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: Chapter 10:

True selves revealed

Ahadi limped his way back to Pride Rock still reeling from everything that happened he couldn't really comprehend it all yet it gave him a sense of hope maybe he could find his happiness after all. He arrive at Pride Rock and found Uru and Kilbali sleeping he also noticed Kilbali had his paw around Uru he slowly approached them considering if he would wake them or not he decided it could wait, he turned away. Uru was resting when a scent reached her she recognized it no it couldn't be he was back. She gently removed Kilbali's paw from her and pulled herself up she then raced to find him her heart rate increasing the closer and closer she got to him.

Ahadi was sitting outside his old cave he didn't want to enter it yet but he had to see it, it had been too long since the last time he had been there it seemed so small in comparison now but all he could do was smile at the sight of it. He turned his attention to the sky it looked so bright so unlike the war he had fought.

"Ahadi!" Uru called out to him.

Ahadi turned to see Uru standing in front of him a look of shock then joy on her face, what was she doing here why would she go looking for him?

"Uru" He said in quiet confusion.

Uru couldn't control herself she ran at him jumping on him and pushing him to the ground she then nuzzled him, "Oh god I can't believe it's you after all this time." Uru said her voice was almost passionate.

Ahadi was confused at first but then he remembered he remembered all she had done for him and most importantly why. Uru continued to nuzzle him before realizing what she was doing she pulled herself up.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean" Uru started to say.

"It's alright" Ahadi told her softly.

"Why did you decide to come back?" Uru asked.

"Too much, the death the violence all of it really, I saw her again" Ahadi told her.

"Who?" Uru asked.

"Kecila she's alive" Ahadi said stunned.

Uru wasn't sure how to respond to that she did the only thing she felt was right, "That's great I'm happy for you" Uru told him.

"She was different so violent and savage almost blood thirsty I have trouble believing it was her." Ahadi told her.

"I don't know what to say Ahadi" Uru said in response.

"I know it's just so different all this time I thought she was dead and here she is yet different." Ahadi said.

"People change that doesn't mean it's hopeless" Uru tried to rationalize but her tone betrayed her it was clear that was not what she wanted to say.

"Uru are you alright?" Ahadi asked.

"Of course I'm happy for you" Uru said but her tone kept shaking making it clear this isn't what she actually felt.

"No keep it under control not now it's all come back the chance to complete your vision, your dream" Uru thought.

"I don't want it I know what I want no I can't think like that." she told herself struggling against emotions she had kept buried most of her life.

"I know Uru I know what you feel" Ahadi reminded her.

"That doesn't make it right this is too important I have to accept it I have to what I want isn't important. Kilbali will be happy you will be happy that's important not me!" Uru blurted out she placed her paw over her mouth why did she say that?

Ahadi was stunned he had no idea Uru was in that much pain and yet she endured it because she cared too much about everyone else he knew this but not to this extent, was Uru always in this much pain? She was so strong to endure this, strength he could only wish he had.

Ahadi approached Uru and held her trying to comfort her, "You don't have to keep all this in Uru" Ahadi told her.

"Yes I do it will just make everyone else's life more difficult and I don't want that" Uru said trying to keep her emotions from flooding out what had happened it was as if seeing Ahadi caused every emotion she buried to come out all at once.

"Of course you don't because you are so kind and pure and selfless" Ahadi told her.

Uru took in his words and then tried to ignore them this isn't what she needed to hear, "Stop, this isn't what I should be hearing right now" Uru said pushing his paws off of her.

"Uru you helped me every time I needed you let me help you now" Ahadi requested.

No mates helped each other they were not mates they would never be mates she should've never gotten involved with him. She had to marry Kilbali for her Pride for him it was her duty and she needed to accept that. "he's not helping I shouldn't of gone to find him this is a terrible place for me to be" Uru thought to herself and began to leave.

"Uru don't you can't bottle this up it won't help" Ahadi told her.

"And what do I do, what will help?" Uru said tears beginning to appear in her eyes.

"Admit the truth" Ahadi told her.

"You want me to admit it fine" Uru said her body starting to tremble.

"I love you Ahadi I don't know when or how but I do, I can't stop thinking about you you're the one I want. I don't want any of this that was decided for me but I have to for the sake of everyone else. I'm trapped there's nothing I can do, I want a different life but I can't I have to deal with all this accept it and the truth is I don't think I can!" Uru screamed to the heavens.

Ahadi stared at her dumbfounded wow she was a wreck she was strong but being strong was tearing her up inside. Ahadi took a step closer to her.

"Do you deal with those emotions every day?" He asked.

"I I, Ahadi I" Uru couldn't even say anything.

Ahadi was stunned by this how did she live like that he felt so sorry he didn't want to be the cause of all that pain he placed a paw on her shoulder and she looked up at him. Her eyes were an emerald green and so full of determination but more so longing and pain however he never noticed how beautiful they were.

"Ahadi I don't want any of this" Uru said in pain.

"I always knew you didn't" Kilbali said having appeared beside the cave.

"Kilbali I'm sorry I never wanted to hurt you" Uru told him.

"It's alright I knew deep down this is what you felt and I'm happy you finally released it." Kilbali told her.

"Uru this isn't what you want call off the wedding I don't want you to have a life you don't want!" Kilbali pleaded.

"And what about you, don't you see one of us has to live a life we don't want, if one of us must then I would choose me every time." Uru stated.

Ahadi knew the truth Kilbali would make the same choice and maybe even he would.

"Uru" Kilbali told her.

"No this has to happen I'm not going to let my selfish desires hurt anyone" Uru promised.

Uru looked at Kilbali and then Ahadi why did this have to end with either one of them hurt, "I can't be here right now" Uru said before leaving.

Ahadi and Kilbali watched Uru head back towards Pride Rock they then looked at each other this had gotten a little awkward.

"I have a lot to say." Ahadi told him.

"Start at the beginning" Kilbali replied.

Kamara and Kecila chased Mohatu into a cave cornering him.

"It's over Mohatu forever" Kamara hissed.

"Wait maybe we can strike some kind of deal" Mohatu pleaded.

"Enough fight me like a true warrior" Kamara demanded.

Mohatu continued to back into a wall, "There's no need to fight think Kamara we can end this war we can find peace isn't that what you want."

"Beneath all that arrogance you're just a coward" Kamara said disgusted.

Kecila approached Mohatu from the other side, "Kamara can't you see we've reached the end" he told her.

"Yes we have, you're end" Kamara said seething.

Mohatu watched as they both closed in on him, "not quite I'm not done yet" Mohatu said more certain.

Kamara was confused what did he mean he was cornered was he actually going to try and fight for his life, no matter she charged at him preparing to tear him to shreds when Kecila knocked her out of the way.

"Kecila what are you doing?" Kamara asked shocked.

"Sorry mom I've got different intentions" Kecila told her smiling.

Kamara was shocked why would Kecila betray them how dare she betray them.

"I trained you, I gave you a life, I loved you despite the fact that you had a severe lack of empathy. How could you do this?" Kamara asked in pain.

"Lack of empathy, once again you answer your own question" Kecila told her while getting closer soon she was right in front of her.

"Kecila think of your actions is this what you want don't do this not after everything" Kamara was beginning to cry.

"Please, please my daughter listen to me please come back Kecila, I love you, my daughter please come" Kamara begged before she was cut off, right through her chest and into her spine.

Kamara struggled to breathe only to realize she couldn't she looked down and saw Kecila's claws impaled in her chest. She looked at her with shock.

"Finally, I finally got you to shut up, I know you love me mom, I know you are scared and I know you want to me to come back, stop repeating the same thing over and over again." Kecila said annoyed, it was almost as if she didn't even notice the horrible deed she just did, which wasn't true she noticed she just didn't care.

Kamara didn't even feel the physical pain anymore how on Earth could Kecila say that after she impaled her while she was pleading?

"Ke ci la" Kamara choked out.

"I care about you too mom but I have other plans." Kecila told her though id didn't exactly sound sincere though ironically it was.

"Ho w cou ld yo u jo in h im" Kamara asked choking out each word.

"I didn't" Kecila whispered to her, "He's done everything I planned" she finished.

Kamara was horrified this whole war was likely orchestrated by her daughter, what kind of monster was she?

"Yo u thi s wa s y ou" Kamara continued to choke.

"Yeah so you proud mom, what do you think my future holds"

Kamara stared into her daughters eyes and saw a monster a creature of pure death.

"Yo u're go ing to be a pla gue to all us a ll" Kamara stated in pain, "yo u'll bri ng no thi ng but dea th" She choked out her body began to slump and her eyes began to close.

"What do you think the world is mom I'm just being who I am and I'm going to show the world that's who we all are." Kecila stated pulling her claws out.

Kamara's body fell to the ground and the life left her, "I fe ar fo r us a ll" she choked out her final words before she slumped, Kamara was dead.

Kecila looked down at her mother, "you died a weakling but you were a true warrior still, sleep now warrior Kamara for you are among the greatest" She said before bowing respectfully.

Kecila approached Mohatu who smiled in satisfaction, "Everything has gone as planned well done once more you have proven yourself my most valuable ally." Mohatu said.

"Of course the hyenas are now mine and you can have the divide." Kecila told him.

"Then our business is concluded all that remains is the surrender of the hyenas then they are yours all of them." Mohatu said.

"Our business will be concluded soon then" Kecila stated before turning away.

Mohatu was satisfied it was over Kamara was dead and the divide was, his Ahadi was his, he won finally he won.

Kecila smiled evilly as she left. The cowardly fool would get his reward alright, in full for all the indignity Kecila had suffered to reach this point but still everything fell into place she thought back to it all.

"I have some important business to attend to" Mohatu said.

He then left the cave. He made his way outside where Kecila was waiting for him, "So you're hyena in the way of my destiny well we can't have that you're going to leave him tomorrow or you're going to die." Mohatu told her.

Kecila looked up at him in shock before nodding reluctantly she then left.

"Sir she was surprisingly easy to capture like she was wanted to be" a lion told him.

"Don't bother with that she's not a threat" Mohatu said.

Kecila walked away from Pride Rock smiling.

Over a decade ago, Kecila watched Pride rock she rubbed her body against a leaf making certain her scent was on it giving them something to follow.

"How did they find her scent" Ahadi asked.

"The thrill of the chase" Ahadi said.

Kecila grabbed a lion and slit it's throat.

"Yeah the chase" A young Kecila said.

"I know I do too" Kecila said.

"My emotions, someone has turned my emotions against me" Kecila said.

"I love you Kecila" Ahadi said.

"That's all I want mother is too bury my weakness forever."

Kecila is sitting outside Pride Rock where Mohatu comes to her.

"I will never be weak again I promise."

Kecila smiled at the memory of it all, they all played her tune and didn't even know it.

"Things are getting worse" Uru said

"Anything could set this war off" Kamara said.

Kecila kills a hyena body guard, later her mother finds it she is enraged at the murder and blames Mohatu.

"That hyena girl has violated our terms" Mohatu said.

"One mistake is all it could take" Kamara warned.

Kecila smirked at the thought of it all everything worked perfectly prolonging the tension between the two sides, Igniting the war by breaking the treaty, using Mohatu to eliminate her mother and gain control of the hyenas and even purging her own weakness, perfect now it was time for the next phase soon she would show this world what it truly was and never again would this world be consumed by weakness no that time was at an end from here on out you either kill and be strong or you die. She thought about Ahadi her love, she had so much she needed to show him to teach him, she saw but a hint of his true self and she was going to bring it out then they could finally be the way they were meant to, but first Ahadi would face the truth and from that point there would be only two choice embrace he truly was and become strong or death, those were his only options, those were the worlds only options.

Ahadi and Kilbali were talking with one another by the cave they used to live in Ahadi in particular had just told Kilbali of his encounter with Kecila.

"She's different" Ahadi said.

Kilbali wasn't so sure Kecila had always been aggressive, "Is she, she was always violent Ahadi now she's in a war is she really so different?" Kilbali asked him.

"She was never murderous" Ahadi said.

"I suppose but how often do you two fight against each other?" Kilbali asked him.

"Often it was our dance" Ahadi said smiling.

"And now she wants you to fight her completely what has changed Ahadi" Kilbali asked him.

Ahadi struggled with the answer but he knew the truth Kilbali was right she had changed but only as much as war would change someone deep down it was all still the same just more extreme.

"What do I do?" Ahadi asked.

"I don't know Ahadi I don't know what to do with my own life" Kilbali said.

He was still struggling with his choice the more he saw the more he realized this whole monarchy was a failure and he could not support it which meant he could not be king but not being king meant leaving Uru.

"I don't support it Ahadi" Kilbali said.

"What do you mean?" Ahadi asked.

"This whole monarchy thing, it doesn't work. Mohatu is a tyrant and no one stops him. They don't help anyone or anything they just create more violence. They enslave a kingdom and the kingdom just lets them, I can't be a part of this I could never believe in this" Kilbali stated.

"Who else could take your place Kilbali?" Ahadi asked.

Kilbali thought about it he didn't know who could take his place as king though anyone would be an improvement. All he wanted was someone to make Uru happy and there was only one choice but no that was impossible it would be the same situation only Ahadi would be the one living a life he didn't want to there was no answer.

"No one you're right Ahadi there is no other way" Kilbali said with regret.

The two of them prepared to leave when a lion appeared before them, "You're presence is requested in the divide under order of the king."

"For what?" Ahadi asked.

"The war has been won and now in honor of our victory the princess's wedding will take place immediately" The lion said.

Ahadi and Kilbali looked back at each other before following the lion. Even victory caused pain, Uru's life was being taken from her and she was being forced to live a life she didn't want. Kilbali couldn't do this but what other choice was there no matter what happened there was no way all three of them got a happy ending.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 11:

The wedding

Kilbali was sitting alone in a cave this was it the day he would marry the woman he loved with everything in his heart. It should be a happy day but it wasn't nothing about this was right. Uru's life Kilbali becoming part of a monarchy he didn't agree with in truth Kilbali's life was in a way being taken as well even though he was being married to the woman he loved more than anything it was not for the better of anyone. This couldn't happen but what could he do could he say no but if he did who would Mohatu hand Uru over to, no he couldn't risk things getting worse so he had to accept this even it meant shattering Uru's dreams. Kilbali felt a tear go down his cheek this is not how he envisoned his wedding or his mate.

Ahadi was waiting for the wedding to start he had been ordered to serve as the head of security he was rather surprised since he abandoned his army and post but Mohatu didn't seem to care much. Ahadi thought about Uru how could her parents force her to do this how could they show so little care for their daughters wants and needs. His thoughts were interrupted by Mohatu.

"I should have gutted for your cowardly abandonment of your post but you have done well throughout I will forgive you're mistake but be certain it does not happen again." Mohatu warned.

Ahadi nodded before watching him leave. He saw him as little more than a slave, Mohatu didn't value anyone's life it was sickening that he was king and Ahadi knew he didn't want to serve him anymore but if he left he was dead, Ahadi was as trapped as Kilbali and Uru, Mohatu had managed to trap all of them.

Uru was waiting in her chamber staring at herself through a pond below her, she felt a deep agony in her heart but ignored it.

Asha entered the chamber and gazed at her daughter, "My goodness Uru you look so beautiful" she told her daughter.

"Thank you mother" Uru said trying to sound happy.

"You're mate is one lucky lion, Uru" Asha said.

"As am I" Uru said.

Asha saw her daughters sadness she knew it well, "I'm sorry Uru I know this isn't what you wanted or hoped for, what kind of mother am I for letting your father force this on you." Asha said in near tears.

"No don't think that mother please don't think that" Uru said softly.

"I wanted to be a better mother to you I really did but I could never find the strength to stand up for you any real mother would've." Asha said allowing herself to cry.

"I love you mom, I don't regret anything between us you were a great mother, don't tell yourself otherwise." Uru said sweetly tears appearing in her eyes as well.

"I love you too Uru" Asha told her before leaving, "I just never had the courage to show it" Asha said to herself in disgust.

All the animals had gathered in the divide of the kings to witness the marriage between Uru and Kilbali. Ahadi watched as they all found places to sit other just decided to stand. Ahadi saw Kilbali standing at the end of the valley he didn't look happy either, wow Kilbali was madly in love with Uru if even he wasn't happy about this wedding than something was truly wrong with this whole situation. The animals all watched as Uru revealed herself Mohatu wasn't there instead Asha was with her guiding her down the alter Uru was trying not to look sad but it was pretty obvious she was. She joined Kilbali at the end of the valley who tried to smile at her as if to tell her I will make this a good life.

"Welcome all we have gathered here today to join these two lions together in matrimony" Mohatu declared sounding a lot kinder than he actually was especially to those who actually knew him.

Uru turned to face Kilbali, "Do you have any vows to exchange?" Mohatu asked.

"yes" Kilbali said he took a step closer to Uru taking her paw gently, "I love you more than I could ever love anything I know this isn't how you intended but I will do everything in my power to make certain you are happy that's all I want from you not you're love not you're passion or affection all I want is for you to be happy and I would sacrifice everything for it, I love you Uru and I always will." Kilbali said trying not to cry.

Uru smiled gently at Kilbali he really was trying and he did love her at least she had that much, "I'm sorry I don't have anything but all I can say is this thank you I will never forget how you feel and I can only hope one day I will love you, I cannot promise this but I will try you deserve that much you deserve my love, I will try to give you it, thank you Kilbali" Uru said sweetly.

Most of the crowd seemed rather surprised by the vows rather than touched, Ahadi however was touched he hoped things would end up well for them.

"Do you Kilbali take Uru as a your mate will love her and be there for you as long as you live" Mohatu asked he then turned to Kilbali and whispered in his ear.

"Defy me now and I will see her condemned to a life of true sorrow." Mohatu whispered.

"You are a disgrace of a father I hope to see you paid in full for everything you've done" Kilbali whispered back.

"Repeat that" Mohatu asked.

"I do" Kilbali said.

"Uru do you take Kilbali as your mate will you love him for as long as you live?" Mohatu asked his daughter.

"I do" Uru said.

"Then I now pronounce you mates" Mohatu declared.

Before Kilbali could react Uru grabbed him and kissed him this was the only part of the wedding she was looking forward to finally giving Kilbali what he deserved. Kilbali couldn't move he couldn't think and he couldn't feel anything except Uru's muzzle brushing against his own. Uru placed her tongue in his mouth caressing it around his and brushing it against his teeth she then pulled away. Kilbali was panting and gasping for breath.

"That was for everything you had done for me" Uru told him.

Kilbali still couldn't speak he had kissed her he had received a kiss from the woman he loved he wanted nothing more and never again would he ever ask for anything.

"It is custom for the married couple to dance with each other" Uru told him, Kilbali didn't say anything he just smiled and followed her.

Ahadi watched as the ceremony continued he felt an empty feeling in himself there was something missing and he knew what it was what it would always be. An aroma then approached Ahadi as if sensing his needs he recognized it, it was her Kecila she was here. Ahadi began following the scent leaving the ceremony and making his way to a lake he recognized it. He then noticed other scents. He turned and saw close to half a dozen hyenas, he prepared himself for battle but they didn't attack him instead they took a stick of fire into their mouths and lit several torches creating a beautiful glow around the lake they were then gone. Ahadi then noticed it the intoxicating scent he slowly turned and there she was descending down a stair way of rocks. Her blue eyes sparkled like the sky and ocean. Her fur seemed to glow.

"Kecila" it was all he could say.

"Ahadi" she said his name softly more softly than he ever heard.

Ahadi slowly approached her she placed her paw out to him.

"It's just a little tango" She told him.

Ahadi took her paw and pulled her down the last stair letting her fall into his arms. They began to move slowly in sequence gently moving themselves from side to side.

"I didn't think you would be here" Ahadi said in a quiet voice.

"How could I not it could've been ours" Kecila told him equally soft.

He pulled her in close spinning her around before pulling her into his arms she allowed herself to partially fall backwards. Ahadi holds her in place before lifting her in the air Kecila remained in the air for a moment before resting herself in Ahadi's arms. She wrapped her own around his neck and placed her leg up she then threw him out and pulled him back in. Ahadi caught her by the waist they held their pose while Ahadi placed his face close to her neck. They then held each other close and began slowly moving back and forth.

"I still love you" Ahadi told her.

"I know" Kecila said with more emotion than Ahadi believed possible.

"Do you not feel the same?" Ahadi asked her.

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't" Kecila said lovingly.

Ahadi felt his heart skip a beat she loved him that was probably the closest she ever would say to it.

"I had to have one more moment with you" Kecila told him while licking his cheek she then kissed his neck.

"One last moment" Ahadi said in pain.

"You know as well as I do that time is gone there are other things coming" Kecila told him.

"we don't have to be apart" Ahadi pleaded.

"You don't know me not completely. I didn't change Ahadi I just didn't show you it, face it we cannot be" Kecila told him.

"No don't make me live without you again" Ahadi.

"There is no choice but I will always remember this moment where you were mine and I was yours" Kecila told him

She then placed her paws over his eyes she then kissed him softly. Kecila had never kissed him softly it was so gentle and yet never before had Ahadi felt such love he kissed her back but then noticed she wasn't there anymore. Ahadi ran his paw across his muzzle he let her scent surround him and for a moment felt pure bliss then it was gone, and he had a theory he would never feel it again in a lot of ways he was right.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 12:

Ashes to Ashes

Ahadi was returning to the wedding where he saw Uru and Kilbali still dancing they saw him and approached him.

"Has the ceremony been to your liking?" Uru asked politely.

"Yeah" Ahadi said in a near day dream.

"You alright buddy?" Kilbali asked.

"She was here I saw her we danced, we held each other close" Ahadi said love struck yet sad.

"I see her feelings have not faded completely" Kilbali said.

"Kilbali why would she come here to just see him?" Uru asked.

Kilbali smelled the area around him and noticed many faint scents the only reason he noticed them at all was because he focused on them something no one would be considering.

"Something's wrong" Kilbali said concerned.

"What do you mean?" Ahadi asked.

At that moment a hyena revealed itself and many more followed it. More and more emerged until they were surrounded by at least two dozen.

"An ambush" Uru said readying herself.

"This doesn't make sense why would she come to me then do this?" Ahadi said in complete confusion.

The hyenas charged at them attacking the lions and the guest. Many more sprung out from hiding immobilizing the lions and lionesses. They struck fast slamming them into the ground or wall removing them from action. Uru, Kilbali and Ahadi were now the only warriors available.

"We're outnumbered they have left us standing just so we can see this" Kilbali said.

"Then let us prove them fools for leaving us standing at all" Uru declared.

The hyenas came at them Uru met them head on how dare they interrupt her wedding she'll see them pay for that. Uru grabbed a hyena and slammed it to the ground she then spun around and kicked another one in the face. A third came at her she threw into a wall. Kilbali was stunned he had no idea Uru was such a warrior. However despite her skills they still needed reinforcements like now.

"Ahadi go and rally the guest to fight back" Kilbali told him.

"What I'm not king" Ahadi responded.

"No but you are the general of the army I'm not king they won't listen to me you have to try." Kilbali stated.

Ahadi raced towards the guest he didn't think this was going to work they only listen to a king and well that wasn't him.

Asha and Mohatu were walking back to their temporary cave in the divide together she didn't know what he wanted though a part of her wanted to tell him she was leaving but if she did he would likely kill her and maybe Uru she couldn't risk it. They entered their cave only to discover they weren't alone.

"Good evening your royal highnesses" Kecila said politely.

"What are you doing here?" Mohatu demanded.

"Nice to see you too" Kecila joked.

Asha did not recognize this hyena what did she want.

"get out Kecila that's an order" Mohatu commanded.

"You expect me to follow it, than go ahead and enforce it if you can." Kecila said with a grin.

Mohatu felt a great rage at her how dare she defy him like this he would see her suffer for that.

"I could signal the whole pride here in an instant" Mohatu told her.

"Go ahead" Kecila challenged.

Mohatu let out a roar but before it fully came out Kecila placed her claws to his throat.

"Too slow" Kecila said smugly.

"what do you want?" Asha asked.

"In simplest terms to paint this cave with your blood." Kecila said with a twisted smile.

"You won't kill me" Mohatu said in fear.

"Not yet first I have to give your reward this kingdom well at least what will be left of it soon." Kecila said with a sadistic grin.

Mohatu was confused what did she mean by what's left of it?

Uru and Kilbali fought their way through the hyenas only for a bunch of them to pile up on them and push them to the ground with a mighty roar they threw them off. Ahadi rushed to the fleeing animals.

"Where are you going" He demanded.

"This is out of control we're going back home?" An elephant told him.

If you leave this will just follow you back the pride lands we have to face it now" Ahadi declared.

"This isn't our fight" A leopard said.

"How is it not you think it's going to end here?" Ahadi asked them.

"This kingdom is not ours they can have it." The elephant said.

"You're not running I command you to fight!" Ahadi said.

The elephant swat him aside with his trunk knocking him into a pond the animals all began to flee.

"No wait we won't survive this unless we stand together!" Ahadi called out to them but they all ignored him.

Uru kicked a hyena into a lake while Kilbali tossed one into a wall. More came at them they readied themselves for the next attack it didn't come.

The hyenas pulled away, "It's time you know our orders" One of them said.

As the others backed away many many more appeared all carrying torches.

"That can't be for us it's enough to burn the whole kingdom down!" Kilbali shouted.

"They wouldn't!" Uru cried.

The hyenas all began spreading the flame through the grass and trees setting them ablaze hundreds of hyenas set the kingdom ablaze in moments the inferno was spreading and consuming everything. Other hyenas were pouring basket full of fluids into all the surrounding water.

"This place killed countless of our kind for their deaths destroy it destroy it all!" The hyena army shouted.

Uru and Kilbali noticed the flames were already spreading consuming every thing around them what didn't burn was smothered in the fluid the hyenas spread Uru noticed the plant life around her began to die. She reached down and touched a slowly whittling away flower. Kilbali looked up and noticed trees were rotting away as well. Grass was being burned to ash. Ahadi moved through the kingdom everywhere he went something was dying. Ahadi looked into the pond and saw the fish all thrashing before they stopped moving the hippos were still as well. He saw other animals collapsing to the ground choking after drinking the water before their moving ceased. No this couldn't be happening the entire divide of the kings was being wiped out.

Uru and Kilbali continued looking around as the kingdom and it's inhabitants all around them died. They saw an equally horrified Ahadi emerge.

"I can't believe, no she wouldn't" Ahadi said in denial.

"None of that matters we have to leave or we are going to die too" Kilbali said.

"Not without my mother we have to go back for her" Uru pleaded.

"We can't it spread too fast we have to hope they got out but if we don't leave now we won't!" Kilbali shouted.

Uru, Ahadi and Kilbali moved through the decaying and dying kingdom they made their way to it's borders they had to leave now there wasn't much time left. As they departed Uru spotted Kecila with her parents without thinking she immediately rushed towards her Ahadi and Kilbali followed.

Kecila led Mohatu and Asha through the slowly dying kingdom as it withered away.

"What have you done?!" Mohatu demanded.

"Here's your reward was it worth all the effort" Kecila asked him.

"What are you doing why?" Asha asked horrified.

"This has nothing to do with you only your mate" Kecila explained.

"We had a deal" Mohatu said in shock.

"What? What do you mean?" Asha asked.

"Your saint of a mate struck a deal with me to kill my mom and escalate the conflict between us so he could claim these lands for himself." Kecila explained.

"You wanted this war Mohatu" Asha said in disgust.

"You monster, enough I will not stand by you anymore!" Asha roared she then turned to Kecila.

"Do what you will with him?" Asha stated.

Kecila grinned at Asha's response before grabbing her, "You're mate gave me a command look how that ended." Kecila said before throwing her aside.

"You said the kingdom would be mine" Mohatu said in a near whisper.

"It is, I never said it would be intact" Kecila stated.

"This is my kingdom" Mohatu said the tone in his voice sounded pathetic.

"Not anymore now it will be ashes and then a wasteland a sanctuary of death, a land of sorrow, a kingdom outside of life, an outland" Kecila said while smiling sadistically.

"You're a monster too" Asha said in defiance.

"How brave of you" Kecila told her while getting closer, "I didn't know you had a spine" Kecila said spitefully.

Asha stood her ground she couldn't run now, "Mom what are you doing get out of there!" Uru screamed.

Leave Uru get to safety now!" Asha commanded for the first time in her life she sounded strong.

"You show you're guts now allow me to show you what they look like" Kecila said grinning.

"You won't touch my mom!" Uru growled before jumping at Kecila.

"Uru no don't!" Kilbali cried out to her having just arrived.

Uru flew at Kecila and extracted her claws Kecila caught her and threw her to the ground, "If you wish to die I'll happily oblige you" Kecila said smiling.

"Kecila stop, this isn't you!" Ahadi pleaded.

"I told you, you don't know who I truly am, this is me" Kecila told him in a more compassionate voice.

"Don't you lay a paw on her!" Kilbali demanded.

"Try and stop me if you think you can" Kecila said bluntly.

Asha charged at Kecila and grabbed her paw, she had never been a good mother to Uru but now she could be finally she could stand up for her.

"I said you won't touch my daughter!" Asha screamed.

Kecila twisted her paw back forcing her on her knees but Asha forced herself to stand again.

"Perhaps you weren't just a spineless coward after all" Kecila told her.

Uru pulled herself up and ran at them but Asha kicked her away she then kicked a thing of wood down creating a thing of fire that separated her from Uru, Kilbali and Ahadi.

"I'm not afraid" Asha told her.

"If only this courage could've shown up sooner. Kecila stated.

Asha swung at Kecila with all her might and struck right in the chin she then extracted her claws and plunged them right at her heart Kecila caught them and looked up at her Asha stared back knowing what was going to happen she was not afraid.

"It seems there was a warrior buried in there after all" Kecila told her respectfully she then plunged her claws into her chest and ram them through her heart.

"No mom!" Uru cried in anguish.

Asha fell to the ground looking at Uru, "Fina ll y I pr ov ed tha t I lo ved yo u." She choked out before her breathing ceased and her body went still. Asha the mother of Uru had passed on she lived in weakness but died with strength.

"I salute you Asha, you are a warrior now sleep in your redemption" Kecila said while bowing respectfully. She then grabbed Mohatu and turned to Ahadi.

"Find me and you will finally know the truth of this world." She told before departing.

Uru rolled through the fire and crawled to Asha's body.

"Mom" Uru cried, "Mom" she repeated.

Uru cradled her mother sobbing endlessly.

"I love you mom, I love you" Uru cried tears streaming down her cheeks.

Ahadi could not believe what he had just seen Kecila murdered her in cold, blood there was no reason to how could she do it?

Uru laid her mother down and rose from the ground. Uru watched as the fire consumed Asha's body and slowly burned it away she then turned to Ahadi.

"I'm going to kill her for this I swear it!" Uru roared.

"No Uru I don't think you could beat her" Ahadi replied.

"Forget about revenge we all need each other we need to go home." Kilbali reasoned.

"No I won't go home until I see her die" Uru declared before rushing off.

"I have to go she calls to me" Ahadi told him.

"This is your battle Ahadi" Kilbali stated.

"You're abandoning me, You're abandoning her?" Ahadi said in shock.

"No I promise I will be there for you when you need me but for now you must stop Uru she won't listen to me, and what awaits you, that you must face alone." Kilbali explained, Ahadi nodded before leaving.

Kilbali watched Ahadi leave he then took a final look at what had been the divide now it was a wasteland he could tell soon the water would dry up and what ever survived the fire would wither and die that place was dead forever the divide was gone and in it's place stood the wasteland known as the outlands.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

Postby Hatari05 » October 18th, 2018, 4:15 am

: Chapter 13:


Kecila sat on top of the gorge Mohatu was sprawled out on the ground in front of her the sky was filled with clouds and there was a distant sound of thunder from afar.

"What do you want with me?" Mohatu said in fear.

Kecila chuckled for all his boasting he was nothing but a coward his death would be satisfying, "Your death" Kecila said bluntly.

"No wait we can discuss this we can make an arrangement." Mohatu pleaded.

"Your mate died with dignity you should too" Kecila stated coldly.

"Then why haven't you killed me yet?" Mohatu asked struggling not to shake.

"I have a different end in mind for you" Kecila told him while grinning.

"Kecila!" Uru shouted having appeared in front of the gorge.

Uru slowly approached Kecila growling in rage, she turned to her father who she also felt nothing but revulsion for he was the cause of most of this and Uru would be certain he was punished for it.

"You murdered my mother" Uru seethed.

"Yes I did and I will murder many more before this is over as will you." Kecila told her.

Uru was trembling with theory it took every ounce of self control not pounce on her and rip her to the shreds.

"I'm going to kill you for what you've done" Uru promised.

"No if you attack I'm going to kill you slowly, horribly, painfully" Kecila stated bluntly.

"You don't want any of this Kecila" Ahadi said while walking up to the gorge.

"You really don't know me not even in the slightest" Kecila told him.

Ahadi felt a deep pain in his heart over her words he did know he loved her more than anything, and she loved him, "Forget all this Kecila" Ahadi implored.

"You care about his life?" Kecila asked him.

"No but I care about you I nearly lost you and it was my fault I did please Kecila don't send me back there" Ahadi pleaded his voice was soft.

Kecila was amused yet at the same time disgusted how had he become so weak apparently embraced his weakness as much as she nearly did no matter it was time to bring out the real Ahadi.

"You're fault my you've been kept in the dark. The source of your pain and suffering is no further than the whimpering lion right in front of you." Kecila told him.

"What do you mean?" Ahadi asked in confusion.

"He ordered the attack he told the former general to tell you I was dead he did all this specifically so you would think my death was your fault forcing you to join him." Kecila explained while scraping her claws on the rocks.

Ahadi and Uru both were shocked by the revelation told to them it really was all him he planned everything it was all an act in that moment Ahadi felt a rage and hatred take hold of him like never before, it was all his fault everything Ahadi lost because of him. Ahadi growled in anger and slowly approached Mohatu he then grabbed him by the neck lifting him up.

"How dare you use my love to manipulate me!" Ahadi roared, "you're going to suffer for that!" Ahadi screamed.

"Ahadi you don't know if that is true she could be lying." Uru warned him.

"Ask him yourself" Kecila said.

Ahadi dropped Mohatu to the ground while still staring into his soul. Kecila sprang on top of Mohatu and dragged him to his feet she then sliced his chest causing him to cry out in pain she covered his mouth clawing his back next.

"You don't believe me fine but I think a reliable confession will suffice." Kecila said placing her claws to Mohatu's shoulder she then began digging them in causing him to scream in pain.

"Tell him or I'll tear right through your bone" Kecila warned.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Mohatu shouted in pain.

Kecila grabbed his neck and placed her claws to his throat, "No wait don't do this!" Mohatu pleaded.

"Tell him or you die" Kecila commanded her voice like ice.

"Alright Alright! Just please don't kill me!" Mohatu begged.

Mohatu turned to Ahadi who continued to glare at him rage in his eyes, Mohatu was trapped however Kecila would kill him for sure Ahadi however might spare him, Ahadi was the lesser of the two evil.

"Ahadi it is true I did all this to force you into joining me" Mohatu confessed.

"So it's true you did use me!" Ahadi shouted charging at him again.

"Yes but you know why you are the one the one the shaman foretold who would come and bring about a new age I needed you on my side!" Mohatu explained.

"How do we know this Shaman thing isn't just another one of your lies?" Uru demanded.

'It's not the Shaman is real, there is a tree it is near the furthest border of the Pride Lands a lone Shaman lives there he told me everything told me that this was the beginning go there yourself you will see that I am not lying!" Mohatu said desperately.

Kecila had heard enough Mohatu's pathetic pleas were becoming tiresome it was time for Ahadi to embrace the truth.

"Enough even if he tells the truth he stole your whole life from you and used your own heart against you, does this not require retribution?" Kecila asked.

"If he tells the truth his reasons hold purpose" Ahadi stated.

"And what of his other crimes what he did to his mate to Uru or the fact that he deliberately started this war his crimes extend far Ahadi he is a monster and monsters must die" Kecila stated.

"What do you mean" Ahadi asked refusing to see just what Kecila was asking.

"Kill him, he has brought you nothing but pain he is your enemy and the enemy of many other spill his blood." Kecila stated.

Ahadi was shocked by her words kill him Ahadi wasn't a killer but wait that wasn't entirely true he had killed several times all in Mohatu's name all for a lie.

"Ahadi no he's a monster but he's still my father don't this isn't right" Uru tried to reason.

"Not right, how many lives have you taken Ahadi all because Mohatu asked you to how many are dead because of him?" Kecila asked.

"How many have you killed?" Ahadi asked her thinking back to what happened to the divide all the lives Kecila took.

"Enough, but this isn't about that Mohatu wronged you kill him it is the only true justice." Kecila stated.

"No Ahadi that isn't justice that's revenge" Uru reasoned her voice was firm.

"Did you not come for revenge girl" Kecila taunted her.

Uru was began to tremble in rage while Ahadi looked at Uru and then Mohatu, "You see it don't you the only true justice is the justice you administer yourself." Kecila told them both.

"Ahadi are you not better than me?" Mohatu said in complete fear.

Ahadi turned back to Kecila he was a monster but what about Kecila by her logic she had to die as well, "You're asking me to give into my darkness to become a monster." Ahadi said.

"No, I'm not because you already are one as are you Uru after all didn't you come here for the sole purpose of murder just like I came to your wedding tell me what is the difference here what separates us?" Kecila asked while turning to Uru smirking.

Ahadi was torn when she put it that way it did sound similar how was Uru seeking to kill Kecila any different from Kecila seeking the death of her enemies. Where was the line here was it even there anymore. Ahadi found his morals being called into question but then he remembered Kecila murdered an entire kingdom there was no moral ground there she was wronng.

"Don't try to play this as some moral struggle you murdered an entire pride how could you do that Kecila?!" Ahadi demanded.

Kecila placed her claws to Mohatu's throat he began to whimper she savored it before turning to Ahadi in partial confusion what was he so outraged about what did she do so awful.

"What how could I do that simple they were my opponents I decided to win" Kecila stated.

"You murdered all of them Kecila every animal in that kingdom is dead!" Ahadi roared.

"You're point, I'm sorry weren't they dying in droves anyway every day we fought for that worthless chunk of land they died I just decided to end it now rather than for however much longer we fought for that useless kingdom." Kecila said coldly.

Uru was horrified how could Kecila not see the horrible repulsive nature of her actions she turned and was even more shocked to see her father was equally horrified.

Ahadi was even more outraged, "You slaughtered them all the innocent along with the guilty!" Ahadi shouted.

Kecila chuckled cruelly at Ahadi's reaction, "No one is innocent because anyone will kill at a moments notice" She stated.

Uru and Mohatu both were becoming more and more horrified by Kecila's words.

"Tell me how often do people try to justify their murders of others, Uru why are you going to kill me? Mohatu why did want Kamara dead? Ahadi why did you kill so many hyenas?" Kecila asked all of them.

"You murdered my mom!" Uru tried to reason.

"She wouldn't surrender she denied me the kingdom!" Mohatu rationalized.

"I was defending my kingdom my home" Ahadi stated.

Kecila smiled a twisted smile, "Hm revenge, power, and the perceived greater good" She told them, "and yet it's all the same someone is dead for your own personal desires." Kecila said.

Ahadi, Uru and Mohatu felt their will draining no they were right they made the right choice they had to of.

"So if you are as you said doing the right thing why does it always lead to death?" Kecila asked them, none of them had the answer.

"No matter what happens people always kill in the end why?" Kecila questioned them.

Ahadi, Uru and even Mohatu felt so small they could feel Kecila's words crushing down on them what kind of devil was she, she hadn't touched them yet they were breaking.

Kecila smirked she knew they didn't have the answer, "War, violence and death are the natural state of life everyone deep down in their core is a killer some just bury it and live in denial but they are no better and would act the same if the chips were down" Kecila explained.

The three of them listened to Kecila's words struggling to reject them.

"The world is a killer it's the only thing we are truly any good at the only thing we can do effectively while everything else we try fails miserably" Kecila continued.

Ahadi and Uru could not believe this however Mohatu could see it the truth of Kecila's words were dawning on him he was a killer nothing more.

"No! You're wrong!" Uru screamed

"We fight for Peace!" Ahadi declared.

Kecila smiled at both of them, "Ahadi do you even know what you would do with a life of peace?" Kecila asked him, he had no response.

"You're a killer too as are you Uru deny it all you want but you had no intention of understanding my reason no instead you immediately resort to violence" Kecila said while staring at Uru during the later sections.

Uru felt herself cracking she had to silence her, "If the world truly wanted peace people would accept the differing beliefs of others they would be opened to other creatures." Kecila reasoned her voice sounding soft almost compassionate.

"But deep down all they want is to kill whatever goes against them it's time to stop pretending and give the world what it wants if some refuse to fight then they are weak and deserve to die." Kecila stated her voice more harsh.

Ahadi felt his resolve training he didn't want to believe that but he couldn't counter it why didn't the hyenas just give up why didn't the lions just agree to peace why did they always choose violence.

"No no" Uru it was all could say the denial overwhelming her.

Ahadi looked up at Kecila, "Why deny it Mohatu wronged you he will go on to kill many others can't you see even now killing is the answer you kill him no more die by his paw." Kecila told him.

She was right he couldn't deny it she always knew him so well Mohatu was a killer he wouldn't stop he had to die to preserve peace, he had to be killed because Kecila was right killing was the only true answer.

Ahadi approached Mohatu extracting his claws.

"No Ahadi don't this isn't the way don't do this!" Uru pleaded.

"It's the only way it's always the only way." Ahadi said completely and utterly defeated.

"No it's not Ahadi" Kilbali stated having arrived at the gorge, "I said I would be here when you needed me now I am."

"If I don't kill him more will die there is no other choice" Ahadi reasoned.

"Maybe but the choice is in your hand are you a killer?" Kilbali asked him.

"Yes I am how many have I killed?" Ahadi asked.

"Perhaps but that is done will you become killer just because Kecila says you are?" Kilbali asked him firmly.

"Stop Ahadi don't give into her" Uru pleaded.

Ahadi pondered his options looking to Uru and Kilbali he then gazed at his lover and finally Mohatu who was whimpering on the ground he stared back at his friends again and then the woman he loved before looking at Mohatu he repeated the process one more time before raising his claws he then brought them down but stopped them mere inches from Mohatu's face.

"No I am more than what I have done I will not give into violence." Ahadi declared.

Kecila looked at him with disappointment, "How unfortunate I arranged this whole thing for you my love to show you the truth so we could finally understand each other, how disappointing" Kecila said.

She walked up to Mohatu and then moved behind him, "I have no further use for this coward" She said in anger she then drove her claws through his spine and into his chest before pulling them out.

Mohatu collapsed to the ground feeling his life fading no he couldn't die like this he had to see the one who killed him destroyed he turned to Ahadi.

Mohatu began reaching his paw out, "Fol low th e win d" He continued while looking directly at Ahadi "kil l thi s de vi l" He choked out before his arm fell to the floor, "no no thi s wa s my er a" They were his last words his breathing ceased and his body slumped no not like this he had to win he had to win but it was not to be his past had caught up with him, Mohatu had finally faced justice and he would facing true justice beyond.

Uru watched as her father died she should feel relieved but all she felt was rage Kecila had taken another member of her family.

"That's the last life you'll take I swear it!" Uru roared before charging at her.

"No Uru don't you can't beat her!" Ahadi shouted.

Kecila backhanded Ahadi and slammed his head into a rock knocking him unconscious. Kilbali came at her as well she kicked him right in the temple rendering him unconscious instantly. She then turned to Uru.

"Turn away or I will inflict great agony on you" Kecila threatened.

"No you are you going to die for my mother and even my father!" Uru screamed with venom.

"Welcome to enlightenment so glad to see you've embraced the truth" Kecila taunted her.

"No, I'll never embrace that never!" Uru screamed to the heavens before charging at Kecila full force.

Uru could see it all her mother would be avenged and Kecila would pay for everything she had done justice would be dispensed with great savagery and pain, she was partially right there would indeed be great savagery and pain, agonizing pain.

Uru tackled Kecila to the ground who quickly kicked her in the chest knocking her away. Uru crashed into a rock back first before hitting the ground she ignored the pain and pulled herself up. She came at Kecila again swinging her paw in a barrage of blows none of which connected. The first was aimed at her temple she ducked underneath and struck Uru in the ribs. Uru slashed for above her eye which Kecila parried away before slashing Uru right across the face on her left cheek. Uru stumbled before swinging her paw at Kecila's jaw she side stepped it before striking Uru right on her elbow joints. Uru backed away and clenched her arm in pain she was having trouble lifting it she fought off the pain and extracted her claws. She sliced at Kecila's chest which Kecila dodged before slashing her chest she then flipped behind her and sliced open her back. Uru screamed in pain as she fell to her knees trying to reach for her back. Kecila without hesitating kicked her in the spine causing Uru even greater pain she then kicked her again sending her falling backwards and crashing her face into the ground.

Uru pulled herself up desperately trying to hold in her cries of pain, Kecila appeared behind her grabbing her head and pulling it up she then slammed into the stone floor. Uru felt her vision blurring Kecila then slammed her head into a second time, then a third and forth and finally fifth. She pulled Uru up and slashed both sides of her ribs causing Uru to screamed again. Kecila tossed her aside and slashed her stomach Uru was having trouble even moving now her whole body was in agony. Kecila walked up to her again Uru swung her paw which Kecila caught she then bent it backwards. Uru began to scream in pain as Kecila twisted it further she yanked harder before she began to slowly twist the joints. Uru was screaming in complete agony now her screams were echoing across the entire gorge. Kecila applied more pressure and snapped the arm dropping the useless which Uru held while screaming tears of pain were falling from her eyes.

"It's dawning on you now isn't it?" Kecila told her cruelly.

Kecila lifted her up and plunged her claws in between her ribs she then let dangle by them. Uru was still screaming but her screams were becoming gags she was in far too much pain to scream anymore. Kecila threw her into a rock pulling her claws out in the process. Uru lied lifeless against the rock. Kecila charged and struck her right in the ribs. She then grabbed Uru and struck her in the chest she did so again and again and again. Uru felt her body smashing into the rock over and over finally Kecila struck her right in the middle of her chest, her back smashed into the rock and impact caused the rock to shatter to pieces Uru was sent crashing to the floor. Kecila approached her again she was completely defeated she couldn't even fight back however she was a fool and a lesson needed to be learned.

"You know it now don't you?" Kecila asked her.

Uru was twitching on the ground she was in so much agony that she was literally crying all she could do was cry in pain as her body screamed. Kecila picked her up holding her by the neck. Uru continued to cry.

"Don't pick a fight unless you know, you can win!" She roared the last part before head butting Uru she then struck her in the stomach. She then head butt her again and struck her again she then did it again and again. Kecila slammed her head into Uru's again this time Uru's body didn't even move she just hung there like a rag doll she couldn't fight back she couldn't even feel the pain anymore. Kecila was satisfied.

"Let this be a lesson to you" She told Uru before throwing her broken and battered form to the ground, Ahadi was getting up when he saw Uru hit the ground dear god what did Kecila did to her?!

Ahadi raced to Kilbali who was also getting up he then saw Uru's shattered form, "Uru my god what happened?!" Kilbali cried out while reaching for her.

"Get her out of here Kilbali get her back to Pride Rock she needs medical aid immediately!" Ahadi cried.

"What about you Ahadi?" Kilbali asked him.

"Go now I have to do this myself" Ahadi told him.

Kilbali nodded to him before grabbing Uru and throwing her on his back he then ran away from the Gorge and headed back towards Pride Rock.

Ahadi turned to face Kecila, "How could you what are you?!" Ahadi cried out to her.

"I told you, you don't know me" Kecila said her voice more soft.

"She wasn't a threat to you, you didn't have to brutalize her!" Ahadi screamed.

"I doubt she will challenge me again, and what's it matter a battle is a battle would've you preferred I killed her?" Kecila asked him.

"How could you do this after all we were, I loved you Kecila!" Ahadi said in tears.

"I know but love won't save you or anyone Kilbali loved Uru did it help her?" Kecila said bluntly.

"Enough one doesn't have to be ruthless and cold blooded to survive!" Ahadi shouted.

"Really we'll see, we'll see if negotiating saves the pride when I slaughtered like lambs then you'll understand" Kecila told him.

"No! You won't hurt anyone else!" Ahadi roared.

He charged at Kecila who merely stood by and did nothing. Ahadi slammed his paw into her face before striking above her left eye. He then extracted his claws and sliced at her chest but they stopped he tried to slice above her right eye but his claws stopped again, he couldn't hurt her, he couldn't kill her. He felt her claws stab his chest it wasn't deep but it was enough to cause him to collapse on his knees. Kecila then sliced his ribs she then slashed his chest as well. Ahadi just stared up at her in shock. Kecila bit his shoulder while slicing the top of his back before biting the other side of his neck as she did this her claws sliced open his back this time more near the middle. She swiped her claws above his head and then above the eye. Ahadi felt his whole body shutting down she wasn't holding back he did and it cost him. Ahadi fell to the ground staring at Kecila in complete shock. Kecila slashed at his back and chest she then rested herself on top of him. She bit just below his neck before flipping him over and biting near the bottom of his spine. Ahadi couldn't move he just continued to stare at her in disbelieve. Kecila dangled him over the gorge.

"Do you know why you lost, because you denied your nature" Kecila told him, she then gave him a gentle, sweet and loving kiss she pulled away before dropping him off the gorge.

Ahadi landed on a ledge about half way down, "you tried to be anything but a killer and so you could not win nor could you save those you love." Kecila told him before departing the Gorge.

"You will see the truth in time my love" He heard her voice echo as her scent faded.

Ahadi struggled to pull himself to his feet rain began to fall from the sky as Ahadi began to slowly limp his way through the gorge until he came across a familiar cave his old home.

It all came back to him everything that had happened yet he still could not find the answer how had this all happened how did he get here he thought about it some more. Ahadi struggled to move as he gazed at the drawings on the cave drawings he himself made but none of that mattered anymore it was over they were over, she was now his enemy and if Kecila was his enemy then Ahadi wasn't certain he had any desire to continue living because there was only one path now to save everyone else he would have to kill her and Ahadi knew he couldn't no matter what happened nothing could ever bring him to kill her. He would not kill the woman he loves.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 14:
The path we will walk

Ahadi was resting in the cave still wrestling with the near impossible choice he was faced with there had to be another way there had to be. He tried to force himself up before collapsing again. Maybe he wouldn't have to worry about his choice for much longer because there was a real possibility he wasn't going to be here tomorrow. Ahadi wasn't even certain if that was a bad thing.

Ahadi rested his head down allowing his body to relax as best as he could he prepared to drift off when he heard a voice calling out to him.

"Ahadi! Ahadi!" Kilbali called out.

Ahadi could hear him but his voice was becoming distorted he couldn't really process it all he felt his vision blurring and passed out still hearing the voice calling out to him.

Ahadi opened his eyes to see both Uru and Kilbali staring down at him.

"What how did I how did you?" he asked in confusion.

"You weren't hard to find you left a very clear trail" Kilbali replied rather seriously.

"How were you still breathing after that?" Uru asked him though she wasn't one to talk she looked just as bed in fact Ahadi noticed she was in the same medical bay he was and only Kilbali was truly standing, this wasn't surprising considering what Kecila did to her heck what she did to both of them.

"Don't move Uru save your strength" Kilbali told her while gently resting her on a rock covered with leaves that served as her bed.

"How long have I been out?" Ahadi asked.

"A few days I wasn't even sure you were going to survive" Kilbali told him.

"A few days what happened how is the kingdom?!" Ahadi cried.

"It's bad really bad and there are rumors that Kecila is planning an all out attack." Kilbali told him

"Well then what do we do now? The king and queen are dead, the kingdoms going to fall apart." Uru stated.

"Uru can the kingdom survive without their leaders?" Ahadi asked her.

"Maybe for a time but not for long, and it certainly can't defend itself against an attack without some kind of a leader." Uru told him.

"Kilbali you have to step up now it wasn't what you wanted but you're Uru's mate you have to become king." Ahadi said.

"No, I was never the lion for this job I've never led anyone or anything I'm beginning to think I don't even believe in the concept of it." Kilbali stated his beliefs beginning to dawn on him.

"You have to who else is there?" Uru said worried.

"I was never the one meant for this everything has a purpose and now it's become clear to me what I must do, what I always should've done." Kilbali told them both with more strength then either have ever heard in his voice.

"What are you talking about Kilbali, who else is there?" Ahadi asked him.

"Can you really not see it, I'm not a leader but you are Ahadi." Kilbali stated while turning towards him.

"Me? What are you talking about they won't listen to me they didn't at the ceremony why would they now?!" Ahadi said shouting the last part.

"You've led an army you know how to fight a war, and you're the only one who can make her truly happy I can't do any of that." Kilbali told him his voice was very quiet and showed a hint of sadness when he said the final part.

"Kilbali what are you saying?" Uru asked trying to hide how surprised she truly was.

"I love you I never lied about that but I never should've been with you it wasn't the right thing for anyone, the true king the one everyone truly needed was right in front of both us and deep down I think I always knew." Kilbali told her his voice was very soft yet certain.

"How can I be with her you love her you can make her happy my heart could never be hers, she would never be happy!" Ahadi shouted.

Realization began to dawn on Uru she understood what Kilbali meant all this time she wondered if there was anyway they all could have a happy ending now she knew the truth no there never was but she never understood the true answer to all this now she did. There was never going to be a happy ending for any of them.

"No Ahadi I wouldn't" Uru said with a hint of sadness.

"Then why me don't you get it we would all be miserable!" Ahadi tried desperately to reason.

"This isn't about us this is about every innocent man, woman and child living in this kingdom." Uru told him her voice cracking.

"There was never going to be a happy ending for us Ahadi any of us" Kilbali said not even bothering to hide the pain in his voice.

"I can't be king they won't listen it was all an illusion none of it was real I wasn't real." Ahadi tried to reason.

"You have the strength Ahadi I know it and I believe in you" Kilbali him while reaching his paw out in respect.

"Then what do I do when she shows up what I do?" Ahadi asked his voice beginning to crack.

"I know you love her but you can't let that hold you back, she's a monster" Uru told him as compassionately.

Ahadi collapsed to the ground in sorrow, "This has to be a nightmare this can't be real." Ahadi said tears appearing in his eyes.

"Let her go there's too much at stake you have to make the sacrifices of a king." Uru told him her voice was filled with pity.

"You want me to kill her, I can't" Ahadi said on the verge of tears.

"There's no other choice" Uru reasoned.

"No you don't understand it's not that I'm willing to I'm incapable of it I couldn't attack her my body literally wouldn't let me." Ahadi said in pain.

"You wanted this Ahadi you said a life of royalty would be easy" Kilbali reminded him.

"Now you see it isn't it requires true sacrifice like my parents" Uru said sobbing the last part.

In that moment Ahadi erupted all the pain he had felt over the lies, the manipulations and the betrayal just caused him to explode.

"No I never wanted any of this all I wanted was to be in control of my life to not have to eat scraps every day to have a place I could truly call home, to not be a street rat! Ahadi screamed.

"If killing the woman I love is the price to pay for that life then I don't want it I would rather just starve to death!" Ahadi screamed tears streaming down his cheeks. He then forced himself up and ran off into the jungle.

Uru watched Ahadi leave and felt conflicted was she wrong to ask that how could she be it was necessary there was a whole kingdom at stake maybe even more considering what Kecila believes if what she said was true than all Prides may be at stake, sacrifices had to made she lost her parents it ate away at her but her father led this kingdom to ruination new leadership was necessary. They had to endure this pain if they didn't stop Kecila now a lot people would die or maybe everyone would die.

"Is he right is that too much to ask?" Uru asked Kilbali.

"Asking anyone to kill the one they love is too much" Kilbali replied.

"If you were in the same position would, or even could you kill me" Uru asked him.

"I would die, I would rather die in the most painful and agonizing way imaginable than live with the blood of the woman I love on my claws." Kilbali answered his voice more emotional than Uru had ever heard.

Uru turned away from Kilbali resting on her bed again she turned to look at him while Kilbali continued to gaze at her, he loved her more than anything but now he knew he could not have her he was never meant to be with her, he knew it and it took every last ounce of strength he had to keep the agony of it all from killing him.

Ahadi moved through the Pride Lands trying to desperately ignore the images that kept flashing in his mind him and Kecila sitting out under the stars, throwing each other around in the lake, dancing under the sky. He then saw the sadistic glee in her eye her claws impaling Asha, slicing at his very body, murdering Mohatu holding Uru by the neck a twisted smile on her face. These horrific images flashed back and forth between the beautiful memories he had of her. It continued to stab at him again and again, Ahadi began to beat his head into the ground before thrashing it around repeatedly he then rose up blood dripping from his head and screamed.

"Please stop don't make me do this! Please!" Ahadi screamed to the heavens.

Ahadi began moving slowly he saw a river and began to approach it he then felt a wind pull at him. He tried to fight against it but it kept pulling he then remembered Mohatu's last words follow the wind. He wasn't certain he could trust his final words but there was something different about this it was almost calling him. Ahadi began following it allowing it to guide him he moved through the pride lands until he reached the furthest border. The wind stopped and Ahadi found himself standing in front of a massive tree, was this tree Mohatu told him about, the shaman he was told about?

Ahadi walked around the tree and noticed a strange pathway on it he made his way toward it and entered the tree, "Hello is anyone there?" Ahadi asked.

There was no response at first but then Ahadi heard an excited laughter, though it didn't sound very sane either.

"Whose there where are you?" Ahadi called out to him.

Ahadi waited then he heard it again this time much longer and even more cheerful, "who are you, show yourself?!" Ahadi commanded.

The laughter ceased but for a moment he could've sworn he heard someone above him and then he heard it again movement in the branches above and strange singing it sounded kind of loony actually.

"A sash banana a squash banana a whi woo a whi wo a sash banana a squash banana a whi wo a wi a whooo!" The voice sang out.

Ahadi looked up to see a baboon with grey fur on top of his head as well as some around it who was carrying a long stick with a fruit attached to it.

"Who in the world are you and what are you saying?" Ahadi asked in confusion, "Could you explain it maybe is there an answer?" Ahadi questioned.

"Hahahaha!" the baboon laughed.

"I think you might need some help" Ahadi told him.

The baboon laughed again, "Are sure about that I'm not the one who was guided here" the baboon told him.

"How would you know that, who are you?" Ahadi asked him.

"I've been waiting for you Ahadi I knew you would show up eventually" the baboon said.

"Just who in the world are you?" Ahadi asked again.

The baboon smiled before jumping on the branches and moving through them.

"Come on you follow Rafiki he knows the way!" the baboon apparently called Rafiki stated.

Ahadi chased after him just who was he how did he know all this he appeared on another side of the tree. Ahadi approached it he saw Rafiki sitting down in the middle he also saw a painting of sorts it was of a lion.

"Who is that?" Ahadi questioned.

"I'm not sure but I know he will play a great role in the coming events" Rafiki told him.

"The prophecy foretold it was me" Ahadi concluded.

"I never said it was you nor did I tell Mohatu that" Rafiki stated.

"Then if it's not me why am I here it's all just a waste they all think I can be king but it's just a lie." Ahadi replied.

"A king is not forged by some prophecy a king is forged by who they are and the choices they make, I have seen this before" Rafiki told him.

"How do you know this?" Ahadi questioned.

"I have watched over this kingdom for decades now and I witnessed Uru's birth but the time has come, I can no longer watch I can see that the time is upon us the beginning of great change and this is but the first step." Rafiki explained.

"You are referring to me aren't you" Ahadi said quietly before sitting down.

"I'm lost, I know the path I should follow but I can't I never could they won't follow me no one will because no one ever truly did" Ahadi stated.

"If you are to be king you must forget the past and focus on the future" Rafiki said wisely.

"I don't want to be king in truth I never did!" Ahadi screamed.

"The path has already been chosen you don't realize it but you already chose this long ago" Rafiki replied while looking at the paintings on his tree.

Ahadi didn't understand he had stated repeatedly that he didn't want this so how on earth did he already choose it.

Kecila arrived in the elephant grave yard where she had gathered the hyenas it had taken a few days to fully heal the few wounds she had gained but more importantly she needed time for Ahadi's wounds to heal now she was ready. Kecila found herself thinking of Ahadi remembering the look in his eye as he gazed at her, she remembered placing her claws to his throat only for him to distract her long enough to turn the tide it was the first time anyone got the better of her. The thought still made her tingle with excitement he really was something else. Kecila smiled at the memory before brushing it off she approached the other hyenas.

"Are you all ready?" Kecila asked them.

"For what?" A hyena asked.

"For victory we are going to defeat the lions and their pride once and for all tonight." Kecila told them.

"How could we possibly end this tonight" another hyena asked.

"We are going to claim the Pride Lands and wipe out the pride in it." Kecila answered a mad glee in her eye.

The hyenas all began to speak in protest.

"Are you out of your mind?!" one hyena asked.

"You're insane!" another stated.

"That's suicide, you're crazy!" a third stated.

"Hm maybe" Kecila thought to herself there was a distinct possibility of all those statements she murdered her mother without batting an eye she nearly killed her lover she then kissed him before throwing him off a gorge. She reveled in death and bloodshed and enjoyed bathing herself in it, yeah there was a possibility she was insane, but hey it least she wasn't spineless.

"Stop being fearful cowards, and get ready." Kecila commanded.

"No way this isn't going to help we should've just bargained for the divide why did we destroy it" A larger hyena asked.

"Because we weren't going to get it by the time we won there would've been nothing left anyway." Kecila reasoned.

"Kamara wouldn't of had us do that, where is she are we certain she's dead?" The larger hyena asked.

Kecila could smell a rebellion coming though many still agreed with her now was not the time for civil war she didn't care about their loyalty all she needed was their obedience, fear would handle that just fine.

"Oh I'm certain she's dead, I killed her" Kecila stated.

The hyenas all looked at Kecila in shock, "I did she was in the way now are you going to be in the way I killed my mother you don't think I'll kill you" Kecila said coldly. It was a bluff of course killing all of them would be pointless no this was just to rattle them no doubt many would stand against her, perfect.

"You murdered our leader, a kind compassionate and wise leader and you made things worse after destroying that kingdom we'll never be looked at as anything but murders for many years to come, we can't fix that but we can stop from doing anymore damage to our legacy!" The larger hyena roared.

"Perfect" Kecila thought they were ready to oppose her and now they would see what she was truly capable of, "If you think you can take me on go ahead and try." Kecila challenged them.

The hyenas all looked at her in bewilderment she really was insane, no matter time to redeem themselves. A dozen hyenas charged at her, Kecila extracted her claws and prepared herself time to make a statement they would never forget.

Ahadi continued trying to understand what Rafiki told him, "How did I decide this?" He finally asked.

"You came here, you listened to the last words Mohatu told you, you wish to save this kingdom and deep down you know that you must face this journey you know you are not ready so here you stand" Rafiki explained.

Ahadi pondered Rafiki's words and then realized the truth he was right he did see the pride lands as his home he wanted to save them but didn't think he could he still didn't think he could nor did he think he could ever.

"You're right but I can't I can't save this kingdom" Ahadi said in complete defeat.

"You can I know you can because I have glimpsed the future and now so must you" Rafiki replied.

Rafiki reached into a basket and pulled out a bunch of strange looking dust he began spreading it all around him it created a strange cloud around Ahadi he felt the component enter his nostrils and felt his whole vision blurring he then fell to the ground unconscious. Rafiki looked down at Ahadi now he would see he would see the role he would play a role even Rafiki wasn't certain of only the kings were, past, present and future.

Kecila waited as the hyenas came at her she ducked underneath their attacks and sidestepped others she then slashed them all across the body with speed almost impossible to comprehend yet alone dodge. The hyenas fell to the ground dead, while Kecila stood her ground before smiling at the rest of the hyenas. Many more charged at her. Kecila met them head on. One sliced right for her throat which she side stepped before striking him in the throat another tried to take her from behind she grabbed another hyena spun him around and used him as a shield she then dodged another hyenas claw grabbed it and redirected into another hyenas chest. The hyena looked in horror at what he did before slicing at Kecila recklessly she caught his paw and killed him with his own claws. Half a dozen hyenas piled up on top of her trying to pin her down. Kecila smirked and threw them all off her. They stared at her in shock. This was way too easy could no one challenge her well one could, he could he always did.

"This is far too easy attack me all at once it won't make a difference but you're lives will continue a few minutes longer" Kecila taunted them.

The hyenas were trembling she wasn't even trying and now she all but told them they were going to die.

"Don't listen to her she's outnumbered we can win!" The larger hyena told them.

The hyenas came at her all at once. She dodged a swipe to her temple and side stepped a thrust at her chest all while kicking out another hyenas legs she then ducked under another blow while stabbing one in the chest and kicking two to the ground with a roundhouse. Four more came at her she jumped in the air and even did a back flip for show. While in the air she sliced two across the chest while using her legs to thrust forward and kick the other two to the ground. Even as she landed she grabbed one and snapped his neck more came at her. She dodged four attacks at the same time ducking dodging and spinning all the while grabbing ones paw and throwing him over her shoulder crashing his body into two of her opponents. One managed to push her to the ground only for her to kick him across the cave sending him crashing into three others and sending all four of them smashing into a wall. Kecila kicked up landing on her feet and ducked under a swipe more than a dozen were coming at her now. Okay this was getting a little more difficult but she could tell there resolve was fading she had become more than just a hyena in their mind they weren't sure they could win anymore.

Kecila moved with lightning speed charging at the dozen or so hyenas coming at her as expected they hesitated in fear what kind of lunatic runs at a dozen enemies all ready to kill her. It was all she needed. She struck one in the jaw caught another's claws while kicking another in the knee she then head butt a third who was aiming for her back. She jumped and split kick two others before elbowing two others each on a different side. She then began plowing them through them like plastic moving and spinning all around them confusing and disorienting them redirecting a strike meant for her ribs into another's chest she outright dodged the next two causing the two hyenas to kill each other instantly. Kecila felt her reserves fading but she could also see many hyenas beginning to hesitate she wasn't even a mortal in their eyes anymore she was some demon that they could not stop. Only one more thing was required. After snapping one's neck Kecila allowed the last three to pounce on top of her though it didn't look like she did to anyone watching they just got the drop on her.

Kecila then did the unthinkable time to break them she forced herself up and lifted the three hyenas clean off the ground she held them in place for a moment allowing the hyenas to stare in fear. It took every ounce of strength she had to make the deed appear effortless she then tossed them across the cave for further show she then jumped in the air and finished all three of them before they even hit the ground. The hyenas stared at all the sprawled out bodies in fear the leader stood with only half a dozen more.

"We can beat her" He said.

Kecila smiled at them then she charged at them with her claws she was like a blur slicing them all across the body a few seconds later it was over. The hyenas all began to scream and panic.

"She's immortal!" A female hyena said in terror.

She's invincible a devil!" another this one male cried.

Kecila smirked at them time for one final push, "How much longer do you think you're lives will last look at how easily I killed all of them." She said.

The hyenas immediately fell to their knees and begged for mercy. Kecila approached them all it was almost laughable there were dozens and dozens at least, they outnumbered her to an absurd decree and yet they legitimately thought she could kill all of them, perfect it worked she could never beat all of them but creating the illusion that she could, that was doable.

"I will forgive your insolence, I will spare you" Kecila told them like some god passing judgment which in their eyes she was which was kind of the point.

Kecila saw the leader she approached him slowly time for one final blow, she stared him in the eye and got very close, "Do you wanna know the best part about all this winning wasn't easy I just made it look easy because I knew if I did they would surrender, in fact if you had fought with them you might've killed me but you blew it" Kecila whispered to him.

He stared at her dumbfounded all she did was smile cruelly at him, "you're pathetic." She told him before stabbing him in the ribs and throwing him in front of the pack.

"It's been a few days since you ate enjoy it divide it amongst yourselves, take your time." Kecila said cruelly.

Kecila left the pack while hearing the leader plead for mercy as they piled on top of him she heard her his roars and cries before they were silenced. Disappointing it was much too quick. Kecila felt disappointed in general that was not a true challenge they reacted just like she thought they would there was never any doubt that she could win. She needed a true challenge something to make her feel alive.

Kecila thought about Ahadi again and remembered their first encounter, "he got the drop on me" she said to herself, "he actually turned the tides on me" Kecila said excited.

She remembered their hunting challenge, "He could actually keep up with me he didn't run he took me on head on, mmm what a lion!" Kecila said in a aroused voice.

Kecila continued to let him fill her mind she saw all the times they fought in particular their first, when they met that time there was no mercy both went for the kill and he equaled her he matched her.

"What are you, mmm how do you do it? My blood's racing Ahadi!" Kecila said as if he could hear her.

Kecila kept thinking about him it gave her goosebumps her heart was racing rapidly god she needed him where was he. She loved him she loved everything about him and now she needed him back.

"Where are you I need you come back to me my love, Ahadi come back and make me whole again." Kecila said her voice was romantic and near love struck. She saw the hyenas outside and ignored them it could wait a little longer she let him consume her and without caring if anyone was watching allowed herself to fall over on the ground while sighing romantically she said his name in a passionate and love struck voice after each and every sigh.

Ahadi opened his eyes to find himself in a dark void he looked around for any sign of anything but there was nothing there.

"Welcome King Ahadi" A deep and booming voice told him yet wise and compassionate at the same time.

"What is this?" Ahadi asked.

"We are the great kings both past and future" The deep voice told him.

Ahadi turned to the voices and saw a light a lion emerged from it a lion with gold fur and a brown mane with ruby eyes he was massive and more certain of himself than Ahadi thought even possible.

"I am not a king" Ahadi told him.

"You must embrace your responsibility" King Mufasa told him then something happened his form changed into that of a similar looking lion but nowhere near as large.

"You cannot run from your past you must accept it and face it" King Simba said before reverting into another lion this one also had gold fur and ruby eyes but this one was female.

"You must protect your kingdom for the sake of all" Queen Kiara stated.

"I'm just a street rat" Ahadi said weakly.

Kiara transformed into another lion this one with brown fur and a black mane and green eyes, "Greatness comes from within you can be a king for the ages if you only believe" King Taka told him compassionately.

I'm not worthy of any of you" Ahadi said in doubt.

Taka then transformed back into Mufasa, "I know you are father" King Mufasa told him.

Ahadi stared in shock at what he was hearing this was impossible he was staring at his own son how could that be, "How do you know?" Ahadi asked his son.

Mufasa transformed into another lion this one had gold fur a black mane and ruby eyes, Ahadi was staring at himself, "Because you will help forge the greatest of kings" King Ahadi stated.

The world then went dark Ahadi looked around then he saw something in the light and he saw something a cub, a cub with brown fur what would be a black mane and green eyes he then saw him again now he was full grown and sporting a black mane he was also quite massive and there was a scar going down one of his eyes. Ahadi noticed he was standing beside the queen who spoke to him he saw a massive group below them it was incredible, not just lions but all animals including hyenas it looked like a golden age, in that moment Ahadi knew he was not the one the prophecy foretold, that lion was.

"It was never me Mohatu referred to" Ahadi said.

"No but you will be the catalyst the catalyst that will set all this in motion" King Ahadi told him, "but there is one more challenge you must face" he finished before fading.

Ahadi found himself in darkness again until he saw another light and then there she was standing right in front of him in all her impossible beauty, Kecila.

Ahadi tried to fight back his tears as he gazed at the woman he loved more than anything. Kecila placed her paw on his face and cupped his cheek while smiling warmly at him.

"Let me go, you have a greater purpose now. She tells him compassionately.

"I can't I love you" Ahadi says in near tears.

Kecila smiled gently at him, "I'm not the woman you loved anymore your kingdom needs you be strong Ahadi be the lion I loved" Kecila tells him softly while gazing into his eyes.

Ahadi gazed at her he heard her words and his face formed into one of resolve and acceptance. In that moment he realized her words were true they couldn't be what they were anymore she wasn't who he loved anymore and now he had to do what was necessary to honor the woman he loved. Ahadi gazed at Kecila before nodding gently and void faded. Ahadi awakened and rose from the ground with more power, strength and certainty than he had ever felt he turned to Rafiki.

"Thank you, I understand now" Ahadi said with certainty.

He walked to the exit of the tree before stopping and turning to Rafiki, "Never leave guide this family to the end and should a king lose his way always be there to bring him back." Ahadi asked though there was still a hint of authority in it, it was his first command as King.

"I will I promise King Ahadi" Rafiki replied.

Ahadi nodded to him before leaving the tree and rushing back towards the pride lands he knew his purpose now there was much to come and he would help forge the kings that would come until they all reached a new era, but first he must rise as King and he would from this day on he was reborn, he was Ahadi king of the Pride Lands, that's who he always was, King Ahadi.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 15:

The Last Stand

Uru was laying in on a rock inside Pride Rock she didn't like being here she needed to protect her kingdom she knew they would be coming but Kilbali said she should stay. Uru tried to move for her body to scream in protest. She still wasn't strong enough she was lucky Kecila didn't permanently cripple her. She looked out at the sky she could see clouds forming and could hear the roaring thunder as if the sky itself was warning them about what was coming.

Kilbali came rushing into the cave, "Uru Kecila and the hyenas are heading this way they mean to take the entire Pride Lands!" he told her.

Uru struggled to force himself up, "Assemble the pride and be ready" Uru commanded before trying to move only to fall over trying not to cry out in pain.

"You're too hurt I'll lead them you have to stay here" Kilbali stated.

'You need me" Uru reasoned while clenching her teeth in pain.

If you try to fight you will die, that won't help me Uru you're pride still needs you." Kilbali said.

"And what about you is Ahadi back?" Uru asked.

"No but I know he will be I believe in him" Kilbali said though there was a hint of uncertainty in the last part.

"I hope you're right" Uru said quietly.

"Yeah so do I" Kilbali replied in a near whisper.

He then gave one final gaze at Uru before running out of the cave to assemble the rest of the Pride, he wasn't sure it would be enough he had seen but a glimpse of the hyena pack there were completely outnumbered and he wasn't sure they could win this, in fact nothing short of a miracle would do, he had to believe in him somehow some way Ahadi would come through he had to.

Kecila and her hyena forces moved through the Pride Lands she caught sight of many animals staring at her they for a moment stood their ground.

Kecila approached them while unsheathing her claws, "Move aside" she demanded for added effect she scraped her claws on the ground.

The animals all cowered in submission before stepping aside in fear. Well that was disappointing she was hoping they would challenge her or at least some of them would but everyone was afraid of her, well all but one that is only he could match her, he had to be there he had to she longed to see him to see his rather handsome form and experience the full extent of his strength to feel his love through each and every vicious blow. Kecila was beginning to tingle with excitement and her heart skipped a beat she couldn't wait any longer she needed to get to him now she needed to see him now.

"Please be there, Only you can make me feel this way" Kecila said almost dreamily.

"I need you wait for me my love" Kecila whispered in passion, she then moved forward her forces following her she felt her heart racing faster and faster as she approached Pride Rock.

Ahadi raced through the Pride Lands making his way back towards Pride Rock he could smell her and he could smell a lot more of them as well in fact Ahadi didn't even know there were that many hyenas no way the Pride could win this alone and he wasn't certain he and Kilbali alone could turn the tides however they didn't have to all they had to do was defeat Kecila and he would it was the sole purpose Ahadi was here to confront her and triumph against her and he would he had to far too much was at stake. Ahadi could smell the scents of both lion and hyena had the battle already begun was he too late.

Kilbali stood outside of Pride Rock with the entire pride assembled behind him he watched as Kecila and the hyenas approached. It was worse than he thought he knew they were outnumbered but not to such a degree. He watched as the hyenas surrounded every corner of Pride Rock leaving the pride completely boxed in Kilbali wasn't very hopeful anymore. They outnumbered them at least three to one and that was being generous. Kilbali hadn't even factored in Kecila who he knew was a one woman army, their chances for survival weren't very high and with Kecila included into the battle they were very nearly non existent.

"Well you're odds don't look very good in fact I would say they look pretty bleak" Kecila taunted.

Kilbali couldn't argue with that he certainly wasn't thinking about his future right now cause he wasn't certain he had one.

"Do not underestimate us this is our home we won't give it up without a fight." Kilbali stated proudly and he meant it if he had to die he was going down fighting.

"Well I would certainly hope so where's Ahadi he's the one I want to see" Kecila said the last part with a hint of longing.

"That doesn't matter at the moment worry about us" Kilbali stated.

"Hm where's Uru is she still aching from the beating I gave her maybe I'll finish the job" Kecila said cruelly.

"You will not lay a paw on Uru!" Kilbali roared.

Kecila sighed in disappointment, "If Ahadi isn't here then there is no reason to prolong this" Kecila said disappointed before gesturing to her forces, "Attack" she commanded them though her tone sound almost bored.

The hyenas growled before descending on the Pride Kilbali readied the lions and lionesses he wasn't sure how long they could hold them off but they had to try. Kilbali roared with strength and the Pride joined him before readying themselves for the hyenas coming at them they were surrounded from all sides it was do or die. Kilbali led the pride who intercepted the hyenas throwing them aside. A lioness tackled a hyena to the ground before another hyena jumped on her she scrambled and rolled across the ground trying to dislodge the hyena. Another full grown lion charged at three hyenas who knocked one down with a swift swipe of his paw before backhanding the second. Three more came at the lion he intercepted them and slammed one into the ground before biting into another's neck. More descended down on him he swung his paw at them but they swarmed over him taking him to the ground he kicked and sliced at them but they caught his paw and pinned him down while the other hyenas began to maul him. A lioness managed to impale an hyena she then caught another one and slammed it into a rock before kicking the legs out from under a third. She intercepted another and snapped it's neck but more were already coming at her they bit and clawed at her before dragging her to the ground.

Kilbali struggled against near half a dozen hyenas one sliced at his chest which sidestepped before striking them in the solar plexus he then threw them into one of their comrades distracting it as well as another who took this opportunity to impale him in the chest he then used his still embedded claws to kick himself up and spin around kicking two more down before throwing the impaled hyena into another extracting his claws in the process. He didn't have even a moment to rest before he was fighting for his life again. This wasn't working the hyenas planned this perfectly they surrounded Pride Rock completely, they were boxed in all the hyenas had to do was keep coming at them until they overwhelmed them and they would they couldn't defend all sides. Defeat wasn't a possibility it was a certainty. They needed to get out of this box they were trapped in. Kilbali looked around while throwing aside whatever hyena got in his way they had to be very careful if they were taken to the ground even once they were good as dead. Kilbali noticed that there was a weakness in the hyenas defenses on the left side if the pride could knock them out of the way they could of get of the box. Kilbali signaled the Pride to him.

"They're defense is weak on the left side" He told them even while still fending off hyenas but the pride understood this was their only chance for survival.

They all charged at the left side while knocking aside any hyena that got in their way they smashed into the hyena defense and knocked them down they then threw themselves forward and dived out of the hyena circle they toppled and tumbled on the ground before picking themselves up.

"Fall back we need to spread them out and take them by surprise go now." Kilbali told the Pride. They obeyed and took off running into the kingdom.

Kecila watched the Pride flee clever they knew they were finished maybe there was some entertainment to be had after all.

"We checked there is no one in Pride Rock" A hyena told her.

"Really clever now we have to follow them, do it" Kecila told him, he didn't hesitate to obey her he knew what she could do.

Kecila watched them all leave it was time to join the battle herself but it felt empty where was he? "Where are you come to me." Kecila whispered before following her hyenas.

Kilbali and the pride were still running the hyenas would catch up soon enough but hopefully their forces would be split enough to give them the edge. Kilbali turned to a cave where he saw Uru.

"The distraction worked" Uru said.

"For now but they'll be here very soon" Kilbali told her.

The Pride kept moving they did not want to direct the hyenas toward the cave. Kilbali turned and saw a large number of hyenass coming at them they didn't divide at all no matter at least now they could spread out that would give them a better chance.

Kilbali and the pride let the hyenas come to them and knocked them aside while moving through the surrounding Jungle like area. While others lured them into caves. Kilbali came from behind a tree taking out hyena while moving all throughout the hidden tree ambushing hyena after hyena. Kilbali watched as more pride member began trying to direct the hyenas away.

Kecila had arrived on the battlefield and had to admit she was impressed with the prides efforts but it was time to end this, "Tear down the trees and block off the caves" She commanded.

A group of hyenas arrived carrying torches of fire they ran into the jungle like area and set the trees ablaze. Kilbali watched as the trees burned and found himself diving out of the way of falling trees while desperately trying to get out of the area though the alternative was no better but he had no where to go he had to protect Uru. Kilbali emerged from the burned Jungle only to see that Kecila's hyenas were using bolders, logs and even fallen trees to seal off the caves. All their efforts were in vain once again they had nowhere to run, they were good as dead. Kilbali was exhausted and could only really watch as the hyenas came at him only for to his complete shock Uru to intercept them. He wanted to ask why she was there but it didn't matter right now he needed her help.

"Don't say a word Kilbali" Uru demanded.

"We need everyone we can get" Kilbali admitted.

"Ahadi's not coming, that means we're the last defense" Uru stated.

"Then we give it our all" Kilbali said exhausted, Uru merely nodded.

Kilbali noticed that him and Uru were the only lions present at the time the others were still scattered keeping the rest of the hyenas away but they couldn't do it much longer and in truth divided as they were Kilbali and Uru could not win this by themselves no way, it was impossible. "Ahadi now might be a good time for you show up and bring whatever miracle we need." Kilbali thought to himself.

Ahadi was moving through the Pride Lands there were hyenas everywhere and no amount of effort from the Pride would be able to defeat them. He noticed the other animals of the pride were all by standing by doing nothing how could they just stand there this was their home too and only by uniting could they triumph Ahadi approached them.

"Why do you cower are you not prepared to defend your own home?!" Ahadi demanded.

"This isn't our battle we can't do anything" A leopard said.

"That is only true because you believe it this is you home and you can save it." Ahadi declared.

"That is not our duty you lions are supposed to do that." An elephant states.

"No it is your duty defend your home, I am your king I command you defend our home!" Ahadi stated.

"You are not our king" The elephant declared before swinging his trunk at Ahadi who dodged his attack.

A cheetah came at Ahadi who he knocked aside he then dodged an attack from a leopard before sidestepping a rhino.

"Only if we unite will our kingdom survive you can no longer be spectators you must stand and fight!" Ahadi commanded.

A herd of wildebeest came at him Ahadi refused to bend to them knocking each aside and catching the last. He noticed a rhino was charging right at him. Ahadi stood with confidence he slowly walked towards the charging rhino.

"I will kill you, move." The rhino said.

"You're not going to kill me none of you will, you need me and you know it" Ahadi told them with strength.

"Move!" The rhino commanded as did the other animals.

Ahadi stood firm, "You do not command I have fought for all of you for our home I am King Ahadi successor to Mohatu and you will obey, you will fight!" Ahadi shouted his voice was powerful as if it came from the heavens itself.

The rhino stopped dead in his tracks and bowed down the rest of the animals did the same, he was their king. Ahadi stood before them.

"Never again will you cower in the face of a this threat we will defend all we hold sacred and save our kingdom on this day, now forrrwarrddd!" Ahadi commanded as he and the entire kingdom charged forward to the battle.

Uru and Kilbali were being flanked by the hyenas Kilbali caught one and threw it aside while Uru impaled one while snapping another's neck. Kilbali went for another's throat but more were coming.

"We can't win here into the cave at least their numbers will be limited!" Uru commanded.

Kilbali followed Uru into the cave the hyenas followed them in they found themselves confronted by six of them. Uru sliced one across the chest knocking into another she stomped down on it's neck before taking the others throat while Kilbali stabbed one before spinning and taking the next they both finished the next two nearly instantly.

"Nothing gets past this entrance!" Uru shouted.

Kilbali and Uru watched as more came at them and readied themselves. Kecila watched them they were good truly commendable actually but it was time to end this. Kecila approached the cave.

"It's time to finish this" Kecila declared.

"Uru if Kecila gets in here we're dead!" Kilbali stated.

"Then we keep her out!" Uru replied.

Kilbali and Uru knocked the hyenas aside using their bodies to begin blocking the other hyenas whatever one made it in they took out. Kilbali snapped a hyenas neck and threw it in the pile while Uru kicked one out of the cave knocking it into Kecila causing her to stumble. She picked herself up and moved to the cave forcing her way through the dead and unconscious hyenas. Kilbali and Uru slid into the pile and knocked Kecila down. Kilbali and Uru knew they couldn't hold her off any longer she was going to get in next time and they were finished. The two of them gazed at each other they gave it their all but this was it they had little to regret they went out fighting.

Kecila approached them, "That was incredible I will give a death worthy of the greatest of knights" She told them.

Uru and Kilbali prepared themselves for certain death when the whole kingdom shook what was that?

The trees were knocked aside the ground torn up and from all this emerged Ahadi and right behind him was the entire kingdom, "Now protect our home, charrgggeee!" Ahadi roared.

The animals charged through the kingdom literally trampling hyenas under foot. Some hyenas tried to fight but were swat aside by elephants others were crushed by rhinos. Most hyenas however were overwhelmed by the sight and immediately attempted to flee. The army chased them plowing through them like plastic. The animals charged all throughout the kingdom causing the hyenas all around to turn and flee. Ahadi charged right for the cave jumping in the air and landing in front of an uncountable amount of hyenas. Ahadi let them come at him he dodged their attacks and backhanded one aside he then threw another before smashing his paw into another's skull before kicking another to the ground he dodged every attack they threw effortless before spinning and knocking them all down all at the same time. Ahadi was like some god the hyenas stared up at him before rallying all the others they then all came at him. Ahadi charged at the army of hyenas he reached them before they reached him and he plowed through every one of them scattering them all across the ground as if they were mere maggots.

Kecila was watching all this in awe the whole thing made her feel truly aroused at the mere sight of him. She knew he would come but now this wasn't the Ahadi she knew this was something else entirely and it was making her blood race. She felt a sense of lust and desire fill her this is what she wanted who cared about this war no this was all she came for but not here this kingdom wasn't worthy of what was going to follow.

"I knew you wouldn't leave me, I'll be waiting for you my love" Kecila said in lust and desire she then turned and departed the Pride Lands leaving her army behind.

Uru and Kilbali watched Ahadi in complete wonder this was impossible yet here it was it was some sort of a miracle. Ahadi was tossing the hyenas around like rag dolls not even bothering to kill them he didn't need to they were already beaten, "Leave the Pride Lands and never return" Ahadi roared, the hyenas immediately fled in complete and utter terror the rest of the pack shortly followed, it was almost impossible to believe but Ahadi did it he turned the tides they did it they won.

Ahadi turned to Uru and Kilbali who looked like they were ready to collapse from exhaustion, "I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner but I now know a king must accept his responsibilities above all else and I know I can" Ahadi told them.

"I can't believe what you just did" Uru said in shock and awe.

"You will make a legendary king my friend" Kilbali said with respect.

"Thank you, but this is not over yet there is one final thing I must do and I must do it alone." Ahadi told them he then turned away and ran off.

Uru and Kilbali knew what he meant Kilbali watched as Uru attempted to follow him she nearly fell when he caught her she looked up at him Kilbali merely smiled he then threw Uru on his back and followed Ahadi, no words needed to be said he knew what she wanted and she knew what his response would be, that was how love worked even if it was one sided.

Ahadi made his way toward the elephant grave yard he knew this would be it the moment his whole life prepared him for, there was a great future that awaited a future he must lay the seeds for but before he could begin his destiny he must face one final trial, he must finally face her, Kecila.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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We last saw Ahadi at long last embrace his destiny as king as well as the final showdown between the pride lands and the hyenas, now with the war won Ahadi must face one final trial, the one moment all of First Sunrise has been building to, the final battle between lovers, the showdown between Ahadi and Kecila. What kind of battle awaits these two and how will this story between them end find out in the conclusion of First Sunrise.

: Chapter 16:

Love and War

Ahadi arrived in the elephant grave yard it was deserted there were no signs of the other hyenas anywhere this did not surprise him Kecila wanted him here and she wanted this to be just between them. Ahadi entered the elephant skull inside it there was a cave he entered it and once again there wasn't a single hyena present he could tell this battle would be between just them. Ahadi moved through the cave and noticed an intoxicating aroma, it was her, her scent dominated the entire cave. Ahadi followed it allowing it to wash all over him he wanted to see her no he needed to see her.

"Stop you know why you are here you know what you have to do, there's no choice" Ahadi thought to himself ignoring the tears he desperately wanted to cry he would hold back he would do what was necessary Kecila would die and he would kill her.

Ahadi moved through the cave he heard the sound of geysers going off he turned to one of them he remembered it, the first time he ever came here.

Seven years ago, Ahadi was sneaking into the hyena cave he knew he shouldn't be here but today was a special day and he would not let a few rules or even potential danger keep him from living up to it. Ahadi moved throughout silently he made his way to Kecila's den he saw her sleeping he wasn't certain if he should approach her she didn't take well to be woken up.

"If you made the trip here might as well come in" Kecila told him.

Ahadi entered her cave this was the first time he had ever been here it was a little overwhelming knowing he was in Kecila's private cave alone with her.

"So I assume you have taken all the important details in truth there's only one thing worth keeping your attention on." Kecila said before turning slowly towards him with a smirk, "So go on get a good look" She told him while giving him a teasing smile.

Ahadi did he took in the image of her brighter fur her blue eyes the teasing smile god he loved that smirk so confident so certain he thought it every time he was around her.

"Do you like what you see, or perhaps there's another way to make this visit more worthwhile.

Ahadi was blushing and he felt warm, "I came to give you this" Ahadi told her.

Kecila looked at what was in his paw, "what is it if you were going to wake up for that there better be a good reason." Kecila said.

Ahadi cleared his throat, "This is a claw that once belonged to a great tiger warrior who nearly conquered the Pride Lands and a former ruler of the divide long ago." Ahadi told her.

Kecila's eyes widened as she looked at it, "How did you get this?" she asked sounding genuinely grateful.

"Uru helped me I wanted to give it to you, happy anniversary Kecila" Ahadi told her while smiling.

Kecila looked at it in shock before taking it she turned to Ahadi, "Happy anniversary Ahadi" She told him softly then before he could say anything else she grabbed him and kissed deeply.

Ahadi couldn't believe what was happening despite their long relationship he had never kissed Kecila and now it was actually happening. Ahadi couldn't move all he could do was allow himself to relax. Kecila moved her mouth around this before placing her tongue in his mouth. She moved her tongue around intertwining it with his he tried to join her but she was too aggressive not even giving him the time to do anything he felt her tongue on his and tasted her saliva which was without the doubt the best thing he had ever tasted. She brushed her tongue against his teeth and began licking his muzzle before letting him go. Ahadi fell over on the ground ironically a geyser went off not far away. Ahadi wasn't certain what those sounds he was hearing were, the geysers or his brain exploded from sheer bliss.

"Well was that a geyser or your brain" Kecila joked, "I didn't get you anything pity now I have to make up to you" She said with a sly smile.

Kecila rested herself on top of him gazing at him Ahadi was still dazed from her kiss, "Hm you liked that, want another?" She asked him seductively.

Ahadi didn't know what to say another geyser went off behind him.

"Well what do you say lets see what's more explosive the geyser or us" Kecila challenged.

Ahadi looked up at her with excitement, "dare I refuse that offer" he said.

Kecila smirked, "whose offering" she asked him before pulling him into another kiss Ahadi had no objections.

He felt the bliss of her kiss wash over her and thought tears of happiness this was worth risking his life she was worth risking his life, "I love you Kecila, I love you so much" He told himself it was the first time he ever admitted it and he knew it would true for as long as he lived he loved her and he would always love her.

Ahadi remembered the moment he remembered every moment but it wouldn't hold him back. Kecila remembered the moment as well she had been watching him throughout the cave following his every move listening to the rapid beating of her heart. Ahadi made his way to the center of the cave while Kecila did the same. Each step they took brought them closer and closer to each other they could almost sense each other they both knew they were there waiting. Ahadi could not only feel the pounding of his own heart but he could almost feel Kecila's as well just as she could his. Ahadi arrived at the center of the cave geysers were going off all around him creating a smoke that concealed everything he turned to the smoke and a beautiful scent filled his nostrils, she was there he would never forget her scent. Kecila emerged from the smoke revealing her beautiful form she stared across the cave gazing at Ahadi with lust and true passion.

This was it the moment had come no turning back now, "It's over Kecila" Ahadi told her with strength.

Kecila gazed at Ahadi and for a moment he could've sworn she was drooling, "I have to admit I never thought I would find you as hot as I do now you're full of surprises Ahadi" She said practically purring his name.

Ahadi felt a pain in his heart maybe this could be avoided, "Don't do this it's over we don't have to fight" Ahadi said in desperation while taking in her beauty.

Kecila sighed while looking him up and down, "All I've wanted is this fight the mere idea of it makes my blood race the idea of your whole force and strength makes my body tingle" Kecila told him passionately.

Ahadi tried to take his eyes off her but could not, "Please we loved each other once" Ahadi pleaded.

Kecila was surprised by his words, "Once I still love you Ahadi probably more than I ever did to deny our love is to deny who we are." Kecila told Ahadi romantically.

Ahadi felt the pain in his heart growing, "it's too painful" he said in sorrow.

Kecila gazed at Ahadi lovingly, "All things worth having are painful I love you so dearly and now I want to feel that love through your savagery and ferocity" Kecila told him in excitement.

Ahadi tried to lower his head but he couldn't her words were like the song of a siren, "That's not love but if it's what you want I will give it to you" Ahadi said with sadness.

Ahadi and Kecila circled each other staring at each other with passion and love. Neither could deny it though Ahadi knew he could not let it control him he was here for one purpose and he would fulfillment it, he would kill Kecila. They charged at each other and jumped in the air soaring at each other they collided into each other falling to the ground. The grappled with each other wrestling for control. Kecila overpowered Ahadi and pushed him to the ground pressing her paw down on his neck. Ahadi placed his leg under Kecila and threw her into a rock. She crashed into it and hit the ground Ahadi was already coming at her full force he jumped at her and brought his claws down Kecila rolled out of the way before forcing herself up and pushing Ahadi against the wall holding him in place. Ahadi slammed his paw into her face he then did it again and again until blood flew from her mouth. Ahadi then struck her in the gut before smashing his paw into her chest. Kecila stared at him with glee blood dripping from her mouth.

"Yes don't hold back give me everything, hit me harder, hit me harder!" Kecila screamed in mad glee.

Ahadi upper cutted her in the jaw before slamming his paw into her temple. She didn't stumble instead she extracted her claws and sliced him in the chest. She then sliced at his eye which he parried away he then threw his paw at her head she ducked under it and stabbed him in the side he cried out in pain before grabbing her and slamming her head into a rock he then prepared to do it again when she grabbed him and slammed him to the ground she then stabbed her claws into his ribs. Ahadi cried out again and extracted his claws slicing her across the chest before knocking her off of him.

"Yes, Yess go for my blood give more, morree" Kecila cackled in joy.

Ahadi charged at her they met each other their paws were a blaze swinging at each other in an endless barrage. Ahadi struck Kecila's jaw she smiled in response and struck his right cheek. Ahadi struck her in the solar plexus causing her to spit up more blood she struck him in the face with a backhand before grabbing him and slicing his right cheek. Ahadi ignored the pain and kicked Kecila in the face before slicing her rib he then sliced at her face only for her to catch it.

"Finally you are no longer holding back now show me, show me just how much you truly love me!" Kecila said in complete madness yet also passion.

Ahadi swung his claws at her which she dodged they both grabbed each other and pulled each other down. They clambered over each other biting and clawing. Kecila bit Ahadi in the shoulder resulting in him clawing her stomach. Kecila seemed to enjoy it she then ran her claws down Ahadi's back he grunted in pain but there was something strange going on. Ahadi pinned Kecila down and bit her shoulder Kecila sunk her teeth into the side of his neck but then something unexpected happen both of them for but a moment moaned in delight.

Uru and Kilbali watched as Ahadi and Kecila brutally tried to kill each other yet there was something else going on something that was so clear. Every bite, every slice, every blow they could see it with each attack as well as in each of their eyes. It was savage, it was brutal, it was incredible even now it still consumes them. This whole battle showed it love in it's truest form. Everything was some kind of a gesture of love between them. Uru could see it they were loving each other just as much as they were fighting each other.

"You see it don't you? Uru asked Kilbali.

"I can it's so clear even when fighting to the death their love burns through" Kilbali replied.

"I knew I could never be the one his heart longs for I was never even in consideration I could never be the love he needed, I will never be the love he needed." Uru said in realization.

"I know the feeling I knew I could never be what you needed either" Kilbali told her.

"Only she could make him feel this way, only she could truly love him" Uru said while continuing to watch while Kilbali did the same.

Ahadi and Kecila continued to struggle Kecila bit him on the shoulder though this one was more affectionate than the last. Ahadi threw her to the ground though with a certain gentleness neither noticed. Kecila threw herself around him biting and clawing Ahadi lifted her up and held her in his arms he then threw her down Kecila grabbed onto his paws and allowed herself to swing back to him without thinking or even realizing he caught her Kecila bit his neck while Ahadi did the same though despite the pain it almost seemed like they were kissing each others neck. Kecila kicked Ahadi and allowed herself to go in the air she then landed in his arms he threw her to the ground but held her in the air for just a moment before throwing her down. He came at her and she rolled away breathing and panting in the process. They came at each other and grappled their bodies moving back and forth in sequence even as they pounded on each other with their other paw it was only ever one as one paw no matter what happened remained wrapped around their lover. They finally hit each other so hard their bodies spun they kept their paw tightly grasped around the other before spinning into each others arms they then were sent falling to the ground resting on top of each other, they recovered and rolled away.

Kecila and Ahadi were both breathing and panting they both clearly didn't have much left, "You feel it now don't you?" Kecila asked exhausted.

Ahadi didn't respond, "Only now through the spilling of our blood could our hearts truly be one" Kecila told him her voice was romantic all the while gazing at him with passion.

Ahadi had nothing to say though he couldn't deny the feeling of his blood racing he could feel his heart pounding rapidly in his chest, calling to her.

"It's time to end this Kecila" Ahadi said weakened, Kecila smiled while continuing to gaze longingly at him.

They charged at each other full force and threw everything they have into one final blow they both strike each other in the temple at the same time. Ahadi felt his legs give out and he fell to the ground the darkness claiming him. Kecila was falling too she could feel the darkness creeping up on her she watched as Ahadi fell and forced her momentum to him she reached for his paw as her eyes closed and her body shut down.

"I love you Ahadi, I love you so much" Kecila said in a sweet and soft voice before falling to the ground, she and Ahadi then collapse into each others arms.

Uru and Kilbali watch as Ahadi and Kecila collapse to the ground into each others embrace. Knowing the battle is over they go down to the battlefield and help Ahadi up he's completely unconscious which means they're going to have to carry him back themselves. The hyenas enter the cave as well it was likely they were watching the fight just like Uru and Kilbali were. They lift the unconscious Kecila up and begin to take her to their infirmary while Uru and Kilbali depart they cross each other only once and as they do so Ahadi and Kecila's paws gently reached for each other and continued reaching for each other long after the other was gone.

Well was that how many of you were expecting the battle to unravel between these two. What was your opinion on the battle of the lovers did you think it was well done. All that remains is one final chapter I hope you have enjoyed First Sunrise up to this point.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Epilogue:

Love never dies

Uru and Kilbali arrived back at Pride Rock they would have the Pride return here shortly. Ahadi felt his vision returning he opened eyes expecting to see the elephant graveyard or even the afterlife but instead he saw the den of Pride Rock.

"Am I dead what's going on?" He asked.

"No you're alright thank the kings for that" Uru told him.

"And Kecila is she" Ahadi asked trying not to sound concerned it didn't work.

"You both passed out the hyenas rescued her" Kilbali told him.

"I owe you yet again Kilbali and you Uru" Ahadi said in gratitude.

"Well you're going to have to manage yourself without me from now on" Kilbali said.

"What do you mean you're leaving?" Ahadi asked.

"This isn't my place I don't even believe in the ideals that run this kingdom I must go somewhere where I can live with the ideals I have embraced." Kilbali stated.

"Where will you go?" Ahadi asked him.

"Home it's been so long I regret it but I'm not the one needed here you are" Kilbali stated.

"I understand I am king and I must stand beside the queen" Ahadi said with acceptance.

"Indeed I know you will a great king it was always inside of you my friend?" Kilbali told him.

"I'll keep her safe I promise you" Ahadi told his best friend.

"That's not up to you nor was it ever up to you make her happy that is what I truly ask of you." Kilbali stated.

"I will I promise" Ahadi vowed.

"Goodbye my friend" Ahadi said trying to fight back tears he didn't succeed.

Kilbali looked at his friend and saw the tears in his eyes, "This is not goodbye those we treasure are never truly gone ever" Kilbali said while smiling.

Ahadi returned it the two friends then hugged each other before Ahadi left Kilbali and Uru alone.

"I will admit as much as he means to me leaving you is even more difficult" Kilbali told her.

"Why did you reject our marriage?" Uru asked him.

"I don't believe in kings or really governments at all I could never rule a kingdom and you needed someone who could rule beside you that wasn't me, like you said earlier that could never be me" Kilbali said while smiling at the woman he loved though his voice was filled with sadness.

"What will you do?" Uru asked.

"Find my place and then I will cry every night knowing I could've been with you but had to deny it" Kilbali answered.

Uru couldn't respond to that she didn't know how to there was only one more thing she wanted to say, "Thank you Kilbali for everything" She told him in a sweet tone.

"I love you Uru, may you find the happiness you deserve" Kilbali told her this time he did have tears in his eyes he wiped one away and then ran off into the kingdom and towards the boarders he knew he would love Uru to the day he died but he also knew it would be the love he felt for her which would one day give him the strength to love again and that is why she would never truly be gone he would always have her in his heart.

Kecila was sitting alone in a cave she refused to go back to hers she thought about everything that happened today it was incredible but now she couldn't sleep he was always there. She thought about what happened in particular what she said. Why did she say that, never once during their long relationship did she ever say that.

"I love you, why did I say that, that's not like me at all, I need to get my mind off this for now" Kecila told herself.

"Hey one of you I don't care who as long as your a guy get in here." She commanded.

She noticed not many were eager however some seemed a little too eager well they had reason to be. One of them with darker fur and black eyes with yellow iris approached her, kind of creepy, what ever.

"You summoned me your grace" He asked.

"You know why you interested" Kecila asked.

"Uh sure, I mean yeah" He said rather eager.

"Alright just enjoy feel free to worship" Kecila said bluntly.

"Can I brag to the others" He asked.

"Sure go ahead" Kecila answered.

Kecila rested herself on top of him and ordered the rest of the hyenas to leave and seal her cave for now. She didn't know why she was doing this was it just for a little fun would it help she doubted it but hey what's it matter this poor sap would certainly be wrapped around her paw. She'd gain a loyal servant probably a love struck servant that could be useful and even if she gained nothing who cares it wasn't like this was going to affect her life in any real way. She was dead wrong this little incident would introduce new factors into her life namely two rather prominent ones that she would quite reluctantly have to carry around for awhile.

Ahadi and Uru stood on top of Pride Rock overlooking the kingdom the animals who rallied behind Ahadi were right below them cheering in unison for their new king and queen, Uru and Ahadi let out a powerful roar across the kingdom signaling the beginning of their reign as well as the first stages of all Ahadi would have to do to insure the coming golden age.

"I will admit this is not how expected things to turn out" Uru told Ahadi.

"I don't think this turned out how any of us expected." Ahadi replied.

"I suppose not but we already knew this wasn't going to end truly happily for any of us" Uru stated.

"I'll try to make sure for you it at least it does" Ahadi said to Uru while running his paw through the fur on her head.

"We'll see, Ahadi what did you feel while you were fighting Kecila?" Uru asked him.

Ahadi shuddered at the sound of her name he wanted nothing more than to forget it, "I felt revulsion disgust at the very idea that we were once something special" Ahadi stated and it was completely untrue.

"Lying to yourself will not help Ahadi" Uru told him wisely.

"I'm not whatever I felt for her is gone she's a monster and I hate everything about her" Ahadi said in complete and utter denial, never in all his life had he lied himself like he did now.

Uru knew the truth she saw it with her own eyes but she could not force him to admit especially if their marriage was too be an even remotely happy one. Uru turned away from him in disappointment before offering him her paw which he took they then walked into the den of Pride Rock together. Uru rested herself on the floor Ahadi right beside her she gently licked him good night which she admitted felt weird she had no idea what he thought about it though. Ahadi then licked her good night as well. It was kind of forced but she couldn't deny she liked it. There was no going back for them this was their path so if this was to be their fate she hoped that one day they could both truly love each other as unlikely as it seemed, she would love him but the idea that he would ever love her as much as she did him just wasn't very likely not after what she saw today, but maybe one day she would hope for it because it was all she could do.

Kecila slept in her cave it was a truly peaceful rest one of bliss. She could feel him around her and without even thinking gave herself to him. Ahadi rested in his den peacefully as his mind and heart dreamt of her he tried to deny it but his heart would not allow him to. Kecila called out to him while Ahadi did the same they could see each other feel each other they were so far away yet they felt so close, they reached for each other and for but a moment could've sworn they felt their paws touch.

The two of them embrace each other regardless that it should be impossible because like Kecila and Ahadi once said they truly were one heart, one soul. united by one of the single strongest things in this world love. They are far away yet they can feel each other. Kecila can feel his arms around her and Ahadi can smell her heavenly scent. They can feel and taste the passion of their kiss and they always will no matter how far because this feeling extends beyond a physical bond beyond the emotions they feel or the emotions any of us feel. Love is a part of our very soul and no matter what happens no matter what we do no matter what others do it will always remain a part of us, because love never dies.

The End

The story continues in the Lion King Tale of Brothers: Already completed.

With that The Lion King First Sunrise reaches it's conclusion while setting up many stories that unravel across the entire saga. Now that it's over what was your opinion did you enjoy this prequel story did it measure up to the first prequel story Tale of brothers. Did you have a favorite character? What was your opinion on the different portrayals of story elements like Ahadi and Uru and the far more villainous and tyrannical portrayal of Mohatu? I hope you have enjoyed this particular tale, be on the look out soon for SWANSONG the final conclusion of Last Sunset and the final culmination of this entire saga that I have been posting here for the last few years. Swansong will be up before the end of the year around early or mid December. Thank you for taking the time to read these I appreciate it and hope they've been as enjoyable for you as they have for me.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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Thank you glad you enjoyed it also I would like to welcome you to, welcome to the pride.

What's your story going to be about?

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