The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » April 27th, 2016, 4:01 am

Hey everyone how's it going? I recently managed to wrap up The Legacy of brothers with the conclusion of Cycles End now I've decided to shift my focus to my first Lion Guard story. It should be noted that the following story was written shortly after Return of the roar premiered so I had to work with whatever I knew about the characters so there may be some differences between certain characters, though this story also takes place two years after the show began so the characters are a bit older and more mature. So now that we got introductions out of way I hope you like my first Lion Guard story, so sit back and enjoy.

The Lion Guard: Reflections Of The Soul

: Prologue:
Conquering Hero

The sun began to rise, shining it’s great and powerful light upon the Pride Lands; The light was so bright and emitted almost a form of true strength and power. Animals from all around the kingdom followed it making their way towards Pride Rock as they often did but this time was for a different reason, there was no great heir born nor was there a crowning of a king, this ceremony was one of victory. A ceremony in honor of one who many had come to call the great hero, he had endured trial after trial, faced enemies beyond that of anything or anyone before him. He was Kion, the prince of the Pride Lands, Son of the great king Simba and the wise queen Nala, brother of the noble Princess Kiara, and most importantly the leader of the Lion Guard, Protectors of the Pride Lands.

Kion stood on top of Pride Rock staring down at all the animals below him, many which he had saved countless times. They all smiled at him many cheered his name, some even bowed, Kion returned the gesture. Kion turned to the side and saw the other members of the guard each of whom had been chosen by him to defend the kingdom, Beshte a hippo who Kion had dubbed the strongest, Ono an ergret who Kion named the keenest of sight, his closest friend Bunga a honey badger who Kion chose as the bravest and Fuli a cheetah Kion gave the title of the fastest. They had all done well and Kion was honored to have fought beside them all had proven their worth, never again would a non lion animal be underestimated, that was for sure. Kion turned to his parents who signaled him to step forward, Kion approached them gesturing the other members of the guard to follow him.

As Kion approached them he felt a sense of Pride fill him, he had worked his way here, he remembered all he had fought and despite it being seemingly overwhelming odds he beat them all, they beat them all. In the end no one could overcome the guard, Janga and the hyenas, Makko and his crocodiles, Snakes, tigers none could. How many wars had Kion and the guard prevented in just the last two years, all of them not even the outsiders stopped them; Kion had relied on his strength skills, wit and of course the roar of the elders and against it all they beat them all, even Zira an enemy capable of defeating them all and Kion and the guard triumphant against even her. Kion felt his pride swelling who could’ve possibly overcome such odds yet alone a cub, the guard had proven their worth and never again would the worth of anyone be questioned.

Kion finally stood in front of his parents, they bowed respectfully as did Kiara. Kion smiled at both. Rafiki walked slowly to Kion and the rest of the guard. He was carrying five stones with sacred marks on them strapped to some vines. Rafiki gestured to the remaining guard to step forward as well, they did so. Rafiki then placed the stone necklace around Kion’s neck. He then placed another on Fuli, Bunga, Beshte, and Ono. After he was done the light shined down on them summoned by the kings themselves. The crowd cheered even louder. Kion felt the kings presence and took a step towards the edge, he moved slowly following the light shining down as well as the wind pulling him, it was a majestic sight to say the least.

Kion stood at the edge of Pride Rock listening to the animals below, Kion took in the air and then tightened his paws on the ground allowing his claws to embed, his stare intensified and then he let out a mighty roar which shook the Earth itself and unleashed a massive force of power that tore away the clouds the kings began to roar in unison with Kion, further signaling his victory and triumphant. Kion looked down at the crowd and jumped from Pride Rock, much to Simba and Nala’s worry. Kion slid down Pride Rock with his claws before stopping in front of the kingdom, he didn’t belong above them, he belonged right beside them where he could protect them as always.

“You have all done well, preserving the peace I and the guard have fought for” Kion told the kingdom with pride.

“You have shown that truly greatness can come from anyone” Kion said while their cheers grew Kion enjoyed them not the adornment but rather the happiness.

It’s easy to fight but to maintain peace, that’s hard and you have done just that, you are the true guard, the true protector” Kion told them while smiling.

The animals continued to cheer as Kion listened to them he then looked up at Pride Rock the rest of the guard were already coming down to join him, this was where they belonged beside the people they sought to help.

Simba, Nala, Kiara and Rafiki all watched as Kion and the guard all moved among the kingdom. Simba was moved by his son’s speech and Nala couldn’t be more proud, Kiara wasn’t certain what to say at the time.

“He has become an inspiration” Simba said.

“I never doubted it” Nala stated.

“Ha Ha yes, Kion has shown more promise than any of us could imagine, I only wonder what awaits? Rafiki said excited.

“What more is there Kion has brought peace to the Pride Lands what other trial could he face?” Simba asked.

“Our journeys never end Simba, there is always but another.” Rafiki said before laughing happily.

“One can only wonder right Simba?” Nala replied.

Simba pondered it Kion’s journey had just begun but what other trial could he possibly face, Kion had defeated everyone. Simba was still in complete disbelief at Kion’s triumphant against Zira, what could possibly exceed such a victory.

Far away another entity was watching the ceremony, he recognized Kion in a way. He was aware of his great victories all he had accomplished in such short time but it meant nothing to him. He had come here for one specific purpose, to this land, and he would find what he sought. Of course he was fairly certain the guard would stand against him, if so then he would have to deal with them; there was little doubt he couldn’t, though he didn’t want to they weren’t his concern. He had traveled a long way for this had waited for it for ages now was his moment, everything he sought would at long last be his, there was no need to face the guard, he had more important things to deal with.

“Congratulations Kion, you’re work is admirable, too bad you don’t notice what truly matters” The Entity stated.

With that he turned away and then in a truly impossible moment like lightning he disappeared gone in a flash, with literally no trace of where he went.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 1:
Two different lives

Vitani awoken in her cave which was hidden in a termite hill, didn’t exactly make for a great bed or home, but not like there were any other options. Vitani pulled herself from the cave and moved outside, the sun was scorching, she could almost feel it cinching the fur on her back which she felt could erupt into flames any minute. Vitani placed her paw over her eyes to block out the sun and moved towards the nearest source of water, naturally it was occupied it always was, it also looked like a swamp. Vitani growled in anger and approached the water, the other members of the outsiders turned to her, with a gesture of her paw they all cleared for her, there was little choice, she was the princess. Vitani began drinking from it trying not to gag at the taste and ultimately failing, she spit it out and rubbed her paw across her tongue getting as much of it out as possible. Vitani turned away from it ignoring the rest of the Pride.

“Have as much as you want, try not to throw up” Vitani said rather rudely before paying heed to them no longer.

Vitani had spent a large chunk of her life in the outlands, she remembered better times but those memories didn’t exactly help by any means if anything they fueled the rage she felt. She remembered living in the Pride Lands, sleeping in Pride Rock, the beauty of the stars at night. She remembered being regarded as the princess, she was respected, admired and loved by everyone. She remembered when her mother loved her with everything in her heart and she felt the same. Finally she remembered her father and the happy family life she had, all of them living together before he was killed, and that marked the end of it all, her mother, her brother actually being nice, and whatever relationship she had with either, that was the moment Vitani’s happiness died.

She wasn’t certain who she blamed Simba, her mother, the hyenas maybe all of them. She wasn’t sure if she could only kill one which one would it be. Vitani dismissed her thoughts and made her way to the boarder there were better places to find food and if she got caught well then they would kill her, she wasn’t exactly seeing a downside to her choice.

“Where do you think you’re going Vitani!?” Zira commanded she rarely asked for anything.

“To find something to eat that isn’t rotting” Vitani answered.

“You will stay and continue your training.” Zira stated bluntly.

“Is today the day we finally do something if not then get me when you’re ready.” Vitani said harshly.

“You will do as you are told Vitani.” Zira said coldly.

“Or what, why are you even still trying, Simba wasn’t enough” Vitani taunted.

“I’m warning you” Zira said like ice.

“Hm it wasn’t enough when you were humiliated by a cub” Vitani finished.

Zira grabbed Vitani by the neck and backhanded her to the ground, she then picked her up and threw her into a rock.

“Mind your tongue, and know your place” Zira hissed.

Vitani spit out a thing of blood and glared at Zira.

“Thanks I was hoping to get a hug from you.” Vitani said her voice like a knife.

Her words reached Zira, she looked at her daughter and felt a sting of regret. She considered helping her up but knew Vitani would feel insulted by it, she ignored it and reached for her daughter, like expected Vitani rejected it.

“So now you decide to act like a mother, can’t have a little consistency can you?” Vitani said harshly.

Zira felt her anger returning and decided to turn away before she did something she regretted again.

“Go try not to get caught” Zira said.

“Am I supposed to say, thank you?” Vitani replied rudely.

“No, just stay alive” Zira answered.

Vitani had nothing more to say, the only time she ever showed she cared at all was when she physically hurt them. Her words meant nothing she would forget them soon like she always did. Vitani turned away and took off running. She thought about the regret she saw and dismissed it. Her mother regretted a lot of things didn’t stop her from doing the same thing, she wasn’t worth anything anymore. Vitani felt tears in her eyes again, the pain of what they were, the pain of everything her life was and all she wanted was to be able to live that life again, it was her dream and it was completely impossible.

Chungu and Cheezi were hiding in a thing of tall grass overlooking the Pride Lands. They had been sent by their leader Janga in order to discover if there were any possible weaknesses in the Pride Lands defenses. Which didn’t seem likely. Things were getting pretty bleak for the hyenas all their efforts to take the Pride Lands had failed rather spectacularly too. The guard had completely crushed them and Kion, he was almost like some kind of boogie man, nearly every hyena feared him especially his mighty roar, that roar which had sent many a hyena fleeing for their life. Janga didn't quite seem ready to give up despite suffering countless defeats by Kion’s paw. Janga was becoming a laughing stock if he wasn’t one already, he had been defeated by Kion so many times that many hyenas jokingly called him Kion’s punching bag.

Chungu wasn’t certain why he was still following Janga he had nothing left to offer them, nothing at all; All he was doing was running them right into the ground by going up against Kion again and again. It made no sense why keep picking a fight against someone you know you can’t beat? Chungu was pretty strong he could take over, Cheezi was weak and would follow whoever maybe he should take command. It then hit Chungu, Janga was going up against Kion because he had to. All the hyenas wanted was some food and since the Pride Lands were the best place naturally they had to face the Lion Guard. Janga was doing the best he could and no one else was trying.

“Oh man the Pride Lands look like a fortress” Cheezi said.

“Well they got our food so we’ll break it down” Chungu replied.

“And what do we do when the guard shows up?” Cheezi said almost panicked.

Chungu didn’t even think of it that wasn’t his problem, Janga would have to determine that.

“We’ll let Janga figure that out” Chungu said.

“Janga you think he’s got a plan, he’s just going to get us into another tail kicking.” Cheezi replied.

“You got a better idea?” Chungu said.

Janga was listening to his two closest associates argue, normally he would stay behind but he couldn’t afford that anymore, he was quickly losing support and many were considering betraying him. At this point the only thing that was keeping Janga in power was the fact that he was the only one who didn’t run the moment Kion showed up, which was why he was here, if he went out into the field each time at least it made him seem brave something few hyenas possessed these days. How Janga hated the prince how could one cub be so much trouble? Janga had spent the last two years trying to defeat Kion with no success and plenty of humiliation. At this point Janga was done trying to deal with the guard, now the mission was simple take down a couple animals and get out of the Pride Lands as fast as possible. His two so called friends were still bickering, useless, just useless.

Janga decided the charade had gone on long enough and revealed himself.

“If anyone has a problem with how I do things then please tell me personally.” Janga said making certain to look and sound as intimidating as possible.

“Janga, you’re not going to believe what Chungu said” Cheezi said panicked.

“Please I heard everything, don’t take me for an idiot” Janga said annoyed.

“Then what are we going to do Janga?” Chungu asked.

“We’ll take down one each and bring them back no more, we don’t want to give them time to alert the guard.” Janga stated.

“Alright, let’s get some food” Chungu said satisfied.

“Yeah dinner time.” Cheezi said kind of deranged.

Janga nodded and the three of them moved through the grass closing in on a small herd. Janga knew this wouldn’t be easy Kion would be alerted there was no way to do this unseen but maybe they could finish before Kion actually arrived, that was their best bet and in truth Janga was sick of fighting Kion.

Unbeknownst to Janga he had already been spotted, Ono at the moment was patrolling the sky as he usually did and caught sight of the three hyenas.

“Hyenas, they’re invading again” Ono said to himself.

He began moving closer to their area allowing himself time to take in it’s image.

“Where are they going?” He said.

Ono continued to survey the area using his enhanced sight to track their destination, a small herd nearby, that’s where they were going.

“They’re attacking that herd, the guard is needed!” Ono stated. He then began to fly back towards Pride Rock to tell Kion of what he saw.

Kion, Fuli, Beshte and Bunga were all hanging out together below Pride Rock each trying to move a rock to see who could solve the problem effectively. Bunga tried to push it to avail he then tried to knock another into it which also failed.

“That should’ve worked!” Bunga said annoyed.

“Should’ve, could’ve didn’t” Fuli said bluntly.

Kion smiled at her comment, it was rather entertaining watching those two go at it provided it was just fun, no reason to truly be fighting amongst each other.

“You think you can do better” Bunga challenged.

“Sure” Fuli said arrogantly.

She approached the rock and began clawing at it.

“That’s not going to work” Bunga taunted.

Fuli grinned and then began clawing at the grass and dirt below digging just under it causing the rock to budge and shake a bit.

“See better” Fuli said while grinning.

“You didn’t move it!” Bunga whined.

“Didn’t say I would, I said I could better which I did” Fuli said smugly.

“What that doesn’t count, Kion she didn’t do it so she didn’t win, right” Bunga asked.

“She did the best so far, so she’s winning” Kion stated.

“Well it’s your turn Kion?” Bunga said.

“Let Beshte go” Kion said.

“Are you trying to insure you lose” Fuli asked.

“He’s been waiting let him go” Kion replied.

“Thanks Kion” Beshte said.

“I’ve got it my next turn” Bunga stated

“Sorry guys but I’m afraid this game is going to be cut short” Beshte said unlike everyone else he sounded sincere.

Beshte ran at the bolder and collided into it the force causing it to rip from the ground though shockingly not fully move.

“Beshte wins” Bunga said.

“Sorry I know you wanted to win” Beshte replied.

“Well let Kion go first” Fuli said.

Kion lifted himself up and approached the bolder he then extracted his claws and sliced the bottom of the bolder sending it tumbling down. Everyone stared at the sight in shock no way, no way that happened.

“Beshte loosened it up for you” Bunga said.

“Yeah you were lucky he didn’t knock it down” Fuli stated.

“Luck had nothing to do with it, I know Beshte’s strength limit.” Kion said.

“Wait a minute, you knew, you knew you couldn’t move it and let Beshte do all the work, you cheated!” Bunga whined.

“I didn’t cheat I just used the knowledge of my team mates, Fuli would obviously want to show you up, you would weaken it and Beshte would tear it free, I moved it not with my strength but my cunning and wit, you were all trying to win that you never considered using your opponents turn to your advantage.” Kion told his team.

The guard looked at Kion with understanding it was a clever ploy.

“Why not move it with the roar, you could’ve done that too” Beshte said.

“That wouldn’t be fair, I know I can win with the roar” Kion stated.

“Sportsmanship, I like that” Fuli said with a hint of something Kion didn’t recognize.

Kion looked in the sky and noticed Ono was coming back from his patrol and it looked like he had urgent news.

“Ono what’s wrong?” Kion asked.

“The hyenas are back again they’re moving in on a small herd near the east boarder.” Ono told him.

Kion’s demeanor changed all sense of fun and enjoyment was gone now he was all business.

“Fuli, Beshte, Bunga, Ono together, let’s move!” Kion commanded.

The guard heeded their leader and they took off running to the east boarder, there was a herd depending on them and Kion wasn’t going to let them down, of course what Kion didn’t know was that this wasn’t a normal crisis, there was something else going on, something forged by someone else.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 2:

Janga, Chungu, and Cheezi were still attempting to move in on the herd but every time they got closer something seemed to scare them off. It didn’t make sense there was nothing here, Janga searched the surrounding area nobody else was here, so what kept scaring the herd to run? It didn’t matter no doubt the guard was alerted and now what was supposed to be a simple mission just got a lot harder. Janga tried to contain his anger this was ridiculous his plan made sense it seemed as if the universe itself was against him, no matter just go for the kill now and get out of here.

“Enough chasing just jump for them and bring them down!” Janga said.

“Won’t that make them run faster they don’t know we’re here?” Chungu said.

“Doesn’t matter we’ll settle for one or we’re not getting any!” Janga replied.

The three hyenas tried to close the gap on the herd once they were close enough Janga jumped at them claws and teeth ready then something weird happened he was knocked down. What the, how, what happened, he didn’t miss, what was going on!?

“You missed, it was right in front of you, how’d you miss!?” Cheezi asked angered.

“I didn’t miss something knocked me down.” Janga said trying to hide his shock.

“Forget it, we’ll try another time something’s not right!” Janga stated.

“You got that right, Janga!” Kion said with strength.

Kion and the rest of the guard came charging into the field. Great this was not what Janga needed, there was no point fighting them they needed to just get away now, in truth Janga wanted to get away from here something was not right, the herd always moved despite not knowing they were there, something knocked him down when he struck and now Kion is here. It didn’t seem like a coincidence it felt planned. Whoever knocked him down was chasing the herd away, it was stalling them until Kion arrived. He couldn’t explain it but somehow he knew, somehow this was a set up.

“Forget them, get out of here!” Janga shouted.

Chungu and Cheezi didn’t need any convincing they immediately attempted to flee.

“Don’t let them escape!” Kion commanded.

Beshte charged forward smashing into a log and sending it tumbling down cutting off their escape route. The two hyenas continued running attempting to make their way to the edge of the boarder but Fuli was hot on their trail. They attempted to move faster but Fuli jumped in the air and landed in front of them they immediately tried to stop and skidded forcing themselves to turn around before they could Fuli pounced on Cheezi pinning him down but Chungu was already attempting to flee.

“Ono keep Chungu in your sights!” Fuli commanded.

Ono soured through the air catching sight of Chungu racing through the tall grass.

“He’s in the tall grass I have him in my sights, Bunga intercept him.” Ono said.

“You got it.” Bunga said excited.

Bunga swung on the vines and jumped and soared across the trees before diving into the grass.

“Zuka Zamaaaa!” He screamed before landing on Chungu he then covered his eyes.

“Hey get off of me!” Chungu demanded while moving from side and shaking his head trying to throw Bunga off.

Bunga held on and pulled his head up causing him to stir he then let go of his eyes and slid under him kicking his paws out from beneath him causing Chungu to lose his balance and be sent toppling and rolling to the ground.

“Got him, Beshte secure him.” Bunga said.

Janga watched as Fuli pinned Cheezi and had little doubt the guard already got Chungu as well. Kion was racing towards him, Janga wasn’t in the mood for this.

“Leave me alone!” Janga screamed while kicking a rock at him which Kion moved out of the way of.

Janga kicked another rock at Kion before kicking a stick at his paw; Kion jumped over the stick and ducked under the rock, he then jumped at Janga and tackled him to the ground attempting to pin him down, Janga used his superior strength to push him off.

“Just leave us alone, we don’t want a fight with you!” Janga shouted while swiping at Kion’s jaw.

“You threatened my kingdom and subjects you chose this!” Kion countered swinging at his cheek which Janga parried away before backhanding Kion to the ground, he had no chance in a physical fight against Janga.

Kion pulled himself up and began circling Janga.

“I’m surprised you’re usually not this sloppy, to reveal your position before you even strike.” Kion said.

“I didn’t reveal my position something else was herding them and it knocked me down when I attacked.” Janga explained.

“What are you talking about we just arrived.” Kion replied confused.

“I know it wasn’t you but something stalled us until you arrived!” Janga stated.

“There’s no one else here, what are you talking about?” Kion questioned.

“I don’t know!” Janga shouted in anger and even fear.

He jumped at Kion pushing him down and pinning him, Kion struggled digging his claws in his paw.

“I don’t want to be here, now just let me leave!” Janga roared in anger while pushing down on Kion’s neck.

“Leave my friend alone!” Bunga shouted before jumping on Janga and biting his ear.

“Gahh, get off of me!” Janga growled.

Fuli came at Janga knocking him off of Kion. Janga hit the ground and pulled himself up. Bunga jumped on him and pulled on his ears, Janga growled and threw Bunga off of him only to see Fuli coming at him she collided into him and began pushing him back.

Kion pulled himself up and watched as Fuli grappled with Janga. He began moving towards them. Janga slammed his paw into Fuli’s face and backhanded her before grabbing her and throwing her to the ground. Kion watched as Fuli’s body hit the ground and considered rushing to help her before dismissing it, the mission was the top priority right now, stopping Janga was his first concern. Kion ran at Janga and jumped in the air extracting his claws and soaring at him preparing to take him down, he never reached him instead something smashed into him and knocked him to the ground.

Bunga, Beshte and Ono watched in shock as Kion was knocked to the ground by an unseen force then something even stranger happened Kion stopped in mid air and just hung their limply then a strange aura surrounded him and massive figure was revealed. It was a lion a dark purplish lion with a black mane, there appeared to be some form of spikes coming out of his elbows and shoulders and his eyes were black irises with green pupils, the green pupils being the only thing about it that seemed human.

“Put Kion down!” Fuli said while picking herself up.

‘How dare you attack the greatest hero of the Pride Lands!” Bunga said in rage.

The dark entity turned to them while still holding Kion by the neck.

“Hero, you think he’s a hero, yet he only focuses on the mission rather than the people.” The Entity said it’s voice was more human than the guard was expecting it was low with a bit of a rasp it also sounded quite sophisticated.

“Kion does think of the people!” Fuli growled.

“Does he, do any of you, what of the ones who matter, duty over family, does that really sound, heroic” The Entity asked, briefly pausing before saying the last word.

“What would you know about being a hero?” Bunga challenged.

“I see what none of you do, I know more than all of you” The Entity replied.

“What are you?” Ono asked.

“I am a king, a great king from the past, cast aside by the rest, ignored and left in darkness.” The Entity answered.

“A king of darkness” Beshte said in astonishment.

“If that’s how you prefer to see it, I’ve come for what I seek and to avenge what I loss.” The Entity said.

Kion was listening to the mysterious entity while he was speaking Kion clawed his paw and pulled himself free.

“Simple revenge, then you’re no different than anyone else we fought, I won’t let you hurt anyone.

“Even the hyenas that are using you as a distraction to slip away” The Entity stated.

Kion turned and noticed that Janga and the three hyenas were slipping away.

“We had them and now whoever they kill is on your head!” Kion says in anger.

“The lives lost are meaningless to me there is only one thing I seek.” The Entity answered.

“You would disregard innocent lives then you’re every bit the threat they are!” Kion roared.

“defenders of the Pride Lands together, until the kingdom ends!” Kion commanded.

The rest of the guard did not hesitate to stand by their leader against this mysterious new adversary.

The Entity felt a thing of frustration both for the guard's stubbornness and his own foolish actions. This was not how he intended things originally all he wanted was to stop the hyenas from killing any members of the herd, they had a greater purpose to serve. Him attacking Kion was a mistake but his actions angered the entity greatly and when consumed with his anger he often didn't think things through, he could've avoided this whole issue if he just controlled himself, well he'd still give them a chance to step aside, he didn't really want to hurt them but make no mistake he would if they didn't heed him.

“I don’t have time for you, move aside or I’ll make you.” The Entity commanded.

“No way” Fuli said.

“No chance” Bunga stated.

“Never” Beshte said.

“not happening” Ono said.

“The guard never bends” Kion said with strength.

“If you will not bend you will be broken” The Entity stated.

“Lion Guard, Attack now!” Kion commanded.

The guard all charged at The Entity who merely turned to them and opened his mouth unleashing a powerful roar as powerful as the heavens. The force of it knocked Kion and the guard back sending them to the ground.

“No that’s not possible” Kion said in disbelief.

“Kion was that” Bunga began to say.

“No it’s impossible!” Fuli cried

Kion stood in shock unable to respond in any way it couldn’t of been, but it was that was the roar of the elders, it had to be but how did he?

“No, it can’t be, there’s no way” Kion said his words barely audible.

“Impossible, well then let me reeducate you on reality” The Entity said.

He then unleashed the roar again this time even more powerful it shook the very earth tore apart and clouds and blasted Kion and the guard with the force of a stampede. The Guard found themselves blasted off their feet and sent tumbling to the ground before skidding to a stop completely unconscious.

The Entity stared down at them before turning away. Kion stared up at him to weak to move. He watched as The Entity’s body was consumed by a dark light that was almost blinding, it flashed all around before The Entity vanished a flash, it’s departure releasing a shockwave that blasted Kion to the ground rendering him unconscious.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 3:
A Dark King

Kion heard a bunch of different voices calling out to him, he slowly opened his eyes in an attempt to take in his surroundings. He couldn’t fully make everything out, he could still hear them, but they seemed so distant, so far away. Kion looked around and noticed the rest of the guard was out as well. What had happened, he couldn’t remember his head was so foggy but he knew he was missing something. Kion tried to pull his thoughts back together and then it began to come back to him, The battle, The Entity and most importantly of all being defeated by his own roar of the elders. He remembered it now and he could feel the rest of his senses returning as well, mostly. Kion finally opened his eyes fully to see who was calling out to him. He looked up and saw Rafiki, and his parents.

“Kion, Kion are alright!?” Simba called out to him.

“Simba give him some space” Nala said.

“Stand back give them proper air.” Rafiki stated.

Kion began to stir he looked up at his parents and tried to stand only to realize his body functions didn’t quite work as well as he thought, he collapsed to the ground again.

“Gather them carefully” Rafiki said.

“What happened to them?” Nala asked worried.

“I’m not sure but earlier today I sensed an unknown presence” Rafiki answered.

“Why didn’t you mention it, what was it?” Simba asked angered.

“I’m not sure by the time I detected it I only had time to inform you two no one else" Rafiki stated.

Simba understood, he and Nala grabbed Kion Fuli, Bunga and Ono while Rafiki and a group of lionesses grabbed Beshte. They began moving back towards Pride Rock. Simba and Nala were both confused, Rafiki was acting shockingly serious what had he sensed what on Earth could’ve caused this change in his demeanor was it connected to what hurt Kion and if so what was it?

Zira watched as Kovu beat his paw against a dead tree branch again and again. He seemed to be tiring but that was unacceptable, the more he held back the longer they would be here. Zira needed Kovu to be at his absolute best it was the only way they would ever leave this place. She glanced to the side and saw Nuka lounging around he didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything. Zira growled in anger perhaps she should remind him that she expects results from her pride and especially family. Zira prepared to approach Nuka but then remembered her last encounter with Vitani, she still felt regret for what she did and had no desire to do it again.

She looked away and turned back to Kovu, he looked exhausted like he was moments away from collapsing in exhaustion. Zira listened to Vitani’s words hearing them echo in her mind, she then dismissed it. She was wrong to hit Vitani but that didn’t mean she should be weak in general, her family needed to be strong in order to prevail still Kovu didn’t look like he had much left and he was of no use if he could not train the following day, it was time to stop for the day.

“That’s enough, go rest and be ready for tomorrow” Zira commanded.

“Of course mother” Kovu said before wandering to his bed.

Zira watched him depart she considered walking him to his bed but then discarded the idea.

“Termites already tired I see” Nuka insulted.

“I don’t see you doing anything” Zira replied.

“I’m not the chosen one so it doesn’t matter” Nuka countered.

“You could still try to help your family” Zira said angered.

“You don’t want my help, you’ve made that very clear” Nuka argued.

Zira didn’t know what to say there, he wasn’t wrong she had all but told him to stay out of the way, she didn’t make it sound like she needed him.

“Maybe but you’re still capable of insuring Kovu stays out of danger, that’s what I’ve always tasked you with” Zira explained.

“Yeah and what makes you think I would?” Nuka asked.

Zira growled at him and raised her paw she then stopped and came up with a different idea.

“If you want to please me simply do your part” Zira said rather softly.

“Yes mother” Nuka said defeated, Zira smiled in satisfaction.

She then turned to the boarders Vitani wasn’t back yet what was keeping her? She usually wasn’t gone this long. Zira wondered if Nuka knew Vitani sometimes kept him informed about what she did, she didn’t tell Zira anything anymore not that Zira entirely blamed her, still she was getting a little concerned, maybe Nuka had an answer.

“Have you seen Vitani she wandered off this morning and hasn’t been seen since?” Zira asked him though it sounded more like an order.

“No she hasn’t come back yet?” Nuka told her.

“Did she inform about where she was heading?” Zira said.

“No, nothing she’s been getting kind of distant from me as well” Nuka answered.

That was problematic Zira was well aware that Vitani was becoming more distant from her family and Pride she didn’t seem to care about either, this was concerning considering she had no one else, she didn’t have the same regard for her life as she use to, which raised the question if she was even alright at this moment.

“Get up we’re going to find her, and bring her back here” Zira commanded.

A mysterious sound echoed around her and Nuka she had no clue what it was then she heard a voice behind her, it was low with a bit of a rasp and quite sophisticated.

“I think it is in Vitani’s best interest that she is not here at this moment.” The voice said.

Zira turned to see a rather creepy lion standing in front of her, he had purplish fur and a black mane, there were literally spikes coming out his elbows and shoulders his irises were black, his green pupils were the only thing that didn’t look like they came straight out of the inferno.

Is that a threat?” Zira said menacingly.

“No, I don’t make threats” The Entity said bluntly.

“What are you?” Nuka asked with a hint of fear.

“What am I, I’m sin, come to seek retribution” The Entity said.

“Retribution?” Nuka said.

“Or vengeance, which ever you prefer” The Entity stated.

“You think I fear you, I’ve killed so many, you will make no difference among those deaths.” Zira stated.

“Oh I know, I know the blood on your paws, you spill so much of it except your own” The Entity said and for the first time he sounded truly angry, it was not a comforting sound.

“I’m here to rectify that” The Entity finished.

Zira growled and sliced The Entity around the chest then the face he didn’t budge and there was little hint he felt her blows at all.

“You see always the blood of other but never yours” The Entity said in a dark whisper.

“What do you say we change that?” The Entity stated

Zira felt a thing of fear grip her, what was he? How did he shrug those off so quickly what was that dark aura surrounding him. In truth he didn’t even seem human, where did he come from and what did he want with her she didn’t ever see him not that she knew of. Zira swung her claws again and The Entity caught them pulling her closer and dangling her in the air. Zira couldn’t deny it she was afraid, this monster wanted her and she didn’t know why. He pulled her closer and smashed his paw into her chest causing her to vomit a thing of blood.

“There it is, but I‘m not done yet, I swear like never before you are going to bleed” The Entity declared, it wasn’t a threat like he said he never made threats.

Kion opened his eyes only to find himself back at Pride Rock, he saw Simba and Nala staring down at him, he also noticed that the other members of the guard were already awake. He was glad to see they were alright but also felt a sense of anger mostly towards himself. He led them to the defeat, what happened to them was his fault. He should’ve been better prepared for his unexpected enemy, he told them to use their cunning and intelligence yet he himself failed to. He could not allow that to happen again.

“You’re all alright” Kion said in a weak whisper.

“Yeah of course we are, We’re the Lion Guard” Bunga replied before helping Kion up.

“A little of an arrogant statement considering what happened.” Ono said.

“And what exactly happened?” Nala asked.

“We got our tails kicked, that’s what happened” Fuli answered and she didn’t sound at all happy with the statement, she hated losing.

“It wasn’t entirely our fault how were we supposed to be prepared for that?” Beshte replied.

There is no excuse, we are meant to be prepared for any threat no matter what it is.” Kion stated.

“You’re joking Kion, he hit us with your own roar!” Bunga countered.

“What! He hit you with the roar of the elders how!?” Simba asked in disbelief.

“That shouldn’t be possible, what on Earth did you go up against!?” Nala shouted in shock.

“Something beyond anything I could imagine” Rafiki said appearing beside them.

“Rafiki their enemy hit them with the roar of the elders!?” Simba told him still trying to accept the sheer impossibility of it all.

“I know that’s what I sensed, the roar only it wasn’t Kion” Rafiki said.

“How is that possible?” Nala asked.

“I don’t know, only the kings could possibly know” Rafiki answered.

“But the roar was given only to me is it possible a former lion guard somehow survived all this time?” Kion asked.

Another voice answered him this one was might powerful booming and very deep.

“While that is a possibility, that’s not what happened, this Entity is not of our Royal blood.” Mufasa stated from the heavens above.

“Father, I did not expect to hear from you for some time.” Simba said shocked.

“This is bad Simba very bad, Whoever your enemy is he is mystical in nature like the great kings” Mufasa explained.

“Is he a king, you said the kings didn’t recognize him maybe he’s from ancient times” Kion said.

“No, it’s not that he has to have royal blood or he wouldn’t have the roar but we don’t recognize him, he’s not an ancestor yet he’s a king.” Mufasa said and even more terrifying he sounded genuinely scared.

“What, how on Earth does that even work?” Fuli asked.

“I’m not sure, the kings are trying to understand but you need to be very careful, something strange happened during the last few days, a surge of energy beyond anything this world ever endured far more powerful than the roar.” Mufasa explained.

“Yes, I sensed a surge of energy during Kion’s ceremony, there were others shortly after.” Rafiki replied.

“What does that mean?” Nala asked.

“It means this Entity, this Dark King may not be the only threat we face.” Simba answered.

“You’re kidding right, that thing crushed us and now you’re saying there could be more!?” Bunga said panicked.

“Kion I think this is out of our league” Ono stated.

“No, we don’t just give up” Kion declared.

“Then what do we do Kion?” Fuli asked.

We get help, this thing is a threat to us all, if we don’t have enough allies then we seek out our enemies.” Kion stated.

“You mean the hyenas” Beshte said.

More than that we seek out Zira and the outsiders.” Kion replied.

Simba wasn’t certain that was a good idea few enemies had come closer to killing them than Zira and it would only be a matter of time before she turned on them, that one moment could make all the difference between life and death.

“Kion that’s crazy, she can’t be trusted!” Simba argued.

“True, but she wants to kill us, she won’t let anyone else, so she’ll help us if only to insure she kills us later” Kion reasoned.

“That’s pretty smart actually” Fuli said.

“Kion’s right for now we have to rely on whoever we can.” Mufasa stated.

Simba and Nala reluctantly agreed nodding their head yes.

“Okay we’ll gather everyone, you and mom get ready for whatever his next move will be, protectors of the pride Lands with me.” Kion commanded.

The guard assembled alongside Kion before running off towards the boarders of the pride lands and to the outlands.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 4:
Enemy of my enemy

Kion and the guard arrived at the termite hill where Zira and her pride were known to live however it was not at all the sight they were expecting. Clearly The Dark King had already been here, the pride was scattered beaten and battered many dead.

“What in the name of the kings happened here?” Ono asked.

“We’re too late.” Beshte said in regret.

“He knew, he beat us here.” Bunga said annoyed.

“That doesn’t make any sense, how would he know we were coming, was he prepared for this from the beginning?” Fuli countered.

Kion thought about the possibility that the Dark King did know what they were planning but there was no way they just came up with the plan maybe he predicted in advance, but Kion didn’t think that was likely either in fact he just stood back and let them fight the hyenas. Kion was still wondering what drove him to intervene at all, one thing was certain he wasn’t seeking a conflict with them so there’s no way he knew or was prepared for their plan.

“No I don’t think so, we weren’t his concern, no he came here for a different reason, spread out smell whatever scent you can find.” Kion ordered.

The guard spread out and sniffed the surrounding area it was thick with the scent of blood but whose, they followed it finding mostly the blood of the outsiders. Kion moved towards a main cave and noticed there was no blood there at all not even the scent.

“Fuli come here, this is weird.” Kion said.

Fuli joined him and sniffed the cave, “Almost spotless, that doesn’t make sense everywhere else was a massacre why isn’t this cave.” Fuli asked.

“I don’t know, this is the cave Kovu slept in and his scent is here, it was here recently.”

“You think he’s still alive?” Fuli questioned.

“The Dark King clearly killed everyone here if he wanted Kovu dead he would’ve done it.” Kion reasoned.

The rest of the guard arrived at the cave standing before Kion.

“Anything?” Kion asks.

“No, the only uh bodies I didn’t see were Vitani, Kovu, Nuka and Zira.” Beshte told him, Kion could tell he was having a hard time taking all this in, in truth he looked like he was going to be sick.

“So the only ones who survive are the only ones who are a threat, that doesn’t make any sense.” Bunga tried to reason.

Kion had to agree with Bunga on this one why leave Zira alive why leave any of them, what was the purpose behind this.

“Was Zira’s scent here?” Kion questioned.

“Oh yeah, a lot of it, Nuka had a bit as well, though Vitani’s wasn’t here at all I don’t think she was here when it went down” Ono explained.

That only raised more questions did he not know Vitani was here did he just choose to ignore her and what of Kovu why leave him alive was he, was Zira if he killed her why not leave her body here like everyone else, this whole thing didn’t make sense.

“Well there goes a good chunk of our allies” Fuli said disappointed.

“What do we do now?” Beshte asked worried.

“We find Janga that’s the best bet we have, now.” Kion answered.

“You won’t have to look far” A voice told them, Kion recognized it what were they doing here though it did solve one problem. The guard turned to see Janga, Chungu and Cheezi all standing in front of them.

“I see we think alike Kion” Janga said while keeping his eye on the guard clearly he didn’t want to be here.

“What are you doing here, Zira hates the hyenas” Kion questioned him.

“True but I knew you would be here especially after being hit with your own attack.” Janga answered.

“How did you know where we were heading?” Fuli demanded.

“I have my own eyes in the sky, Mzingo has been keeping watch on you for some time, I don’t walk into anything without having some idea of what I’m walking into.” Janga explained.

“Hm then you also knew I would convince Zira to spare you for now ensuring the alliance” Kion replied.

“I shed no tears over this but it’s a set back none the less I want as many allies as possible before I go up against that thing again.” Janga reasoned.

“Janga, on behalf of the Lion Guard and the Pride Lands I accept your offer” Kion stated, he and Janga then shook paws.

“What do we do now Janga?” Chungu asked.

“Yeah how can we trust these Pride Landers?” Cheezi said.

“Because unless we stand together we’re dead” Bunga reasoned.

“So what’s your plan, Kion?” Janga questioned.

“For now we just return to the Pride Lands you gather your pack and be ready to strike.” Kion said.

“Yeah we can prepare for that, Mzingo you fly back and inform the pack tell them to get ready to converge around Pride Rock we’ll box this thing in leave it nowhere to go.” Janga ordered.

“As you wish Janga” Mzingo replied before flying off.

Janga watched him leave he knew his orders, he would assemble the clan however he would also keep close watch on the Pride. Janga still wasn’t certain he could trust any of them, then again Janga didn’t trust anyone.

“Alright that’s taken care of lets head back and get ready for our next move” Janga said.

“Alright let’s go.” Kion responded.

Kion, Janga, the hyenas and the lion guard all left the termite hill and made their way back towards Pride Rock. Kion wasn’t certain about what he was doing right now and he was even less sure if Janga was a reliable ally he was a hyena but then again Kion had learned to give hyenas a chance before maybe Janga could be trusted, he couldn’t help but wonder if Janga was thinking something similar much to his surprise Janga wasn’t thinking something similar he was thinking almost the exact same thing.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 5:
An Unexpected turn

Simba and Nala were still waiting for Kion and the guard to return, Simba still wasn’t sure about any of this surely there were other allies they could work with why put their faith in their enemies it just seemed dangerous. While dealing with the knowledge of this newest situation Simba was interrupted by his daughter Kiara.

“Dad I don’t know about this plan of Kion’s it sounds very risky stupid even” Kiara said.

“I know Kiara but Kion has protected us and our kingdom for the last two years he’s earned our trust in him.” Simba said though his voice suggested he didn’t completely agree with his statement.

“Yeah I know but have you ever considered that maybe Kion’s gotten a little too sure, I mean he refuses to trust anyone, he may be the guard but that doesn’t make him untouchable.” Kiara stated.

“You should know better Kiara that this is not true, Kion is many things but he’s not arrogant he listens to his team often.” Simba replied.

“Yeah well what about someone whose you know not a part of the guard, he listen to them?” Kiara asked her voice was less than kind.

“Kiara, we didn’t fight those battles Kion did, what reason does he have to listen to us?” Simba questioned his daughter.

Kiara felt a sting of pain at Simba’s words, there it was again, Kion’s achievements being thrown in her face. It’s not her fault she didn’t get the roar, she could do anything Kion could, besides she’s the future queen Kion should heed her advice he may be a warrior but what else does he know? Kiara dismissed her thoughts of resentment remembering how much the kingdom stands by Kion. She had little doubt they wanted him to rule not her. She didn’t get it she embraced her path yet it was being disregarded rendered obsolete, what was she supposed to do and how could she not feel anger at Kion for causing her to face this dilemma. Kiara let her resentment and something else get the best of her.

“Because you’re the future king, I’m the future queen you know that kind of stuff! Kion doesn’t rule the kingdom he can’t do whatever he wants why am I the only one who sees this!?” Kiara shouted in anger.

Simba was surprised by his daughters outburst but also didn’t know what to say regarding it however someone else did.

“Kiara, you clearly don’t understand what you’re brother does nor why.” Nala said having arrived beside them.

“No I do, it’s just he won’t let anyone help, remember what happened with Zira maybe it would’ve ended sooner if Kion would’ve just trusted us.” Kiara reasoned.

“I can’t counter that Kiara, but he’s done things I can only dream of, I trust him you need to as well.” Nala told her daughter.

“I do, it’s just should we really place the fate of our kingdom solely in the paws of the guard, Kion wants to protect everyone but that’s not possible, what happens to us, to this kingdom when he fails?” Kiara asked, her question would be answered but not by her parents.

‘A truly excellent question, it always amazes me how those who are supposed to be experienced and wise fail to ask these questions.” The Dark King stated having appeared behind them almost out of nowhere.

Simba and Nala didn’t even need it confirmed for them just looking at him made it very clear, this monstrous creature standing in front of them was without a doubt, their mysterious enemy, The Dark King.

“You dare invade my home!” Simba roared.

The Dark king chuckled, “What are you going to do, Kion’s not here to defend it and I already know for certain, that you can’t” The Dark King said his voice getting noticeably darker during the last part of his statement.

“Don’t underestimate us, we took back this kingdom from Scar and maintained order long before Kion assembled the guard.” Nala growled.

“Of course, but that was so long ago, can you still defend it now?” The Dark King said though in truth it almost sounded like he was taunting them.

Simba and Nala growled in anger and charged at him he backhanded them both knocking them to the ground. He didn’t follow through on his attack instead letting them get up and come at him again. Nala swung for his head which he ducked under grabbing her paw and twisting her arm he then lifted her off the ground. Simba enraged at his mate being in pain charged at his enemy colliding into him and pushing him back causing him to drop Nala to the ground. Simba smashed his paw into his face, The Dark King growled and swiped at his cheek which Simba parried away before striking him in the chest. The Dark King doubled over allowing Simba to swing upward crashing his paw into his jaw, his head jolted back causing his body to stumble. Nala came at him next sliding underneath him and slicing his legs she then kicked them knocking him off balance. The Dark King attempted to catch himself but Simba struck him again causing him to fall backwards, Nala grabbed him pulling him and catching him then using his momentum she flipped him, sending him flying across Pride Rock and crashing to the ground.

Simba and Nala circled the Dark King preparing their next attack when almost against gravity itself, his body jumped from the ground and slowly lifted itself up almost as if it were a puppet on strings. He glared at the king and queen.

“So that’s it, that’s your defense, a good effort but like always not enough.” The Dark King told them.

He then charged at them almost like lightning, they threw their paws at him which he caught at the same time before kicking them in the ribs he then knocked their legs out beneath them. Simba and Nala rolled away but were shocked to see him already moving in front of them. He caught Simba and lifted him from the ground before hoisting him in the air, Nala sprung at him launching herself at him with speed that Kiara could barely see, it was not enough. The Dark King jumped over her. Nala expected this and sliced at his ribs before they connected he grabbed Simba’s paws and used his claws to deflect them, he then kicked Simba at her, Nala dodged her mates form and prepared to strike only for him to already be flipping behind her, she tried to stab backwards but he caught it sweep kicking her before flipping her to the ground. Nala kicked herself up but before she could even so much as flinch he was already there kicking her in the chin and sending her across Pride Rock, great kings he was fast!

Nala hit the ground and tried to pick herself up, she turned to see Simba down as well though he wasn’t out yet. They both turned to each other and began pulling themselves up, The Dark King grabbed both of them around the neck and dangled them in the air.

“If only you would show this kind of strength when it truly mattered.” He hissed.

“Leave my parents alone!” Kiara cried out to him extracting her claws, though she couldn’t quite bring herself to charge.

The Dark King turned to her she seemed so scared how pathetic, She was not at all what he expected when he arrived here, no he had expected a great leader, a noble and selfless hero instead he was staring at a scared little girl, what a waste. She was no queen and certainly no legend.

“Am I supposed to obey, do as you say because you’re the future queen” The Dark King said mockingly.

Kiara felt a sting at that comment, she was trying, she was doing the best she could but what could she do right now, her parents were beaten what difference would she make, she couldn’t handle this, she wasn’t what this kingdom needed. No she was the only one available and she was future queen she had to do something.

“Put them down, I’m warning you!” Kiara seethed.

“You’re warning me, why don’t you fulfill that threat.” The Dark King challenged. He turned and noticed a surge of energy he recognized it.

“It’s them, they’re closer than I thought, I should’ve expected this.” The Dark King said mostly to himself.

“What are you talking about?” Kiara asked.

“Never mind, come on then Kiara show me the legend.” The Dark King demanded.

Legend what on Earth was he talking about, he must have her confused for someone else, she was many things but a legend, in what kingdom? He must be referring to Kion who else, it couldn’t be her.

“Come on, let me see her” The Dark King said.

Kiara felt her resolve draining but stood her ground preparing to strike but in the end she didn’t have to.

“Kiara move out of the way, now!” Kion called out to her.

Kion, the guard, Janga and the hyenas all came charging towards Pride Rock. The Dark King turned to them, he had not expected this so soon. He dropped Simba and Nala he then jumped from Pride Rock and crashed on the ground, seemingly unharmed from the impact. They all came at him again. He didn’t have time for this the others would be here soon and he had not yet found what he sought which of course raised the question of why he was currently here? He knew the answer because the mere sight of Simba filled him with such immense rage and hatred and in that moment he wanted to set it all free. He was here to deal with personal issues so he was currently not in the mood for another battle with the guard, he would finish this quickly.

“You learned nothing from our last encounter, allow me to remind you.” The Dark King said in annoyance.

He then stood his ground and cleared his throat a gust of wind was created and the clouds began to distort and part. Kion knew this was coming but this time he was prepared, he wouldn’t be beaten the same way twice.

“He’s using the roar again!” Kion warned them.

“Then what do we do?” Janga asked.

“spread out, if we spread out his targets it will weaken the force he throws at us.” Kion answered.

“Alright, Chungu, Cheezi you heard him.” Janga said.

“Everyone spread out now!” Kion commanded.

The guard and the hyenas separated each scattering in different directions just as the Dark King unleashed the power of the roar of the elders at them. Fuli felt the force coming at her but it was much weaker she ducked and slid underneath it. Bunga jumped over the weakened force as did Cheezi, Janga jumped up towards a high rock and pushed himself up above it, Ono was already too high to be reached, while Beshte and Chungu just charged through the weakened force. Kion felt the energy heading at him and countered it with a roar of his own. The alliance then descended on the Dark King’s position.

“I’m already tired of this stand off” He said in anger.

“Lion Guard, hyenas together, take him down!” Kion commanded.

The alliance charged at the dark king and piled over him. Fuli used her speed to run around him getting in quick shots to his back, chest and jaw. Bunga jumped on him sliding down and striking the back of his neck. Ono dropped rocks down on top of his head. Beshte slammed right into his ribs while Chungu slammed into his back. Cheezi and Janga came at him from the side slicing around his ribs, while Kion flipped all around him slicing his chest, back, ribs, face. The Dark King flailed in anger over their assault and began to collapse from their attacks. He growled in anger slamming his back into a rock crushing Bunga between it. He then turned to Fuli and shot his arm out causing her to slam into it sending her to the ground, he unleashed a roar to the sky causing Ono to spiral out of control and crash. He then backhanded the remaining ones to the ground before throwing Kion into a rock. Kion pulled himself up he could see it the Dark King was weakening they could finish this.

“Rush him all at once and move when I tell you.” Kion told you.

Janga knew what Kion was planning and if it worked this would likely end right here. The alliance charged at the Dark King again this time completely piling on top of him with such a force that it pushed him to the ground. The Dark King growled in frustration and with a mighty roar threw them all off of him. He then stumbled.

“Move out of the way!” Kion shouted.

The alliance understood and immediately began scattering in different directions. Kion channeled his energy and focused all his strength into his throat he could feel it building. Kion then focused all his force directly at the Dark King, then in a single burst Kion unleashed the full force of the roar of the elders directly at the Dark King. The Dark King watched as the roar headed right at him however unlike many of Kion’s other enemies he did not seem afraid instead he smiled. He stood his ground arched his back and then with most shocking of grace placed his paw out and the shock blast stopped. Kion’s jaw dropped in disbelief as did everyone else’s. The Dark King looked at Kion and gave him a little smile then with but a push he sent the force right back at him. Kion could not move, could not speak, could not even think. All he could do was stare in complete shock and disbelief at the impossible event happening right in front of him. Kion did not even try to counter it or dodge it, he just stared at it in terror. The guard could not move either they tried to call out to Kion but could not find the words. Kion was hit full force with the power of the roar of the elders it smashed into his body like the force of a hurricane and sent him flying back several yards before crashing into the grass and rolling to a stop. The rest of the alliance tried to rush towards him but the force of the roar struck them as well and in a single moment the entire alliance was defeated by the very attack Kion threw.

Kion felt completely helpless there was no way that happened was he dead, he had to be, no way he survived that. He opened his eyes and noticed he was being dragged away by what appeared to be cub with gold fur but beyond that he couldn’t tell, he turned and saw his friends as well as the hyenas also being carried away, by what appeared to be his parents, does that mean Kiara had him? Kion turned to see Fuli and Bunga being carried by a lioness she was slender with dark peach fur, he didn’t recognize her. Finally he saw a lioness with gold fur. He tried to move but ultimately could not, then all of sudden he wasn’t moving anymore and he heard the cub talking.

“We’re far enough put them down, they’ll be fine.” The cub said.

“We were lucky, we tracked him in time” Kion heard his father say, but wait that wasn’t his father it didn’t sound like him not fully anyway.

“Perhaps now we won’t have to do this alone” Kion heard his mom say but it was the same situation, she looked like her exactly like her, but it wasn’t her voice, it was similar but it wasn’t hers.

"Great now all we have to do is convince them they’re not going crazy, seriously has anyone even considered how we explain this without sounding completely bonkers?” The Dark peach lioness asked but there was something about her tone that was familiar in fact she looked familiar.

“She makes a point but for now we’ll just have to have faith in them.” The gold lioness said.

“Either way, the others are in danger too, Nala and I will go and find them, explain the situation.” The lion that looked like his father said, what was going on!?

“Let’s go Simba” The lioness that looked like his mother said, wait a minute she called him Simba and he called her Nala, but they didn’t sound like them and in truth they didn’t look exactly like them either, what in the world was going on!?

Kion opened his eyes to receive probably the biggest shock yet, the cub that saved him looked like him a lot like him, his tuft was a little different and was brown instead of red, and his eyes were green, that was literally the only difference.

“Hey you alright, you took a bad hit there” The cub told him.

Kion sprung awake and pushed the look alike away.

“What the, who are you, what is this, what’s going on!?” Kion freaked out.

“I can only imagine this is quite the shock to discover, I can understand your fear” The Cub said compassionately, more compassionately than anyone Kion ever met.

“How do you, why do you, you look like me!” Kion said terrified.

He turned and noticed the rest of the guard was awake as well all of them staring at the cub with the same shock and fear as Kion.

“This is a lot to take in but don’t worry you’re not going crazy” The dark peach lion said with a hint of wittiness.

“That’s not helpful Vitani” The cub told them.

“I’m not sure about that, thinking I was going crazy would certainly be one of the first things that came to mind.” the gold lioness said.

“Vitani! That’s impossible Vitani’s still a cub!” Fuli said in surprise and fear.

“There’s a lot to explain, what you are dealing with now, actually started with us, The Dark King attacked us first we then tracked him here to your world.” The Cub explained.

“Our world” Bunga said confused.

“Yes, the Dark King isn’t from this world, your world is just one of countless others a multitude of parallel realities, like the one I am from and my brother” The golden lioness told them.

Kion and the guard listened to the cubs words almost unable to believe them.

“Your brother” Kion said in confusion, the rest of the guard seemed to agree, they didn’t think it was possible to be more shocked than they already were, the cubs response would prove them wrong.

My name is Kopa, I am the first Son of Simba and Nala and older brother of Kiara.” Kopa said to the complete and utter shock and disbelief to Kion and the entire Lion Guard.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 6:
Looking through a mirror

Kion and the guard took in what Kopa just told them trying to grasp the meaning of it all, parallel worlds, alternate realities this was far beyond anything they had ever heard and was next to impossible to make sense of. Why were Kiara and Vitani adults, and Kopa said he was the older brother he sure didn’t look it.

“You’re fruity” Fuli said rather bluntly.

“What do you mean?” Kopa asked though his tone suggested he already knew.

“Different worlds, parallel dimensions dopple gangers, it’s insane, that roar hit us harder than I thought and I thought I was dead!” Bunga stated.

“So you’re just hallucinating, for whatever random reason you’re seeing older versions of people you know.” Vitani said the sarcasm in her voice painfully obvious.

I’m sorry but who in their right mind and maybe some not would ever put Bunga and Wise in the same sentence?” Vitani finished not even bothering to sound polite.

“It still makes more sense than this!” Bunga argued.

“Explain why Kiara and Vitani actually do look like Kiara and Vitani?” Kion questioned.

‘Come on Kion you can’t be buying this!” Fuli argued.

“It actually makes sense.” Kion stated.

“How in any way does this make sense Kion” Ono asked.

That’s why the kings don’t know who the Dark King is because he is a former King but not from here.” Kion reasoned.

“Yes, that is exactly it actually.” Kopa replied.

“Okay then, why are Vitani and Kiara older, how are you the older sibling?” Fuli asked.

Kopa smiled at her question this would be difficult to explain and he really would prefer to only have to do it once, so he would answer this directly.

“Simple, I’m dead.” Kopa answered.

“That doesn’t make things more simple” Beshte replied.

“What, you’re dead, how does that explain anything!?” Bunga asked rather loudly.

“If you’re dead, how are you even here!?” Fuli shouted.

“Kings can communicate but not physically manifest themselves.” Kion stated.

“Not entirely, look my brother would prefer he not have to explain things multiple times, let us find your family then we will explain.” Kiara said.

Kion wasn’t certain about that he was really curious and would rather find out now rather than later, though it did make sense to wait until everyone was assembled, this was probably a very complicated story.

“Alright, I’ll trust you for now” Kion said.

“Are you sure Kion?” Bunga asked.

“Yeah” Kion answered.

Fuli wasn’t sure either but she rarely questioned Kion’s decisions usually because he knew what he was doing, so for now she would trust Kion, for now. She then turned to the three hyenas who were still unconscious.

“They coming too?” Fuli asked.

“I don’t know are they your allies or do you just like watching them sleep?” Vitani said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Oh yeah, she’s definitely Vitani” Fuli said while turning to the guard.

“Alright enough games, let’s go.” Kion said, they then followed their mysterious rescuers back toward Pride Rock.

Simba and Nala searched all around Pride Rock as well as the Pride Lands for any sign of where Kion and the guard disappeared to but there was no sign of them. They had regained consciousness after hearing a massive blast that sounded like the roar of the elders. Did Kion use it to defeat their enemy or was it used against him? They had no way of knowing and right now their top concern was their son.

“There’s no trace of him at all, Simba” Nala said worried.

“Calm down, there was no scent of his blood anywhere so he is likely not wounded” Simba said trying to sound calm and not really succeeding.

“Simba this is our son, and we don’t know where he is!” Nala cried.

“I know, but he’s faced so much I have to believe he’s alright” Simba reasoned.

“If he’s not here maybe he made his way back to Pride Rock” Nala said.

Simba didn’t say anything he only nodded it made sense and he didn’t have any other alternatives. Simba and Nala made their way back toward Pride Rock when they noticed something weird, an unknown scent, someone was here!

“Intruders” Simba said worried.

“The scent seems familiar” Nala stated.

The two of them moved up to the cave slowly making certain nothing was in there they then detected Kiara’s scent. Without thinking they rushed into the cave and found their daughter sitting on the ground.

“I’m fine, you don’t need to check up on me again.” Kiara told them.

Wait check up on her, they didn’t check up on her what was she talking about, someone else was here but why would Kiara mistake them?

“Kiara we didn’t check up on you we just got back from searching for Kion.” Simba explained.

Kiara shot up immediately a look of confusion and fear on her face.

“Kiara what’s wrong?” Nala asked.

“I could’ve sworn I saw you, if it wasn’t you who was it?” Kiara said clearly concerned.

A voice interrupted them, it sounded familiar almost like Simba but not quite.

“Calm down, you have nothing to worry about we just had to make sure she was alright after what happened.” The voice said.

Simba turned to face it and got the biggest shock of his entire life, considering his life contained such moments as his father being murdered, meeting Nala for the first time in years and finding out his Uncle was a monster, this was quite the shock indeed, he was staring at himself and Nala was staring at herself.

Simba and Nala immediately backed away in fear,

“What the!?” Simba said in shock stumbling back.

“What is this, who are you!?” Nala shouted while literally almost falling backwards.

Calm down, you have nothing to fear.” Simba’s duplicate told him.

“What is going on!?” Simba shouted in fear.

“That’s a long story one we will explain when the others arrive.” The other Nala said.

“What were you doing with our daughter!?” Nala demanded.

“Nothing, you have to trust us!” Simba’s duplicate tried to reason.

Simba and Nala extracted their claws circling them slowly, they prepared to strike when Rafiki jumped in front of them.

“Stop I don’t know what’s going on but they are not your enemies!” Rafiki told them.

Nala and Simba stared at their duplicates and relented retracting their claws.

“Okay, what’s going on, how are you?” Nala began to ask when she was cut off.

“In time, we already found Kion and the guard they’ll be arriving here soon then we’ll explain everything.” The other Simba said.

“Alright, we’ll wait come outside with us, I won’t trust you to be in the same cave as my daughter.” Simba stated.

We understand if the situation was reversed we would do the same.” The other Nala replied.

Simba and Nala nodded they then sat outside Pride Rock waiting but never took their eyes off of their duplicates if they tried anything they would attack before they even finished it. Simba and Nala kept watch closely when they caught sight of Kion and the guard. They were with a gold lioness which kind of looked like Kiara, a dark peach lioness that had many similarities to Zira and Vitani and a cub, who Simba thought was Kion until he saw Kion on the opposite side. What in the world was going on?

“Mom, Dad, you’re alright.” Kion said embracing his parents.

“We were worried about you?” Nala told him.

“I’m fine, is Kiara alright?” Kion asked.

“Yeah she’s fine, do you know what’s happening?” Simba asked.

“No, but they do.” Kion stated while gesturing towards Kopa, Vitani and the older Kiara.

Kopa approached them and turned to his parents, he gestured everyone to gather around, they couldn’t explain why but they listened to him. They all gathered and sat down. This was going to be a lot for them to take in, but Kopa wasn’t worried he was certain they could handle it, he turned to his father.

“I think you should do the introductions, dad.” Kopa told him.

“Alright, well this is going to be difficult to explain but as shocking as it sounds my name is Simba and this is my mate Nala, our daughter Kiara and our son Kopa, that’s Vitani. We are alternate counterparts of you.” The other Simba stated.

“Alternate what?” Simba asked.

“Basically it turns out you’re world and our world are just one of countless others, different realities that exist simultaneously” The other Simba told them.

“How do these realities work?” Nala asked having trouble believing it.

“Apparently these realities are shaped by the choices we make, when we make one choice, there’s always the possibility of what might have been if we made another.” The other Simba explained.

Kion was beginning to understand, “Those choices branch off creating different lives for us” He said.

“Yes, each choice is like a branch on a tree the alternative choices then branch off into new worlds, realities and lives.” The other Simba stated.

“So where did we branch off?” Janga asked, this seemed confusing but not impossible in fact it made sense all the endless choices one could make that shape history, it makes sense that it could branch off into different ones, though Chungu and Cheezi looked like their heads were about to explode.

“I don’t know entirely but the biggest difference here is the Lion Guard” The other Simba replied.

“What, why would that be different?” Fuli asked.

“Because there is no Lion Guard in our world” The other Nala answered.

Kion had expected many answers but not that one, if there was no lion guard than what happened to Scar and where did he figure into it?

“Scar never led the Lion Guard, he betrayed his family out of desperation to save his marriage to Sarafina.” The other Simba said.

“What my mother had a romantic relationship with him.” Nala said surprised.

“Apparently, which means the alteration happened before Scar was even born.” The other Nala said.

“Okay, Kopa told us he’s dead, how is that possible?” Bunga asked.

Simba and Nala shuddered their counterparts son was dead, it was a horrifying thought the idea of it made them sick, was that true.

“Yes, he did, Kopa died during our battle with Zira, it was a long time ago” The other Simba said in sorrow.

“I’ll take it from here dad, eventually there was a war between our Pride and Zira’s, during this war I fell in love with Kovu, Scar’s heir.” The other Kiara explained.

Kiara overheard her and tried not to react to her words, she was seeing Kovu currently it was quite private but he and her went on a date only a few days ago, not that her parents knew.

“We had once been in a very intimate relationship” The other Kiara said then she did something that caught Kiara off guard when she said those words for a second she gestured towards her, she already knew how?

“It proved vital, it was through us and the earlier love between my brother and Vitani that united our prides together.” The other Kiara stated.

“Kiara ended an entire era, she made me proud” The other Simba said.

“Wow, you’re serious I’m going to be a legend, I’m going to unite entire prides, wow, I’m going to bring an era of peace!” Kiara said ecstatic.

“Keep your ego in check, we cannot accomplish anything if we give into our pride and arrogance” The other Kiara scolded her.

Nala had to admit this was intriguing but not why they were waiting it was time to get real answers.

“Why are you here?” She asked.

“The Dark King first attacked us he came for something but whatever it was wasn’t in our world, so he came to yours.” Kopa stated.

“What for?” Kiara asked.

“We don’t know but your world is more mystical than ours meaning he would be much more powerful here than in our world, we came to aid you.” The other Nala stated.

“Are there any links connections that link both worlds perhaps?” Kion asked.

Kopa pondered Kion’s question before replying, “we know he attacked the hyenas, Zira and your father, in our world he sought out the same.” Kopa explained.

“What was different?” Janga asked.

“Like I said whatever he wanted wasn’t there and Zira was already dead.” Kopa answered.

Kion took in what he heard so the dark king attacked Zira, the hyenas and Simba, he also attacked the alternate Simba. What was the connection unless Zira was dead, what if he didn’t kill her what if he was seeking her out what if Zira was what he was after.

“You said Zira was dead in your world well she’s alive here maybe either way, my father, the hyenas, and Zira are all connected to Scar, that’s where it leads Scar, somehow the Dark King is connected to him.” Kion concluded.

“Wow who knew there was a detective in that squeaky form” Fuli said playfully.

“Squeaky really, I can level mountains” Kion argued.

“I’ll never forget your real roar, it was cute” Fuli said smirking.

Kopa smiled a bit at the two of them he then turned to Vitani who was also smiling they could see it, the playfulness of it all, this particular bond was impossible to hide from them, considering they knew it very well.

Kion was annoyed by Fuli’s comments and decided to get back to business. “It makes sense could it be the Scar from your world?” Kion asked.

“No” The other Simba answered.

“Are you certain?” Simba asked.

“Trust me, he is” The other Nala answered.

“Either way, Scar is our best connection so we need to find anyone connected to Scar and keep them contained for now” Simba stated.

“I agree, Nala?” The other Simba.

“It’s a plan and the best we have” The other Nala answered.

“Alright this is still confusing what is it that makes our world unique?” Kiara asked.

“The idea that separates your world from ours like we said is the Lion Guard, this universe is mostly driven by it which increases the level of mysticism in it, I think that might play a part too” Kopa said.

“Then we will have to be careful especially regarding the roar, for now we need to just stick to our plan I’ll go and find anyone linked to Scar” LG Simba said.

“Alright I’ll go to find them with you” Simba said.

LG Simba nodded and the two of them took off into the Pride Lands they still weren’t sure what the Dark King was after but at least now they had some kind of idea.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 7:
Regrets and failures

Kion sat alone in the den he was still surprised by the revelation he had heard, there was no lion guard in the other world, which if true if the other world could survive without it how much use was it really, were his victories relevant could’ve someone else had saved the Pride Lands all those times? Well obviously considering the fact that in the other world someone did. What use was he anyway he was defeated twice, twice by the Dark King. The roar didn’t work, that was his greatest weapon if that didn’t work how could he possibly help anyone? Kion continued struggling with his emotions, he failed the kingdom, he failed his friends, he should’ve been prepared but wasn’t, he couldn’t let this keep happening, he was supposed to be a leader.

“Kion you alright?” Beshte asked.

“I failed you, you depended on me and I lost?” Kion told him in disappointment.

“Hey Kion cheer up, we’ve lost before remember our duel with Zira she beat the Zamma out of us” Bunga tried to reassure him.

“Is that supposed to make him feel better?” Fuli asked.

“Actually yes, she beat us badly, but Kion still won in the end, remember that Kion Zira beat you but you won in the end.” Ono stated.

“True, but where is that Lion, the one who managed to outsmart Zira who managed to overcome her and the outsiders, where was that lion when we faced The Dark King?” Kion asked.

“What are you talking about, he was with us fighting like he always does.” Beshte answered.

“No, I didn’t have a plan, not a good one.” Kion responded.

“What are you talking about your plan was solid, how were you supposed to know he would throw the roar back at you Kion?” Fuli asked.

“That was my plan, use the roar like everything else, what am I without it?” Kion asked while staring intensely.

“You’re our leader?” Ono answered.

“A leader who failed, I led you to defeat if not for them I probably would’ve gotten you killed, that’s not a leader, not a real one!” Kion said shouting the last part.

“Don’t you see the guard is nothing the moment the roar is useless, we’re useless!” Kion screamed.

“You don’t believe that, how on Earth could you believe that?” Fuli demanded.

“Because we don’t exist in other worlds, I don’t exist!” Kion shouted.

“I don’t exist if these other worlds can survive without me then why would this one need me!? Kion demanded.

Fuli understood now and it seemed Bunga did too, Kion had been told that everything he did had no impact in the grand scheme of things even worse Kion had been told he himself was irrelevant, not existing in these other worlds, how does one deal with the fact that in a way their life is meaningless?

“Kion the Pride Lands would be gone if not for you?” Bunga tried to tell him.

“It doesn’t matter I was helpless and if I only matter in one of infinite worlds I cannot be helpless I won’t let myself be.” Kion declared before pushing past the guard and bolting off into the Pride Lands. The guard tried to call back to him but it was futile he ignored it and disappeared into the furthest reaches of the kingdom. Fuli chased after him the guard following her, where exactly was he going it was a question they all asked, though where he was going only he knew.

Simba and LG Simba were scouting the boarders for any sign of the Dark King or more likely a hyena since they usually tried to get in from here. Simba was surprised by many of the things he learned about this world mainly the whole idea of the lion guard, his counterpart actually let Kion defend the kingdom by himself, how could any father allow that?

“So this Lion Guard, Kion actually leads it right?” Simba asked.

“Yes, he’s led it for a few years.” LG Simba answered.

“Does this not worry you?” Simba questioned.

“I’m always worried but Kion has proven to me that I can trust him he has achieved victories beyond my imagining.” LG Simba responded.

“I can imagine but he’s still just a cub.” Simba tried to reason.

“I thought that too, then he defeated Zira and won the war with the outsiders” LG Simba stated.

“Kion beat Zira how, how could you even let him face her!?” Simba asked shocked.

“I’m sorry it’s not my place to question you” Simba apologized.

“It’s alright I didn’t let him I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t let me” LG Simba answered.

“Well I guess he was right, you have a great son but you have to protect him.” Simba said trying to hide the pain in his voice.

“I know but he’s done more than I ever could, I have to trust him.” LG Simba replied.

“I understand you can trust him but you also have to trust yourself or your son could die, like mine did.” Simba said the last part being almost a whisper.

LG Simba understood, he still wondered how Kopa’s death happened but wouldn’t dare ask him no father wants to remember that and to make them remember it would be cruel. He nodded when he noticed Fuli racing up to them.

“Fuli what’s wrong?” LG Simba asked.

“It’s Kion he’s gone, he ran off!” Fuli told them in a panic.

LG Simba felt his fear grow his son was out there alone without anyone including the guard and he had to find him now before it was too late, he wouldn’t lose his son!

Kion was wandering around the Pride Lands before finally stopping near the waterhole. He was missing something obviously Scar was the connection but how, and if so why was Kovu left unscathed there was no sign of his blood at all, what was he missing?

“It’s not wise for a leader to be without his team.” Kopa told him having appeared right beside him.

“I’m no leader” Kion said quietly.

“Don’t doubt yourself or your guard, you have nothing to prove.” Kopa told him compassionately.

“I am the Lion Guard I must fulfill my duty no matter what.” Kion stated.

Kopa smiled at Kion’s comment and then chuckled a bit, “I know the feeling.” Kopa told him softly, Kion didn’t know what he meant and decided it didn’t matter right now there were more important things to worry about.

“It doesn’t make sense, when the outsiders were attacked Kovu was left
unscathed.” Kion stated.

“What of the rest?” Kopa asked.

“Well there was no sign of Vitani I don’t think she was even there, talking about cutting it close right?” Kion stated.

Kopa took in Kion’s words and thought about them, maybe she didn’t The Dark King arrived a few days ago why wait so long to attack Zira what separated that day from any other, Vitani wasn’t there.

“We have this wrong?” Kopa said worried.

“What do you mean?” Kion asked.

“We made the wrong connection.” Kopa said in a shocked whisper, then without warning he took off running.

“What are you talking about?” Kion asked.

“Scar’s not the connection!” Kopa called back to him before disappearing across the lands.

The two Nala’s along with Vitani had returned from their search for the dark king unfortunately with little success. Kiara stayed at Pride Rock making certain her younger self was safe as well as keeping an eye on the hyenas with the aid of the guard.

“No luck I suppose” Janga said.

“He’s good at covering his tracks” LG Nala said.

“Alright I'll get some hyenas and take over the search you take guard duty” Janga said.

“Alright, but don’t get any ideas.” LG Nala warned.

Nala didn’t feel the same she was aware Janga was the enemy of the guard but she also understood why, she wondered what his motives were. She also wondered if his mission pained him. She saw hyenas completely different now, Huzuni changed that, was he here if so was it possible he was happy?

“Before you leave Janga may I ask you something” Nala requested.

“Since you seem to be showing a degree of respect yes you may” Janga said.

“You lead the hyenas now right?” Nala asked.

“Yeah, by a technicality but yeah, why?” Janga asked.

“Can you recall a hyena called Huzuni?” Nala asked.

Janga was surprised why would she bring him up, how would she know him, well he did interact with some lionesses.

“Yeah he rings a bell” Janga answered.

“What happened to him?” Nala asked.

“Well he betrayed us got exiled from the clan, and made it a really difficult life for me.” Janga answered.

Nala then noticed something she didn’t before Janga looked a little like him, Huzuni had a son in this world. Someone loved him, it filled her with joy.

“Who was the mother?” Nala asked him.

“Mother, girlfriend how would I know that?” Janga asked.

“A son usually knows his father.” Nala replied.

Janga for a moment was surprised how did she know unless, wait a minute she was the lioness his dad fell for, not exactly but obviously it happened in her world too.

“Good guess, I don’t know my mom some hyena who seduced him after his lioness girl tore his heart out, he then died for her anyway, imagine that right.” Janga said in anger.

Nala felt a great sadness Huzuni was seduced could he ever give in of course he could all it takes is, oh, Nala remembered, when Huzuni finally confessed, Nala remembered not saying anything, she understood he just needed to say it. Nala wanting to scream at him wanted to tell him to get away from her, wanted to severe whatever connection they had, apparently in this world she did.

“Yeah it baffles me?” Nala said in regret.

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter, mom didn’t want me left me to die, so as far as the pack knew I was an orphan, whatever I’m taking watch and please if you have any other questions refrain from asking them.” Janga said angered before turning away as he did so he turned Mzingo.

“Keep an eye on them, if she knows that much I can only wonder what else she knows.” Janga commanded, Mzingo nodded and took to the skies.

Nala turned away saddened that was not what she wanted to hear, Huzuni deserved happiness and instead it was even worse here.

“I heard the stories about him, You shouldn’t blame yourself, love is never easy” Vitani told her.

Nala noticed that Vitani said that last part rather uncertain, yes her love life was difficult to say the least but she was always certain about it. What could be bothering her.

“Vitani is something wrong?” Nala asked her.

“I’m concerned about Kopa” Vitani said.

“Why?” Nala questioned.

“This is the first time we have truly seen each other in a long time yet he seems distant with me.” Vitani answered.

“He’s probably uncomfortable showing affection to your adult form since he hasn’t aged.” Nala answered.

“No he doesn’t care about that he already kissed me once as I was, Something else is bothering him.” Vitani replied.

“For the first time he’s ignoring his love for me.” Vitani finished Nala could tell it took a lot of willpower for Vitani to say that last part.

“Are you sure?” Nala asked trying to even comprehend what she just heard.

“You’ve never seen it he is always passionate, and now he’s not haven’t you noticed that sparkle in his eye isn’t as strong?” Vitani asked.

“Now that you mention it yes, he doesn’t seem as hopeful and optimistic as he usually is, but what could make him ignore his love for you?” Nala asked.

“I don’t know, this whole thing feels different, Kopa, the hyenas are alive, it’s just different after how things went in our world.” Vitani said.

Mzingo continued to listen to Vitani and Nala’s conversation and it was getting quite interesting, hyena extinction how did this happen perhaps there was more to hear.

“Yeah and some not so different” Nala said.

“I will always regret how I handled Huzuni he deserved better.” Nala said in sorrow.

“At least you didn’t cause the hyena extinction, I begged my mother to do it I feel each death hanging over my head.” Vitani stated in guilt.

“We have to just move on and hope we’re given a chance to make it right” Nala stated.

“Maybe someday” Vitani replied.

Mzingo had heard more than enough Vitani is responsible for the hyena extinction Janga must be informed about this immediately. He flew off to find Janga and warn him of the threat that could kill his entire kind.

Janga was surprised by the news he had just heard, mainly because he thought he knew most of Scar’s secrets but it would seem he didn’t know all of them and this was a very big and very good secret.

“You certain, you heard that?” Janga asked.

“Absolutely” Mzingo confirmed.

“So wait does that mean that girl threatens our entire clan?” Cheezi asked.

“No, not her but the version of her from our world, yeah she presents a threat.” Janga stated.

“Well then what are you going to do about her?” Chungu asked.

“Do I really have to spell it out for you, she’s a threat, well let’s make it so she isn’t one anymore.” Janga said his voice had a dark edge to it.

“What do you want us to do?” Chungu questioned.

“Find her and kill her, is that clear enough for you?” Janga said in annoyance.

“Oh man Janga can we eat her!?” Cheezi said excited.

“uh sure, but kill her before you eat her, I don’t need her escaping because you couldn’t eat her fast enough.” Janga demanded.

“We got this Janga.” Chungu said.

“Then why are you still standing here? Find this girl who threatens our existence and get rid of her.” Janga commanded. Cheezi and Chungu complied running off to find Vitani and take care of her.

Janga sighed in annoyance they were so stupid why was he still trying to protect them, to give them food? Seriously why didn’t he just abandon them and hunt food by himself or maybe strike a deal with Kion why did he do anything but the obvious choice of leaving the morons behind? Janga knew the answer of course, his dad betrayed the clan and that was the sole reason Janga lived his life alone. He wouldn’t be his father, he wouldn’t leave his own people. His mother regarded him as worthless well he would prove her wrong when he protected the hyena clan when no one else could. Was that his motive being better than his parents, did the clan matter to him, he didn’t know. Why else would he want the girl responsible for their death gone? What’s it matter he already proved himself better than his parents and his loyalty would rank right alongside Shenzi and Banzai, what did he have to prove? The clan didn’t care about him so logically he didn’t care about them, did he, he just didn’t know anymore.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 8:
A mysterious connection

LG Vitani continued to wander through the outlands, she wasn’t entirely sure why she had not yet returned home maybe this time she just didn’t plan to. Who could blame her for not going back what reason was there, her brother who didn’t care about her, her mother who beat her, the swamp ponds called water. There was no real reason to go back. LG Vitani felt the sun scorching down on her she could feel the sweat on her head that was dripping from her face. She had been hunting for some time with minimum results at least nothing that would last an even descent meal. She had snuck to the Pride Land boarders as she normally would and just stared at her old home. Her home that was taken from her for nothing she herself did. They were all happy there weren’t they, and how did they get that happiness by crushing hers to pieces. If only she could just charge into that kingdom and show them the kind of suffering she endured. LG Vitani growled in anger.

“It’s all the same, all of them all so happy with their lives disregarding the pain that plagues me, why because I don’t matter!?” LG Vitani screamed allowing her screams to echo across the outlands.

“If all of you could only understand what it feels like, if only I could make you.” LG Vitani seethed.

“Is that something you truly desire, Vitani?” A voice asked her.

LG Vitani looked around and saw a strange rather monstrous looking lion with purple fur, a black mane with spikes coming out of his elbows and shoulders staring at her. Her first instinct was to flee this lion looked like something from the inferno, and he knew her name this only scared her even more his voice didn’t help matters. She prepared to run when he spoke again.

“Please don’t run, I won’t hurt you” He said he sounded sincere, and the look in his green eyes which in truth really contrasted the rest of his appearance seemed to support his words.

“Alright what do you want?” LG Vitani asked.

The lion approached her, “I’ve come to take all the pain that plagues you” he answered.

LG Vitani growled in anger at his statement she didn’t need his help or anyone’s for that matter.

“I’m fine” She said in anger.

The Lion placed a paw on her softly, “You don’t need to hide your pain, come with me, I want you beside me” The lion told her.

LG Vitani was confused for one this was starting to get really creepy who was he, how did he know her and what did he want with her?

“As what?” She asked him.

The lion did not respond immediately instead for a moment he turned away from her after what seemed to be a sigh he turned back.

“You will never feel the sadness of your father’s death ever again” He told her.

Yeah, Yeah She had heard all these false promises before guess how many of them were true? She wasn’t going to fall for another he could say whatever he wanted it didn’t matter to her, he can’t take her pain because he can’t resurrect the dead, he can’t restore the life she had so he was no use to her. She wouldn’t give into to another false promise, never again.

“Yeah sounds sweet, but I’m perfectly fine without you” LG Vitani said harshly.

The lion seemed hurt by her words but he did expect them as well, “As you wish but know that I’ll always be there for you whenever you need me” He told her.

This was ridiculous he didn’t know her what did she mean to him, why this trouble, what on Earth did he want?

“Jeez what on Earth do you want?” LG Vitani asked.

The Dark King was about to leave but before he could he turned back toward her how could he not, she wanted to know and he would tell her the truth, it was so simple, such a simple thing to want.

“You by my side” it was the only answer he could’ve given.

Kion arrived at Rafiki’s tree after watching Kopa leave he still wasn’t certain what the real connection was, though maybe there was another way one he was about to try. Kion called out to Rafiki who swung down from his tree.

“Kion, what brings you here?” The baboon asked.

“I don’t have time for an explanation, I need you to make me a spiritual connection.” Kion stated.

“That seems unnecessary” Rafiki stated.

“Trust me, we had this wrong it wasn’t the connection we thought it was” Kion said.

“And how will a connection help?” Rafiki asked.

“I think there’s something I’m missing but it’s right in front of me but I can’t see it, maybe if I look inside myself to the stars, to the kings, I’ll find it.” Kion answered.

“I agree, we always miss something and that answer is usually within, sit down” Rafiki said.

Kion sat in the middle of the tree while Rafiki spread a strange dust around him. Kion let the fumes surround him he didn’t need to be told what to do next. He inhaled the components and let them enter his nostrils. The effect was instant he felt dizzy and the whole world was spinning Kion then collapsed to the ground unconscious, he really hoped this would work.

Kion opened his eyes to find himself in a massive void surrounded by countless stars they circle the entire area almost as if watching it which in truth they likely were. Kion stood in front of them and let his spirit rise the kings stopped him revealed themselves emerging from the many stars.

“Do you believe you are worthy?” They asked him.

“No, I know, I am not worthy but I beg your help regardless” Kion said pausing after saying the first part before continuing the rest of his statement.

“We sense that you truly believe you are not, you do not see yourself above others, you are worthy.” A king said, Kion recognized him, it was his grandfather Mufasa.

Kion felt his spirit journey deep into the stars, he felt the energy of the universe itself surround him. The energy of every living being not just the kings in fact many of the stars weren’t even kings. Kion focused on the all the energy flowing around him, it was all so powerful and pure but Kion wasn’t looking for pure energy he needed to find negative energy. Kion allowed himself to journeying deeper images flashed before him, he saw his investigation of Zira’s pride, his first fight with the dark king, his second one and the reveal that the dark king was seeking something that wasn’t in his world. Kion felt the memories of the Dark King focused on them letting his aura fill his mind. Kion recognized it and allowed his spirit to link to it he then tracked through the infinite stars and cosmic energy until it led him to it’s source, Kion was standing face to face with The Dark King.

“Greetings Kion, and well done on your tracking me not many would’ve gone as far as you did” The Dark King said his tone suggested he was genuine.

“Don’t commend me I did nothing special, except my duty.” Kion responded.

“Indeed and that is why you are a true hero” The Dark King replied.

“Enough about me, what do you want with our world?” Kion demanded.

The Dark King turned to Kion staring intensely, “I want what you want, those I love to be happy, just like you Kion.” The Dark King answered.

We are nothing alike.” Kion said in anger.

“I once protected my kingdom just as you did, I sacrificed everything for it just like you, beneath it all we are the same, Kion.” The Dark King stated.

Kion wanted to deny it he wanted to shout that they were not but decided not to. The Dark King then raised his paw and with a gesture pushed Kion away. Kion could feel the connection breaking no not yet he needed more time, Kion desperately tried to connect to the Dark King’s aura again and managed to succeed for a moment, more than that for a moment he felt his soul. Wait a minute no that couldn’t be but it was he knew he recognized that aura but what did that mean he tried to dig further and felt hatred so much hatred for one individual in particular, that was his next target but why him he tried to dig even deeper but before he could the connection was severed. Kion awakened from his journey and turned to Rafiki.

“Gather the guard and everyone else immediately” Kion commanded.

“Of course what did you learn?” Rafiki asked.

“More than I imagined, I know what he’s going to do next” Kion said.

His next move was clear though the why of it wasn’t and even more so was what Kion discovered about his aura how did that connect to his next target, it didn’t though the aura could not be mistaken it took him a bit to realize it but in the end it was clear, he didn’t know how and he didn’t know why but for whatever reason the Dark King’s spiritual aura was very similar to his own.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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Hey everyone how has it been going sorry for the wait but my computer has been given me trouble but now that's dealt with so I'm back and ready to continue the story I naturally have a lot of questions to answer which this chapter will do answering quite a few questions while raising many more. Of course I have some questions of my own what was the reaction many of you had when you discovered this was in fact a crossover story and just who do you think The Dark King is have you guessed it, let us find out in this coming chapter so sit back and enjoy.

: Chapter 9:
Out of the past

Simba and LG Simba were searching near the gorge at the moment in the hopes of finding any sign where Kion would go, the gorge was known to be a place of privacy as few usually went there. LG Simba wondered what caused his son to run off true he lost but he lost before what was bothering him.

“No sign of him here either” Simba said.

“Anywhere else he would’ve gone then?” LG Simba asked.

Simba pondered the question when his thoughts were interrupted by the sudden arrival of his son, Kopa.

“Dad, I have to talk to you now it’s urgent!” Kopa cried.

“Kopa how did you know we were here?” Simba asked.

“I’m a spirit dad I can almost track anyone instantly.” Kopa told him.

“Could you track Kion?” LG Simba asked.

“He’s fine, I saw him.” Kopa answered.

Is that why you’re here son?” Simba asked.

“No, we had all this wrong?” Kopa said.

“What are you talking about?” LG Simba questioned.

“The connection isn’t Scar, it’s Vitani!” Kopa said almost panicked.

What, how did that make any sense how did Vitani tie into this and if that was the connection why, what did the Dark King want? Simba looked at Kopa’s worried features, he knew something in fact Simba was beginning to think Kopa always knew something.

“How would you know that?” Simba asked eying him curiously.

“It just makes sense.” Kopa answered.

“Why’s that?” LG Simba pondered.

“Yes Kopa, why is that?” Simba said though his didn’t sound confused, he knew Kopa was hiding something, he was probably always hiding something.

Kopa was about to answer while a flow of purple energy flowed around him then a second later The Dark King appeared. Kopa attempted to swing his claws backwards but the Dark King grabbed his arm and slammed his face into the ground.

“Don’t you love the irony, Kopa?” The Dark King said, “You lie to them all even though you are supposed to be the purest, a true irony indeed” The Dark King mocked.

Simba was at a loss how where on Earth did the Dark King come from and how did he know they were here? LG Simba charged at the Dark King only for him to unleash a roar that blasted him into a wall causing him to collapse to the ground, out cold. The Dark King then turned toward Simba he expected him to be smirking but instead all he saw on his expression was anger and hatred, why? Simba charged at the Dark King readying himself for the next attack. However The Dark King did not attack did not defend himself instead he merely raised his paw and Simba’s body stopped. He struggled against it trying to move only to realize he couldn’t. The Dark King growled in anger at him before lifting his paw which caused Simba’s body to rise into the air, dangling like a puppet.

What are you doing?” Simba said trying not to sound afraid, it didn’t work he was terrified.

The Dark King turned to him, “Finally how I have longed to punish the one who failed me, who could never see when I needed him.” The Dark King said in complete fury.

Simba was at a loss what was the Dark King talking about, Simba never knew him how could he ever wrong him?

“What are you talking about, who are you?” Simba asked.

The Dark King growled again, "can’t see me for what I am, you never could, you’ll pay for that.” The Dark King stated but something was happening his voice sounded much smaller similar to almost a cub, the darkness surrounding him was fading.

“You’ll pay for the pain you caused me, and more than ever you’ll pay for condemning my love to almost certain death!” The Dark King screamed though it wasn’t his voice it was Kopa’s!

Simba’s eyes widened with Shock, it couldn’t be but it was the darkness faded revealing the form of a cub, a shadow version of Kopa.

“Kopa?” It was all Simba could say.

“Hello dad, long time no see” Dark Kopa said coldly.

“What, what how?” Simba said in complete disbelief.

“How long was it, oh right when you let me die for you!” Dark Kopa said with venomous rage.

He then tightened his paw which began to crush Simba, Simba let out a pained coughed, the physical pain was nothing compared to the pain of his words.

“You let me sacrifice my life for you! You failed me! You always did!” Dark Kopa screamed slamming Simba to the ground.

“Kopa, you have to understand, I tried I wanted to” Simba began to say before Dark Kopa smashed his body into a wall.

“You tried, if you had truly cared about me, you would’ve saved me or at least you would have shown my love mercy, did you try to save her dad!?” Dark Kopa shouted with rage.

Simba tried to argue with him but realized there was nothing to say, he was right, Simba did fail him he always failed him, he did condemn Vitani to death, not only did he let his son die, he tainted his memory.

“Because of you I can never truly be with her, because of your failure I have to ask myself what it would be like every day, you condemned me to a hell without end.” Dark Kopa said tears falling from his eyes.

Simba felt like he was dying, was this what Kopa felt, is this what he believed but he was just too kind to say it, did he condemn his son to hell?

“You’re right Kopa, I did fail you, it was my fault I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Simba said feeling tears in his eyes.

“You once promised that you would die for me, now you’re about to fulfill that promise, dad.” Dark Kopa said seething.

“Don’t do it, it won’t take away your pain” Kopa begged him having woken up while his dark half ranted at his father.

“Pain, like the pain we felt everyday just because you wouldn’t allow yourself to be happy.” Dark Kopa stated in anger.

“There was more at stake than what I wanted, I never should’ve tried to take it all on by myself, but the happiness of others is why I live.” Kopa told his dark half.

“Happiness of others, you’re a liar, if that were true then tell me, why did you make us abandon her!?” Dark Kopa screamed while charging at Kopa.

Kopa tried to ready himself for his dark half’s attack and prepared to catch him however Dark Kopa smashed right through his defense and tackled him to the ground. Kopa tried to struggle against him but Dark Kopa slammed him down he then began to pound on his face with his other paw.

“You always thought about anyone except those who truly needed us!” Dark Kopa roared while beating his head back and forth.

“You threw away everything we could have for simple strangers, you cost us everything!” Dark Kopa screamed while slamming his body into the hard stone repeatedly.

"How dare you, How dare you choose them over her! How dare you!” Dark Kopa shouted with venomous hatred while slamming Kopa again and again and smashing his paw into his skull repeatedly.

Simba was at a loss for words how on Earth was this rageful cub ever the cold and calculated Dark King? Simba had never seen rage like this in his entire life, even Zira had more self control, how could’ve those two had ever been the same individual?

Kopa tried to move but he couldn’t he never imagined his darker half would be so powerful he couldn’t fight back. Dark Kopa grabbed him around the neck dangling him over the gorge.

“Thank you for setting me free, I will not make the same mistakes you did” Dark Kopa stated.

He then pulled Simba towards them dangling both over the gorge and preparing to drop them.

“Kopa you’re not a murderer this isn’t you!” Simba pleaded.

“You don’t know what I am, I am empty, I feel as if my very soul has been shattered. All I live for meaningless without purpose, until now.” Dark Kopa said his voice was filled with deep pain and sadness.

“You have a place we all do.” Simba tried to tell him.

“No there is only one reason I live to spent my life beside her, she is my life, my heart, my soul, everything I am is through her without her I am nothing. I am empty, I am alone, nothing, Kito.” Dark Kopa said in sorrow he sounded like he was about to break down and cry.

“Kopa, please listen to me” Simba tried to say but was cut off.

“Don’t call me that call me what I am Kito, because until I am with her that is all I will ever be.” Kito said in despair.

“You can find whatever purpose you have from the stars beyond, this is for Vitani!” Kito declared.

Kito prepared to send them both plummeting down the gorge when Kion tackled him to the ground, giving Simba back control of his body. He caught Kopa’s unconscious form before it fell into the gorge he wouldn’t let it happen again. Kion grappled with Kito rolling him on the ground and slamming him down. Kito kicked Kion in the face causing him to stumble back, Kito pushed him against the wall. Kion struggled against him pulling him in and throwing him into the wall, Kito crashed into it but didn’t seem to react to the physical pain in any way at all he grabbed Kion by the neck and lifted him up slamming him down.

Vitani watched as LG Nala rushed to LG Simba’s unconscious form while Nala did the same with Simba. Vitani saw Kopa lying beaten on the ground. She rushed towards him and turned him over he was alive well his physical form was still in tact since he couldn't be alive. Vitani lifted her lover up gently and turned to see Kion struggling against The Dark King who had slammed him down and was now strangling him, but it wasn’t the Dark King it was a shadow version of Kopa! What was going on?

Kito continued to strangle Kion who began digging his claws into Kito’s paw. Kion shot his knee up into his stomach resulting in Kito growling in anger and throwing Kion across the grass. Kion pulled himself up. He noticed the guard sneaking past his enemy each of them getting to the two Simba’s and Kopa they were getting them to the safety good Kion only needed to hold him off a little longer then they could take him. Kion prepared to unleash the roar before stopping himself that had not worked no he would need to try something else. Kion saw Kito coming right at him, Kion caught Kito and threw him to the ground Kion then plunged his claws at him but Kito blocked them with his own, they stood their ground each pushing against the other. Kion noticed the others had gotten their friends to safety time to end this. Kion noticed that Kito’s paws were held back by his he would be unable to block the roar though unleashing it at this close of range could damage him too, Kion dismissed his thoughts, there were others at stake.

“You are growing tiresome” Kito growled.

“Agreed what do you say we finish this now!” Kion declared before unleashing the roar of the elders upon both of them.

It had never been unleashed at such a short range. Kion felt the force of it pushing him back not to mention crushing down on his legs, Kito on the other hand was blasted back several yards his body bouncing and tumbling across the grass before skidding to a stop. Kion felt exhausted he could barely stand but his opponent looked even more broken though to Kion’s shock he forced himself to stand.

No matter he had to be weakened it was amazing that he was still alive at all. Kion extracted his claws and jumped at him preparing to drive them through him only for Kito to catch him in mid air, literally.

“Enough! I tire of you and the elders.” Kito said in anger he then yanked Kion toward him.

Kion couldn’t move what was he doing, “Let’s see what kind of lion you really are.” Kito said in a very dark tone.

Kito grabbed his jaw and pried it open, his arm glowed a dark purple he then shoved it in his mouth. Kion’s whole body jerked and shook he tried to roar at him but he felt himself weakening. The clouds were trembling the Kion looked up and saw the image of the kings fading. Kion tried to scream but couldn’t, he felt as if his very soul was being invaded which wasn’t far from the truth. Kito yanked his paw out of his mouth a golden energy spirit shaped like a lion was forcibly pulled from Kion’s mouth, nose and eyes which were glowing, Kion couldn’t even scream or shake his body just went completely dead and fell to the floor, he then watched as the golden lion spirit faded into nothingness.

“You should’ve let me be, now you can live as Scar did, a broken shell of a lion.” Kito told him before turning away he then disappeared in a flash of light.

Kion laid on the ground lifelessly, he felt dead no that wasn’t right he felt worse than dead, completely lifeless as if his soul had been torn apart which in a way is exactly what just happened.

“Kion, Kion are you alright?” He heard Fuli calling out to him.

“What happened we weren’t gone long?” Bunga said worried.

“Move, Kion, Kion can you hear me!?” LG Simba cried.

“What’s wrong with him?” LG Nala said in fear.

Kopa approached Kion he placed his paw on his chest, no it was exactly as he feared.

“His link to the kings is gone.” Kopa said regrettably.

Everyone looked in shock at what they just heard Kion’s link to the great kings was gone.

“What do you mean, is he alright?” LG Simba said panicked.

“I don’t know” Kopa said in a near whisper.

He then turned away and walked past everyone not even sparing them a glance. Vitani tried to follow him.

“Kopa wait, please” Vitani said but to her complete Shock he ignored her.

Vitani raced in front of Kopa standing in his path, Kopa brushed past her gently moving her aside.

“Look at me Kopa!” Vitani demanded.

Kopa spared her not a glance he just moved past her and walked away in complete shame and disgust.

Well the truth was revealed and what a truth it was The Dark King is a dark counterpart of Kopa how on Earth is that possible after all it's Kopa! So how many of you saw the identity of the Dark King coming did any of you guess it? For anyone confused Kito is Swahili for nothing which is what Dark Kopa called himself. So now that we know Kito's intentions how does this change the overall conflict is their still a conflict, how will Vitani's alternate counterpart change what is coming?
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