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: Chapter 19:
The Last Battle

Fuli was sitting by Bunga’s grave after turning away from Kion she found herself back here again pretty quickly she visited it often in the last few days it was really the only place she had to go, she didn’t have much else now. She came back here everyday but couldn’t help but wonder if the real reason she kept coming back was because deep down she hoped Kion would be here waiting for her hoping to take her back. It sounded pathetic really, and in truth it was selfish she chose to leave she could at least stick to her guns. Why did she leave, was it because of Kion or was it a result of her own personal issues she just couldn’t rise beyond? She stared at Bunga’s grave pondering the answer.

“I left him i actually did it, I don’t know if i made the right choice or if i even made it for the right reason” Fuli said aloud.

She paced back and forth pondering her position what was her motivation Kion, her personal issues maybe both, was it right to turn away was it necessary for her psyche?

“I wanted Kion to realize, to want to stay with me, we gave it our all and it wasn’t enough is it wrong to walk away?” Fuli asked her deceased friend.

“Should i want to leave, I’m a killer might as well stay in my proper way of life, is my effort to leave just a cowardly attempt to reject the truth, that i am a murderer?” Fuli asked herself.

Was that it, was that what held her back and what about the future what she sought to tell him should she even be involved considering who she was but then again Kion killed too did she consider him a killer, did he?

“Maybe I should’ve told him then but it wouldn’t really be his choice anymore, and for what reason would us starting a life together change what i did, which one is the real me?” Fuli asked the grave.

She looked at the grave, she knew what Bunga would say what literally everyone would say but then she heard Kiara’s words echoing in her mind, Vita’s death flashed before her eyes, that soldier being crushed, and finally Shetani. So much blood on her paws could she even live a normal life after that?

“You would tell me to just live my life but i don’t know if i can, after everything i did, would it be a freedom for me or a prison that would reveal the true me the one Kiara saw?” Fuli pondered.

“I know what you think what most think but i still question it can i have a life with him if I’m deep down a murderer?” Fuli questioned.

“How do i know?” Fuli asked in a whisper.

She considered her past actions everything she did her killing of Shetani, her murder of Vita, killing that soldier, she also considered what she said to Kion about how feeling this pain is a good thing that it proves you’re still human. Is that what made someone a murderer not the taking of a life but the lack of care that you do? No, there had to be more if that was it then nothing matters so long as you regret it. Reasons for doing it perhaps, no because anything can be justified. What makes a murderer? Fuli couldn’t find the answer. She thought about her actions and her own words as well as Kiara’s. They all echoed in her mind. Fuli saw her actions and they still sickened her she hated that she had to do it, she also saw herself on the battlefield refusing to kill those she didn’t have to showing mercy whenever she could but for every animal she spared her mind showed her one she killed.

Fuli felt the weight of her past actions crushing down on her, her guilt continued to plague her, finally Shetani’s face appeared before her staring sightlessly at her. Enough, why did it haunt her, Shentani was a monster who took glee in the suffering of others she didn’t even intend to kill her she just acted on instinct. Shetani was so sadistic her preferred method of murder was burning away her victims through a kiss. Yes she regretted killing her, she regretted killing anything but what was her option at the time. What was her option with Vita!?

“I didn’t want to kill any of them, I didn’t mean to kill Shetani but what was my option, what other alternatives did i have!?” Fuli shouted to the sky.

“How could I save my friends without killing Vita, what other options were there!?” Fuli screamed.

In that moment Fuli knew what Bunga would say, it was so obvious, if you did everything to avoid it if you didn’t want to do it, if there wasn’t an alternative why torture yourself endlessly for it, that’s pretty dumb.

She almost heard his voice in her head and knew it was true, she did the best she could there wasn’t anything else she could’ve done, she didn’t want to. Fuli heard Kiara’s words again.

“I was wrong about you, you are a murderer.”

Fuli heard them and finally she did the one thing that was too hard to do. The truth hit her those weren’t Kiara’s words they were hers, the ones she kept repeating in guilt and now she was using them to hide her guilt of failing Kion. She couldn’t let those words control her anymore, at long last Fuli did the hardest thing she ever had to.

“No, no I’m not, i can’t hide behind that as an excuse to not move on, I killed, i killed people in this war it keeps me awake at night, but i can’t give into it, i have a life now a chance and I can’t let my self loathing destroy it.” Fuli said to herself. She then looked at her reflection and took it in she felt the visons trying to surface but she wouldn’t let them, that was the past and it was time to put it behind her, to finally move on.

Fuli turned away and turned to Bunga’s grave, “Thank my friend for everything” She told him having little doubt he was smiling down at her.

Fuli then turned away from the grave and made her way back towards the Pride Lands where Simba was and she had little doubt that’s where Kion was going as well.

Kion and the rebels moved towards Pride Rock he knew what awaited him unless his mother captured the real mastermind behind this he would have to duel his father to the death there was little choice left. Kion could feel the wind blowing in his face it was vicious and intense as if foreshadowing what was to come. The sky was dark and cruel he could hear the rumble of thunder and could see the striking of lightning. Was the rain finally coming it would be the first sign of hope in ages. Kion continued moving towards Pride Rock gazing at it with more intensity and resolve than anything before. Kion was no fool he was not a full grown lion his father was much stronger and more powerful than him, Kion might have the advantage in speed but not durability. There was no logical way Kion could win this, he was dead.

Kion didn’t feel too much pain or regret with this truth his death would save everyone else finally he would save them instead of failing them. Of his father Kion did pity his father but there was no choice this was the only end left. So many had sacrificed so much and now one more would be demanded, the last one.

Simba watched as the rebels approached Kion with them, this was it was he really prepared to do what he had to was there any other choice. Simba could see the determined look in Kion’s eye his resolve was absolute and completely certain. Almost too certain, this was very extreme and Kion seemed too certain on this choice, he didn’t seem to doubt anything at all. Logically it made sense but this wasn’t logical, Simba certainly wasn’t in a rational state of mind right now, and yet it seemed like Kion almost was. He seemed almost machine like in his movements, driven and beyond certain. The fact that he was so certain about this come off almost cold. How was he so at peace with this, how was he so at peace with the notion of dying or killing his father, had he sacrificed so much that the peace was all that mattered to him anymore and he would do anything to get it?

Simba saw the rebels surround Pride Rock there were a lot of them but they weren’t very well trained and Simba’s forces greatly outnumbered them. What were they thinking were they suicidal!? This was absurd maybe Simba could offer them peace, but how he couldn’t offer the outlands yet how would he know of them, they needed the mastermind to do that. He couldn’t stand down either his soldiers lost a lot and surrender wasn’t an option for them. They were trapped and it seemed this ended in death one way or another. Simba and Kion stared each other down.

“It’s time dad this ends here one way or another” Kion said.

Simba looked at him and turned to his soldiers, “Give up Kion, your forces can’t win and neither can you.” Simba said the last part was very quietly.

“They would never give up and neither can i” Kion stated.

“They would rather die that’s what is going to happen you keep fighting you are all going to die!” Simba desperately tried to reason.

The rebels weren’t phased by his words at all, they really valued their lives that little, all for freedom a freedom none of them would have. What were they fighting for anymore what purporse was there did they really want to die for their cause regardless if it meant sacrificing everything they held dear, did they hold anything dear anymore!?

Kion and Simba waited both hoping the rebels would respond or the soldiers would say something neither side did, peace wasn’t an option, so be it then all they could do was ensure as little death as possible.

“Then let’s make it so they don’t have to, I challenge you Simba to a duel, the defeated side will stand down no one else dies” Kion stated.

The rebels began to protest in anger at Kion’s statement when he roared.

“You don’t value your lives enough, but i do Muhimu entrusted me to keep you alive and you will, if not you can find another to lead, i will not allow more bloodshed!” Kion thundered.

The rebels all went quiet many looked at Kion in admiration, Kion looked up at Simba again.

“Do you accept” Kion requested.

“Kion i will kill you” Simba tried to reason.

“Do you accept?” Kion asked again sadly.

“Don’t make me do this” Simba pleaded.

“Do you accept?” Kion said emphasizing each word.

Simba looked at Kion in tears before looking down in shame. He knew it was the right thing to do it was the logical thing to do. One of them dies to save thousands and thousands of lives, but it was too high, it was a price too high to pay for him to pay, for Nala to pay. What happens when she comes back he tells he murdered their son to end the war what does he tell Kiara? No it was the right thing to do, Kion was right, he was right. No, no he wasn’t, he never was, this was too much, Simba wouldn’t do it!

Simba looks down in defeat, “no” he whispered.

Kion’s eyes went wide with shock he did not expect that.

“Dad you have to!” Kion said almost panicked.

Simba turned away from his son this was it they were broken but he didn’t care he wouldn’t kill him, they weren’t responsible for the rebels their lives were their own.

“Immobilize them as quick as possible I want as little casualities as possible” Simba commanded.

“Dad they won’t let themselves be captured they’ll choose death!” Kion shouted desperately.

Then that’s their choice” Simba said broken, he then entered Pride Rock.

No dad, don’t do this!” Kion cried out.

The armies stand in front of the rebels but do not attack yet, “Stand down or we will take action” A soldier said.

The rebels ignore their pleas and charge at them in rage extracting their claws before jumping at them. The soldiers charge at them as well colliding into them. They begin trying to push them back but the rebels fight on clamoring over each other to pounce on the soldiers. Slicing away at their face and body. A solider tackles a rebel to the ground trying to restrain him. A rebel Monkey grabs a rock and smashes it into a soldiers head causing him to fall over as he does the rebels swarm over him bitting and clawing at him, A soldier slams the monkey into a wall. Another group of rebels push the soldiers into the water resulting in them rolling around the water. A soldier grabs an antelopes head and forces it under a wildernbeest rams him in the side knocking him aside. The soldiers clearly become angry and begin to get it more aggressive. A soldier slams a rebel tiger into a rock, while an antelope and leopard are just steamrolled by a group knocking them down they then begin stomping them into the ground.

Kion races through the battlefield trying to get either’s attention, he watches as a soldier grabs a monkey and snaps it’s neck. While a tiger and a cheetah maul a full grown lion dragging him down and bitting into him. Two lion’s smash into them from behind and slam their face into the ground. The rebels continue coming at them in what could only be called a suicide charge.

“No, stop, just stop if you fight to kill they will use lethal force!” Kion shouted.

The rebels ignored him, a panther impaled a soldier on his claws, while a lioness dragged another to the ground snapping his neck. The soliders growl in anger and grab the panther slicing him all across the body before stabbing him in the back and chest, the lioness was smashed into a rock and thrown in a pond to drown. Kion slowly moved through the battlefield throwing aside anyone who attacked him enough people were dying already he wouldn’t add another victim personally. Kion turned to the side and what he saw froze him cold. A group of young cubs moved a boulder to a crush a group of soldiers, when one of them grabbed him the cub extracted his claws and sliced his face, it seemed inhuman. More cubs jump on the soldier climbing all around him bitting and clawing him. The lion thrashes around trying to throw them off. The lion throws a cub into a rock before chucking another one a good fifteen feet. They get up and charge at him again. Kion wanted to vomit and turned towards the rebels desperately trying to reach them.

“Your children are becoming killers and they are going to die, they are going to die muderers, listen to me stop!” Kion begged.

“We will not be slaves!” A male cheetah yells.

“You’re all going to die, wake up!” Kion pleaded.

“Then we will leave this world free and take our oppressors with us!” A female tiger screamed.

“I’ll die free before i live in chains” A cub shouted before jumping at a soldier he claws at him and tries to reach his neck but is thrown into a wall.

The soldier puts his foot on his neck, “You’re all psychotic, if you all want to die fine, I want to go home and see my family again!” He screams he then prepares to crush the cubs neck.

No, that cub wouldn’t die for this, Kion raced at the soldier knocking him to the ground before rendering him unconscious. Kion turns to another soldier and throws him into a wall. Kion catches a rebel soaring through the air and throws them to the ground. He grabs a rampaging cub and chokes them out dropping his unconscious form and sliding it against a wall. This was too far, this was too much, the price had to be paid. Stopping this was worth whatever pain they and their family faced. Kion knocked two soldiers aside and entered the cave racing to find his father.

Nala and Kovu arrived not far from the boarders of the Pride Lands she could hear the roars and cries of battle clearly Simba and Kion failed to achieve peace, which meant everything was depending on her. She didn’t have time for break stops why did Kovu bring her here?

“What are we doing you said you would take me to your partner” Nala demanded.

“I am we’ve wanted to meet with you we decided here would be best” Kovu answered.

Nala looked at him in rage before sniffing around the area there were two scents they were approaching fast, hm why here no matter that just made Nala’s job easier she didn’t have to drag them nearly as far. Nala looked at the hill and watched as Nuka and Kiara appeared on the other side this was it finally time to end this. Nala was determined and not at all surprised to see Nuka, all that mattered was finishing this, Kiara wasn’t surprised either Nuka had mentioned gathering the last pieces.

“Mom, what are you trying to do?” Kiara asked her.

“I’m here to make all this right” Nala stated.

“No mom you don’t understand, we can end this, all this, the things i learned.” Kiara tried to reason.

“I know everything Kiara and i don’t care these lions started a war that killed thousands!” Nala growled.

“Mom I know it’s bad but there’s no other way we have to work with them.” Kiara reasoned.

Nala didn’t see it that way at all, she felt she had a perfectly effective plan to deal with this, and a true way of ensuring justice, and make no mistake she would.

“I have a better plan I force them to confess then i gut them!” Nala said snarling.

“If you expose us Kiara will have no one to stand beside her in the new world” Nuka said.

Kiara looked at Kovu shocked, that was a lie she was a means to an end for him nothing more, if he wanted her beside him it was only out of necessity not actual love.

“It doesn’t matter i was just a means to an end for him” Kiara said in sadness.

“No you weren’t, i do love you Kiara I just didn’t know how else to stop all this, i never intended it to tear your family apart, please forgive me Kiara I am so sorry” Kovu said his voice was desperate and he was clearly fighting tears, his voice also was filled with pain and regret.

Kiara questioned if it was legit but a part of her didn’t think it was fake.

“I would sooner see myself drawn and quartered before i saw kovu with Kiara ever again!” Nala roared in rage.

Nala then turned to Nuka she was tired of these games tired of his hiding it was time to force out the truth then she would tear out both their throats.

“Enough games, Kovu isn’t the real heir, the assassins work by blood that’s their code, they wouldn’t follow Kovu completely unless of course the mirithi told them, right Nuka” Nala said while staring daggers at him.

I’m impressed i knew you were a warrior but i never knew you possessed this level of intellect i underestimated you accept i really didn’t i knew you would find out” Nuka said the first part sounded genuine however the moment he said “except” his voice became more sarcastic.

So he knew the whole time that was intriguing but why what did he gain by allowing her to track him, she was right the assassin was ordered to keep her alive because Nuka wanted her here so he let her do her investigation the answer was why. As Nala tried to find the final piece of the puzzle Kiara stared at Kovu confused.

“Kovu if it wasn’t your plan why go along with it?” Kiara asked him.

“What’s that matter he’s the one behind this take him!” Nala shouted.

Nala charged at Nuka who sidestepped her. She swung her paw for his left eye which he parried away. Kiara watched it all confused. Nala sliced at his cheek which he caught before kicking her legs out from beneath her.

You're mistaken this was Kovu's vision he just didn't have the will to go through with it all. Nuka said.

Nala tackled Nuka trying to push him back but he stopped her before slamming his paw into her jaw he then caught her other one and struck her in the face with her own paw.

“nor did he fully know how,” Nuka continued

Nala swung three blows at Nuka who side stepped the one aimed at his chest ducked the one aimed at his head and swatted the third away before it even found a target.

“it was Kovu who came up with the idea to revive the outlands his vision to use it as a sanctuary for the rebels and refugees.” Nuka told her while Kiara watched shocked.

Nala tried to backhand him only for Nuka to grab her and slam her to the ground.

“he knew to do this we had to tear apart the royal council, that part fell to me” Nuka told her before lifting her up and throwing her aside.

Nala struggled to pick herself up, still aching from the recent beating she got. Where did that come from, Nuka's skills far exceeded anyone Nala fought except Kito and maybe Zira.

Nala began pulling herself up, “thanks for the confession you might've said too much.” Nala told him.

“No, I told you what you needed to hear you play a part in all this, you want to kill me then go ahead.” Nuka stated.

Kiara watch while her mother picked herself up, attacking again was a bad idea, that wasn’t even a fight, Nuka was talking the whole time and didn’t even look like he was trying if he wanted Nala dead she would definitely be dead, in fact he revealed way more than Kiara expected. Still his explanation left a few questions, was this Kovu’s vision and Nuka was just executing it, did Kovu know everything or did Nuka plan everything regarding the war. Even more so how did she feel regarding Kovu was he a traitor to her and her family and home or was he a noble lion trying to build a better home for those who didn’t have one? It was similar to Kion really which didn’t make it easier for her she didn’t agree with Kion and yet she couldn’t hate Kovu, she already tried hatred it didn’t work, Kiara watched as her mother pulled herself to her feet walking towards Nuka and readying her claws, no that was not the right choice Kiara knew that much hatred and anger never solved anything and could certainly never be the key to peace.

Nala prepared to impale Nuka when Kiara stepped in front of her, “Kiara move!” Nala demanded.

“No mom we need him” Kiara told her.

“We’ll think of our own solution” Nala countered.

Kiara knew that was a lie they didn’t have a back up plan so giving up the only plan they had was foolish something her mother would normally understand were she not so rageful right now.

“No we’ll just get more people killed we don’t know how to use the outlands he does” Kiara reasoned.

“The new kingdom is a lie a new world built on a bloodshed!” Nala said in rage.

“Bloodshed has already happened and more will without him, think mom!” Kiara said her voice was commanding.

“Move Kiara or I’ll make you.” Nala demanded.

Kovu stepped forward towards Nala in anger, he would not tolerated anyone threatening Kiara in any way, no matter who they may be, he would not let anyone hurt her.

“You won’t hurt your own daughter i won’t let you!” Kovu shouted.

“Stay out of this i have to do this, you’re not thinking clearly I know the feeling the anger, the rage, the need to lash out at that which wronged you, it’s a lie” Kiara told her.

“He’s nearly killed my entire family!” Nala screamed her whole body trembling.

There’s more at stake and our family still breaths, we kill him now they may very well die and you could’ve saved them” Kiara told Nala while standing her ground.

Nala struggled as Kiara’s words began to reach her but the rage and anger she felt was nearly overwhelming she had to see him pay, but she had to protect her family, what would she do, Nala stared Kiara down while continuing to wrestle with her own emotions.

Kion moved through Pride Rock slowly his father wasn’t in the den but he was close. Kion moved across the cave moving across many stone like steps as well as almost a ramp going up. Finally Kion leaped over an opening and found himself staring at his father, he was sitting on a ledge, Kion wasn’t familar with this ledge, Simba was. Simba could almost feel Kion behind him it was inevitable it seemed why couldn’t Kion just give up he was fighting a losing battle. Simba saw Kion try to reason with the rebels Simba watched as cubs became killers, the rebellion was uncompromising and simply beyond saving, Kion’s mission was pointless he couldn’t save them. Kion approached Simba who didn’t turn to him yet he was hoping Kion would turn away, he didn’t.

“It was here on this very ledge that i battled Scar, here where my reign began, I can’t help but wonder if this is where it will end?” Simba said before turning to face Kion.

“What are you doing, do you not see what you have done!?” Kion demanded.

“I know” It was all Simba said his voice sounded almost dead.

“They’re all dying and they’re not going down alone, you’ve killed us all!” Kion shouted.

Simba felt a deep anger fill him Kion still didn’t realize why he decided what he did was his bond with his family gone completely did he forget what family actually meant!?

“I had a choice between them and my son, I chose my son” Simba said clearly angry.

“You would let countless die over me!?” Kion demanded his tone was outraged.

“Yes! Yes i would because they are not my son!” Simba shouted.

Do the math dad, one life over thousands this is obvious.” Kion reasoned.

Math, calculations what on Earth happened to Kion was he always like this, if the tides were turned would he kill his son to ensure peace? Did Kion even understand why Simba refused to do this, why he refused to kill him, Simba wondered if Kion even understood love anymore.

“Do you even hear yourself, when did it happen Kion, when did you stop truly loving your family?” Simba asked in a heartbroken tone.

What, how could his father even ask him that, when did he, he never stopped loving them he was trying to save them, if this war didn’t end they would die anyway. Stop loving them, how could his father think he didn’t love them?

“What are you, of course i love you” Kion said clearly hurt by his father’s words.

“Yet you would ask me to kill you, the numbers mean nothing because you’re not a number in a bunch of individuals, you’ve become so consumed with your morals that you’ve forgotten about the needs of everyone who loves you” Simba said in tears.

“That’s not true” Kion choked out.

“Then where’s Fuli?” Simba asked him.

Kion felt his words cut into him right to his heart, she was gone, he gave her up to keep her safe, just like he was trying to keep everyone safe.

“After Bunga died i left her, I wouldn’t see her die for my mistakes, I do care dad” Kion answered in a broken tone.

“Yet you left her, you never once considered how that would make her feel, all you thought about was your need to protect everything, it’s all you ever think of anymore!” Simba shouted.

“The needs of my family of fuli are overshadowed by the needs of countless, the few vs the many.” Kion tried to reason.

Simba slammed his paw to the ground in anger at his son’s words, could Kion try and look at this like a living human being!

“Enough, enough with the calculations and balancing, enough trying to look at this logically, love is not rational!” Simba screamed tears streaming down his cheeks.

Kion couldn’t believe this his father would sacrifice everyone killing each other out there just to protect the life of one, it doesn’t matter who that life is no one life should be worth thousands, how couldn’t his father see this, how could he seriously put his own and his families needs above that of thousands of individuals?

“Do you not see how selfish you’re being” Kion asked him in disbelief.

Selfish, so be it he was acting to protect someone he loved dearly rather then sacrifice him for some noble cause or greater good. If he was willing to sacrifice his son or his mate or his daughter how could he truly love anyone, it was heartless.

“Do you not see how heartless you’re being?” Simba countered.

Father and son stare intensely at each other, “I have to make the hard choices.” Kion said quietly.

“What hard choices, what do you have, you’ve sacrificed everything for this, you don’t care if you die.” Simba said in a near sob.

“That’s not true but i have to my death is the last one then in my memory for my sacrifice they will stand down.” Kion stated he sounded too at peace with it all.

Simba could see Kion was certain and he could not accept it, no he couldn’t accept his view of it turning on one’s family, on those who love and need you is wrong.

Simba tried to tell himself he understood Kion’s choice but he never actually did, he never accepted it. Morals are important but they can’t be held above those you claim to love if you are willing to abandon the people you love most, how can you truly deep down love or value anything? Kion was rejecting love the rebels were rejecting love and if he accepted Kion’s view he would be rejecting love. Love was the most precious thing in this world and Kion was using logic and the greater good to reject it. No this was wrong Simba wouldn’t accept it, if he willingly killed his son for the sake of morality he was rejecting his love of his family, his love of his son and was allowing Kion to reject it as well and even worse none of this occured to Kion, so be it then if Kion wanted a fight Simba would give it to him, to keep him alive.

“And my son will be dead, no you want this battle fine, I’ll fight you, i’ll fight you to keep you alive even if i have to die to do so, you will live beyond this day!” Simba said he roared the last part with a determination and drive that he had never in his life felt before.

Simba and Kion begin circling each other neither will turn away at this point both believe what they stand for what they always stood for and were fully prepared to die for that belief. They gaze at each other for a moment before charging at each other and meeting in battle, a battle of father and son and one of them was probably going to kill the other.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 20:
How it all ends

Nala and Kiara stared each other down Kiara could see the rage and anger in her mothers eyes, she knew it quite well but unlike her mother Kiara also knew where such anger led, it was all too clear, through the memory of her nearly beating her brother to death, or Kion trying to murder his own father. Rage and hatred never lead anywhere good, Kiara realized this and now her mother needed to realize this. Nala’s claws were trembling her paw twitching, Kiara stood her ground.

“You can attack me but i won’t fight back is that worth your revenge?” Kiara asked intensely.

Nala felt her claws hesitating Kiara had a point it wouldn’t save her family now but all the people dead because of him.

“What of the others Kiara?” Nala asked though her tone was less rageful she was beginning to think clearly again.

“Will it bring back those who died it’s too late for retribution now, we have to insure the bloodshed ends here.” Kiara said softly.

Nala took in Kiara’s words while also thinking about everything that happened, he deserved death but killing him might condemn many more to death she came here to end this conflict to unravel the truth and she did she even got a confession, there was no need for blood Kiara was right, Nala had almost lost sight of her original goal but Kiara reminded her of it. Nala’s expression softened and she retracted her claws.

“Alright Kiara, Nuka you planned this so what was your endgame to bring peace?” Nala said.

“Our original plan won’t work, originally Simba would offer the new outlands as a gesture of peace but they hate each other too much now, the war wasn’t meant to get this bloody but the rebels were far more ruthless and bloodthirsty then we expected. Kovu stated his voice had a hint of defeat.

“Are you saying you can’t stop this?” Nala said in horror.

They hate each other too much maybe a scapegoat someone they can both hate.” Kovu said though he didn’t sound very certain.

That didn’t help Koto was dead as was Vita and this whole plan didn’t fit Vita she would’ve already offered up the kingdom it made more sense than fighting a war she thought was pointless to begin with. Koto wouldn’t have the patients for such a thing nor would he have the intellect, he was manipulative but not a high level chess master he could never orchistrate something of this level.

“There are no canidates who fit” Nala said sounding just as defeated as kovu did.

Nuka stepped forward, “Kovu nothing changed I suspected things would get this bad.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kovu asked in shock.

“You wouldn’t of gone along with it, you believe in a dream a vision but not the battle to get there.” Nuka answered.

“If you knew then what’s the plan Nuka?” Kiara asked him.

Nuka walked toward them he was rather surprised they hadn’t figured it out yet, he always felt it was pretty obvious who did everyone in Africa hate with the passion and fire of an exploding sun, Scar so it was pretty obvious who direct their hatred at, who they would believe was responsible without even a shadow of a doubt.

“Me, I lured Nala here set up her whole investigation so she could capture and reveal my actions.” Nuka said.

“All these people killed so i could plant my own agents in each kingdom, a war started for the sole purporse of ruling all of Africa, my terrible plot” Nuka explained.

“What Nuka no you can’t, you’ll be executed!” Kovu cried.

“I know but I’m the best candidate the son of Scar, come on who would doubt it Nala found evidence that can trace me to the assassin, i had Kivuli’s body retrieved, for further evidence we’re all set.

Nala had to admit she was impressed by the sheer scale of this plan, the level of Nuka’s vision and even Kovu’s. It was a rather impressive scheme actually and the scary thing was if Nuka wanted to rule Africa he could’ve, he could’ve easily pulled off this scheme without anyone ever finding out instead he chose to be a scapegoat for a better world. In that moment Nala couldn’t hate him anymore, he could’ve ruled the world and he chose not to. Nala tried to say something to Nuka but she couldn’t find the words.

“Sorry for the secret gotta admit it’s a good one, a stinky situation can sometimes bring others together” Nuka said while looking at Kiara and Nala, Kiara recognized those words she had no idea the meaning behind them the first time, why didn’t she consider it the moment she knew of their plan.

“You’ll be hated your name will be tarnished forever” Kiara told him.

“Well can’t have everything for a better world now can we?” Nuka responded his demeanor was rather witty.

“Nuka please don’t do this we can find someone else” Kovu said in tears.

“I’m guilty Kovu there was no place in what came next for you, i spilled blood to create a united world and when i chose to do that i forsaked my place in that world” Nuka told his little brother.

“It’s a lie, the new world is a lie” Nala said sadly.

“Not entirelly i did all of this to a build a new government so it’s ture in a way.” Nuka reasoned.

Kovu didn’t understand his brothers demeanor why was he so calm about this did he just accept it and what if Kovu how could he live in a world where his brother was regarded as a devil?

“I’ll never be able to tell the world who my brother really was, no one will know.” Kovu sobbed.

Nuka wiped a tear from Kovu’s eye even now at times he still felt like a cub like that little cub he took with him so long ago, it was funny he used to hate him now if he could he would kick his younger self in the butt, maybe do it twice. Nuka smiled at his younger brother.

“You’ll know” Nuka told him he then turned to Kiara.

“Kiara please don hold him responsible for this he was a visionary and he loved you, please don’t look at him any differently.” Nuka said to her sofly.

Nala approached Nuka and did something that was a lot more difficult than she thought it would be, she placed her claws to his throat.

“You’re under arrest” Nala said sadly.

“Kovu you’re going to have confirm her story, protect your vision, alright.” Nuka told him.

Kiara saw Kovu crying she didn’t expect this not from Nuka she was wrong about him everyone was and she knew that he made his ancestors proud. She approached Nuka and nuzzled gently.

“Let’s go” Nala said reluctantly.

“I love you bro” Nuka told him.

“I love you too Nuka” Kovu said in tears.

They then began moving to the boarders of the Pride Lands, now Nala knew why they met here Nuka really did plan everything him and Kovu it seemed she could still hear the battle going on not surprising it hadn’t even been an half hour yet, still they needed to hurry, she prayed they weren’t too late.

Simba and Kion charged at each other and collided in mid air. Kion bit into Simba's shoulder dragging him down. Simba slammed to the ground only for Kion to land on top of him. Kion reached his paw for his neck but Simba grabbed it and pulled Kion down throwing him over his shoulder. Kion pulled himself up and swung for his right cheek which Simba ducked under he then threw a haymaker at Kion's temple which he dodged before slicing his father's chest. Simba let out a roar of pain he then stepped back before swinging his claws for Kion's left eye which slices just above his eyebrow. Kion growled in anger holding his upper eye which had blood dripping off of it. Kion growled and came running at Simba who caught him. Kion kept him pushing himself forward which caused Simba to slide back towards the edge only for his father to stop himself.

Kion growled in frustration he then sank his claws into Simba's shoulders. Simba let out a cry of pain and thrashed around for a bit as Kion’s claws dung deeper. Simba stopped struggling and ignored the pain in his shoulder grabbing Kion’s paw and using his superior strength to yank them out before pulling up. Kion struggled to resist but he wasn’t strong enough he was also defenseless. Simba upper cutted Kion with such force it knocked him in the air. Simba then struck Kion in the cheek knocking him across the ledge. Kion crashed to the ground bouncing and skidding across the floor before sliding to a stop. Simba was already coming at him attempting to knee him in the ribs Kion swept his legs out sending him tumbling to the ground. Simba scrambled to get up but he wasn’t fast enough, seeing his opening Kion jumped on him mauling him biting and clawing. Simba grabbed Kion and began bitting his shoulder while also clawing at his ribs he then smashed his knee into his chest. Kion gasped in pain which briefly stopped his assault. It was all the opening Simba needed, he grabbed Kion and lifted him off the ground by his neck he began to slightly walk forward while holding him letting Kion see how outmatched he was, he the threw him into a wall.

Kion slammed with such a force that he was certain a rib or two were cracked. Kion tried to move but his breathing became more difficult. Simba waited to attack if Kion couldn’t fight anymore there was no reason to launch another assault. Kion’s chest was on fire his ribs were aching and his breathin was becoming more painful, but not impossible. Kion ignored the pain and forced himself up. So be it, Simba leaped at Kion with ferocity. Kion saw his father descending toward him and kicked him in the chin causing him to fall over and slide to the edge. Kion jumped on him and began pouding on his face with a savage ferocity. Simba felt his son’s paw strike his face again and again his vision was blurring a bit, he placed one paw to his face to try and at least absorb the blows. Simba then used his other paw to grab Kion by the neck neck and tighten his grip. Kion began to kick and squirm in his fathers grasp, this only made Simba tighten his grip causing Kion’s vision to darken, he choked as he felt his air being cut off.

Simba lifted Kion up and pulled himself up dangling Kion from the ground and holding him in place while continuing to tighten his grip.

“Give up or pass out” Simba told him.

Kion continued gasping for breath only to find he didn’t have any, he tried to kick him to no avail. Kion tried squirm free but couldn’t do so. Desperate Kion grabbed Simba’s paw and tried to pry it off but he was too weak. Kion weakly tried to reach for him.

“You can't beat me, Kion you're still an adolescent not even in your prime, you're not strong enough to win!” Simba declared.

Kion felt his body weaken and looked down, it was his only shot it would weaken him too but if he did nothing this was over and everyone died he wouldn’t let that happen, no matter what he had to do. Without hesitating he dug his claws into Simba’s paw, his other one grabbed him, he then kicked his leg causing Simba to fall down it didn’t break his grip but it gave Kion a moment of mobility, he then without hesitation pulled on his father and rolled off the ledge.

Simba and Kion fell from Pride Rock grabbing onto a rock and sliding down it to slow their fall but not nearly enough Kion and Simba bounced off the rocks and hit the ground. Simba felt his whole body screaming in pain, he tried to move only to realize it made the pain even worse he turned and saw Kion on the ground as well. Kion felt an ocean of agony wash over him he gritted his teeth in pain before ignoring it, this pain was nothing he could endure it, he could endure anything so long as everything wasn’t in vain. Simba stared in disbelief as his son pulled himself up this was absurd why was Kion getting this drive, did he not feel any of Simba’s blows he seemed capable of ignoring all traces of pain completely. Kion began pulling himself up, no choice Simba had to continue or Kion would finish his presumed mission and Simba would not allow that, he ignored the pain in his body and pulled himself up. Simba and Kion stumbled across the ground falling over briefly before pulling themselves up again. Simba and Kion shook their heads and slammed their paws into a rock to get some feeling back into it again, they then came at each other again. They slammed into each other falling backwards and rolling down the ground and crashing into the middle of the battlefield which temporarily separates them.

Fuli raced into the Pride Lands she could the hear the vicious battle occuring at Pride Rock, she was too late the battle had already begun, was Kion still alive he had to be. Fuli raced towards Pride Rock and saw the rebels and soldiers tearing into each other. It was a complete bloodbath bodies were everywhere.

“No Kion” She said in fear.

Fuli moves through the two forces pushing them aside while using her other paw as defense against any oncoming attacks it wasn’t really necessary they weren’t interested in her. Fuli moved through the battle making her way towards Pride Rock. She threw a rebel aside while knocking a soldier away. She then saw Kion in the middle of the armies even more so she saw Simba and from the looks of it they were heading at right at each other. Fuli felt her fear grow and began moving her way through the forces to reach Kion.

Kion knocked a soldier lioness to the ground, he then caught a rebel panther and threw them aside, before backhanding another lion soldier out of his way. Simba kicked a rebel antelope to the ground, he then knocked a lion soldier out of his way, before throwing a rebel leopard aside. Kion saw his father approaching and began knocking both rebel and soldiers alike aside to reach him. Simba jumped forward and backhanded a bunch of animals aside he had no idea which side they were on nor did he really care. Kion and Simba saw each other and in that moment the whole battlefield disappeared all that mattered was their opponent, nothing else. Kion and Simba then came sprinting full force at each other, they collided into each other and grabbed their opponent pulling them in and dragging each other down causing them to lose their balance and roll down a hill. Kion and Simba struggled and grappled as they rolled down the hill towards a pond. Kion kicked Simba in the chin knocking him off of him and sending him into the pond. Simba grabbed Kion he lifted him up before throwing him into the water.

Fuli pushed more animals out of her way as she watched Simba and Kion tumble down a hill toward a pond she then watched them both knock each other into it there was no time, she needed to get to Kion and Simba now. Fuli kicked a rebel aside and raced toward the pond.

Nala, Kiara, Kovu and Nuka arrived in the Pride Lands they could see Pride Rock they could also see the two forces battling there wasnt much time left who knew what was happening with Kion and Simba or how many had died for all they knew the battle could end any moment. Nala took her claws away from Nuka’s neck who turned to Kovu and Kiara, they knew they were almost out of time. They raced towards Pride Rock hoping it wasn’t too late to stop all this, as well as too late to save Simba and Kion.

Kion and Simba thrashed in the water, kicking and gouging at each other before grabbing their opponent and throwing each other off they then rolled away from each other. They pulled themselves again and slowly circled each other but they could feel it their bodies were exhausted. They sluggishly charged each other. Simba threw a haymaker that was so slow Kion could duck under it Kion then tryed to throw a backhand which Simba narrowly avoided. They grabbed each other and drove their paws into each others face again and again both stumbling. Their paws were a barrage striking the others face repeatedly though it did so very slowly Kion and Simba didn’t have the energy for any kind of speed at all anymore. Simba grabbed Kion trying to push him down but Kion resisted before using his momentum to flip Simba. Kion grabbed Simba’s head he then forced his head under water. Simba struggled and thrashed in his son’s grip trying to find some way to pull himself free. Simba placed his legs on Kion wrapping them around his chest and twisting his body, spinning Kion around and pulling him down slamming him face first into the water.

Simba could see Kion was having trouble moving this was it he needed a winning blow now. He got on Kion grabbing his arm and twisting it back while Kion screamed in agony.

Give up, it's over! Simba commanded.

I will not give up ever, I know what must be done! Kion said in pain.

Simba jerked his arm further you could hear the bones beginning to snap.

“Stand down now!” Simba demanded.

“Do what's necessary dad.” Kion said through clenched teeth.

Simba snapped the arm, and Kion screamed in agony. Simba felt a deep pain stab into him he never wanted to hear his son scream in pain like that least of all be the one responsible for it, Simba could hear Kion’s whimpers of pain, Simba let go of Kion’s now useless arm.

“You can't fight anymore.” Simba told him.

As long as I can stand I will see this to the end. Kion groaned in pain.

“You don't understand you're surviving this even if I have to cripple you!” Simba declared.

Kion came at Simba, he kicked at his chest which Simba caught, Kion then slammed his elbow into Simba's shoulder dislocating it. Simba screamed in pain as his arm dropped a part of him wanted to quit but the father in him wouldn’t allow it. Kion heard his father’s scream of agony and pushed it aside he knew what was necessary and he would see it through, nobody else would die. Kion sliced one of Simba’ legs causing him to fall to his knees. Simba growled in anger but he could feel his body giving out but he couldn’t he wouldn’t, and with that thought using as much force as he could he kicked Kion in the knee knocking it out. Kion grunted in pain gritting his teeth together as he fell to one leg. Simba and Kion struggled to move but couldn’t their respective leg was trashed. They stare at each other intensely they are in within the others range.

Simba struck Kion in the left cheek with his one paw. Kion could see a darkness clouding over his vision, he fought it and struck Simba in the jaw. Simba felt his body about to give out but resisted it. He then hit Kion again this time in the jaw. Kion growled and ignored the pain before striking Simba again this time in the right cheek. Simba hit Kion in the temple, Kion hit him above the eye, Simba struck him in the jaw, Kion struck him in the temple. Kion and Simba both continued to beat on each other with their one paw hitting each other again and again. Simba and Kion both stumble they can see it the next one will be the last, one of them will fall. Simba pulls his paw back all the way while Kion does the same they then swung at each other with whatever strength they had left, Simba’s connects first striking Kion right in the jaw, Kion tries to fight it but this time he can’t his body gives out and falls over crashing into the shallow water, he struggles to move to force himself to fight on, to rise again but it’s no use, this time he can't get up.

Simba looked down at the absolutely broken form of his son never in all his life had Kion been this damaged this injured and his own father did it could this finally end, Kion didn’t have anything left, it was over, he lost

“It's over, Kion.” Simba tells him his tone was an exhausted gasp barely audible.

Kion heard his father’s words and didn’t want to believe them but he couldn’t get up, he looked and noticed his father’s leg was close enough, using the last of his strength he kicked him in the leg causing Simba to fall over into the water into the water to knock unlike Kion Simba doesn’t even try to get back up, he doesn’t have anything left, neither of them did. Kion looked at his father who did the same neither could move anymore, but it couldn’t end here, too many would die.

“It won't end dad they'll all die, I'm sorry but I'm willing to die to ensure they survive.” Kion said his voice was so weak so tired but still driven.

Kion was determined to end this to save whoever he still could, he had enough energy for that, he then placed his claws to his own neck preparing to slice it.

Simba knew what Kion was going to do was he really that desperate did he really think that was the only option left, no he had to do something, he desperately tried to but he was too weak to react.

“don't Kion” was all he had the strength to say and it came out in a weak whisper.

Goodbye, Kion said he then sunk his claws in.

Kion began to draw blood, he could feel his claws cutting into his skin the pain meant very little to him in fact he almost welcomed it the idea of feeling something again. Simba desperately tried to pull himself up to stop him but he was too weak he couldn’t reach him. No not after all this Kion couldn’t die Simba couldn’t let his son die, and yet that was exactly what was going to happen and there was nothing Simba could do except watch as Kion killed himself, he failed.

“No Kion don't!” A female voice called out to him. For a moment Kion was stunned he never expected to hear that voice again, he thought he gave her up that he lost her forever, Kion turned to the right and standing across from him at the edge of the pond was Fuli.

Fuli, you're here? Kion said in disbelief.

“I always should’ve been, I don't know why I left you but I'm here now, please listen to me.” Fuli pleaded.

No, no why now!? Why when the world most needed his sacrifice did she have to come back to him now? He couldn’t turn away too much was at stake, there was too much depending on him? He had to do this to save them, all of them, he can’t let her turn him away from what he had to do.

“I have to do this once I die for them they will accept my final wish this will end.” Kion reasoned.

“I can't accept that, I won't.” Fuli replies. “Would you throw your life away!?” She demanded.

“It's for the good of others.” Kion answered though his voice was sounding conflicted maybe he didn’t completely believe this, maybe he could still be saved.

Simba watched as Kion struggled with Fuli’s words, he wasn’t lost yet however Simba could tell Kion was trying to ignore it, even the woman he loved couldn’t dissuade him. No, Simba couldn’t let Kion turn away from the only link he hadn’t severed yet.

“And what of those who love you is it good for them, you loved her Kion you even told me that you were going to propose and if you do this your love for her means nothing!” Simba roared.

Nothing, he was dying to protect them all of them, to ensure they could live their lives as they choose. He was doing this because he loved them.

“I'm keeping all of you alive you'll die if I don't.” Kion reasoned though his voice was shaken Simba’s words clearly pierced him deep.

“Then I'll die with you you can't take that right from me I forgave you for choosing revenge but if you do this now then you never loved me, and I was right not to tell you!” Fuli shouted.

Kion turns to her, You're pregnant, I know. Kion said softly.

Fuli felt a deep pain in her chest, more so than she ever imagined. He knew all this time he knew and he still made the choices he did how could he stand by his decisions knowing she was carrying his child how could he leave her knowing he was abandoning his child as well, were his morals worth that much, was Kion really that cold?

“If you knew why didn't you leave with me?” Fuli asked in tears.

Because you would’ve died if you stayed with me, my child would’ve died. All staying with you would do is kill my family, both of them!” Kion shouted tears appearing in his eyes, he was beginning to break.

“That's why I am doing this to keep all of you alive to keep my child alive! Kion stated trying not to cry it wasn’t working.

“Your child won't have a father.” Simba desperately reasoned.

“If you have another solution tell me then! Kion shouted his voice was dripping with desperation he really wanted someone to give him an answer to that one.

There wasn’t another solution not that Simba knew of but that didn’t matter to him he wasn’t going to let Kion throw away his life even if it meant throwing away his own, a father does everything to protect their son.

Fuli watched as Simba extracted his claws “if you die I'll die with you and neither side wins.” Simba said intensely.

Fuli was shocked by Simba’s choice he really would do anything to save Kion as would she. Fuli looked down at her own claws and considered raising them but hesitated, no she couldn’t she had to keep her child alive regardless of what happened in this moment.

Kion couldn’t believe the lengths his father was willing to go, his choice would benefit no one and render everything pointless how was Kion’s life worth that, it wasn’t.

“Dad you would make all our sacrifices for nothing?” Kion asked in disbelief.

How could he not understand by this point, Simba would do anything if it meant ensuring his son was alive and would pay almost any price. He values his morals and ideals he values his kingdom and he valued every life on both sides, but he valued his family more and he would not sacrifice them for anything.

“Yes, if it's the only way to keep you alive than yes, it's your choice Kion, decide for both of us.” Simba declared while staring at Kion intensely.

Kion didn’t know what to do he knew what was necessary but to choose his father’s death as well, it was a massive personal sacrifice. Still it was worth the endless lives that were moments away from ending wasn’t it? Kion wasn’t sure, he thought about his choices and he remembered Muhimu the broken state he was in, his last words. “It’s too high” Was it true maybe the price of freedom was too high, to sacrifice your entire family maybe that was a price to high to pay. Kion continued to struggle with himself looking at Fuli and to an extent his son or daughter then his father. His claws trembled and his body shook tears filled his eyes and then he found his resolve he knew for certain what he would do and then in a single instant Kion made his choice.

Nala, Kiara and Kovu moved towards Pride Rock where the rebels and Royals were tearing each other to shreds, they had to stop this now while there were still survivors. Nala turned to Kiara and Kovu, they knew they needed to act now and they would, no one else would die, not one, well unfortunately that wasn’t true. The three lions unleashed a mighty roar gaining both sides attention.

“Cease this battle neither of you are guilty! Nala told them while they all stared at Nala in shock surprised to see the great queen alive.

“You have all been manipulated made into pawns to pit against each other but not by the opposing side! Nala said throwing Nuka down. “It was all orchestrated by Nuka the son of Scar! Nala said.

“I have been investigating it and I have discovered the truth hidden from us all.” Nala stated.

“Why should we believe you” Both a rebel and soldier asked her.

Well that wasn’t a surprising response it was a pretty big revelation to accept not that it mattered Nala had the evidence ready to show them, of course that would assume they even bother to listen which from the looks they were giving her didn’t seem very likely, they had to get them to listen first but how?

“Listen to her stand down.” A voice said it was Simba and Fuli was with him.

The rebels looked at Simba, “Kion did he?” They asked.

Where was Kion why wasn’t he with Simba did their son make it, he had to there was no way Kion was dead not after everything they went through but why else would Fuli be there with Simba and not Kion, where was he, where was Kion?

Nala turned to Simba, “where is our son? She chokes out.

Simba didn’t say anything he then he gently smiled, and Kion emerged from behind them being supported by Fuli.

Listen to her I believe her. Kion told the rebels.

Both sides looked at each other for a moment they then stepped away from the opposing side and gathered into a large group on the left and right each watching Nala carefully waiting to hear what she had to say.

Kiara stepped forward this was going to be hard to say, but sacrifices were required to ensure peace, she wasn’t certain she agreed.

“Nuka has been secretly using this war to regrow the outlands Muhimu knew about this working with Nuka in order to obtain them for the rebellions home, he did not know of Nuka's treacherous scheme.” Kiara explained.

“Is there any proof to this?” A soldier asked.

“The assassin that attacked Pride Rock we have retrieved his body” Nala stated before Kovu brought it.

Kovu dragged the body of the assassin Kivuli to the center of the area trying not to think about what he was doing and what it meant, but he and Nuka decided to do this now they must accept consequences and sacrifices required to end it.

“This mark has been in my family for decades these assassins served my father Scar, after his death they are bond to his blood heir, I was used as a false trail since Scar chose me to be his heir.” Kovu said trying to hide his pain and failing, it was deliberate he was supposed to sound hurt though what they didn’t know was that his pain was very real.

“How do we know Nuka wasn't working with the royal council?” A rebel asked.

Simba expected such a question it didn’t matter Simba could counter it he was almost escastic he couldn’t believe it Nala’s plan was going to actually work.

“Because he infiltrated my ranks and killed most of the council I didn't know this until my mate told me but I didn't believe it there was no proof but now seeing the body of the assassin yes that's the one who killed most of the council.” Simba said.

“For evidence you can speak to the hyenas who will clarify the truth.” Kiara said.

“That won't be necessary the assassin and his mark is all the proof you need show it to us.” A soldier requested.

This was it the final proof and it would be done they would’ve ended this war, this was it, Nala lifted his paw and revealed the mark.

Both sides gasped


“deceptive snake!”

“Like father like son!”

Variations of all three could be heard from everyone on both sides, hatred and venom filling both their tones. Nuka expected a more violent response like someone would try to tear him to pieces or they would try to swarm him instead they were just chanting in hatred, it was a little disappointing not the end he expected though it wasn’t here yet, well time to play the role of the bad guy, arrogant, smug and with a sense of dignity, oh yeah they would hate someone like that.

“Well guess the games over, you want a signed confession or public?” Nuka asked mockingly.

“You will not deny it then, you're fate?” Simba asked him unlike the others Simba did not understand the sacrifice Nuka was making yet.

Well now what would be the proper way the bad guy would go out here summiting himself as irredeemable and pure evil, he would he would revel in his pride and achievement, revel in the idea he made everyone his puppets, oh yes this was one scumbag of a villain.

“No even if I die it doesn't change the fact that I was moments from pretty much ruling the world I tore apart your lives and ended the world as it is you will never forget me.” Nuka stated, his tone was so smug anyone would want to knock his teeth out, which was kind of the idea.

Kiara stepped forward, tempted to hit Nuka as hard as she could, man he was a good actor for a moment Kiara hated him with every fiber in her being before remembering who he really was.

“You see this war is meaningless the council were just Nuka's puppets there is no reason for this to continue.” Kiara said.

“I agree stand down.” Simba commanded.

“Our freedom is no longer threatened stand down.” Kion told the rebels.

Both sides obeyed and Nala dragged Nuka in front of them, “you all will decide his fate.” Nala told them.

Nuka saw this part as kind of pointless, what choice would they make, hm maybe community service or a hundred spankings, come on they would choose death what else?

“Let our fallen brothers and sisters be avenged!” Both armies said.

That was to be expected, still Nala, Kiara and especially Kovu hoped the rebels might have some mercy though they all knew that hope was empty, Nuka was dead and he always knew it. Kovu listened to their demands for his brother’s blood and tried not to cry, tried not to plead for his brother’s life, he turned away from the crowd it was done he didn’t have to watch it though he stopped he had to watch his final moments he owed him that much.

“So be it rise, Nuka.” Nala commanded. Nuka rose to his feet.

“any final requests?” Nala asked.

“From you maggots I'll be judged by real gods.” Nuka said it was a good final word a cool one and the last part was in a way true.

Nala readied her claws, Nuka looked at Kovu and gave him a warm smile he was proud of him and few things he was more grateful for than raising him, he regretted all those years he hated him he hoped he made up for them.

Nala leaned close to him, I hope I'll at least see my mother in the pit, even if I'll never see my cub, Kovu again. Nuka said in sadness.

You're not going there Mufasa will happily welcome you. Nala told him before driving her claws through him.

and I will look to your star every night. Nala whispered.

Nuka fell to the ground lifeless and everyone cheered in approval. Kovu turned away and when he was far enough broke down and cried. He knew this was the price and should’ve expected something like it but he didn’t want to and now his brother was dead and even worse no one would ever know who he really was how he was nothing like their father, it wasn’t fair, Nuka deserved better. Kiara arrived seeing Kovu collapse on the ground sobbing. She approached him slowly and placed her paw gently on his shoulder she then allowed him to cry into her shoulder feeling his wet tears on her.

“It's okay I'm here and I promise I'll always be here.” She tells him as he continues to mourn his brother and in a way second adoptive father's death while the rest of the world cheered for it.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Epilogue:
Thank you

A bright light shined on the Pride Lands spreading a sense of optimism and hope for what seemed to be the first time in an eternity. Simba and Nala stood on Pride Rock watching as the great circle rose into the sky, it was a truly beautiful sight and the two of them were grateful to witness it, even more so they were grateful to be able to witness it together. Simba and Nala looked to the side where Kovu and Kiara were sitting. It seemed Kiara had forgiven Kovu for his actions, or maybe she just cared about him too much for those choices to destroy her feelings. Kion was resting on the ground Fuli beside him helping him nuture his wounds. Simba was still injured as well, Nala supported his every move he would be needing her quite a bit in the coming days. Still in the end they survived, so much happened they hurt and betrayed each other yet somehow they were still united as a family, somehow through what could only be described as a miracle, their family was still intact. Simba and Nala looked down at the kingdom where they saw the rebel and soldiers waiting for a special announcement this was it, the final phase that would at long last end this war.

“The last of the armies have stepped down and the rebels have been cleared of all perceived crimes, the war of the kingdoms is over.” Simba declared.

Simba heard both sides cheer in joy at his statement it was a comforting feeling knowing this bloodshed was finally over, they actually did though not without cost on all sides, it was time for their sacrifices to be rewarded.

Simba turned to the rebels, “The new outlands have been discovered and Nala and myself have relinquished them to your cause and all who wish to forge their own paths beyond the kingdoms, you are independent and the greatest of heroes from both sides have each been nominated to act as the leader of a separate pride, we are now united.” Simba said.

The rebels all cheered in happiness while many soldiers saluted them in respect, it was crazy seeing them at peace with each other, Nuka’s plan really worked it was tragic none would know his sacrifice but peace comes at a price. Still it worked it truly was a new age.

We have entered a new age, an age Nala and myself will not head, instead your princess and my daughter Kiara the very one who discovered your new home will lead the pride lands alongside Kovu who led the reseeding of the outlands, both acting as the head along with whomever you choose as your representative of the new alliance of kingdoms, we shall stand together in a new age of freedom and peace, together we are whole, we are one. Simba finished his speech and the whole of Africa cheered.

Nala watched as Simba concluded his speech smiling gently, she turned to Simba who smiled back at her they then gestured to Kiara and Kovu to join them. Kovu was hesitate but Kiara placed her paw out to him, he smiled and reached out accepting it. They then emerged at the top of Pride Rock looking down at all the people who would they help who they did help and save. Kiara felt a strong sense of freedom and accomplishment after all her trials after nearly giving into her rage she remained true to herself her alternate counterpart would certainly be proud.

Kion watched as the speech ended and Kovu and Kiara took their place in the great circle. Kion smiled at Kiara with Pride. She was a true inspiration to him, his parents and really the world as a whole she was the kind of person who really made a difference who changed the entire world, Kion fought for peace, that was the kind of person he was Kiara was the kind who maintained that peace and in truth Kion felt those individuals were more important of course the world needed both to truly survive and thrive. Kion gave a bow of respect to his sister, he was proud to call himself her brother.

Simba approached his son, “It's over you did it you saved them all Kion.” Simba told his son with pride.

“Not without you I was wrong to betray you.” Kion replied.

Simba wasn’t certain about that in fact he still wasn’t sure if either of them made the right choice it was an impossible situation to choose from, no absolute right and wrong, but in the end they made it and they managed to find themselves even when it seemed impossible, Kion was thinking the exact same thing.

“Maybe do either of us know which one was right?” Simba asked.

“I don't” Kion said.

“So what are you going to do?” Simba asked him.

Kion knew what he was going to do it was so clear the war was over but he still had a purpose to fulfill a path he knew was calling to him the Pride Lands didn’t need him anymore, not entirely there would always be those willing to fight the good fight and he spent most his life doing it but not anymore no he had a higher purpose now, she was sitting beside him and the other part of it was slowly growing within her. His purpose was to be there for them.

“I have spent my whole life fighting doing what I felt was right upholding the legacy of the lion guard, being a hero a legend, but looking at this new world I feel i have a different calling, I'm leaving with them.” Kion answered.

Really what of the guard? Fuli asked in surprise.

“It's a new age and I feel I have a different purpose now” Kion said while placing his paw on her belly.

“This is my purpose, with you.” Kion finished, he then kissed her gently.

Fuli could feel it there was a new passion and life within Kion he felt stronger, happier and more at peace than he ever had in his entire life, it was very clear to Fuli that he had changed, he was free of the weight of his legacy, Kion was reborn.

Kovu and Kiara were standing on top of Pride Rock staring at what would be the new kingdom, each pondering the choices and events that led them there. Kovu turned to Kiara trying to hide the pain he still felt though he couldn’t fully, Kiara looked at him she could tell he was still hurting, there was nothing wrong with that though he didn’t have to endure it alone, that’s why she was there.

“Are you alright?” Kiara asks.

“I will be”. Kovu answerd though he didn’t sound certain.

Kovu was still in disbelief he was here right now the idea that she was standing beside him still was insane why was she still here with him she had no reason to be and he really didn’t deserve it.

“Why are you staying with me I deceived you betrayed you?” Kovu asked her in confusion.

“We all did terrible things but you were also the one who stopped me from doing terrible things every step of the way, I'll never forget that, I should’ve thought about it from the beginning it was almost a sign from you, one I fully understand and will never be able to repay you for, you in a way saved me, everytime i stared into the abyss you pulled me back.” Kiara told him softly with a gentle

“I don't deserve you.” Kovu replies.

Kiara could hear the self loathing in his voice, it was almost as if part of him wanted her to leave because he wanted to be punished. It didn’t help his cause if anything it strengthened hers. She wanted to hate him at first but she couldn’t and after everything he did to stop her from losing herself after accepting what Nuka did, Kiara couldn’t hate him the endless years together wouldn’t let her. She knew who he was and in the end she was right, she loved him, had she completely forgiven him in truth no she hadn’t and she would be keeping a close eye on him, her trust in him was damaged but that didn’t mean her love for him was gone, that would never be gone.

“Luckily that's not your choice I'm not going anywhere I want to be with you. Kiara told him.

“But my trust has been damaged, you will have to fully earn that back, I love you but I won’t forget this neither will you.” Kiara said sternly.

Kovu felt regret for making her say that, not that she was wrong, Kiara placed her paw under his chin and pulled him closer gazing at him.

“We’ll work through it, it won’t be easy but I know it’s worth it, you know it’s worth it, these are kind of things that will make our bond stronger, moving beyond these things eventually, and I believe we can, we will.” Kiara said gently her tone made it clear she did believe it.

Kovu stared at her in tears, “now let's make certain all this was worth it, let's go.” Kiara told him.

Kovu and Kiara descended down Pride Rock towards the rebels and soldiers many of them bowed in respect to them, Kiara looked at Kovu and gently took his paw into her own, she smiled at him gently which Kovu returned, the two of them then began walking through the kingdom to meet their new subjects, as well face whatever awaited them.

Ten years later, The new outlands had grown into a complete paradise one of the grandest kingdoms of them all, the trees reached towards the sky it’s leaves a dark green, the grass spread all around, the river flowed all through out a beautiful sparkle emitted from it. The Sun shined down on it revealing a beautiful light that shined across the land, many watched as it rose almost from the sea. Animals of all kind ran all around some were slight hybrids of others. Endless couples and parents of leopards, lions, tigers, panthers, antelope, wildnerbeest, monkeys and others watched as their young played, some couples were mixed, a lion and leopard, a tiger and cheetah, a panther and lioness. It was a truly unique kingdom one which had never existed before.

“My name is Kion I am the second son of Simba and Nala and younger brother of the Kion, when I was young I was tasked with protecting the Pride Lands as the Lion guard protector of the kingdom until the pride lands end. I became a hero a protector I achieved victories and wonders beyond my imagining.”

A lone Lion moved through it many took notice of him and smiled others tried to surround him in excitement mostly children. He smiled at them before moving on, his fur was gold and he had a red mane with orange brown eyes. Kion watched as all the animals continued to play and live together, it was a truly incredible sight, he enjoyed watching it but for now he had his own child to take care of, he was probably causing his mother grief, Kion made his way home.

“But over the years I learned something if one is to be a hero to the world they must be a hero to those who love them as well, my friends and family showed me this and led me to a new life.”

Kion walked into a cave near the lake which his family would often visit though it was also located there because their little rascal son liked to get dirty and covered in mud probably more than his mother would like. Kion moved through the cave entering a rather large chamber like area where he saw his mate Fuli lying down she looked exhausted.

“Help me, Kion” She said though her voice was a little playful.

“Thought it was your turn to take him to practice his pounce, by the way our son’s awake” Kion joked.

“Before sunrise he’s your son” Fuli replied.

Kion smiled and moved through the cave his son liked running around but he was pretty obedient well kind of he moved rather fast which made Fuli being unable to keep up with him kind of funny. Kion went outside the cave and sat down his son loved going outside to play.

“Bunga!” Kion called out, it didn’t take long he heard an excited cheer and the sound of little paws and a small Lion cub with cheetah spots bolted out of the cave.

“I was the hero for the kingdom now it's time for me to be someone else's hero.”

Kion watched while his son ran around him excited. Alright he was quite energetic today it would be best to let him use that energy before he got into trouble, again.

Kion turned to Fuli. “I'm taking him to practice his pouncing before he wakes the whole pride.” Kion joked.

Fuli smiled back at him, “Take as much time as you need, I could use a good nap.” She said smirking.

“You’re going to rub that in my face aren’t you?” Kion said while smirking back.”

Fuli said nothing she just gave him a playful smile.

Kion was about to leave but turned back to Fuli, he then remembered that moment where she saved him where she stopped him from making the wrong choice, where she showed him what he truly had and how he had not lost everything. She was always there for him always he couldn’t picture his life without her and there were few things he was more grateful for than running past her so long ago.

“Thank you” Kion told her.

“You don't need to thank me” Fuli said.

“You gave me this showed me it and I will thank you for it as long as I live.” Kion told her.

“I love you Kion” Fuli told him smiling,

“I love you too Fuli.” Kion replied while smiling back.

Kion kissed his mate gently before slowly walking away and joining his son, who was already moving ahead of him, great now he had to catch him. Kion raced after him he was full grown so it didn’t take long to catch up. Kion joined his son who gave him a look that all but screamed i let you catch me, Kion gave a look that said, want to bet. The two of them then gave a bit of smirk before arching back and getting ready to bolt, they gave one final look and the two of them took off running. As they raced alongside each other Kion briefly looked back again, “thank you, all of you.” He said his voice a happy and grateful whisper.

“My legends over and now it's time I help forge someone else's.”

The End

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 31st, 2016, 8:09 pm

Well that wraps up another story for now this will be my last Lion Guard story I have another I am considering doing which takes place before reflections and shattered unions but I don't have a solid enough idea for it yet.

I seem to have quite a few views but that doesn't answer my most important question are people actually enjoying these stories do you find them good? I would appreciate if whoever is reading this would give me their thoughts on this them, you can PM your opinion if you want, a simple I thought it was good or I thought it wasn't good would suffice. It's just I have been writing these for a while and spent I believe at least the last year posting them, and I still don't know what many people's opinions on them actually are.

So is their a possibility future readers could leave a review or pm their thoughts, sorry if this comes of as annoying but this is very important to me and I want to know if people are actually enjoying my stories.

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