A New Face to Impress (OC fiction, one shot - WIP)

A New Face to Impress (OC fiction, one shot - WIP)

Postby UncoordinatedPisces » June 14th, 2016, 11:19 am

There were whispers and murmurs among the small pride that had yet to be confirmed. Had the female rogue who had passed through well into the night, whom no one had laid eyes on except Princess and Prince Consort, really been allowed to stay? Granted, it would be on trial like any other new member, but a decision made only a few hours later? It was certainly a mystery for the young kingdom. The sun was dim across the horizon, but early starts were common place in the Tambara - at least for now. The pride had gathered amongst the clearing within the group of trees that surrounding the main waterhole. It was the usual meeting place.

Two cream coloured males, one evidently younger than the other turned up to join the other eight that were there. Neither looked as if they had looked at their reflection in the stream that morning.
"Cheshi, Kuto - trust you to be late. Never knew two brothers to be so alike" another light coloured male, of no relation named Nishati, spoke up from his position on the ground. His tone was a fatal mixture of sarcasm and sincerity, which made it hard to make out whether he was serious.

"I'm not the only one who was late this week - at least I just slept in. I didn't sleep with someone" Cheshi countered with a mischievous grin, flashing his eyes across to Prince Consort's sister - Kahara, who simply gave a smile which said 'I'm going to murder you' in retaliation as Nishati became noticeably flustered.
"Ni's got a maa-ate, Ni's got a-" Kuto began, sticking his tongue out.
"Can we keep all personal relations to ourselves, would rather not know who's with who every morning of the week" a low voice came from the back of the group, belonging to the miserable Kejeli, shutting the brothers up momentarily. he was a lioness who looked as if she was ready to bite the head off the next person to speak. She just wanted to know what was going on with this new lioness and to get back to work - the pride gave her a purpose, as well as some company, even if she didn't always want it.

Before the other members of this young pride could begin to chip in, Princess Amira and Prince Mjuvi appeared on the raised land which jetted out into the waterhole, and they weren't alone. The new lioness was beside them, a neutral but not unpleasant expression across her face as she waited to sit beside the royals. Kuto and Cheshi gave each other a competitive look, but the only member to physically light up was...Kejeli. The grump sat up straight as she watched the three in front of them murmur among themselves. Who was that lioness? She appeared to be a couple of years older than most of them there.

"Good morning everyone" Amira said with a bright smile, the young princess not yet abiding by too strict of formalities. She certainly did not expect anyone to bow - that sort of thing was reserved for members of other Kingdoms. "I know there must've been talk about who passed through in the late hours of the night, and I hope it hasn't been too much of a chance to gossip" she said, a small glance being made towards Cheshi, in good nature. "This is Tulivu, she will be joining us for the next moon".

"Hello" the lioness murmured from the Princess' side, standing for a moment "I hope we can get along" she offered gently. Amira nodded and Tulivu sat back down, the rest of the pride offered their greetings politely.
"Tulivu is an experienced hunter" Mjuvi, the Prince Consort began, mentioning her age in the most subdued way he knew possible. "She is bound to have a wealth of techniques to bring to the hunting party, and I'm sure will make a valuable member" the male finished, making brief eye contact with his sister in order to wish her good morning.

"Indeed. Speaking of the hunting party, there is a meeting before noon to discuss this evening's hunt. Please be prompt about being there" Amira mentioned. "Tulivu, you're free to socialise and do as you wish. If you have any queries I am sure everyone is willing to aid you - if its something more serious, inform my brother, Jasiri, who should be back from morning patrol in a few moments, and you can speak to us personally".

Tulivu thanked the royals and they made their leave, back towards the dens, talking quietly between themselves. The older lioness walked back around the waterhole to the rest of the pride. She wasn't a fan of introductions, but she supposed they'd have to be done...

Cheshi and Kuto would not fail to make a competition out of this despite Tulivu herself not appearing to take to either of them: show
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