my brothers dead!" Vitani spat while reaching her claws for Kiara's throat.

"so now you can join him!" Vitani screamed.

Kiara desperately struggled against Vitani claws she looked to see her mother back up but she was struggling against several lioness and wouldn't be able to help her all Kiara could do now is struggle to stay alive.

Kovu and Simba swung their paws at Zira who sidestepped them before swiping her paw into Kovu's cheek, Kovu stumbled before Zira kicked his legs out from underneath him, Simba jumped on Zira's back clawing at it, Zira grabbed his mane and threw him off of her, Simba caught himself and shot himself up tackling Zira to the ground he brought his paw down on her temple only for Zira to catch it and then flip Simba on his back, Kovu grabbed Zira from behind and threw her into a pile of logs, Zira then proceeded to kick the logs down at them, Kovu narrowly jumped over them while Simba rolled out of the way, Zira leapt from the wreckage at Kovu he swung his paw at her head which Zira grabbed with her own and embedded it in a rock she then leaned back and kicked him in the chest knocking the wind out of him, Simba plowed into Zira knocking her to the ground he then backhanded her in the face, before she fell Zira grabbed Simba's leg and pulled him down with her, the two struggled as they threw their paws at each other, suddenly Kovu came down at Zira she quickly rolled out of the way and kicked Simba into him causing both of them to topple over, the three of them clawed their way to their feet breathing hard, Zira extracted her claws and met them again.

Sarafina watched as another group managed to escape she could hear the battle going on below entire trees were falling over, it sounded like the second great hyena war. She watched more animals cross the border, they could handle themselves now, she ran back toward the jungle where Pumba was making his stand.

Pumba struggled against a leopard who had already sliced him on the side and bit into his back, the elephants were smashing crocodile bodies against rocks while others frantically tried not to dragged under the water, Pumba knocked the leopard back and turned to his troops the wildebeest slammed into the trees as hard they could sending them toppling down crushing numerous leopards as well as exposing the hiding snakes, Pumba stomped on one as hard as he could while wildebeest begun to simply trample them, the leopard came at Pumba slicing just above his nose Pumba reeled from the blow before hoisting the leopard and throwing it into the raging waters where the elephants and crocodiles struggled it was quickly trampled and dragged under the waves, Pumba felt a sharp sensation in his leg and began to feel dizzy his head was spinning, and his chest was burning he looked down to see the snake that had bit him, and swiftly crushed it, he began to stumble as the venom took hold, more leopards were about to attack him when part of a tree came tumbling down crashing into them, he looked up to see Sarafina before finally collapsing from the poison, he heard Sarafina cry out to him.

Kiara struggled to hold Vitani's claws back, but felt her strength fading.

"Vitani why are you doing this we can end this so you never have to kill again." She told her.

Vitani hesitated, "it doesn't matter it's too late I've done too much I can never go back." Vitani said regretfully.

"that's not true, please Vitani think of what you truly want, who you truly wanted to be, you can be innocent, please Vitani for Kopa!" Kiara pleaded.

Vitani heard Kiara's words and wanted desperately to believe them but she couldn't she felt the wind against her why wouldn't he just leave?

"you can feel him can't you, he's never going to leave he loves you and he'll wait eternity if he has to, all your doing is prolonging his pain" Kiara told her.

Vitani's expression began to soften, "don't hurt him anymore build the world he dreamt of and you're light will shine again." Kiara said desperately.

Vitani felt Kopa against her, "even after all this?" Vitani asked tears in her eyes.

she could almost see his smile, "Kopa." She said allowing the tears to fall from his eyes and stream down her cheeks.

Vitani let Kiara go, when Nala came from behind her, Vitani caught her paw and twisted it knocking her back.

"Get away from my daughter!" Nala roared.

"Nala wait I don't want to fight you." Vitani told her.

"you've killed so many just today, you don't have a choice!" Nala spat.

"mom wait this isn't the answer!" Kiara cried out to her.

"move Kiara!" Nala demanded.

"Nala you once told me that you thought of me as a possible daughter was it true?" Vitani asked her.

Nala's eyes went wide and she retracted her claws, "alright Vitani, Kiara let's stop this." Nala told her, the three of them ran into the middle of the battlefield to finally end the carnage.

Simba and Kovu dodged a vicious slice from Zira's claws before thrusting at her she sidestepped the blow and smacked Kovu in the face so hard it knocked his feet out from under him, Simba grabbed Zira and tried to bite into her neck but she caught his jaws and threw him to the ground, she stepped on his neck and prepared to drive her claws through his throat.

"Get away from my kid!" Timon shouted while riding a wildebeest he charged right at her only for Zira to slice it's legs causing it to fall Timone was sent flying off and hit the ground hard.

"Be gone little rat!" Zira told him while preparing to finish Simba.

Timon leaped into the air on Zira's ears and began pulling on them.

"I said don't touch my cub!" he shouted while biting her head.

Zira flailed around before grabbing Timon and stabbing him in the chest, Timon felt his body weakening.

"you are truly brave as any father should be I admire you." Zira told him before throwing his body to the ground.

"Timon!" Simba cried out in anguish.

Kovu had jumped on Zira pinning her to the ground, while Simba crawled to Timon and held him.

"hey kid," Timon said weakly

"This is my fault all of it." Simba said in tears.

"No this was my choice and mine alone." Timon told him.

"I'm going to kill her for this I'll make her" Simba seethed.

"No, we've seen where that leads, please Simba you've always wanted to be the king your father was but I know you can be even more than that, but you have to let your hatred go." Timon stated.

"Timon I can't." Simba said painfully.

"Please no matter what happens be the king and the lion I know you can be, lead us to a better li f e." Timon said before his eyes closed and his body slumped.

Simba cradled him in his arms sobbing, he then let out a roar of rage and charged back to the battlefield, not one more person would die for him not one! He was going to end this once and for all!

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 18:

The cycle must end

The armies of the pride landers and outlanders continued to clash in the gorge, slamming each other into the ground rocks and walls, they swiped their paws into each others jaws and faces knocking each other to the ground. The two forces leaped at each other with their claws only to be intercepted by Nala, Vitani and Kiara.

"Enough this battle is over stand down!" Nala ordered.

"cease your attack that's an order!" Vitani commanded.

The two forces looked at their commanders.

"we follow Zira." An outlander stated.

"Why what do you have to gain from this battle?" Kiara asked.

"besides it being Zira's orders why do you want to kill us, do you even know?" Kiara questioned them her words had clearly taken hold as the outlanders hesitated looking at Nala and the Pride landers uncertain.

Zira pushed Kovu against a wall and slammed her paw into his temple causing him to collapse and fall to the ground.

"Ziirraaa!" Simba roared while leaping right at her.

He tackled her to the ground only for Zira to push him off of her they scrambled to their feet growling at each other

"You won't take another life! Not now, not ever!" Simba thundered as he and Zira charged at each other preparing to meet each other in combat yet again only for two roars to catch their attention and a moment later Kiara and Vitani jumped right in front of them cutting them off from each other.

Zira and Simba stood in shocked silence as their children stood in their path.

"Kiara stand aside!" Simba commanded her.

"Vitani what are you doing get out of the way!" Zira ordered.

"no mother, this madness ends here." Vitani told her.

"Father please, a wise king once told me that we are one I didn't understand him before but now I do" Kiara told him.

"You don't understand Kiara they are not like us." Simba tried to reason, he had said similar words to his son once, it worked about as well as it did then.

"Look around you they are us, what difference do you see, aren't we all part of the great circle of life, part of each other?" Kiara told him.

The words mirrored what Kopa said and more importantly what he himself taught her and his son.

"I understand what Kopa meant now if we give into our hatred, then we will kill ourselves, Kopa was right it's time for us to leave the past behind and end this brutal cycle." Kiara stated.

Simba heard her words and all became clear to him it was his desire for revenge on Scar that led Zira to kill Kopa, and his desire to see her suffer that led to this war, he smiled at Kiara and embraced her.

"Your right Kiara revenge never solves anything it only destroys." Simba said finally understanding Kopa and his fathers dream.

"perhaps those words are true, but it doesn't change what we did Simba both of us." Zira told him.

"it doesn't matter mother it's in the past let it go." Vitani told her.

"very well then tell me you forgive me Simba, tell me you forgive me for killing your son, your friend, and your mother, and ask me to forgive you for allowing Scar to die, and condemning my family to death." Zira demanded.

Simba knew he should but she was right such a thing cannot be forgiven from either side.

"I should but I will not, I cannot, we have done too much to each other to let go." Simba responded.

"but it's our conflict and ours alone we never should've dragged our prides into it but now we have a chance to end this the way we always should've." Simba stated.

"your right Simba" Zira said before turning to her pride.

"I want you to know every thing I did was for your survival but I lost sight of that, if Simba will have you then join him and have the home you were promised that is my final command." Zira told them.

"If I should fall against Zira no one is to avenge my death!" Simba ordered.

"should I die you will accept it and move on we will not start another conflict." Zira commanded.

"leave us." She ordered.

Nala approached Simba and nuzzled him, "please come back to me." She said quietly.

Simba gazed at her before turning away, the prides departed to the top of the gorge leaving Simba and Zira the only ones still within it.

Simba and Zira circled each other the rain soaking their features, "no one will ever die for us again." Simba stated.

"Never again." Zira agreed.

And with those final words Zira and Simba charged at each other leaping and colliding in mid air. They pushed against one another batting at each other with their paws, Zira swung hers into Simba's left cheek, while swiped his and struck her above the eye, Zira retaliated by grabbing Simba by the back of the neck, and pulling him down sending him toppling to the ground, they grappled against one another biting and clawing, Zira sunk her claws into Simba's ribs while he grabbed her head and slammed it into the ground causing her to dislodge them, Zira spun forward and kicked Simba in the face, causing him to fall backward onto the ground Zira pounced on top of him and hammered at his skull bringing her paw down four times in a row on the forth one Simba grabbed and pulled her forward slamming his paw into her jaw knocking her into the air, Simba swung again into her right cheek before backhanding her and sending her crashing into a pile of logs. Zira pulled herself to her feet, and began pushing the logs down at Simba, Simba jumped over one while sidestepping another and catching a third he then pushed it right back at Zira. Zira dived out of the way and the log smashed into the pile. Simba swung his paw for her temple, which Zira parried away, and slashed him around the chest Simba roared stepping back before grabbing Zira and throwing her against the wall, her body bounced off the hard stone sending her to the ground, she caught herself and sliced at Simba vigorously, Simba stepped from side to side avoiding her strikes, which sliced apart the rocks behind them the next slash got Simba in his shoulder Zira then lodged her other one into his back, Simba roared in pain before grabbing Zira by the head he lifted her into the air and slammed into the wet floor.

Simba and Zira thrashed in the puddles swiping at each other they rolled about in it while pushing down on the other. Simba grabbed Zira by the throat and rolled her over on her back driving his paw into her face repeatedly Zira pushed up on him before using her leg to push him on his back she then jumped on top of him and extracted her claws plunging them at his throat Simba kicked her in the chin and rolled away from her while Zira crashed and bounced off the ground before sliding to a stop. The two of them forced themselves to their feet their fur soaked and wet their bodies exhausted both of them breathing hard. Zira came at Simba but she was so weak she could only manage a limp of a run she swung a haymaker at him, which Simba ducked under, he then backhanded her with his paw his before throwing another his body stumbling weakly from the ferocious battle. Zira stumbled back before striking him in the temple with all her might Simba began to stagger resulting in Zira spearing him to the ground she pressed her paw down on his throat cutting his air off she then extracted her claws preparing to end it, the lightning crackled in the sky and she caught sight of Kopa looking at her with sadness while on the opposite side Kecila smiled sadistically. Zira hesitated and put her paw on her face shaking her head, taking advantage of the moment Simba pushed up with everything he had pushing her on her back he then unleashed whatever energy he had left and brought his paw down on her skull again and again until Zira stopped struggling and her body went limp it was over she had been beaten.

Simba held Zira down and extracted his claws ready to end it once and for all.

"Do it finish this." He heard Zira say weakly.

Simba raised his claws and prepared to bring them down finishing her off when the words of a friend returned to him,

"be the king and the lion I know you can be, lead us to a better li f e" he heard Timon's final words, and knew now that it was pointless he had beaten her there was no need to continue.

He let go of Zira and got off of her turning away from her, "what are doing?" Zira asked gasping.

"it's over we've settle this." Simba told her.

"You're blind, you let me live last time and saw how it ended." Zira reasoned.

"It's a different time" Simba responded.

"You idiot this won't end as long both of us are alive, we can't let go, now end it!" Zira demanded.

"no, no one else dies." Simba stated.

Zira was trembling, Simba could set it all off again, they caused it and they needed to end the with the death the other or both, either way Zira couldn't be allowed to live she didn't trust herself and she didn't trust Simba if he would not end it she would.

Zira walked up to the pile of logs and kicked one of them sending it crashing into the dam puncturing it, she then prepared to kick another.

"Zira what are you doing?!" Simba cried

"ending this." Zira answered and she kicked the second log shattering the dam and sending water flooding into the gorge Simba tried to flee was washed away by the thousands of pounds of water, Zira meanwhile found herself slammed against a rock lying limply against it while Simba was swept away.

Kovu, Kiara and Vitani watched in horror as Simba was taken by the current.

"Father!" Kiara cried out.

"Simba!" Kovu shouted.

He moved his way down the gorge and toward the rushing water.

"Kovu what are you doing?!" Vitani called out to him.

"I'm not just going to stand here and watch him die!" Kovu stated before jumping into the water.

Kiara and Vitani watched as Kovu struggled his way through the waves they weren't going to sit back and do nothing either.

"Vitani this way I know a quicker way down!" Kiara said.

"go help Kovu!" Nala commanded.

"what about you mother?" Kiara asked.

"I have another idea, now go!" Nala responded.

Kiara and Vitani made their way down the gorge while Nala headed towards the broken dam. Simba was clinging desperately to a log which was slowly being torn apart he saw a massive rock nearby which could act as shelter, he struggled to pull himself toward it but the current was to strong.

"Simba!" Kovu called out to him.

"grab my paw!" he told him.

Simba reached out and grasped Kovu's paw. Kovu began trying to pull Simba to the rock but he wasn't nearly strong enough.

"Kovu!" he heard Vitani and Kiara call out to him.

they had used a bunch of broken trees to act as a bridge on the other side Nala was pushing more in to stabilize the bridge.

"grab on!" Nala told Kovu who grabbed the bridge and began pulling.

Kiara and Vitani grabbed Kovu's paw and moved Simba to the rock but the log he was hanging from snapped and the current tugged tighter Kovu could feel his grip slipping and the bridge was beginning to snap as well, without a stable solid object to rest Simba on they couldn't save him but they couldn't let him die either.

Zira could barely hear Nala's panicked cries she painfully opened her eyes to see Kovu desperately trying to hold on to Simba while Vitani and Kiara desperately held onto him.

"what are you doing get out of their." Zira moaned.

she watched them continue to struggle, why were they even trying.

"Simba and I must die so you all can live." She said in weak tone.

but they wouldn't let go and if they didn't they were going to die.

Zira saw Vitani's flower fall out of her ear hanging from the weakening bridge. She gazed deeply at Kovu and Vitani and she remembered, she remembered singing Kovu to sleep, holding him in her arms, bathing him while he complained, showing Vitani the stars for the first time, watching her pounce Nuka, singing her a lullaby, holding her close tears in both of their eyes, she remembered being a mother.

"I love you never forget that." She remembered the words, they were true then and they were true now, she would not let them die.

"Kovu, Vitani." She said weakly before diving into the waters forcing her way to them while the current tugged and pulled at her she would not succumb to it, she grabbed a massive log and pulled her way to Simba roaring all the way.

"Zira what are you doing?" Simba asked fearful.

"mom?" Kovu asked in confusion.

"Mom get out of here!" Vitani cried out to her.

Zira ignored them and pulled the log close the current was tugging even harder at her if she let that log go it would take her, she then pushed the log to Simba allowing him to grasp it she then leaned back and prepared to kick the log to the rock her eyes caught sight of Simba's.

"keep them safe, that's all I ask of you." She told him before swinging and kicking the log.

Kovu used the momentum to swing Simba to the rock, which Simba clung to and pulled himself up on.

Her claws dislodged from the log Zira found herself hit with the full force of the waves, she caught sight of a small flower in the water and grabbed it holding it tightly in her paws she then let the waves take her.

"Mom!" Vitani cried out, as she watched Zira be swept away by the current and sent plunging over the edge of the gorge.

A lone lioness plunged off the edge of the gorge crashing into the small river below a bunch of broken logs and trees piling on top of her. she was a warrior and a leader who would do anything to see her goals realized, she had endured a lifetime of pain and suffering but never gave up, she had been known for her anger, her rage, she had lived a life of blood and violence, but this did not define her. It was her love for her family that made her who she was, that love that would make her sacrifice anything, her wants and needs, her happiness, her soul, and in the end her own life. Her name was Zira and she was beyond anything else a mother.

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: Epilogue:

Into the light

Kovu and Vitani rushed to the bottom of the gorge and began digging through the logs frantically trying to find their mother,Kovu threw a massive log aside and managed to unearth Zira's broken form.

"Mother, mother!" Vitani cried out.

Kovu tried to lift the log off of her but it was too heavy.

"everything's going to alright mom!" Kovu said desperately.

Zira's body stirred and she reached her paw for his grasping it while looking up at Vitani, tears welling in her eyes Zira forced herself to smile.

"you're here." She said her voice incredibly weak.

"of course we are, now hold on we're going to out of their." Vitani said tears beginning to fill her eyes.

"no none of that matters" Zira forced herself to say, while taking Vitani's paw as well.

"this is all that matters." She told them both.

she looked to Kovu and saw the scar going down his eye, the scar she gave him.

"oh Kovu, I'm sorry I never should've hurt you like that." Zira said sorrowfully.

"everything's alright mom." Kovu told her, Zira turned to Vitani who was beginning to cry.

"oh don't cry Vitani" Zira told her while revealing she still held the flower.

"I'm sorry mother I never should've hurt you like that." Vitani sorrowfully told her.

Zira reached up and placed the flower on her ear again, "no I'm sorry for all I have done to you, please forgive me you both make me proud." Zira said struggling to stay conscious.

"it's alright now, Simba's going to let us stay in the pride lands." Kovu told Zira.

"did you hear him mother we did it." Vitani said tears streaming down her cheeks Zira felt herself smile.

"that's all that matters you're home." Zira told them.

"finally you're ho m e" Zira choked out before her eyes closed and her body slumped.

"mother, come on get up please." Vitani sobbed. "come on mother please, don't leave us!" Kovu cried.

but it was too at long last her suffering was at an end, Zira, the mate of Scar, the leader of the outlanders, sister of Sarabi, and mother of Nuka, Kovu and Vitani had passed on.

Simba watched as Kovu and Vitani mourned the loss of their mother and all he could feel was sadness, both for them and the loving mother lost.

"father please take mercy upon Zira she has suffered enough, let her be at peace." Simba prayed.

he then turned to her now orphaned children, "let us lay her to rest." He told them.

The two of them along with Simba moved the logs freeing her body they then took her to Rafiki's tree where she was laid to rest right beside Sarabi.

It was so dark, she couldn't see anything, she was lost so lost, what was this place she saw a void of darkness all around her maybe this darkness is what she deserved, she then saw a light shining toward her within she could make out the image of a cub, Kopa the very cub her daughter had fallen in love with and the same cub she killed. she turned away from him in shame.

"leave me this is what I deserve." Zira told him.

Kopa looked at her with pity, "I didn't want this for you, I wanted to save you Zira but you wouldn't let me." Kopa told her with sadness.

"I'm just a killer." Zira said with self loathing.

"and yet you died for the children you loved." Kopa told her.

"I couldn't help you before but I can now if you'll let me, my friend." Kopa softly told her while reaching his paw towards her.

Zira reached out and took it.

"you are not the only one lost Zira." Mufasa called out to her.

she looked up and saw him standing above her and beside him was Scar, no that wasn't Scar the look in his eye the passion, it was, no it couldn't but it was, it was Taka.

"you are not alone Zira, I'm with you now." Taka told her while grasping her paw.

"and whatever lies ahead I will face with you." Taka promised.

Zira tightened her grip around his paw, she then smiled up at him which he returned.

"we've all done so much Zira." Mufasa told her.

"all of us, but it's time for us to move beyond it and forge a new legacy, a new cycle." Mufasa finished.

Kopa grasped Zira's other paw while grabbing Mufasa's, Zira merely nodded in agreement with them.

Kopa smiled "good, we've all wallowed in darkness for so long I think it's finally time we all step into the light." Kopa said compassionately.

Zira felt herself ascending she felt scared but upon looking up at her friends she allowed herself to calm she felt the stars from above and within them she could see Sarabi waiting for her, Zira surrendered herself whatever awaited her beyond her friends would stand beside her through it all, with that Zira felt herself enter the stars and finally she was at peace.

Simba Kovu Vitani, and the outlanders all sat around Zira's recently formed grave in remembrance of the former queen and mother, Mufasa was right she and Simba were alike and in the end the best of both of them won, with that thought Simba gave a final respectful bow to Zira he finally understood.

"now what?" Vitani asked uncertain.

Simba smiled at her, "let's go home" Simba told her while turning to the outlanders who had gathered around Zira's grave.

"all of us" Simba finished mirroring the words Kopa said to them all long ago and finally at long last fulfilling his promise and dream.

The Pride Landers and the Outlanders had all gathered around Pride Rock both on and below it, above them Kovu and Kiara nuzzled each other besides them Simba stood watching them with happiness and pride, in the den Sarafina was caring for Pumba, who was beginning to recover from the snake venom. Down below Pride Rock a massive group was gathered by Rafiki's tree where the fallen had been laid to the rest they all bowed their heads in respect, Pumba stared at the tree and bowed in respect of his fallen friend Timon while letting a tear escape his eye, so many had fallen but they did not do so in vain it was over finally the cycle had been broken and now they all stood together as one pride.

Simba approached Kovu and Kiara and gestured them to follow him to the edge.

He turned to Kovu, "I was wrong Kovu, you do belong here." He told him compassionately.

Kovu smiled at the statement which Simba returned.

The three of them along with Nala were all overlooking the pride. Simba and Nala smiled and nodded at the two lovers signaling them to take their place in the great circle, Kovu and Kiara then let out a roar the rest of the pride roared in unison with them.

Vitani watched them all roar while smiling finally she was free she would never have to murder again, she felt the wind against her and embraced it she felt Kopa's presence and closed her eyes she could almost see him feeling his paw gently touch her cheek, she lifted her own paw to cup his cheek gently, he was right no matter what happened they would always be together, always be one.

Simba watched as Kiara and Kovu took the first step to their coming destinies, he turned to Nala who nuzzled him gently Simba returned it and looked to the sky where he heard his father calling out to him.

"well done my son, we are one," Mufasa said proudly.

Simba smiled at his fathers words, he had done it he had fulfilled the dream his father and Kopa longed for.

Kovu and Kiara motioned for Simba and Nala to join them, the two of them walked up to the edge of pride rock where the entire kingdom bowed in respect to the royal family the four of them all stood together as did the pride below them, they all stood together united with pride, then all of them Pride Lander and Outlander roared simultaneously, it was a mighty sound signaling that a new era begun, and at long last they were at peace, they were one.

The End

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