[Private] Sweeney Todd RP [Private- Natalie and Kopalover]

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Sweeney Todd RP [Private- Natalie and Kopalover]

Postby Eli_Ayase » February 13th, 2012, 7:26 pm

Based off Tim Burton's film Sweeney Todd and The Demon Barber on Fleet Street (2007). Planned to do some slight changes in here, and we'll keep it as a PG-13 x), RP goes the way like the movie only with few changes in it.

Casts -

Sweeney Todd (known as Benjamin Barker)- Natalie
Mrs. Lovett- Kopalover
Judge Turpin- Kopalover
Anthony Hope- Natalie
Johanna Barker- Kopalover
Toby - Natalie

The other 2 (Beadle Bamford and Beggar Woman) played as background whenever will be needed in the RP. Meaning we both play them whenever needed.

*Some Song fragments also played, but not full songs.


Annice Zarina (Friends with Anthony Hope and fears Sweeney Todd a lot and prefers to stay away from him) - Natalie
Luna-Brea (Judge Turpin's daughter who loves Johanna and envy's her) - Kopalover

Ok, I'll start off so it would be easy.
A rainy day it was at night time near the shores of London. Annice and Anthony had been sailing and finally had arrived to London. They both were nice friends, Annice was the one usually who helped Anthony when he needed. They weren't alone though, with them, they had along Sweeney Todd. A tall man, with black hair and white streak, and with a quite not happy look, it looked more like a hateful one. Annice feared him ever since he did came aboard on the boat. She preferred to stay away from him.

She sat and could hear Antnthony sing "I have sailed the world beheld it's wonders, but there is no place like London," she liked his singing very much, but also she could hear Sweeney sing. His voice also was wonderful, but she sat and just ignored it. Hoping they soon can get off from the boat.

All of them soon got off from the boat, Annice stayed a little bit back away from Anthony and Sweeney who were walking in front, again she heard Sweeney sing in a higher note. Once Annice saw Sweeney leave, she quickly walked to Anthony, "Where's Mr. Todd going?"

Anthony looked down at Annice, "No idea, but lets go now," he said and went off to a different direction with Annice.

Sweeney walked and walked singing a little song to himself, and soon arrived at a building having large letters on top saying 'Mrs. Lovett's Pie Shop', he went inside and saw a lady chopping an onion.

((OOC: Hope it's good :S as I said we're playing from the very start))

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Re: Sweeney Todd RP [Private- Natalie and Kopalover]

Postby Kopalover » February 18th, 2012, 4:14 pm

Mrs. Lovett sighed and continued cutting the onion. She noticed a slight shift in air, with a glare up she staggered back with a gasp. For a few moments she just lay in awe, no person had entered her shop in.. god only knows when.

"A customer!" Walking over to Sweeney and pushing him to sit into the dusty booth with the rickity table. "Wait! What's your rush. What's your hurry? You gave me such a-fright, I thought you was a ghost!" With a new customer in the shop, she didn't notice she was singing and rambling.

With a slight noise she placed the greasy pie on the table infront if him and insisted that he try it. With a bite she sighed. "Is that just disgusting?" She sighed and started making a new pie as the cockroches crawled all over it and on her utensils.

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