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: Chapter 2:
A devils offer

Simba and Nala were sitting the den they were exhausted not to mention nearly broken. They had just finished sealing 16 graves 16 lives lost, 16 people they failed. They watched as Kovu and Kiara fed the cubs the wilernbeest Kovu caught. It was fortunate he did since without it it was unlikely they would have enough food for the day. It was at least something but hardly a solution, short term at best.

“That thing was a fighter clocked me right in the jaw, got me with another right here.” Kovu told the cubs while pointing to above his eye.

The cubs laughed at that one, “yeah he was all swinging for the moon i was seeing pretty clouds, but at that moment i could hear a voice talking to me true it was probably a result of my head hurting, but it said, I gotta do what i gotta do.” Kovu told them.

“Please tell me you didn’t actually say that.” Kiara replied.

“Oh yeah, I pulled myself up stared it the eye and said, I gotta do what i gotta what do, he came at me i came at him we swung like crazy.” Kovu continued.

“You went head to head with a wildernbeest” A cub said.

“Yeah and my paws couldn’t take him down so I used the only weapon i had i smashed my head into his with everything I had, the world became fuzzy and pretty and he fell over on the ground, winner Kovu!” Kovu said truimphantl. The cubs joined him in cheering.

Kiara rolled her eyes that was absurd a lion’s skull would not knock out a wilernbeest it was something you would make a play for, a true underdog story. Still Kiara couldn’t help but smile at the story it was the kind of fun the pride needed right now.

Kovu let the cubs continue eating before going back towards Kiara, Simba and Nala. “So what do you think pretty awesome right?” Kovu asked.

“I think the word you’re looking for is impossible” Nala replied.

“That’s truly ridiculous and I’ve encountered alternate worlds” Simba answered.

“You should make it a play” Kiara told him.

“Come on you didn’t laugh a little when I said i koed a wildernbeest with my head?” Kovu asked.

“I chuckled, mom, dad.” Kiara asked.

“Good job Kovu, we needed this” Simba answered he then got up and left Nala followed him.

“I tried Kiara” Kovu told her more sadly.

“I know so just asking what did take it down?” Kiara asked.

“Kiara that part of my story is true, I didn’t brawl it, but the head part completely true.” Kovu said.

“No way, no way.” Kiara replied.

“Seriously I knocked out a wildernbeest with my head” Kovu defended.

“Yeah right” Kiara said.

Simba and Nala listened to them joke, it was a comforting thought something they only wish they could do, but after burying so many across the days they just didn’t have in them.

“He saved a lot today” Simba said.

“How many tomorrow?” Nala asked.

“I don’t know we lost more people today, our people are getting worse, our subjects, our cubs” Simba said.

“What more can we do, we would normally hunt with them but we know spiritual remedies better than anyone else we’re the medics we can’t leave?” Nala stated.

Simba looked down at the dirt and ran his claws through it scrapping up some of it in his paw, “We don’t have anything left, this dirt and mud we’ll be eating it in a few weeks at this rate.” Simba said trying to hide his anger.

“What can we do then, at this rate Simba we’ll be eating our dead to survive.” Nala said horrified.

“We’re not gonna make it not like this” Simba said in sorrow.

“How long before the dead outnumber the living if they don’t already?” Nala asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know, the waterhole is literally a graveyard, We’re running out of places to bury people here, I’ve already began relocating some of them to the gorge for burning we don’t have enough graves.” Simba responded grimly.

“Can we save our home, Simba?” Nala asked in a whisper.

“If the rain doesn’t come, without proper resources” Simba struggled to say he didn’t have a good answer, he didn’t think so Simba honestly didn’t think it was possible to save the Pride Lands, he just had been through too much.

Nala understood her response and couldn’t argue with it, she had never felt this hopeless before. Nala and Simba glanced at all the graves they dug just today, when a lioness approached them.

“What is it?” Nala asked.

“There is someone requesting your presence at the waterhole” She said.

Simba and Nala looked at each other confused they considered not going but this was the first time anyone had made outside contact with the Pride Lands in many years, this could be very important and if it wasn’t if it was a threat they had a meal for tomorrow, not a pleasant thought but you do what you have to. They both made their way to the waterhole who wanted to see them.

Simba and Nala arrived at the waterhole it was impossible to ignore all the graves. They saw a lioness tearing up the dirt, her fur was almost a dark gray and her eyes a cold blue, like ice.

“I remember the waterhole was a place of romance, then again few things are more romantic than the concept of together in death.” She said rather fast and ungodly cold.

“Are you mocking those who died?” Nala asked angered.

“Just acknowledging our useless customs, I see many wished to buried together, how generous to feed the maggots.” She said completely detached.

Nala was moments away from tearing her head off and Simba had to admit that sounded like a good idea, this lioness was beyond cold hearted. “You trying to make a point about something?” Simba asked angered.

“I thought it was obvious you’re people are dying yet you waste resources burying your dead feeding maggots instead of your pride.” The lioness stated harshly without a shred of empathy.

“They deserve better than that.” Nala said.

“Might’ve saved a few lives, certainly more productive than digging graves all day.” The lioness replied like a blur.

Simba wanted to argue but she was right Nala even said they would have to eat their dead soon it was inevitable. “Who are you what do you want?” Simba asked.

“Took long enough to get to the point, my name is Vita i am one the rulers of the surrounding pride and a member of the royal council, I act as one of it’s head and have become it’s head in recent years.” Vita stated her tone and voice rather fast.

“Why are you here?” Nala asked.

“If you would just use your brain and let me answer you would know, do you know my reasonings no, then don’t interrupt me.” Vita commanded.

Simba had to admit he already had an opinion of her she was harsh, cold, unfeeling and just rude, He hadn’t known her for five minutes and Simba already knew he didn’t like her.

“As you are likely aware there has been a revolution happening in the recent years between the monarchies of the kingdoms and an ever growing rebellion. We have tried to deal with these matter through different means all failed, this war is destroying more and more each day. We can’t win it not on our own. We need something stronger.” Vita explained not pausing at all until the last part of her statement.

Simba and Nala were trying to keep up with what the heck Vita just said she talked insanely fast, going through entire statements like lightning.

“What do you need?” Simba asked in confusion.

“The guard, Kion has never failed in any mission he has achieved victories that are legendary even managed to defeat the demon known as Kito, yes I am aware of that intriguing journey you went through. The guard is effective send Kion and the guard against the rebellion they will find them and we can take them down.” Vita said slower. “Did you at least get that one?” She asked rudely, her slowing down was deliberate.

“Wait a minute the pride lands have stayed out of this war since the beginning why would we help you now?” Nala asked trying to hide her clear disdain for Vita.

“To save your kingdom, you can. If you help us eliminate the rebels we will support and supply your kingdom until the drought ends, no one kingdom could but all of them could easily, we will even help you seed the ground grow new life, revitalize your kingdom.” Vita answered talking a bit faster but slowing down at key moments.

Simba and Nala looked at Vita with shock, that was quite an offer. They could save their home it wasn’t completely hopelessness there was actually a chance how could they possibly turn this down. However what would Kion say? Nala and Simba could tell Vita wasn’t a good person Kion would not agree with working with someone like her, but what choice was their was their really a better option?

“You’re free to decide, I will give until sunset tomorrow to give me your answer, do not leave me waiting, if you are even a fraction, a single fraction of a second off, if you are even a single tiny instant too late, I will leave your kingdom to rot. Vita stated saying the entire statement without a single pause, not even for an instant.

Simba and Nala nodded they had to talk this over with everyone though wasn’t the choice completely obivous?

Simba and Nala returned to Pride Rock they ordered a lioness to get Kion and Fuli Bunga as well they then went and found Kiara and Kovu. About a half hour later they were all sitting in the den as Simba and Nala told them Vita’s offer.

“So if we help them defeat these rebels our home will be saved?” Kiara asked.

“That’s the agreement yes.” Simba answered.

“Can she be trusted?” Kovu asked.

“As an individual no, she lacks any sort of empathy at all, but as a ruler her word is law.” Nala stated.

“Does every ruler follow the law what binds them to their word, seems pretty risky to take someone with no empathy at face value.” Fuli stated.

“True but my father said she sought them out they need us.” Kiara said in response.

Who are these rebels, I mean are they good guys bad guys what side are we on?” Bunga asked.

“It’s not that simple Bunga my sister wasn’t always a monster she became one, i wouldn’t be surprised if neither side was good or bad.” Kovu said.

“Then how can we be certain we’re on the right side, how do we know we’re not helping the wrong people?” Kion asked.

“We’re helping our people, Kion” Simba answered.

“So we sacrifice these rebels to save our own skins even more so we do this without even knowing who we’re helping or who we’re hurting?” Kion asked.

“You have an alternative Kion our situation is so great either.” Kiara responded.

“I know but we’ve endured maybe we can go somewhere else, the jungle anywhere and just wait or find a new home in general.” Kion suggested.

Wishful thinking to be sure not in the slightest realistic the only reason the Pride Lands avoided the war was because of the drought anywhere else they went would be sucked into the war.

“We go anywhere else the war will come to us anyway, one way or another we have to fight it.” Simba explained.

“Kion has a point maybe we can take a bit study both sides and find out just who we should be helping.” Fuli suggested, she had no desire to get involved in a war.

“We don’t have time Vita wants our answer by tomorrow.” Nala responded.

“Have you ever considered there’s a reason she doesn’t want us to know who she is who we’re helping, what if these rebels are innocent, what if we force a group of innocent people into slavery?” Kion asked.

“It’s not an easy choice Kion but look at our home, we can’t just let this chance pass by.” Kiara argued.

“I’m not saying to forget our home, I’m just saying we should consider our options if Vita seeks our help maybe the rebels do too.” Kion replied.

“For all you know Kion those rebels are barbarians trying to take their kingdoms with brutal force, out for blood.” Kiara reasoned.

“I know neither side can be trusted which is why we can’t just throw ourselves into this.” Kion retorted.

“Kiara and Kion both make sense anyway we can get any kind of information by Vita’s deadline?” Bunga asked.

“No, no way, this is the best chance we have I don’t see how we can let it go.” Simba stated.

Kion didn’t like it and he certainly didn’t trust it he became a hero to do good, to help the innocent, Vita didn’t sound like either. He didn’t know why he was so certain but he just had a feeling a deep feeling that they were helping the wrong people, this isn’t the side they should choose.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 3:
No absolutes

Kion was moving alone through the Pride Lands still contemplating what he just heard. In theory it made sense the kingdoms could save their homes so naturally helping them was the right choice, but it just didn’t feel right this wasn’t the purpose of the guard. Kion couldn’t bring himself to accept it no matter how logical it sounded. He didn’t help bad people, the guard only did good, that was why they were formed. Of course this raised another counteraction the guard was formed to protect the pride lands, which helping Vita did. Kion didn’t know what to think, was the Pride Lands worth possibly sacrificing a group of innocent individuals? It went against everything Kion believed everything his family taught him.

Maybe he was getting ahead of himself maybe Vita and the council were the side they should be helping. He tried to tell himself that but he didn’t for a second believe it. Kion sat down alone pondering his thoughts. He was deep in thought when he detected a scent he didn’t recognize it. He sat up looking around it felt like someone was watching him but who and why, he didn’t know the answer but he knew there was someone here.

“Whoever you are show yourself!” Kion demanded.

An individual emerged from the grass, a leopard with dark brown eyes and a very stoic demeanor. “Greetings Kion guard of the pride lands.” He said his voice was polite and respectful but completely stoic and lacking much emotion.

“Who are you why are you watching me?” Kion asked.

“My name is Muhimu, as for why I am here I can guess you yourself already know.” Muhimu replied.

“This is about Vita’s offer” Kion concluded.

“Yes and I am here to tell you that everything you believe is true, she is a tyrant and a monster who has left us in chains” Muhimu said.

“You’re the rebels, you’ve been watching everything even my debate with my father, why approach me instead of him?” Kion asked.

“Because your father is not willing to burden the blood of a war on his head, he will do what is necessary to save his home not the whole of Africa, you are not driven by such personal issues you do what is right, and you know what is right.” Muhimu answered.

“And what’s right your side I don’t trust Vita but don’t expect me to trust you instantly either.” Kion stated.

“Of course, that would be foolish and naive you are neither.” Muhimu said, he then reached into a basket and pulled out mutiple different strands of fur.

“I believe you are aware of spiritual glimpse, glimple these things of fur and you will know.” Muhimu said.

Kion considered his words they seemed to make sense but these things of fur could be stolen from the opposing side in an attempt to demonize them this wasn’t enough proof.

“Your fur, if what you say is true your fur will have a similar story.” Kion said.

“I already had mine in there but I knew you wouldn’t be naive enough to just take my word” Muhimu said pulling out a chunk of his fur and handing it to Kion.

“If you wish to fight against injustice and save those who are innocent we will be waiting for you near the outlands.” Muhimu told him he then turned away and disappeared into the night, a moment later he was gone with no sign he was ever there.

Kion for the moment ignored his departure and looked at the things of fur in his paw, this would tell him what he needed to know, he considered getting his father but his father could be quite paranoid and would likely not allow a spirutual glimpse at all. Kion would have to discover the truth about the conflict himself whichever truth it was.

Kion arrived at Rafiki’s tree, he noticed his father and mother were there still continuing their spiritual lessons. His father seemed to be teaching his mother at the moment. No matter Kion could wait and his mother not to mention others needed to know this, so he would happily wait until they were finished. About an hour later his father and mother exited the tree, Kion waited until they were far past the tree before entering it himself. Kion moved through the tree silently making his way to the center of it. He arrived at the center where he saw all the fruits Rafiki used both for normal food and his more mystical remedies. Kion slowly went through them until he find the one he was looking for, a small pink one and a blue dust. Kion took them and began spreading the blue dust around him. He then broke the fruit open and let it’s juices link in. Kion dropped the dust in and shook it allowing a strange smoke to rise from it. He then dropped the pieces of fur in waited for a bit before inhaling the smoke.

Kion’s head began to spin as did the world he felt his body increasing in weight, it was difficult to stand. Then he reached in and touched the first piece of fur. An image revealed itself. A panther was shown being led along a path by a group of soldiers the panther struggled against them resulting in them kicking her to the ground. The Panther struggled to get up resulting in her being dragged into a cave they slammed her against the wall and a monkey carrying a vine with sharp ends to it slashed it across her back causing her to scream. Kion watched as the Panther was whipped again and again in complete horror. Kion reached out and touched the next thing of fur. An antelope was shown desperately trying to feed his family he angrily protests against the king resulting in him being dragged away. The antelope is thrown into a prison he’s not alone there are countless dozens of others in their with him.

Kion stepped away in shock touching the next piece. It was a monkey living in his home with his family he is then shown helping a starving wildernbeest and welcoming him into his home. His home is then invaded by soldiers who arrest him for harboring an outsider his family is taken as well. Kion feels his disgust growing as he touches the next one. A tiger is shown rallying others in a peace march to oppose the monarchy he refuses to yield even allowing himself to be arrested, the kingdom interrogates him for his crimes demanding a public apology he refuses resulting in them dragging his wife in and forcing her paw into a small pond with an eletric eel. Kion turned away from the image rage and fury in his eyes. How dare these people think for even a moment he would help them. They were the ones he should be stopping not the rebels. Kion turns to the last one Muhimu he reaches out and touches it expecting the worst and he’s absolutely it’s the worst one yet. Countless animals are lined up Muhimu is chained down being demanded to had the other rebels, he refuses. With a gesture every animal is executed.

Kion snaps out of his vision and throws the pieces of fur aside. Those monsters those animals. How dare they try and make him oppress the innocent they dare try to make him the instrument that will put them in chains. This would not be tolerated, these monsters aren’t the kind of people Kion helps they’re the kind of people he brings down and make no mistake he would.

Simba was returning to his den for the night he had finally finished sealing the last grave and was ready to sleep however he was shocked to see Kion waiting for him. “We need to talk get everyone in here now.” Kion demanded there was a clear fury in his eyes. Not long after the entire guard and family are all gathered in the den as Kion explained what he saw.

“These royals aren’t seeking our help to restore order they’re seeking to help to enslave their subjects.” Kion said barely containing his anger.

“Sounds like bad guys to me, no way we can help those people.” Bunga said in agreement.

“Yes they’re monsters but we didn’t trust them to begin with, this revelation Kion doesn’t change the situation.” Simba said.

“Doesn’t change the situation, dad they’re tyrants! The rebels are the ones we should be helping!” Kion said outraged.

“And what about our home you’re forgetting about that little problem Kion.” Kiara reasoned.

“We get help elsewhere.” Kion said like it was obvious.

“Kion there is no one else, you think the rebels have the means of keeping our home alive i doubt they’re doing all that great keeping themselves alive.” Kiara argued.

“That’s why we should help them!” Kion aruged back.

Simba could tell Kion wasn’t rationally the idea of someone using him to do something terrible was something Kion had taken very personally, still he needed to look at this from the perspective of their home.

“Look at our home, Kion we’re not going to make it if we don’t accept it everyone will die.” Simba tried to reason.

So we just trade the rebels lives for our own, that is not the ideals Mufasa and his forefathers taught us.” Kion replied.

“We have a duty to the people who depend on us, who love us” Simba said.

“We have a duty to ensure peace and freedom for all we can’t be involved in what is essentially a mass slavery.” Kion countered.

“And what about your duty to your home, Kion isn’t that what the guard is meant to do to protect our home?” Kiara asked.

Kion considered Kiara’s words but could not accept them not like this no way he couldn’t, he wouldn’t accept this it goes against everything he stands for.

“This betrays everything the era of the lion stands for the very foundations our home was built on, we do this we’re killing the Pride Lands anyway and disgracing it’s memory in the process. Kion said.

“That is dangerously self righteous Kion they’ll still be alive are the lives of everyone here worth the ideals of the kingdom, we have to do this Kion we have to.” Simba said in a near defeated tone.

“I won’t do it, i will not help these people I will not attack the innocent fighting for their rights, I will not betray the foundations we were built on!” Kion roared

Kion turned away from his family he then without saying another word exited the den Fuli and Bunga followed him. Simba watched Kion leave he didn’t like this. He could tell this was going to end bad very bad. He knew what he had to do he didn’t like it but it was the only way your ideals shouldn’t be worth the lives others, yours sure but not others. Kion felt differently he was trying to see this as right and wrong, he was trying to find the absolute but that was the problem there wasn’t an absolute both choices were wrong so you do the one that is best for everyone else.

There was no way this ended well Kion was set in his ways and no one could change his mind. Simba could feel it coming this was going to tear them apart. What would he do then, there was a good question he had a duty to his kingdom but what would happen if saving his kingdom came down to going against his son, would he do it? His morals and his kingdom that was easy but his kingdom and his family well in that particular case Simba couldn’t say which side was right or if either were, sometimes there are conflicts with no clear answer, no right and wrong, sometimes there are no absolutes.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 4:
Torn asunder

Kion was sitting alone in a cave near the edge of the Pride Lands staring sightlessly out at the world his mind racing as he contemplating the choice he knew he had to make but wasn’t certain he could. It was an impossible choice his father was set in his ways and wasn’t going to change them but Kion would not be a part of this how could he be. But what did he do if he did what he knew was right he would be turning his back on his family could he bring himself to do that. Kion remained motionless as he weight his options the only ones he had.

“Kion you’ve been staring at the kingdom for over an hour you alright buddy?” Bunga asked.

Kion turned them reacting for the first time he had forgotten they were here, he asked to be left alone.

“Just deciding what I know I must do.” Kion answered.

Fuli wasn’t certain about that this choice Kion was about to make was not to be made lightly, it would tear his family apart and would most certainly destroy his life.

“You certain about that Kion you’re trending very dangerous water here, you jump in there’s no going back.” Fuli said her expression was very serious.

“Fuli has a point Kion you do this you’re life as you know it is over.” Bunga warned.

Kion wasn’t a fool he was well aware of this he knew what would this would mean the price it would cost him and he was prepared to accept it because that’s what doing the right thing was doing what was best for others not yourself.

“I know I know the price.” Kion said in a near whisper.

“You know what this choice will cost you are you certain about this” Fuli asked her tone was dead serious.

“I know what we stand for and now there are innocents who need the Lion Guard, though I will not ask you to come with me, that is too much to ask.” Kion stated.

“Don’t bother I’m going with you i joined the Lion Guard to help those in need no way I’m turning on that now.” Bunga stated.

“I’m going too and don’t even try to stop me.” Fuli said.

“We’re a team you’re free to make your own choices regardless of my opinion of it.” Kion told them, they then reached their paws into the air and placed them together, after many years the Lion Guard was back and in truth they couldn’t deny it, it felt good knowing this. Tomorrow it would all change they knew what they were doing they knew there would be consequences and they were prepared to face them, whatever they may be.

Dawn, Simba, Nala, Kiara, and Kovu move through the Pride Lands making their way to the waterhole where Vita is waiting it wasn’t the deadline but they had already made their choice and were ready to go through with it. On a different point near the outlands Kion, Fuli, and Bunga were making their way to the termite hill to where Muhimu was waiting along with many rebels, They knew their lives were over that whatever life they had would be damaged beyond repair after this and they accepted this they made an oath almost a decade ago and now they would fulfill it, Simba and his family arrived at the waterhole Vita was waiting another lion with her.

“You’re early not that i mind I prefer to finish this quickly.” Vita said like a blur.

“We know what is at stake and we know just what kind of lion you are, but too much is at stake.” Simba told her.

Kion and the guard arrived at the termite hill where Muhimu was waiting.

“I am pleased to see you have decided to join us here, I was right to approach you.” Muhimu told them.

“The right to be free is a right meant for everyone, to live a happy life is the very reason the guard was forged to allow the innocent to live as they choose. Kion said.

Vita ignored Simba’s comment she wanted to finish this quickly there was no need for speeches, it was time to get down to business.

“This is Koto he is the king of the Umi lands, and a head member of the royal council he will be aiding and supervising you in your efforts, I have no desire to. Vita said rather quickly she didn’t bother to hide the condescending nature in her tone.

“I believe we will all be of great benefit to each other.” Koto told him.

Simba didn’t like the vibe he got from him the look in his eye the way he eyed Vita with disdain and even the way he said they would benefit each other sounded off, even without knowing him Simba could tell he was slime.

“We welcome your aid, and will do what we can.” Simba said.

Muhimu stepped down and gave a small bow it wasn’t submissive merely respectful the other rebels did it as well.

“We welcome you all, and appreciated the great sacrifice you have made, to leave ones family isn’t an easy choice.” Muhimu said.

“It’s to defend them too, to keep them from getting hurt.” Kion said.

Muhimu noticed the bit of hesitation in his voice would that be a problem, he wouldn’t concern himself with it yet but he would not forget it yet.

Koto eyed Simba he could see the uncertainty in his eyes oh yes this was exactly the kind of a lion he needed to get things going, he could see it clearly Simba would most definitely benefit him.

“Then I look forward to our partnership.” Koto told Simba.

“Where is Kion and the guard?” Vita asked well somewhat she didn’t sound curious.

“They would not come I doubt Kion or the guard will agree to aid you or your forces. Nala said.

“My offer specifically requested the aid of the guard.” Vita said annoyed.

“He refused but we have others who can aid Kovu is an expert hunter as am i. Kiara said, it was actually true in the years Kiara had learned a lot from her mother and Kovu and was among the best these days.

“I’ve spent too much time on this deal to walk away with nothing, so for now I will deal with this.” Vita said.

“Then our business is settled.” Simba said.

Vita didn’t even nod she just turned and walked away leaving Koto with Simba, the two looked each other briefly both with completely different intentions, neither had any positive feelings about the other.

Kion noticed Muhimu eye him ever so briefly, that was weird what did Kion say that caught his attention either way he didn’t seem to be thinking of it anymore.

“Our greetings must end here we need to move now or we risk discovery.” Muhimu stated.

Kion and the guard nodded before following them, as they moved Kion briefly looked back at the Pride Lands, he hoped they could endure long enough without him but others needed him now. He couldn’t just focus on the Pride Lands. Kion looked at Pride Rock he wondered what choice his parents made and if they did join Vita which one would be doing the fighting would he meet them, this was it they both went their ways and now there was no turning back. Kion with reluctant sigh continued moving his final message to his family repeating in his mind.

“I don’t really know what to say, I must have wrote this a dozen times trying to find the right way to say this i guess there isn’t a right way. I’m leaving, I’m going to find the rebels and I’m going to help them reclaim the lives the royal council took from them. I know you all think I’m being rash maybe I am but i can’t be a part of the alternative and I can’t sit back and do nothing either, you all know that. Fuli and Bunga are with me don’t worry about them. I understand why you made the choice you did but I can’t just accept it. I am not foresaking you nor do i feel any disdain for any of you but I have to do this, all I can say is I’m sorry, I’m sorry i left all of you, I’m sorry I left our home, I’m sorry i couldn’t stand with you, but even though I couldn’t stand with you, i will always love all of you.”

Forgive me

Kiara was trembling with fury while Kovu continued trying to calm her while Simba and Nala had a look of acceptance though still pain. In front of them on what was usually Kion’s cave was a message it was very simple what it meant. Simba and Nala tried not to shed any tears but failed, their son left them. They presented him with something so hard he left them, in that moment they were already questioning their choice. Kiara was struggling not to rip the stone to pieces.

“He left us, he actually turned his back on us.” Kiara said seething, this was impossible Kion inspired her to become everything she was and he left them, all of them.

“It wasn’t an easy situation Kiara” Simba reasoned.

“He chose strangers over us, over his home, how is choosing your family over strangers not anything but easy?” Kiara said angered.

“He wants to help those in need we should’ve seen this coming” Nala said in sadness.

Kiara considered her mothers words they made sense but that still didn’t make it right, they don’t turn your back on those who love you, how could he even conceive it yet alone go through with it.

“He’s wrong mom, he doesn’t know what he’s doing he thinks this is just another mission it’s not he doesn’t realize that yet, I’m going to go find him.” Kiara said more compassionately than she was before.

“Kiara i know you’re angry” Simba began to say.

“I’m furious, if he weren’t my brother i would cripple him, but i don’t want to hurt him, he abandoned us but I don’t want to hurt him, I want to find him before this war gets bloody again, I want to find him before he gets himself and the guard killed.” Kiara stated.

Simba and Nala couldn’t argue with that, they didn’t like the idea of Kion fighting with the rebels, revolutions usually don’t end well and Vita is exactly the type to lose her patience and just go screw it kill them all. They had no desire to see Kion as one of the casualities.

“Do it” Nala said.

“I’m heading for the army right now Vita expected Kovu and myself to aid anyway.”

“Avoid all out conflict our agreement was to track the rebels lead her to them, not engage them.” Simba told Kiara.

“I will, don’t worry I’m going to find Kion and I’m going to bring him home.” Kiara told them.

Simba and Nala smiled at their daughter before hugging her which Kiara returned she then turned away from them and moved towards the boarders Kovu following her though they weren’t leaving yet they had one stop to make first.

Kovu and Kiara arrived at a small oasis that was only a few hours from the Pride Lands, it had been a bit since Kovu had visited even longer since Kiara visited. They arrived at a small pond which a lone lion was resting in his fur was a very dark brown he barely had a black mane and had green eyes, he seemed to be enjoying himself. Nuka was resting in the pond which was actually a hot spring he made with a little help from elephant grave yard geysers, and it was well worth it. Nuka was relaxing in the warm water he allowed himself to sink partially in it before he saw two forms staring up at him well it had been about six weeks since he last saw her and about a month since Kovu last showed.

“Well what do you know they do remember me.” Nuka said with a smirk.

“Hey Nuka sorry for taking so long.” Kovu said.

“Oh don’t strain yourself, it’s only a few hours away, I would normally offer you a seat in here but it’s taken.” Nuka said his tone was rather sarcastic.

“Nice pond, warm water is a nice touch.” Kiara said.

“The secret is steam, so what brings you here?” Nuka asked.

“Kion left he joined the rebels in their revolution.” Kiara answered.

“Wait a minute he what, not the wisest choice.” Nuka said.

“That’s why we’re here it’’s no secret that you do dealings with all kinds of different groups have you given supplies to the rebels by any chance?” Kovu asked his brother.

Nuka wasn’t surprised to hear this question he had actually heard rumors of Vita’s offer though if Kiara was searching for Kion and the rebels does that mean Simba accepted not an impossible outcome, Nuka straightened himself just a bit.

“Here i thought this was a family visit, yeah I’ve dealt with them before still do occassionally and the other side too though i not as much there kind of pricks.” Nuka answered.

“You deal with both sides.” Kiara said a bit annoyed.

“Gotta play the odds to your favor” Nuka said uncaringly.

“Could you possibly keep an eye on the rebels for us, help us find Kion easier.” Kovu asked.

“Sure, have to be subtle or they’ll suspect something, but I can handle that” Nuka replied.

“Thank you Nuka” Kiara said.

“No problem, you going to need any help Kovu it’ll be different being somewhere you don’t know inside out top to bottom.” Nuka said rather insultingly.

“I can handle it, and I’ve made plenty of trips already.” Kovu said.

Nuka smirked at his younger brother before relaxing in the spring again.

“Get the package I sent you?” Nuka asked.

“Oh that was a gift thought it was meant to stink up my cave, hid it under a rock to hide the stench.” Kovu answered.

“It was meant to bring others together a stinky situation is a great lead to a clean one, trust me you want to see Kiara in here, a wet lioness is hot.” Nuka said grinning.

“Okay enough dreaming about girls, Nuka I’m counting on you for this can i rely on you?”

“Sure no problem, good luck.” Nuka told her.

Kovu and Kiara nodded before leaving the oasis I had their source to finding Kion now all they had to do was slowly follow the trail to him. A few hours later they were standing in front of Vita and her forces. Kiara bowed to Vita and Kovu did the same.

“I welcome your skills assuming there as good as promised, what do you seek Kiara?”

Kiara looked up at Vita she knew what she wanted that much she was certain and she would most definitely find it, he couldn’t run or hide no matter how much he tried, Kiara would find him and drag him back.

“To hunt down those who abandoned their home.” Kiara said with resolve and it was no lie, she would hunt Kion down no matter what, he was coming home with her rather he wanted to or not.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 5:
On opposing sides

Kion dodged the attacks of half a dozen different lions grabbing one and directing his attack into another before kicking a second one to the ground. Kion ducked underneath another blow slamming the lion to the ground he then spun around and kicked another right in the chin. Kion turned and saw Fuli jumping from soldier to soldier like a bolt of lightning one she slammed into a wall, the next she uppercutted, the third she swept their legs out from beneath them, the fourth she jumped on slamming him to the ground, the last one she jumped behind and slammed his face into the floor, the whole thing didn’t even take ten seconds. Bunga was sliding under his enemies allowing their blows to strikes each other. He then soared through the air and struck one in the face with a rock before tripping another. Kion smiled at his friend he then turned to the cages containing all the imprisoned animals and sliced them open releasing all of them.

Kiara examined the surrounding area Kion had already struck it was surprisingly tame Kion seemed to be doing his best to avoid casualities both raids didn’t have a single death. Kiara looked around at the charts her forces had drawn out where was the next place Kion was likely to hit. One of them pointed out a massive prison and slave trade sounded like the kind of place Kion would go after. Kiara agreed though in truth she kind of pitied those prisoners and had nothing but disgust for the people who owned it, she directed them to a different location.

Kion’s claws sliced through tight vines chained to the animals wrists. He moved to each one cutting the vines free. Fuli helped many of them to their feet. Kion then handed them many things of food and water. The animals all cheered for Kion vowing to stand beside him. They gathered all around him some bowed while others saluted, Kion wasn’t certain he liked these gestures from them. He gestured them to get up, they then moved on while Muhimu watched Kion’s victory with intriguement though concern again no soldiers were killed they weren’t really achieving anything long term.

Kiara fought her way through the battle field against a group of rebels Nuka had clued them into. Kiara dodged a swipe from them before backhanding one to the ground. She watched as Kovu lifted another off the ground and slammed him down. Kiara saw a female panther come at her she dodged a slice for her left cheek and kicked her on the side she then tackled her to the ground attempting to subdue her. She kicked her off and sliced for above her eye. Kiara sidesteppeed it and struck her in the jaw. While Kovu smashed through a group of them like paper. Kiara finally grabbed the panther from behind catching her in a choke. The Panther struggled as Kiara increased her pressure. The Panther moments away from blacking out charged towards a cliff and threw herself from it, Kiara barely let her go in time. Kovu managed to subdue a rebels himself, before he could do anything they all slit their own throats. Let us burn those were the words Kovu and Kiara both heard what kind of people did Kion get himself involved with.

Kiare sat in her private cave with Kovu still taking in what happened those rebels killed themselves, not even out of a last resort for a lot of them they did it happily almost eagerly. It was disturbing to think of really. These people had very little regard for their own lives and it kind of sickened Kiara. She had avoided conflict with Kion up to this point not wanting to meet him until Nuka’s sources found him before Vita’s did.

“Any luck from others?” Kiara asked.

“We stopped a few from killing themselves, it’s amazing how quick they make that choice.” Kovu answered.

“You mean horrifying, what did Vita say?” Kiara asked him.

“She’s suspicious missing four opportunities to intercept Kion by chance, she doesn’t buy it, we try this again she will find out.” Kovu answered.

“If she doesn’t already, Nuka’s sources they have any news?” Kiara said.

“Yeah he’s ahead of the game not risking either side intercepts it he sent a message to Kion he actually had it delivered to the last prison Kion liberated, one of the prisoners was paid to keep it.” Kovu told her.

“What’s it say?” Kiara asked.

“It arranged a secret meeting at a cave not far from here, the rebels aren’t far from it, Vita will likely find them soon.” Kovu said.

“Meaning no more holding back Vita finds them it’s all out war, this is our last chance to save Kion without blood.” Kiara stated with a hint of dread, “I’m going to meet him.” she finished.

Kiara began to leave the cave when Vita interrcepted her, “I suppose you’re stalling paid off” She said though she didn’t sound angry.

“I knew what you were doing almost immediately the only thing angering is that you thought me this stupid.” Vita told them her voice was once again fast.

“Why would you let us continue if you knew?” Kovu asked.

“I don’t want a blood bath that’s a waste of resources and I would much rather this war without a mountain of corpses so if we can delay that until necessary all the better.” Vita answered almost like a computer.

“I’ll talk to him maybe we can reach an agreement.” Kiara said.

“Good because if you don’t then it’s counterproductive to continue letting them live, make this clear to him, and if you let them escape again, I will decapatate whatever rebel I catch and mount their heads on spikes, I doubt you want that blood on your paws, fix this Kiara, you don’t want me to fix it for you.” Vita warned like lightning however her tone became much slower during the last part of her warning it was bone chilling.

Kiara felt her skin crawling as Vita turned away from her. She couldn’t believe that Vita said that without blinking she really was one of the most sociopathic individuals Kiara had ever encountered she didn’t have a shred of empathy at all. She turned to Kovu who also looked pretty scared she nodded to him before leaving to meet Kion, he had to listen there was way too much at stake.

Kion was waiting in the rebels temporary base, he was still surprised by what he had discovered it seemed well planned and require quite a bit of preparation. Was it a trap he had now way of really knowing, but the note mentioned Kiara was it her plan, she had been tracking them ever since he pretty much left, maybe she wanted some kind of compromise. Either way Kion couldn’t just ignore this it could be the key to ending this war before it gets bloody, he couldn’t hold back the rebels for much longer, keeping them in check this long was difficult.

“So it’s from Kiara?” Fuli asked.

“Maybe one of the slaves had it it was coded so we had to take time deciphering it.” Kion said.

“Trap maybe” Bunga asked.

“No I don’t think so, this was some really advanced code, i don’t think the slave owners could crack it, and Vita doesn’t sound like she would even bother associating with them.” Kion reasoned.

“Do not underestimate her, she is no fool and is often three steps ahead of everyone else, this could be her play.” Muhimu said having overheard their conversation.

Kion wasn’t certain yes Vita was very intelligent Kiara was the only reason Vita didn’t catch them yet, still Vita wasn’t concerned with him if he went alone it didn’t benefit her at all.

“I think it’s legit, Vita doesn’t care about me i go alone she has nothing to really gain.” Kion reasoned.

“You’re the symbol many of our followers believe in losing you could be a massive blow actually.” Muhimu said.

“That’s true, but Kion’s death would escalate the conflict like you said Vita isn’t stupid she had to have caught onto Kiara by now, i think Vita wants a peaceful solution to, this war doesn’t benefit her.” Fuli argued.

Muhimu considered her words they actually made sense no one could play Vita for long, she knows about Kiara’s inside job she probably found after the second incident maybe the first. If she wanted to stop it she would’ve but she didn’t. They were probably right Vita was trying to avoid conflict right now, maybe letting Kion go was the right move.

“That is true, if she wanted to catch her she probably would’ve by now there certainly would’ve been a bloody battle by now, but can I trust you Kion, this is a very personal stake for you how can i be certain you’re feelings for your family won’t get the better of you?” Muhimu asked.

“Dude of course his feelings for his family will cause him conflict it should!” Bunga said.

“That’s not an excuse when so many are at stake.” Muhimu replied.

“What dude you are cold!” Bunga countered.

“You don’t know cold” Muhimu stated.

“Enough this is a chance at peace meaning I have to take it” Kion said.

It was very clear that Kion wasn’t going to change his mind on this, he then left and made his way to the meeting spot, maybe they could end this right here and now before anyone had to be hurt.

Kion and Kiara made their way into a small cave on a mountain side it was completely barren with no sign of any other life neither side followed them not taking the chance of a potential battle. This would be their last chance to resolve this peacefully if they couldn’t find a compromise neither wanted to think of the consequences. Kion Kiara sat down at separate sides waiting for the other finally their eyes met for the first time in two months, Kion expected to see rage and betrayal but instead he saw just sadness and desperation. Kiara actually didn’t hate him for this and if Kiara didn’t it was likely no one else did, maybe he could salvage his life after this was over. Kiara sat across from him this was it all or nothing Kion had to listen to reason he had to.

“It’s been a while Kion.” Kiara said.

“Yeah I’m sorry i couldn’t talk to you personally about this but i knew you would’ve tried to stop me.” Kion replied.

“I would’ve tied you to the wall” Kiara responded.

“I’m sorry Kiara” Kion told her.

“Forget about it that’s not why we’re here.” Kiara said.

Kion nodded he was surprised Kiara was getting to the point so quickly he was expecting more anger from her regarding her choice, it would probably come later.

“I have been tracking you ever since you left I’ve given you openings even looked the other way. I have been desperately trying to avoid a conflict I can’t do that much longer.” Kiara told him.

“I thank you for giving us as much as you did.” Kion said.

“There are only two options now Kion, the rebels have to stand down.” Kiara said.

“What they can’t do that otherwise everything they do will be in vain.” Kion replied.

“Vita has been merciful if they don’t give up now the massacres will start.” Kiara warned.

“Kiara that’s not an offer that’s a threat, a full on terrorist threat.” Kion countered.

“Then compromise with her surely there’s some agreement you can make.” Kiara replied sounding a little worried.

Kion considered her words a compromise was possible but what what would the rebels want and how would Muhimu feel about him making this choice?

“We stand down in exchange they relinquish whatever authority they have over them.” Kion said.

“Kion that’s not a compromise those may as well be terms of surrender.” Kiara argued.

“They want their freedom Kiara they won’t settle for anything else.” Kion stated.

“Then they’ll die.” Kiara stated bluntly.

Kion knew her words were true and didn’t think they should have to die for their freedom but the more and more he was looking at this whole thing the less and less he was seeing a middle ground, what middle ground was their for freedom.

“I know, what can i do Kiara, there’s no middle ground for freedom.” Kion said sounding a little defeated.

“You can turn away from this rather than go down with it this isn’t your fight Kion.” Kiara reasoned.

“It’s why I became the Lion Guard Kiara, look at this, these kingdoms are oppressing their own citizens, enslaving them. How is that justice, how is doing nothing the right thing?” Kion asked her.

“Our home is dying, we bury dozens and dozens every day, our cubs nearly die each night sometimes they do. We have no food, no water, no resources whatever allies we have can’t support us indefinitely. Our home is going to die Kion, how is that right?” Kiara countered.

“So we help a bunch of monsters enslave innocent people to save ourselves.” Kion countered.

“You have an alternative Kion? A way to make it so we don’t have to bury another person, so we don’t have to tell a broken mother her cub died!?” Kiara shouted.

“And what about them? I leave how many mothers are going to watch their kids die?” Kion asked her.

“You can’t burden this Kion, we have to help those who need us we have to make the choice that will save more lives.” Kiara reasoned.

Kion didn’t understand he was saving the most lives, if he left then no one would be saved what was Kiara talking about ?

“I am saving lives Kiara, the ones I can, I can’t help our home but I can help them.” Kion said quietly.

“No you can’t you don’t see it Kion but I do they don’t want to win, they want to die for their cause, it’s not an option it’s their end goal.” Kiara said her words froze Kions blood.

“That’s absurd Kiara yes they’ll willing to die for their cause but aren’t we all I’m trying to make it so they won’t have to.” Kion argued.

“And you betrayed and abandoned your home to do it, those people need you too Kion, the difference they have always had faith in you, you were their hero, the hero of dozens of cubs and you turned your back on them!” Kiara roared.

“Does your home matter less than a bunch of a strangers!” Kiara growled.

“What point is their in living if we abandon what built this world on in the first place, if we abandon the good we are supposed to believe in?” Kion questioned.

“Go tell that to those cubs dying in the den for no reason.” Kiara said like ice.

“I know this is difficult Kiara but I can’t knowingly and directly hurt the innocent, all i can do is save who i can.” Kion said in a hurt tone.

“You won’t, blast it Kion I’m trying to save you! If you stay and fight with these people you will die with them and I won’t let my brother die!” Kiara screamed tears filling her eyes.

“I can’t protect you any longer, please Kion your family needs you forget about all this, you don’t owe these people anything, come home with me.” Kiara pleaded.

“I can’t, I can’t leave someone in need, I never could and you told me that was what inspired you, i can’t betray the person that inspired my hero.” Kion told her tears appearing in his eyes as well.

Kiara merely shook her head it was obvious they weren’t going to reach a middle ground neither was budging this was it there would be no peace, the real war was coming. Kiara stood up and turned to the exit of the cave she briefly turned back to Kion.

“Get your rebels out of here, once I tell Vita this failed she will hunt you down, get them as far from here as possible.”

“Thank you Kiara.” Kion told her softly.

“This is the last time Kion, I can’t help you again.” Kiara told him.

“I understand” Kion replied sadly.

“Good luck” Kiara told him in a sad whisper.

“Good luck” Kion replied back in an equally quiet voice, they then left the cave returning to their sides.

Kiara returned to her camp where both Kovu and Vita were waiting, “Failure, very well time to take things serious” Vita said uncaringly.

Kiara ignored her it was the expected response from her Kovu on the other hand was looking at her with an expression of horror and sorrow, what was wrong. Kiara noticed a stone by him with writing on it. Vita looked at her coldly. She knew Kiara let them go but why wasn’t she acting? Kovu looked like he was on the verge of tears, what happened? Kiara tried to ask him what happened but the words couldn’t escape her throat because she knew something very bad happened. Kiara lifted the stone and looked at it it was from the Pride Lands. Kiara began reading the writing and immediately she was gripped with terror, that was impossible how could something like that even exist there had never in all history been a weapon like that. Kiara continued reading and her heart shattered into a million pieces. Kiara read the same part again to make certain she wasn’t mistaken, she wasn’t. Kiara felt tears in her eyes and let them out, they streamed down her cheeks and dripped onto the hard stone floor. Her heart shattered she felt like she was going to be sick.

No, no it couldn’t be, oh god, oh god. No, no, no, no, this wasn’t happening, this wasn’t, oh god.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 6:
Day 58, sunset

36 hours ago, Simba was pacing around Pride Rock in nervousness with a mix of anger. Kiara and Kovu had both left he couldn’t stop them but the thought still ate away at him to no end. Kion left to join the rebels Kiara joined the royal council to find him. The idea of it tore him up inside both his son and daughter were on opposing sides, was it his fault? He wasn’t certain ever since Kiara left Simba had been hesitate to send forces to aid the council often ignoring whatever message they sent him. Nala watched as Simba continued to pace around their home, normally she would tell him to calm down but not on this day, she felt the same pain he did and like him she didn’t know what to do.

“Have you heard from Kiara at all?” Nala asked him.

“No, no contact at all.” Simba answered sounding concerned.

“It’s been three weeks since we last heard from her, 58 days since she left, do you think she found him?” Nala said.

“I’m not sure the council has been trying to contact me for weeks now, I’ve been ignoring Koto’s requests.” Simba replied.

Nala wasn’t surprised to hear that everything she saw about Koto said a very clear message that message being that she didn’t like him at all, he seemed like opportunistic egotistical slime ball. He immediately tried to get closer after Kiara left, for now Simba was ignoring him, Nala honestly would’ve preferred a permanent and fatal solution, not that she would actually do it but she would shed no tears if something happened to both Koto and Vita.

“Asking for reinforcements I assume.” Nala said.

“Yeah, I can’t actually fight this not at the moment.” Simba stated.

“I agree though I’m not certain if Vita will accept this much longer, we need to be ready.” Nala suggested.

Simba knew she was right though he wasn’t exactly certain what to do if Vita did force her hand on them then the only solution would be to fight which wouldn’t help anyone. Simba and Nala noticed a lioness approaching them she seemed concerned.

“What is it?” Simba asked her.

“Your majesty Koto has come back this time with what appears to be an army.” She replied clearly scared.

“It appears you’re right sooner than expected Nala.” Simba said.

The two of them walked to what appeared to be a ramp and moved down Pride Rock making their way toward the approaching Lion and Lionesses. Koto haulted his forces before approaching Simba he didn’t seem to pay any heed to Nala at all, a fact that made her very angry.

“I wasn’t expecting your company so soon.” Simba said.

“I am here on a matter of a clarification, it’s been 58 days and still you have sent no aid at all, kind of seems like a one sided agreement.” Koto said.

“We’re a little hesitate to escalate a war our son and daughter are a part of it.” Nala stated rather angrily.

“I was referring to the king, if i wish to speak to a lioness i have several to choose from, so be silent.” Koto told her.

“Excuse me, did you just suggest what i think you did?” Nala said in anger.

Koto ignored her and continued talking with Simba, “They don’t know their place” Koto said.

“As i recall you are below a lioness.” Simba replied not even bothering to hide his anger.

“Vita of all the ones to lead the council that weak and unmotivated lioness. Only a temporary problem I assure you.” Koto told him.

“You’re plotting against her, at least if she was doing that she wouldn’t be dumb enough to tell us.” Nala growled, she was very close to tearing this sexist pig to pieces.

Koto laughted in amusement at her comment, “Girl every member on the council is plotting to kill the other and every member knows it. Every time we meet every of single one of us is thinking of some plan to overthrow the rest and everyone in the cave knows it.” Koto told her while chuckling.

Nala was trembling in anger, did he just call her girl his Pride seemed completely silent were they forbidden to speak?

“You’re a kingdom waiting to fall if every member is plotting against the other what happens when you all backstab each other?” Simba asked in disbelief.

“One of us, me in particular wins, you’re a part of our struggle now other members will see as a loose end that should be tied up, if you’re going to survive Simba you need allies.” Koto told him.

Simba realized Koto was probably right and his ally needed to be someone he had frequent contact with in truth Simba didn’t trust Koto or Vita or apparently the whole council, he would be insane to trust a group who were actively plotting to murder each other, this was not a conflict Simba wanting to be a part of but for now he needed to play his part or he probably wouldn’t survive, then again he had survived plenty on his own and Vita didn’t want him dead so maybe this alliance wasn’t needed.

“Allies I want allies who won’t plot my death while looking me in the eye.” Simba reasoned.

Nala agreed with Simba’s view, she was beginning to question the side she agreed to help it didn’t seem all that stable and apparently there wasn’t a single good person leading it. Then again the rebels didn’t sound much better if Kion wasn’t with them the rebels seemed to slaughter everything in their path, neither option sounded all that great. Nala caught a strange scent it was near Pride Rock. It was a panther but where there were really no predators left in the Pride Lands, one of Koto’s?

“Enough with your debate somethings wrong, smell it the scent” Nala said.

“That’s not one of ours.” Simba said concerned.

“Koto did you bring a Panther with you?” Nala demanded.

Koto felt angry by the idea of a lioness demanding anything she should go back to the hunting pack where she belongs, however her glare kind of scared him so he answered.

“Panther, i only have lions and lionesses in my presence.” Koto said arrogantly.

Sexist and predjudice what a winning combo for a king Nala had a strong reason Koto was the probably the first kingdom to rebel and maybe she should let those rebels succeed. Unfortunately that didn’t matter now if it wasn’t his then there was an intruder near Pride Rock!

“Simba, we have an intruder making their way into the den!” Nala shouted.

Before Simba could say anything Nala took off running towards Pride Rock Simba raced after her. Simba saw the Pride sleeping but no sign of the intruder he didn’t know what the intruder wanted now they needed to get everyone out of Pride Rock and to safety. Simba let out a powerful roar signaling the pride they all woke up in confusion.

“Simba get them all out of there, I’ll find the intruder.” Nala commanded.

“Nala it’s best we stay out of there til we know where they are.” Simba reasoned.

“No time if we wait they’ll escape and who knows what they’ll do we have to stop them here, now get everyone out!” Nala ordered.

Simba roared again causing the Pride to turn to him while Nala rushed into Pride Rock.

“What’s going on?” Many of them asked.

“No time we need to get everyone out of here now.” Simba stated.

Nala raced through the den it wasn’t huge but there were still areas the intruder could be hiding in. Nala slowed down looking around slowly. It was too dark to actually see anything. Fine Nala would rely on her other senses, she closed her eyes and listened around her for any sounds. She moved slowly. She smelled around the area for the Panther’s scent. It was faint but not close enough. Nala began moving quicker just fast enough to make a sound not a loud one but one a panther would hear. Nala waited smelling the area around her, she detected it and it was close, in fact it was seconds from being right on her.

Nala swiftly ducked causing the Panther to soar over her and tumble to the ground however the panther managed to push itself up and land on it’s paws. Nala charged at the enemy who sidestepped her, before kneeing her in the ribs. Nala grunted in pain before swiping at it’s jaw, it ducked under her blow before kicking her in the chest causing her to stumble. She swunger her claws at the enemy, one for it’s right eye, the other it’s rib and the last an attempted sweep kick. The Panther side stepped the first, before swating the second away finally it caught her leg and turned her own momentum against her causing her to lose her balance it then grabbed her and flipped her on the ground. Nala pulled herself up expecting another attack but the panther was on the move it wasn’t interested in her. Who was it? It’s skills were impressive more than impressive actually it was well trained, this was no ordinary rebel, the rebels were just citizens. This Panther was more skilled than most soldiers, why was it here what was it’s mission. Nala pulled herself up and raced after it.

Simba riled the tired and hungry pride awake and moved them to the exit, many cubs were having trouble moving resulting in Simba grabbing many himself. He placed two on the ground.

“All who are able to grab a cub and get moving quickly!” Simba ordered.

The lionesses all gathered the cubs they were then shocked to see Koto’s Pride helping them. They placed more cubs on the ground before racing back in. Simba grabbed another one before he heard a strange sound a massive burst of some kind powerful almost like a geyser from the elephant graveyard only louder, the whole den began to shake, Earthquake but nothing else was shaking what on Earth was going on?

“Your majesty what’s happening?” a lioness asked.

“Everyone out everyone get out now!” Simba shouted.

Nala chased the Panther to the end of the cave it was incredibly fast and determined but where was it heading? Nala then noticed something The Panther was heading towards the area where that massive sound came from, but why? Nala increased her speed catching up with it fast only to be stopped dead in her tracks by what she saw, what in the world!? The area of the cave was gone the entire wall was in pieces a big massive gaping hole where the wall used to be. What on Earth did that, wait a minute? The Panther was trying to escape and it seemed really desperate to, it knew of that hole, it somehow made that hole. It was now trying to desperately get out of this cave. It had something that did that, what if it had, oh god.

Nala began racing for the hole the panther was forcing it’s way out of. She was almost there when the Panther dropped something on the ground before Nala could see what it was it blew the ground apart!? Nala fell into the new hole in the ground. She desperately tried to claw her way out of it but rocks were already starting to seal it. She had to get out of here now, it wasn’t here to invade, those things it had, what if it had a bigger one, and it was placed somewhere in Pride, oh god oh god. Nala continued frantically trying to claw her way out when she heard a massive a very loud bursting like sound, she was then hit a massive and powerful force and a painful searing heat before the world was consumed by a massive exploding light.

A massive and terrifying force tore through Pride Rock blasting the walls into pieces, collapsing the ceiling, crumbling the floors. Fire and heat burned the hard rocks and stone until the heat caused them burst and combust. Simba and the Pride were racing out of the cave when Pride Rock out of nowhere exploded into a massive inferno of fire. Pieces of rock and stone and were thrown in every direction causing Simba and the pride to throw themselves against the ground to avoid the flying pieces. The rest of the great symbol of the Pride Lands partially collapsed in on itself, leaving only about half of it still standing it the other half had been obliterated.

Simba and the Pride pulled themselves up staring at the ruins of Pride Rock. Simba looked around at the pride hoping to see some sign of Nala, no if she was caught in whatever that was, no way she survived.

“Nala! Nala, Nala!” Simba cried out in sorrow while trying to race to the ruins but his own pride was holding him back.

“Let me go I have to find her, I have to save her, Nala!” Simba screamed in tears.

“Please your majesty, that was the wrath of the kings themselves, you know she couldn’t of survived.” A lioness said in tears.

Simba fell to his knees in sorrow smashing his paw into the ground repeatedly. He let out shrieks and roars of anguish while smashing his paw into the ground until blood leaked from it. Simba roared to the sky in sorrow and pain but also rage. Koto approached him looking quite shaken himself.

“I don’t know how the rebels managed that but now you see what they are capable of what is at stake.” Koto told him while offering his paw.

Simba picked himself up his sorrow overwhelming she was gone because he did nothing, this was the result of his inactivity the consequence. He did nothing he let this war rage and now his mate was dead. He would not lose anyone else no matter what he had to do, he would not lose another person he loved. Simba reached out and accepted Koto’s paw.

“This is my fault, send a message to Kiara she needs to know what happened, what i have done.” Simba said defeated.

Simba rose from the ground and gazed at the ruins of Pride Rock, he grabbed and carved into it before slamming it into the ground his tears falling from his eyes. The rest of the pride joined him they all gazed at the new grave before bowing their heads in remembrance of Queen Nala.

“It was my fault, I did nothing and my inaction has cost the life of your mother, I”m ashamed to call myself your father you deserve so much more you and Kion, I’m sorry Kara, I’m so sorry” Kiara finished reading the stone and felt her blood boil. How dare they, how dare they! This would not stand she would not let it! Kovu approached Kiara who had been motionless for the last few minutes.

“Kiara are you?” Kovu asked.

Kiara was still.

“I know this is hard but we have to keep going.” Kovu reasoned.

Kiara was unmoving.

“Kiara say something.”

She was silent as the grave her body trembling in fury the stone fell from her paw smashing into the ground and shattering into countless pieces, all the while Kiara remained in place her face contorting into one of fury.

“Kiara!” Kovu cried out to her, her voice came out in a dark low growl.

“Where is Kion?” She said trembling.

“His forces are moving through the mountainside, likely.” Kovu answered.

“Can we catch them?” Kiara said through clenched teeth.

“Kiara that would require a battle” Kovu argued.

“Can we catch them?” Kiara hissed.

Yes if we move now yes.” Kovu answered.

Kiara clenched her paws her claws pentrated her skin blood flowed down them.

“Then find them, and hunt him down!” Kiara said in a monstous growl, this was the price of his abandonment, the true face of these savages the savages he longed to protect she gave him a chance and paid the price no more, Kion would understand just what he has done even if Kiara had to hunt him to the ends of the Earth!

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » June 30th, 2016, 4:24 am

: Chapter 7:
Kion vs Kiara

Kion and Muhimu were leading the rebels through the mountainside area the wind was rather harsh and it was colder than most would expect there was there was a sign of lightning in the distance, Kion had to admit it was not a very welcoming sign though it paled in comparison to what it truly herald. Kion was helping a wounded leopard over a log while Fuli aided a bunch of children, Bunga was helping to hold up a ledge. Muhimu made certain each member made it across safely, he still didn’t like that Kiara and her forces knew where they potentially were it seemed risky though Kion had faith in his sister and in Muhimu’s eyes that could very well be a weakness.

They finished gesturing the others across, “Is that everyone?” Kion asked.

“Yes let’s continue moving once we pass the mountain area they will have no way of tracking us for the moment anyway” Muhimu answered.

“Then lets move, if we keep at this pace we could beyond them before the day ends.” Fuli said.

Kion and Muhimu nodded with agreement when they heard a roar a very feral and rageful roar, many others followed it, it was the councils army what were they doing here?

“You said she wouldn’t follow us!” Muhimu said angered.

“She wouldn’t this isn’t right!” Kion said worried.

Fuli sniffed the air to see if there were any familiar scents she detected two, Kovu and Kiara.

“It’s her Kion” Fuli stated shocked.

“Everyone move we have to move quickly they’re closing in!” Muhimu ordered.

As the rebels began to race to the further side Kion just stood in confusion why was Kiara doing this it didn’t make sense, she wanted to avoid battle.

Muhimu turned away from the other rebels and gestured to others, “We’ll need to hold them off, all of you stay with Kion and the guard I’ll protect the others.” Muhimu ordered, the rebels bowed respectfully before racing to join Kion.

Kion noticed the rebels standing beside him and turned to Fuli who were also prepared for a fight, was he going to figh his sister. Kion looked ahead and noticed a large group approaching Kiara was in the front and Kion could’ve sworn she was staring into his soul. This was actually going to happen, no that was insane no way Kiara would seek a fight with him. Fuli and Bunga stood at the ready.

“Secure them avoid casualities but Kion is mine.” Kiara growled.

Kiara and Kovu came charging over the hill at Kion, the guard and the rebels. Fuli and Bunga readied themselves, while Kion looked on in disbelief. The rebels stood their ground before charging at the oncoming forces Fuli was at the head Bunga beside her. Kiara saw her friends in the lead or were they former friends she felt her anger grow and ordered her forces to close the gap.

“They’re not stopping.” Bunga said.

“Neither are we.” Fuli replied.

“Kiara they’re still in the way.” Kovu said

“Then go through them” Kiara commanded.

The two forces charged at each other Kion was running along side them this was it time to prove if he was actually commited or not, “Can’t turn away now alright Kiara you want me I’m right here” Kion said uncertain.

Kion raced to the head of the rebels alongside Fuli and Bunga, “So he did choose his side” Kiara said in anger.

“Kion?” Bunga asked.

“No turning back.” Kion said with strength.

The two sides came charging at each other full force neither slowed or hesitated they came at each other and collided head on. The rebels and soldiers exchanged blows. Slicing at each others eyes, smashing their paws into each others faces. They grabbed each other and brutally attempted to choke the life out of each other. Others threw each other into walls. Lions and panthers slammed each others faces into the ground while others tried to force each other to the edge of the cliff. They brutally beat each other back and forth. Neither held anything back nor was any mercy shown, both sides had been holding in this violence and aggression for way too long. A lion collided into a cheetah grabbing him and throwing him into a wall the cheetah slid under him and sliced his legs causing him to fall over. Another lion bit into the cheetahs shoulder, it thrashed and threw himself to the ground. Two lionesses took on a tiger she swung at her opponents striking one in the left cheek before the second clawed her across the side she dodged her opponents next attack before kicking one of them in the jaw. The second lioness sliced her ribs she took the blow and ran at the lioness stabbing it in the chest and throwing it aside.

Bunga jumped from lion to lion landing on one and slamming his paws on their ears disorienting them. He then moved under one and knocked it’s legs out. Bunga jumped up landing on another covering his eyes causing him to try and shake Bunga off, Bunga held on crashing the lion into a wall. Bunga jumped on third stomping on his skull causing him to stumble and crash into other soldiers. Fuli dodged the attacks of several soldier before grabbing one and slamming her to the ground. Fuli then spun around and kicked one right in the jaw. Another soldier this one a male lion came at her, Fuli grabbed a lioness and used her own claws to deflect the attack before throwing the lioness into the lion both distraced Fuli kicked one in the jaw before slamming the other into a wall, she did this so fast that the two soldiers attempting to ambush her still weren’t quick enough resulting in Fuli kicking out one’s ankle jumping on the second sending him crashing to the ground, the whole thing took less than ten seconds.

Kion knocked a soldier to the ground before ducking under a second and flipping a third, he readied himself for the next ones assault when Kiara came soaring through the air crashing into Kion knocking him back and sending him crashing to the ground. Kiara placed her paw to Kion’s throat before lifting him up and throwing him into a wall. Kion hit the stone wall hard before falling to the ground, he looked up at Kiara and pulled himself up.

“What are you doing Kiara? Who does this benefit?” Kion asked her.

“I’m doing what I should’ve done but now it’s too late.” Kiara answered trembling.

“What are you talking about, what do you mean it’s too late?” Kion questioned.

Kiara growled in anger, “You have no idea, you have no idea what’s happened in your home, and you claim to care about it.” Kiara said harshly.

“What happened Kiara?” Kion asked.

“I’m not sure you even deserve to know, you let it happen because you abandon your place and duty.” Kiara stated.

Kion didn’t understand what just happened he could see it Kiara was furious more angry than she had ever been but why why is she angry and why is she so angry at him?

“Kiara what happened at our home?”

“You really sicken me, you have no idea all this time did you even bother to see if your home was alright if your family was alright, if your mother was still alive?” Kiara said the last part a near whisper.

Kion felt like he had just been punched in the gut, his mother was dead how what happened, how could she of all people be dead, she was so strong and powerful and driven nothing could kill her. His mother dead it sounded wrong, he couldn’t believe it. He tried to say something but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t form words.

“Nothing, no response, the barbarians you’re helping are the ones who killed her!” Kiara roared.

“That’s not certain, you don’t know that.” Kion stuttered.

“You know why she died, because you weren’t there, if you were there that scum would’ve never reached her home because you would’ve stopped them, because that’s who you’re supposed to be.” Kiara said tears filling her eyes.

“Kiara i I” Kion tried to say but he couldn’t say anything, how could he respond to that, she was right he wasn’t there.

“You were my hero even when i insulted you deep down I always admired you, i wanted to be you, you inspired me, you were the reason i fought Shetani you were what drove me to convince everyone to fight on against Kito. You were the reason i never gave up.” Kiara told him her voice was cracking she sounded like her heart was splitting in two.

“That’s why I did this Kiara to be that person you admired.” Kion said though he didn’t sound certain.

“You think you’re being that person, that lion would never turn his back on his family, would never abandon his home, you betrayed everything i believed you to be!” Kiara shouted in tears.

Kion took in her words and felt his own heart splitting for the first time the ramifications of his actions were clear.

“I’m sorry I never meant to abandon any of you i just wanted to help people, to try and be that hero you saw me as.” Kion said in regret.

Kiara felt her anger grow he was so blind how could he think this was the right choice, enough he left them and because of that their mother was dead.

“You’re protecting the savages that killed our mother, you are not a hero you betrayed us all” Kiara said seething.

Kiara charged at Kion in blind rage tackling him to the ground she pinned him down and began to drive her paw into his face with a savage ferocity. Kion felt his sisters paw strike his face again and again he did not expect this. Kiara continued beating on Kion’s face she then began pushing down on his neck before lifting him up off the ground. Kiara struck him in the gut before backhanding him, she then threw him aside. Kion picked himself up slowly.

“Fight back Kion, you wanted this now fight back!” Kiara demanded.

Kion came at Kiara who rushed at him as well Kion swung at her but his paw hesitated, Kiara’s didn’t. Kiara struck him in the gut causing Kion to double over in pain. Kiara struck him right in the left cheek before striking the right. Kiara grabbed him around the neck and beat his head back and forth. Kion threw his paw at her but Kiara blocked it. Kiara then headbutt him before kneeing him in the ribs. Kiara pulled Kion down into a clench and kneed him in the face before elbowing him in the spine. Kion stumbled in pain swinging his paws at Kiara again she ducked under the first dodged the second and blocked the third. Kiara then struck him the face before backhanding him and delivering an uppercut. Kiara grabbed his neck and pushed him against a wall she slammed his head into it, before backhanding him again she then struck him right in the jaw knocking him to the ground. Kion struggled to pick himself up while Kiara looked down at him.

“So are you unwilling to fight for what even your family wasn’t worth?” Kiara said harshly.

Kion heard her words and realized she was right he made his choice and if he didn’t fight for it then everything would’ve been for nothing and he wouldn’t let that happen, if she so desperately wanted a fight then so be it he would give her it, he had to he had to fight for something. Kion pulled himself up and stared at Kiara. “If you want this so much then so be it.” Kion told her.

Kiara growled and charged at Kion who did the same, they came at each other full force both jumped through the air at the other however before Kiara could grab him Kion speared her mid jump causing both go to flying back. Kiara toppled and tumbled across the ground before skidding to a stop. Kion was already coming at her. With a snarl Kiara met him. Kion came down at Kiara who rolled out of the way before kicking him in the face. Kion shrugged it off and came down at her Kiara attempted to flip him but Kion rolled causing them both to roll across the ground. Kiara grabbed Kion while they were rolling and forced him down. Kion pushed his leg on her and slipped his tail under her throwing her off balance he then used her lost balance to flip her. Kiara crashed into the ground and pulled herself up before charging at Kion in rage.

Kion and Kiara met head on. Kion swung for her left cheek which connected Kiara struck him above the eye. Kion swiped for her jaw while Kiara struck his temple causing both to stumble. Kiara swiped her paw at his left cheek which Kion parried away before swinging at her temple Kiara blocked the blow and kneed Kion in the rib resulting in Kion elbowing her in the jaw. Kiara snarled from the blow kneeing Kion again this time in the gut. Kion felt himself doubling over in pain. Kiara grabbed him and slammed her skull into his. Kion felt his vision blur he regained his senses and dodged Kiara’s next attack aimed at his right cheek. He placed his leg under hers and kicked her in the ankle causing her to stumble and let him go. Kion uppercutted Kiara into the air knocking her to the ground. Kion jumped down at Kiara who jumped into the air as well spinning around and kicking him in the face knocking him to the ground.

Kion rolled away from her forcing himself up. Kion came at her this time he collided into her the force of his attack pushing her back into a wall. Kiara swung her paw at his left eye which Kion caught Kiara meanwhile grabbed Kion’s other paw and pulled it away. They held each other in place kicking and kneeing each other. They then managed to push each other away. Kion and Kiara stared at each other for a moment it looked like they would stop but then their resolve settled in again this time they didn’t bother with skill they came at each other their paws a complete barrage against each other. Kion and Kiara brutally hammered on each other striking each others cheeks, jaws, eye, ribs chest, stomach anywhere their paws could manage strike. Kiara grabbed Kion around the neck he threw himself forward causing her to fall backwards they then rolled down a hill towards a small cliff.

Fuli caught another soldier slamming into the wall before front kicking another, she would not kill any of them she was not a murderer anymore and would never be again. Fuli kicked another soldier aside when she noticed Kion and Kiara sliding to the edge of a cliff. Kovu noticed as well he knocked a rebel aside and rushed towards it Fuli not far behind.

Kion and Kiara stopped sliding near the edge, lightning crackled in the sky striking a dead tree causing it to fall over and surround Kiara and Kion in a ring of fire. Kion pushed Kiara away while pulling himself up. Kiara swung at him wildly which he dodged while attempting to hit her which Kiara avoided. They both grabbed each other pulling each other in close.

“You would really choose these people over our mother?” Kiara demanded.

“There’s no going back or none of this will matter.” Kion retorted.

“Then i lost more than just my mother.” Kiara hissed.

Kiara and Kion beat on each other savagely in the ring of fire that surrounded them neither falling or giving in, when the fire caused the ledge they were on to collapse Kion and Kiara dug their claws into the ground desperately trying to hang on. Kion hung from the ledge while Kiara began to slip from it. Kiara struggled to hang on she then saw her mothers face then Kion aiding her killers. Rage flared into Kiara’s eyes who jumped up at Kion grabbing onto him and pulling him down with a rageful grunt and snarl. Kion felt himself pulled down as Kiara and him tumbled down crashing into the ground below. Kion struggled to move but couldn’t bring himself to he couldn’t believe Kiara did that. Kion tried to take in his surroundings but his vision was too blurry. Kion saw Kiara force herself up she lifted him up and threw him into the wall.

Kiara pinned him against it and without even thinking extracting her claws she sliced him down the chest causing Kion to spit up blood. Kiara then slashed him across the face before cutting above his eye. Kion gazed into Kiara’s eyes and couldn’t see anything nothing but blind muderous rage she was barely conscious of her actions. Kiara slammed him down and began driving her paw into his face again and again growling and snarling the whole time.

Kovu and Fuli slid down the ledge with their claws making their way to Kion and Kiara. They took in the surrounding areas and managed to spot them. Kion was down he didn’t even look like he could fight anymore yet Kiara kept striking him dear god was that blood coming out of his chest.

“Kovu” Fuli said worried.

“I know, Kiara’s gonna kill him!” Kovu said panicked.

Kiara continued screaming in rage as she beat Kion, Kion could barely see anymore and couldn’t even feel either. He looked up at Kiara who gave him a look of disgust before grabbing him and throwing him aside, she then turned away from him.

“You made your choice, then live with it” Kiara said harshly.

“You failed your home and your family, her deaths on your head.” Kiara said her voice like ice.

Kion felt her words stab deep into him, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was right.

“Our mothers blood is on your paws Kion, yours!” Kiara shouted in rage tears streaming down her cheeks.

Fuli and Kovu arrived Fuli immediately moving towards Kion while Kovu stood by Kiara.

“What of the rebels?” Kiara asked almost unfeeling.

“A lot died but we managed to capture some of them. What of the guard” Kovu answered.

“Can our forces reach this area?” Kiara asked.

“No.” Kovu answered.

“Then let them leave” Kiara said coldly she then turned away from Kion and Fuli, turning her back on them as they did to her.

Fuli helped Kion up slowly she let her body support him while moving slowly she turned to Kiara in shock who merely gave her a look of pure ice.

“How many murderers did you allow to escape today?” Kiara demanded.

Fuli looked at her with regret while trying to find the words.

“This is the path you chose the one of blood.” Kiara told her.

“Kiara please I don’t want to kill anyone and I won’t.” Fuli said in near desperation.

“This path has already led to death more will follow and deep down you knew this.” Kiara said coldly.

“Kiara” Fuli tried to say but couldn’t find any other words.

“I was wrong about you” Kiara told her, Fuli turned back to her for a moment.

“You are a murderer.” Kiara said her voice a near whisper she then turned away from Fuli and Kion and paid them no heed Kovu following her.

Fuli just stared on complete shock, she couldn’t believe Kiara actually said that to her. Bunga had arrived as well looking on complete disbelief. Fuli knew now there was no making this right, they couldn’t fix this. Whatever bond she had with Kiara was gone, and likely everyone else at Pride Rock as well. This really was the end, their entire family was gone completely and utterly torn to shreds and she didn’t think anything could ever make it the way it once was ever again.

Kion on the other hand didn’t think that no he knew it, this was the price of his choice and Kion wasn’t certain it was worth it. His sister hated him his mother was dead, nothing would ever be the same, Kion knew this his whole world was gone and he was the one who destroyed it as well as everyone else’s and nothing would ever make it right, it was all on his paws just like his mother’s blood.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Chavratheserval » June 30th, 2016, 7:32 am

:kiongrin2: Update! Goodness, this is getting real good, can't wait for the next chapter! In the near future when I get better I would love to turn this into a comic! Enjoying your stories as always! :D
Hey there! :glad:
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 3rd, 2016, 10:05 pm

Go for it I would love to see an illustration of these I have my own dream I hope to one day turn these into movies.

You mind giving me your thoughts on how certain things have gone?

Glad you're enjoying it I'll be posting more in time.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Chavratheserval » July 5th, 2016, 11:34 am

I thought Kion would probably kill his sister. But after the fight looked like Lion was gonna die. I was surprised he sided with the rebels so quickly. But overall the story is good!
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 6th, 2016, 7:04 am

Do you have a favorite character so far?

What do you think of the new characters, Vita, Koto, and Muhimu?

Whose side are you on so far?

What did you think of the fight between Kion and Kiara?

What was your reaction to what happened during the pretty much bombing of Pride Rock?

Any theories on what you think is going to happen in the coming chapters, thanks reading and glad you're enjoying it.

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