prideland (a comedic take on lion king 1)

prideland (a comedic take on lion king 1)

Postby simbafan83 » October 8th, 2015, 6:34 pm

prologue (thrakkan narrating)

okay, so u might be wondering , why did me and my buds including tarna, as well as sam and uvoko, the newer humor filled brothers of mufasa, who are much funnier than scar, came to the land
i know it may sound like it was out of a detective story where if sam and uvoko are the brains, and me and my buds tarna, tarana, ,kisasian, and even rend are basically their loyal group of recruits that is much like a lion version of a small clan determined to aid other animals in need, but anyway heres the prologue:

when my band of loyal recruits met uvoko and sam, we were on patrol helping rescue a wolf pack who had just escaped from a outlander much similar to scar ,his name was finaras, apparently finaras had tried to capture those wolves because he wanted to do the same bad things as scar later to mufasa, and sam and uvoko wanted us to investigate:

"hey thrakkan, i found some paw prints from a wolf who went missing because finaras took them hostage" said kisasian

he looked at the paw prints of the wolf

"what could that mean" said rend

"i think by these tracks, it just means that they went into some trap led by those outlanders" said stalker

thrakkan nodded and thinked

"what if we set a trap for the outlanders to try to rescue those wolves" said kisasian
then she continued
"we could use tree logs to trap the outlanders, thus being able to rescue that wolf pack"

sam and uvoko came in and they liked thrakkans plan:

"i like his plan, considering the fact that there is a wolf pack held hostage by some outlanders and we need to help" said uvoko

then sam said "yes, me too"

then thrakkan said "ok so we are in agreement, everyone, we rescue the wolf pack thats held hostage, at the same time as trapping finaras and his outlanders"

then everyone said "agreed"

uvoko (narrating):

as me and the group worked together to rescue the wolf pack from finaras and the outlanders
sam had this to say about finaras and why he didnt seem to like finaras:

"well, i have a few things to say as we are going in to this mission to rescue those wolves:
me and my brother uvoko never liked finaras, he would usually pick on uvoko
and thats why i usually am nice to him and mufasa because finaras and scar would always do stuff thats not good" said sam

sam ( narrating):
when the group got to where the wolf pack was being held,
uvoko went in to rescue the wolves

"who are u" said a wolf with a african name

"names uvoko, me and my brother and my family are here to rescue u and your wolf pack from those outlanders"

"oh, hello, my name is lily, my wolf pack were taken captive by these outlanders" said lily

"nice to meet u, though we need to get u and ur pack away from the outlanders" said uvoko

"bro, i think the outlanders are coming, we need to distract them enough time so we can get those wolves out of here" said sam

"okay, sam, you go distract them with thrakkan, i will open the lock" said uvoko

uvoko (narrating):
so while i sent my brother sam to stop the outlanders, i did a little science experiment to open the cage that the wolves were in, apparently these wolves were trapped in a cage by finaras, so what i did, was use my claw as a key to try to pick the lock

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