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Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: January 4th, 2012, 12:15 am
by Eli_Ayase
Natalie's and Ian's carriage had already arrived at Hogwarts they both went off following other students who had arrived as well, but before Natalie entered Hogwarts she looked behind her, staring at the dark around, as she heard Ian say to come along she then quickly went inside following him.


"Therstals?" Harry said with a confused look, he never had heard about them before.

((OOC: Harry only knew about Therstals when he was a fifth-year, just a quick reminder XD))

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: January 4th, 2012, 1:45 am
by TheGunner18
Connor raised his eyebrows in surprise and glanced over to Hermione who was now smiling smugly at him. He swiftly took his gaze away from her and focused back on Harry. It had been silent for a good few moments before Connor decided to tell everybody about the Thestrals. They weren't really animals that you could make jokes from, so he had no choice than to change the mood a bit.

"Someone can only see a Thestral if they've witnessed death in their lifetime." Connor began, looking forward past who it was that was sitting opposite him and straight at the Theatrals pulling the carriage. Already he could tell the tone had turned more somber than just seconds earlier. "For example: I can see them because I saw my mother die when I was only a few months old." Connor didn't really show much remorse or any sense of mourning when he said this; it was almost fourteen years ago and she was a Death Eater. It was almost...fitting that she was killed in battle.

"I...I didn't know about your mother. I-" Connor interrupted Hermione before she could get further.

"Hermione, I'm over it now. Thanks for you concern, though." the young wizard reassured, giving her a small smile of gratitude.

((OOC: Well, I know now XD We all make mistakes ^.^))

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: January 20th, 2012, 8:15 pm
by Eli_Ayase
((OOC: Oh god, D: Sorry I wasn't replying for ages =( ))

Harry and Ron also felt very sorry for Connor, but didn't continue the subject.

Harry himself knew how it maybe was for Connor, he lost both of his parents when he was a little child and never had a chance to know them, except for one time, he saw both of his parents in the mirror of Erised when he was a first year.

((OOC: You may now make the carriage arrive at the castle because Natalie already arrived))