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"Well hear we are, so much has happened since it begun, so many twists and revelations but here we are at last the final chapter of the second installment of the War Of Ideals trilogy. Many characters find themselves in danger as does the Pride Lands itself a great battle for the fate of all lies ahead, but before it can begin many truths must be revealed, finally here many questions will be answered but will they only raise more, read on and find out and get ready for once the last words are uttered just as promised in the beginning, nothing will ever be the same."

: Epilogue:


Nala was screaming her mother's name while Kurongu pulled her along Kovu right beside her, Kilbali and Kiara were right behind them dragging Simba.

"Mom! mom!" Nala screamed in anguish.

"You can't help her" Kurongu told her.

"You know as well as I do she is gone" he finished.

"We have to find somewhere to bunker down until we have some kind of plan" Kovu said.

"We need to get to my pride and call The Mungu directly" Kurongu said.

"Enough with him that won't help us!" Kovu shouted.

"Do you have a better idea to fight her?!" Kurongu demanded.

Kovu realized he didn't and the idea of a god helping them was definitely appealing he merely nodded his head.

Kilbali caught the smell of smoke and it was coming closer.

"We have to move quickly" Kilbali said.

"I smell it too lead the way Kurongu" Kiara said.

A massive wall of a fire was rising behind them burning through the trees and scorching the grass.

"N no this isn't happening" Nala said in denial. "

No time mom we have to get out of here now!" Kiara said.

Nala gazed at her kingdom, her home she watched the tree's tumble down and burn away she turned to and gazed at the waterhole she saw Simba and herself playing there swimming both as cubs and adults, she saw Kopa and Vitani there as well then she watched as the water in it literally evaporated, she watched it all boil away until all that was left of her childhood playground was a deep smoldering pit, the fire continued to spread.

Nala felt tears fall down her face, "we can't leave, this place is our home" Nala sobbed.

"We don't have a choice" Kovu said.

"No! I will not abandon my home I will fight for it I have to!" Nala screamed.

Kiara smacked Nala across the face and grabbed her, "look around you mom we can't stay! If we stay we die!" Kiara told her regretfully.

Nala stood motionless before finally giving in.

They all ran through the kingdom as everything around them was burned away. Kiara watched the field where she fell in love be consumed by flames. They were near the borders when a massive wall of fire surrounded them the heat reigniting Nala's fur, but before the flame could fully ignite a gust of wind put it out. Nala didn't bother to pay it any heed a more massive wind dissipated the wall allowing them to escape but before they could the fire split the ground causing Kiara and Simba to fall into the pit, Kiara struggled to hold onto the rocks.

"Kiara!" Nala cried.

"Hang on" Kilbali told her reaching for her.

Kiara struggled to hold on but the weight of her and Simba caused it break off sending them plummeting down the pit.

"Kiara no!" Kovu cried while attempting to jump into the pit only for Kurongu to hold him back while Kilbali did the same with Nala.

"We are all that stands against her we cannot afford to lose another" Kurongu told him.

"He is right we have to live to fight another day" Kilbali reasoned.

Kovu and Nala relented before following Kurongu and Kilbali. Kovu felt his heart dying he had lost his son, his mate and his best friend all in one day he didn't want to live and he probably wouldn't but first he would make sure they didn't die in vain. The four of them all looked back at the pride lands which the flames had completely consumed it was all gone, everything they had gone through all the memories all the special places were gone all that remained were ashes, The Pride Lands were no more.

Vitani and Yatima arrived at a small jungle hidden far from the pride lands.

"Are you ready for this?" Yatima asked her.

"I am" Vitani answered, was it really true, she would soon know.

The four lions the last remains of the pride lands had arrived at Kurongu's pride entering his sacred church.

"We lost it all we have nothing" Nala said.

"No we have The Mungu" Kurongu said,

"Then where is he!?" Kovu demanded.

A booming voice answered him, "I have been watching Kovu waiting I knew this moment was coming and did all I could to prepare for it" The Mungu said.

Kovu and Nala looked at the Mungu with shock this wasn't real.

"You, you're real" Nala said shocked.

"So narrow minded you always were this is not the battle you or even Kurongu thought, though you always did see things simplistically" The Mungu snarked.

"You know me" Nala asked.

"Of course he does" Kurongu replied.

"More than you think actually, you look so hopeless but all is not lost" The Mungu said.

Uhuru searched all across the lands while far away in another part of the lands Umoja searched for her, they could feel each other in their hearts and they would not stop until they found each other, until at last they were reunited with their love.

"Hope is ever lasting it is something we can always have"

Kiara emerged from a dark cave clawing her way out dragging Simba's form, both were still alive.

"even at your darkest days when you believe there is nothing"

Vitani entered the jungle with Yatima and couldn't believe her eyes the last secret of Shenzi and Banzai it was true, she very quietly said a prayer of gratitude.

"you will find there is hope I learned that myself"

Vitani gazed out at the jungle all around her was an entire clan of hyenas hidden away from Zira by Shenzi and Banzai they weren't extinct, they could be saved her, families sin could be undone and it would.

"How can we possibly fight this" Kovu asked.

"Doubtful as always just as Nala is stubborn this is quite the reunion" The Mungu said with a chuckle.

"You know us" Kovu said confused.

"Of course I do" The Mungu said removing itself from the shadows and materializing in front of them no it was impossible.

"It can't be" Kovu said in shock.

"This isn't right this can't be right" Kurongu said in disbelief.

"You're dead!" Nala screamed.

A lion with brown fur, a black mane, green eyes and most notable a now faded scar stood before them.

"After all what kind of a father wouldn't recognize his own son?" Taka asked smirking.

To be concluded in The Lion King War Of Ideals Part 3 Last Sunset

"Wow quite the turn of events anyone whose reading this I have to ask did any of you see that ending coming, how many questions does it raise everything we believed true has been revealed to be a lie, what does this mean for the foretold apocalypse and how will Kurongu and others react to these turn of events? So that concludes part 2 of the War Of Ideals trilogy. There's far more to come in the next installment including further exploration of the both the anarchy and faith themes (To any christians offended by the ending that's not the end of the faith arc, I would never end it such way that so clearly insults your faith) you don't quite see it yet but these themes do form into one conflict. There will be a sneak peak to Last Sunset coming soon. Hope you enjoyed the story see ya next time.

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Hey everyone how's it going sorry for the long wait been having computer troubles but now I'm finally ready to begin my next stories, First Sunrise and Last Sunset. As already stated I will be posting both stories at the same time allowing you to view both how this world begins and ends. There will be small connections that tie this story together that become quite important later on.

Now here we are Last Sunset the third and final installment of The War Of Ideals trilogy and the grand finale of my entire Lion King Saga. Naturally being the final culmination of my entire saga this story will be impossible to truly appreciate without reading my prior stories. Hope you enjoy the grand finale of the lion king saga I have crafted.

: Finale 1:

Not meant to lead

Usawa and Machafuko were standing before the council a group of different animals consisting of a cheetah, an elephant, a zebra, a tiger, and a snake, who had summoned them after their mission in the recently discovered pride clearly unhappy with the result.

"You summoned us" Usawa said while bowing respectfully despite his clear disdain for the council, Machafuko didn't even bother bowing.

"Yes we are wondering why that land has not yet been brought to order?" the male cheetah asked.

"The situation is chaotic bringing order won't be easy" Usawa answered.

"You have been there for months and have nothing to show for it" the female zebra said annoyed.

"The land is hesitant to accept a new government after the one they themselves elected collapsed" Usawa explained.

"We are not concerned about their problems we are only interested in results" the male tiger said.

Machafuko listened to them with disgust he had heard enough they were the ones who sat back and did nothing while everything fell apart it was time someone force them to own up to their mistakes.

"And that's why we're in this situation in the first place you don't care about them" Machafuko stated.

Usawa had to admit his brother was right though bringing this up now was probably not the best option.

"What can we do Machafuko" the female snake asked sounding somewhat genuine.

"You sit around and do nothing the only reason any of you got power is because you took advantage of weakened and confused lands and yet you do nothing to help them" Machafuko said in disgust.

"Perhaps but that is the exact reason we send you, you know how to help them we just rebuild afterwards" the female snake reasoned.

"But that's not enough you can't sit here and tell us what to do when you don't know" Machafuko replied sounding more reasonable.

"Silence Machafuko! A lions role is to serve and protect!" the male elephant said.

"And I do I protect the people I serve the people they are the pride" Machafuko replied.

Usawa watched his brother with pride, "Machafuko is right we can't just force something on them not yet" Usawa said.

"Enough! Lions are not meant to lead you chose to be a guardian now be one bring this situation under control or we'll send someone who will!" the male tiger said.

Usawa turned away not bothering to bow this time while Machafuko let a growl escape from his throat.

The two of them left the cave both appalled and enraged at the councils disregard for the pride inhabitants.

"We can't keep allowing them to mistreat the people the way they are" Machafuko said.

"And what would we do brother we can't just overthrow them by force" Usawa said which wasn't entirely true they could but it would probably cause a lot of problems consequences that Usawa wasn't willing to risk.

Machafuko pondered his brothers words, "we do nothing let the people determine the future isn't that why we do what we do so they can live happily" Machafuko asked.

Can the people be trusted?" Usawa asked.

"Of course they can yes they unleashed a great deal of chaos but they're already rising above it" Machafuko answered.

"I agree we can't just sit back but I'm not sure what action we should take" Usawa stated.

"Do what you feel is right but I'm taking action before things start to escalate" Machafuko told him.

Machafuko turned away making his way back to the lands. Usawa watched his brother depart he wondered just what he was going to do? Machafuko had always been reckless but he was right the council wasn't doing anything heck had they ever done anything nearly all of their accomplishments were do to Machafuko and him, without them the council would've collapsed long ago the lands needed new leadership someone who actually cared if they survived but who could take that role.

Usawa would let the lands determine that after they brought them all back under control first. Usawa stared out at the lands so much he and his brother had accomplished they both wanted the same things but deep down Usawa knew they completely differed on the ideals they believed Machafuko believed in the people regardless what they did, Usawa however had no faith in them he cared about them but they gave him no reason to trust them least of all with control how many lands would have burned to ash if Usawa and Machafuko hadn't brought them under control too many, and that was where they were divided Machafuko wanted to leave it all in the hands of the people while Usawa thought that was suicidal, and deep down they both knew their different ideals would bring them into conflict.

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: Finale 2:

Painful truths

Simba sprung awake from the dream he was having, another one he was beginning to understand them it was falling into place Machafuko was the founder of the society as stated by Pindua he was the one who opposed Usawa who Simba knew was the first king but Pindua never mentioned them being brothers but other than that his dreams were matching the story told they both clearly had different views but neither seemed completely wrong however Simba would probably side with Usawa, Machafuko was just too idealistic but Simba couldn't deny he was definitely the hero Pindua made him out to be. It was starting to make sense but other things weren't why show him this now what did it have to do with what was happening at this moment how did it all tie together, did it at all? Simba just didn't know the answer wasn't clear he already knew the truth was their another secret hidden perhaps there was no certainty that Pindua knew everything could it all be linked to the apocalypse happening right now but that was impossible the demon in the end was Kecila who was pretty much already a demon when she was alive, there was just no real answer.

Simba opened his eyes and took in his surroundings he was in a dark cave a few lit fires being the only source of light what had happened he didn't remember much he tried to recall the events, the demon's arrival, Kecila, his duel with her, but that was it he remembered losing it was impossible to forget such a definitive beating and defeat. Simba tried to move only for his whole body to scream in protest he ceased his attempts and continued looking around where were Nala, Kovu, and Kiara?

"You're finally awake" Kiara said having entered the cave with a small antelope in her mouth.

"Kiara?" Simba said in surprise.

"Take it easy you're bodies still recovering from your battle with Kecila" Kiara told him.

"How long have I been out?" Simba asked.

"You regained consciousness briefly before passing out for a few days" Kiara answered.

"A few days!" Simba said in shock.

"I was worried too I dragged you all the way here" Kiara said.

"Where are we?" Simba asked.

"The jungle after I arrived I found some help" Kiara replied.

"Help who?" Simba asked her.

Simba pondered his situation they were in the jungle the very jungle he grew up in and she found help wait that was where he went shortly after Timon's death could it really be.

"Hey you're awake finally sorry this isn't the best of homecomings" a voice told him cheerful friendly and kind not to mention a little deep it had been over a year since Simba had seen him, he looked up and saw Pumba standing in the entrance.

"Pumba is that you?" Simba asked excited.

"How's my pal been doing?" Pumba asked.

"Well as you can see I've been better." Simba answered.

"Yeah I can tell you got really roughed up" Pumba replied.

"No kidding is everyone else here?" Simba asked.

Pumba looked at Kiara he still wasn't certain on everything that happened.

"No I have no idea where they are I know they're alright but we were separated back in the pride lands, during the fire" Kiara told him pausing throughout before finally looking down in sadness at the mention of the fire.

Simba felt concern Kiara seemed really sad what had happened, "fire in the pride lands what happened?!" Simba cried.

Kiara felt tears filling her eyes she had to tell him but she didn't know what to say.

Pumba looked at her sadly, "you have to tell him everyone else knows, how could they not?" Pumba said in sorrow.

"Tell me what? What happened to the pride lands?!" Simba demanded.

Kiara let the tears fall from her eyes, "daddy I'm sorry they're gone" Kiara said in tears.

"What do you mean they're gone?" Simba asked in pain.

"They're gone Simba Kecila and another lion burned them to the ground" Pumba told him regretfully.

"They've survived fires before they always grow back!" Simba shouted.

"There's nothing to grow dad" Kiara sobbed.

"It's a wasteland of ashes, there's nothing left" Pumba stated in pain.

Simba couldn't believe what he just heard it couldn't be true the Pride Lands couldn't be gone after everything he went through all the memories meeting Nala at the water hole for the first time running through the kingdom getting into trouble their wedding every memory burned to ash.

Simba lied lifelessly on the ground staring out into space.

"It's not true" Simba said quietly.

"I refuse to believe its true!" Simba roared before forcing himself to his feet ignoring the agony in his body.

"Dad you can't be up right now you're too weak!" Kiara cried out.

"I don't care my home is not gone I'll prove it, I'll see it!" Simba said in denial trying desperately to run his body shaking from the pain before it finally collapsed.

"Dad!" Kiara cried while rushing to him.

"Leave me alone I can make it!" Simba screamed while forcibly dragging himself on the floor pulling himself forward with all his might.

"I can save them I have to save them there all depending on me!" Simba shouted while continuing to drag himself across the jungle.

"It's over dad you can't save the kingdom it's gone!" Kiara screamed.

"They've endured everything no matter what happened we always protected them our family our dynasty, I can't be the one who failed to protect our home!" Simba shouted tears falling down his eyes he desperately tried to pull himself forward but no longer had the strength.

Kiara broke down at the sight of seeing her father so desperate, "I saw it dad we all failed" Kiara choked out.

Simba sobbed while desperately trying to use his paw to force him forward he couldn't move finally his paw fell and Simba thrashed on the ground sobbing and weeping.

Pumba approached his friend he had not seen him like this since the final days of the war, he placed his hoof on his shoulder Simba looked up at him in sadness.

"You didn't fail no one could've stopped that no one" Pumba told him softly.

Simba looked up at his friend then turned to Kiara who was having a hard time controlling her emotions.

Simba looked at the sky, "I'm sorry father, ,mother, Kopa, I did everything I could" Simba said in regret.

He felt the wind brush against him, "yes you did so why blame yourself" Kopa asked him.

An instant later his presence was gone he still felt the wind against him more powerful and commanding than his son, his father was urging him to fight on and Simba knew he had to his home was gone, his mate and his son in law were who knows where and his grandson was dead he had to fight on otherwise everything would've been lost for nothing.

Simba turned to Kiara, "We're still here" he told her.

"I know our families are alive that's all that matters" Kiara replied.

Simba struggled to reach his daughter but could not Pumba placed his tusk under him and picked him up placing him on his back and carrying him back into the cave.

Simba lied on the floor the reality of it all setting in a reality he must accept after all his hear was still beating as was Kiara's so long as they were alive the legacy of the Pride Lands could always continue but first they would have to defeat Kecila and Hatari a task Simba knew they must prevail but also didn't have the foggiest idea how Kecila was unstoppable and unless they had a god helping them nothing was going to bring her down.

Kovu, Nala and Kurongu all stood before Taka in complete in utter shock all this time he had been the entity guiding Kurongu how was this possible he had been dead for over thirty years Kilbali was a bit more indifferent not knowing him.

"Dad" Kovu asked in disbelief.

"You seem a little surprised" Taka said amused.

Nala jumped at him tackling him to the ground pressing down on his neck while baring her fangs towards his neck.

"Scar how dare you show your face to me!" Nala growled.

"My dear please I'd prefer not to be called that anymore I relinquished it long ago" Taka replied.

"Is this some test, did the Mungu send you to me, what is this?" Kurongu finally managed to say,

"The Mungu sure, I came to you of my own free will" Taka told him.

"All this time Kurongu and the entire kingdom were worshipping you!" Nala said in fury.

"I suppose if you want to get technical but that wasn't my intention I needed followers" Taka answered.

"For what, how are you here?" Kovu asked.

"You died how are you standing before us?!" Nala demanded.

"Didn't your own son descend from the sky if you recall he told you that any spirit can do that they can do a lot more they're just not supposed to, make no mistake I'm still dead I just bent the rules" Taka replied.

"Why, why take such a massive risk?" Kovu asked.

Taka turned to his adoptive son, "because I knew about Kecila" Taka answered.

"How is she alive and how could she be a demon?" Kilbali asked calmly.

Kurongu said nothing still refusing to believe what stood right in front of him.

"She's not at least not as Kurongu would describe them you are well aware of what becomes of the deceased spirit's when they die they become one with the stars they become true spirits much like Mufasa and of course Kopa" Taka explained.

"However evil souls are presumably sent to a darker place but they too can transcend becoming the antithesis of what Mufasa and Kopa became" Taka finished.

"She's a dark spirit?" Kovu asked.

"Well in simple terms yes that monstrous form is her souls true form purged of humanity" Taka said.

"Did she ever have humanity" Nala replied.

"Not really not when I knew her anyway which is probably why she was able to transcend in the first place" Taka stated.

Kurongu finally decided to speak up, "I see even if one is trapped in hell it's meaningless if they don't fear anything if nothing can break them then hell will simply make them stronger she literally turned herself into a demon because she was pretty much already one" Kurongu stated.

"Pretty much" Taka confirmed.

This was still a lot for Nala and Kovu to accept but it made sense if Mufasa and Kopa could become spirits powerful enough to influence the weather and Kopa flat out confirmed they were holding back what would a dark version be like how powerful would it be.

"So basically if the kings wanted to they could take everything" Nala stated.

"No it's true you haven't seen the full extent of their abilities but they are not that powerful" Taka said.

"Kecila destroyed the pride lands single handily" Kovu stated.

"I'm aware her spirit is very powerful much like I knew it would be" Taka stated.

"If your dead why do you care what happens why help us" Nala demanded.

Taka was amused by Nala's angered state she really didn't like him to think he was the closest thing she had to a father he might bring that up later it should be humorous.

"When I realized she was free I knew she would unleash untold devastation I turned to the kings but they refused they told me that Kecila would simply wander from pride to pride causing chaos where she went but was not a true threat to the great circle" Taka explained.

"The great circle is a lie we were never meant to lead" Nala stated.

"Oh they know but that's not their concern but everything changed when Kecila met Hatari a dangerously unstable lion as well as my nephew who I condemned to hell" Taka said regretfully he never thought he would ever hurt someone more than he hurt Simba he was wrong.

Nala was intrigued by Taka's words she had a feeling he was responsible for Hatari.

"So we're cleaning up another one of your messes" Nala seethed.

"Yes Hatari's anger directed Kecila toward the pride lands which she has successfully destroyed now I have little doubt Hatari will direct her toward the rest of the world and she won't reject it why would she her against the world it's the ultimate challenge" Taka stated.

"She would never turn down such a challenge truth Hatari didn't have to do anything" Kilbali said.

Kovu was beginning to understand Taka was sent by the kings to deal with this, "why you why not Mufasa or Ahadi?" Kovu asked.

"Ahadi has a deep personal connection to her but the truth is they didn't send me I rebelled I went against their wishes and sought out someone who could gather others quickly" Taka said while turning to Kurongu.

"You used my faith to manipulate me all this time the being I believed in was the one who let my mate go insane" Kurongu said in a near mumble.

Taka felt pity for Kurongu he had no ill will toward him even if he was the true father of his cubs he still had nothing against him Scar certainly would've but he wasn't Scar anymore he did everything he did because he had to because nobody else would.

"I'm sorry Kurongu but I needed you without you I couldn't of ever found the ones I needed" Taka told him.

Nala was shocked Scar never apologized for anything maybe he really was a different lion maybe this really was the lion her mother told her about Taka.

Kurongu felt his anger growing, "sorry you mock my faith you allow me to believe everything I was devoted to was true then you rip it away you've, you've stolen my very identity!" Kurongu roared.

"Calm down my friend your anger will solve nothing" Kilbali told him.

Kurongu pushed him down and growled at Taka. Taka knew he wouldn't take it well.

"What do you want me to say sorry I pretended to be your god which I admit I take a little pride in that but still there's nothing I can say other than I'm sorry for your pain I didn't want to cause it but I knew it was coming" Taka replied.

"Enough stalling if all this was to find us and bring us together then we will have to find Uhuru and Vitani" Kovu said if no one else would control this situation he would.

"Vitani is already in position and we need to be as well" Taka told them.

"For what?" Nala asked.

Taka smirked, "patients Nala but let's just say your in for another shock" Taka said.

"Let's go the next piece to our survival awaits as does Vitani" Taka stated.

They all had no idea what Taka was talking about but he was clearly the only one who knew what was going on for now they would follow him, though if he tried anything Nala would be the first living being to kill a spirit.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Finale 3:

The hyena legacy

Vitani gazed at the massive jungle in front of her and at the hyenas that filled it.

"Still taking it all in" Yatima told her.

"How long have they been here?" Vitani asked.

"Shenzi and Banzai started sending hyenas here shortly after Scar's death" Yatima answered.

"They spent ten years building this how many are there?" Vitani asked him.

"They would send about dozen a year" Yatima stated.

"During the final months before the attack about six dozen more were sent here" he finished.

Vitani was surprised nearly two hundred hyenas how did they keep this a secret this was half the pack.

"How has this been secret for so long?' Vitani asked.

"This jungle is an outsider to the rest of the prides no one comes here" Yatima told her.

"How do they eat?" Vitani asked.

"A select few leave to hunt then bring it back" Yatima explained.

Vitani was taking it all in a pack of nearly two hundred Shenzi and Banzai were geniuses, well, maybe that was a little too complimentary.

Vitani began exploring the jungle the hyenas seemed to step away from her in fear why were they afraid one of them stumbled and fell to the ground, Vitani reached her paw out to help her up.

"what do you want lion?" she asked clearly afraid.

"Calm down I just want to help" Vitani said while helping her up, she could hear numerous murmurs around her.

"Who is she?"

"How did she find us"

"is she dangerous" they all questioned.

Vitani heard their words they feared her did they know who she was? Vitani took a step closer to them they all took a step back some shielding their pups.

"Why are you afraid if I was going to hurt you would've I already done it" Vitani asked them.

"They do not trust anyone who isn't a hyena" Yatima told her who was watching from above.

"I brought her here there is no reason to fear her" Yatima stated.

The hyena pack continued to stare at Vitani uncertain, Vitani didn't blame them.

"I understand you're uncertainty but I have no desire to see any of you hurt" she told them.

"I am overjoyed to see all of you" Vitani said softly.

The pack began to relax one of the pups emerged from their mother and slowly approached her Vitani stared down at the pup and smiled the pup reached out and gently touched her fur before returning the smile. Vitani looked down at the hyena pup and her ears caught the sound of the child's stomach growling.

"You sound hungry" Vitani said sweetly she turned to the rest of the pack.

"Anyone else hungry" she asked.

The pack were hesitant before the mother of the pup stepped forward.

"Many of our pups are we haven't hunted today nor yesterday due to events surrounding the other prides" the mother said.

"I was prepared for this trip I'll be right back" Vitani responded before leaving.

A few moments later she returned with a large kill in her mouth she placed down in front of them the pack looked at her shocked.

"Wait I'm not quite done" Vitani said cheerfully she then threw another down.

"I'll be back with more later tonight" Vitani told them smiling.

The pack couldn't believe the amount of food in front of them, "this is more than we normally" one male began to say.

"it's not enough for all of you, you need to eat a proper meal" Vitani replied

"You're kind but why are you" a female asked.

"You matter to me there is nothing else for me to say now feast" Vitani said softly.

Vitani watched happily as the pack ate she still couldn't believe it she turned her attention and saw a small hyena pup struggling to get a bite for himself Vitani approached the pup.

"A little crowded in there huh mind if I lend a hand?" Vitani asked.

"Sure I'm hungry" the pup said who was clearly a boy.

"Alright hang on" Vitani told him she then scooped him up and placed him on her back she then approached the kill and placed the pup in the center who immediately began to eat.

"Thank you" he told her sweetly.

Vitani smiled while watching the rest of the pack when Yatima approached her.

"Aren't you hungry" he asked her.

"I'll live" Vitani told him.

"That was pretty risky what you did with that pup" Yatima stated.

"Why all I did was help him eat" Vitani responded.

"You picked up a child that wasn't yours his mother might not like that" Yatima told her.

"Then if she comes to me I'll apologize" Vitani stated.

"What's your aim here Vitani why do you care about my mission is it just redemption?" Yatima asked her.

"I don't know all I know is I won't let the hyena race go extinct again" Vitani answered.

"Then you need to know something no more than five hyenas ever leave this jungle and no more than two can ever be seen together" Yatima stated.

"They can never leave they're stuck here" Vitani said.

"For their own safety" Yatima told her.

"But what about their freedom" Vitani asked.

"You said it yourself you will protect them out their they will be in danger we can only protect them here their freedom must be ignored to ensure they survive" Yatima stated.

Vitani didn't have a counter for that at the time but there was no way she was going to believe it the hyena race had been given a second chance for a reason and it couldn't be for them to be outsiders and prisoners again no there had to be more to their legacy than that but what was it? Vitani looked up at the sky she felt the wind against her face and reached out to grasp it.

"You know it too don't you there's more for them than this" she told her lover.

She then directed her gaze higher she closed her eyes raised her open paw placing it on her chest.

"You have answered the one prayer I never thought possible I don't doubt you so I'm certain when the time comes I will know what to do, but for now all I can say is thank you, amen" Vitani said before opening her eyes she then turned her gaze to the endless world beyond.

For what purpose had the Mungu brought her here what kind of legacy awaited the hyenas?

Umoja moved all across the lands searching desperately for the one thing heart desired Uhuru the most beautiful thing to have ever lived. A few days ago Umoja had journeyed to his very soul finally discovering the truth he believed as well as his own feelings for her since then he had been searching for, her he had to find her and tell her what he deep down always knew in his heart. He had no idea where exactly he was going he just went wherever his heart told him to and hoped that would be enough and deep down he knew it would. Umoja sniffed around the area hoping to find a trace of her intoxicating scent he continued to smell the area when a powerful aroma assaulted his senses it was overwhelming and smelled incredible.

"Uhuru" Umoja said while moving towards the scent.

"She was here I know it" Umoja said aloud his thoughts were interrupted by an amused chuckle.

"You can sense her I'm sure that's not creepy" a female voice said smooth, soothing yet teasing and sarcastic.

Umoja turned to see who the voice belonged to it was a large and well built hyena with blue eyes, "where did you come from?" Umoja asked confused.

The hyena smiled in amusement, "you could say I just popped up that would be pretty close to the truth actually" she said while smirking.

"What how could've you just popped up who are you?" Umoja asked.

The hyena's smirk only grew bigger, "now comes the part where you panic and desperately try to flee" she told him.

"I'm not gonna panic" Umoja said.

"Wanna bet" she said.

"My name is Kecila" she said.

Umoja's reaction was instantaneous he immediately jumped away and without hesitation began bolting in the other direction. Kecila smiled in amusement before leaping in front of him causing him to fall down.

"Told you" Kecila said still smirking.

"What do you want?" Umoja asked clearly terrified.

"Calm down if I wanted you dead well you would be dead" Kecila told him.

"Than why are you here?" Umoja asked her.

"Hm bored thought I'd kill some time" Kecila answered while showing her teeth.

Umoja began backing away in fear, she loved it she could make anything quake in fear with a simple grin.

"You really wanna see her again don't you, aw few things are like a love story and it looks like soon we'll be coming to the best part" Kecila said.

"What, well yes I do and there's so much I want to tell her deep down I think I always knew" Umoja said he didn't know why he was saying this.

"If you always knew why didn't you tell her before?" Kecila asked though it didn't sound like she really cared.

"Same reason as always I was scared of her answer" Umoja answered.

"Was this before or after she kissed you by the way been there done that" Kecila replied while stretching.

Enough if she didn't care there was no reason to talk Umoja began turning away from her when he heard her claws extract.

"You ignore me and I'll rip your guts out" Kecila warned him though her voice sounded more like she was telling him the weather.

Umoja turned back towards her and sat down, "smart lion you know I'm not kidding now answer me after already kissing her what are you afraid of" Kecila asked.

"I don't know the future maybe she sees it as a mistake" Umoja told her.

"This is hysterical you conflict over anarchy you struggle with faith you find balance between both of them but you're afraid of three little words" Kecila mocked him.

"Fine I am okay unlike you this means something to me and I'm afraid when I finally find her I'll back down" Umoja stated.

"Well I could help with that you're afraid of nothing and I hate cowards so here's how this is going to go when you find her you will tell her everything she means to you or I'll gut her" Kecila stated bluntly.

Umoja's eyes went wide with fear, "you're not funny you know that" Umoja choked out.

"Oh I'm not kidding, you're afraid she'll reject you well I doubt that matters if she's dead" Kecila said.

"What kind of game is my love for her to you, what is this supposed to be?!" Umoja demanded.

"No game call it incentive to make certain you don't back down" Kecila said.

"Why?" Umoja asked still terrified for Uhuru.

"I'm curious it's been attempted before but never successfully I'm curious if a romantic relationship between a lion and a hyena can even work" Kecila answered.

"When has it been attempted?" Umoja asked.

Kecila smiled at the thought she then immediately discarded it, "like I said been there done that" Kecila said though something was different about her voice for the first time there was genuine emotion in it.

Kecila turned away from Umoja this conversation wasn't fun anymore.

"When you find her don't mess up" Kecila warned.

Umoja only nodded in fear but he couldn't deny she was right he was scared for nothing and he could tell there was something she was after but he didn't know what he turned to look at her only to notice she was gone. Umoja ignored her disappearance and immediately resumed his search for Uhuru he had to find her because deep down Kecila said exactly what he needed to hear there was nothing to fear he loved Uhuru and something told him she loved him cruel as she was Kecila knew him despite never meeting him she knew him that wasn't entirely accurate though Kecila didn't know him she knew his situation more than she would ever admit.

Kecila watched Umoja depart she had little doubt he would confess now no lover feared anything more than the death of their love it was a done deal Umoja and Uhuru could seal it the only way lovers could, well that took care of one weakness now back to the business at hand burning the world to the ground in truth it was a waste but Hatari literally asked her to fight the world how could she say no to a such a challenge. Kecila turned away and began moving back towards the Pride Lands but somewhere deep inside her she could hear both his words and hers.

"When has it been attempted"

"Like I said been there done that"

Kecila immediately began pushing the thoughts out of her head they were irrelevant dead and buried in the past. Kecila forced herself to revert to her demon form in an instant the thoughts vanished, maybe she shouldn't of had that conversation, never mind it didn't matter just brought back a few memories and they weren't lies she still remembered him fondly but no point in wallowing in the past it was time to get back to doing what she did best carnage and slaughtered it was the only thing that she ever found comforting and soothing.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Finale 4:

Honoring our loss

Simba was resting in the cave he could still feel all the pain in his body and was beginning to think that maybe he wasn't going to make it his whole body was numb he couldn't move was his time coming if so was Kiara ready to step up was Kovu he couldn't really know. Simba felt himself drifting off he could feel the visions coming again what would he discover now he allowed his body to relax as much as he could allowing the visions into his mind only for something to pull him away. What was this who had done that and why Simba found himself in a strange void it was glowing blue he looked all around it and turned to see his father standing in front of him.

"What father what's going why did you bring me here?" Simba asked.

"I brought you here because I had to" Mufasa answered.

"What why?' Simba asked him.

"Simba what are you seeing is very dangerous" Mufasa told him.

"Dangerous how?" Simba questioned, "Simba I pulled you out because I was told to" Mufasa said.

Simba couldn't believe what he was hearing who could possibly have such authority that Mufasa would follow it.

"Who could possibly order you?" Simba said.

"Simba just because I was a great king does not mean I am in control here, I am but one of a legion of kings many that have ascended higher than me" Mufasa told him.

"The great kings themselves fear what I am seeing?" Simba said shocked.

"It threatens our very way of life" Mufasa told him.

"No it's just the past and we can't run from it you taught me that" Simba stated.

"Blast it all Simba I'm trying to save you if you keep going down this path I won't be able to protect you!" Mufasa roared.

Simba was shocked was that really fear in his fathers voice what was going on what were the kings doing? Simba felt himself being pulled away.

"Father what do you mean?!" Simba called out.

"Simba! No not yet I can persuade him, no Simba!" Mufasa shouted.

Simba shot awake what was that was that real it couldn't be what could the great kings possibly fear and if they did that led to another question just what did Mufasa mean when he told Simba he couldn't protect him.

Taka, Nala, Kovu, Kilbali and Kurongu were moving through the barren lands they had been walking for almost two days and Nala and Kurongu's older bodies were beginning to protest. Nala felt like her body was about to collapse but every time she was about to she forced herself to stand ignoring the overwhelming pain in her bones she wouldn't let her weakness control her. Nala was about to collapse again and struggled to keep herself up.

"Nala maybe we should rest" Kovu told her.

"Don't pity me I'm not weak!" Nala said while gritting her teeth in pain.

"He wasn't saying you were but we've been walking for a long time you can't keep pushing yourself" Kilbali said.

"Watch me" Nala seethed while forcing herself to stand again her limbs were trembling.

"What are you trying to prove Nala" Taka asked.

"I don't have anything to prove to you or anyone my family is dead my home ashes and I won't rest until they're avenged!" Nala growled in pain.

"You can't not alone you're not as strong as you used to be" Taka told her.

"I'm every bit as strong as I used to be I've lost nothing I was a warrior then and I'm a warrior now I won't let anything stop me!" Nala roared.

"You don't understand how could you?" Taka told her before turning away.

"All you're going to do is break yourself" Kilbali said told her.

Nala growled while forcing her legs to move she saw everyone else beginning to tire as well.

"You see I'm every bit as strong as any of you we keep moving!" Nala shouted, she continued trying to force herself to move when her legs gave out she tried to force them to stand again but could not.

"Come on get up blast you!" she spat, but it was impossible fine she didn't need to walk to move.

Nala began pulling herself forward the sooner they reached their destination the sooner Nala could lead them she had to get their then she would finally be able to return to being the mighty lioness she once was. She could feel her body giving out it was becoming difficult to breathe Nala pushed it aside she slammed her paw on the hard ground as hard she could she then bit into it a new pain hit her distracting her from the other she then forced herself forward she would not break she was a warrior a mighty lioness because it was literally the only thing she had left, Nala the mother was gone, Nala the mate was gone, Nala the queen, all that was left was Nala the warrior if this failed then Nala was right all along she was completely and utterly worthless.

Uhuru pulled herself along the ground of the oasis it had been days since she set off to find Umoja and still she had found no sign of him was it possible what she saw was merely an illusion she refused to believe that she could feel it in her heart and she wasn't going to turn away now. Uhuru crawled into a cave before allowing herself to collapse she had not eaten anything in days and hadn't had a drink since yesterday she was exhausted it was time to rest she wasn't going to find Umoja if she was dead. Uhuru rested herself against the wall and began cleaning her paw which was bloody from days of walking.

"Where are you?" she asked herself.

"Are you actually alive am I searching for a ghost?" Uhuru said quietly.

"And if you are gone what then? Do I just go on without you find another pride to live in could you go on without me?" Uhuru asked herself.

Uhuru began to wonder other questions if she did find him what if he didn't feel the same what would that mean for them.

"Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself I don't even know if he does love me" Uhuru said.

Uhuru began scraping her claws on the wall what was she doing what did she hope to accomplish.

"This was reckless I threw myself into this without even bothering to consider other possibilities without a direction or plan" she scolded herself.

"Guess I'm still an anarchist but what good can anarchy do me now?" she asked while slicing the wall.

"I'm free" she told herself but then the pain deep in her chest returned that ache in her heart she didn't want to be free.

"What good is freedom if your alone?" she asked herself.

"I don't want my freedom I want Umoja" she finally concluded.

It was true there was nothing Uhuru longed for more than Umoja it was by random chance that they met and they had accomplished so much since which ultimately made her wonder, "we were meant to be" she said, of course this went against her believe of not having a destiny but in this instant Uhuru was actually leaning towards it their meeting was dumb luck yet the Pride Lands wouldn't of survived without it.

"Was it fate, do I even believe fate?" Uhuru asked herself.

"After everything we did what else could it be?" Uhuru said she then placed her paws on her head.

"what am I saying that goes against everything I believe so why would I believe it now?" Uhuru wondered.

She pondered the answer though in truth she knew it she already decided Umoja meant more to her than her belief. Uhuru felt tears falling down her cheeks.

"I would believe it because that would mean we were meant to be together" she said her voice cracking.

"It if we were meant to be that would mean he has to be alive" Uhuru finally concluded it was absurd but it gave her hope she could still feel it he had to be alive and she was going to find him because she didn't care if it went against her belief or not they were meant to be.

Vitani watched the hyena pack from a cave they were eating yet another meal she brought them they seemed to arguing over who would get the first bite apparently this was common among hyenas still Vitani wouldn't tolerate it.

Vitani left the cave approaching them, "what are you bickering about?" she asked.

"Amani wants the first bite but it should be one of the smaller children before the older" a mother hyena said.

Vitani looked at the meal and almost wanted to slap them, "let them both it's huge let the pups eat first the adults can come later" Vitani stated.

"Two hyenas share their meal, they normally take their half and eat separately" a male hyena said.

"Well not anymore now share your meal or I'll just take it and give it to some hyenas more grateful" Vitani said firmly.

The hyenas stopped bickering and agreed to have the pups eat all at the same time. Vitani chuckled they were like squabbling children she remembered when Banzai was like that always fighting with Ed.

Vitani returned to her cave where she saw a hyena pup waiting inside she didn't recognize this one.

"What's wrong?" Vitani asked.

"My mom isn't back yet is she alright?" he said worried.

Vitani sat next to the pup, "you're mother will be fine a hunt can take a while" Vitani told him.

"But I've heard everyone hates us my grandfather heard them say we have no place here" the pup said sadly.

"I'm not going to lie to you the hyenas have a hard time but you have a place here everyone does and not everyone hates you I don't" Vitani told him reassuringly.

The pup smile and gently hugged her paw, "if you're concerned about you're mother I can go find her" Vitani told him.

"No it's alright it's just my dad left and never came back I miss him I don't want to miss my mom" the pup said.

"Hey let me tell you something" Vitani said.

"You don't have to miss them because they're not gone come with me" Vitani told him.

The pup was confused but complied they sat on a hill feeling the wind between them.

"I lost someone I loved too but he never left me" Vitani said while reaching out to the wind.

"What are you doing?" the pup asked.

"I am acknowledging him now you don't have to do this merely close your eyes and feel the elements all around you" Vitani said.

The pup complied he felt the wind the son he could smell the water, "I feel them" he said.

"Now look deep what do you feel around you what does it feel like?" Vitani asked.

"It's so comforting I don't know what it is but it feels comforting" the pup answered.

"That's your dad no doubt telling you he loves you it's around you but more importantly inside you, he lives in you, my lover lives in me, they watch over us, always" Vitani told him.

The pup looked up at her smiling in tears, "we're never alone" he said in tears.

"No" Vitani said while placing her paw on his shoulder.

"Run along now I'll find your mom if she's not back soon" Vitani told him.

"Alright thank you" he told her.

Vitani merely nodded, "never forget what I told you" she told him.

The pup nodded before heading back down to the rest of the pack.

Vitani watched him leave and felt the wind against her again, "it's true I honestly believe that now you and my father showed me and now that child can always know what I know we are never alone" Vitani said.

The wind brushed against her she could feel Kopa could feel him nuzzling her she brushed her head against it and then ran her tongue across it, the wind seemed to become more gentle.

"You felt that didn't you, I know you did because I could've sworn I did I feel alive again I've found something to fight for" Vitani said.

"Then protect it always" Kopa's voice echoed.

Vitani could feel his presence departing but it didn't matter he would never be gone just like Vitani said. Vitani turned her attention back to the pack they had given her something to live for again to fight for and Vitani would she would protect them she would give them a life worth living.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Finale 5:


Hatari sat near the remains of Pride Rock staring out at the wasteland that used to be the Pride Lands he could hear the remaining animals all cursing his name with hatred and venom, at least they were acknowledging him. Hatari took in their venomous cries he had never heard anyone speak about him with such passion only disregard yet it wasn't as soothing as he thought it would be. Hatari had lived his whole life being nothing but an object to others he was abandoned by his mother and forgotten by his home he was raised as if he were an object rather than a person he ate only what he needed to survive and then was sold into slavery while he was still a cub the things he experienced as a slave the things he was forced to do only to be left for dead the moment he couldn't do them and they always referred to him the same way, you, rat, while his owners literally called him a product. After being regarded in such a way he would think being regarded with any emotion good or bad would be rewarding but their cries didn't satisfy him.

Hatari began wandering the wasteland of ash taking in all the sights many animals had perished during the fire some of them were still laying on the ground others just burned to ash. Hatari crushed an antelope skull under his paw before paying it no heed.

"Monster!" a zebra cried out.

"Murderer" a leopard shouted.

"Devil!" an antelope screamed.

Hatari stopped, considering if he would kill them or not he then continued walking who were they to judge him they didn't go through what he went through and only a few days ago they were prepared to murder a pride full of innocents as far as Hatari was concerned he just rid the world of a bunch of selfish murderers that's all people were that's all they ever were.

Hatari finally stopped and sat near the smoldering pit that used to be the water hole.

"You seem down I would've expected you to be celebrating" Kecila said having literally appeared out of nowhere.

"What for I didn't accomplish anything" Hatari replied.

Kecila looked around the scorched kingdom, "you burned down the home of thousands of inhabitants isn't that the kind of suffering you wanted to visit on the world" Kecila asked him.

"I don't feel any better" Hatari told her.

"If I burned down this entire place for nothing I'm going to be a little annoyed" Kecila told him.

"No you did wonderful mother" Hatari said he hated disappointing her.

"Once again you stayed by me regardless" Hatari told her.

Kecila could tell Hatari was having one of his emotional moments which were to be expected when you lived a life like his, "hm go ahead" Kecila told him.

Hatari buried his face on her chest it felt so comforting.

"I told you when I found you I would never leave" Kecila told him soothingly while running her paw through the top of his head.

This act came to her almost as easily as extracting her claws she had done for so long not to mention she had also done it repeatedly while she was alive, mimicking affection she had spent so much of her life doing it that it may as well be instinct. Hatari brushed himself against Kecila's chest desperately trying to hold the tears back.

"Thank you mother I don't know where I would be without you" Hatari said on the verge of tears.

Kecila knew where he would be a rotting corpse on a tree and then some random scavenger's meal which was to put it bluntly a waste Hatari would give her the most thrilling moment in either of her lifes and she would thank him for that.

Hatari removed himself from her making certain that he wasn't crying anymore, "I'm alright now mother" Hatari told her.

"Good inform me when it's time for our next battle oh and Hatari" Kecila asked softly.

Hatari turned to her only to be knocked to the ground, "don't lie to me" Kecila demanded.

Hatari held his cheek where she struck him, "apologies I know you don't like dealing with this" Hatari told her sorrowfully.

"Then just deal with it don't tell me you did when you most certainly didn't" Kecila said coldly.

Hatari prepared to turn away when Kecila placed a paw on his shoulder.

"You don't have to hide anything from me" she told him her voice filled with affection once more a second later she was gone.

Hatari smiled she may of struck him but not without reason he was wrong to lie, "I love you mother" he whispered.

Hatari heard the animals shouting again, "how could you feel anything for that monster?!" they asked.

Hatari growled at them, "that monster treated me better than anyone else ever did" he told them seething.

He then paid them no heed he didn't know if mother loved him or not probably not but she certainly cared about him more than anyone else did which really wasn't saying much, besides he had to be realistic from the moment he was born it was clear that he was never going to find any genuine love or compassion.

Yatima was closing in on his prey a prey that would surely go a long way in feeding the pack he had been tracking it for some time alongside a female hyena who just wanted to get the hunt over so she could get back to her son Yatima wanted to wrap this up he prepared to strike when he heard a sound coming the zebra looked up it was all the opening Yatima needed he jumped out and immediately went for the throat while his partner took the legs it was over in seconds. Yatima held the kill before turning to the female.

"Get this back to our pack I'm investigating what that sound was" Yatima told her.

"Okay" she told him while taking the kill and leaving Yatima didn't say anything else he just immediately proceeded to his next mission he never was the social type.

Nala, Kovu, Kilbali and Kurongu were struggling to even move yet alone walk,

"How much further is it" Kovu asked.

"Not far only about an hour we should rest" Taka replied.

"No we're so close now" Nala said determined.

"No you've pushed yourself enough too much actually" Kilbali told her.

"Any more and your body will give out" he finished.

Nala wanted to challenge his statement but couldn't she tried to will herself to move but couldn't she hadn't eaten or slept since her home's destruction as well as the death of the her entire family she had pushed her body to it's breaking point and now she literally couldn't even twitch she had no choice but to rest. Kurongu and Kovu also decided to rest.

"It is wise we all regain our strength" Kilbali said.

"So when we reach this place how do you intend to make them trust us great one" Kurongu said completely mocking the last two words.

"Oh I'll have nothing to do with that and by no means could I my job was to get there you'll have to win them over" Taka told them.

"What is this secret" Kovu asked him.

Taka was about to answer when he was cut off by Yatima calling out to them.

"Hey who are you?!" Yatima demanded.

Taka immediately allowed himself to fade if the hyenas saw them their mission would go from difficult to impossible.

Kovu, Nala and Kurongu turned their attention to Yatima, "we are not your enemies" Kurongu told him.

"Kurongu, Kovu, Nala you're alive" Yatima said he then turned to Kilbali.

"I am not familiar with you" he said.

"Just a humble old lion" Kilbali told him.

Yatima ignored him "how are you here?" he asked.

"We escaped the pride lands before they were destroyed" Nala said in pain.

"Destroyed the pride lands are gone" Yatima said in confusion.

"Yes we lost so much we were hoping to find Vitani" Kovu told him.

"I can't trust you with the secret follow me I will then tell Vitani of your presence we will speak then" Yatima told them.

"I will give you two hours to rest then we move" Yatima told them.

He wasn't sure about this the pack was a secret of the highest magnitude and even if Vitani agreed he wasn't certain he would let them in his home.

Vitani was sitting in the cave giving a silent prayer, the pup's mother had returned with the kill and the child was ecstatic to see her Vitani was pleased to see her back as well. Vitani finished her prayer for the hyena family and went back to monitoring the pack she noticed Yatima had returned as well he was much later than his partner.

Yatima caught sight of Vitani and made his way to her cave he noticed the lit torches in it, "any of those prayers for me" he asked.

"Yeah right you don't need nor do you want them" Vitani told him.

"True, we have a situation" Yatima replied.

"hm always business, okay what is it" Vitani asked.

"There are four lions wanting to see you Kurongu, Nala and Kovu and an old lion I don't recognize" Yatima told her.

"They're here how?" Vitani wondered.

"I don't know but they were very close they likely would've found us even if I didn't find them" Yatima said his voice showing a hint of worry.

"Did you let them in?" Vitani asked him.

"I'm not sure I can trust them" Yatima replied.

"Kovu is Kiara's mate and Kurongu is my father while Nala has always been reasonable we can trust them let them in but clear the entrance first I agree that it's best the pack not know they're here" Vitani stated.

"I agree I'll guide them in" Yatima said before leaving.

Vitani was intrigued, what were they here for something was happening and Vitani could only wonder what it was.

Yatima led the four lions lions into the jungle they all took in the sight and were left in complete shock at the sight there were hyenas here they weren't extinct how was this possible? Yatima guided them to the cave where they saw Vitani, she couldn't believe her eyes it really was them, Vitani ran up and embraced Kovu along with her father she then hugged Nala as well.

"My daughter I have feared for you ever since Hatari's crusade" Kurongu told her.

"I'm alright father and I'm happy to see all of you are how did you find this place?" Vitani said.

"Its complicated sis" Kovu told her Kilbali didn't say anything he didn't really know Vitani so this reunion belonged to the other three.

"You wouldn't believe us if we told you so what is this?" Nala asked.

"I'll explain as much as I can but know this what you are about to hear you must never repeat except maybe to family" Vitani told them before explaining.

The three lions couldn't believe what they just heard a secret pride of hyenas hidden away for thirty five years Taka wasn't kidding they were in for more surprises though this didn't surprise Kilbali nearly as much.

"So the hyenas have survived I always considered the possibility it is a joyful revelation" Kilbali said.

"So you're going to lead them?" Nala asked.

"I suppose Yatima and myself" Vitani responded.

"Can you handle this Vitani?" Kovu asked her.

"Don't doubt your sister she is much stronger than you realize" Kurongu said.

Vitani smiled at that comment she just caught them up now it was their turn.

"So what happened after Hatari's crusade did Kiara kill him did Umoja and Uhuru get away safely where's Simba" Vitani asked.

Nala and Kovu looked down sadly, "you don't know" Kovu said sadly.

Vitani took in her brothers words what did he mean, "know what, what happened" Vitani asked dreading the answer.

Kovu tried to speak but couldn't find the words so Nala stepped forward.

"This is going to be a lot for you to take in Vitani. Kiara, Simba Umoja and my mother are all dead" Nala told her sorrowfully.

Vitani felt like she had punched in the gut she couldn't believe that it couldn't be true, "they're all dead, no, no they can't be" Vitani said struggling to grasp the reality of it all.

"There's more Vitani" Nala told her.

"More! How could there be more?!" Vitani cried.

Nala could feel her own heart shattering as she was once again forced to accept the reality of her situation.

"I saw all of them die, right before the Pride Lands were reduced to ashes" Nala said in pain.

"What are home is gone too what happened?" Vitani said in a broken whisper.

"The demon came" Nala said quietly.

"The demon what do you mean?" Vitani asked.

"The destruction of the pride lands were the beginning of the apocalypse" Kovu said.

"Wait you mean it was all true we really are facing the end that demon came burned the pride lands to the ground and killed Simba, Kiara, Umoja and Sarafina" Vitani said tears falling from her eyes.

Vitani struggled not to collapse on the floor in grief she then turned to Kovu who was struggling not to cry he lost everything in a single day.

"Oh Kovu I'm so sorry" Vitani told him while comforting him.

"I'm alright Vitani" Kovu told her beginning to sob.

"No you're not you can't hold this in let it out Kovu" Vitani said tears streaming down her face.

Kovu tried to fight it before falling onto the ground sobbing, "K i a oj a Si m ba" Kovu sobbed their names nearly choking on every syllable.

"My wh o le my fam i ly" Kovu struggled to say.

"eve ry th ing I lo ve" Kovu couldn't even speak complete words anymore.

Vitani tried to comfort him but there was nothing she could say, to lose that much was enough to kill someone.

"Kovu, oh Kovu" Vitani sobbed she hated seeing him like this she turned to Nala who she expected to be breaking down herself but instead she merely looked down in sadness how could she control herself after such a loss.

Nala watched Kovu sob into Vitani's shoulder she understood his pain.

"It is unhealthy to hide your pain" Kilbali told her.

"I'm not hiding it I'm just not letting it consume me" Nala replied.

"After what you lost how is it not consuming you?" Kilbali asked her.

"I feel it but now I must be strong like any warrior would be" Nala stated.

"A warrior isn't heartless" Kilbali told her.

Nala ignored him turning her attention back toward Kovu and Vitani she felt their pain and she would cry for it but only after she had avenged them.

"I can not be weak" she said silently.

Kurongu watched as his children wept in sorrow he wanted to say something to them but he didn't know what to say he couldn't help them because any comfort or hope he said would be a lie there was no hope the only hope any of them had was the simple fact they'd be joining them soon. Kurongu could hear weeping coming from somewhere else as well he followed it and was shocked to see Scar sitting alone in the darkness what was he sad about.

Taka hadn't felt pain like this in ages he had never imagined this so many deaths but not hers.

"I shouldn't be sad you lived a long life and I'm dead what's it matter" Taka said struggling to say the words.

"But how can I not be, a part of me still regrets it losing the life we" Taka said painfully.

"Sarafina my Nala" he finally managed to say her name.

"I hope you are at peace you would've waited after everything I did you would've waited" Taka said tears filling his eyes.

"After e everything I did you still loved me" Taka said sorrowfully.

"I know it's way too late but I still love you and I'm sorry for everything" he told her.

He couldn't fight it anymore tears fell from his eyes.

"I know I'll never be worthy of you I never was father was right but I hope that heart of yours purer and kinder than anything I could ever imagine can someday forgive me" Taka said.

Taka bowed his head, "I'll never forget you Sarafina, my Nala" Taka said he then hung his head and sobbed.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

Postby Hatari05 » September 13th, 2018, 5:00 am

: Finale 6:


Umoja arrived in the middle of an oasis rain pouring down on him soaking his fur he sniffed around the area but couldn't see much. After his unexpected encounter with Kecila he continued following Uhuru's scent which stopped here yet he still couldn't find any trace of her. Umoja was beginning to wonder if he was chasing a fantasy it had been days and nothing but he was sure she was alive he made certain she escaped the Pride Lands she had to be nearby, Umoja lowered his head in disappointment and continued looking through the oasis maybe there was somewhere she could've took shelter. Umoja moved through the oasis looking up at the stars he remembered watching them with Uhuru he turned and glanced at a pond the area surrounding it was a mess it reminded him of the tree. Umoja turned his attention to a bunch of tall grass and immediately saw flashes of their first meeting. He couldn't get her out of his head he had to find her but the oasis was too big maybe he could get her attention a different way. Umoja sat down near the tall grass but not quite in it, he then raised his head and let out a mighty roar.

Uhuru was resting in a cave when she heard a roar echo across the oasis. It was a lion could it be him why else would a lion roar this late into the night. Uhuru pulled herself up and bolted from the cave forcing her way through the pouring rain soaking her fur she heard the roar again it was near the tall grass she made her way there it had to be him it had to. Umoja roared a third time he looked around and smelled the area nothing he lowered his head in sadness and rested himself on the ground preparing to drift to sleep when his nose caught an intoxicating scent. Umoja bolted up and looked around the intoxicating scent was getting closer without even thinking Umoja began running towards it he also began roaring repeatedly. Uhuru continued following the roars while Umoja continued following her heavenly scent they than at long last caught sight of what they sought.

Umoja and Uhuru gazed at one another they could only partially see each other but they knew, "Uhuru!" Umoja called out to her.

It was him she knew it, "Umoja!" Uhuru called out.

Neither could contain their joy after endless days of searching they had found each other, they ran across the soaked lands running towards one another they finally reached each other nuzzling one another happily. Umoja gazed at Uhuru her features were soaked from the rain her ears perked up she smiled lovingly at him her brown eyes sparkling under the moon the pouring rain only seemed to make her even more beautiful. Uhuru gazed at Umoja whose features were also soaked his not fully grown black mane was drenched as was his gold fur he smiled warmly at her she found herself lost in his green eyes.

"Uhuru I've wanted nothing more than to see you" Umoja told her trying to ignore the tears of joy filling his eyes.

"I've searched everywhere for you how did you find me?" Uhuru asked also trying not to cry in joy.

"I don't know I could just feel it inside you're beautiful form, you're eyes, your scent and I followed it and my heart" Umoja told her softly.

"Your heart?" Uhuru asked confused.

Umoja knew he couldn't hold it back any longer he had to tell her now he wanted to tell her now.

"Uhuru when I saved you I was at death's door and I had to realize what mattered most to me I saw so much different ideals all together but at the heart of it all I saw you" Umoja told her feeling his heart rate accelerate.

"Umoja are you suggesting what I think" Uhuru began to say.

"I'm not suggesting anything" Umoja replied.

"I'm stating, nothing matters to me more than you I've dreamt of you so much, of a life I wanted with you, I don't care what you are or what others think it doesn't change how I feel" Umoja continued feeling like his heart was going to burst from his chest.

"I love you Uhuru it took me a long time to realize it but I love you" Umoja finished.

Uhuru took in Umoja's words and let the tears fall down her cheeks she began to laugh in happiness despite being a hyena Uhuru didn't laugh often.

"And here I was worried how I would tell you" Uhuru said still laughing.

Umoja had never heard her laugh like this before it was a beautiful sound.

"I guess all I can say is I want that too, I feel the same, I love you too Umoja" Uhuru told him.

Umoja felt his heart soar Kecila was right he was worried about nothing all he could do was smile in happiness at her. Uhuru smiled warmly at Umoja who seemed unable to respond to her words.

"Aw come on don't tell me all you're at a loss after that sappy confession" Uhuru joked.

"Sappy" Umoja said pretended to sound offended.

"But touching" Uhuru finished.

"I thought it was romantic" Umoja told her.

"Umoja that was a joke" Uhuru stated.

Umoja turned smiling before pouncing her, "I know" he said pinning her Uhuru seemed to be smirking.

"Something amusing" Umoja asked slightly grinning.

"Nothing just I have a secret weapon you don't" Uhuru said smirking.

"Really what's that?" Umoja asked.

"I think you'll like it" Uhuru said before grabbing his cheeks with her paws and kissed him deeply.

Umoja felt his whole body relaxing he took Uhuru into his arms this time allowing himself to deepen the kiss while stroking her back Uhuru pulled away leaving him desperate for more.

"We should probably get out of this rain" she said.

"I rather like it make's you more beautiful than you already are" Umoja replied.

"Cliché, but sweet" Uhuru told him.

The rain seemed to be dying down there was also a brisk wind it felt good Uhuru decided Umoja was right she wasn't quite ready to go back to the cave.

"I guess it does feel nice" She said while cupping his cheek.

"And it is romantic" she stated.

Umoja smiled down at her, "yeah so comforting no prides or other animals just us and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else" Umoja said.

Uhuru and Umoja embraced each other and their muzzles met in a romantic and passionate kiss.

Uhuru had never felt so at peace before in a single moment she had everything she wanted she felt Umoja's paw stroking her back his other one around her waste she wrapped her paws gently around the back of his neck placing one on the back of his head she then brushed her tongue against his muzzle before rather aggressively placing it in his mouth. Umoja felt Uhuru's tongue enter his mouth and for the first time she showed her more hyena nature he felt her tongue exploring every corner of his mouth joining with his she was surprisingly aggressive this kiss a bit more passionate than the last he felt her paw on the back of his head keeping him in place he didn't mind this was paradise he placed his tongue in her mouth and was nearly overwhelmed as her saliva filled his taste buds. Uhuru deepened it further running her tongue on his teeth before brushing it across his muzzle kissing and licking him at the same time she then pulled away leaving a small trail of saliva on his muzzle.

Umoja was gasping for breath still surprised over the experience "whoa" was all he could say.

Uhuru was confused, "what that's just how hyenas express romance" Uhuru told him.

Umoja was surprised to hear that but he was also excited words could not describe how pleasant that was.

Uhuru was still uncertain why was he so quiet. "was that too much?" Uhuru asked.

"No that was wonderful" Umoja said between breaths it really was incredible but it would take some getting used to he had a feeling Uhuru could help with that.

They both felt the rain pouring on their fur it was starting to get a little cold.

"I think it's time we find some shelter" Umoja said.

"I found one I'll show it to you" Uhuru said.

Umoja helped Uhuru up and the two made their way to the cave resting themselves against the wall. Umoja wrapped a paw around Uhuru while snuggling close.

"You warm?" he asked.

"I'm getting there" she told him while snuggling closer.

"Night" Umoja said softly.

"Night" Uhuru replied.

The two kissed gently they then nuzzled each other before drifting off to sleep unaware that the entire time they were together someone else was watching.

Kecila watched Umoja and Uhuru from outside the cave the rain didn't affect her evaporating before it even touched her well that went pretty well for them, of course Umoja was kind of a wimp if he thought that kiss Uhuru gave him was overwhelming, how many times had she left Ahadi near cationic of course he swept her off her feet a few times as well. Kecila saw them sleeping in the cave it was dark and unwelcoming.

"Seriously must I do everything for you" Kecila said annoyed.

With a single extraction of her claw the torches in the cave lit up emitting a somewhat romantic light. Everything seemed fine it seemed she wouldn't have to live up to her promise to kill Uhuru, good she was content after almost a century there was another relationship between a lion and hyena the implications and results should be interesting. Kecila looked at them one more time.

"Oh to be young" she said before turning away and an instant later she was gone as if she had never been there leaving the two lovers in each others embrace, they didn't matter to her anymore.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Finale 7:

Abandoned hopes

Kurongu sat alone on a hill gazing at the stars as well as the lands beyond he turned his attention back to the sky normally when he gazed at the sky he could almost feel his beloved Hasara looking down on him knowing that she was waiting for the day he would at long last be worthy. Now he felt none of that he could no longer feel his beloved mate nor could he glimpse his final reward in paradise it was all gone his savior was a lie his whole faith was a joke he felt sorry for all the animals that actually believed in him, there was no paradise, no angels, no Mungu, no hope.

Kurongu tried to turn away from the sky but in the end couldn't bring himself to.

"It's all a lie I know that now" Kurongu said sadly.

"I don't know what I saw that night in the gorge but it wasn't you because I let you go and now I'll never see you because you're not there you never were he never was" Kurongu said in pain.

"What makes you think that's true?" Vitani asked him.

"Believe me it is" Kurongu told her.

"How you told me yourself you saw him" Vitani said.

"It wasn't him it was a former king using his form to manipulate me and I fell for it" Kurongu said sadly.

"A former king who how?" Vitani asked confused.

"You would never believe me" Kurongu told her.

"I speak to my lover everyday despite him being dead, I licked him recently try me" Vitani stated.

"You believe in spirits then" Kurongu said.

"You know I do" Vitani told him.

"What if I told you the Mungu was you're adoptive father?" Kurongu asked.

"Scar how?" Vitani asked confused.

"Don't play games with me father" she said.

"Am I known for my sense of humor" Kurongu asked.

"I still don't believe it why of all of them would it be him" Vitani asked.

"He was the only one who would take action he defied the kings to do so" Kurongu told her.

"That sounds like him, he led you here didn't he?" Vitani asked.

"How would you possibly?" Kurongu wondered.

"If anyone would know Shenzi and Banzai's secrets it would be him dead or not" Vitani answered.

"You are right" Kurongu said.

"But why hasn't he spoken to me we were really close has he forgotten me" Vitani asked in sadness.

"I doubt it he can't show himself here the hyenas despise him that's why no ones seen him" Kurongu explained.

Vitani understood now Scar could never show himself to the hyena pack especially if he wanted their help. She was somewhat happy to hear that her second father had changed and disappointed with her first father rejection of his beliefs.

"I see but that doesn't explain you" Vitani said.

"What are you talking about it explains everything my faith wasn't real" Kurongu replied.

"Says who just because the one you were talking to was an imposter" Vitani stated.

"He was never there ever" Kurongu growled.

"So just because you don't see him means he doesn't exist isn't that what you once insulted us for" Vitani asked him.

"You don't understand to have everything you believe revealed as a lie" Kurongu told her.

"Oh I do, but how can you say you had faith if you just give up in the end" Vitani asked.

"There is no faith!" Kurongu roared.

"You're lost again but I still believe and as you once told me I'll pray for you" Vitani said to her father.

"It won't do any good there's no hope left" Kurongu said.

Vitani didn't say anything she already said everything she could and prepared to leave, "what of the hyenas what do they mean to you" Kurongu asked.

"Few things matter more to me" Vitani said.

"You just met them" Kurongu said.

"I still feel the need to keep them safe that's what I'll dedicate myself to" Vitani told him.

"For redemption is that all they are a chance to redeem yourself as well as your family" Kurongu asked.

"No this isn't about redeeming my soul I'm not a monster I accepted that long ago I will always try to atone for my sins even if I'm not haunted by them anymore that is not why I am protecting them" Vitani stated.

"Why are you then" Kurongu asked her.

Vitani didn't have an answer to that she knew it was not for redemption anymore but she couldn't fandom the exact reason it was just a feeling a need inside of her to protect them.

"I don't know" Vitani answered.

"Then how can you know anything how can you believe anything?" Kurongu asked her sounding desperate.

"Simple my prayer was answered all of them in a way I have no reason to doubt so I won't I believe father, I believe" Vitani answered him feeling more certain than she ever had, she then turned away and left her father.

Kurongu was so confused how could she still believe her prayer wasn't answered the hyenas just survived it was thanks to Shenzi and Banzai that was it but didn't he say people were the ones who made their choice how did Scar counteract anything except that was what Kurongu followed what Scar told him. Kurongu couldn't understand any of it he was beginning to wonder why he was still alive why didn't he die at the gorge why didn't Zira kill him what reason did he have to live beyond that day?

"Why am I still alive it's all meaningless why have I been spared?" Kurongu asked while remembering, remembering what should've been the day he died.

Over twenty five years ago, Kurongu was silently moving through the Pride Lands making his way to a cave a few miles from Pride Rock this is where she hid that murderous monster. Kurongu arrived soon it would be over his pain would be over and he would at long last be in his beloved Hasara's embrace again. Kurongu entered the cave he saw Zira resting on the ground he approached her slowly only for her ears to perk up.

"I don't know who you are but this is the third night you have snuck into my home leave now or I will kill you" Zira warned him.

She really was foolish did she not realize that was exactly what he wanted.

"Kill me, you have already killed me now you're going to finish the job or die" Kurongu said seething.

"You must have a death wish I have no intention of helping with a suicide get out" Zira demanded.

"I'm not leaving either you die or I do" Kurongu said nearly in tears.

Zira lifted herself up clearly this lion was an idiot a suicidal one but if he wanted a fight with her so bad she would grant him it.

"You want me fine, follow me" Zira told him the two of them exited her cave.

"Lead the way murderer" Kurongu told her.

"You think I would just leave my family unintended I just didn't want your corpse in my home" Zira said her voice like a knife.

"Take whatever shot you want than you die" Zira said coldly.

Kurongu extracted his claws and charged at Zira slicing right for her head which she effortlessly dodged.

"That's one" she said harshly.

He thrust his claws right at her chest which she caught and pushed away.

"That's two last chance do you really want to die?" Zira asked coldly.

Yes, yes he did Kurongu charged into her attempting to force her to the ground he then sliced at her throat which she sidestepped her paw than rammed right into his upper chest knocking the wind out of him. Kurongu collapsed to the ground unable to breath.

"That's three so you do want to die well than here's a reminder" Zira told him slashing him around the back while holding his jaw shut she then smashed her paw into one of his ribs before stabbing into them.

"Death is painful a long painful road, you in it for the long haul?" Zira asked her voice like ice.

Zira stabbed him in the ribs again before grabbing his paw and twisting it dislocating his shoulder she covered his mouth while he screamed again, she then dug her claws into his back slowly.

"Do you understand now did you really think I wouldn't make your death incredibly painful?" Zira asked him.

She then removed her paw allowing him to speak.

"Do whatever you want nothing hurts more than what I feel inside" Kurongu cried.

"I know that feeling too" Zira told him tossing him to the ground.

"I thought I recognized you" Zira said.

"What are you talking about?" Kurongu asked.

"Stay away from Kovu and Vitani you clearly couldn't take care of them in your state anyway" Zira said cruelly.

Kurongu rose to his feet in rage, "and you could I've seen you, you'll get them both killed, I've seen your rage you would sacrifice them both if it would bring back you're tyrant!" Kurongu spat.

Zira came at him with murder in her eyes tackling him to the ground and savagely smashing his face in with her paw she then prepared to drive her claws right through his heart.

"Do it!" Kurongu cried.

Zira hesitated she was beginning to understand just who this was it seemed her deceased friend kept some secrets even from her.

"Please kill me let me be with her once more" Kurongu sobbed.

"Hasara" Zira said her voice showing a hint of sadness.

"You killed her you took her from me at least let me join her" Kurongu pleaded.

"I didn't want to kill her she all but made me yes I hurt her but she could've listened to reason, but I did not want her dead" Zira stated she then released her paw picked Kurongu up and threw him aside.

"Get out of my sight" she demanded.

"No don't you understand I came her to die!" Kurongu shouted.

"You sicken me" Zira said.

"You killed my mate is it too much for you to kill me?!" Kurongu asked in desperation.

"You're asking me to murder the mate of one of my closest friends, yes that is too much" Zira told him.

"Please, please, I can't live without her please don't make me" Kurongu begged.

"If you want to join your mate than go do it yourself because I won't" Zira said she then stomped on both of his paws insuring he couldn't attack her she then returned to her cave.

"Get away from my home before I cripple you" Zira demanded.

There was no hope Zira would deny him if he was going to join his mate he would have to do it himself. It didn't make any sense why wouldn't Zira kill him why did the world seem so intent on letting him live.

Kurongu remembered the day well at first he believed it a sign if not for Zira's mercy he would have never gone to the gorge and seen her but now he wasn't sure Hasara was probably just an illusion created by his broken mind. That's all he was broken he had nothing save for his children but with the demon and the apocalypse looming there was nothing they could do they would all die and considering how cruel the world was he would likely watch.

Vitani watched her father with sorrow she never imagined their roles would switch yet here they were he was the lost one she was the one certain. Vitani raised her paw to her chest and closed her eyes.

"I know he has turned away but can you really blame him don't we all make mistakes he is lost as I was I ask you to help him guide him send him a sign, amen" Vitani said before opening her eyes.

She felt the wind against her and embraced it things were getting bad but Vitani wasn't going to descend into despair she had done that once and she would never allow herself to fall that low again no matter what she would never allow herself to abandon hope.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Finale 8:

Past reflections

Hatari was staring out towards the borders of the wasteland that was once the Pride Lands he knew they were out there he wondered if they had given up hope yet, if they had they were weak Hatari went through over two decades of suffering before he gave up hope and whatever they were experiencing it was nothing compared to the horrors that he, never mind it didn't matter the eclipse was coming soon the moment that he and his brother were born for their very destinies and soon they would finally fulfill it, soon at long last Hatari would finally matter. Hatari continued hearing the cries and sobs of the other animals, if they were so sad go live somewhere else well at least until Hatari brought destiny to their doorstep again.

He turned his attention toward the animals, "do you even regret what you did?" a male wildebeest asked him.

"No why would I?" Hatari replied.

"How can you be so indifferent to our pain and suffering?" a female leopard asked him.

Hatari burst out at laughing at her comment it started as a chuckle but then it escalated into uncontrollable laughter the rest of the animals stepped away again had he gone insane or at least more insane?

Hatari continued to laugh before catching his breath, "wow you really have lived in privilege haven't you is this the worse thing you endured?" Hatari mocked them.

"You really are a monster" the leopard told him.

Hatari turned to her his face briefly twitched "you don't know what a monster is" he told her, his body then began to slightly twitch what was going through his mind.

"And you can't even imagine what true suffering is, what it truly means to live a life of hell" Hatari said in a near whisper, he could feel the memories flooding back to him he pushed them aside for now.

"Everything is changing the world will soon become something new" Hatari said.

"Soon the eclipse will come again destiny will be fulfilled and the world will change" Hatari said quietly it wasn't clear if he was telling the animals or himself.

"What are you talking about?" the wildebeest asked.

Hatari turned to the animals, "live with the pain accept what is coming or die" Hatari told them.

Hatari then paid them no further heed, "don't tell us how to live our life you butcherer" the wildebeest said.

"Call me what you like" Hatari told them he then left them ignoring some of their comments while embracing others.

"It's still better than before" Hatari whispered to himself he didn't want to remember it but he had no choice he could never forget it.

Over thirty five years ago, Hatari was currently a cub and was walking alongside his pride he didn't understand why they were traveling so far from home he turned to his adoptive father.

"Uh sir" he asked being forbidden to refer to him as anything else.

"This better be good you rat" he responded.

Hatari hesitated not certain he should ask, "speak up or you'll regret it" he warned him.

"Why are we going so far from home?" Hatari asked.

His adoptive father grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dangled him off the ground, "you think it's your place to question me you rodent you'd be dead long ago if not for me you do as you're told and don't ask questions!" he roared.

"Of course sir sor sorry" Hatari whimpered.

"Yeah who do you think are you rat dad took you in after your own mother decided she didn't want you be grateful you're even here" his adoptive brother cruelly said.

"Why do you have to always tell me that?" Hatari sobbed.

"Because it amuses me if you prefer I can entertain myself other ways like with the wasp nest again" his adoptive brother said.

"No just go, go ahead" Hatari said in fear.

He didn't know why they treated him this way and he would do anything to find a new family he was about to get his wish and it would be a lot worse than the first.

Hatari waited while his adoptive father talked with some other lion who was also giving his adoptive father a lot of food, "then we're in agreement" he said.

"It is efficient at his work?" the other asked.

"It's all we use him for if he wasn't well you can probably guess" his adoptive father said.

"Very well you have a good track record we are in agreement" the other lion said.

"Alright hey rat get over here!" his adoptive father ordered.

Hatari obeyed walking up to the two lions, "you summoned me, sir" Hatari said while bowing in submission.

"Yes this Maasi he's going to be you're new family you will do exactly as he tells you understood" his adoptive father commanded.

"Yes sir" Hatari replied.

"Good" he said while leaving.

"Does it have a name?" Maasi asked.

"Does it matter?" his adoptive father said they were the last words he ever heard him say.

Hatari looked up at Maasi, "Thank you for accepting me my name is Hata" he began to say before Maasi backhanded him to the ground he then clawed his back.

"Don't you ever speak unless I give you permission to" he said softly.

"I was just introducing" Hatari tried to say before Maasi threw him to the ground he then slammed him into a wall Hatari painfully picked himself up and stood silently.

"Hm it seems the product is as resilient to damage as I was told good that means I'll have something to vent on during those more difficult days, get moving you" Maasi told him.

Hatari followed him feeling nothing but dread for whatever awaited him ahead it was a wise feeling.

Hatari remembered it clearly as awful as that meeting was it was by far one of the most pleasant memories with that monster it took Hatari a bit to realize he was a slave how does a cub understand that but he caught on eventually though he got a few scars first the memory engraved in his mind.

Over thirty five years ago, Hatari was dragged to Maasi who was resting in a cave the lions dragging him threw him down in front of Maasi Hatari pulled himself up only for one of them to punch him in the gut causing him to collapse another one sunk his claws into his shoulder forcing him on his knees.

Maasi got up and looked down on them, "so the product is a little defective today" Maasi said.

"Yeah he was working just fine and then just fell over like a baby" a lion said.

"Permission to speak sir" Hatari asked.

"Granted why aren't you doing what I bought you for?" Maasi asked.

"I'm just tired I don't have the energy right now, my body hurts" Hatari.

"The product just needs a small reboot give it a jolt" Maasi said.

The lions put Hatari down, a monkey came with a basket there was a small electric eel swimming in it, the lions grabbed his paw and forced it in. Hatari felt a surge of electricity surge in his body he let out a scream of pain before throwing him aside his body was twitching from the electrical shock.

"Leave the product the effect will subside in a few minutes" Maasi said uncaring.

Hatari felt his anger growing, "I am not just a product you sick freak!" he roared.

Maasi looked at him, "uh still defective get him to the pond for some tinkering" Maasi said flatly.

The lions threw Hatari's still twitching form to the ground.

"Well fix it" Maasi demanded.

"There's still a small amount of the energy in it that might shock it a bit" the lion said.

"How do you think we're going to fix it?" Maasi stated.

The lions dunked Hatari into the pond he could feel as the energy in him absorbed the water causing him to thrash and shake violently they pulled him out for a second before doing it again they repeated it almost a dozen times.

"Stop, it can barely feel anything any more" Maasi said while turning to the monkey who was holding a sharp long vine.

"Tinker" Maasi said.

The monkey slashed the vine across Hatari's back who wasn't even expecting it, Hatari screamed in pain as the vine sliced the fur right off his back.

"Keep going it isn't going fix itself" Maasi said.

The monkey swung a second time immediately followed by a third.

"Have a brief lapse between the lashes" Maasi said.

The monkey swung again Hatari screamed in pain when he stopped the monkey swung again and Hatari screamed again.

"Please stop no more" Hatari begged.

"Do it" Maasi said.

The monkey swung again causing Hatari to cry out, "I'm sorry sir I'll do whatever you say please" Hatari cried.

"There see good as new" Maasi said.

He then nodded to the monkey who swung as hard as he could, Hatari's screams echoed out across the lands.

Hatari shuddered at the memory he lied down and ran his paw through his back he could feel where the whip tore away his flesh many times he felt the scars he could almost still feel the sting and if he closed his eyes he could still hear his cub self screaming in agony and worst thing was that was no where near the worse thing they did to him. Hatari ignored the memories that was the best anyone ever treated him if that was what the world was then the world needed to change he would make it change and so would his brother.

Well I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop here for time. Sorry for the rather slow pace right now, but Last Sunset is almost twice as long as Tale of Brothers and Kopa's Burden, so there's quite a bit of built up before the actual grand finale kicks off. Either way what's your opinion of it so far? How do you feel about what has happened with the characters especially Nala and Kurongu. How do you feel about Hatari now that you have seen the horrors he experienced does he seem more justified at least more sympathetic and tragic. What's your opinion on how Last Sunset is going so far feel free to leave me a review about your thoughts, hope you're enjoying it so far. I'll try to update much sooner this time no more than a little over a week. See ya then.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

Postby Hatari05 » October 18th, 2018, 3:48 am

Wow it's been a while since my last update and I really don't have an excuse i have just been lazy and for that i apologize that's not a proper way to treat the people reading these stories i write. So I'm back and I'll be making up for the long delay in a big way. The following chapters have a lot to sink your teeth into and will reveal quite a bit more regarding the story. Hope you enjoy it, things are about to speed up pretty soon, thank you for being patient my long absence was unacceptable and I will make certain such a long absence does not happen again. Well sit back and enjoy.

: Fianle 9:

Hardships of a leader

Kiara and Pumba were sitting besides Simba's who was recovering from his injuries.

"I've never seen him hurt this bad" Pumba said.

"Kecila is a monster" Kiara said.

"I still can't believe she's back not a comforting thought" Pumba said.

"She's even worse I don't know how we could possibly beat her" Kiara said.

"Am I really hearing it's hopeless from you" Pumba asked.

"You didn't see it" Kiara said.

"It's not just that you're asking how we fight it since when has that been you?" Pumba asked her.

"Kecila can't be reasoned with" Kiara stated.

"I suppose but you have to have some kind of a plan" Pumba asked.

"I don't have one Pumba I don't have a plan for peace" Kiara told him.

"But that's who you are Kiara" Pumba told her.

"No that's who my brother was who I want to be, Kopa was able to see through all the hatred Zira felt and in the end it was him who reached her I was just the one who exposed it" Kiara said.

"Without Kopa Zira would've never listened to me" Kiara stated.

"You don't know that think about everything you have done we are one that was your dream" Pumba said.

Kiara was tired of everyone giving her sole credit for that.

"No Pumba it was Kopa's dream his words he said them to my father when he literally descended from the heavens all of I've been doing is trying to make his dreams a reality but I don't know if I can because I'm not the pure soul he was" Kiara said in doubt.

"I don't know anyone alive more pure than you" Pumba replied.

"A few days ago I was a brutal killer who attacked my own father would that have ever happened to Kopa or even Umoja?" Kiara said tears filling her eyes.

"You have to lead us Kiara because only you can fulfill this dream" Pumba told her.

Kiara began to cry her form trembling, "how, how can I?" Kiara demanded.

"I couldn't protect my son, my kingdom and now maybe even my father how can I lead an entire world when I couldn't even lead my own family?! Kiara said in tears.

"This isn't my dream and I can't build it, its Kopa's and only he could ever achieve it and I'm not Kopa I'll never be Kopa." Kiara sobbed.

Pumba listened to Kiara the loss of her home and son were still deeply affecting her she couldn't stand being useless just like her mother, however Pumba had no idea Kiara strived to be the successor of Kopa's legacy what an overwhelming task.

"Kiara do you remember what you said to Simba?" Pumba asked her.

"You will never be Mufasa" Pumba said.

"It's the same with you, you will never be Kopa" Pumba told her.

"I don't reject myself Pumba it's just I have to be Kopa because only he could build the world I hope to build he inspired me everything I've done has been from his inspiration it's not my vision it's his" Kiara stated.

"And it's all falling apart and I don't know" Kiara said.

"What to do" Kiara finished.

Pumba placed a hoof on her shoulder, "well don't ask me do I look like a visionary I'm not a leader Kiara but you are you're father is going to be stepping down soon regardless of what happens you're still going to lead and you have to accept that or things aren't going to turn out very well" Pumba told her.

"I know but the pride lands are gone what am I going to lead Pumba?" Kiara asked.

"You know as well as I do you're going to lead something a little larger than the pride lands" Pumba said.

"Can I?" Kiara questioned.

"Guess we'll find out soon and either way I'm sure it will be interesting" Pumba told her.

"I guess so" Kiara said.

"Yeah wow I felt like an old sage, well I am old I'm surprised I remembered some of those things I told you they say memory goes first" Pumba joked.

Kiara chuckled, "yeah thanks Pumba" she said.

"Uh for what?" Pumba asked.

"Really you just told me it" Kiara said.

Pumba smiled then laughed a bit, "a good laugh's important Kiara" Pumba told her before leaving the cave.

"I'm going to get more water and poison the jungle but better that than the cave right" Pumba said.

"Yeah that's much appreciated" Kiara replied.

Pumba left the cave and Kiara turned to her father.

"Dad can you hear me I know I have a lot ahead of me and even more I must do but I'm not sure I can do it alone I need you and mom and Kovu I can't do this by myself I'm not ready to fulfill my place" Kiara told him.

Simba gave no response. Kiara sat beside him she wasn't sure what to do what would Kopa do what would anyone do? She looked down at her father who suddenly began to shake violently.

"Father, father!" Kiara cried while grabbing her dad desperately trying to stop him she opened his mouth and placed a thing of water in it she then pressed down on his back causing his shaking to slow down this was becoming more frequent what was wrong with him.

Simba stopped and Kiara began trying to wake him, "father wake up father!" she called out to him.

Simba opened his eyes and saw a bunch of images in front of them he was then completely sucked into them.

The disorder in the lands was only getting worse and rebellions were becoming frequent and Usawa was the one tasked with stopping them, he didn't know why he was even bothering to listen to the council it was becoming increasingly clear they didn't have the foggiest idea what they were doing. Usawa decided that it was best to stop the rebellions simply because they weren't making things better but rather worse. Usawa made his way through the lands where he saw numerous animals protesting some were threatening to attack the security force if they did that the security force would retaliate and a lot of people would die he couldn't let that happen.

The rebellions and the security force were nearly at each other's throat both sides were only moments away from attacking each other.

"Disperse and return to your homes" the security force said.

"No way you can't just keep us locked up in our own homes" a monkey said.

"The situation has escalated you will remain in captivity until it's dealt with" the security leader said who was a lion.

"But you're not dealing with it where is our food, our shelter" a zebra demanded.

"The situation is being dealt with you will accommodated soon" the lion said.

"You're lying your council has no intention of helping us we are not your slaves" a tiger said.

"Disperse or we will attack" the lion commanded.

"You are not our masters" a cheetah cried.

The security force jumped at them pinning them to the ground while slashing their claws at others the rebels extracted their claws and attack them slashing at their enemies aiming for their chest while attempting to bite their necks.

"You cannot control us we are free!" the monkey cried while striking a soldier with a tree others washed over them while savagely barraging them.

"Enough we tried this peacefully lethal force is authorized" the lion said.

The rest of the security force extracted their claws and bared their fangs one bit the monkeys neck and snapped it while another stabbed an antelope through the chest the other animals began to flee in a panic when two roars shook the area.

Usawa stood across the security force growling in anger he was then shocked to see on the side of the rebels Machafuko what was he doing with them ironically Machafuko was thinking a similar thing. Usawa looked down at the dead monkey with sorrow.

"This" he said while gesturing to the corpse.

"This is not what we do, we are protectors we do not kill" Usawa told his forces.

"Apologies sir they were attacking with lethal intent" the lion commander told him.

"Then we immobilize we never kill a civilian not unless literally every other option has been attempted" Usawa commanded.

"I apologize for the violence this was meant to be a non aggressive protest" Machafuko said he turned to the rebellion.

"What were you thinking attacking the people trying to help you won't solve anything" Machafuko growled.

"Apologies Machafuko they wouldn't stand down" the tiger said.

"I understand but how can they ever trust us with our own lifes when this is how we act?" Machafuko asked.

"Machafuko what are you doing?" Usawa asked.

"Brother I'm doing what we came here to do help these people" Machafuko answered.

"By igniting a revolution causing the death's of others" Usawa responded.

"Where were you during all this?!" Machafuko demanded.

"I stopped my security force from wiping your rebels out!" Usawa shouted.

Machafuko didn't have a counter for that Usawa in the end controlled his followers Machafuko didn't.

"Thank you for stopping them brother you're right this was my mistake I should've better kept track of the others" Machafuko said kindly.

"It's alright I know you would never want this and I didn't authorize lethal force who allowed it" Usawa commanded.

"Sir my orders came straight from the council" the lion said.

"Really" Usawa said in anger.

"You see brother I'm right about them" Machafuko said.

"I already knew you were" Usawa said before addressing the crowd.

"I want you all to know that you're right the council does not care about you they're not doing anything to make this situation better" Usawa said.

"Sir what are you saying this is treason" the lion said.

"Then take me in" Usawa challenged.

The lion considered it for a moment before kneeling in submission, "they sent me out here with barely a reason you have fought beside us since the beginning" he said.

Usawa turned away from him, "I agree things need to change and I will approach the council to ensure they do until I return not one soldier will lay a paw on any rebel those who do will answer to me!" Usawa stated.

"Anyone who harms a soldier in any way will be cast out of our family I'm sorry but you will leave me no choice!" Machafuko stated he then turned to his brother.

"I hope you know what you're doing brother" he told him.

"Yeah me too" Usawa replied.

Usawa entered the councils cave once more hopefully one of the final times he looked up at the male cheetah, a female zebra, a male tiger, a male elephant and female snake.

"Why have you returned Usawa is the situation under control?" the cheetah asked.

Usawa really despised them, "wow you're so detached that you don't have the foggiest idea what is happening to answer your question both sides nearly killed each other if not for once again both my and my brothers interferences" Usawa said bluntly.

"Watch your tone lion" the Zebra said.

"You clearly have no useful information be gone" the tiger said.

Usawa was done listening to them, "no what would've you accomplished without us all you would have is multiple wastelands of chaos?" Usawa stated.

"You will get on your knees and beg our forgiveness this instant!" the cheetah said.

"Or you'll what who else can handle these situations you're helpless without us" Usawa told them.

"You are right Usawa" the female snake said.

"What are saying?" the elephant asked.

"We have done nothing Usawa single handily prevented a massacre we have no right to be commanding him or his brother" the snake said.

"You actually see it" Usawa asked shocked.

"We cannot step down this is our right" the tiger said.

"No, Usawa I actually wanted to help but things never went as easily as I thought they would I wanted to make a difference but couldn't admit what any of us needed to" the snake said.

"And what was that?" the female Zebra asked.

"That we had no idea what we were doing Usawa I hereby step down" the female snake said.

"Well we won't we do not take orders from a lion" the cheetah said.

"Then you can manage this without us" Usawa said before turning to leave.

"Wait what are your demands" the elephant asked.

Usawa turned to them finally they could start getting results, "nothing just let us do our job unhindered relinquish all military command to my brother as well as myself that is all" Usawa told them.

"No that cannot be all if you are to lead you must truly become a leader" the female Zebra said.

"Once we step down what of the future of lands we've brought to order" the cheetah asked.

Usawa pondered it they couldn't abandon them and leaving a citizen in charge would not be wise an idea formed in his head he knew how to maintain order as well as bring peace between both sides the only question is would Machafuko accept it.

Simba was becoming increasingly interested in what was unfolding before him what was the solution Usawa had and what would it bring Simba delved deeper into the memories releasing a burst of spiritual energy.

Hatari was sitting at the borders when he detected a burst of spiritual energy, he recognized it the same energy he sent into Simba four years ago Hatari locked in on it allowing their minds and energies to link like they did many years ago and then a moment later Hatari joined Simba in the memory.

Usawa arrived back at the land where the two forces were standing off waiting for his return he signaled the troops to stand down turning to the rebels.

"Machafuko may I see you please" Usawa asked.

"Of course brother but why?" Machafuko asked.

"Things have changed more than either of us could ever imagine" Usawa answered.

Machafuko met with his brother right outside the lands borders.

"The council stepped down" Usawa told him.

"What I didn't want them to step down merely take responsibility" Machafuko said.

"So did I it was unexpected they have left all their forces in our hands" Usawa told him.

"What for?" Machafuko asked.

"To maintain control of the kingdoms we saved" Usawa answered.

"Kingdoms?" Machafuko asked.

"Yes all the lands will be united under a single ideal governed by one of the very soldiers who protected it" Usawa told him.

"A lion a leader we're not leaders brother" Machafuko replied.

"That's a lie brother and you know it you're leading an army right now so am I we have always been leaders we are protectors now we will guide and protect them" Usawa stated.

"We?" Machafuko said.

"You and I we will act as the central leadership between the other leaders" Usawa explained.

Machafuko was appalled by what his brother was suggesting "you mean we will rule over other peoples lifes" Machafuko said in disdain.

"What no we will lead them guide them just like we are now" Usawa reasoned.

"When they're stabilized we should leave them to live however they want" Machafuko retorted.

"And what allow them to fall into chaos again?!" Usawa countered.

"It's their choice they will learn" Machafuko stated.

"No they won't we leave them to lead themselves and everyone here will die they can't be trusted to lead themselves they're incapable of it!" Usawa shouted.

"And who would lead them you how would you lead them what if I they defy you what then lock them up what laws are truly needed how long before your protection is tyranny?!" Machafuko demanded.

"That's why I need you brother you understand freedom more than anyone" Usawa said.

"No I will not be a part of what is essentially a mass enslavement and if I did how long before I too became lost in it power corrupts brother and none are above it" Machafuko explained.

"And you would have me risk everything falling into chaos when instead I could take everything we've done, take those lost lands and finally rebuild them no brother I am not turning away and letting everything we've done be for nothing!" Usawa stated.

"And I won't let the freedom of these people be sacrificed and I'll oppose anyone who threatens it even you" Machafuko told him.

"Brother I'm not your enemy I'm just doing what I think is right" Usawa tried to reason.

"You're not my enemy and we both are doing this for the same reason but unfortunately we're on different sides" Machafuko told him.

"We both believe ourselves the hero and unfortunately history will remember one of us as the villain" Machafuko said while reaching his paw out in respect, Usawa accepted it.

"No I vow when this over I'll make certain history remembers you as the hero you are" Usawa vowed.

"As will I brother at least I'll try" Machafuko told him.

The two brothers than embraced and hugged each other they then shook paws respectfully.

"Good luck brother" Machafuko told him.

"I wish you well" Usawa replied.

The two brothers then parted each heading to their respective sides the conflict would soon begin the conflict that very much defined much of life unity and peace vs. freedom and choice.

Simba found himself back in the void of memories, "what no there has to be more I have to understand what this all means how does it connect to what's happening now?" Simba asked.

"So many questions so little time" he heard a voice say he couldn't be here Simba turned to see Hatari standing from across him.

"Hello Simba" Hatari said.

"Hatari how are you here?" Simba asked shock.

"Do you remember when I sent you the messages from mother when I did that our minds crossed that energy is still there so when you use it I can access it" Hatari explained.

"Why would you care about what I'm seeing?" Simba asked.

"Quite the fascinating story isn't it a clash between brothers with conflicting ideals isn't that a common occurrence these days" Hatari said.

"It's linked to us" Simba realized.

"I don't know how but it's linked to us" Simba stated.

"How could that be I wouldn't think you were the supernatural type" Hatari mocked.

"You know don't you, you already know how their story ends" Simba said.

"I've known for a long time Simba I always did have a dislike for kings and governments it was the one thing the society and I agreed on" Hatari said.

"What do you know?" Simba demanded.

"Simply put everything I don't care for this story Simba because I already lived it" Hatari stated.

"What how?" Simba asked confused.

"Oh why explain when I can once again show" Hatari answered while passing his thoughts into Simba.

Simba saw the images of the two forces battling he saw chaos consume the lands he saw the anarchist claim pride rock he then saw the two brother battling as a massive eclipse turned the sky red the images then switched perspective up to now all the images had been through Hatari's point of view then it panned out revealing that Hatari was seeing through Machafuko's eyes.

Simba's eyes jolted open he stared at Hatari more shocked than ever, "you, Machafuko you're him reincarnated" Simba said in shock.

"Yes now just as it happened a thousand years ago I will once again do battle against my brother to determine the future of this world" Hatari told him.

"The apocalypse it was all to throw the world into chaos so that we alone could determine it's fate to recreate history" Simba realizing his position as well.

"Yes that is what mother was meant to do and the eclipse is coming again soon then just as it was long ago the world will change" Hatari stated.

"But why this is meaningless it happened long ago you Machafuko it's all in the past" Simba told him.

"I am Machafuko it is who I truly am this lion is merely an illusion I will always be him no matter how many times I live" Hatari concluded, he then began to fade.

"Soon you will understand the truth as well Simba" he said as he faded away.

"Hatari wait!" Simba called out.

"Oh don't worry Simba we'll be meeting again very soon or I'll burn your jungle to the ground the choice is yours" Hatari said and then he was gone.

Hatari opened his eyes and smiled, "you seem satisfied dear" Kecila said having appeared behind him.

"Everything's proceeding perfectly mother I just detected Simba's location thanks to that little mental link we once shared with each other" Hatari said smiling.

"Does that mean I can finally have a fight?" Kecila asked.

"Of course mother I promised no less shall we bring that battle to Simba shall we pay my brother a visit?" Hatari asked.

"Oh yes dear I hope they put up a better fight this time" Kecila said.

They began moving towards the jungle Hatari felt his excitement growing it was coming soon their destiny.

"Soon brother soon you will see it as well and we will fulfill our destinies" Hatari said smirking.

Mufasa was witnessing Simba's journey as well as Hatari's discovering of it his son was in danger.

"They know where Simba is hiding we have to take action immediately!" Mufasa said worried.

"That is not your mission your mission is to convince him" the kings told him.

"He's my son I have to help him I won't stand idly by!" Mufasa thundered the kings held him in place.

"We will deal with saving Simba you will continue trying to persuade him" the king said.

"And if I can't?" Mufasa asked.

"I don't know my son I'm not certain about any of this" King Ahadi told him.

Mufasa wasn't sure either he was well aware that their entire legacy was at stake but he wasn't sure how Simba could be part of the threat he was a great king how and why would he ever threaten their legacy.

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