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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

PostPosted: July 14th, 2016, 7:41 pm
by Hatari05
: Chapter 13:
Our hearts betray us

They were like a bunch of vultures waiting for something to die before apparently that was a too nice a way to describe them, no if anything they were more like a pack of ravaging animals tearing each other apart over a piece of meat. It was insane they were tearing into each other, screaming ranting snarling and growling, one would think they were moments away from tearing each other to shreds, why not they already tore plenty of them to pieces recently. Simba couldn’t believe it he knew the council was corrupt but this was absurd. Koto wasn’t kidding they wanted to mount each others head on their wall.

After Vita’s death the council almost instantly turned on each other Simba had to admit such a level of backstabbing treachery was almost impressive. It had only been about a week since Vita died and already more than half the council was dead. He had no idea who killed who or why but it was insane even thinking about it. How was the council still standing did Vita really keep them all under control that much? Simba sat in the middle of a cave where two council members one a lion with brown fur and a greying mane the other a lion with gold fur and a black mane were accusing each other of attacking the other, both accusations were probably true, in fact Simba would bet his meals for the next three days both were guilty.

“I know it was that scum Omagi who killed him, you are trying to claim my food supplies!” The old lion shouted.

“Probably right on the account” Simba thought to himself.

“You accuse me of such things Thembi you are the one who killed Taja you envied the deal we had” The gold lion Omagi retaliated.

“Also probably true” Simba told himself.

“You are both liars it is obivious you are the culprits” A brown lioness said.

“You believe yourself sinless Kivia?” Thembi spat.

“I doubt any of you are innocent, whoever wasn’t a murderer probably died first” Simba thought in disgust.

Koto stepped forward raising his paws in a gesture that all but said calm down.

“Yes we have lost much and the rebels will pay for such a massacre.” Koto declared faking outrage.

“Really because I heard rumurs that you were present at Vita’s Pride as well as Nadia’s.” A gold lioness challenged.

“Yes but only to bring order to the chaos after her death I didn’t reach Nadia in time.” Koto said.

Simba could tell the council didn’t buy a word Koto was saying understandably so but then again he doubted they bought any of what anyone else was saying either, the knew who was guilty why not just fight to the death and get it over instead of pretending and faking everything. It was an entire leadership of nothing but manipulative snakes. Still he needed what they had to offer and unfortunately still needed Koto, how he longed for the time when he would no longer need him.

“It’s true I was with him I can vouch” Simba said.

The council growl and grumble amongst themselves probably about how much they want to kill Koto Simba could relate with them regarding that topic.

“How shall we retaliate against the rebels” Kivia asked.

“If we can locate their base we could crush them all in a single instant” Koto replied.

“So do you with your all seeing and infinite wisdom know where the base is?” Thembi rather rudely asked.

Wisdom that’s a good one, Koto was a complete idiot who treated everything like a nail that he could crush with brute force, even his plan with Vita was dumb luck and apparently Vita already knew in fact it was actually her plan it just backfired. Koto was a fool but he was probably the strongest of the council with the most resources and could likely control what’s left of them, meaning Simba was nearing his endgame, not a pleasant thought considering a lot more had to die to complete his endgame not one member of the council can survive and he was still contemplating if he could go through with it. He knew he had to for Kion’s sake, he was committed. He knew what that meant and what he would have to do to ensure Kion and the guards safety.

“This is it, if i do this I am deeply betraying Kion” Simba told himself he pondered his choice for a moment before looking out towards Nala’s grave and his resolve returned he wouldn’t lose another one.

Simba steps forward moving to the middle of the cave.

“I have an idea but you have to ensure Kion’s safety as well as the guard” Simba demanded.

“You’re son is a traitor he gets what he deserves” Omagi said coldly.

“Then you can find them on your own lose more soldiers, more kingdoms which will no doubt increase the infighting.” Simba replied.

He began circling the council slowly he had to play this very carefully now if he were to succeed, this just might be one of the most critical parts of his plan to gain control of the council’s army, time to see just how well he could play the game, he hated that term this wasn’t a game it was mass murder and blood shed, but it was necessary if he didn’t match their ruthlessness he would already be dead as would his family. TIme to fight fire with fire. He began slowly circling them.

“Fake outrage all you want but any one of you would’ve orchistrated those murders if given the chance.” Simba said.

“You’ve been against each other for so long and this war is dwindling the divide in power.” Simba continued while walking slowly around them while eying one before briefly glancing to his rather known enemy.

“Say there’s a traitor among us if we lose more kingdoms how long before they act again, what if there’s more than one?” Simba went on while shifting his gaze to each member and when mentioning the traitor glancing to their enemies which he quickly repeated when mentioning more than one.

“More royals will fall if we don’t act now we lose, just ensure their safety and we can walk away from this.” Simba finished, he could tell the council was moments away from just eating each other alive but they all nod in agreement though they are still looking at whomever they believe to be their enemy in this case everyone.

Simba bows in gratitude while hiding a hint of a smile which Koto shares.

Kion was resting in his cave Fuli snuggled up next to him his arm gently wrapped around her while her paw was on his chest. He was sleeping peacefully more peacefully than he had in a very long time it was another thing to add to the list of things that made Fuli incredible, it was a very long list. Kion’s peaceful rest was unexpectedly interrupted when he felt a weird feeling in him. What was that it felt weird kind of like when he was in Rafiki’s tree. Kion tried to ignore it when he heard a voice calling out to him.

“Kion, Kion” It said.

Who was that it wasn’t very clear a little to faint to pinpoint just who the voice belonged to he tried to hone on it to focus on it.

“Kion can you hear me” It said again this time he recognized it what on Earth was he doing and why?

“Dad?” Kion said in confusion while finally focusing in and seeing his father’s image.

“It’s good to see you are alright son” Simba told him.

“What are you doing?” Kion asked him.

“I’ve come to bring you home son” Simba answered.

Bring him home, that wasn’t happening he made his choice and stood by and more importantly had done way too much to make it all in vain no way he was leaving them after all this.

“Dad I made my choice” Kion replied.

“I can’’t protect you much longer” Simba said.

“We can take care of ourselves” Kion stated.

“Kion there will be severe consequences if you stay on this path” Simba tried to reason.

“I have already faced them I have done things I never thought i would i can’t let it be nothing” Kion stated.

“It will be a price to high to pay you will lose everything Kion please listen to me.” Simba said with urgency.

Kion considered his words what was he so frantic about yes it was a war but why contact him now and more importantly how did he do it? Kion began to feel suspicious this energy did feel familiar was it his link to the kings, no if it were no way this link would go unnoticed by the rest, but Kion could feel the similarity.

“Dad I know this feeling, this is my link to the kings, what are you doing the kingdoms are not stupid dad they will detect this link and trace it to us!” Kion said panicked.

Simba didn’t have a reply to that he knew full well what this meant but it was the only way to find him before the armies did.

“You knew you knew you were handing me and everyone else over to the council!” Kion said anger beginning to fill his voice.

“Kion your link through Rafiki’s tree was the only way to find you to keep you alive.” Simba tried to reason.

Kion felt his anger growing his father knew what he was doing and did it anyway. He knowingly betrayed him betrayed all of them. Yes Kion left but he didn’t lead the rebels to Pride Rock to take it, he questioned leaving his family but he never directly betrayed them not like this.

“You backstabbing treacherous!” Kion roared in rage.

“Kion grab Bunga and Fuli and just get out of there while you still can!” Simba said desperately.

Kion couldn’t even hear his father’s words all he could feel was rage and anger. How dare he do this did he not see he was betraying everything their era stood for. He betrayed his own family his own son. Kion couldn’t control his anger anymore he glared at his father a title he wasn’t certain he deserved anymore.

“I’m almost mom’s not alive to see you sell out your own family, at least she died believing her mate was still alive.” Kion said his voice was like ice.

Simba felt a deep stab into his chest the moment Kion said those words. How could he say that, how could he say that and mean it, and Simba knew Kion meant it. Simba felt a deep pain consume him and an overwhelming self loathing wash over him, a self loathing he had not felt so strongly since his father died in that gorge. He tried to say something but couldn’t find the strength to properly speak.

“Kion, son please” It’s all he can find the strength to say.

Kion feels disgust at Simba calling him that. No that wasn’t his father in front of him he didn’t know what it was, some twisted pervision the council created. A mockery of the wise and noble Simba that made Kion Kiara and the guard who they are today. He wouldn’t stomach it being in his presence anymore, he would mourn his real father later.

“You are not my father, my father was killed in this war, by you.” Kion told him cruelly.

Simba couldn’t move or even respond anymore he never imagined such a reaction he was just trying to save his son, a son he might not have anymore, Kion definitively answered that question.

“I am not your son, you’re dead me” Kion hissed with venom, he then severed the connection.

Simba stood in Rafiki’s tree alone in complete silence he felt like he just died in fact he felt worse than dead at least if he were dead he wouldn’t be feeling this agony now. That was worse than he ever imagined Kion disowned him. Kion actually disowned him. Simba couldn’t stop seeing the rage and hatred in Kion’s eyes. He lost his son today, that much was certain. His mate was dead, Kiara was unraveling she also felt a vicious grudge to her brother, and Kion hated his guts. Simba’s family had been completely torn apart it was in ruins and he didn’t think anything could even hope to ever bring it back together, this is the price he pays for saving Kion’s life and he had to be honest he wasn’t certain if it was too high.

Simba finally forced himself forward moving slowly and sluggishly almost like a corpse which Simba honestly felt like, he felt like a dead shell. He emerged from Rafiki’s tree and saw Koto waiting for him with the other council members.

“Well done, our forces are ready and now we know where, I knew I chose well with you” Koto said while giving Simba an almost prideful smile, it only increased the feeling of pain and self loathing Simba felt. Simba says nothing he only looks down in shame.

Kion was sitting in a cave with Muhimu who he just told about his father’s actions and how the council would be attacking soon.

“Are you certain?” Muhimu asked him.

“Yes I admit i didn’t expect this from him” Kion said trying to hide his pain.

“Once again your love for your family betrays you and now everyone here is danger and not all of them will make it.” Muhimu says coldly while glaring at him.

Kion felt his rage growing again Muhimu had no idea what he was feeling right now this betrayal hurt him just as much he had no right to accuse him he didn’t do this.

“Don’t accuse me I was betrayed just as much” Kion countered angrily.

Muhimu growled in anger at his response, so selfish unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure others survive. He was not the hero Muhimu was led to believe he was and he was certainly not ready.

“Always thinking of yourselves over others you don’t have what it takes to protect them.” Muhimu growled.

“I do protect them, I have.” Kion said baring his teeth.

“You protect your friends your girl you hold them above all else.” Muhimu retorted.

“I love her! Have you never felt that have you never had a friend you’re asking me to throw aside everyone i love!” Kion sceamed in anger.

Muhimu felt his heart shatter into pieces as Kion said those words, Almasi he saw her in his mind catching him gently as he fell from the vines smiling in pride at him as he took his first steps in his new life. Felt her paws supporting him helping him stand. Walking with her through the grass under the stars. Muhimu felt tears in his eyes and turned away from Kion.

“It’s not about us, it’s about them!” Muhimu shouted the sadness in his voice was evident.

“We sacrifice everything to ensure they don’t have to that’s what a leader does that’s what you should do!” Muhimu screamed tears flying from his eyes not that Kion could see them.

Kion felt a deep sense of protection grip him he pretty much told him he should sacrifice Fuli, as far as Kion was concerned that was a threat.

“That sounds like a threat to her life, I know you would sacrifice her in a instant you give any reason to think you’ll hurt her and you won’t asking your parents for forgiveness from the stars you’ll be asking their forgiveness right in front of them.” Kion told him.

Muhimu ignored him and turned away, “Do what you like I’m going to try and save as many as i can” Muhimu replied this time Kion did notice the emotion in his voice something Kion said shook him and it wasn’t about his parents.

Muhimu moved through the cave Kion’s words echoing in his mind, yes he had loved someone more than he ever imagined, it was too much to even think of her but he couldn’t resist it she remained with him forever she was why he did what he did it was what she asked of him.

“Almasi” Muhimu said quietly tears falling from his eyes, he couldn’t ignore it he let the memory of her fill his mind.

Three years ago, Muhimu was lying on the grass a female tiger was lying beside him. He didn’t know what to do a part of him wanted to reach for her paw but he wasn’t certain she would like that. She was a leader though a very young one the age difference between them was quite small. She didn’t say anything she merely glanced at the stars watching them silently. She always loved doing this to see the entire world around her, and how large it all was, Muhimu enjoyed it as well but then again he enjoyed everything if it was with her.

“Have you ever considered what it would be like if you could touch one?” Almasi asked him.

“Guess it never occured to me it’s out of my reach” Muhimu replied.

“Nothing is out of our reach in the end we can obtain anything if we but have the strength and will to do so” Almasi told him she turned and smiled at him her aqua blue eyes sparkling under the moon.

Muhimu felt his heart accelerating again it was a frequent thing. Muhimu was smittened with her the instant he saw her and when she caught him in her arms that was the moment when he knew he wanted to be around her. He didn’t know at the time that she chose him to be her student odd when your teacher is only a year or two older than you especially when you’re attracted to her. He wondered if she knew?

“You don’t think we have any limits?” Muhimu asked her.

Remember your lessons Muhimu for the last two years I have taught you everything i can but few things are more important than the belief that we can do anything if we put our mind, body and soul to it” Almasi responded.

“Do you think we can win this, i just see so many fall that I’m not certain if we can” Muhimu said uncertain.

“I do we have lost many but that is inevitable we cannot give up we must endure the pain and ensure all they fought and died for was not in vain” Almasi said.

Muhimu rolled over and gazed at her he was trying desperately to not let his emotions control him but he couldn’t stop himself she was so beautiful these last two years being beside her it was everything he hoped for. It was what he fought for in truth, she was what drove him.

“I know but it’s the quiet moments like this i prefer to remember” Muhimu stated.

“The moments that make us human, yes i treasure them as well, what do you treasure Muhimu?” Almasi asked him while moving towards him.

Muhimu struggled to keep himself under control he desperately wanted to wrap his paw around her, she didn’t make this easy on him that was for sure. A little less close a little less direct would make controlling his emotions a lot easier.

“I don’t know we have slowly find that?” Muhimu told her.

Almasi smiled and gently touched his paw, “Not always” she told him.

Muhimu let her paw touch his before it did she pounced him and pinned him down, still smiling.

“You let your guard down” Almasi told him sweetly.

Muhimu slipped his tail under her and pushed her up throwing her off balance he attempted to push her down but she flipped him on his back and rested herself ontop of him pushing him down. Muhimu felt a jolt of energy surge through him almost like electricity, it made his whole body tingle the sensation of her mere touch, how he wondered what her, no he was letting his emotions cloud his judgement again, that’s not why he was with her.

“Closer, you’re improving, you’re improving in all categories I certainly have never regretted my choice” Almasi said.

“You really think I can be a proper leader?” Muhimu asked.

“I wouldn’t of picked you if i didn’t think you could be, however the last trial is grueling truly the toughest thing you have done thus far and when you are ready I will steady your paw for it.” Almasi told him gently.

Muhimu didn’t say anything he merely smiled at her which she returned he reached up and plucked a small flower staring at it for a moment before turning to her.

“Thank you you are a great leader and have done so much for me and others I can never repay you” Muhimu told her.

“Well hiding flowers doesn’t help in that regard Muhimu” She said with a slight giggle that took his breath away.

Muhimu blushed a bit before revealing it to her she looked at it before turning ot Muhimu and licking his cheek. Muhimu felt her tongue brush against his cheek gently moving from the bottom to the top. He brushed his paw against his cheek and it came away wet with her saliva.

“It’s alright to value something just make sure it doesn’t make you forget why you joined us” she gently told him.

Muhimu nodded before following her he looked at the stars and realized she was right he could reach out to them, he could do anything he strived for she was right and she made him believe, it was just one of the endless things that made her incredible.

Present day, Muhimu was meeting with Nuka about what Kion just told him, apparently it was even more dire than expected Nuka told him it was likely the whole army was coming it was a battle they couldn’t win they needed to evacuate.

“Can we evacuate?” Muhimu asked though his voice choked up a bit.

Not without leaving all your supplies behind which if you do it won’t matter you’ll be crushed anyway.” Nuka answered ignoring Muhimu’s surprisingly emotional demeanor what was wrong with him?

“If I keep a large number here they’ll die.” Muhimu said a tear falling from his eye.

Nuka did notice this what was wrong with him, Muhimu never cried something got to him but what?

“Many of them or all of them” Nuka replied sadly.

Muhimu nodded in acceptance there was no choice he had to make the hard choice that no one else would that no one else should. Muhimu then left to order the evacuations of citizens and the relocation of their food supplies, a large chunk of soldiers would accompany them. Another hard choice he had to make that was what a leader did no matter what. Muhimu entered his private cave.

He sat down while pondering the latest choice he made at least what happened now would solely be on his head and no one else. That’s what he was taught to endure the pain and regret so no one else would have to. Muhimu could feel his tears returning he couldn’t get her out of his head. Everytime he closed his eyes he could see her smiling at him sweetly. He looked to the opeing in his cave it was a rather beautiful night the stars were shining brightly across the sky. He reached for them he knew one of them was her if only he could reach out and feel it, if only he could know she was there.

Muhimu rested on the ground. His body trembled and in an instant he shot up he needed to feel her again even briefly. Muhimu began throwing things in his cave aside searching desperately for the only thing that actually mattered to his heart. He tossed everything aside and continued to rummaged through his cave until he found it, a small flower. He took it into his paws and held it close to his heart. He placed it under his nose and took in it’s scent somehow it was still there, after all these years her heavenly scent was still there. It was all he had left of her, everything else was gone. He placed it his heart again hoping to feel something from the past again anything to let him be with her again.

“Almasi why did you why couldn’t you, It’s wrong why, can’t you be here with me?” Muhimu said in tears.

He looked to the stars, “I can’t reach you thought we could achieve anything we strive for, why can’t i reach you?”he said in a broken near whimper he then let the tears fall from his eyes as he cried and sobbed in his lonely and empty sorrow.

After telling Muhimu of the impending attack Kion wasted no time finding Bunga and Fuli which didn’t take very long since they were still sleeping in the Guard’s main cave Kion raced to it and woke them he didn’t have time to be subtle about this, He immediately told them of the situation that transpired. They seemed to have trouble fully accepting the reality of it.

“Are you sure he wasn’t forced into it or something?” Bunga asked.

“I’m positive the council doesn’t know about the link or at least how to access it.” Kion answered feeling hurt by the reality of it not to mention angry.

“This is unexpected” Fuli said.

Kion didn’t have time for them to debate about this they needed to get out of here now while they still could.

“There’s no time you have to get out of here now, before they show up.” Kion stated rather frantically.

You mean leave run that goes against what the guard stands for” Bunga replied.

“You’ll die” Kion told them.

The threat of death was nothing new to Bunga or the guard. Zira once broke his back and Fuli was hit full force by Beshte. Never mind Kito who nearly killed every one of them multiple times and of course the recent siege on Vita where all of them nearly died that wasn’t even half of them. Risking ones life came with the territory, running now was out of the question.

“I joined this to fight alonside you not abandon you.” Bunga said.

“Bunga you don’t owe me anything” Kion told him.

“That’s not why I fought I fought because you were my friend, are my friend, will always be my friend.” Bunga said gently.

Kion tries not to cry after hearing his words what did he do to deserve friends like this it was overwhelming and a true gift to his life. Kion and Bunga embraced and hugged.

“Thank you for everything” Kion tells him smiling gently.

“No problem what are friends for?” Bunga replies while smiling back.

Kion and Bunga release each other from the hug he then turns to Fuli. She says nothing instead she gazes at him and stands her ground, her answer is overwhelmingly clear. Kion approaches her a pleading look in his eyes Fuli gazes at him a look of determination and resolve in hers. Her gaze softens and he can see true unquestionable love in her eyes. In that moment Kion knows that nothing will change Fuli’s mind no matter how much he wants to. Kion sighs in defeat and nods in agreement at her. Fuli returns the nod and smiles gently which he returns, They then embrace each other their arms wrapping around each other their paws stroaking their lovers back. They continue to gaze even deeper into each others eyes and edge closer however before their muzzles can connect they notice something, Bunga is still in the cave.

They pull apart and step away from each other feeling a little embarassed by their public display of affection. Bunga looks at them for a moment before slowly putting up his hands and slowly backing out of the cave, as if saying don’t mind me. Kion and Fuli smiled at the humorous sight of their friend’s departure Bunga always having a good laugh for everyone. Kion and Fuli exited the cave grasping each other’s paw and headed off to help the other rebels evacuate the citizens.

Kiara and Kovu were currently watching the countless prisoners they captured whom Kiara avoided making direct contact with lest her anger get the better of her again. They were circling the prisons when they saw a messenger bird arrived it dropped the message which Kiara picked up.

“What does it say?” Kovu asks her.

“Prepare to move the soldiers out for the following location they found Kion and the rebel headquaters.” Kiara answered.

Kovu didn’t say anything he just nodded and ran off to gather the other resources he then grabbed his own message written to their daily report deliverer, Kivuli. It was simple it just told him the location like a report was meant to he already knew his orders.

Kovu and Kiara walked alongside their armies as they moved towards the Rebel stronghold this would be it, it was very likely this would be where the war would end or at least the tides would turn, of course what did this mean for Kiara Kion was there what would she do would she face him after what she did last time and if so what would she do in the process, who would she emerge as when this was over.

Nala was watching the royal base from afar she watched as the messenger arrived, what was this about where were they heading. Nala watched as Kiara and Kovu departed. She growled in quiet anger at Kovu, the snake manipulated all of them and Nala would make certain he knew just how she felt about them. Nala began trailing them from behind ever since she found out who was behind the Pride Rock attack she had been keeping constant watch on Kovu now she could finally expose what he did all she had to do was capture him and force him to confess and she would.

All forces on both sides had assembled all on a collision course at the rebel headquarters what happened next would certainly change everything after this all would be revealed after this everything would be changed, everyone on both side’s lives had been leading to this moment rather they knew it or not, the moments that would one day define them, the moment was upon them, the endgame had begun.

Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

PostPosted: July 19th, 2016, 9:10 am
by Chavratheserval
Oh my goodness! Nala is alive! :) I thought she was actually dead. I was not expecting Vita to be killed so early on, that was a surprise. Since she is usually ready for everything. Poor Simba, I could see his view. But I can also see Kion's.
Battle of your morals, i guess. Can't wait for more!

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PostPosted: July 19th, 2016, 10:25 pm
by Hatari05
Great to hear what chapter are you on right now did you finish all of them so far?

While you understand both sides have you flipped on which one you support or is your decision still the same?

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PostPosted: July 20th, 2016, 7:48 pm
by Chavratheserval
My decision is still the same, I really can't see how I'd be able to hurt my family. Yeah, finished all of them.

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PostPosted: July 20th, 2016, 11:09 pm
by Hatari05
So what was your reaction to who was behind the pride Rock bombing?

Do you think I handled Nala's little detective investigation?

What's your opinion on this more rageful and angry kiara?

What do you think of Muhimu's backstory so far?

Were you surprised with how far Simba is starting to go or even both sides?

Nice to see you're enjoying it I'll try to get more chapters up by sometime next week.

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by Chavratheserval
I had a feeling that it wasn't the rebels.

Good enough, I wasn't thinking she would do that.

What happened to Kiara!? Her bubbly cute personality?!

It's very did she die? I think I want to know more.

I'm surprised by both sides really, but I can understand why.

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PostPosted: July 21st, 2016, 4:56 pm
by Hatari05
But did you expect it to be someone both the audiences and the characters knew so well?

Kiara doesn't take betrayal and loss well, beware the nice ones if you push them far enough you will find an absolutely terrifying monster.

You will know more, in the coming chapters.

Both sides have their reasons but neither are saints anymore both have blood on their paws.

Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

PostPosted: July 21st, 2016, 10:27 pm
by Chavratheserval
Probably not, guessing ususally ends with me not getting it right. :P

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by Hatari05
I was expecting a bit more shock from you at who it was who planned the bombing?

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PostPosted: July 25th, 2016, 4:43 am
by Chavratheserval
More shock? See, when you watch a lot of thriller movies and adventure, there's always a hunch for me. Cause I've seen it happen in TV shows and movies, where it's actually the person there helping who planned it. And then they backstabbed them in the back. Plus, I really wouldn't have trusted her, she's that crazy...she would do something like that so they'll hate the rebels even more.