A Unique Tribe

A Unique Tribe

Postby Cloud5001 » June 28th, 2016, 2:26 am

Hehe just a heads up this will contain alot of tickling in it and is mainly just a fun story. Still hopefully you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: The Tribe who loves Laughter

For the past several months rumors spread around Kimba the White Lion's kingdom, the animals gossiped over a tribe of animals forming in a new area of the jungle. No one knows what kind of animals they are or if their even friendly.

Concerned about the safety of his subjects the young lion set off into the jungle to find these new tribe members. Whether they were friend or foe he needed to be absolutely certain just incase. Eventuanlly he got to a point where originally the dirt path he was walking on curved to the right in front of a boulder. However now there was a new dirt path curving to the left of the boulder.

"Well it seems I'm getting closer, hopefully these guys are'nt dangerous." Kimba thought.

With a brave deep breathe the white lion walked down the left path. He felt the nervousness in his body build while he moved down this new path. For a few minutes everything seemed quiet, however he began to hear rustling amongst the leaves and bushes. Before he knew it a strange smell entered into his nose and he suddenly felt very sleepy.

His eyes fluttered as he tried to fight this sudden drowsiness, however his body quickly gave out on him dropping to the side on the dirt path. Through blurry vision the last thing he saw were a couple of brown furred paws approaching him.

"Mmm.....mmmm" Kimba muttered as he began to wake.

He blinked a bit as his eyes opened up, the first thing he saw was a blue sky. Wiggling a bit he quickly noticed his paws have been tied down to something and they've been spread out in an x-position. Lifting his head up to get a better look he found he was restrained on a broken tree stump.

Not only that but surronding the stump was a whole group of brown racoons, they all had tribal markings on their faces and had grey furred bellies. They all grew big smiles the second he looked at them. One racoon stepped forward, it's fur color was a light blue with a green belly.

"Hello young lion and welcome to our Tribe. You can call me Lime." The racoon smiled.

"Y-your not goi-ing to eat me or anything are y-you?" Kimba asked a bit scared.

"Huh oh no silly, we would never harm a cutie like you." Lime assured.

Hearing this Kimba let out a relieved sigh as well as blush a bit from being called cute. However soon another question rolled up to his mind. Especially when he glanced at the crowd of racoons and noticed some of them holding ostrich feathers in their hands.

"Well then why did you capture me?" Kimba wondered.

He watched as his question caused a big grin to appear on Lime's face, he was starting to realize to answer to that and began to sweat a bit though he began to smile himself.

"You see we don't like to hurt people, what we really love is making them laugh. Of course I'm sure you know a good way to do that." Lime smirked.

"Um is it jokes." Kimba gulped cutely.


Lime chuckled hopping onto the stump before sitting at Kimba's right side. Her hands hovered above the white furry belly wiggling menacingly to make it shiver. Slowly they descended keeping up the suspense for poor Kimba.

"The best method is of course tickling." Lime grinned.

With that Kimba felt a bunch of nimble fingers scribble along his vulnerable belly. This attack sent the poor lion into a fit of adorable laughter as his body tried to squirm away from it's torture. As his torture began he realized with both excitment and nervousness that if this was the result of one racoon's fingers, he'd be put through the ringer soon.

to be continued.

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Re: A Unique Tribe

Postby Carl » June 28th, 2016, 6:04 pm

Moved to Literature (OT) as this is not a TLK fanfiction.

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Re: A Unique Tribe

Postby Cloud5001 » June 28th, 2016, 7:26 pm

Oh ok I did'nt know about the thread.

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