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TLK NextGen

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Welcome to the future! Simba enjoys his retired days, Kiara is queen now with Kovu by her side. Kion and Rani returned to the Pride Lands, ready to give the leadership of the Guard over to the next generation: their cubs!

Chapter 1: changes

Simba sits on the very top of Pride Rock.
He looks down on the Kingdom that is his families for as long as known. His daughter has been queen for a few months and Simba is proud of her.
Kiara visits him daily for advise, and Simba is happy to share his wisdom. Kovu, Vitani and the other Outlanders are part of their pride and a great addition to the hunting team.
Kovu has been acting strange though, the last few days.
Simba smiles. All will turn out fine, is his experience. He trusts his family and Kovu's.

"You are easy to find, ha! Every day, at sunset, you sit here and talk to yourself. Is that wat old lions do?"
"Old? Me? Don't underestimate your old dad, heh?"

Kiara sits down next to her father.
Simba has aged, but still isn't fragile or stiff. He still makes long walks in the Pride Lands with Nala.
"Kovu and I have an announcement to make, can you come with me to the royal den?"
Simba nodds and follows his daughter. This might explain why Kovu was acting odd last few days.
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