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: Chapter 10:

Truths and denial

Kovu was sitting besides Kiara still shocked by her violent actions would she really have killed those animals over a belief he had to know.

"Kiara were you really going to kill them?" Kovu asked.

"No not at the moment I was merely trying to prove a point it didn't work" Kiara answered.

"You were trying to force them to renounce their faith" Kovu said quietly.

"I was trying to convince them that they had turned away from their original lives" Kiara said.

"Would you actually kill them?" Kovu asked fearing the answer.

"Kovu I'm not the lioness you married I had hope and it was crushed to pieces if they slip up like that again will I kill them yes would've I before absolutely not" Kiara responded.

"You hate this" Kovu said.

"Of course I do why wouldn't I, once I was a lioness my brother would be proud of now I'm a savage but I can't change that" Kiara replied.

Kovu wasn't going to accept that "why you can always change you changed me remember" Kovu stated.

"No I didn't you were always that pure the moment you knew that I always loved you your stone heart melted" Kiara told him.

"I can't do that because their betrayal can't be made right because they don't realize what they did, I hate them Kovu I despise them, it took every ounce of self control I had not to slaughter them" Kiara said.

"We are one that is what you said if we give into our hatred we will kill ourselves" Kovu quoted his mate.

"Kopa said those words not me" Kiara said in shame.

"I'm afraid Kovu I'm afraid I'm going to become a monster" Kiara said saddened.

"Never you may threaten but I know you are not a killer" Kovu said while nuzzling his mate.

"You don't understand I don't want to let my hate go I want to kill them every time I extract my claws there is an overwhelming urge for me to kill because when I did, when I killed those animals at pride rock it felt good and deep down I want to experience it again." Kiara stated.

"You are not a killer you're denying your own soul!" Kovu told her in his voice shaking.

Kiara looked up at him sadly, "no you're the one in denial" Kiara told him.

Kovu nuzzled her tightly which she returned, it felt magical, these were the only times when she felt like herself again when she was with her mate.

Simba was waiting in Sarafina's tree Nala sitting beside him.

He struggled not to close his eyes knowing if he did the demon would be there. Simba felt Nala against him she looked as tired as he was.

"You're not sleeping anymore are you" he asked.

"No how can I knowing that thing is coming" Nala answered her voice weak.

"I wish you never found out" Simba said.

"So do I but I'm too tired to regret right now and hungry" Nala stated.

"You haven't eaten in days" Simba drowsily told her.

"What's the point I'm dead anyway I couldn't eat if I wanted to I couldn't sleep if I wanted to because the moment I try it all comes back to me and all I can do is stare at the wall while my body trembles" Nala stated.

"I wonder that as well it's soon why bother living when that thing is going to kill me anyway" Simba said.

Nala didn't say anything she just nodded in agreement.

Sarafina entered the tree and was shocked at the state of her patients.

"You look awful" she told them.

"This is the least of it" Simba said weakly.

"What on earth is wrong with you when was the last time you slept peacefully?" Sarafina asked.

"I can't anymore neither can Nala" Simba told her unable to even stand.

"When did this start" Sarafina asked.

"Shortly after the battle with Pindua" Simba answered.

"Was it frequent?" Sarafina questioned.

"No only once every three months or so then it became one month then two weeks then a week then a day then multiple a day" Simba answered tired.

"These must be awful nightmares how long has this frequent attack by them gone on" Sarafina asked concerned.

"A few days I can't even close my eyes without seeing them" Simba answered.

"Is it like this for you too Nala" Sarafina asked her daughter.

"Only once I realized what it meant" Nala answered fearful.

Sarafina was concerned, what did Nala mean by that it obviously wasn't good, "what do you mean by that?" Sarafina asked.

"I think it's a warning" Simba answered.

"a warning to what?" Sarafina questioned.

"The apocalypse mom" Nala told her.

Sarafina couldn't believe what she heard the apocalypse what on earth compelled them to think that.

"okay if I'm going to help you with this I'm going to need to know just what the heck you are seeing" Sarafina said.

"You don't want to know mom" Nala told her.

"Well that sucks because it's destroying my daughter and my son in law so your going to tell me" Sarafina stated.

"No Sarafina then you won't be able to sleep" Simba said.

"It wasn't until after I knew that it started affecting me too" Nala told her mother.

"I don't care and considering the fact that you Simba just told me my daughters state is your fault you are going to tell me what this apocalypse your talking about is tell me everything" Sarafina demanded.

Simba and Nala relented they then told Sarafina of the thing that haunted their nightmares the thing that would haunt everyone's nightmares before it slaughtered them like lambs.

Vitani sat in Kurongu's church alone contemplating her choice she knew she couldn't hide it much longer the truth of who she was, Shauku was family to her and yet she didn't even know her real name everything she knew about her was a lie and she couldn't go on doing it. She stared up at the symbols seeing the lion ascending he gave up his very life to protect the souls of everyone else he was brave and noble. Vitani needed that bravery she knew what she was about to tell Shauku may very well be the end of everything they were but she had to she just couldn't live with herself anymore.

Vitani entered Shauku's cave she was sitting by Uhuru who appeared to be crying.

"I didn't want this" Uhuru sobbed

"I know that's why I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to have to accept something so horrible" Shauku said hugging her daughter.

"I understand mom" Uhuru said,

"then you also understand that if at any point that secret is in danger of being revealed we will leave this place there will be no goodbyes we'll just be gone" Shauku told her.

"But what about Umoja" Uhuru asked,

"He may come with us if he wishes" Shauku stated,

"He wouldn't leave his family" Uhuru said,

"Don't be so sure Uhuru" Shauku replied,

"I wouldn't want him to" Uhuru stated,

"That's very selfless of you" Shauku said she hugged her daughter again,

"now get some sleep" she said, Uhuru nodded before resting on a rock with leaves around it.

Vitani made her presence known, "Shauku can I speak to you for a moment?" Vitani asked,

"of course" Shauku said stepping out of the cave and joining Vitani in the church.

Vitani and Shauku stared at one another it was clear this was important,

"what is it Hasara" Shauku asked

"I've become an official part of this faith" Vitani told her

"Yes I know considering whatever turmoil you have inside you I think it will be good for you" Shauku said.

"yes more than that I genuinely believe the message that is convened here I believe in something greater than us" Vitani said.

"Okay" Shauku said confused.

"I want to be a part of this but I can't fully do that while I continue to hide my true self" Vitani stated.

"It doesn't matter Hasara we all hide something" Shauku told her.

"It's not just that if I am call myself your friend if you are to truly trust me you need to know the truth" Vitani said quietly.

"Truth what are talking about Hasara" Shauku asked.

"That's not my name I lied to you about that because I didn't want you to know who I am" Vitani stated.

"who are you and why would you hide that?" Shauku asked her.

"You'll know my real name is Vitani" she told her.

Shauku's eyes widened in shock Zira's daughter all along her trusted friend was the daughter of the one who wiped out her people. It was a lot to take in she didn't want to believe it.

"I understand why you didn't tell me" Shauku said trying not to tremble.

"What kind of game are you playing" she demanded.

"I'm not trying anything" Vitani told her.

"Oh no you're mother wipes out my people then you befriend me and my daughter you really think that will make up for what happened?!" Shauku roared.

No she needed to calm down Zira killed her people not Vitani in fact she seemed guilty about it.

"She did it so why are you the one feeling guilty?" Shauku asked.

"It was my family?" Vitani said.

"Don't lie to me there are two forms of guilt association and direct you're showing the lateral" Shauku said.

Vitani felt tears in her eyes, "I asked her to do it" Vitani said in tears.

Shauku's jaw dropped, "she just wanted the three of them dead but I hated you all you killed Scar, you took my father away from me and I asked her to make you all pay!" Vitani sobbed.

Shauku couldn't move, "If not for me she probably would've spared your people I'm the reason hyenas are nearly extinct!" Vitani said broken.

Shauku was in disbelief she couldn't move her whole body had shut down from the shock of what she just heard, she finally found the strength to speak.

"Get out" she said in a whisper.

"Shauku" Vitani sobbed.

"Get out! Get out of my sight or I swear I'll send you straight to the pit you condemned my clan too!" Shauku screamed in rage tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Shauku please I'm sorry!" Vitani pleaded.

"You're sorry, bring back my clan resurrect my parents then maybe I'll forgive you!" Shauku cried in rage and sadness.

Vitani collapsed on her knees grabbing Shauku's paw desperately.

"Shauku please don't do this you're my friend I see you as family please Shauku" Vitani begged it was similar to something her mother did once and Vitani showed her no mercy something told her neither would Shauku.

Shauku stared at Vitani she regretted it but that didn't matter regret didn't bring back the dead.

In all truth Shauku should kill her for her clan, no she clearly regretted it and as horrible as her crime was she didn't deserve to die but no way could it be forgiven.

Shauku turned back to her cave, "you aren't welcomed anymore, I never want to see you ever again" Shauku told her turning her back on her.

Vitani let her tears fall from her cheeks the pain she was feeling hurt too much she collapsed on to the ground and continued to sob she looked up at the statue of The Mungu she turned away and sobbed into the ground.

"It's alright Vitani" a voice told her.

Vitani shot up looking for where it was there was nothing but she knew she heard it she looked at the statue of The Mungu he was here for her. Vitani let her tears continue to fall resting herself on the statue.

What Vitani didn't notice was a figure briefly appearing from the shadows he wrapped his paw around her, she continued to cry while The Mungu secretly held her.

Simba and Nala had finished telling Sarafina of the apocalypse they feared they expected Sarafina to call them crazy instead she merely stared in horror.

"You see that every night?" Sarafina asked.

"More than once" Simba answered weakly.

"No wonder you can't sleep the thought is terrifying" Sarafina said.

"Is it real mom, or are we just so scared we've mistaken it as real" Nala asked.

"Make no mistake you've let your fear consume you" Sarafina replied.

"The thought it's so horrible and you just can't forget it" Nala said

"It never should've gotten this bad" Sarafina told her daughter.

"When you see the apocalypse how can you just keep going?" Simba asked

"That's the problem since you have seen it you've accepted that it is inevitable you see only the world you've seen burn" Sarafina told them

"What more can we see?" Simba asked her.

"Life is that thing real I don't know but what I do know is you've done far more damage to yourself than it ever could" Sarafina stated.

"You're not afraid mom" Nala asked.

"I'm afraid that thing is horrifying but I have seen horrible things in my life I will not let it destroy me" Sarafina said proudly.

"You didn't see the end of the world" Simba defended

"You're so afraid of the end that you've completely forgotten about the now" Sarafina said.

"We have no future" Nala said in fear.

"The past can hurt so can the future but you can either run from it or face it" Sarafina told them.

"if you keep fearing it, it will destroy you" She finished.

Simba understood Sarafina's words it was no different than when he was afraid to face his past only now it was his future.

Simba forced himself to his feet and closed his eyes and there it was the demon staring at him.

"I knew you would come" it said in it's monstrous voice.

It twisted it's body and erupted the land into flames Simba stood his ground.

"Remember soon it won't be a dream" the demon mocked.

"Then come, I will not quake in fear when you arrive I will not run I will face you and if this is to be the end I will die alongside those I love I lived a full life I am satisfied" Simba told it while looking it in the eye.

He expected it to attack him to burn him to rip him to shreds instead it merely smiled in amusement.

"So you are not the coward I believed we will see if you live up to that claim just try to give me a challenge" the demon stated.

"Fine but remove your hold from my mate this is my battle" Simba demanded.

"If she's too weak to break free then she deserves whatever happens" the demon said it then blasted Simba sending him flying into darkness.

His eyes sprung open he felt stronger, so much stronger.

"Sarafina what has happened while I was gone" he said with strength.

"Hatari rallied a group of Kurongu's followers against our family, Kiara threatened to kill them" Sarafina told him.

"Hatari I knew he couldn't be trusted, and Kiara's gotten worse" Simba replied.

"can you help her" Sarafina asked though it didn't sound like a question and she already knew the answer.

"I can but first I need to find out what it is Hatari wants do you know where Kurongu is?" Simba asked.

"I can send him a message wherever he is" Sarafina answered.

"Do so we need to take action immediately before Hatari does" Simba said.

"I don't think that demon is fake I do believe everything Kurongu showed me but I think Hatari is linked to it all he was the one who send those visions to me I think somehow he has something to do with all this the demon, the church, the apocalypse" Simba stated.

"I think they're all linked, and I think Hatari is the source of that" Simba concluded.

Of course that didn't explain the most important part why, it was obvious whatever Hatari was after involved him, after all they were brothers but what was it what was his goal that was the final piece that tied everything together.

"So the pieces are beginning to fall in place now but how does this all connect what is Hatari's intentions, is he truly an enemy or an unknown hero? Simba is free of the nightmares but how was the Demon able to haunt him in the first place, were they visions that Simba's mind made real or is their truly a greater danger looming?" And what of Kiara can she be saved from the dark path she is on? All these answers and more await."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 11:

Hatari's true self

Hatari entered a dark chamber it was barren and deserted the only source of light being set of lit torches in the middle of the room there was a pentagram symbol Hatari stepped into it and kneeled in submission.

"I have come mother" he said.

"Welcome my son are the final phases in order?" The demon asked.

"Yes everything proceeds as we always planned" Hatari told it.

"You have done well my sweet Hatari" the demon said while reaching it's hand to stroke his cheek, he felt it's touch and let a tear of joy roll down his cheek.

"I long to see you free and I will" Hatari promised.

"I do not doubt you Hatari you have given me no reason to" the demon told him lovingly.

"And I never will, I will never let you down you were the only one there for me while the rest of the world disregarded me enslaved me, you mother removed my chains" he said softly.

"And you will now remove mine" The demon told him.

"And when I arrive I will plunge myself into the chaos, as for this world" the demon said.

"Burn it all mother let them know what it feels like to have your life serve no meaning" Hatari growled.

He grinned at the thought of their sorrow and of course his brother he had waited so long finally the moment would soon come, but first the end must begin then they would fulfill their destinies.

Yatima was silently making his way through Kurongu's church slowly moving toward Shauku's cave, he entered it only to find Shauku crying.

"What is wrong?" he asked.

"Everything I thought I knew was a lie" Shauku said in tears.

"Life is never what it seems sister" Yatima replied,

"Nothings is what I thought I have lost nearly everything" Shauku said.

"What do you mean?" Yatima asked.

"Hasara all along she was the daughter of Zira and played a role in her decision to wipe out my clan!" Shauku shouted.

"So the truth hides no longer" Yatima stated.

"What you knew how could you" Shauku struggled to say.

"It was obvious her resemblance her guilt and need to protect us clearly she was connected to the hyena extinction which narrowed down all other options" Yatima explained.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Shauku demanded.

"Because you would've reacted exactly as you did" Yatima answered.

"you would've rejected and turned your back on your friend" Yatima said in disgust.

"She wasn't my friend how could she be responsible for that and still be my friend?!" Shauku screamed.

Yatima had heard enough he slapped Shauku across the face, "Wake up Shauku!" He screamed.

"You claim you've suffered so much how much of it is by your own paw?!" Yatima demanded.

"My paw how is my suffering" Shauku began to say.

"No you don't get to deny this!" Yatima shouted.

"You're the one who refuses to let go of your anger for your parents, you're the one who keeps Uhuru locked up, you chose to join this church and now you've chosen to reject Vitani, no one took anything from you Shauku you rejected everything!" Yatima thundered.

Shauku stared at her brother dumbfounded had he really meant all of that.

"Why would you say that?" Shauku asked pained.

"You need to hear it, Vitani is your friend the past is dead let it go" Yatima said.

"You can't you still feel anger due to the fact that our mother chose me and left you don't tell me to let go when you can't!" Shauku screamed.

Yatima heard her words and knew they were true, "you're right but that doesn't mean you should follow my lead let your anger go" Yatima said more desperately.

"I didn't kill her where she stood such a deed can never be forgiven" Shauku stated.

Yatima growled in anger, "fine keep wallowing in your anger and self pity when your ready to wake up you know where to find us" he said in anger before turning away and leaving his sister.

Yatima exited the church and made his way to the hill he would usually sit on while watching his family.

"You always have been predictable" Hatari told him from behind.

"What are you doing here?" Yatima demanded.

"Waiting for you" Hatari said grinning slightly.

Yatima was a bit worried Hatari had always been dangerous but now there was something truly dark about him.

"We are not partners anymore Hatari" Yatima told him.

Hatari chuckled at the comment, "anymore we never were the society meant nothing to me just a tool to accomplish my ends" Hatari said.

"What end would those be?" Yatima asked circling.

"I wouldn't spoil the surprise" Hatari said with a chuckle.

"You're purpose whatever you believe it is means nothing" Yatima said glaring at him.

"Because you have no cause, you are nothing" Yatima stated.

Hatari growled grabbing Yatima around the throat and slamming him to the ground, "really I've accomplished nothing, except I played this pride like a fiddle, I played the society, Kurongu even you just as easily, I've had a spiritual channel to the demon under Kurongu's church and no one realized it" Hatari growled.

Yatima kicked and struggled in Hatari's grasp who growled in anger, "Blast said too much no matter" Hatari said.

"I've needed you to take care of what has been entrusted to you but now I know of it" Hatari said grinning.

"You know nothing" Yatima choked out.

Hatari smiled in amusement he leaned forward and whispered in his ear Yatima's eyes widened in shock.

"No how" Yatima said in shock.

"Nothing is hidden from my mother she knows all and when she arrives she'll burn this world to ashes" Hatari gloated.

"No Simba Kurongu I'll warn them" Yatima said.

"ha ha, no you did what I and mother needed now you're the one whose lost all relevance time to join your clan" Hatari said.

Yatima struggled as he watched Hatari raise his claws he looked around quickly and saw Hatari's paw and noticed his other paw free he immediately dug his claws into Hatari's paw resulting in him loosening his Yatima took that opportunity to roll down the hill picking himself up and running as fast as he could he had warn Simba and Kurongu as well as the pride Hatari was their enemy.

Hatari watched as Yatima escaped he growled in anger, the moment the hyena was out of sight he smiled.

"Nothing, yet I'm still playing you" he said satisfied.

"Run along go tell them go fetch them for me" Hatari said while smirking.

Simba was waiting in Rafiki's tree for Kurongu's arrival when he finally caught sight of him.

"What is this about Simba?" Kurongu asked.

"I fear we have been mistaken" Simba told him

"what do you mean?" Kurongu demanded

"Hatari is attempting to usurp your position" Simba answered

"I am aware of this but he can be kept in line" Kurongu responded,

"No Kurongu I think somehow he's connected to what is coming" Simba told him.

"What that is absurd" Kurongu said.

"He was the one who sent me the visions of the demon" Simba stated,

"Under my orders" Kurongu replied.

"But then how could the demon speak to me directly and how could it pass to my mate?" Simba asked.

"what those are meant to be visions nothing more you spoke to it" Kurongu said in fear.

"Yes it responded too I wasn't just dreaming about it somehow I think Hatari connected me to it" Simba said.

"But that would only be possible if he were connected to it" Kurongu said realization dawning.

"That monster it infiltrated my church all along corrupted my teachings, all along it's been corrupting my message from within, through Hatari" Kurongu concluded.

"I know I don't want to believe my brother is trying to end the world" Simba said in regret.

"Then it's true Simba this apocalypse is coming" Nala said.

"The Demon orchestrated it all, Hatari was a member of the society he probably led them here let them shatter the kingdoms faith then sabotage them within then infiltrate Kurongu and do it again" Nala explained.

Kurongu was furious the demon had used him as a puppet to further the apocalypse Hatari he didn't want to believe not after how long he had raised him guided him all a cover.

"That wretched serpent!" Kurongu growled.

"Calm down you have no prove of this" Sarafina said

"The facts fit into place Sarafina do you really believe he's innocent" Simba asked

"No but it's not wise to jump to immediate conclusions he played a part make no mistake but it's possible he's playing the demon too" Sarafina said.

"You believe in it mom" Nala asked.

"Oh yes" Sarafina answered.

"The Demon cannot be played it is the devil itself Hatari is surely it's puppet" Kurongu stated.

"Then we have to find where Hatari is hiding before he makes his next move" Simba said.

"I think I might be able to help you" Yatima told them having arrived at the tree.

"Who are you?" Simba asked.

"I don't have time for details my name is Yatima and I am Shauku's brother" Yatima answered.

"How did you find me" Simba demanded

"I've been watching everyone connected to Shauku or those she knows like Vitani or Umoja" Yatima answered.

"My grandson what do want with him and how did you know I was here?!" Simba demanded.

"All I cared about was knowing where you were so if the time came when I needed you I would know where you were" Yatima answered.

"Do you know of the end" Kurongu asked him

"I don't care I'm here because I can help you find him" Yatima stated.

"Why would you want that hyena" Nala asked rudely.

"Cease your anti hyena act former queen especially considering the fact that one loved you" Yatima said.

"How do you know about Huzuni" Nala asked.

"It's a hyena legend the ultimate tragedy or more often the ultimate comedy" Yatima answered.

Nala growled at the thought of Huzuni being regarded as a joke, "a comedy how about they experience his pain then laugh about it!" Nala growled.

"They're dead" Yatima said bluntly.

"Enough with the distractions where is Hatari?!" Kurongu demanded.

"He has a spiritual channel below your church he accidentally let it slip before he attempted to kill me" Yatima told them.

"Then he'll probably expect us soon we need to move and destroy it if we sever his connection to the demon we could stop this apocalypse dead in it's tracks" Kurongu told them.

"Then let's do it he'll be expecting us but we have the numbers we can take him" Simba said.

Nala pulled herself up she was going to fight with Simba and save her home, "I will accompany you" she said.

"No Nala" Simba said.

"Don't you dare bring up my physical state!" Nala shouted.

"It's not that the demon still haunts you and we're going to it's sanctuary" Simba told her.

"I can take it" Nala said.

"I don't doubt it but I need you for something more important gather the pride and ready them if we fail you're going have to take down Hatari" Simba said.

"Alright Simba" Nala relented.

Simba turned to Kurongu and Yatima, "Lead the way" he said

"Are you prepared to battle your brother?" Kurongu asked

"I don't know his reasoning behind this maybe I can reason with him" Simba said.

"You can't reason with the demon's servant" Kurongu spat

"You're faith is all about forgiveness and giving others a chance will you turn away from that now?" Simba asked.

Kurongu knew he could not deny Simba's request he merely nodded. The three of them then made their way to Kurongu's church to stop the devils awakening, to save a brother, to prevent the rise of a false prophet.

"So the truth is revealed Hatari has manipulating everyone, the church, the society and the kingdoms since the very beginning and is the disciple of the Demon heralding it's arrival but why what could drive Hatari to such apocalyptic actions? Simba and Kurungu know the truth as well now but can they stop him can they save him and just what does Hatari plan to do with Kurungu's church how do Yatima and the hyenas connect to it? I'm afraid the answers to those questions will have to wait for now. The following chapters I have posted are definitely the turning point of Clash of Faiths and next chapters only take this further. I will try not take as long to get the next chapters up. I hope despite the ever growing controversy that whoever is reading this have been able to enjoy the ongoing saga of the War Of Ideals and that they will continue to enjoy future chapters. Thank you for the time you have given until than see you around."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"Last chapter saw the reveal that Hatari was in fact the true mastermind behind the coming Apocalypse and servant of the Demon as well as Simba and Kurungu discovering this fact now the two of them along with Yatima head back to the church to finally confront both him and his monstrous mother but can they hope to triumphant against them and if not what kind of a fate awaits the Pride Lands or even the world? I hope you've enjoyed the story up to this point I know it's been slower than trials but from here things really really kick into gear."

: Chapter 12:

Dark Messiah

Kovu was sitting in Kilbali's pride contemplating what he had recently heard from Kiara he didn't understand any of it, how could Kiara be disgusted with herself yet at the same time enjoy killing it didn't make sense.

"I don't understand how could she really think that is true" Kovu said

"Because perhaps it is" Kilbali told him.

"I don't believe that she's denying her very nature, Kovu stated.

"Or perhaps you are denying how much she has changed" Kilbali responded.

"That's what she told me but is it wrong that I refuse to see my mate like that?" Kovu asked.

"Of course not we all want to believe and have faith in the best of everyone" Kilbali said.

"Then what I am doing wrong" Kovu asked him

"why did you come to me Kovu?" Kilbali asked him

"You're one of the wisest lions I know" Kovu answered

"But this doesn't require wisdom whatever I tell you, you will deny it the image of your mate is absolute nothing will change that" Kilbali stated.

"So I just accept that my mate is gone forever" Kovu said in sadness.

"No and yes she has changed and more often than not change is permanent but it does not need to be only negative something positive can emerge over time have faith Kovu" Kilbali said.

Kovu shuddered at the sound of that word how he, she hated it.

"She hates that word faith it reminds her of them and she hates them" Kovu replied.

"She's not the only one" Kilbali responded.

"What" Kovu asked in confusion.

"You are in complete denial Kovu but not about your mate but your own emotions you hate Kurongu's faith just as much as she does yet you deny it and channel those emotions onto Kiara but you feel the same anger she does" Kilbali stated.

"You're right I hate that church but what does that have to do with anything?" Kovu questioned.

"Kiara is on the path of a killer but you already followed it you feel what she feels you must accept that only then can you rise above it" Kilbali said,

"What does this that have to do with Kiara?!" Kovu demanded.

"You are both seeking yourselves the society tore them down you now seek to rebuild but you're demons have been revived you must decide if you will embrace them and accept your path only than will your true self reveal itself and only then can you find your mate" Kilbali explained.

Kovu was at a loss what on earth did Kilbali mean how can accepting his own hatred possibly make things better how would that help Kiara they could be killers together, no obviously that wasn't the message but what the heck was it what the heck was Kilbali trying to tell him.

Simba, Kurongu and Yatima arrived at the church.

"Follow me I know my way through here" Kurongu said.

They entered the church moving through it looking around for any sign,

"where would he hide a secret entrance?" Simba asked.

"Somewhere unexpected" Yatima said.

"No it couldn't be anywhere in here The Mungu would've detected it the chamber must not be an actual part of the church" Kurongu said.

"Then where?" Simba asked.

Kurongu knew of course the one area he didn't go to and more so the area was there before the church.

"Follow me" Kurongu demanded.

Simba and Yatima walked behind Kurongu who entered Shauku's cave,

"what are you doing?" Shauku asked in confusion she then noticed Yatima,

"Yatima?" she said.

Uhuru pulled herself up staring up at the three animals in her home, "what are you doing here?" Uhuru asked.

"I'm going to have to ask you to move" Kurongu said.

"what no this is our home you have no right to" Uhuru said before Kurongu pushed her aside he turned to Shauku.

"get out you are in danger" he said.

Shauku understood she grabbed Uhuru and left the cave.

Kurongu, Simba and Yatima sniffed around the area hoping to catch any sign of an unusual scent.

"There has to be another entrance or he could never get there unseen" Simba said.

"I know" Kurongu responded.

Yatima looked around the cave and noticed something, "the walls they all connect at a certain point" he said.

"why would he have an entrance in here at all" Simba asked.

"To leave the church incase he was exposed" Kurongu said

"Where do they connect?" Kurongu asked.

Yatima ran his paw up the wall "right below the center this cave was built" he said.

They all looked at the connect point there was nothing there, "lift me up" Simba said

"what" Kurongu asked,

"the connecting point probably shows the entrance" Simba said.

Kurongu and Yatima lifted Simba up allowing him to look at the connecting point.

"we're looking at this wrong all the walls are connected it's not where they meet but where they separate" Simba said.

"The whole connecting thing was a red herring you'd just be chasing your tail" Yatima said.

They followed the walls until they reached the area right outside Shauku and Uhuru's sleeping area several feet away.

"ingenious the built cave was a ruse" Kurongu said they turned to the separate point and ripped a stone out of place revealing a tunnel going down.

The three of them walked down the tunnel arriving in a chamber with multiple lit torches and pentagram in the middle.

"This is it alright but where is Hatari?" Simba asked

"You never disappoint Simba" Hatari said.

"How long have you served the demon how long have you infested my church!" Kurongu demanded.

"Oh Kurongu, I knew the demon before I knew you" Hatari said.

"Then it all was a ruse" Kurongu said shocked

"everything I taught you did for you" Kurongu said saddened

"Did for me what did you do give me savior who was a fraud, fill me with nothing but empty promises and false hope" Hatari growled.

"Hatari we are all trying to help you" Simba said.

"Help me do you have any idea what I have been through" Hatari asked glaring.

"Maybe not but I might I was in exile once too I once believed my pride disowned me and my mother hated me" Simba told him.

"But they didn't in the end did they?" Hatari hissed.

"My mother left me for dead in the outlands and no one in the pride even came to help me I wasn't worth saving!" Hatari said in rage.

"Hatari I didn't even know you existed!" Simba told him.

"Of course not, all I remember of this wretched place is Scar carrying me to the outlands then the pride that found me told me it was on my mothers orders I just couldn't be you Simba" Hatari said hissing Simba's name.

Simba understood now he was dealing with yet another remnant of Scar's brutal legacy.

"Scar I was hurt by him as well he murdered our father and sent me into exile" Simba explained.

"Good, my father would've probably disregarded me as easily as anyone else!" Hatari growled.

"No our father would've loved you and our mother she was a great lioness she wouldn't abandon you" Simba tried to reason.

"Oh so she's dead unfortunate I had long to see her" Hatari said seething.

"No it wasn't her Scar must've lied about your fate it was him Hatari" Simba pleaded.

"Then why didn't she try to find me surely she would've made certain her son was still alive" Hatari said tears in his eyes.

Simba felt great sorrow for his brother to live like that how many must suffer for Scar's selfishness.

"I had no one I was barely fed then the moment I was a cub who could fully move and feed myself they sold me into slavery the crack of every whip sears my flesh the chains around my neck like I was some object, then when I couldn't take another hit when I couldn't endure the needs of another lioness they left me to die!" Hatari roared.

Kurongu and Simba both felt great pity for Hatari no one should endure a life like that.

"That was when mother saved me" Hatari said finally smiling a genuine smile of joy.

"You are a fool that thing is manipulating you using you as a tool to destroy the world" Kurongu said.

Hatari let out a maniacal cackle it was unnerving to say the least.

"You think mother is heralding your apocalypse" Hatari said while chuckling.

"No Kurongu she isn't the destroyer I am" Hatari said.

Kurongu could not believe what he heard the demon was the herald to the end.

"It has twisted you into a force of destruction" Kurongu said.

"No I hate this world I hate everyone in it those who wronged me enslaved me beat me, forced themselves on me, they can all burn that is what I asked mother the moment she saved me, make them pay, make them understand the pain I endured let them no true helplessness and despair!" Hatari screamed.

Simba understood his brothers pain but this was too far.

"Brother please I know you're angry but these people are innocent they do not deserve this anymore than you did" Simba said.

"And what will you do Simba will you protect them?" Hatari asked.

"Yes I will" Simba said.

"Well then you're the protector the hero always remembered while I am forgotten disregarded, you will save them the messiah, then I will break them I will be their corrupter their destroyer, if you will be their messiah I will be the dark messiah" Hatari declared.

"You are merely a whiny child just like when you were in the society" Yatima said.

"Am I well that child is about to make you the last hyena" Hatari said smiling sadistically.

Yatima felt his rage grow how dare he threaten their lifes.

"Stay away from them!" he shouted while charging at Hatari.

He collided into him tackling him to the ground he smashed his paw into Hatari's face again and again, Hatari didn't respond he just kept letting him hit him.

"You won't touch my family!" he screamed while striking him after each word.

"That's it Yatima keep it coming" Hatari said while grinning evilly.

Yatima raised his paw, "Yatima he's baiting you" Kurongu said.

"Don't give in" Simba said.

"I tire of the clichés" Hatari said before stabbing Yatima in the ribs.

"No!" Simba cried out jumping at Hatari only to be hit by a dark blast fired from the pentagram.

"Hello Simba" the Demon said.

"Is it true is he the one really behind this" Simba asked, the Demon laughed.

Yatima struggled to remove Hatari's claws while slicing at him Hatari caught his paw while pulling his claws out of his ribs.

"Now what do you say this time I kill you for real" Hatari said.

"What?" Yatima said.

"Great job leading them down here" Hatari mocked.

He then released Yatima again.

"What game are you playing?" Yatima asked.

"True despair cannot come without the hope that you can stop it" Hatari told him.

"Perhaps you should go save that family" he said.

"Your followers can't hurt them not while Kurongu still leads them" Yatima spat.

"Not for long" Hatari said smiling.

"What are you doing to my church?" Kurongu seethed.

"Nothing just taking over" Hatari told him.

Simba slashed at the pentagram only to be blasted by it again he pulled himself up.

"Why don't you stop hiding like a coward and face me!" Simba challenged.

Simba found himself brutally blasted into a wall only for the energy from the pentagram to lift him in the air dangling him like a puppet.

"I will worm and when I do you will cower and I will remove your head while you whimper in your knees" The Demon vowed.

Hatari blocked another blow from Yatima while Kurongu glared at him.

"You could never usurp me the followers would never allow it" Kurongu stated.

"Really what about after they find out you were willingly harboring the descendents of Kecila" Hatari said.

Kurongu's eyes widened in horror "get Uhuru and Shauku out of here now!" Kurongu ordered Yatima.

Yatima ran for the exit.

"Go ahead how can you break if you're not given the chance to save them" Hatari said.

"It's almost time for my grand appearance" he said.

Kurongu roared in rage pushing Hatari against the wall striking him in the temple Hatari responded by swiping his paw into his jaw, Kurongu growled biting into his shoulder while Hatari dug his claws into his back Kurongu roared and threw Hatari to the ground he leaped at him only for Hatari to roll aside and kick him in the jaw Kurongu flew back and crashed into the ground Hatari flew at him landing on top of him reaching for his neck Kurongu struggled to hold back his paw which inched closer to his throat using all of his strength he pushed Hatari off of him. Hatari pulled himself up only for Kurongu to strike him right above the eye he then swung for his jaw Hatari dodged the blow and knocked Kurongu to the ground he plunged his claws right for his chest Kurongu rolled to the side grabbing Hatari and pulling him down. The two of them grappled with each other on the ground biting and clawing Kurongu managed to grab Hatari slamming him to the ground pressing his paw down on his neck while striking him repeatedly something was wrong he was hurt but he should still be able to defend himself why was he taking this punishment and more importantly he shouldn't of gotten that slam Hatari should've seen it coming why was he holding back.

Kurongu continued to batter Hatari when he was blasted by the pentagram he smashed into the wall and crumbled to the ground.

Hatari painfully limped his way to him, "why Kurongu, why would you try and kill me" he mocked before striking him in the temple causing him to lose conscious.

He then turned to Simba who was still hanging in the air, "enjoy the show Simba here's how your faith is rewarded" Hatari told him before leaving them in the chamber which he sealed.

Hatari painfully limped his way into the church he saw many animals in it perfect he lured them here right before worship began it wasn't easy to calculate he had to count the exact seconds before the followers showed up than calculated the proper time to lure Kurongu there Simba was just a bonus now it was time to give these people something to believe, his vision.

Hatari collapsed onto the ground the follower rushed over to him they all worked to stand him up.

"Thank you" he said weakly.

"Hatari what happened?" the panther asked.

"We have been lied to Kurongu doesn't seek to guide us only control us" Hatari said in regret.

"What do you mean?" a wildebeest asked.

"He doesn't care about any of us he tried to kill me" Hatari told them.

"why" the panther asked.

Hatari let anger contort his features as he forced himself to stand, "because Kurongu is a lying hypocrite" he said with strength.

"He would have you admit your secrets yet he would keep his own he says he value's our safety yet he would endanger us all by allowing monsters into our sanctuary" Hatari said he began raising his arms and gesturing to the animals then the cave and the church a bit theatrical but effective he could see the animals slowly turning to his side.

"Monsters the hyenas but he has decreed" an antelope said.

No those hyenas do not belong here the Mungu himself has told me he demands they be punished for their sins" Hatari said.

"But Kurongu" the panther said.

"I'm sorry but he is a fraud he has never spoken to him if so than why not show us I will show you because I love you all I have come to save the faithful and punish the sinful" Hatari said his voice a compassionate tone before twisting into a righteous one.

The animals remembered Hatari's demonstration of course that could've been a ruse.

"I will now reveal the Mungu because you are worthy of him not just me" Hatari said.

Deep in the chamber The Demon listened to Hatari's speech the pentagram glowed before releasing the light above it shined on Hatari who then began to rise into the air the animals stared at him dumbfounded he spread his arms out in front of then and raised them high he continued to rise higher mirroring the image in the church. The animals all began to cheer Hatari's name they bowed to him in submission others proclaimed him their savior.

"I do not wish this and I am not above you, I will only lead if it is what you desire" Hatari said.

"Lead us" the crowd chanted.

"Very well he has spoken he has told me of the monsters Kurongu protected the hyenas they are not normal hyenas they are the direct descendents of the butcher of kingdoms Kecila" Hatari told them.

The animals all roared in shock and outrage.

"All this time we have been surrounded by murderers they hold the key to dark times we must remove them and at long last end the blood line of the devil herself, no longer are you simple witnesses now you are the savior the protector of the innocent let us go and avenge all those lost to us over the decades in the name of the innocent and the Mungu!" Hatari thundered his arms raised high his form hovering just a little bit above them. The animals all cheered in unison before heading out to hunt down the spawns of evil and remove them.

Hatari smiled in satisfaction that was too easy people always need something to believe someone to lead them to save them, ha sheep they were all sheep and he was their Sheppard all he had to do was tell them exactly what they wanted to hear it was surprising how easily an ideal meant for peace can so quickly turn to murder, puppets they would follow his will they would spread violence and death they would make a mockery of Kurongu's faith and then the great would one come well mother would and then in that moment they would realize they had forsaken their savior, their faith was a lie, and like him they would have nothing. It was coming soon now all he needed to do was feed their greed then they would follow him anywhere like lambs to the slaughter.

"Well it seems things are only getting worse Hatari has seized control of the church and has revealed the truth of Shauku and Uhuru's even worse he has set the entire pride on them, can they escape this brutal attack and what will it mean for Vitani now that her friends are in danger by the very church she saved and what of Kovu what could Kilbali's message mean will Kovu join Kiara in her hatred of the church and succumb to the same darkness? These answers await and fasten your seat belts and hang on the next chapter is a doozy."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 13:

The Crusade

Uhuru was confused why was her mother so frantic to get out of the pride lands and who was this hyena escorting them what on earth was going on.

"Mom what's going on why are we leaving?" Uhuru asked.

"It's not save for you here anymore" Yatima told her

"what why, who are you?" Uhuru asked.

"trust him Uhuru" Shauku demanded.

"Enough secrets who is he, why does he care about us?" Uhuru asked her mother.

"He's family Uhuru" Shauku said.

"What?" Uhuru questioned.

"My name is Yatima I'm your uncle Uhuru" Yatima told her actually feeling happy that he could finally say it.

Uhuru however was only confused even more, "you're my uncle why didn't my mom ever mention having a brother?" Uhuru demanded.

"I didn't want her to I've been involved in a lot of things that would've put you both in danger" Yatima told her.

"He was the one who saved my life when he first arrived here?" Shauku stated.

"He was a part of the society" Uhuru said.

"You believed in their ways so did I" Yatima replied.

"How long have you protected us?" Uhuru asked.

"All your life but I can't protect you from what's about to happen" Yatima stated,

"what's about to happen?!" Uhuru demanded

"Uhuru enough!" Shauku commanded.

"No what's going on tell me mom!" Uhuru snapped

"Our family tree's about to be revealed" Shauku said her voice shaking.

Uhuru felt her own fear as well but not just for her, "we have to go back and find Umoja" Uhuru said in fear.

"What Umoja will be fine Uhuru" Shauku told her.

"No they saw him with me he's a part of all this now they'll kill him too!" Uhuru cried.

"He's the prince they wouldn't" Shauku argued.

"They don't care about the royal family they have their savior the families expendable!" Uhuru shouted.

"We can't go back they'll kill us" Shauku stated

"I don't care I'm not leaving him!" Uhuru vowed.

Shauku grabbed her paw and held her in place, "you are my daughter and you are staying right here!" Shauku commanded

"Let her go" Yatima said

"what" Shauku asked

"I told you don't push her away" Yatima stated

"I'm stopping her from getting herself killed" Shauku replied

"You can't protect me forever" Uhuru stated

"No but I won't let you get yourself killed" Shauku declared.

Uhuru struggled in her mom's grasp, "let me go!" Uhuru screamed before biting her mother.

Shauku growled in pain while Uhuru broke free of her grasp and ran back towards the pride lands.

"Uhuru!" Shauku cried not in anger but fear.

"I'm going after her" she said, "I'll follow" Yatima replied.

"I came to rescue my family and I'm not leaving without all of them" he finished. The two siblings embraced before running back towards the pride lands.

Kovu was still thinking about what Kilbali told him and wonder just what it all meant, what could he do. Kilbali was sitting on the ground.

"You still don't know do you" Kilbali asked him.

"No what do you mean" Kovu asked.

"I can't give you all the answers now can I?" Kilbali said with a chuckle.

Kovu continued to find the answer when Kiara came bolting into the pride.

"Kiara what are you doing here?" Kovu asked.

"Nala has assembled the pride she needs you there Kovu" Kiara told him.

"Sure what's going on?" Kovu asked her.

"I don't know" Kiara answered.

"Now's not the time to lie Kiara" Kilbali told her.

"It's something involving the church what else" Kiara growled.

Kovu was concerned what was the church doing whatever it was he wasn't going to let it damage his home.

"Then let's go I think it's finally time we remind them this is our home" Kovu said with a growl.

Kiara smiled darkly at his response, "careful Kovu Kiara you are seeking the dark and if you continue to do so it is all you will find" Kilbali warned them.

"I'm not denying anymore" Kovu said.

"Of course not" was all Kilbali said.

Kovu and Kiara ran off heading back towards the pride lands and pride rock. Kilbali watched them depart things were about to get bad he could feel it, he turned to a leopard, "would you kindly assemble the pride" he asked.

She complied without question he watched her do so she almost reminded him of his lost wife, almost. He knew the pride lands were in danger and he would protect them no matter what, he would never allow the home of his first love to be destroyed.

Simba and Kurongu moved the stone tablet out of the way and exited the chamber Kurongu angrily entered the church where Hatari stood still.

"You deceptive serpent!" Kurongu roared.

"Too late they already rallied to me after all I did show them the power of the Mungu" Hatari said.

"You are a fraud!" Kurongu spat.

"Yes the deceiver, the manipulator, the herald of the beast did the Mungu not foresee it" Hatari mocked.

"What are you going to do now" Simba asked.

"Do Simba I already did it" Hatari told him.

"Go ahead leave now" Hatari said pointing to the entrance of the church.

"Why would you let us go" Simba asked.

"You've served your purpose and I long to watch Kurongu's sorrow when he sees what these people do to his beloved faith" Hatari said smiling cruelly.

Simba didn't bother asking any more questions he charged out of the den Kurongu quickly followed him.

"You can't stop it mother is coming" Hatari said, he felt a tear flow down his cheek finally he would no longer be alone mother was coming.

Nala stood alongside the pride she had assembled they looked to her for leadership they wouldn't find much she didn't know what to do where was Kiara she was their leader not her.

"You did that rather well for someone who abandoned her position" Sarafina said.

"It was a farce" Nala told her.

"They still look to you doesn't look like a farce to me" Sarafina replied

"I'm no queen" Nala said

"why do you deny it" her mother asked

"Because it's irrelevant first they turn on us then Kurongu's faith renders us obsolete" Nala answered.

"Everything changes my daughter" Sarafina stated.

"We have to change with it or be left behind" She finished.

Nala pondered her mother's words she knew she had to change she had to build a new identity a new purpose for herself but what would it be.

"You seemed awfully insulted by what you heard about Huzuni" Sarafina said.

"After all he did to be regarded as a joke" Nala said in disgust.

"I thought the hyena meant little in comparison" Sarafina told her.

"Of course you and I both know why you are so angry" Sarafina said.

"Nearly everything I did while he was around was a mistake" Nala said in shame.

"And what wasn't?" Sarafina asked.

"You know the answer to that" Nala replied.

"Yes do you, do you truly know what you regret, after all you don't even know who you are anymore" Sarafina told her gently but firmly.

Nala didn't have a response for that her mother had grown so strong while she had become weak she needed to be strong again.

Kiara and Kovu arrived at Pride Rock where Nala and Sarafina were waiting. Nala stepped aside leaving the way for Kovu and hopefully Kiara,

"Do we know if they're coming?" Kovu asked.

"I don't know anything Simba just told me to be ready" Nala replied.

Simba arrived at Pride Rock where he saw the pride assembled.

"Simba did everything" Kovu asked.

"Everything's worse than I imagined Hatari took complete control of the church" Simba said.

"and the demon" Nala asked.

"He was serving it all along" Simba said.

Kurongu revealed himself as well, "it's worse than we ever imagined the Apocalypse is probably days away" Kurongu told them.

"Apocalypse!" Kovu said.

"Father what on earth is he talking about?" Kiara asked.

"the world's going to end Kiara the demon is coming a monstrous creature that will burn the world to ash and Hatari will herald it" Kurongu told them.

"Apocalypse, Demon, Hatari what have you kept from us Simba?!" Kovu demanded.

"If I told you would've you believed me?" Simba asked.

"So this church is secretly being manipulated by a demon and Hatari is it's prophet" Kiara asked trying to grasp it all.

"Yes" Simba answered.

"He's also my brother" Simba declared.

Kovu and Kiara stared at Simba with shock Nala however didn't seem as surprised.

"Brother" Kovu stuttered.

"How did he" Kiara asked.

"That's not important we need to be ready for his next move" Simba stated.

Kiara had so many questions now she had an uncle and he was the herald of the Apocalypse but she couldn't argue now.

"When is this apocalypse coming" Kiara asked still trying to wrap her head around it.

"They're not attacking here, Hatari used the ruined reputation of the hyenas to rally them to his side he sent them to kill Shauku and Uhuru" Kurongu told them.

Kiara stopped dead in her tracks and turned to Kovu who had the same horrified expression on his face.

"Umoja" Kiara gasped.

"He has a deep bond with Uhuru they'll kill him" Kovu said his voice a whisper.

Kiara growled in rage, "No they won't because they won't live to!" she screamed before running off into the jungle Kovu followed her.

"They threaten the life of my son I'm going to rip them apart." Kovu seethed.

Simba stood shocked by Kiara and Kovu's blood thirsty nature,

"That might be best right now" Kurongu said.

"Violence doesn't solve anything Kiara once knew that" Sarafina said.

"How is this happening" Kurongu asked.

"I told you those who belief themselves righteous are always the first to have their hearts blacken" Sarafina stated.

"She's right your faith isn't wrong but it's being wielded by the wrong people" Simba replied.

"Yes that's it" Kurongu said he then he remembered someone how could he forget in all this.

"Is my daughter here?" he asked.

"No" Nala answered

"No one's seen her since yesterday" Nala said.

Kurongu was fearful, "I have to find her she is so broken right now there's no telling what anyone could do" Kurongu said worried.

Everyone was worried Hatari had the whole pride wrapped around his paw and he also had the Demon beside him there was no denying they were facing overwhelming odds.

Umoja was sitting by the waterhole when he heard Uhuru's voice.

"Umoja, Umoja where are you!" she cried.

"Uhuru" Umoja said, gazing at her.

"Umoja you have to get out of here now" Uhuru panicked.

"What Umoja asked,

"My heritage to Kecila was revealed" Uhuru stated.

"What are you alright?!" Umoja cried.

"They're going to kill us Umoja and you" Uhuru said quietly her voice filled with fear.

Umoja felt his blood boil they would not hurt her he would not let them.

"Why are you here then?" Umoja demanded.

"I wasn't leaving without you" Uhuru told him.

Umoja felt his heart rate accelerating he gazed at Uhuru taking in her beautiful features she would risk her life for his, she really was he couldn't describe what she was.

They heard the crowd coming they're chants echoing, "They are non believers punish them for their doubt punish all who would forsake Mungu!" the crowd chanted.

"My family" Umoja said.

"They're not associated with us only you are in danger" Uhuru told him.

"Alright I'll go with you" Umoja said.

Uhuru felt her heart soar he was choosing to come with her he had always stood beside her even when it didn't seem like it.

"Thank you Umoja" she cried.

She grabbed his cheeks with her paws and without thinking pulled him in kissing him deeply on the muzzle. Umoja's whole body froze up the moment Uhuru's muzzle connected with his he couldn't move he couldn't pull away nor did he want to neither could he deepen the kiss he just stood their letting his body shut down his legs turned to jelly and his body slumped the only thing keeping him standing were Uhuru's paws grasping his cheeks and her muzzle locked with his. Uhuru pulled away clearly surprised by her actions. Umoja struggled not to topple to the ground.

"uh I don't know what came over me" Uhuru said nervously.

"I, I" Umoja struggled to say but couldn't find the words.

"We need to go" Uhuru told him.

"uh yeah" Umoja said trying to reassemble his melted brain.

They ran through the kingdom hoping to reach the borders. They found their path cut off by a fire the crowd emerging.

"There it is the spawn of evil burn it!" they said.

Umoja jumped on one of them an antelope biting and clawing at it throwing it aside.

"You too stand against the Mungu you must be punished for your hubris" the panther said.

"Spare me the philosophical crap you're doing this because you hate hyenas because your faith gives you an excuse to kill!" Umoja spat.

The panther jumped at him only for Umoja to backhand it aside the rest of the animals were charging at them Umoja threw another to the ground only to be hit in the side by a wildebeest.

"Umoja!" Uhuru cried slashing the wildebeest, she lifted Umoja up.

"I'm fine we have no way out we have to fight" Umoja told her.

Uhuru nodded readying her claws.

Vitani was sitting alone wallowing in her misery when she heard the voices of a massive and from the sound of it violent crowd what were they doing?

"Burn the spawns of the demon cleanse our sanctuary" the crowd chanted.

The spawns of the demon, oh no Shauku Uhuru they were going to kill them. Vitani pulled herself up and ran in the direction of the crowd why would Kurongu allow this.

Simba Nala, Sarafina and Kurongu were rushing through the kingdom searching for any sign of their families.

"I don't see them" Nala said.

"Kovu and Kiara will likely be where Umoja is" Simba said.

"What about Vitani?" Kurongu asked.

"I don't know, but the crowd will likely lead us to Umoja" Simba said.

"Than that's where Uhuru will be" Shauku said having arrived along with her brother Yatima.

"What Yatima you were supposed to get them to safety" Kurongu said.

"I did but Uhuru refused to leave Umoja behind she went back for him" Yatima said.

"Of course she would considering what she feels" Sarafina said.

"Then that means she'll be with Umoja find the crowd and we'll find them" Simba said.

"That may not be fast enough look" Nala said gesturing to a rising fire.

"We have to hurry" Shauku cried.

Kiara and Kovu followed the rising fire as well as the chant of the crowd murder in their eyes they caught sight of the crowd now they would kill them for even considering to harm their son. Umoja and Uhuru beat back their assailants who continued to descend upon them Uhuru slashed one in the face while Umoja slammed one to the ground he then backhanded another while Uhuru threw another into a rock before one grabbed her and slammed her head into a rock.

"Uhuru! How dare you!" Umoja roared charging at them only for another wildebeest to ram him knocking him into a wall, he struggled to rise but couldn't the crowd descended on them.

"I warned you!" Kiara screamed impaling the wildebeest on her claws she let it's body slide off while slicing at them slashing one across the cheek.

Kiara immediately proceeded to jump at it burying her claws in it's spine she let it drop to the ground before turning her murderous eyes to the rest.

"Let's see the Mungu save you now" she growled.

She turned her gaze to the leopard she threatened before and charged at him he immediately attempted to flee.

Kovu didn't care they all had their chance now it was time to do things Kiara's way the way he was trained for. Kovu dragged one to the ground and snapped it's neck he then grabbed another and slammed it to the ground before going for it's throat in a moment Kovu realized something, he hated this every life he took made him feel sick maybe he didn't have that killer instinct anymore and maybe that wasn't bad.

Kiara relentlessly pursued the leopard jumping at him and pinning him to the wall she sliced him across the cheek thrusting her paw into his ribs she grabbed his paw and slammed it into the wall she then grabbed him around the neck and very slowly began to dig her claws in he gasped and choked.

"You lived because I let you, you will not be so fortunate this time" Kiara hissed slamming his spine into the wall he let out a cry of pain.

Kiara placed her second paw on his back and began slowly digging her claws into his spine he screamed and roared in pain while Kiara smiled in satisfaction.

"Do you want it to end" Kiara asked sadistically.

"Kiara that's enough!" Kovu shouted.

Kiara turned her attention to him she then removed her paw from his neck and buried them into his chest letting his body slump. Kiara looked down at his body and didn't feel the satisfaction she did before she felt only horror and revulsion she ignored it.

"You were torturing him" Kovu said horrified.

"I don't know" was all Kiara could say.

The two of them turned their attention back to the crowd.

"Turn back I don't want to hurt you!" Kovu told them.

"I'd listen to my mate because unlike him I do" Kiara stated.

The crowd all charged at them while Umoja and Uhuru began to pull themselves to their feet.

Vitani rushed through the pride lands searching for any sign of Shauku and Uhuru she caught a familiar scent Uhuru Shauku would be nearby Vitani headed for the scent.

Kovu and Kiara stood their ground as the crowd came at them.

"You may kill us but I'm taking all of you with me!" Kiara roared.

Simba, Nala, Sarafina, Kurongu, Shauku and Yatima all arrived at the fire they caught sight of Kovu and Kiara as well as Umoja and Uhuru.

"There!" Simba cried out, they rushed toward them.

Umoja and Uhuru were limping away from the crowd but others were already pursuing them they collapsed in pain and looked up seeing a cheetah jumping at them they closed their eyes and reached their paws for each other waiting for the killing blow but it never came, they opened their eyes to see Shauku standing over them.

"Mom" Uhuru said weakly.

"Come on!" Shauku said while pulling them up.

"Yatima I've got Uhuru you get Umoja!" Shauku demanded.

"Right" he said.

"What about my parents" Umoja asked in pain.

"Help's already here now let's move!" Shauku commanded while supporting her daughter.

Simba jumped at the crowd and knocked a cheetah aside, while Nala sliced an antelope and Kurongu lifted a wildebeest off the ground and threw it aside.

"You have made a mockery of my faith!" Kurongu roared while plowing through the animals as if they were Styrofoam.

Simba and Nala helped Kovu and Kiara up while Kurongu tore through the animal forces in rage, after leaving half a dozen broken and battered on the ground he stood besides the rest of them.

"We're done let's get out of here!" Simba shouted.

The five of them immediately turned away from the crowd and ran off.

Hatari sat inside Kurongu's church he sensed the animals plight they were fearful time to remind of them of their place. Hatari channeled his link to mother allowing her energy to flow through him he then focused in on them.

The animals were beginning to back away allowing the lions to escape when a smoke like cloud appeared it emitted a light.

"I understand your fear I too am afraid but we must be strong we are but instruments of the Mungu these deeds are not ours alone" Hatari told them compassionately.

"You have nothing to fear, nothing to regret" Hatari continued.

"Your cause is holy it is just, you are the saviors these lions they are the servants of evil we are the followers of good now we must remove this evil for the innocent" Hatari said.

"save our home" he said softly.

The animals rallied and chased after them again, too easy he wondered how many would fall, how many of his followers would die and would the rest even care.

Shauku and Yatima dragged Uhuru and Umoja through the kingdom they saw the borders were not far Simba and the rest were behind them.

"Get moving they're close" Simba said.

They continued running to the borders when I cheetah jumped on Yatima throwing him aside, a tiger then tackled Shauku to the ground Uhuru hit the ground hard and slowly tried to pick herself up only for an antelope to bite her leg. Uhuru screamed while trying to pull her leg free.

Umoja was enraged they would not hurt her he jumped on top of the creature biting into it's back it cried out in pain as Umoja dragged it off of her he beat it aside growling.

"Stay away from her!" he roared.

Another animal this one a snake wrapped itself around him he struggled against digging his claws into it, another animal was jumping on top of Uhuru baring it's fangs, Umoja ripped himself free of the snake and charged at it tackling it and sending it plunging off of a cliff but not before it dragged him down too.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 14:


"Umoja!" Uhuru cried out.

Kiara screamed in rage and anguish Kovu roared out his son's name.

"We have to move" Sarafina said in sadness.

"No they killed my son they all die!" Kiara roared.

"Then you will die!" Sarafina told her.

Kovu heard a roar coming from the borders.

"Get over here now!" Kilbali called out.

"Kilbali, get to the border now!" Simba shouted.

They rushed at the border numerous other animals following them, Kilbali and the animals he brought swiped at them knocking them down while Kilbali threw another aside his pride slamming another into the ground while another was thrown into a wall.

"We can't hold them off long get moving" Kilbali called out to them.

"We can't leave Umoja!" Uhuru cried out.

"We can't reach him" Kilbali said.

More animals were heading for them.

"That's it we have to go now we can't hold them off" Kilbali said.

"Then go" Shauku told him.

"What about you" Yatima called back.

"He's right come on" Kilbali said.

"No I will hold them off while you escape" Shauku said.

"What my pride and I can do that" Kilbali said.

"No this is nothing compared to what they'll send next you'll need every pride member for that battle if you sacrifice yourselves now none of us will survive" Shauku said.

"Then I alone will hold the line" Kilbali said.

"No you're a warrior I am not you need every warrior and without you the anarchy pride will collapse because like it or not you are their leader" Shauku stated.

Kilbali knew she was right but he didn't like it he turned away, "you are a very brave soul" he told her.

Uhuru noticed everyone leaving except her mother what was she doing there? Uhuru turned back toward her mother and Yatima followed.

Uhuru approached Shauku looking up at her mother.

"Mom you came" Uhuru said.

Shauku hugged her daughter closely, "of course I love you Uhuru" Shauku told her she then pushed her away.

"What are you?" Uhuru asked but couldn't finish the words before Shauku interrupted her.

"Uhuru get as far away from here as possible I'll hold the line here" Shauku told her.

"No you can't!" Uhuru cried

"Go" Shauku said.

"I'm not going to leave you mom!" Uhuru cried.

Shauku turned to her daughter and smiled, "you didn't even when I gave you reason to." Shauku said.

"You have to live Uhuru you, you are the future I see it every time I see you" Shauku told them.

"This world the way it is you are going to beat it, because you are brave and you are so strong" Shauku said with pride while tears streamed down Uhuru's cheeks.

"n no m om" Uhuru sobbed.

"But it is your willingness to accept and understand others that will truly win out in the end I am so proud of you Uhuru" Shauku said tears flowing down her cheeks.

Shauku took Uhuru's paw and smiled at her wiping a tear from her daughters face she then turned away and faced the oncoming crowd, "I love you Uhuru and you Yatima" she said.

Yatima desperately wanted to stop her but he knew she had made her choice.

"I love you too my sister" he choked out.

Shauku charged at the crowd her claws extracted a wildebeest charged at her and rammed her. She crashed to the ground; she painfully picked herself up, the wildebeest came at her and she sliced it above the chest. She continued moving toward the crowd; this time a zebra kicked her. Shauku felt her vision blur she ignored it and clawed her way up and stabbed it in the sides; she continued moving toward them.

Vitani arrived to see Yatima pulling Uhuru away where was Shauku she turned her attention and saw Shauku facing the crowd; Vitani rushed toward it to help her friend.

Shauku's body bounced off of the ground before skidding to a stop; she painfully crawled on the ground before forcing herself to stand. An animal tried to pass her; in response she sliced its legs, Shauku stared down the crowd.

"Shauku get out of there!" Vitani cried.

Shauku turned to Vitani in shock, "you came back even after I rejected you" Shauku said in shock.

"You're family" Vitani told her.

A rhino charged at Shauku, and Vitani jumped on it biting and clawing at it. The rhino thrashed about and threw Vitani aside; she slammed into the ground. Battered she tried to pull herself up but the rhino was charging at her.

For Shauku the whole world had slowed down she could see everything; she remembered Vitani bringing her Uhuru, saving her after the society attack, helping her find her brother, as well as helping her through the pain of her parents; she saw her confession the tears in her eyes, she wasn't her clans killer she was her friend and she wouldn't let her die.

Vitani watched as the rhino came at her, this was it she readied herself for her end only for Shauku to throw herself in front of her. The rhino smashed into her smashing her body and sending her hurdling across the land her body hit the ground bounced once and then was still.

"Shauku!" Vitani screamed running toward her; the crowd looked at her as she cradled the broken hyena it didn't look like a slain demon it looked like a normal person.

"What did I do" the rhino asked in horror.

He turned to the rest of the crowd who looked uncaring, he turned away from them with disgust how could they not care this wasn't why he joined the church, The rhino left.

The crowd left Vitani paying her no heed nor caring for her sorrow.

Vitani cradled Shauku's broken form calling out to her hoping it would work.

"Shauku wake up come on Shauku please" Vitani cried in tears.

Shauku choked out a cough, "Vitani" she choked out.

"I'm here for you" Vitani said.

"I know you always were" Shauku said weakly.

She stared down at the necklace Yatima gave her, she removed the stone,

"Rub your paw against it" she asked.

Vitani did so and a bunch of letters appeared on it; Shauku looked down at it, the final message left by her parents.

"Hey Shauku it's your dad speaking, well if you're reading this you probably already know that duh and if not well why am I writing this then? The winner for most useless exposition definitely know that"

Shauku chuckled painfully at her fathers words he seemed funny.

"Anyway I'm guessing you have a lot of questions well I'll answer as many as I can. First Shenzi is your mom. You see after Scar's death we returned here and she was so broken so desperate to make the pain go away she wasn't the only one we turned to each other in comfort was it probably not the brightest idea, yeah most likely did I regret it, no you see your mother didn't love me but I did love her and for a moment it felt like maybe she did too. I probably should've said no but I didn't was it a mistake, never because the greatest thing imaginable came from it, you Shauku."

Shauku felt tears filling her eyes she was wrong her father did love her.

"I wanted nothing more than to see you grow, to raise you, hear you call me dad but I couldn't Shenzi and I weren't together and you wouldn't have real parents. Shenzi didn't hate you, no giving you up was hard for her but we knew we had to because we were marked for death and you would've been too that's why we left you, to make certain you didn't pay for our mistakes. I still partially regret it and when you were a pup I couldn't stay away, Shenzi saw you a few times too but I would play with you every now and again but I couldn't stay I would never let you pay for my sins. I love you Shauku it's why I named you that in the first place just know that your parents loved you and I'm certain we'll be proud of you. Have a great life kid your father Banzai."

Shauku wiped a tear away there was a second message.

"Now that you know you must know the most vital secret any hyena has kept not even our clan knows only Shenzi and myself now listen carefully Shauku"

Shauku eyes went wide she couldn't believe it.

"Shauku?" Vitani asked.

"Vitani I'm sorry for everything" Shauku choked out.

"It's alright you have every right for what I did" Vitani said.

"You didn't do that, I realize that now, I trust you" Shauku said.

"Come here" Shauku asked.

Vitani leaned closer and Shauku whispered something in her ear, Vitani stared at her with shock.

"I'm counting on you I know yo u wil l su cce ed" Shauku began to choke,

"Shauku" Vitani cried.

"yo u are m y fr ien d, I for gi ve y ou" Shauku choked out the words before her body slumped and her breathing ceased.

Vitani sunk her face into Shauku's chest sobbing endlessly she felt her sorrow but also hope she had forgiven her in the end Shauku was her friend.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 15:


Hatari's followers all gathered outside the church where Hatari stood before them.

"Today we took a life we lost a follower he is no longer one of us and he must be punished as well, but we have seen enough blood we will forgive our fellow brother" Hatari said.

The followers turned to their leader.

"We killed today and I know what many of you are thinking that it was wrong, but I am here to tell you that it was just, we killed a spawn of Kecila before history could repeat itself" Hatari explained.

The followers looked up at him.

"But we cannot stop now there is but one more thing that must be done then at last we will all be worthy, this world will be worthy of the Mungu's paradise" Hatari stated.

His followers eyes widened in shock.

"Yes when we are done we will all go to paradise; no more suffering, no more pain, everyone will be happy forever" Hatari said softly.

"Is that not worth the deaths that must happen? I hate this I hate every moment of it but I must endure it for you" Hatari told them.

"They are misguided and after their deaths the Mungu can begin the process to their redemption; we are not killing them we are saving them and they will thank us when they join us in paradise" Hatari said.

"Will you deny them this" Hatari asked them.

"No!" the crowd cheered.

"Will you deny the world this!? Hatari asked more powerfully this time.

"No!" the crowd cheered again

"Our father has shown me where they hide; let us march to the anarchist pride and set them free!" Hatari declared.

The crowd all cheered in unison Hatari smiled he could feel the hatred all around him it was perfect, soon mother soon.

Everyone was gathered at Kilbali's pride their heads bowed low in the memory of Shauku, right beside it was another memorial for Umoja.

"I did not know Shauku truly but I had heard much about her from her child Uhuru. She was strong, determined and compassionate. She was a tortured soul living through an unjust life of needless pain, she was brave and noble willing to give up her life so that others may live, she's the type of soul that will never be forgotten, forever remembered by this world through those who love her, a daughter, a friend, a mentor. She is never truly gone from this world and she will look down on us down on her daughter for all time, in Shauku's memory" Kilbali said with a final bow of respect.

Kurongu bowed his head the lowest he turned to see Uhuru sobbing, he approached her.

"I am deeply sorry for your loss" Kurongu told her sorrowfully.

"Why would you be it's your fault she's dead" Uhuru hissed.

"You're right Hatari was my responsibility and I couldn't see the darkness in him and now I haven't paid for it you have; every time I make a mistake others suffer for it" Kurongu said.

"You should've been the one who died" Uhuru said coldly.

"Uhuru calm down" Kovu said sadly still refusing to accept the loss of his son.

In an instant Uhuru exploded, "no he's the one who brought that stupid faith here, he's the one who inspired them to believe it well they believe it, they believe it enough to kill for it. Is that what you wanted, they killed my mother for it and they killed Umoja, you tore down my life!" Uhuru screamed.

"The only thing I want The Mungu to do is to strike you down where you stand and throw your soul into some fiery inferno!" She continued her body trembling.

Kovu stepped forward preparing to intervene only for Kiara to stop him,

"Then you can rot separated from your paradise and your Hasara!" Uhuru screamed.

Kurongu felt a deep stab in his chest, that was too far.

"You think I actually feel I am worthy of her? I don't think I ever will be, I didn't want this I tried to stop them but I couldn't it was my fault and if I could take your mothers place I would" Kurongu said painfully.

Uhuru ignored him turning away.

Simba was surprised by Uhuru's outburst he would've expected something like that from Kiara.

"I am surprised you haven't said anything" Simba said to his daughter.

"He's not responsible Hatari is" Kiara said.

"this time it's Hatari, who will be the next face you seek out" Simba said.

"He killed my son" Kiara said.

"Scar killed my father did my revenge make anything better" Simba asked her.

"Simba you cannot ask us to forgive this" Kovu said.

"Kovu revenge won't bring your son back, it didn't bring mine, all it did was add a lot of bodies to the pile" Simba told them.

"But he was my son" Kovu said not fighting back his tears anymore.

"Then honor his memory don't desecrate it with blood" Simba told him.

Kovu knew the truth revenge and hatred would not revive Umoja. He had seen what it did; the horrible cycle it started, a cycle he and Kiara ended, what had happened.

"Kiara Simba's right we have to make peace not war" Kovu told her,

"You would just disregard our son's death!" Kiara roared.

"No but murder won't make the pain go away, will it Simba?" Kovu asked.

"It will make it worse" Simba stated.

"My pain cannot grow" Kiara stated.

"Wake up Kiara" Simba stated.

"You kill Hatari than what, what of his followers you'll make him a martyr" Simba tried to explain.

"It's just him" Kiara reasoned.

"No you kill him you'll create a hundred more of him" Simba said.

"Then I'll kill them too!" Kiara spat.

"Only more will rise so long as he has followers" Simba said.

"Then I guess I'll have to kill them all!" Kiara growled.

"You sound like Zira not my daughter, no you sound worse" Simba stated.

"How far will you go, how many people will you turn away?" Simba questioned.

"Shut up!" Kiara screamed.

"Look at you can you imagine if Kopa saw you like this, you were his successor" Simba stated.

"Now you shame him" Simba said disgusted.

Kiara roared and tackled Simba to the ground; she rolled around on the ground reaching her paw for his throat, Simba threw Kiara back.

"Simba, Kiara!" Kovu cried.

"No stay back! I have to do this" Simba said.

Simba swung his paw at Kiara, she deflected it before swinging at his head which Simba parried away; Kiara slashed at his chest which he dodged.

"Look at yourself Kiara!" Simba called out to her while dodging her attacks,

"You're so consumed with rage that you'll even attack you're father!" Simba shouted.

Kiara let out a scream not a roar a scream, she charged her father who caught her, she wrapped her around his neck pushing him back; Simba struggled against her pressure pushing down on her neck and slamming her to the ground. Simba held Kiara down, she smacked him in the face knocking him off of her.

"How long before you turn your rage towards Kovu or if he were here Umoja!?" Simba told he.

"Don't you mention my son!" Kiara screamed charging at Simba swinging blindly.

Simba effortlessly dodged her attacks before striking her in the gut.

"This isn't who you want to be" Simba reasoned.

"It's who I have to be" Kiara stated

"You sound like Sarabi" Sarafina said having recently arrived, Nala beside her.

"You don't know me not anymore!" Kiara shouted.

"Oh I know you Kiara, I've seen this before and if you're so certain why are you struggling at all, why haven't just killed your father?" Sarafina asked bluntly.

"Mom what are you saying!?" Nala asked her.

"Kiara don't listen to her this isn't you you're still the daughter I raised!" Nala pleaded.

Kiara stared at her mother and her grandmother, she turned to her father,

"Why are you trying to save a monster?" Kiara demanded.

"I'm not, I'm trying to save my daughter" Simba said.

"I don't need your saving!" Kiara spat.

She swung at Simba again which he caught, she reached for his throat which Simba held back, the two of them struggled as they pushed each other back.

"Get out of my way!" Kiara growled and it sounded like a growl she was sounding less and less human.

"Kiara they're right you claim you have to be this why?" Kovu demanded.

"To protect those I love" Kiara answered.

"That didn't protect our son you protected us all better before!" Kovu shouted.

"If this was really to keep us safe why isn't your son here, why isn't Umoja alive." Sarafina said coldly she knew what the response would be.

Kiara screamed she threw Simba aside and charged at Sarafina swinging her claws at her which Sarafina dodged while barely moving.

"Now you attack your grandmother answer the question why isn't Umoja here?!" Nala demanded.

Kiara let out a snarl while slicing her other paw in Nala's direction she sliced ferociously at both of them roaring and snarling it wasn't clear if she knew what was going on anymore.

"This isn't the lioness I fell in love with, and I will not spend my life with her replacement" Kovu said saddened.

"You would abandon me too" Kiara hissed, her voice sounding more like a demon than the once beautiful princess.

"Yes because if this is who you are than I cannot love you anymore, you disgust me" Kovu said.

Kiara roared and swung at him. Now she was swinging her claws blindly at everyone she once claimed to love, they dodged them but refused to fight back. Kiara continued screaming and slicing; she finally hit Sarafina on the rib, her mother on the chest, and Kovu on the cheek. They all fell to the ground their blood dripping on the floor and the world went still.

Kiara looked down at her family, what had happened she couldn't remember all she could remember seeing was red.

"What did I do?" Kiara asked in complete horror.

"You lost control and you hurt the ones you loved" Simba told her.

"No I just wanted Hatari" Kiara said in shock.

"And yet your mother, your grandmother, and your mate are the ones bleeding" Simba told his daughter.

"No, how did this how did I?" Kiara asked in complete and utter confusion and disbelief.

"Hatred is a poison Kiara. How did Taka go from loving his brother and wanting to save the hyenas to murdering him and not caring if the hyenas starved, all hatred starts logically where it would seem okay to give in" Sarafina said pulling herself up.

"But it's the first step, one moment you're battling the animals that want to murder your family the next you're the one who does" Sarafina explained.

Realization dawned on Kiara she understood now, what had happened to her.

"They betrayed us they would've killed us" Kiara reasoned though it didn't sound like even she believed her words.

"Then be better than them Kiara" Nala told her while rising to her feet.

"You were something incredible and you still can be, hatred was never meant for you" Nala told her daughter.

"They owe us nothing we are not their superiors we are their guardians, their protectors" Simba said.

"Do you remember you said those very words, we are one, you reminded me of that" Simba quoted.

Kiara remembered them all she believed them then but what about now.

"Thing's are different now" Kiara said though the tone in her voice completely betrayed the words she spoke, she didn't believe a word she said.

"No this new united world it was your dream Kiara and I know it still is. They've made mistakes but so did Zira and you still forgave her, aren't we all a part of the great circle of life?" Kovu said remembering the beautiful person his mate used to be, and still could be.

Kiara remembered it all, her dream, the world she longed to see the animals she vowed to protect, her forgiveness of Zira. Kovu was right if she could forgive Zira she could forgive the kingdom because that's who she was not a killer, killing disgusted her; she was a dreamer someone who would always be willing to help someone in need, a protector, a hero, and though Kiara didn't think this one it was certainly the most true, a saint.

Kiara looked to her family and smiled her eyes filled with tears as she embraced them.

"Thank you" Kiara said her voice was filled with so much compassion and joy, both emotions that Kiara had not shown in years.

"We're always here for you Kiara" Nala said.

"Always, I love you" Simba said hugging her.

"I knew my mate would come through" Kovu said.

Kiara turned to Kovu and took him into her arms which he returned the two of them shared a passionate kiss it was all Kovu needed to know for certain, his mate was back, the great princess had at long last returned.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 16:

What do you believe?

Uhuru sat alone motionless the only sound were her sobs of sorrow. Her mother was dead Umoja was dead, Uhuru felt like her entire heart had just been ripped away.

"You know hiding your emotions is never a healthy option" Kilbali told her.

"I don't have anything to hide my mother, Umoja" Uhuru sobbed.

"Yes loss is difficult especially those we truly hold dear, I have lost many myself it is natural when you're as old as I am" Kilbali said.

"I feel like I never got to show my mom just how much she meant to me" Uhuru said in sorrow.

"I'm certain she knew, but her loss while painful is not the one that destroyed you" Kilbali stated.

"Umoja I, I can't imagine living without him he meant so much to me I wanted so much with him, but he's gone and now I'll never have that chance I. I" Uhuru struggled to say.

"There is no need struggle you know what is in your heart" Kilbali said with compassion.

"How do you know" Uhuru asked.

"Because I have lost both of the one's I fell in love with one of them decades ago long before you or even Simba were born" Kilbali told her his voice had a hint of sadness in it.

"Does it get easier?" Uhuru asked struggle not to sob.

"What we lose life eventually returns, those we love who die are not gone, that love remains with us forever until it allows us to find new love" Kilbali said while looking at a painting in his cave, a female leopard, the second one who claimed his heart, and he would forever thank her for taking away the pain he had lived with for so long.

Uhuru understood Kilbali's words but she didn't think she would ever feel it again.

"He is likely here why don't you tell him now, I did both times they both already knew but telling someone they are loved cannot be done too many times." Kilbali said before turning away from Uhuru.

Uhuru stared up at sky she felt the pain in her heart return.

"Umoja I cannot imagine what my life will be without you but I need you to know meeting you was the best thing that ever happened you are everything I would've wanted, I, I love you Umoja" Uhuru said and felt her heart break.

"I said a similar thing when I found her" Kurongu said approaching Uhuru.

"Leave me alone" Uhuru demanded.

"I fear for you I have been where you are right now" Kurongu said.

"But you already know that after all how else could you know about my beloved Hasara?" Kurongu stated.

Uhuru turned away from him.

"You are right I don't deserve her unlike you, but you and I are similar" Kurongu told her.

"How" Uhuru asked.

"We were both destroyed by Zira, you indirectly when she wiped out your mothers clan, and I when she killed my mate" Kurongu said.

"Zira killed your mate" Uhuru asked.

"Yes though Hasara was already broken by that point she was completely insane, she wasn't my mate anymore I don't know how but I know it was Zira's fault" Kurongu explained.

"Did you seek revenge" Uhuru asked.

"No Zira is as flawed as I am she made mistakes killing her would not revive my mate though I did try and find her" Kurongu said.

"Why?" Uhuru asked.

"Because I knew if I attacked her she would kill me" Kurongu said.

"And yet she didn't she refused, it was the first time I realized there is no true evil just the choices we make" Kurongu said.

"Doesn't that counteract your faith" Uhuru asked confused.

"Why would it?" Kurongu asked though his tone was far too certain for it to be a question.

"Doesn't the Mungu already predetermine everything it's why I could never even remotely accept your faith, what point is their if you have no will of your own?" Uhuru asked trying to hide the contempt in her voice, it didn't work.

"That's where you and many others are mistaken child, oh there's definitely free will" Kurongu said his certainty becoming even more prominent.

Uhuru was confused this didn't make sense how can you have a predetermined fate yet still have free will.

Umoja opened his eyes only to find himself in a mysterious void there was darkness and light all around him, what was this place was he dead?

He looked around the area there was nothing there.

"Where am I?" Umoja asked.

"Welcome Umoja" a deep commanding and booming voice echoed

"Who are you?" Umoja asked it what is this place.

"You are on the brink of death and so have journeyed within yourself" another voice said this one female, firm yet more compassionate but still commanding.

"How is that possible?" Umoja asked.

"You are staring death in the face and unless you find the truth it will claim you" another female voice said this one deeper raspier, with a bit of a hiss,

"How do I find the truth?" Umoja asked.

"it is right in front of you" a forth voice said this one was also male deep powerful commanding but it also sounded older more controlled.

"Find what you believe in Umoja" the first voice said, with that Umoja was alone.

Umoja approached the two voids he reached out for the light and nothing happened he looked into it and didn't hear anything; he turned to the darkness and looked into it there was nothing there. Umoja stepped into the dark one and something happened the void changed it was no longer darkness instead it turned into a desolate land where endless animals were clamoring over each other the land was burning, it was the Pride Lands after the society's message.

Umoja stepped out only to see the darkness had consumed a third of the void but it wasn't darkness; he entered it again and on another side he saw the tree he and Uhuru stayed in, the darkness was transformed into anarchy. He went outside again and turned to the light which changed as well, the light turned into a massive church there were symbols all around statues of the Mungu and numerous animals kneeling down praying one of them was Vitani.

Umoja was even more confused the voids completely counteracted each other he walked up to Vitani only to realize he couldn't speak to her. So the two voids represented anarchy and Kurongu's faith how on earth did that possibly go together? He exited the void and noticed something even stranger the outside had changed as well showing signs of both he also heard voices.

"if you believe everything can you really believe anything"

"what do you believe Umoja" The memory of Uhuru stated.

"they place their lives entirely in the paws of one being" The memory of Umoja asked.

"you are free, free to live your life however you choose" The memory of Uhuru explained.

Umoja recognized all of them he continued to listen,

"how can you have a destiny yet still have free will"

"they would kill each other they wouldn't argue they would kill each other"

Umoja remembered when he said both of those he they were the critical flaws of both ideals but what did that have to do with it he didn't believe in either of them.

"Their both flawed I can't fully accept either one" Umoja said.

Kurongu was sitting with Uhuru who looked at him curiously, "your wrong the Mungu and freedom cannot coexist" Uhuru said though there was a hint of a doubt in her voice, she wasn't truly certain if she believed that or really anything anymore.

"I actually thought that once Kiara made the same mistake but it's not true the Mungu does allow free will" Kurongu said while remembering everything that led him where he was.

"How? Please tell me" Uhuru asked her voice sounded almost desperate.

Kurongu could see her desperation, he recognized it as the same desperation he once felt as well as the same desperation he saw in his daughter's eyes, he once doubted too. Now he could see that same confusion in Uhuru's eyes, she would not truly believe him but he could still at least answer her question.

"Of course child" Kurongu said before beginning.

Umoja sat between the two voids contemplating his next move he continued to listen to the voices.

"you embraced Pindua's ideal without understanding it and as expected this is the result" That one was the memory of Kilbali explaining why the kingdom nearly destroyed their own home, it also sounded very familiar to what was happening now. Umoja was beginning to understand.

"it happened again they embraced Kurongu's faith but didn't understand it but how does that help" Umoja asked in confusion pacing around the two conflicting ideals.

"faith and freedom cannot coexist." Umoja said in near defiance, of course he knew there had to be more than that he wouldn't be here if there wasn't. Umoja stopped for a moment looking at both the anarchy void and the faith void.

"You see Uhuru a common misconception is having a purpose in life immediately means you have no choice, this is false"

Umoja walked through the anarchy void seeing him and Uhuru living peacefully and orderly he turned to the faith one and saw the same order,

"We always have a choice no matter what anyone thinks. You see many ask why would The Mungu let this happen why would he do this to us, I asked that as well how could he take my beloved Hasara from me do you know the answer?"

Umoja sat and looked around at the chaos in the pride lands and noticed something fascinating there were animals praying to the great kings the Mungu anything they believed.

"He didn't he doesn't control our lives he just watches and when we are on the wrong path he attempts to correct us like any parent would and like any child we can defy him, but he does not punish us because our lives must be our own, why does he not answer every prayer why does a parent not cave every time their child wants something, we will not grow, will become dependent, he cannot give us the answer for everything we must find it"

Umoja turned to the tree he remembered, he believed in the kings then and he still does. Vitani is a believer of the Mungu and the great kings, the truth began to dawn on him.

"We must fight, we must struggle to live life so we prove we are worthy of what's beyond. We must choose to embrace him or not, he knows our path because he's seen it because he is beyond what we can comprehend. He knows how it will end but we still decide that for ourselves, he doesn't control us he just knows us better than anyone, you see you believe because you are anarchist you cannot have faith"

Umoja looked at the two separate ideals except they weren't separate they could all coexist simply because the Mungu was beyond anything he could be anything every faith had a powerful being watching over you in some form whose to say they're not all the same.

"This is an absurd statement, any ideal can have faith because it isn't a government it is simply a belief, an ideal to give you hope to give you strength, to let you know you are not alone. He can be watching but in the end it's still our story"

Umoja looked at the two voids he now understood.

"They can coexist you don't have to choose between one side or the other they can coexist" he said.

"That is what I believe that all ideals can coexist" Umoja said.

The two voids then merged together and in an instant anarchy and faith became one they simply became a kingdom animals were everywhere some just lounging around the others were sharing food others were praying.

"Uniting the prides is not enough this is the key to the new world" Umoja said smiling.

The two ideals then reverted back to light and dark before merging into a beautiful night under the stars it brought back some memories, there were four lions standing before him, one was huge with gold fur and a brown mane, the other was even bigger with gold fur and a black mane, the other two were lioness he actually recognized all but one of them.

"Well done Umoja" Mufasa said.

Umoja bowed respectfully.

"You are ready to return to the mortal world" Zira told him.

"The ideals are at peace and so are you" Sarabi said.

"But there is final truth you must embrace" Ahadi said.

"The one in your heart, I too was once in your situation do not let it go Umoja" Ahadi said,

"What" Umoja asked he then looked up at the stars a picture was forming he then saw her, the one he would fight for more than anything, he remembered it everything they went through their first meeting, telling him about anarchy, their test in the tree, reuniting at the gorge, looking at Kurongu's diaries, lying under the stars, and finally her kiss the sweetness of it the feeling of her muzzle against his, the passion in his heart.

"I see" he said with that the void faded and Umoja woke up in a small pond.

Pulling himself up he now knew what he believed, he believed in coexistence and his love for her.

"Please wait for me" he said.

"I love you Uhuru" Umoja said feeling more free than he ever had nothing would hold him back now, he had to find her tell her then he could only hope they would begin their life together.
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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 17:

Our only chance

Vitani rested Shauku's body in the grave she had dug for her, She wiped a tear from her eye only for another to stream down. Vitani began sealing the grave, She placed a piece of wood into the dirt and carved Shauku's name on it she then carved "beloved mother, daughter and friend."

She stared at the grave and bowed her head placing her paws together and closing her eyes.

"I know you are there I ask you to hear me please free Shauku from her pain and allow to ascend into your paradise, allow her to shine as a star a king would envy let her find peace and happiness, amen" Vitani prayed.

She then looked to the stars and said another different one.

"Watch over her. I know you are certainly already there if your not beside me right now, she is in your paws guide her to her paradise Kopa" Vitani said before opening her eyes.

She then turned her attention to the grave, "I'll never forget you and I promise I will fulfill the promise I made you, rest in peace Shauku, mother, daughter and friend" Vitani said softly.

"You forgot sister" Yatima added not even bothering to hide the sorrow in his voice.

"I didn't know if you were here" Vitani told him.

"I wouldn't miss my sisters memorial, she was special" Yatima said while staring at the grave his voice showed a hint of a pride, he was proud to be her brother.

"We all are" Vitani said

"where is it?" Vitani asked,

"My mission you know?" Yatima asked for the first time that Vitani could remember he actually sounded surprised.

Vitani nodded.

Simba, Nala, Kovu, and Kiara were sitting in Kilbali's pride they knew it wasn't going to be safe much longer Hatari would come for them.

"Silence before the storm, are you accepting the possibility of death or defying it?" Kilbali asked them.

"I don't know what I'm going to do before I would just kill them but now I don't know" Kiara said in fear she practically shuddered at the sound of hearing herself say kill.

"If we kill are we proving Hatari right?" Kovu asked uncertain.

"Is killing truly evil" Kilbali asked in a calm and reserved voice.

"Of course it is!" Nala said in disbelief at the mere idea of his question.

"Do you not kill every time you hunt" Kilbali asked her his tone did not change at all.

"That's part of the great circle murder" Simba said uncertain,

"Death is a part of life it's not evil it is the reason behind it that makes it evil" Kilbali explained yet his tone remained unchanged.

"You're saying murder is justified!?" Kovu asked horrified.

"No but sometimes in life we are forced to do something we don't want to" Kilbali stated.

"Do you want to kill them" Kilbali questioned for the first time since the conversation began his tone changed sounding a bit more compassionate.

"No" Kiara answered with certainty.

"Then don't" Kilbali said bluntly.

"I thought you said it's a part of life" Nala asked.

"It is, death is inevitable but we do not need to spread it needlessly" Kilbali stated.

"Why are you asking us this" Simba asked.

"The same reason I always do Simba, if you feel you must kill that is your choice but if you feel it is not needed don't, you are asking me something i cannot truly answer, do what you think is right" Kilbali said wisely.

"How can we be sure?" Nala asked him.

"You can't, what do you plan to do about Hatari" Kilbali asked.

"I can't reason with him I have to face him when the time comes I will" Simba stated.

Kiara heard her father's words if he would face Hatari she would have to do something as well.

"We'll have to battle his followers" Kovu said.

"No, maybe we won't I was like them but once I saw how far I was willing to go I saw the truth maybe they can too" Kiara said.

"How do we do that?" Nala asked.

"We show them how far they've fallen by showing them we're not the demons, we look like saints compared to them" Kiara said.

"You're right how can you believe you're right when you're opponents are more merciful than you are" Kovu said.

"That will be dangerous" Sarafina said having arrived.

"They follow Hatari" she said.

"Then we somehow expose him for the fraud he is" Kurongu said not even bothering to hid his disdain for his former student.

"How?" Nala asked.

"I have an idea but it's extreme" Simba stated.

"We use his connection to the demon, expose it to his followers that's how he's using his powers. The pentagram if we destroy it" Simba said.

"That could very well be the only thing keeping the demon imprisoned are you suggesting we risk unleashing it!?" Kurongu asked in disbelief.

Simba knew the plan was risky but Kurongu was forgetting one critical fact that they had been told directly.

"The Demons not the threat Hatari is, he's the one behind everything, he's the one orchestrating the Apocalypse" Simba explained.

"If we remove him we stop this apocalypse dead in it's tracks" Simba said.

Kurongu was not convinced at all, "and we unleash an unstoppable demon in the process! Have you forgotten your nightmares?!" Kurongu shouted.

"We can't fear what might happen this is our only chance" Simba said.

"Simba are you sure?" Nala asked trying not to let her fear of the horrors she saw consume her. In truth Nala wasn't sure about this, Simba's plan seemed very extreme not to mention very risky.

"No, but does anyone have a better idea?" Simba answered.

Kurongu knew he wasn't going to change anyone's mind, great Mungu he hoped Simba was right about this because if he wasn't they was a good chance everyone would die.

"We'll then how do we do this?" Kurongu asked still not fully supporting it.

"I know my way through that cave tell me where the chamber is and I could destroy it" Uhuru said having over heard the conversation.

"You're just a young girl, I won't put someone so young at risk" Kurongu responded.

"This is my choice I'm not going to sit here and wait to get slaughtered" Uhuru said.

"You can't I was already responsible for your mother's death I can't be responsible for yours" Kurongu tried to reason his voice was filled with guilt.

"You weren't responsible I see that now let me do this have faith in me" Uhuru asked him.

Kurongu knew he couldn't argue, not without defying everything he recently told her.

"Alright I will" he told her.

Simba wasn't fully convinced, "not alone Kilbali could you accompany her?" Simba asked.

"No I must protect my pride but I will send others to accompany her" Kilbali said.

"Don't bother you'll need them all I'll go with her" Sarafina said.

"Mom" Nala said shocked

"I am the only one here with any knowledge on the supernatural if anyone has a chance of sealing the demons power it's me" Sarafina told them.

"She's right Simba they can handle this" Kovu said.

"Alright you two go then" Simba told them.

A lioness came running up to them, "Kilbali we just detected Hatari's followers they're advancing on us they'll be here soon" she said.

Kilbali knew the time was now, "then we must prepare" he said.

"Alright Simba you'll have to take Hatari while Nala, Kilbali, Kurongu and I hold off Hatari's forces, Kiara you tend to the wounded make certain there are as little causalities as possible, Uhuru, Sarafina you infiltrate the church cut off Hatari's link with the demon" Kovu said.

"Everyone's counting on us" Kovu said.

Kiara smiled and nuzzled him, "and we won't fail" Kiara said.

Sarafina hugged her daughter, "come back alive" Nala said.

"I can't be here for you forever, one day it will all be in your paws" Sarafina told her daughter before turning away.

"Good luck Uhuru may Mungu be with you" Kurongu said.

"He can watch but this is my story" Uhuru said.

Kurongu smiled at her comment before she joined Sarafina.

Vitani and Yatima were standing in front of Shauku's grave.

"Are you certain you want to be a part of this?" Yatima asked.

"Yes" Vitani answered.

"Very well then follow me" Yatima replied.

They both turned to Shauku's grave and bowed respectfully, "farewell sister" Yatima said.

"What we do now we do in your memory" Vitani told her while looking to the sky and the paradise beyond where she was certain Shauku was.

The two of them bowed one final time before heading off to fulfill Yatima's mission and fulfill the promise Vitani made her friend.

Simba, Nala, Kilbali, Kurongu, Kovu and Kiara were all sitting at the borders of the kingdom awaiting the arrival of Hatari and his forces, they were prepared for whatever came their way rather it be Simba's showdown against his brother or the battle against his followers they were not afraid.

"This is it my friends on this day we change everything or die" Kilbali told them.

They said nothing the expressions on the face said more than words ever could, they were here and they were ready for anything, well at least they thought they were.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 18


Hatari and his followers advanced on the anarchist pride they stood with determination and purpose they had come here for one reason to commit the most heinous crime and what would be the last crime ever.

"We are here brothers and sisters" Hatari told them.

"Now let us end this so that nothing like it will ever happen again" Hatari said making certain that he sounded disgusted with what had to happen but also making certain there was still a sense of certainty.

"Let us end the old world so that a new world, a paradise can begin!" Hatari rallied them.

The animals all roared and screamed in unison. They turned their attention to the pride and sitting right at its borders were the souls they sought to free staring at them unmoving without fear.

They all stared down the followers as well as their false prophet.

"Are you so consumed with hatred that having the Pride Lands wasn't enough for you brother?" Simba asked.

"I seek to set you all free so that we all can ascend to paradise together" Hatari said.

"You are a liar you do not care about our souls nor your followers, you are a mockery of everything I believe as well as anyone else" Kurongu roared.

"You speak ill of our savior, of your savior!" the crowd said in anger.

"He is not your savior, he's using you to corrupt this world and unleash a monstrous demon" Simba said.

The crowd looked at Simba in puzzlement.

"You really are desperate Simba making up blasphemous stories about me" Hatari said.

"He doesn't want to save the world he wants to destroy it" Nala stated.

The crowd stared at them in complete disbelief mostly at what they were suggesting.

Hatari wasn't surprised that they were trying to expose him, of course they couldn't.

"Absurd and appalling I seek your salvation and you would accuse me of such horrors!" Hatari said in rage before allowing himself to calm he wasn't actually angry but a good charismatic show went a long way.

"All you seek is the release of your revolting mother" Kurongu spat.

Hatari did feel a bit of anger with that.

"It's tragic you think that thing actually cares about you" Simba told him though unlike everyone else Simba actually did feel pity for him.

Hatari felt his anger building, "it saved you, all so it could use you and when the moment came discard you, if it didn't need you it would kill you itself" Kurongu said harshly not feeling a shred of sympathy for Hatari, that devil corrupted his faith!

Hatari struggled not explode how dare they say that, Mother saved him when no one else would she raised him she fed him she treated him like a living being, she did care about him she was the only one who did and he would see them die for mocking her in such a way.

"See how filled with rage they are, they need us, set them free" Hatari said though the last few words there was a hint of anger a hint of anger that some followers noticed.

The followers charged at them and extracted their claws.

"That didn't work" Kovu said.

"We didn't expect it to but at least we bought some time with that" Simba replied.

They readied themselves for the attack, "everyone form a circle between the den stand your ground and nothing gets past it!" Kovu commanded.

"You hold them here we'll keep the rest outside and create a path to Hatari" Kilbali said while gesturing to Simba.

Kilbali and the pride charged and met the crowd on the borders both the prides crashed into each other extracting their claws swinging their paws at each other.

"Simba get through the path they make!" Nala said though it sounded more like an order.

Simba nodded before running out.

Nala, Kovu and Kurongu remained back to back while a massive crowd came at them.

"What do you think the odds are we survive this?" Nala asked.

"What are the odds of a lion flying?" Kovu answered.

"Great joke son, perfect final words" Kurongu stated.

"This isn't our last day!" Nala growled.

The crowd charged them, Kovu knocked one to the ground while Kurongu smashed his paw into another's skull; as this happened Nala grabbed one and threw it into a wall more came at them. Kovu jumped into the air catching an antelope mid jump and flipped it into the stone wall he then maneuvered to Kurongu's side spinning himself around him and knocking out one that was heading at Nala; Nala then proceeded to uppercut a tiger sending him into the air she jumped up and uppercut him again crashing his head into the stone. Kurongu grabbed a cheetah around the neck and lifted it in the air throwing it into the path of a leopard before smashing a lioness in the temple. They all turned to face each other they were about a dozen more heading for them this was going to be a long fight and both Nala and Kurongu were once again starting feel their age.

Uhuru and Sarafina made their way to the church.

"You said you know other ways in?" Sarafina asked her.

"Yeah there's another entrance blocked off by rocks but they can be moved" Uhuru told her.

"Does anyone know about it" Sarafina asked.

"It caved in decades ago I found it by mistake" Uhuru answered

"alright let's go" Sarafina said.

They went around the back and found the entrance. After slowly unearthing it they crawled into the hole and found themselves in the cave right outside the back entrance of the church and good thing too Sarafina actually heard followers inside it.

"So much for Hatari bringing everyone" Sarafina said.

"Well we wouldn't want it to be too easy now would we?" Uhuru replied.

"You remind of my daughter when she was young" Sarafina said.

"let's move" she told Uhuru.

The two of them silently moved through the church until they found the entrance to the chamber.

"Simba said it was right here. You ready for whatever's down there?" Sarafina asked her

"no but who would be?" Uhuru replied.

They pulled the stone out and descended down the tunnel until they arrived in the chamber.

"There won't be any back up here since Hatari doesn't want anyone to know about it" Sarafina said.

"Back up please what need have I for aid" the demon said in it's usual monstrous voice.

"A lot apparently since you have no one to defend your seal" Uhuru said.

"Stay away from it Simba told me if you touch it, it can attack you" Sarafina stated.

"True, but he missed something well he didn't know it, that I can have others attack for me, you in particular" the demon said.

Sarafina felt her head spinning as did Uhuru they couldn't think straight,

"Now kindly kill each other I am disappointed I can't" the demon said.

Uhuru and Sarafina ran at each other and extracted their claws.

Simba ran through the battle field avoiding as many animals as possible while knocking aside whatever ones got his way. He watched as Kilbali and his pride did battle with Hatari's followers, Kilbali was leading the charge grabbing a wildebeest and throwing it into a rhino knocking them both off balance he then soared into the air spun and kicked the rhino in the face; he caught another attack and directed it into an oncoming panther; he jumped over an attack thrown by a lion before knocking him off balance, he then struck a cheetah in the cheek and kicked her legs out from underneath her sending her toppling on top of a Zebra. A rhino charged at him Kilbali sidestepped the attack and sliced the rhino's legs causing him to fall and crash into numerous other animals. Half a dozen came at him swinging their paws which he effortlessly sidestepped while parrying and directing their attacks into each other taking them all down without throwing a single attack, he then without looking knocked out the one behind him, it reached a point where some of the followers simply stopped attacking him. Kilbali turned his attention to Hatari's position he turned to his pride.

"I'm going to make a path cover me" Kilbali said.

"Simba follow me" he said.

Kilbali charge at the crowd Simba behind him. Kilbali lifted an antelope up and tossed it over him he then backhanded a tiger out of the way, swept his leg under a zebra and knocked it's legs out from under it and slid under a wildebeest pulling it down with him he then threw it into an elephant using it's horns to knock it down; the elephant stumbled and fell causing the entire crowd to scatter, Kilbali picked himself up removing some of the dust from his fur.

"I believe that distraction is sufficient" Kilbali said.

Simba didn't respond he just looked around at the entire group Kilbali just took down he then turned his attention to Hatari.

Kilbali turned to the animals sprawled out on the floor.

"My apologies for your pain" he sincerely said.

Simba approached Hatari who turned to him uncaringly.

"So here we are you and I destined to battle right" Hatari asked him.

"We don't have to, it doesn't have to be this way I know you suffered but these animals, these people are innocent" Simba tried to reason.

"I was innocent and the world showed me no compassion, have you ever been forced by another lioness" Hatari struggled to say but couldn't finish.

"No I can't imagine it" Simba stated.

"I can countless times and no one ever helped me some laughed at me they all disregarded me, I wasn't a living thing I was their entertainment any form they wanted" Hatari said while shuddering at the horrible memories

"No world that cruel deserves to exist" Hatari said.

Hatari charged and threw his paw at the top of his head which Simba avoided swinging his paw at his jaw which Hatari deflected, he swiped his paw into Simba's jaw before kicking him to the ground he then jumped on top of him pushing down on his neck. Simba forced himself to roll knocking Hatari off of him, Simba then kicked him in the face. Hatari growled and charged at Simba plowing into him and pushing him back. Simba struggled while Hatari pushed him back; Simba grabbed onto his brother and pulled him forward using his momentum to throw him aside. Hatari crashed into the ground, he angrily pulled himself to his feet but Simba was already on him striking him in the cheek, he threw his paw again only for Hatari to catch it and strike him above the eye he then threw him into the wall. He extracted his claws and sliced for his chest Simba moved out of the way; his claws slashing the stone wall instead.

"You can't stop this" Hatari growled.

"We can and we're already in position to" Simba told him.

Hatari chuckled, "perhaps you are referring to your friends in my chamber, I'm afraid they won't help you in fact they're probably killing each other as we speak" Hatari mocked.

"No!" Simba growled while smashing his paw into his brother's face, Hatari merely smiled and returned the blow.

Sarafina pinned Uhuru to the ground pushing down on her neck while extracting her claws Uhuru was slicing viciously at her chest but it wouldn't be enough Sarafina prepared to bury her claws in her chest when a mysterious lion like figure made of light entered the chamber he entered Sarafina's mind.

"Stop Sarafina you are not in control" he said.

Sarafina felt her thoughts returning, "what how" The Demon said surprised though it was only mild surprise rather than outright shock.

"This is your choice remember" the voice said.

A smile appeared on Sarafina's face she knew.

"Always struggling with decisions" the voice said before fading, it was playful and witty.

"Always so certain of yours" she said in response while smiling warmly.

Uhuru pulled herself to her feet, "what was that?" Uhuru asked.

"An excellent question it seems Kurongu's Mungu favors you" The Demon said, rather intrigued by the turn of events.

"Yeah and now we're going to shut you down" Sarafina said with determination.

She turned to Uhuru, "break it I will direct it's attention" Sarafina said.

"It'll kill you" Uhuru said.

"I'm old I've lived a long life" Sarafina said softly.

"Let the old sacrifice so the young can live" Sarafina told her compassionately.

"just hold it off" Uhuru said.

Sarafina stepped onto the pentagram and slammed her paw onto it, immediately she found herself suspended in the air, she focused her thoughts and began chanting and a small thing of electricity began to surge and struck the seal.

"You have learned much" The Demon told her.

"How would you know" Sarafina asked.

"You don't see it, I'm hurt Sarafina" The Demon said it's monstrous voice pretending to sound sad.

Sarafina was intrigued it wasn't possible but somehow this demon knew her.

Kiara rushed through the battlefield she found a zebra thrashing in the pain on the ground.

"Hold on I'm going to stop the bleeding" she told it.

The zebra turned to her and immediately began panicking, "just kill me and get it over with" he said.

"I'm not here to kill you, I was lost and angry but all I want to do right now is help you" Kiara told him softly.

"Why would you help me I came here to kill you" the zebra said.

"And yesterday I would've killed you for it but your lost too all of you and I don't want to see any of you die" Kiara told him with a compassionate smile, there was something about her he could see it he felt safe around her, why would the Mungu want her dead?

"Princess we're just trying to save everyone so we can all go to paradise" the zebra said.

"I don't understand your faith but I do know one thing you have to die to go there do you want to die, do you want your family to die" Kiara asked him.

"It will be a better life" the zebra reasoned.

"Don't you want to see your children grow up struggle, rise above those challenges and find love isn't that worth suffering for" Kiara asked.

The Zebra looked up at her in wonderment, the princess had returned and she was right he believed in his faith but he did not want to die now, his son had already found his mate.

"My son's wedding is soon my daughters in her teens and I would love to see both of them walk down that aisle" he said a tear going down his face.

"Then do it nothing's stopping you" Kiara said.

"That's what I want for all of you to live the precious lives you have now" she said.

"Paradise can wait" she finished.

The zebra merely nodded he had a life to live as did his son and daughter. Kiara pressed down slowing his wound.

"it's not bad we have been deliberating holding back" Kiara said, another animal overheard her this one a leopard.

"You're avoiding killing us when we came here for that purpose" she asked,

"yes" Kiara said.

Kiara turned her attention to the crowd.

"Hear me!" she cried out.

They all turned to her and began advancing on her, "before you attack I have but one question to ask you what do you value most?" Kiara asked.

The animals pondered the question, "would you be willing to sacrifice it for this" she asked confident, none of the followers had an answer.

Kovu, Nala and Kurongu continued to struggle against the crowd Kurongu smashed a lion against a wall while Nala slashed one across the chest, Kovu swung his paw and struck a panther right in the jaw knocking it out. Nala felt her bones beginning to ache again she couldn't keep this up any minute her body was going to collapse, Kurongu's body was already beginning to give out and the moment they did Kovu was finished.

They stood their ground and continued swinging when a roar multiple in fact ceased the attacks.

"Enough what are we doing" the Zebra said.

"We are saving their souls" a panther said.

"That's what you think you're doing" Kurongu said disgusted.

"Murder is never justified" he thundered.

"Even if it will send you to paradise" the panther asked him.

"Do you even want to go?" Kiara asked.

"Of course we do" a lioness said.

"Really because you have to die before you can enter it, Hatari not tell you that" Kurongu said.

The crowds eyes widened in shock, "life is suffering paradise will be happiness" the panther said.

"And what about the life you had before this, are you married?" Kiara asked.

"I am" the panther said.

"Any cubs?" Kiara asked.

"she's expecting" he answered.

"You go to paradise she can't give birth to your cub, are you willing to sacrifice your chance to be a father?" Kiara asked.

"We earn Paradise by living, I long to see my mate but I will delay my arrival their as long as possible" Kurongu told them.

The animals took in Kiara's words they all thought about what they had in life right now and if they would give it up the answer was obvious.

"Thank you Kiara" was all they said while bowing respectfully to her.

"I am but your guardian, your protector" Kiara said.

Nala and Kovu stared at Kiara with wonder, the compassionate princess had returned but there was something different she almost reminded Nala not of who Kiara was but of Kopa.

Simba and Hatari struggled against each other Simba struck him in the jaw, Hatari struck him above the right eye he then took Simba to the ground reaching his claws for Simba's throat; Simba pushed him away and placed his leg underneath him using it to throw him, he bounced off the ground before sliding to a stop, he forced himself up staring Simba down he then noticed his followers had ceased the attack.

"What are you doing?" he demanded.

"We don't want to kill them" the Zebra said.

"I don't either but remember this is the path to paradise" Hatari reasoned.

"We're not sure if we want to go to paradise" the panther said.

"Eternal happiness you would reject it!?" Hatari said in disbelief.

"We have a beautiful life right here" the panther replied.

"So you would abandon the path of Mungu!?" Hatari asked making certain his voice had as much betrayal in it as possible, a little guilt trip could go a long way.

"We would follow as we did before" the Zebra said.

"Peacefully" he finished.

Hatari had to admit he was surprised, he was certain they would do anything for the idea of eternal happiness but no matter they didn't prove anything they were betraying their perceived savior for their own selfish desires, well at least he didn't have to pretend anymore.

Hatari's entire demeanor changed into one of hatred and contempt he looked down at the animals and smiled wickedly.

"Very well than, I suppose this whole messiah act isn't needed anymore" he said calmly.

He then rose into the air again a light upon him however it quickly turned into fire.

"It's better this way now I get to kill you all myself" Hatari said smiling.

Sarafina pushed the lightning against the seal which the demon attempted to repel as she did this Uhuru arrived with a sharp stick she began stabbing at the seal repeatedly until she broke through.

"Got it!" she said.

"Uhuru move!" Sarafina said directing the lighting directly into the hole and blowing the seal to pieces.

"We did it" Uhuru said.

"Now let's get back to the others" Sarafina said.

Uhuru was about to comply when she caught the scent of something in the distance that scent it was him, Umoja, She immediately ran in the direction of it.

"Where are you going?" Sarafina asked.

"Don't worry about me go back and help the others I have to be certain" Uhuru said unable to contain the shock and possible joy in her voice.

"Certain of what?" Sarafina asked.

"Of what I smelled I have to find it, let me go" Uhuru said in near desperation, it was clear her mind was set and she wasn't being kept from it without a fight.

Sarafina could see this, Uhuru was determined and it was her right to find the truth.

"Alright just stay away from the battle and be safe" Sarafina told her.

Uhuru nodded before running off she had to know but something told her she already did, even after his presumed death a part of her wouldn't accept it she thought this was denial but now she could feel it in her heart, Umoja wasn't dead.

Hatari felt his power drain and fell to the ground.

"What is this impossible mother and I we are always linked?" he said in disbelief turning to Simba.

"What did you do!" he roared.

"Your seal is gone" Simba told him.

"What no that was the only thing that allowed me to see her" Hatari said tears forming in his eyes.

"If it's gone then she's gone" Hatari sobbed.

"You took my mother from me" Hatari said in tears.

"You took the only thing that ever cared for me, the only thing in this hellish world that I loved" Hatari screamed in rage in sorrow.

Hatari couldn't stand it anymore he just collapsed onto the ground rolling and sobbing. Simba felt great pity for Hatari he looked like a little kid who was just left at an orphanage.

"No I refuse to let that become a reality" Hatari said, channeling what little energy he had focusing on the remains of the seal.

"I hate you, I hate all of you!" Hatari roared.

"I hate everything in this putrid world, I want nothing more than for it to burn, all of you who would disregard me like everyone else I will make you understand, all of you what it feels like to be nothing!" Hatari roared in fury and hatred so much hatred in a moment he released the last of the energy.

The ground split open fire erupted from it and a monstrous hand with claws half a foot long emerged from it.

"No it can't be!" Kurongu said in disbelief.

"We destroyed the seal!" Simba panicked.

"And it would've worked if I was just a demon but I'm not" The Demon said.

The hellish creature pulled itself from the ground revealing it's full monstrous form the exact form Simba saw in his nightmares, only this wasn't a dream just like it told him one day it wouldn't be, The Demon was here.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

Postby Hatari05 » August 14th, 2018, 12:01 pm

: Chapter 19:

The duel

The Demon stood before both prides staring at them in amusement.

"Mother I did it I summoned you?" Hatari said in happiness.

"Partially my dear the anger you felt was enough to feed me, the energy you released was enough to free myself though in truth it was my own unique nature that allowed it to work" The Demon told him.

Hatari nuzzled it, "I have missed you so much" he told her trying not to cry in joy.

The Demon wrapped it's arm around him returning the hug, "you have done well my son" it said reaching a hand out and stroking his face gently he smiled happily at the feeling letting his tears fall.

"Do not cry Hatari I am here now and now as promised I will unleash terrible retribution" it said.

Hatari continued to smile The Demon licked his cheek affectionately it was a creepy sight to say the least.

Simba fought against his fear and stepped forward, "I will not fear you" Simba said with strength.

The Demon laughed at his comment, "you are not afraid please Simba you're whole body is shaking and with good reason" The Demon stated.

"How I have missed this place the fear, the thrill the carnage" it said.

"You are but one we are many" Nala stated with pride.

"You're right it's not fair and I'll show you why, show me what you've got" The Demon challenged.

Nala and numerous others charged at The Demon, it paid them no heed it was practically unstoppable before, now.

The Demon unleashed a massive reign of fire from it's mouth the animals desperately scattered but many were caught by the oncoming inferno, The Demon then unleashed a roar that tore open the ground sending numerous animals plunging into it. A tiger struck The Demon in the face and it merely looked at him and smiled it then stabbed it's claws into him and a second later erupted him into flames.

Now Simba was scared he had always assumed his visions overpowered The Demon but now he could see it really was that powerful everything it did in his nightmares it could actually do, great kings this thing really can kill everything on the planet and Simba felt foolish for even being willing to risk it's release!

"Don't face it you fools you can't win!" Kurongu called out to the animals.

They all charged at it hoping to surprise it, it merely twisted it's head all the way around before setting the very ground they stood on ablaze the flames soon consumed them.

"This is far too easy I expected at least a remote challenge" The Demon said disappointed.

"You want a challenge I'll give you one, I won't fear you!" Simba said running at it.

"Then you are a fool" The Demon said it's voice a near rasp.

"Yes a dead fool" Kurongu said in regret. Now would be a great time for Mungu to show up because Kurongu literally didn't know any other way for them to survive let alone win.

Simba swung his paw and sliced his claws in a blaze of attacks, his claws embedded into the demons head it didn't bleed it looked at him and smirked before grabbing him around the neck lifting him off the ground and pulling him close to its face.

"How disappointing I expected at least some kind of fight" it said while opening its mouth to unleash another inferno.

This was it time to finish his nightmare, he was a fool not to fear this thing and now it was going to kill him.

"So it is you" Sarafina said in surprise.

"I never thought I would hear from you again nor did I believe it was possible for you to be worse, am I right Kecila!" Sarafina said the last part she shouted.

The whole pride reacted with shock at Sarafina's words that was literally impossible Kecila was dead.

"An absurd claim that thing isn't mortal it's the incarnation evil, the very thing the Mungu sent me stop" Kurongu said.

"The Mungu, I'm considered that high of a threat I'm flattered" The Demon said though it's voice was less monstrous now having an almost soothing sound to it, despite this the voice didn't lower anyone's fears it raised them exponentially.

It's body was changing the spikes were sinking into it the hands turning into paws the hunched back becoming straight it's face forming into that of a hyena and then a second later she stood before them in her full glory Kecila the butcher of kingdoms.

The already terrified kingdom only became even more consumed with fear upon Kecila's reveal she looked at them with amusement after nearly a century they still feared her good, she turned to Hatari who looked at her with wonder.

"At last I see my mother's true beauty" he said.

"A flattering statement dear" she said while gently holding his cheek leaving him immobile.

"Now Hatari dear would you please give me a little space it's been too long since I've been home" Kecila said.

"This is all wrong the demon is the force of evil, beyond mortals it heralds the end, it's not a mortal being how can a demon be mortal?" Kurongu asked struggling to accept the reality right in front of him.

"Aw poor baby did you're Mungu get the forecast wrong" Kecila mocked.

Simba approached Kecila it was strange the reveal that she was mortal should decrease his fear but it didn't probably because he knew what she did.

"Simba we need to leave we can't fight this thing" Kilbali told him.

"You would leave so soon Kilbali" Kecila asked.

"It would never be soon enough to get away from you" Kilbali said.

"Aw I'm hurt I have longed for this reunion and now it seems I'm not wanted, seriously a demon has feelings too" Kecila said sarcastically before chuckling.

"I would never welcome you, you killed the first woman I ever loved" Kilbali said in anger.

"That's a long list Kilbali could you be more specific" Kecila asked.

"Uru" Kilbali said in pain.

"Aw yes I remember now you two were originally betrothed I hear you were married again congratulations" Kecila said.

"She died a few years back" Kilbali replied.

"Oh how unfortunate" Kecila responded.

Simba had heard enough about Kilbali's past though he never imagined it would be such a tragic one.

"What do you want Kecila" Simba asked.

"What I've always wanted to slaughtered everything in my path and bathe in their blood" Kecila answered.

Simba was surprised by her answer what a psychopath.

"Leave my kingdom alone I won't let you hurt anyone" Simba stated.

"Really is that a challenge?" Kecila asked.

"Simba don't you can't win!" Sarafina cried.

"Yes if I win you and Hatari leave my kingdom and my friends alone, and if you win" Simba said.

"well you die however your nobleness impresses me so I will spare your friends and family regardless" Kecila said.

"What of my kingdom" Simba asked.

"Don't get greedy Simba I'll determine that after I've killed you" Kecila stated.

"Where will we duel?" Simba asked.

"Below Pride Rock a perfect place for you to die" Kecila answered.

Simba and his family had all gathered below Pride Rock awaiting Simba's duel with Kecila he was currently embracing his family for what may be the last time.

"Dad do you have to do this I already lost Umoja I don't want to lose you" Kiara said sadly.

"I have to for all of you" Simba said while embracing his daughter.

"I'm sorry father for what I became" Kiara said.

"You found your way back that is all that matters, I'm proud of you Kiara" Simba said.

He then turned to Nala.

"Is this how it ends for us" Nala asked.

"I don't intend for it to" Simba told her.

"Simba she's one of the deadliest murderers to ever live, you can't win don't do this!" Nala pleaded.

"Nala I can't risk losing you or anyone I have to at least try to protect you or how could I say I love you" Simba said.

"I love you Simba" Nala said.

Simba didn't say anything he merely kissed his mate passionately which she returned neither wanted it to end they deepened it allowing the love they had felt for decades to consume them their allowed their tongues to explore each others mouths they joined together longing for more it would never be enough.

He then pulled away he turned to Kovu who tried to say something but couldn't, "you were the best friend and son in law I could ever have if it comes to it lead them well, you can" Simba told him.

he turned to Sarafina, "thank you for being their all this time" Simba said,

"your welcome thank you for taking care of Nala, goodbye Simba" Sarafina said there was nothing else to say there was no way he would survive this duel.

Simba turned away from his family who entered the den to watch while Simba entered what would be their arena.

"I never quite understood the feelings of the heart but I would be lying if I said I never experienced them I did, King Ahadi and I had known each other for ages we did everything we could imagine together" Kecila said.

"Everything" she added with playful smirk.

"and he showed me many things I simply didn't know I wanted to see but I still didn't admit it, I fell in love on the battlefield I remember the raw intensity of it the brutality the violence, the blood, the fire and passion as I lie there bleeding all over the ground I could feel my blood racing in that instant never before had our love shown so true, so pure, only as we tried to kill each other could our hearts be fulfilled" Kecila told him while remembering that battle the moment where she admitted the truth to herself, when she said those three words she never thought imaginable, the world's full of surprises.

Simba was kind of disturbed by her story that was one warped confession.

"years later I orchestrated his death, I didn't regret it he wasn't that lion anymore and I gave him an honorable death worthy of a warrior as I will you" Kecila said unlike the first, the memory of his death was not a happy one, it was not the battle she wanted and seeing him so weak was agony, the sight of that shell of the lion she loved, it still hurt seeing him like that just broke her heart. No matter no need to dwell on the past time to focus on the present, time to send another being to his final resting place, the thought made her smirk.

Simba and Kecila began circling each other she then raised one paw.

"This is all I will need I will not raise another paw" she said.

"Now fight me cub" Kecila demanded.

Simba readied himself she was giving him the first attack, she was underestimating him he would make her regret it. Simba charged extracting his claws and swung for her head, she effortlessly dodged the blow before striking him in the gut Simba stepped back from the blow before slicing at her chest she swatted the blow away as if a cub threw it she then struck him in the cheek causing him to stumble, she then backhanded him to the ground never lifting any of her other three paws. Simba hit the ground and struggled to regain his footing, Kecila plunged her claws downward and he rolled out of the way only for her to move in front of him faster than he could ever imagine he was already in mid roll when she moved resulting in him rolling right into a vicious strike to the rib. She grabbed him by the head and lifted him up before striking him in the face again Simba stumbled and came at her striking her in the face she didn't seem to feel it he then struck her in the jaw then the cheek than the other cheek and finally the temple. Kecila's body didn't even stumble she also didn't seem to notice slash marks all over her voice, she reached up and felt the blood the wounds were minor.

"I give you a free shot and you don't even get a kill" she said disappointed.

Simba swung again but this time Kecila caught it wrenching his paw back she then head butt him before pushing him back.

This wasn't good she wasn't even trying even with one paw she wasn't trying this was hopeless he couldn't win there was no way, no he couldn't think like that he could win he had to. Simba let out roar and swung both paws at her, she sidestepped the first and ducked under the second, she left herself open Simba shot his knee up at her which Kecila caught with her paw and pushed down long before it connected. Simba was completely outclassed this wasn't even a battle how did anyone ever beat her, she had to have a weakness but if their was one Simba didn't see it, brute strength it was all he had he was bigger than her maybe he could over power her.

Simba swung recklessly and blindly, Kecila didn't even bother moving to dodge them Simba then bull rushed her colliding into her and pushing her back he then lifted her up and slammed her to the ground beating her head back and forth after four straight blows she caught his paw.

"Are you done embarrassing yourself" she asked.

She knocked his legs out twisted him around and threw him down, she then pulled him up again, he thrust his claws straight for her heart she stopped them mid motion, she then twisted it back causing him to cry in pain she twisted it further until Simba felt the bones cracking with a final jerk she snapped the arm. Simba screamed in agony Kecila dropped the useless arm, she then beat his head back and forth like a speed bag, Simba wasn't even bothering to fight back anymore he didn't stand a chance he lost this fight before he even challenged it he lost before he was even born.

Simba let his body slump and was thrown to the ground.

"I am not impressed" Kecila said, she then stabbed him in the ribs.

Simba cried out in pain again, Nala watched in horror as Kecila continued to brutalize her mate she wouldn't watch this much longer, Simba's body stopped thrashing he couldn't move Kecila grabbed his neck.

"That was pathetic" she said.

"However you continued fighting despite knowing you couldn't win and that is admirable I will now end your pain I grant you an honorable end" Kecila said while raising her claws, Simba couldn't move Sarafina was right he was dead he was always dead.

Nala screamed and jumped into the battlefield knocking Kecila aside.

"You have violated the rules of the duel" Hatari said in anger it would pale in comparison to his mother.

Kecila was outraged this duel was a matter of honor and that worm would dare interfere.

"How dare you!" Kecila roared.

Sarafina was terrified she had never seen Kecila actually angry, this was bad, very very bad.

"Nala what have you done" Sarafina said in fear.

"He fought nobly and would've died the same and you would deny him that you would disgrace him and shame me, you would dishonor us both, burn!" Kecila thundered before setting Nala's fur ablaze.

Nala screamed as the fire burned through the fur on her back.

"How does that feel you spineless coward, does it hurt?!" Kecila screamed.

"No leave her alone" Simba begged weakly.

"Don't worry you'll all be joining each other soon enough" Kecila spat.

Nala continued to scream as she tried to crawl to the pond Kecila caught sight of her.

"No you burn right to the bone" she said her voice like ice.

Sarafina charged into Kecila and pushed her against the wall.

"You will not hurt my daughter!" Sarafina roared.

"If you wish to die with her I will happily oblige you" Kecila said.

Kovu, Kiara, Kilbali and Kurongu charged at Kecila piling up on her they bit into her shoulder causing her to grin.

"Please keep fighting I long for a proper one" Kecila said while throwing them off of her.

She slammed Kovu into the ground before throwing Kiara across the floor and smashing Kurongu into the ground she then threw Kilbali into a wall. Sarafina jumped on her back.

"Get Simba and Nala and go!" Sarafina demanded.

Kiara approached Simba and lifted him up dragging him along the ground with Kilbali's aid while Nala thrashed in the pond putting the flames out.

"Nala we're leaving" Kovu called out to her.

"My mother!" Nala cried.

"If we go back we all die and her sacrifice will be for nothing" Kurongu said.

Nala knew he was right but the thought still broke her heart.

"Mom I love you!" Nala called out to her in tears before bolting off getting as far from the pride lands and Kecila as possible.

Kecila pushed Sarafina against the wall and impaled her on her claws running them right through her body and into the stone pinning her to the wall.

Sarafina struggled to breathe only to find it impossible she looked up at Kecila and noticed that her family was gone they were alive that was all that mattered Sarafina's head slumped down and her body went still Sarafina the mother of Nala and best friend of Zira and Sarabi had passed on, her long life was over.

Kecila looked at Sarafina impressed, "truly noble and selfless, you impressed me, be at peace warrior Sarafina for you are among the knights" she said in respect.

She then ignited a flame in her claws erupting Sarafina into flames her body burned to ashes, Kecila bowed respectfully paying her final respects to Sarafina.

The deed done she turned away and approached Hatari, "you didn't attack" she said.

"I assumed you would wish to enjoy the fight mother" he said bowing.

"You know me so well Hatari" she said licking him gently.

Hatari struggled not to turn to jelly he knew his mother valued strength above all else.

"They escaped" he said

"Let them I'm about to show them how pointless hiding is, do you hold any value to this place" Kecila asked him.

"No mother" Hatari answered.

"Good because it won't be around much longer" Kecila said.

She then reverted into her monstrous demon form and unleashed a raging inferno on the Pride Lands the fire quickly set the grass and trees ablaze and quickly began to spread to the rest of the kingdom. Kecila subconsciously made the fire larger causing it to consume the entire kingdom within seconds everything in the Pride Lands had erupted into flames and in a matter of minutes all that would remain of the paradise kingdom would be a wasteland of ash.

"Well who expected the true identity of The Demon, of course what does this mean for the Apocalypse itself and what of the mysterious Mungu, so many questions still remain and some of them await ahead, read on get ready for a truth that will blow your mind in the final chapter of Clash Of Faiths.

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