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Hey everyone how's it going, it's been a bit but now I'm back to post the final chapters of Kopa's burden, get ready cause this is it the big ending what decision will Zira make, what will Simba do, what challenges await Vitani and regardless of what happens who will all our beloved characters be when it is over. Sit back and find out here it is the final conclusion of the Lion King Kopa's Burden.

:Chapter 17:
For those we love

Simba, Nala and Vitani rushed to the elephant graveyard where they knew Kopa was being held.

"where is he Simba!?" Nala asked frantically.

"I don't see him or Zira!" he answered worried.

They continued to look around hoping to catch any sign of them, nothing.

Simba roared in frustration, "where is my son!?" he shouted.

At the moment Nuka emerged from the shadows. "No need to lose your temper your royal grouchiness." Nuka said.

"Nuka" Vitani said

"hey sis how's it going?" he asked.

Nala roared and jumped in front of them, "no more games where is Kopa!?" she demanded.

Nuka grinned slightly, "don't worry your son's fine, mother wanted you her, she's at the top of that cliff with your son." he answered.

Both Simba and Nala growled as they began heading up towards the cliff, Vitani began to follow them when Nuka stopped her.

"sorry sis but mother doesn't want you up there." he told her

"don't try and hold me back Nuka, I'm not happy and kicking your tail would brighten my day." she hissed

"you would try." he replied

"no, I would beat you it's a fact." Vitani fired back.

Nuka growled slightly as he and Vitani began staring daggers into each other, neither was stepping aside without a fight.

Simba and Nala made there way to the top of the cliff, while on their way up they noticed at least half a dozen lionesses standing at each side, clearly they didn't want them getting down. Simba almost expected an attack from them but it never came, they simply stood their ground like statues only the slightest breath or growl showing they were even alive. Clouds began to fill the sky and thunder could be heard, the sky looked as enraged as Simba and Nala were. They took their final steps and finally arrived at the top to find Zira sitting at the edge her paw firmly grasped around Kopa.

"Ah the king and queen have arrived how nice of you to finally join us." she said an evil grin on her face.

"Zira" Simba and Nala said practically through clenched teeth.

"I do not expect a warm welcome, so perhaps we should get right to it." Zira said while pulling sliding Kopa between them one paw still tightly around him claws extracted.

"What do you want with our son you witch" Nala said seething.

"your boy is only means to achieve my goals." Zira replied.

"for what purpose?" Simba asked his blood boiling.

"Revenge for Scar." she answered

"then let Kopa go, he's innocent!" Nala demanded

"if you want revenge her I am take it!" Simba commanded.

Zira looked at Simba a slight smile on her face, "so you lie no longer" Zira said.

"no I let Scar die because I wanted to see him dead, I admit it." Simba told her.

Zira began to tremble with fury "you let him die and you didn't even care, in that moment you willing made me a widow, and my children orphans and you could've prevented all of it by being the pure king you claim to be!" Zira spat

"I made a mistake if you want your revenge then let Kopa go I'm right here." Simba stated.

Zira's face contorted in anger, "to kill is not enough your heart must bleed! The pain you feel must make you wish you were dead!" she said in rage.

She grabbed Kopa and dragged him over to the edge holding him over it never removing her claw from his throat.

"No what are you doing!?" Nala cried out frantically.

Zira began to smile evilly, "so this leads to our main question, how much do you love your son?" she said while dangling Kopa over the edge.

Vitani and Nuka stared coldly at one another, "Nuka, I won't stand here and do nothing and I won't let you stand in my way." she said in an icy tone.

"If go up there he will die, that's what mother told you, staying here is only chance he has to even survive." Nuka told her.

Vitani felt all the blood drain from her face, Nuka was right she had to stay there or Kopa was dead.

"Just wait I don't want to see you hurt anymore than I have to." Nuka said to her, there was something about the way he said it that worried her.

"hurt me more than you have to what does that mean?" she asked, Nuka gave no response.

Simba and Nala were in a panic, "no leave our son alone!" Nala cried out.

Zira took in their pain and relished it, "please Zira don't do this!" Simba pleaded.

Zira pulled Kopa slightly away and released his throat, "so you do care." she said in an ice cold voice.

Kopa looked back at his parents and for first time since they had arrived spoke, "mom, dad." he said trying his best to hide his fears.

Zira hauled him back towards the edge, "will those be the last words you hear your son speak, it was still more of a last moment than any of us was given with Scar!" she said in fury.

"Zira you don't have to do this!" Nala shouted.

"Zira please don't hurt him, please I'll give you anything!" Simba begged his eyes filling with tears.

Zira recognized the tears in his eyes the look of desperation on his face she had worn them both for years. He had said he'd give her anything but there was only one thing she wanted.

"can I have Scar back?" she asked coldly tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Zira I can't, but you don't have to do this, please don't!" Simba screamed in desperation.

Zira was torn she could feel her desire for revenge yet it wouldn't bring Scar back, but it would fulfill her promise, was that enough? Zira looked at Kopa's begging parents then at the cub himself she repeated the process several times.

Kopa looked up at her, "this is it Zira, what path will you choose?" he asked her quietly.

Zira struggled with her emotions before finally releasing the cub, she looked back at him her eyes filled with regret, "I'm sorry." she said her voice a whisper, with that she kicked Kopa over the ledge.

"No, Kopa!" Nala cried out.

Simba was furious, "you murdering wench!" he screamed as he charged Zira tackling her to the ground she swept her legs and kicked Simba's out from beneath him before pushing him away.

"Simba I'm going after Kopa!" Nala called back.

"you'll never reach him!" Zira shrieked but found Simba in her path

"go Nala I'll handle this." he said.

Nala rushed down the cliffs path while Simba and Zira began circling each other. Zira smiled evilly as she circled Simba.

"finally the moment I have anticipated since I returned to these wrenched lands, the death of the king!" She roared

"Zira" Simba growled angrily rage filled his eyes, this only filled Zira with glee.

"what are you going to do Simba will you try to even our score?" she asked.

Simba approached her menacingly, "I won't go anywhere near your family, I'm not like you." he hissed.

Zira was enraged by his lie, "liar, you already did." she said to him in seething anger.

Down below in the elephant graveyard, Vitani faced her brother Nuka, she heard Simba and Nala's panicked cries.

"get out of my way Kopa needs me!" she demanded, knowing full well the lion she loved could die at any minute.

Nuka ignored his sister, "I can't let you pass sis for your own good as well as mine."

Vitani growled at him, "I don't care! This is your final chance!" she shrieked. Thoughts of Kopa filled her mind they only strengthened her resolve.

Nuka turned ready to accept his sisters challenge, "No." it was all he said.

"so be it then!" she shouted, and charged at her brother, Nuka extracted his claws and met her in combat.

Nala rushed down the mountain side as quickly as she could knowing her son's life hung in the balance.

"Kopa!" she called out while listening hoping to hear him.

"mom, help!" Kopa cried out from below.

"I'm coming Kopa!" she called back.

She was so intent on him she didn't notice Zira's lionesses descending down toward her two of them reached her before the others. Nala readied herself.

"come on!" she yelled in fury.

"you want to stop me from saving my son, I'll kill you!" Nala declared in rage, she extracted her claws as the two lionesses attacked.

Simba watched as the lionesses attacked his wife, his anger growing, "Zira" he said with cold fury.

Zira smiled at the sight of it all, "how fitting in your final moments your whole family dies with you!" she laughed.

In that moment Simba finally felt his rage bursts "Never!" he screamed and charged at her, there bodies collided with each other as they toppled to the ground.

Simba sank his teeth into her ripping and tearing trying to reach her neck. Zira slashed and clawed at his back Simba brought his paw crashing down on her face while attempting to slash her with his other one Zira blocked the blow and sliced him across the chest before smacking him in the chin sending him off her. They came at each other again with claws tearing.

Nuka readied himself as Vitani charged at him, he swiped his paw at her chest which she dodged propelling herself into the air she landed on Nuka's back and sunk her claws in, Nuka cried out in pain and began thrashing around trying to throw her off Vitani held on tighter spinning herself to the side and slicing Nuka's rib. She prepared to attack again when Nuka grabbed her tearing her from his back he slammed her to the ground and placed his paw on her neck.

"give it up or I will hurt you!" he said pushing his paw tighter on her neck.

Vitani grabbed on to his paw with her claws, "never!" she shouted. Vitani slashed at his paw Nuka yelled in pain holding her in place and slammed her into a wall.

Nala struggled against the two lionesses, and noticed 4 more heading down the mountainside. One of the lionesses tackled her to ground and attempted to slice her throat Nala kicked her in the knee and flipped her sending her over the edge but another slammed into her she slashed her claw at the lioness's face but missed the lioness smacked her paw into Nala's face another one slashed her across the chest Nala cried out in pain as a third one bit her shoulder a fourth one threw her to the ground. She was clearly outgunned.

On top of the cliff Simba and Zira brutally tore into each other, Zira sunk her teeth into his side, Simba roared and slashed her across the back Zira growled and kicked him in the chest knocking him away from her. Simba and Zira leaped at each other they crashed into one another their paws smashing into each other faces lightning crackled all around them as they slashed at each other. Zira struck Simba in the jaw, who responded by swiping his paw upward into her chin, they grabbed each other around the neck and sent there other paw at their opponent, Zira's struck just above Simba's eye while Simba's hit Zira's left cheek, they both roared and began hammering their paws into the other skull bringing down one blow after another again and again. Lightning continued to crackle in the sky almost surrounding the two battling lions. It struck the side of the cliff and created a circle of fire. Zira and Simba pulled each other down sending each other crashing right in the middle of flaming inferno.

Nala felt herself being battered by the lionesses as she was beaten back and forth before crashing to the ground. The lionesses closed in to finish her, "I can't give up." she said quietly.

One of the lionesses extracted her claws to finish Nala, Nala sprung to life slashing the one lioness around the neck, she pushed her body into another one, two more lionesses came at her from both sides Nala spun around and knocked one of their paws to the side causing it accidentally strike another one. She knocked out the legs of the one coming from the other side sending the lioness crashing on top of another lioness. In the confusion Nala took her opening smacking her paw into a lioness's face and knocking it over the edge, there were now only 2 that were conscious.

"Bring it on!" Nala challenged, the two lionesses came at her she met them head on.

Vitani painfully pulled herself to her feet, her back aching. Nuka swiped his paw at her striking her in the chin he then hit her in the temple knocking her down Vitani's vision began to blur regardless she pulled herself to her feet.

"stay down!" Nuka ordered.

Vitani slashed him across the chest, before bringing her other paw down on his head her claws slicing his face. Nuka growled in pain and anger as he smashed his paw down on Vitani's neck Vitani stumbled but managed to swipe her paw into his chin.

"No more games this ends now!" Nuka roared as he and Vitani leaped at each other.

The collided in the air Vitani clinging on to him, sinking her teeth into his paw, she climbed on his back striking multiples sections of his body.

Simba and Zira battled it out in the fiery inferno. Simba slammed Zira to the ground while she wrapped her paws around his neck they rolled on the ground grappling they threw each other through the fire the flames burning their fur, neither noticed. Simba grabbed Zira and smashed his paw into her stomach before hitting her in the spine, he then pinned her to the ground, his grip closing around her throat. Zira choked and struggled for air, she placed her leg under Simba and used it to flip him throwing him over the cliff he grabbed on to her tail and began dragging her over the edge. She desperately attempted to hang on before her hatred returned, Simba's death was all that mattered if she died with him so be it but she wouldn't be a coward. Zira let go of the ground and threw herself off the ledge at Simba, she collided into him and the two struggled as they plunged from the cliff.

Nala avoided a slash from one lioness while striking another, the other took advantage of this sinking it's claws into her back, Nala shrieked and bit the other one in the shoulder while throwing herself back sending the full weight of both her and the lioness she was biting on top of the other one they landed on top of the lioness crushing it between them and a rock knocking it unconscious there was only one remaining now. The two met there claws slashing at each other Nala found herself slashed in the side with another one hitting her rib, she drove her claws into the opposing lionesses chest it shrieked and backed off but Nala launched herself at it and bit it in the side of the neck, the lioness struggled as it slashed at Nala's back she drove it to the ground and with a tight jerk finished it the lioness went still and Nala painfully pulled herself to her feet.

"Mom are you alright!" Kopa called out.

Nala heard him and rushed to the location his voice was coming from.

Vitani continued to slash at Nuka's body he let out roars of pain as he began slamming himself into walls to dislodge his sister. Vitani found herself in Nuka's grasp who began smacking her across the face with his paw repeatedly Vitani clawed at his chest as best she could resulting in Nuka throwing her in frustration she hit the wall hard but once again painfully forced herself to her feet.

"You're not going to give up are you?" Nuka asked.

"I love him." Vitani answered.

Nuka looked at his sister she was covered in injuries, bruises, cuts, and scrapes, would mother have done half this damage, he knew the answer. Nuka stepped aside.

"what are you doing?" Vitani asked.

"go but you may not like what you find" he said.

"Why?" she questioned.

"I'm not bringing any more harm to my sister." he answered as he walked off.

Vitani watched him depart before heading up the cliff to find Kopa.

Nala made her way to the edge of the cliff where she found Kopa hanging desperately.

"Hang on Kopa I'm coming!" she said as she began climbing down.

"mom the stone over there is not stable!" Kopa warned her.

Nala ignored the warning and began climbing down toward him until she was only a few feet above him to climb any lower would not be safe due to the very weak surfaces. Nala reached for her son.

"Kopa give me your paw!" she cried.

Kopa reached for his mothers paw stretching as far as he could and grasped it. "I've got you." Nala said.

She began trying to pull him up at the moment the surface she was hanging onto began to break. "It's not strong enough mom!" Kopa cried.

"I can get you, I can get you" she told herself trying to pull him up the wall she was hanging onto continued to break more, despite this she continued trying.

"it can't support both of us." Kopa thought

"and if she keeps trying it's going to pull her down." he told himself, she couldn't save him, and if she kept trying she was going to die with him.

"Is this where everything has led me, Kopa thought,

"all my lessons, all the choices I've made, the challenges and heroics I've done, was it all for this, to save the life of my mother, even if it means I" he couldn't finish the thought but he knew, he knew the only choice there was.

He had dedicated his life to the safety of others, it was all for this moment. "But Vitani." he asked himself, he longed for a life with her, but it was not possible, either way for him this ended the same.

Kopa looked his mother in the eyes he could see her tears. "It's alright mom." he told her.

"Kopa everything will be fine." she told him.

"it's okay mom, you were always there for me you and dad, I could've had better parents, thank you." Kopa told her.

"don't thank me yet Kopa there's so much more awaiting you." Nala responded with tears in her eyes.

"don't blame yourself, don't let dad either, you did everything you could." Kopa said softly.

"Don't talk like that I'm going to get you out of this!" Nala cried.

"you were always there when I needed you, you always saved me." he said gently.

"Kopa don't!" Nala said helplessly.

"I guess this time I save you." he said.

"K op a" Nala sobbed.

Kopa smiled at her, tears finally filling his eyes, "it's okay, thank you." Kopa said in almost a whisper, he let go of Nala's paw and fell into the darkness.

"Kopaaaa!" Nala cried out as she watched his form disappear.

Kopa felt the air brush against his face it was comforting. He felt regret at the life he would never live but his mother would he guessed that was worth it. He thought about Vitani her beautiful smile, the passion of her kiss.

"I'm sorry Vitani." he said quietly, his mind wandered back to their night in the meadow, the moment he realized he loved her, for just a second he relived that moment, it was bliss.

In that moment he knew his life had been worth it with both his family and Vitani. "Mom, dad, Kiara, Vitani, I love you all." it was his last thought before the light took him.

Zira and Simba plummeted from the cliff their paws grasping around each others throat they smashed against the walls on the cliff their claws digging into it to slow down their fall. Zira grabbed Simba and slammed him into the wall, Simba smashed his paw into her skull before grabbing her neck and slamming her as they hit a ledge 3/4 to the bottom, they had slowed down their fall enough to survive but they were still hurt. Simba forced himself to his feet. Zira sprung on him digging her claws into his back. Simba thrashed and struggled as Zira brought him down to his knees, seemingly ignoring the half a dozen injuries she had received. Simba head butted Zira causing her to stagger, he then took hold of her neck and pinned her down driving his paw into her face repeatedly, striking her again and again until she was finally unconscious. He then extracted his claws preparing to finish her off but then remembered Vitani's pleas he retracted his claws and took her unconscious form making his way to the bottom to meet up with Nala.

"surely she rescued Kopa" he told himself. He slid down the ledge throwing Zira's form to the bottom, the height wouldn't harm her, he picked her up and prepared to return to his family, but he would soon find out his family wasn't the same anymore and after this day it would never be the same ever again.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 18:
The Price we pay

Vitani was making her way down the cliff when she saw Kopa plummet from it, "no!" she cried as she rushed to the bottom.

"Kopa?" she called out.

"Kopa!" Vitani continued to call, there was nothing.

"He's alright, his parents saved him, they had to!" she told herself desperately wanting to believe it.

She finally reached the bottom, "he's okay, he'll be there waiting teasing me about how emotional I was." Vitani thought she searched around the area that seemed to now be covered by a fog that made it impossible to see anything and yet there was somehow a path spread through the fog. It almost called to Vitani,

"it's the only path there is." she thought.

Vitani journeyed through the path with each and every step she took she could feel her hope draining.

"You're thinking too much into it, Kopa was alright darn it!" she screamed to herself, "then why haven't I found him?" Vitani asked herself.

It was at the moment that something caught her eye. It was the form of a cub and it was not moving. "it's someone else, it has to be someone else!" Vitani desperately told herself.

Her words betrayed her thoughts, "Kopa!" she cried out frantically as she approached his unmoving form, he was laying on his side, his eyes closed. The image disturbingly reminded Vitani of the loss of her father.

"No not again! It can't happen again!" she screamed tears welling up in her eyes.

"Kopa." she said her voice a sob, as she approached him.

"come on you got to get up." she said in tears.

"okay you got me I really do care about you, it's why I always teased you, now quit playing games." she begged. Kopa did not move.

"Please Kopa, I need you, ple as e." she sobbed her words being caught between her sobs. There was nothing but dead silence.

"please, come back to me. " she cried quietly.

"Don't leave me, I love you." Vitani pleaded. Kopa was still the truth unmistakable.

Vitani couldn't take it anymore she felt her heart shatter, her dreams turned to dust, her hope burned to ashes, for the first time since her fathers death she completely broke down. Vitani buried her face in Kopa's chest tears staining her cheeks, she cradled him in her arms and continued to cry, the cub she loved was gone.

Nala rushed down the cliff to find Vitani crying and cradling someone, it was Kopa and he wasn't moving.

"what did you do!" Nala screamed as she pushed Vitani aside and looked down at the still form of her son.

"No, oh kings no!" Nala cried.

she took Kopa in her paws and held him closely. "Kopa, oh Kopa." she sobbed a pain unlike any other stabbing her.

Simba had made to the bottom with the unconscious Zira, when he saw Nala and Vitani crying their hearts out, dread dawned on him where was Kopa? He dreaded the answer.

"Nala?" he said as he approached them it was then that he saw it the lifeless form of Kopa still and with his eyes closed just like his father was when he died.

"No!" Simba cried out as he placed his paws on Kopa's face, he felt for a pulse but heard none.

"this isn't how it's supposed to end I'm supposed to die for my son not the other way around!" he thought hopelessly to himself.

"My son, he can't be" Simba sobbed.

Simba felt powerless, he had not felt this powerless since his father died, Simba and Nala cradled Kopa's lifeless form in there arms, they hugged him, holding him against their chest and closed their eyes tightly desperately hoping it would make everything right, it wouldn't work, Simba had tried it when he was a cub.

At that moment Nuka walked up to Vitani he saw the unconscious form of their mother and knew what was going to happen and Vitani could not see it not after this

"come on sis we're going home." he said quietly

"no, I won't leave him." Vitani cried.

"they need to be alone now." Nuka told her.

Vitani stared up at him tears in her eyes before she relented "what about mother?" she asked

"she'll be fine." Nuka lied.

They headed off. Zira had been awake for at least a minute and watched her children depart, "it's better this way I failed, I alone will suffer the consequences." she thought to herself.

She knew what those consequences would be, her life was about to end. Simba angrily turned to face Zira striking her in the face

"you murdering wench!" he screamed

"my son is dead because of you, are you satisfied Zira?!" Simba asked in rage.

Zira looked at Kopa's body and strangely did not feel satisfied, she felt empty.

"Answer me!" Simba demanded.

"what does it matter it's done and nothing can make it right. She said in a near lifeless voice.

Simba grabbed her around the throat and extracted his claws. "I know one thing that might!" he roared.

Simba prepared to finish her, when a different thought came to him, she had damaged his family forever, and he would see her suffer for it and everyone who stood with her.

"No, it won't be that quick, get out." he hissed.

Zira was confused "what?" she asked

"you, your pride and your entire family are banished to the outlands." Simba declared.

Zira was shocked, "you can't do that, my cubs will starve out there they'll die!" she stated.

"a life for a life, these are the consequences to your actions." he said in an icy voice.

Now Zira was desperate, "No! Leave them alone you have me just kill me and end it, Vitani tried to save him, she doesn't deserve this, just take my life!" Zira begged.

Simba could see the desperation in Zira's pleading eyes, he remembered what his mother said,

"you are from different time a better time, within lies the potential to be the greatest of us all" he heard her words echoing,

"but what choice will you make" he had reached the end, his ultimatum.

Simba stared into Zira's eyes, "please punish me" she pleaded.

Simba knew what he should do what his father would do, but he wasn't half lion his father was or his mother thought he was.

"be better than me my son" he heard her say, but Simba knew the truth.

"I'm sorry but I'm not" he admitted to himself he couldn't let go of his hatred.

"No leave now and take your family and pride or face the penalty all of you." Simba commanded.

Zira looked at him for just a moment she was ready to let it go to die for Scar and let her family live in peace but now she would see Simba pay for his cruelty.

"this isn't over Simba, mark my words." she hissed at him and departed heading to her home and family to prepare them to depart for the outlands.

The deed done, Simba returned to Nala's side and continued crying over the son he had lost, soon the whole pride lands would feel it too, Kopa, the lost prince, the light of the pride lands, and the cub who fell in love, was dead.

Vitani was crying in the cave Zira had her family take refuge in on the termite hill, tears poured down her cheeks, why did it happen, why did she have to lose the one she loved. Zira saw her daughter crying every tear she had, it pained her to no end, this wasn't what she wanted, she just wanted to make Simba pay, and yet she hurt her daughter just as much, for the first time in her entire life Zira regretted her actions, yes she regretted how things ended with Hasara but wasn't certain she was wrong there here on the other hand she could not deny it she was wrong, she shouldn't of killed him how did she even make the choice to? It was so clear the agony in Zira's heart caused by Scars death killed her inside now she willingly condemned her daughter to the same pain. Maybe Hasara was right she didn't deserve her. Zira felt the full ramification of her actions, she could see Scar trying to tell her it was okay that she didn't need to regret for the first time Zira ignored him.

"I shouldn't of done it how could I" Zira quietly asked herself if only she could take it back but it was too late now just like Kopa warned her it would be, but she couldn't just leave her daughter like that.

Zira took a step toward the cave before stepping back. Zira continued to stare at her broken daughter feeling an overwhelming amount of self loathing for herself. She remembered how she told Hasara Vitani would never be safe with her, apparently Zira herself wasn’t much better. No she didn’t mean for this to happen nor did she want it, she would never intentionally hurt Vitani yet wasn’t that exactly what she did, how could she think she was worthy of her.

Zira saw a small puddle of water below her and gazed at her reflection, all she saw was the face of a mother who put her own pain beyond her daughters, the face of someone undeserving of any love. No she did love her she loved all of them, but if so why did she still hurt her?

“This wasn’t supposed to happen” Zira said in sorrow.

Zira heard a small chuckle echoing around her, no one was here, right? She looked around the cave but could find no sign of anyone. The chuckle then turned into a maniacal laugher, cruel, psychotic, mocking and far too cheerful. No it couldn’t be it wasn’t possible, how could she be here?

“Things never seem to go how you planned, who you going to hurt next?” Hasara’s voice asked her the first part statement was cheerful the second part was darker almost mocking before letting out a truly creepy giggle.

Zira looks around the entire cave before looking down at her reflection again only it is no longer her seen through it, but rather the form of Hasara, why was this happening, what did it mean?

“Hasara, I’m sorry for everything that happened, please let go and find peace.” Zira pleaded.

Hasara smiled at Zira cruelly before laughing in her face, “Do you get the joke yet?” Hasara asked her.

“I do and it’s hilarious!” Hasara finished in a deranged tone.

Hasara looked at Zira who merely turned away in shame, this only seemed to increase Hasara’s glee. She then turned to Vitani who was still crying in the cave, normally this would’ve broken Hasara’s heart unfortunately she didn’t have one anymore, all she wanted to do was stab the knife deeper.

“Great parenting, she’s so fortunate you took her from me” Hasara said trying not to burst out laughing.

Zira couldn’t argue with that, she wasn’t certain she was the right mother anymore, “What do you want me to say, I’m so sorry” Zira said in near tears, if she was capable of it Hasara would lick them up.

Hasara let out another playful giggle, “Aw that’s touching maybe your regret will bring her lover back” Hasara said her voice was playful almost babyish and above all else mocking so so mocking.

“Didn’t make me sane again but hey it’s worth a shot, right?” Hasara finished, the only way she could’ve possibly mocked Zira more was if she violated Scar’s grave.

Zira couldn’t take it anymore why was she here, what she did want from her!?

“What do you want Hasara!? Zira demanded.

Hasara gave Zira a sadistic smile, how much was she reveling in this?

“You don’t get the joke” Hasara said her voice was dark and lacking the cheerful tone it had before, Zira didn’t think it was possible for Hasara to be more terrifying, she was wrong.

“You said you would never let a psychopath like me raise her, guess her mother would be a psychopath anyway.” Hasara said harshly her voice could be described by Zira in only one term, pure evil.

“Shut up” Zira said quietly.

Hasara’s voice began to echo all around her as did her mocking laughter, “guess I wasn’t the psychopath she had to worry about!” Hasara cackled maniacally.

“Shut up!!” Zira screamed before slicing at her reflection which distorted the water and the image. Zira looked back at the water and noticed it was her reflection again, Hasara was gone.

Zira wasn’t certain what she just faced was that truly Hasara’s spirit back to haunt her? She looked at the water again expecting her see her twisted smile and the absolute insanity in her eyes, it never came. Zira turned back toward the cave she saw Vitani sobbing, she couldn’t leave her like that, she wouldn’t leave her like that.

She entered the cave and walked up to her, "are you alright Vitani?" she asked.

"mother why did this happen, why did he have to die?! I loved him!" Vitani cried her eyes red and her cheeks stained with her tears.

Zira didn't know what to say she couldn't tell Vitani the truth she would never forgive her, Zira would lose her, no, she couldn't lose her daughter, she wouldn't allow it.

"I'm sorry I was just going to use him for leverage to lure Simba in but Simba didn't trust me and attacked me, he was knocked off during the struggle." Zira lied, it pained her but they weren't going to get back home if they were against each other.

Vitani couldn't believe the situation, "it was his fault and he blamed and banished us for it!" Vitani said in rage.

"yes." was all Zira could say she didn't think she would ever be able to look at her reflection in anything but disgust again.

"Mother, whatever it is you need from me, I'll give it to you, anything to make Simba pay." Vitanti stated, she almost reminded Zira of herself, the thought sickened her.

she was about to turn away when she caught sight of her daughter again she really did love her, even if she didn't always show it.

"Vitani, come here." Zira said as she wrapped an arm around her daughter and hugged her tightly.

"I love you, don't ever forget that." Zira said.

"I love you too mother." Vitani said.

Zira held her daughter closely she caught sight of Nuka outside and gave him a warm smile, she could hear Kopa's words echoing in her mind. "you have to let him go or in the end you will lose everything you love."

Zira was pretty sure Kopa was right, but she couldn't stop she had to at least give them a real home they deserved that much, and she would give it to them no matter the cost, but first she would enjoy what time she could with her family, and then once she had treasured every moment she would destroy her soul.

“Of course assuming you have one” She could almost hear Hasara saying those very words, and considering what she just did Zira wasn’t certain Hasara was wrong.

“Wow, you manipulated her emotional state to make her your personal weapon, mother of the year” Hasara said her voice far more cold than it ever it was, the last part was almost a hiss.

Zira ignored her, she didn’t know who she was not really, she knew that was a lie. Hasara knew her to her very core, but she couldn’t admit it not now.

“I’m doing this for them, all of them” Zira said in a near broken voice.

“Sure you are” Hasara replied, her words so harsh Zira for a moment thought they would run her through.

“You killed an innocent and broke your daughter” Hasara said with venom, Zira agreed with her.

Whose the monster Zira?” Hasara asked in complete hatred.

Zira heard her words and could not fight them Hasara repeated them again and again.

“Whose the Monster?”

Zira wanted to ignore her, she was doing this for the right reason.

“Whose the monster?”

Zira heard it again but this time it wasn’t just Hasara it sounded almost like herself. Zira turned to her reflection and saw Hasara in it but she could see it was becoming her own and Hasara’s voice was slowly turning into Zira’s.

“Whose the Monster?”

Zira couldn’t ignore it anymore she embraced it and watched as Hasara’s reflection transformed into her own, there was no sign of Hasara at all anymore only Zira’s own demons. It all made sense Zira was Hasara just like Hasara before her Zira had become consumed. She could blame Simba all she wanted, she could blame the hyenas or even Hasara but they didn’t break Vitani, no she did that all herself. In that moment Zira understood there was never anything else there was just her and her own actions, now she had nothing. She had nothing but her own hatred and desire for revenge. Her relationship with Vitani was most certainly dead, she already destroyed her relationship with Nuka. She cost her family their home and her daughter the love of her life. Who would do that except a monster. Despite all the terrible things she had already done and the terrible things she would still have to do she couldn’t turn away no matter how much she wanted to. Simba was a monster, Hasara was a monster, Sarabi was a monster, and Zira was no better.

“I am” Zira said in a broken whisper.

“I’m the monster, I always was” She said in complete self loathing.

There was nothing to be done now it was too late just like Kopa said it would be. She was a monster and the only thing she could do now is restore what she took from them. She would give them a home. No matter what she had to sacrifice she would see her family return home, she would see Simba dead, she would make certain all they lost was not in vain. Zira looked at Vitani she could tell what they had would soon be gone.

Vitani turned to Zira, “Mother please stay I don’t want to be alone” Vitani begged her.

Zira turned away from her, she didn’t deserve her and whatever humanity she believed she had was just a sham. She wasn’t a mother, she wasn’t anything. With that thought Zira brushed past her entire family without sparing them a glance, there was a hint of tears in her eye for but a moment then it was gone, buried, along with her soul.

So I have to ask who here thought I would do the ending where Kopa died and who thought I would do the ending where he faked his death? Also who here expected to see Hasara again, that was one of those for those of you reading this without reading the previous stories Hasara plays a significant role in Zira's entire story if you're curious how her story unfolded you can find it in Fall OF Pride Lands which starts on Page 1. Finally now that Simba has punished Zira's entire family out of spite combined with the choice he already made which of them is in the right or are neither of them in the right, if so how will this brutal blood feud between them end?

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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We are one

Simba and his entire family had gathered on pride rock for the memorial of his son, Simba couldn't bring himself to say anything during the entire gathering, and Nala could only get out a few words without crying, eventually the memorial ended, and the family found themselves sitting alone.

"what happened had nothing to do with you." Sarabi said.

"I should've of been able to save him." Simba said sorrowfully.

"no it wasn't your fault you understand me my son?" Sarabi stated she still couldn't believe that Zira had actually done it.

"it was mine" she said in a near whisper of shame.

"why must everyone but me suffer for what i did" Sarabi said quietly.

she saw Sarafina trying to comfort her daughter, "that's it Nala let it all out, it's okay to cry." Sarafina said herself on the verge of tears.

“I should’ve, I let him, it was my fault, he’s dead because of me!” Nala sobbed.

“No, no Nala this wasn’t your fault, he, he made his choice” Sarafina told her in tears.

“To die for me” Nala whimpered.

“there was nothing you could do, it was in his paws” Sarafina said in sadness.

Nala didn’t agree with her, but also knew she was right, they both would’ve died she wouldn’t of even reached him but she couldn’t accept that, it was easier to think it was her fault than admit there was nothing she could do, she buried her face in her mothers chest and kept crying.

Sarabi felt disgust for herself she would never forgive herself for this not even in death she looked to the sky.

"enough punish me torment me take my life let me and me alone suffer for my actions not my son, not my friend, not my sister, just end it and punish me I'm the one who should be dead" Sarabi pleaded there was no answer.

Rafiki listened to it all from his tree, how had ended this way, he thought, after all of it Kopa was lost, among the kings, he felt a brisk wind that he recognized.

"I failed you Mufasa I'm sorry" he said.

Rafiki felt a light shine down on them this wasn't Mufasa and he wasn't the only one who saw it.

Simba sat below Pride rock staring at the memorium that had been constructed for Kopa there seemed to be a light around the area brighter than anything he could imagine.

"I'm sorry Kopa." he said.

"don't blame yourself." a voice called kind, compassionate, and yet strong, it couldn't be.

Nala and the rest of the family heard it as well, the entire kingdom did they looked to the sky that now seemed to glow, and they saw him his spirit in the sky, just as Mufasa's had been then something incredible happened, Kopa's spirit moved it became tangible and began to walk on the air itself, he descended from the sky until he was standing on a rock just above Simba. Everyone was stunned even Rafiki, this had never happened before.

Simba stared at his son in disbelieve, he still couldn't believe he had seen that.

"Kopa." he said uncertain,

"hey dad." Kopa said softly he looked and saw the rest of his family on Pride rock, with a glance and gesture of his hand a light seemed to shine down on it.

"Is that you," Nala asked.

"yeah, feeling great." Kopa answered, he looked at Kiara.

"hey sis how's it been." he asked.

Kiara was at a loss for words, "how?" was all she could say.

"indeed this has never happened before." Sarabi said surprised

"only because other spirits choose not to, from ability stand point it's nothing special." Kopa answered.

"but I've come here to tell you something, teach you something." Kopa said his words mostly directed at Simba,

"what are you talking about?" Simba asked.

Kopa showed a hint of disappointment, "you shouldn't of done that, exiled them like that." He said.

"Kopa she killed you!" Nala shouted

"that doesn't make it right, you really think it's over, no she's not going to forgive this would you?" Kopa asked.

"Kopa, you have to understand, we can't accept them, they will never be like us." Simba stated.

Kopa smiled thinking of one of the them, the one he fell in love with, "why, what separates us, we all eat the same, require the same water." Kopa said.

"that's not the same Kopa." Nala said.

Kopa had expected this and was already prepared for it, "you're right that is not how we are the same, it's love, that is what unites us, we all have something we love, something we'd give everything to protect, and in that moment we feel the same thing, and through it we are part of each other." Kopa said wisely.

Simba could hear his sons words there was something about them, he watched as Kopa approached a dying antelope.

"merely see through her pain" he said he placed his paw on his head, it felt warm peaceful, it looked up and saw Kopa smiling at it before it peacefully drifted to sleep.

"the very same pain that drove you, and you will see love hate, we all feel it but forgiveness that is stronger." Kopa said.

Simba didn't know what to say, he had never known his son possessed such wisdom, "I don't know if I can Kopa." Simba said uncertain.

"you will I know it, one day we will find it and on that day a new era will come where we'll all be united with pride, and you will see finally that we are one." Kopa said softly.

"What?" Nala and Simba both asked.

"we are one all of us you, me, creatures from the sea, or the sand, alive or dead, we are all of this earth, one single family under the son spread across the lands." Kopa explained.

Simba and Nala were moved by there son's words, but could such a thing be true deep down were they all united, and yet wasn't that what the circle of life was.

Simba smiled, it would appear his son had come to understand the great circle more than he did, he was so proud of him.

"It is time for me to go." Kopa said.

Kiara ran up to her brother "please don't go, don't leave us!" she pleaded.

Kopa placed a paw under her chin "hey I'm never leaving you even if you can't see me know I'm there." he hugged his sister tightly.

"and kiara always follow your heart." Kopa told her. he looked to his mom and grandmother.

"don't blame yourself you did everything you could mom and dad's going to need you now, you too grandma." Kopa told them

"Kopa!" Sarabi called out to him.

"tell Mufasa I love him." she said tears forming in her eyes.

"you should tell him that whenever you look to the stars." Kopa called back.

Sarabi looked down in shame she was unworthy to even glimpse him, "The fact that you think that proves you are worthy" Kopa told her. Sarabi was stunned how did he know that.

Kopa and Simba were now standing in front of each other, "I've made mistakes son." Simba said.

"yes you have, but I believe in you." Kopa replied.

"the kingdom has truly lost a great king." Simba said regretfully.

"they haven't yet, I know you will become a king that they will speak of for generations, and the mistakes you've made you will find a way to make them right." Kopa said his voice certain.

"thank you Kopa, I love you son." Simba said hugging his son.

"I love you too dad." Kopa said and with that he began ascending into the sky again,

"Kopa I am so proud of you." Simba called out to his son, Kopa merely smiled and disappeared into the sky, his departure leaving a light so bright it could be seen anywhere.

Vitani ran out of the cave to see what the flash of light she saw and felt a warmness from it, it seemed familiar, a voice echoed out across the lands,

"if you ever feel alone and wish to find me, look only to your soul, and the light shining from the sky." Vitani recognized the voice immediately.

"Kopa" she said,

"I love you Vitani." he said.

Vitani closed her eyes and she could've sworn for a moment she could feel him, "I love you too Kopa." she said quietly to the sky, she knew he was there.

"One day I promise we will return home, all of us" Kopa told the prides both of them.

The light shined all throughout Africa , everything could see it, they all stared at it taking in its beauty and just as Kopa had told his father, for but a moment, all of the world was one.

The End

Coming soon The Lion King Cycles end the epic final chapter in the Legacy of Brothers.

Well there you have it, Kopa's Burden has reached it's conclusion but as you can see this tale is not yet over. My next story Cycles End which will wrap up everything that has happened in the story up to this point will be a very direct sequel to Kopa's burden much more of a direct sequel than any of my stories were to each other, also it will include references call backs and plot connections to all three previous stories and of course the original classic itself.

So what did you think of Kopa's burden did it live up to the previous two did it not was it better feel free tell me and leave me a review, I'm well aware people don't like to review in the fanfiction forum which I get, so all reviews can just PM to me. In truth I would like some feedback on just what the verdict is on these stories are you enjoying them are you not do you have any questions on choices I made if you don't like them why and how you think they could improve. I just would like to get some reviews if not here just send them to me as a private message. Well that's it for now hope you enjoyed the story and I'll be getting to Cycles End as soon as possible, til then see ya around.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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Well this is it, after many months it begins the final chapter in the Legacy of brothers saga. Sorry for the wait but I was making finishing touches to the story now I'm ready to start it. As I said in previous post Cycles End serves as the final culmination of all that has transpired in my previous stories as well as the original film, due to this Cycles End will contain numerous call backs to all my previous stories and the original film. This is not a self contained story if you have not read my previous stories it's best to do so before starting this one, you will be lost. Finally unlike my previous stories Cycles End is heavily based on and inspired by The Lion King II Simba's Pride as I liked the idea behind a lot of the story elements and felt most of them fit the saga I was crafted, because of this the first few chapters of Cycles End will lift quite a bit from Simba's Pride in order to set up the rest of the story but trust me it definitely becomes something entirely different later on. With that out the way let's get started hope you enjoy the conclusion to The Legacy Of Brothers Saga.

: The Lion King: The epic final chapter in the legacy of brothers
Cycles end

"Story inspired and based off The Lion King II Simba's pride" (Additional writing credit to Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus the original writers who brought you the original Script of The Lion King II Simba's pride)

: Prologue:

He lives in you

It was an early day in the pride lands all the animals of the prides were gathering to pride rock for a special occasion none had suspected. The gathered from all around the meadows, the mountains, the gorge, the water hole, all animals from all sides had gathered to pride rock, for on this day the king and queen Simba and Nala had given birth to a second child a daughter.

Rafiki stood high above them all, signaling all for the ceremony. The sun was rising and wind blew with a grace as if it had a life of its own, which it did. Rafiki could feel the presence of his old friend and former king Mufasa, all the animals sensed him as well they bowed respectfully though they could not see it Mufasa smiled thanking them for their respect, high above Rafiki was preparing the princess whom Simba and Nala had called Kiara he placed a mark on her forehead showing her royal heritage and carried her out. Rafiki carried Kiara to the edge of pride rock and held her high over it the animals all cheered rejoicing the princess, as this was happening Kopa the cub's older brother watched he felt something strong in his sister though he was much too young to understand it but it would become clear in time.

Years later, It was a sad day in the pride lands an eerie gloom hung over the entire kingdom a sense of loss surrounded all, none would miss this occasion, they had lost someone special, prince Kopa. All stood in memory of the prince the kindest cub ever, the cub who fell in love. Simba and Nala stood on pride rock looking at the stone statue forged in their sons memory, sadness filled their hearts at the sight of it yet so did pride at the being their son had become, they wanted to wait longer but they couldn't any longer, Kiara must take her place as Kopa's successor, they gestured her to come out of the den.

Kiara emerged from the cave a nervous expression on her face she was not ready to take Kopa's place, she wasn't sure she ever would be. She moved slowly seeing all the animals below her, she couldn't go out there and face them she wasn't ready. A brisk of wind brushed her Kiara could feel it tugging her almost playfully, for a moment the wind took the form of a lion cub shadow and playfully pushed her out. Kiara felt herself tumble on the ground but couldn't help but smile, she knew it was her brother he was their just as he had promised. Kiara felt her confidence renewed and stood before the pride, they all roared and cheered in her honor she felt the wind brisling around her, her parents closed their eyes and let it surround them.

Kopa watched from the sky smiling down at his family, Kiara embraced the wind a smile on her face, with but a gesture of his paw the sorrowful atmosphere emitted a glowing light from the sky that enveloped the princess, the pride erupted into cheers all immediately sensing the presence of the prince he smiled down on all of them.

Kiara stood on top of pride rock hearing the cheers sensing her grandfather and brother she gestured to her parents who nodded they stood alongside their daughter, the three of them stared down at the pride and with that all three of them let out a roar, a new era had begun one that would learn from the old and forge a better one, they had no idea how right they were, this day would mark the beginning, the beginning of the end of a cycle that had defined the pride lands for decades, and what Kiara didn't know was that she would be one of the main ones who would determine how it all ends. She would either free them all from hatred and pain or condemn them to a never ending cycle of blood and death.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 1:

Chance encounter

A little over a year had passed since Kiara's ceremony, and the princess still found herself getting use to the burdens of royalty. Simba was sitting inside pride rock though not exactly in plain sight and he also was certain not to make too much sound, he had little doubt Kiara was at it again was he this much trouble when he was a cub? Simba thought about the question for a moment before dismissing it, the answer only made him worry more. Kiara slowly snuck through Pride Rock trying not to make a sound she moved around the other lionesses and made her way to the exit where she caught sight of the massive lands ahead. She cheerfully headed towards them only to then slow down again she had to make certain she was actually alone. Kiara knew if her father spotted her she was likely not going anywhere or at least she wasn’t going anywhere on her own. Kiara began moving slowly towards the ramp and rocks that acted as a sort of a stairway into the den. She was almost at the first stair when she heard movement behind her.

“Going somewhere Kiara?” Simba asked her with a bit of playful smile.

Kiara gave a big smile to her father that was also quite fake.

“Dad hahah hi I was just out for a bit of a stroll around the waterhole it’s gotten really cool” Kiara said trying not to stutter.

Simba wasn’t buying it he used similar excuses and he most certainly did not go anywhere near the waterhole also the waterhole wasn’t really all that cool.

“Really because from what I heard the waterhole isn’t anything special unless of course you have a date with you” Simba said trying not to smirk at the comment, girls hated this topic at least according to what Nala told him they did

“Which if you do you have far more to explain than why you’re sneaking out again” Simba said this time he did give a bit of an amused smile.

“Dad!” Kiara said embarrassed.

“Where are you going or we can continue this conversation” Simba stated.

“Nowhere just around the Pride Lands” Kiara answered though she sounded annoyed.

“Did you plan to tell me?” Simba asked his voice more serious.

“It wasn’t a big deal” Kiara tried to reason.

Simba did not agree at all it was most definitely a big deal if he didn’t know where she was then he couldn’t protect her from what was out there and he wouldn’t fail again.

“How could it not be, accidents happen Kiara you could easily be” Simba began to say before Kiara interrupted.

“I know I know” Kiara replied not even bothering to hide her annoyance.

“If you knew I wouldn’t catch you where you weren’t supposed to be all the time” Simba told her.

Nala emerged from the den and saw Simba and Kiara in yet another stand off it seemed Simba was going to win which would mean Kiara would run off later and likely deliberately go somewhere she wasn’t supposed to. Keeping a cub locked up was impossible, keeping a cub under control was doable. There were other ways to keep an eye on your children.

“Simba when does a cub go anywhere they are supposed to be?” Nala asked him playfully.

“See dad mom agrees with me” Kiara tried to reason.

“Kiara mind your father” Nala told her sweetly.

“Yes mom” Kiara replied kindly.

“Simba let her go she’ll be fine” Nala said her voice still playful.

Simba relented and stood aside smiling at Kiara who he proceeded to nuzzle gently.

“Have fun but make certain you stay away from the Outlands” Simba told her.

“What why I heard there was nothing there” Kiara replied curiously. In truth she thought the outlands would almost be more safe than the Pride Lands, it was a desert what danger could possibly be there?

Nala growled at the mention of it, “Nothing but a bunch of a backstabbing murderous outsiders, you can’t trust them.” Nala said venomously.

You’re mother’s right Kiara you can’t turn your back on them” Simba said.

“What why’s that?” Kiara asked curiously.

“That’s a question for another day go on and play” Nala told her.

Kiara nuzzled both her parents before running off.

"And stay on the path I've set you!" He called out to her but she was already gone.

Nala giggled at him, "Simba doesn't she remind you of anyone." She asked.

Simba looked in confusion at her statement,

"she's just like you when you were young." She said.

"Exactly do you remember the dangers we put ourselves in?" Simba asked.

Nala wasn't convinced she pushed him down pinning him, "you mean the dangers you put us in, she'll be fine" she corrected him.

Simba looked regretfully, "I'm sorry I just want to keep her safe I don't want to fail again." He said sorrowfully.

Nala nuzzled him, "you didn't fail, he made his choice Simba now we have to make certain we give Kiara the freedom she needs it's what Kopa would want." Nala said softly.

Simba looked up at his mate, "I know I just don't know what the right way is anymore." He said.

Nala said nothing she merely nuzzled him again, before turning away.

Simba walked up to Timon and Pumba two of his closest friends, "hey make sure nothing happens to her." He asked them.

"sure thing pal." Timon replied, and with that they were off. Simba knew Kiara wouldn't like this but was it really that bad that he wanted to make sure his daughter was safe.

Kiara was chasing a butterfly across the tall grass trying to catch it with minimum success, "hey where are going, wait up." She said laughing.

"I just want to play!" she said cheerfully.

She watched it land on a large rock she crouched beneath the grass.

"prey." She said while creeping up on it silently or at least that what she thought she was doing every move she made created a sound the butterfly was already getting ready to take flight when she pounced, but it never had to Kiara over shot it and the rock by a good a few feet.

She toppled on the ground, she picked herself up seeing the butterfly was gone, she felt something behind her and turned to see Timone and Pumba staring right at her, she reacted accordingly.

"Ahhh!" She screamed startling them causing them to scream as well, they both screamed in unison while she backed up slipping from the ledge and falling in the water.

Timone and Pumba were panicking that wasn't supposed to happen, "oh don't worry Kiara uncle Pumba"s coming!" Pumba said diving into the rather shallow pond right on top of her.

"Oh no!" Timone panicked, pondering what to say to Simba.

"Well Simba the good news is we found your daughter the bad news we kind of dropped a wart hog on her, there‘s no problem with that right pal" He said to himself knowing that high pathetically the answer would not be good.

"Kiara?" Pumba asked in confusion not seeing the bumbling beneath him.

"Pumba let me define babysitting!" Timone called out to him, understanding his meaning Pumba got up and Kiara emerged coughing, she dragged herself from the pond.

"Sorry about that are you alright Princess Kiara you weren‘t hurt in any way?" Pumba said.

“No I’m” Kiara began to say before Timon interrupted.

“Hurt Simba would kill us, What were you planning the elephant graveyard, the waterfall climbing a tree!?" Timon said worried mostly because he dealt with most of those scenarios it brought a brief smile to his face.

"I was fine nothing was" Kiara tried to reason.

“What’s with you cubs do you have a thing for a danger, is it your BFF, you’re jungle sweetheart?” Timon asked he acted like he was holding something by the waste when he said the last part.

“Timon” Kiara said annoyed.

"What just going by what I know seriously Kiara only one of them can truly explain.” Timon responded.

"Will somebody listen to me!" Kiara said angrily,

"sorry wasn't listening so about a cub’s crush on danger princess." Timone said uncaring.

"I'm not just a princess that's just part of who I am!" Kiara stated.

Timon’s ears perked he then looked up at Kiara he had heard confusion like this before from another confused cub.

"Who's the other part?" Pumba asked.

"I don't know" Kiara answered.

"No, neither did your father." Timon said quietly.

He then gestured to Pumba to follow him, Hey Pumba let’s get some grubs” Timon said.

Kiara watched as Timon and Pumba began digging under a log she took this opportunity to sneak past them.

Timon watched as Kiara left he then put the bug down and turned to Pumba.

“What are we doing?” Pumba asked.

“We know where she is let’s give Simba the news.” Timon told him.

“But she looks like she needs a little help” Pumba replied.

Timon took in Pumba’s words he was right of course Kiara was confused which was exactly why he and Pumba should be nowhere near her.

“That’s her parents job I mean what can we do?” Timon said trying to hide the disgust in his voice while thinking back to how much he hindered Simba.

“Timon are you alright” Pumba asked him.

“Yeah cub’s are difficult Kiara won’t listen to us so let’s get someone she will” Timon responded.

Pumba nodded in agreement they began to make their way back to Pride Rock. Timon found himself looking back at where Kiara was she reminded him so much of Simba he wanted to be there for her but that wouldn’t do her any good.

“I’m no good for you kid just like I was no good for your father” Timon said quietly so quietly no one could even hear it.

Free at last Kiara made her way through the pride lands until she stopped at the borders catching sight of barren barked filled land.

"whoa the outlands." She said in awe.

she remembered her dad's words but she couldn't help but wonder what was so bad about it after all didn't Kopa tell them they should give everyone a chance. Without thinking about the answer she stepped into the outlands and found herself tripping on a nearby hill, shortly after she was tumbling down and crashed right into another cub with dark brown fur green eyes and what was clearly going to be a black mane.

The cub immediately jumped to his feet growling, Kiara backed away slowly, "Pride Lander, what are you doing here?" he asked in a threatening tone.

Kiara prepared to run but remembered her fathers words instead trying to jump past him he leapt in front of her resulting in her trying again but he jumped in front of her again she tried again but he was right in front of her again staring in confusion.

"Is that some kind of battle ritual or something?" He asked confused.

Kiara stood defiantly "My father says never turn your back on an outsider!" She stated.

The cub smirked, "Aw gotta obey daddy right?" he said mockingly.

"No!" Kiara replied.

the cubs smirk grew bigger. "Sounds like a Pride Lander, just a daddy's girl." He said while assuming a helpless stance.

he then rose to his feet and began jumping on some logs hanging above a river. "Me I‘m not so helpless, I do what I want." He said pride fully.

Kiara was impressed with his words, more so they were words she wished could apply to her. Kiara liked the idea of his statement and found herself following him, "really, cool!" She said not realizing that a crocodile was rising behind her, the cub noticed his confident smirk disappearing and he let out a panicked scream.

The crocodile snapped at Kiara but before it's jaws could close on her the cub pulled her away the crocodile snapped at them tearing the log down, the two of them panicked as it crashed into the sea, that was just the start of the bad news, near a dozen other crocodiles had gathered in the river and they were all hungry. The crocodiles swam to their log and clapped their jaws down on it tearing it to shreds. The two cubs found their legs standing right on their jaws struggling to keep balance, Kiara found herself about to slip when she jumped to the shredded log but the crocodiles were quickly surrounding her. Kiara saw them and before she could react they were tearing at the log Kiara raced across it but wasn’t certain she’d make it in time

The cub saw this and began running alongside them, "hey losers come and get me!" he called out to them.

They happily responded, chasing the cub across the broken logs and trees, he continued to taunt them luring them away from Kiara but in doing lost his balance, one of the crocodiles took advantage of this spinning the log and sending the cub falling into water.

Kiara wasn’t certain she would make it in fact her mind was kind of spinning right now not just from the cubs recent actions but what he did before. She thought back to it the crocodile was right behind her he could’ve left instead he pulled her away, he saved her life maybe Kiara would’ve gotten off the log but no two ways around the first one if not for him she would’ve been dead. He saved her life and risked his own to do it. Kiara saw him lose his balance and a crocodile took advantage of this spinning the log sending him in the water. Kiara kept repeating that moment in her mind, where he pulled her away, where he saved her from death, now she would do the same.

The cub emerged from the waters coughing and gasping before he caught sight of the crocodile heading straight for him, he panicked and began frantically trying to swim away but he'd never make it in time, just when he thought the crocodile was going to tear him to shreds. Before it could Kiara came and pushed a small log at it lodging it in between it's jaw.

"come on!" she said frantically.

They caught sight of a ledge above them, and began running on the crocodiles themselves jumping from one to the other they jumped on a log and dug there claws into the stone. Struggling not to fall. The cubs wet fur began pulling on him causing his claws loosen. Before they slipped Kiara placed herself underneath him, She would not let him die. Kiara began pushing him up which allowed him to grab the ledge, knowing he was safe Kiara moved to the side and grabbed the ledge herself. They dug their claws into the ledge pulling themselves above gasping for breath, they were safe but what they didn't realize is they were being watched by someone far more dangerous.

Kiara looked down and saw the crocodiles pilling on each other to reach the top but they couldn't they had escaped, Kiara felt nothing but pride, not to mention massive excitement. “I can‘t believe it we actually pulled that off" She said triumphantly.

“Come on was there ever any doubt?” The cub said smirking.

"So that‘s what freedom and excitement feels like." Kiara said, she then gestured to the cub.

"You, you‘re something else.” She said in admiration, though her body language had a small seductive nature to it.

“He’s kind of cute too” Kiara mentally said to herself.

The cub smiled at her but also studied the way her tail wagged not to mention the weird yet kind of attractive way she moved, he wasn’t familiar with it that was for sure.

"Well you’re not bad for a Pride Lander yourself." He said.

Kiara stepped closer a little closer then the cub would like though he didn’t show this for the sake of his pride, it didn’t work Kiara knew he was nervous about something, she considered calming down kindly welcoming him but she then remembered that rush that feeling of independence of doing something on her own, he seemed to prefer that part and she wasn’t certain he was alone there, Kiara smirked tilting her head just a bit

“Is that a compliment, thought I was a daddy’s girl” Kiara told letting the confidence in her tone show.

The cub had to admit he liked this confident side of her, though not these weird gestures she kept doing, well that wasn’t entirely true. He didn’t know if he didn’t like those gestures or if he liked them quite a bit, either way he didn’t get them. What was the point of them, maybe knowing who she was would answer that.

“Yes I reluctantly admit it is, names Kovu” The cub called Kovu told her.

Kiara gave him a bit of smile that Kovu was certain he liked, she then tilted her head seductively while batting her tail, "I'm Kiara." She said flirtingly.

Kovu stepped away nervously while taking in her tone there was something well he didn’t know how to describe it but the way she moved especially her head, that little tilt she did was riling up emotions in Kovu, the problem was he didn’t know what those emotions were, he didn’t know if he really liked whatever this was or if he was scared of it. She was so strange what was she doing? Was this normal Pride Lander behavior?

Kiara saw Kovu back away what was he nervous about, what Kiara was doing was perfectly common. How many cubs had Kiara seen using the same gestures she did, and really were her actions that surprising he did save her life, she saved him too but he had no reason to help her. Kiara had seen girls use the same gestures over far less. Kiara then wondered for a moment why she was acting this way at all, it wasn’t normal for her.

“Because he’s confident and I like the idea of being confident too” Kiara told herself.

Still she might of come on a bit too strongly in truth Kiara’s emotions were a little cranked up after their little brush with death, and the moment he saved her she had to admit that probably was a driving factor in her actions. Though he seemed so confused, were emotions of kindness that alien to him? Kiara felt bad for her overzealous emotions likely confused him.

Kiara stepped away giving him a bit more space, “Sorry, just still in the moment after everything” Kiara said her voice more compassionate.

Kovu looked at her again he had never heard that tone of voice it was so sweet so kind, to hear it from a Pride Lander.

“What are you doing?” Kovu asked again his voice was very soft almost trying to process her change in demeanor.

“Just being nice, you seemed so certain thought it was best if I acted the same, but you’re not dangerous I don’t know what my father meant.” Kiara told him.

Kovu continued staring at her in disbelief, “Why did you save me, you could’ve escaped easily.” Kiara asked.

Kovu struggled to think of an answer, “You didn’t seem dangerous or cruel either.” Kovu answered his voice didn’t have the same arrogant tone it had had since they met.

Kiara looked at him he was quite heroic and seemed to be the complete opposite that her parents told her, he saved her life, nothing changed that fact and even more so he had no reason to.

"thank you. " She said softly.

Her voice was hypnotic to him before Kovu could say anything she leaned in close and brushed her tongue against his right cheek softly. Kovu felt his cheeks heat up and his heart race he didn't quite know what she had done or why but it felt good, he put his paw to his cheek which was wet with her saliva, it was comforting, pleasant, much more so than anything he had endured the last year or so, he let his body relax.

"you alright?" Kiara asked him.

Kovu didn't respond he just blushed, Kiara smiled hiding her own blush, “sorry again” Kiara told him.

Kovu finally regained his composure and found the strength to speak, “Don’t be, uh, um That was uh quite pleasant actually” Kovu told her his blush growing for the first time Kovu noticed she was quite attractive.

"yeah, well um well ha ha, want another." Kiara said nervously.

Kiara was surprised with herself why on Earth would she ask that? Kovu's cheeks turned crimson and a smile appeared on his face, he liked it, and another one sounded intoxicating, before either could respond a mighty roar stopped them dead in their tracks.

Zira was not surprised to see Kovu wandering off again, or that her worthless son Nuka lost him again, she didn't expect him to actually do a good job watching him, that's why she followed the cub herself, but seeing him with a pride lander did, it filled her with fury who did that filth think she was playing around with her son, but the worst part was when the pride lander licked him, she kissed her son, Kovu would be bathing everyday for a week. She watched as the Pride Lander seemed to considering doing it again. She had seen enough and burst from the bushes roaring glaring at the golden cub before she could make her pay he leapt right in front of her that wretched spawn of Kecila.

"Zira" Simba said in fury.

"Simba!" Zira replied her voice quivering with rage she prepared to attack him, to unleash years of anger when she saw the rest of the pride with him led by his mate as well as Sarabi which only increased the rage Zira was feeling.

"Nala" Zira said with indifference.

"Zira." Nala said through clenched teeth.

“I see you’re lessons from so long ago have truly paid off” Zira said while looking at her former student.

Timon and Pumba had also arrived looking at Zira in both horror and rage "You, get out of our pride lands you murdering hag!" Timone screamed angrily at the monster that killed his god son.

Zira turned to Timon in anger "your pride lands!" She said with a roar, "these lands belong to Scar, they belong to my family!" She thundered,."

I banished you and all who stood with you, get out!" Simba demanded.

Zira smirked at him, "oh you never met my son Kovu, I didn‘t make his existence very public since he was chosen by Scar himself to become his heir." Zira said powerfully.

Simba watched her carefully she was even more rageful and unhinged than before.

"he was the last born before you banished us to the outlands, you remember that don‘t you?." Zira said her voice was like a knife.

“When you condemned us to inevitable death, right Simba?” Zira stated if words could could’ve pierced someone’s body hers would’ve.

"Spare me your sob story you got what you deserved!" Simba roared.

"yet you punished the innocent along with the guilty!" Zira spat.

“You punished the innocent as well, you betrayed us all.” Sarabi told her firmly.

Zira felt her rage growing, betrayal Sarabi would dare talk about betrayal after what she did to her cubs after she stabbed her in the back. Zira turned to Sarabi seething.

“Really, if anyone knows what betrayal is it’s you my former sister” Zira hissed. Sarabi looked at her with sorrow she was right, Sarabi was in no place to be accusing anyone of betrayal.

"enough you know the penalty for returning to the pride lands!" Simba stated.

"but I didn‘t return, the child did" Zira replied stepping forward before stopping.

"But if you want your pound of flesh of course you'd prefer the innocent." Zira hissed while pushing Kovu toward Simba.

"so go ahead take it butcher." She said venomously.

Simba stared down at Kovu who was quivering in fear, "take him and get out we're through." Simba said firmly scooping up his daughter gently by the scruff.

"Oh no Simba we've merely just begun." Zira said while looking down at Kiara and laughing.

Kiara stared at her in terror. Simba ignored Zira and departed while Zira scooped Kovu up more roughly and made her departure.

"bye." Kiara said to Kovu gently,

"bye." Kovu called back, neither realized it at the time but that meeting set everything in motion, the pieces for what would be the final curtain were in place. It had begun.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 2:

We are one

Simba and the rest of the pride made their way home all of them very clearly uneasy at their encounter with Zira, Simba gestured Nala to go up to pride rock he had to deal with this he wondered if he knew the reason or not he certainly hadn't with his son. He placed Kiara down on a rock and stared down at her with shame, she gave a big clearly fake smile up at him, it didn't change Simba's disappointment, Kiara looked down in shame. Well one of them had to break the silence.

"Kiara what did you think you were doing today don't you realize you could've been killed?" Simba asked quietly.

“Dad listen to me” Kiara tried to say.

“What were you thinking making contact with an outsider?” Simba asked trying not to sound angry, that wouldn’t help.

“That outsider saved my life!” Kiara yelled, she then realized her tone and looked down.

“Maybe but you don’t know why, maybe he did it for good reasons but he didn’t know who you were.” Simba told her.

“Why’s that matter, what difference would it make if he knew who I truly was?” Kiara asked her father.

“Kiara, they hate us especially me if that cub knew you were my daughter he would’ve let you die.”

“No he wouldn’t of what kind of thinking is that! Is that Kopa taught us!?” Kiara shouted. Simba looked at her in shock, Kiara didn’t know what came over her that was way too far.

Kiara tried to respond but before she could Simba cut her off, "I'm proud that you feel such compassion but Kopa is the reason I can’t trust them, it was tough choice I made the one that protected my family because I love you I don't want to lose you, like I did your brother." Simba said sorrowfully.

Kiara looked up at him tears in her eyes, "you think I wanted to meet the monster who killed my brother?! All I wanted to do is have fun!" she shouted.

"there's more to life than that, your part of the great circle of life, one day I won't be here and I need you to carry on in my place, as queen you‘ll have to face some difficult choices too" Simba tried to explain.

"What if I don't want to be queen?! What if I don‘t want to have to determine the lives of entire prides?" Kiara said, demanding the first part before sounding much softer during the second.

Simba looked down at his daughter well looks like this would be another conversation he never expected to take this kind of turn he expected Kiara to say it‘s no fun, that made sense for a cub to say, flat out saying they want the burden of countless lives not something a cub would say. Simba felt sadness Kiara’s mentality was entirely a result of Zira’s actions, of Kopa’s death, and Simba had to give her the only proper answer.

"I‘m sorry Kiara but you don‘t really have that choice, it‘s a part of you as am I." Simba said with regret.

He then remembered something his son told him, the words so clear, "we are part of each other."

Simba gently pushed Kiara off the rock who glared at him, he gave her a friendly smile which she returned he proceeded to nuzzle his daughter.

"life's not easy Kiara there's so much in this world we don't understand, so much we want and even plan for, but that doesn't mean it will always go the way we intended." Simba told her.

Kiara looked down sadly, Simba tilted her chin up with his paw, "but that doesn't mean you'll go through it alone, we'll always stand by your side all of us. He said caringly.

"because we're family, because we are one." He said.

Simba could hear his son's words in his head the same words he had just said to Kiara and they were true, they were all together, but wasn't there a part of it he was missing, this wasn't Kopa's message.

Kiara pondered her fathers words but what did it mean for her?

"If I'm expected to become so much can I still be myself?" she asked.

"do I follow my heart or I am simply a part of something else, has my fate been decided?" Kiara questioned.

Simba did not know the answer to Kiara's question he was still trying to find his own path, "your journeys only begun and you will find that answer we'll find it together as one." he said.

Simba began running back towards pride rock Kiara right behind him, Simba leapt on top of a rock staring down at his daughter, "we are the same Kiara we are one all of us, one family under the sun." He said.

He saw Kiara staring at him in shock at first he did not understand but then it hit him he had just spoke the very same words that Kopa had to him on the same rock, Simba only felt pride that he had learned so much from his son, he turned back to Kiara and nuzzled her.

"as long as you live here it's who you are." He told her before licking her gently.

"you'll understand one day." He finished before leaving.

Kiara watched as a butterfly flew away pondering her fathers words as well as her brothers, there was a meaning to them a meaning that was meant for much more than her but just who.

Simba sat on top of pride rock in confusion, he had spoken the dreams his son believed in but he knew, he knew that it was not the lesson Kopa meant for him. The problem was Simba knew what Kopa meant but couldn't for the life of him see how it could remotely be possible, he knew what Kopa wanted him to learn he just didn't think it was possible for him to accept it, could he, he would find out, it would be the trial he endured for many years to come.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 3:

A lullaby

The outlands were a scorched barren wasteland devoid of almost any plant life and water looked like it was from a swamp, it was here where Nuka and Vitani Zira's children were resting much had changed since the family had been banished. In her quest to fulfill her promise to her family Zira had all but cast Nuka aside resulting in the lion becoming bitter and angry, he directed this anger mostly towards Kovu who he blamed for stealing his mothers love from him. Vitani had been training to become Zira's top spy and general, ever since Kopa's death Vitani felt nothing but anger for Simba his reckless actions had cost her the one she loved, she vowed revenge on him, to do everything to help her mother achieve her goals, fun was all but gone and Vitani was fine with that, her old life didn't matter to her save for the flower on her left ear, the last reminder of his love, Simba would pay.

Nuka was sulking by a tree angrily grumbling about Kovu while Vitani pulled on the branch of a tree

"Kovu, Kovu, Scar wasn't even his father he just took him in." Nuka complained, he caught sight of Vitani.

"hey sis where's Kovu the chosen one?" Nuka asked mockingly.

the branch Vitani was pulling snapped and she fell to the ground, Nuka walked over and helped her up, "careful sis we don't want to see you hurt." He said concerned, unlike Kovu, Nuka still wanted a good relationship with his sister.

"I don't need your help." Vitani said slapping his paw away, she hated anyone seeing her as helpless.

"I see you let Kovu run off again, heh brilliant." She said sarcastically.

"that little termite has to take care of himself." Nuka replied bitterly.

"I'm sure mother will see it that way." Vitani said her voice filled with snark.

"I should've been the chosen one I'm Scar's real son, I could be a leader if she'd give me a chance!" Nuka said angrily.

Vitani smirked despite never being happy anymore she was still very good at it, "tell that to her yourself, I mean here's your chance." Vitani said mockingly gesturing toward Zira who had just arrived clearly ticked off.

Nuka felt a tinge of fear go through him as Zira approached,

"oh mother hi, mother we were able to catch some mice today, they almost escaped but I managed to catch them them before it happened." He told her his voice frantically desperately trying to get her to take notice of him. Zira paid him no heed she rarely did walking right past him.

She placed Kovu down who was greeted by his sister, "hey Kovu up for a fight?" she asked.

"not now." Kovu answered struggling to keep his paw from touching his cheek and hiding his blush, Vitani saw it immediately, in the pride lands she was quite sought after and knew when a boy was hiding a crush.

Zira however didn't see it turning her attention to Nuka, "you were supposed to be watching him!" she snapped causing Nuka to step back.

"it's not his fault I ran off on my own!" Kovu called out not wanting to see Nuka get punished.

Zira approached him glaring, "what we're you doing!? Have you forgotten who made us exiles, who killed Scar?!" she roared.

Kovu backed away in fear falling on his back, “Simba, Simba!" he answered fearfully.

Zira's eyes stared daggers, “And yet you would just let one lick you like that were you not sickened?!" she demanded.

"She didn't seem too bad mother she seemed to actually care about us" Kovu tried to reason he was cut off.

"Why would any Pride Lander care about us what did you think would happen that she would want you to come back with her!?" she spat.

“I did save her life mother” Kovu said before trying to catch himself why on Earth did he say that?

“Really and then what you save the daughter and Simba just welcomes you with open arms!?” Zira shouted

But then a thought occurred to her and she grinned, "wait a minute yes that could just work." She said rather pleased.

she stared down at him smiling sweetly it was but a hint of the loving mother she used be, but that was gone she sacrificed it for her promise to them, and now maybe she found the solution.

"you brilliant young child I‘m proud of you." She said hugging him.

"you have the same brilliant mind that made Scar so perfect." With that she scooped him up more gently this time soon everything would be right again and her promise fulfilled.

Zira carried Kovu over to tree branch with a cave opening right in the center, placing him gently in his bed, "now I finally see the way for our return, our way back home." She said.

"but mother I'm not sure" Kovu began to argue.

"hush!, hush my little one you must be exhausted, now sleep my sweet little Kovu let your dreams take wind for one day you will be a king." She said sweetly to him.

"night" Kovu called out to her.

"good night my little prince tomorrow your training intensifies." She called back to him, normally this would be when she told him she loved him, but she had not said that in over a year, and wasn't certain she even felt it anymore.

Zira sat on the top of their termite hill looking at what lies beyond, Nuka approached her from behind.

"you sure about this he seemed attached to her." He said.

"Silence your thoughts are of no use that was but a single encounter easily forgotten." Zira replied.

"I'm sure you have an idea." Nuka said without doubt.

"Of course I do Kovu's still young ripe for the modeling, I'll show him to be a killer with a lust for blood." She said grinning.

"Then I'll do whatever you wish." Nuka replied.

"Simply don't lose him again, in time he'll be ready and we'll roar to the sound of Simba's dying breaths, his mates mournful cries, and his daughter screaming her last cries in my grasp!" Zira said sadistically.

Nuka heard his mother's words and could only smile at the thought, "the joy of vengeance." He said smirking.

"Yes the pounding of the drums of war as we raise Kovu to reign under a blood red sky, it's almost like a lullaby to me." She said madness gleaming in her eyes.

She gestured Nuka to leave which he did, she then saw Him reflecting in the sky a moment later he was beside her, his voice calm calculated, firm, and sarcastic.

"I see you have devised yet another plan, you truly are devious." Scar whispered in her ear.

Zira relished the words, "I did not believe you would return my love." She said happily.

"I am always here Zira, so long as you fulfill my wish to protect our heritage and restore them to their rightful place." Scar said his voice both firm yet affectionate.

"I will keep the promise I made them and you." Zira said determined.

"then there's nothing to say come with me it's been a while since we had a walk to ourselves." It wasn't a request few things with Scar were it's what made him so strong.

Zira walked alongside him to the rest of the world there was nothing there but to Zira it was everything and for however long it lasted she would feel like she had a soul again.

Nuka made his way to bed grumbling about Kovu, "you think it should be you do something about it." Vitani said passing him.

Nuka slouched lazily as he watched her enter her bed the moment she was out of sight Nuka's demeanor changed, his lazy posture became more refined, and the almost whiny expression on his face turned to one of confidence. He lied down on the floor it had all worked perfectly the moment Nuka saw the princess near the borders he let Kovu go sure enough they met and the little termite was already crushing hard, the first phase was in order now it was time for the next one.

"do something about it." He mimicked Vitani.

"No not yet anyway." He said smiling but it would come in time and he would expose Kovu for the unworthy failure he was his cries of sorrow when he lost everything when that smug look of his was removed, it was Nuka's lullaby.
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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 4:

World's apart

Rafiki was painting a mural of Kiara in his tree beside it was a mural of another lion,

"everyday Mufasa Kiara continues to grow into a strong queen that will bring us all great prosperity." He said while tracing a circle around her mural

"but this Kovu grows too and Zira fills his heart with hate. I don't like this Mufasa things are getting worse and I fear bloodshed is inevitable." Rafiki said worried as he traced another circle around Kovu‘s mural.

The wind began to blow signaling Mufasa's presence, "you have a plan." Rafiki said hopeful.

To answer his question the wind cut a fruit from Rafiki's tree it broke in half each half being pushed to the separate murals, Rafiki picked them curiously, he gestured them towards their respective murals.

"Kovu, Kiara together?" Rafiki said while piecing the fruit back together.

"this is the plan?" he concluded.

"are you crazy?! This will never work!" Rafiki stated, while pointing to the wind.

"How could this possibly help the situation have you forgotten what happened with your father and Kecila?!" He demanded the wind.

A gentle light appeared on the tree, a compassionate voice with it, "trust their hearts" it said.

"You too Kopa, do you have any idea the bloodbath this could result in?! I think it's high time you two take a vacation to get your heads straight!" Rafiki shouted.

Mufasa was done debating the wind blew with a force so strong it almost blew Rafiki off his feet.

"Okay, Okay, alright Okay!" Rafiki agreed.

"I don't think this going to work but I trust you, I just hope you know what you are doing!" Rafiki called to the wind.

"So do I" Mufasa said so quietly no one could hear it.

Rafiki had no idea what Mufasa was planning he was aiming to solve more than a current problem he was aiming to solve a problem that lasted decades, he hoped it would or things would get very bloody.

Kovu couldn't sleep at the moment every time he closed his eyes he would think of her, her eyes, her voice, her kiss, why did she do that? It was giving him a headache thinking about it, but he had to know and the only way he would is if he saw her again.

Kovu was making his way out of the termite hill when he heard a voice behind him. "going somewhere." He saw Vitani smirking at him.

"um midnight run, can't sleep might as well use the energy." He said.

Vitani wasn't buying it, "yeah Kiara's good at that." She replied.

"alright I just don't understand why she did what she did I need to know." Kovu said.

Vitani smiled at him "your going to need a proper cover with mother." She said.

"I'm going at night." Kovu replied.

"I've got a place for you just be there at the right time I'll get Kiara." Vitani said smirking.

"Thanks." Kovu said softly.

"no problem." Vitani said back.

When he was gone Vitani could feel the wind against her, it brushed on her fur lovingly and the light from the moon touched her softly. Vitani felt tears in her eyes he was here he was always here.

She lifted her paw and placed it in the direction of the wind. "you can feel that right?" She asked.

The wind blew more delicately brushing across her cheeks, "I know, I love you too and I always will." she said almost in tears.

The wind began to die down and Vitani knew their moment was about over, "I know you believe in love more than anything, Kovu deserves that chance as much as anyone." Vitani said.

the wind and light faded, "I"ll dream of the next moment we're together my love." Vitani said tears filling her eyes and then the moment was over.

It was done time for Vitani to get Kiara, "you owe me bro." she said to herself, she wondered if she was doing this for him or because Kopa would want her to.

Getting Kiara wasn't difficult she was pleased to see her again and eager to get out of Pride Rock.

Kovu sat in an abandoned field the same one where Kopa and Vitani shared their first kiss. He caught two scents, "everything's clear, no one really goes here at night." Kiara said.

"I know" Vitani said sorrowfully.

She quickly changed her expression and got back to business. "it's all you two now, Kovu be back before mother's up." Vitani said before leaving them alone, she could not bear to be here any longer.

Kovu and Kiara stood silently waiting for one to break the silence, Kovu finally spoke up, "it's good to see you again." He said.

"yeah you too." Kiara replied.

"So what do you want to do?" Kovu asked.

"there are several games I want to show you." Kiara said excited.

Kovu was confused, "games?" he asked.

Kiara was surprised by his response, "what you don't know how to play?" Kiara asked.

Kovu took a moment to find the proper answer only to find Kiara grabbing his paw and pulling him along, "don't worry I'll show you how." She said smiling.

She pulled him with her and two of them ended up chasing each other across the field laughing, they rolled down hills, they splashed in ponds, Kovu had never enjoyed himself like this before, and he needed to experience this more, he needed to see more of Kiara's world.

Zira watched as Kovu beat his paw against a tree repeatedly, he didn't seem to be at his best today however he was more focused normally the cub was a bit more defiant, she wondered what brought this change she would have to find out.

Vitani was lying down when she saw Nuka approach her, "little termite seems tired, late night." He asked with a grin.

"not sleeping well." Vitani replied.

"I didn't think the princess was a night person." He replied.

Vitani's eyes widened in surprise, he knew, "you tell mother and I swear you'll be walking with a limp for the next six months!" she stated.

"don't worry I agree with you actually." Nuka said.

"what why?" Vitani asked.

"if he's going to be stuck with this girl he should at least like her." Nuka answered.

"you do your lover proud." He said compassionately.

Vitani struggled not to cry at his mention and maintained her emotions, "this is for Kovu." She said. Nuka merely nodded and left.

Kovu rolled around on the grass with Kiara giggling, he pressed her to the ground pinning her down, "pinned you!" he said cheerfully.

"yeah right I was trained by the master." Kiara said flipping Kovu over knocking him on his back and pressing him down.

"my mom." She finished.

Every day he spent with her he saw more, he never even imagined living like this she had shown him so much he could barely imagine himself without this world she had shown him, he wished there was something he could do for her, Kiara didn't need anything all she wanted was to have fun and be free.

Kiara never imagined someone living a life of just hard work how did anyone live like that it was inconceivable but he showed Kiara something freedom, to roam wherever you wish to get away from everything else, and simply be free. They were worlds apart and yet they couldn't help but get closer, although Kiara was beginning to want to get even closer than they already were, and she doubted Kovu would disagree.

Simba had always had trouble keeping track of Kiara but now it was next to impossible she had disappeared during multiple nights, and he didn't have the foggiest clue where or why. He didn't like the idea of his daughter running around at night, he began tightening security at night and yet it still didn't work she was still getting out how and where was she going, he'd have to find out and if he couldn't he would have to at least find a way to keep her in, he didn't want to do this to her but he had already lost one child and could not lose another.

The first few times were great but it was later ones that were making Kovu feel like he could fly, it was perfection it took some time but Kovu had managed to balance his meetings with Kiara and his training, it was also easier to channel his anger as his mother would request all he had to do was think how his training was keeping him from seeing her. Kiara had noticed the increase in Security but she still knew how to handle it getting away from babysitters was her specialty, her dad would tell her it was for her own good but she heard it all before it didn't matter it was the nights that mattered the moments where Kiara felt her fate was finally hers to choose, and Kovu, Kiara had trouble getting through the day without thinking about him it had been over three months since they started, and Kiara was beginning to get impatient it was time to accelerate the process.

Kovu and Kiara were sitting out under the moon their tails intertwining whenever given the chance Kiara smiled at Kovu who returned it, he then proceeded to hand her a shell he had found while on a hunting trip, Kiara thanked him and leaned forward licking his cheek, Kovu was certain he was hovering at the moment it was getting late they needed to get back, before leaving Kiara grabbed Kovu and kissed him on the muzzle, Kovu's whole body froze up before relaxing, his eyes which had been wide closed gently his heart pounding rapidly in his chest. Kiara released him from the kiss and waved goodbye, all Kovu could do was stand their dazed and dream about her.

Kovu was head over heels for Kiara and Kiara wasn't denying the same, before they would spend most of the night running around now they would spend it beside each other every night would end with a kiss, and as time went on it would often lead to more, A year in and Kovu and Kiara would spend a good half hour making out under the moon, for Kovu it didn't matter how long because there was nothing he could think of that made him feel so good, his entire ambition was actually fading, the prospect of being king had once appealed to him but now he didn't care, this was all that mattered that he was beside her, had he fallen in love, if so he hoped Kopa was watching over them, he had never met him but he knew the stories everybody did, Kovu laid in his bed and said a silent prayer to the kings, thanking them for his family and most importantly for Kiara, there was little doubt he was falling in love if he hadn't already.

Kiara was preparing to leave again she couldn't wait to see Kovu again, the feeling of them being together just made her tingle, she looked to the sky.

"is this what you felt Kopa." She asked him there was no response but she knew he was their smiling.

Kiara made her way to her exit she had done a pretty effective job of covering it up so it wouldn't be discovered, she pulled back the rocks unveiling the exit only to gasp, it had been sealed how had her father discovered it she had to tell Kovu or find someone who could she hoped he would understand she wanted to be with him, and the fact that now she couldn't killed her, Kiara silently cursed her father as she cried.

Anger it was the only thing that drove him now, the first time she didn't show he assumed it was just a bad time he continued to naively believe that the other several times, after waiting for six months the message finally set in she wasn't interested, all that they had been through and it meant nothing to her, she used him just so she could get a little free time and discarded him the moment she didn't need him anymore, it felt like his heart had been ripped in two and pulled from his chest, during his training he was channeling his rage to the point that Zira was telling him to calm down. He couldn't he had been a fool and he wouldn't let this happen to him ever again, his heart would eventually become stone and inevitably it did.

Zira stared with satisfaction after all these years it was time, "Yes, I can see it the reflection of Scar's very soul staring back at me" she said while pacing around him.

"I am nothing, merely an instrument to see Scar's final will fulfilled, a vessel to see his will done." Kovu said in a near lifeless voice.

"Good, what is your desire?" Zira asked smiling darkly.

"I have none, only that which you and in extension Scar command of me" Kovu replied as if he didn't even have a soul.

"What of Kiara?" Zira asked him her voice lower.

"She is nothing, a means to achieve our final goal" Kovu answered empty.

"And what is that?" Zira asked her voice was almost stuttering

"The death of Simba and the taking of his kingdom." Kovu answered without emotion.

"And how will you do this, tell me what must you do!?" Zira demanded her voice was almost deranged.

"I must kill him." Kovu stated the only emotion in his voice was hate, it was all he felt anymore, and the only thing in life he had to believe in.

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 5:

Hero from the fire

Many years had passed and Kiara had grown into a beautiful young lioness, she was now full grown ready to take her life into her own hands. Finally after all these years she was free to determine her own destiny free of her father and this would be the beginning, her first hunt. The whole pride had gathered in celebration for it. Kiara made her way down pride rock where the pride awaited she was greeted by her grandmother Sarafina, she wrapped a paw around her and hugged her.

"It seems like only days since you were a small cub Kiara." She said sweetly.

"Thank you grandma." Kiara replied returning the hug.

Breaking the embrace she was approached by her other grandmother Sarabi, "if only Mufasa could be here to see this, we're all proud of you." She told her with pride.

"Thanks for being there for me along the way." Kiara said in response.

"always Kiara." Sarabi said.

They smiled at their granddaughter, "you can do this Kiara." Sarafina said with certainty.

Kiara smiled back and headed forward to her parents, Nala embraced her, "good luck Kiara." She told her.

"thank you mother." Kiara said gratefully.

she then approached her father who looked uncertain, "father you have to promise me you'll let me do this on my own." She asked.

Simba looked conflicted, "alright I promise." He relented.

Kiara smiled and hugged her father before heading off to the jungle.

Simba felt his concern returning there was so much out there was she ready, he still questioned if after all this time even he was, and if he wasn't certain about himself surely he couldn't be certain about Kiara, he gestured to Timon and Pumba.

"Make certain nothing happens to her." He requested.

Timon looked at him uncertainly before relenting and heading off. Simba regretted lying to Kiara but he had to it's never completely safe and he'd never forgive himself if something happened to her. He would rather lose her trust than lose her.

The outlanders had gathered at the termite hill it was time, Kiara had started her hunt and Vitani had already headed to the elephant graveyard to begin her mission, Kovu was ready, everything was in place.

"It is time, let us go Kovu quickly!" Zira demanded.

Kovu followed her as if he were some machine.

Zira turned to Nuka, "why are you still here get into position now!" she commanded.

"of course mother, I will not fail you." He said bowing.

Kovu chuckled showing his first sign of emotion in days. "how could you, your mission is so simple to the point that you're irrelevant." He said cruelly.

Nuka glared at him and stared him in the face, "to proud to admit you need me." Nuka hissed.

Kovu smirked at him and grabbed him around the neck dangling him by his feet, "you're nothing, and you've had no power at all." He said arrogantly before dropping him.

"enough do your part all of you Kovu with me!" Zira demanded.

Kovu complied as the two of them left. Nuka was making his way to the borders, he heard Kovu's mocking words, "you've had no power at all"

Nuka chuckled to himself, "you have no idea Kovu, no idea at all." He said amused, if only the brute knew, he had been nothing but his puppet since the beginning.

Hours later, Kiara was making her way through the pride lands attempting to catch a wild antelope and failing miserably, every time she moved a branch broke or she rippled the grass or simply her breathing alerted them, as far as lioness hunts go it was an embarrassment. As she was hunting in the loosest of terms, she was being tailed from behind literally. Timon and Pumba trailed behind her stealthily, or at least that's what they claimed they were doing, in truth they were making as much noise as Kiara was, and Pumba's tail was sticking out of the grass like a telescope in a sunken submarine. Kiara attempted to pounce again but they were already on the move she saw another one on the opposite side a tail sticking out of the grass, unknown to her it was Pumba's, she pounced. it was much to soon and incredibly reckless, the only thing worse than it's execution was the fact that Timon and Pumba were so bad it hit them, they both toppled over and were pinned to the ground screaming, Kiara was about to attack when she recognized them.

"please don't eat us!" Timon cried.

Kiara felt her anger growing, "Timon what are you doing here?!" She demanded.

Timon begun stuttering before stopping he shouldn‘t of done this to begin with and lying would make things worse, he remained silent.

Kiara knew better, "my father sent you didn't he, he promised me, he lied!" she said angrily.

Timon looked at her regretfully, "he just wants to keep you safe can't you understand that why wouldn't a father want to keep his cub safe?" Timon asked her there was something very personal in his voice as he said the last part.

Kiara turned away in fury, "I should've known he'd never trust me." She said before running off.

"I'll do this on my own away from the pride lands!" she called back angrily heading for the borders.

Pumba began to panic, "we've gotta stop her!" he said frantically preparing to follow her before Timon stepped in front of him.

"no Pumba!" he said.

"but she could get hurt!" Pumba reasoned.

“If we follow her we'll just push her further away." Timon said slightly disappointed that Simba hadn't yet realized this.

"And if it were Simba would I" he asked himself before dismissing the thought those days were over long over if they were ever actually real which considering what Simba went through Timon highly doubted.

Kiara had made it to the borders of the pride lands, she looked around for any sign of prey but could see none, they couldn't all be gone.

"darn it! Can't the blasted things hold still!" she heard an angry voice say.

she hid herself to not be noticed, "great now they're heading off the border, I'll never catch them in time!" she heard the voice say, she saw that it belonged to a skinny and frail looking lion.

perfect he had just told her where they went, and in his state he wasn't catching them but she could, she snuck past him and headed past the borders.

Nuka smiled, Kiara was heading toward Vitani he had done his part of the plan, "pretty girl, high on the looks, brains not so much." He said out loud, now it was time for Kovu to do his part, then the next phase could begin.

Vitani watched from afar as she saw Kiara approaching a pack of antelope that the pride had secretly herded there, and good thing too because Kiara certainly couldn't of done it, her technique was painful, Nuka was a better hunter. Thank the kings she was here now and Vitani didn't have to endure this anymore.

"if you saw how bad you were you'd thank me." She said.

"no offense Kopa." She added.

Vitani rushed off holding a stick of fire and lit the grass ablaze the flames spread almost immediately engulfing everything in their path. Kiara was closing in on the antelope when she saw a herd heading right toward her, she dived for cover as they scattered in different directions it was then she saw what they were running from, a massive fire that was spreading and heading her way fast. Kiara panicked and took off running the flames following her as if they were some kind of predator. Vitani watched it unfold and turned away she did her part it was all up to Kovu now.

"build us a better future my brother, I believe in you." She quietly said before departing.

Kiara ran as fast as her paws could carry her, but no matter how fast she ran the fire seemed to catch her it was rising higher and the smoke was beginning to obscure everything, it was beginning to become difficult to breath, she coughed and gasped, choking on the smoke, she had to get to higher ground now! Kovu and Zira watched as Kiara fought for her life.

"excellent the plan is in motion." She told Kovu who stood silently.

"go!" she commanded, without hesitation Kovu dived into the water below.

Simba was pacing back and forth worriedly.

“You shouldn’t of broken your promise Simba” Nala said disappointed.

“I had to she doesn’t know what’s out there” Simba tried to reason.

"you need to calm down Simba there is nothing for you to worry about." Nala reassured him, it didn't last.

Simba looked and far ahead he saw a massive smoke cloud rising in the distance, a fire! "No Kiara!" he cried out frantically.

Nala could see it too, "oh kings, Simba Kiara's out there!" she said panicked.

"gather the lioness now!" Simba cried.

Nala complied, but Simba was already gone, heading straight for the smoke.

Kiara desperately hung from a ledge a mountain of fire building behind her she clang frantically to the ledge climbing her way to the top the smoke assaulting all of her senses she felt like she was going to pass out but knew if she did she was dead, knowing that she continued to climb and with one final pull she threw herself up onto the ledge coughing and gasping her vision blurred she struggled to take a step before collapsing.

Kovu emerged from the shadows seeing her unconscious form, she had gotten even more beautiful, he took the image in for a moment and memory came flooding back, fun, passion, betrayal. Anger contorted his features he seriously considered just leaving her, but then all this would have been a waste. Kovu growled with frustration and threw her on his back the flames were rising up to the ledge and the smoke was overwhelming. He kept her clung to his back and ran into the fields which would be ablaze any second dead tree's were falling all around him, he jumped over burning grass and dodged falling trees, he could see the entrance to the pride lands, but his path was blocked he saw a river below which led straight to the kingdom. Kovu dived for it crashing into multiple rocks in the process and painfully landing in the water. Kovu emerged from the river and took a breath of air he looked and saw Kiara's unconscious form which nearly sunk, gorgeous as she was she really wasn't worth all this trouble, he reached and grabbed her pulling her to shore and out of the fire's range, finally the helpless princess was safe. Kovu noticed that Kiara was finally waking up her eyes opened, finally helpless, she was, she was, great kings she was beautiful her eyes entranced him they were like ruby's maybe if ruby's could light up the world, the light from them shined brighter and more beautiful than a sunrise. Kovu became lost in her eyes, lost in her, lost in Kiara. Kovu regained control of himself she abandoned him she meant nothing to him now.

Kiara felt dizzy when she came to all she could remember was fire and smoke, what had happened.

"where am I?" she asked.

"your safe in the pride lands." Her rescuer said with a bit of confidence in his voice, her response was not the thank you he expected.

"the pride lands no! why did bring back here?! Who do you think you are?!" Kiara asked angrily.

Kovu looked at her confused, "I think I'm the guy who just saved your life!" he said annoyed.

"I had everything under control!" Kiara fired back.

"yeah you were doing a great job getting yourself killed." Kovu replied in force.

"I don't need your help now get out of my way!" she yelled.

Kiara tried to jump past him but a moment later he was right in front of her she tried again backwards but he was right in her path again looking at her with confusion.

"what are you doing?" he asked.

Kiara recognized his words, after all these years it couldn't be, "Kovu?" she asked.

Kovu gave no response but a confident somewhat smug smile.

Kiara couldn't believe it was really him and he had gone from cute to downright handsome, despite this she could still see the young cub she knew buried somewhere, even though Kiara did not know the full extent of Kovu's change she was right, that cub was still there and not buried nearly as deep as anyone thought.

Their moment was interrupted by massive roar as Simba came charging into the grass with Kiara's mother and the entire pride, growling.

Kiara stared at her father with anger, "father how could you break your promise!" she demanded.

Simba was unmoving, "it's a good thing I did I almost lost you no more hunt's for you ever!" he said firmly.

Kiara was in disbelieve, "but it wasn't my fault everything was fine even before Kovu" she begun to argue.

"Kovu!" Simba roared turning his attention to the lion growling in fury.

an insane laugh came from a nearby tree, "hey you how dare you save the king's daughter!" Rafiki called out.

Simba was stunned by his words, "you saved her why?" he demanded.

Kovu looked down humbled, "I wish to join your pride your majesty." He requested.

Simba's growl grew as he pushed him away, "no I vowed Scar‘s heritage would never enter my kingdom again and you are part of that heritage." He seethed.

Kovu had anticipated this, he stepped forward pridefully, "I have left the outsiders judge me as I am now the great king Mufasa proclaimed that all would have a chance to prove themselves." Kovu said his words filled with self sympathy, humbleness, yet certainty.

Simba glared at him but Kovu did not blink, he returned it, "or I am to once again be punished for the sins of another?" Kovu said lacing his words with sorrow, he saw Simba's expression soften, he knew bringing that up would work.

Simba looked to Nala, "Simba you owe him your daughter's life." Nala told him, it was decided then.

"my father's law will prevail for now I withhold judgment we'll see who you really are." Simba said while departing the lionesses surrounded Kovu leading him back to pride rock, though nobody could see it there was hint of a smile on his face.

The pride arrived back at pride rock by nightfall and everyone was exhausted and ready to sleep for the night, they retreated to the den, Kovu prepared to join them only to find a furious Simba jumping in front of him, he gestured him away glaring the whole time. Kovu gave a bewildered face before making his way to a rock on the side, he watched Simba return to the center of the den, fine with him he'd take a better bed over his corpse.

Kiara made her way toward Kovu, "hey sorry about how I acted earlier, thanks for saving me." She said in a soft whisper.

Kovu groaned at her so called kindness he had fallen for it once he wouldn't again. "What kind of hunter almost gets themselves killed on their first hunt?" he asked mockingly.

"I could've handled it." Kiara fired back.

Kovu chuckled, "please I give you three days tops before you‘re vulture bait." He stated, he honestly felt he was being generous with that statement.

Kiara turned back to him, "you think you could do better impress me we start at dawn." Kiara told him before leaving.

"Whatever." Kovu said to himself before going to sleep.

Zira and Nuka were watching the whole thing, "ah come on you idiot at least get a little fun out of it, she was right there!" Nuka complained.

Zira pushed him aside, "enough the fire plan worked perfectly and Simba fell for it now the closer he gets to the daughter the closer he gets to Simba and then when he has him alone" as she finished the words Zira swung her claws and sliced a dead tree branch reducing it to splinters. "

He actually understands unlike you." She finished before turning away.

"keep an eye on them." She called back to him and then she was gone.

Nuka was pleased as well everything was on track just a few more secrets revealed, and moments to live and it would all fall into place.

Nuka smirked as he watched Kovu, "don't worry mother I'll never lose sight of them, wouldn't want to miss the first date." He said grinning, he was so predictable, and it wouldn't be long before Kovu fell right into the next phase.

Alright got most of the set up out of the way I understand if some people are probably feeling a little cheated but like I said this is my own personal continuity and I wanted LKII to be a part of it, somewhat, from here on out things get quite different and the grand finale of The Legacy of brothers begins to take shape. Either way hope you have enjoyed the story regardless, what's your opinion on the alterations I've made so far do they make the story better worse, what's your view?

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Re: The Lion King Fall of the Pride Lands

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: Chapter 6:

Feelings of the heart

It was a bright early morning in the pride lands, Simba was near the water hole getting a drink he normally would wait for others but right now it was deserted, deserted but not completely empty. Kovu was hiding in the shadows watching Simba from afar he had been following him ever since he got up for all the praise he got he wasn't very alert, he hadn't even detected a hint of Kovu's presence. Kovu had counted at least four times he could've killed him unnoticed in just this morning alone this would be ridiculously easy. He was watching Simba drink, he growled and crept up on him just to make sure he could do it unseen when the time actually comes, before he could finish his practice run Kiara jumped right in this path.

"hey how'd you sleep I'm ready to get started are you?" she asked cheerfully.

Kovu ignored her and looked for Simba who had suddenly vanished, great so he had to deal with Kiara and Simba the magician, maybe this wouldn't be as easy as he thought.

Kovu was standing in the middle of the tall grass waiting for Kiara to attempt to pounce him, of course he meant the term very loosely if she successful got him he'd confess he was an assassin.

"three,two,one." Kovu counted down in bored manner.

Kiara came flying from the grass, "gotcha you" she said almost playfully.

Kovu dodged by simply ducking she flew over him and landed on the ground.

She looked up with a big smile, "you could hear me couldn't you?" she asked.

Kovu struggled not to face palm, "The fire yesterday was quieter." He answered.

"your still breathing too hard, relax feel the earth beneath your paws." He explained to her while extracting his claws from his paws, Kiara mirrored him.

Kovu saw a flock of birds flying toward a hill, "shhh, now watch and learn." He whispered to her gesturing her to follow him he made his way to the hill and with a roar sprung out right at a terrified Timon.

Timon screamed fell over on the ground and began cowering, "please don't eat me I had nothing against Scar, I mean once you get past the whole murder his brother and turn the kingdom into a wasteland he was a great guy!" he begged.

“I’m not helping my case am I?” Timon asked in fear.

This time Kovu did face palm who were these idiots, Kiara answered his question, "Timon, Pumba what are you doing here?" she demanded.

Timon looked up to see Kiara "Kiara hey, well for once we're not following you this just so happens to be the holy grail grubs everywhere!" he said gesturing to an entire hilltop full of bugs, unfortunately there were an army of birds slurping them up.

"but it seems we were a little late to get our invitation sheesh, get out of here shoo!" Timon said while trying to shoo them away, only for one to bite him, Pumba was running up and down a hill trying to chase them away.

Kovu slapped his forehead again these animals were idiots and the best thing for them would be for him to eat them something he was seriously considering.

“Kiara who are these idiots? Please tell me they‘re not your friends” Kovu asked.

“Family actually” Kiara answered.

Great that was not what Kovu wanted to hear after he succeeded in killing Simba he was ordered to marry Kiara something he wasn’t enthusiastic about as it is now he would have to tolerate these idiots, maybe he would confess he was an assassin.

"Hey Timon maybe they could help us out." Pumba said.

"Yeah that's absurd, hey I got it what if they help us." Timon said.

"great idea Timon." Pumba said.

Kovu groaned, were these animals mentally brain dead or something, they couldn't even remember their own ideas, he wasn't going to kill them, he wasn't going to kill them, oh to heck with it he was annoyed and hungry at least he could scare them enough so he would never have to see them again. Now that he thought about it eating Kiara’s presumed adoptive family was probably not a good idea never mind what Simba would do. Still he could certainly get them out of here so he could get back to the matter at hand.

“You know I changed my mind” Kovu told them.

“Really about what” Timon asked.

Kovu looked at them both, “I am gonna eat you” He said almost in a jokey manner before growling at them.

“Aaahhhh!” Timon and Pumba both screamed before running off Kovu chasing after them.
Kiara smiled in amusement at the situation it reminded her of that time at the waterhole with Kopa and Vitani. Kiara raced after Kovu manage to get in front of him and catch up to Timon and Pumba.

“Keep moving I’ll protect you” Kiara told them rather over dramatically.

Kovu was catching up to Timon and Pumba when Kiara intercepted him pushing him away. What? What was she doing he didn’t have time for this he had training to get done so he could get back to his mission. Kovu attempted to push Kiara out of the way but she grabbed him and pulled him down. Kovu rolled away from her and stood up. He noticed she was running alongside Timon and Pumba again. Kovu raced up to Kiara looking at her in confusion.

“You know I’m not going to actually eat your friends” Kovu told her.

Kiara smiled at him, “You certainly won’t because you have to get past me” Kiara said playfully.

“What are we doing Kiara?” Kovu asked in confusion.

“Come on have you forgotten after all these years we used to play this all time” Kiara told him.

Kovu remembered what Kiara was talking about and it was true they did. He remembered how enjoyable it was he also remembered another thing Kiara never beat him and he sure wasn’t going to let her now.

“I remember I won” Kovu told her before racing ahead of her.

Kovu was moments from catching Timon and Pumba, “Yikes he’s right on our tale!” Timon shouted.

“Yep I’m gonna get you, I’m gonna get you!” Kovu said trying not to laugh.

He jumped at them his claws weren’t extracted he prepared to pounce on top of them when Kiara intercepted him she pulled him down and the two of them were sent rolling down a hill laughing. Kovu caught sight of Kiara he could’ve sworn she looked just as he remembered her for a moment. Kiara held onto him as they rolled down the hill. Kovu felt flashes of memory come back to him. He saw his younger self rolling down a hill with Kiara he remembered putting his arms around her seeing her smile. Kovu gazed at Kiara looking deep into her ruby eyes he saw her younger self then her older self but other than their size they were the exact same with the same gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes. Kovu allowed his paws to wrap around her while she did the same they held each other as they rolled to a stop.

Kovu was lying in the grass he could hear Kiara laughing it seemed so similar her voice was deeper but the tone the way she laughed it was all the same, it was Kiara, the cub he fell in love with. No don’t let those thoughts resurface they’re gone keep them out forget about them. He gazed up at Kiara who picked herself up and reached her paw out to help him up. That was it a thousand memories came to Kovu all at once.

A young Kiara reaches her paw out to help him up which he accepts Kiara then pulls him into her arms grabs the back of his head and kisses him passionately which Kovu quickly returns. Kovu and Kiara are sitting under the stars together Kiara scoots closer to him he looks at her and smiles their paws reach for each other before grasping it gently. Kovu lies on the grass his arms wrapped around Kiara who lies on his chest they turn and gaze at each other before nuzzling. Kovu and Kiara are laying under the moon Kiara on top of him her paws tracing his chest while Kovu’s arms are wrapped around her waste stroking her back, the moon sparkles underneath them as they kiss passionately a young Kovu desperately trying to fight tears of happiness. Kovu and Kiara gaze at their reflections in the water gently nuzzling each other and watch as their reflections partially merge, they were one, truly together; it was all Kovu wanted, all he still wanted.

Kovu stared up at Kiara he remembered it all and he couldn’t fight it. He reached his paw to her she pulled him up aggressively and pulled him into her arms he feels her paw on the back of his head. “Please do it, please Kiara” Kovu begged in his mind. Kiara smiled at him and let him go before turning away nervously.

“You‘re still as I remember” Kiara said gently.

Kovu’s heart was racing for a moment he seriously was considering taking her into his arms and telling her everything she has always meant to him but then his mind finally gained control again, she left him. He did love her and she tossed him aside these words are meaningless she said them before too and she still left him in the end. For a moment his anger returned. He turned away from her.

“Why would that matter to you” Kovu said his voice a whisper.

“What” Kiara asked him.

“Nothing let’s go” Kovu replied.

The two of them walked beside each other Kovu trying desperately not to gaze at her. He had fallen for her again, no that wasn’t accurate he never let go of her. How could he fall in love with her again when he never stopped loving her. No he couldn’t let those thoughts control him she broke his heart and if he trusted her she would eventually leave him again yet he couldn’t turn away. Why did she leave him? It didn’t make sense he had to know. His heart was racing even faster; his mind pitied it, one burn wasn’t enough? Just let her go she broke his heart once and if he gave into his feelings she would only break his heart again, right? She didn’t love him but why did it seem like she did, why would she leave him if she missed him?

Kovu and Kiara were sitting alone gazing at the stars Kiara was leaning against Kovu resulting in him gently pulling away he didn't want this right now he was confused about his emotions he wasn't the only one.

Simba watched Kovu and Kiara below he didn't like it and certainly didn't like seeing them so close, but was Kovu his enemy he didn't know, he never had trusted his own judgment over others, he just didn't feel worthy.

"father I'm lost Kovu is one of them Scar's heir how can I trust him?" he said to the stars.

"enjoying the comfort of the night Simba?" Nala said having arrived behind him.

"I was just seeking guidance from the kings." Simba responded.

Nala stood alongside him, "and did they help?" she asked.

"silent as the stars Nala would my father ever even consider" Simba answered.

"Simba you want so much to walk the path expected of you perhaps Kovu does not" Nala told him.

Simba wasn't certain "how can you be sure?" he asked.

"I can see them down there just as well as you can, give him a chance get to know him." Nala answered smiling warmly at her mate.

"thank you Nala." Simba said gently.

Nala stopped and turned back and nuzzled Simba before turning away again, "it's why I'm here Simba." She said softly.

Simba sat alone in the grass staring at the stars, "you'd give him a chance I have to." He said.

"Simba" a mighty voice called out.

Simba recognized it, "father I'm here!" he called out.

"you need me" Mufasa said.

"yes I don't know what to do, help me father!" Simba begged.

Mufasa looked at Simba with shame and disappointment "you still haven't changed, still unable to decide for yourself, you've learned nothing." He said to Simba almost harshly.

"what, father?" Simba asked confused but there was no response he was gone again, Simba looked to the sky uncertain, what had just happened.

Kovu and Kiara gazed at the stars above, Kiara looked at it closely while Kovu seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

"I've always found it beautiful, I missed gazing at them with you." She said to him.

Alright enough it was time for the truth, "why are you saying any of this you were the one who stopped showing up." Kovu said bitterly.

Kiara felt a sting of pain at his words, "that's not fair to me" she began to say but Kovu cut her off.

"No I spent six months waiting for you, hoping thinking we were something special only to be cruelly reminded we weren't, I spent almost two years building my heart only to have it crushed! You do not show up and act like nothing happened!" Kovu was seething never before had he allowed himself to open up like this.

"I wanted to be with you, I wanted us to be something, you left me!, I did nothing wrong, "you left me!" Kovu screamed to the heavens empathizing the last three words, he thought that he could ignore the pain that if he kept ignoring the pain it would eventually fade but now he knew it would never fade nor would his feelings for her.

Kiara was shocked she had never expected to hear that from him but she couldn't help but feel hope, he still cared about her.

"There was nothing more I wanted to do than see you but the way I snuck out of the den was sealed off." She told him.

Kovu turned to her in surprise, "I was trapped and the worst thing is I couldn't tell you, I wanted to hate my father but I later found out it wasn't him." Kiara continued to explain.

"than who was it?" Kovu asked.

"I don't know my father was confused about it, but that doesn't matter, I'm sorry Kovu, but I didn't abandon you, I wanted us to be something special too." Kiara finished sorrowfully.

This changed everything all these years Kovu thought his was heart betrayed but it never happened they didn't abandon each other they were forcibly pulled away, and now it was almost as if they'd been given a second chance.

"Do you still want it?" Kovu asked his voice barely audible.

Kiara turned to him beginning to close the gap, "I wouldn't of told you that if I didn't, Kovu I" she didn't get to finish before Kovu kissed her deeply on the muzzle.

She was surprised at first but quickly relaxed returning the kiss, they laid on the grass Kovu resting on top of her his arms wrapped around her stroking her back while Kiara's own arms were gently around the back of his neck. A thousand thoughts were going through his mind.

"this is real, this is actually happening." Kovu thought.

He felt Kiara muzzle on his own, she brushed her tongue against it and placed it in his mouth, he returned the gesture placing his own tongue in her mouth, their tongues intertwined each other as Kovu's explored the inside of her mouth, it was most amazing thing he had tasted in almost a decade, he had missed this feeling so much. They broke apart and gazed into each others eyes. Then in an instant it was over Kovu rolled to the side away from her,

"oh sorry too much too soon." She asked.

That wasn't it at all what made Kovu's mission so easy was the fact that he didn't care about anything all he wanted was the throne and Simba's head but now that the truth between him and Kiara was revealed it was more difficult, how can he have a romantic relationship with Kiara and still plan how he's going to murder her father, but he had to his whole family was counting on him.

"Kovu are you alright?" Kiara asked.

"oh yeah I'm fine you better head back to the den I'll be there soon." Kovu said.

Kiara listened to him and made her way back to the den.

Kovu got some distance between Pride Rock before finally finding a place to sit, what was he going to do?

"You look troubled Kovu." Vitani said emerging from the bushes.

Kovu wasn't surprised his mother would obviously be keeping an eye on him. "I see your feelings from so long ago are still strong." She said.

Kovu looked down in shame, "I didn't want them back it's so much more difficult now." He said.

"why?" Vitani asked.

"how am I suppose to maintain something with Kiara knowing I have to kill her father, I have to let her go." Kovu concluded.

"No this means too much you can't give it up, I wouldn't." Vitani said with a hint of sadness looking at the flower in her ear.

"I have to I, I don't know." Kovu said placing his paws on his head.

Vitani placed a paw on his shoulder, "Kovu we need you, I don't want to put this pressure on you, but we're counting on you." She told him.

"this is our only chance if this fails we might not" she began to say.

Kovu knew where she was going she was right, "I know if this fails we'll starve" Kovu said burying his face in his paws.

"I can't let it happen, you're right but can I have a relationship that's just a lie?" he asked.

"I've learned a lie is almost always better than the truth, but look at this way if you don't kill Simba there's a good chance both pride's will wipe each other out." Vitani told him her voice cracking.

Vitani was right it was Simba or a blood bath there weren't any better options.

"I'll do what I have to thanks Vitani." He told her.

"of course now go back to pride rock and lay beside her." She said softly. Kovu hugged her before departing.

Vitani watched him leave she was worried now did this threaten their mission would Kovu abandon them. She looked to the sky and felt the wind against her, it was Kopa, and she knew why.

"I know you don't agree with it but do you really have a better idea, a realistic one?" she asked him as usual she got no response.

"I knew this was coming and you did as well, is this part of your plan Kopa?" Vitani wondered.

"this is our path, it always comes from love and now it will either save us or far more likely kill us." She finished.

The wind became gentler, "thank you for staying with me you have no reason to I'm sorry for whatever I've done but know that I still love you." Vitani said in tears.

she felt the wind against her and embraced it, it was the one bright side to this development at least if the prides all killed each other she would be reunited with him soon .

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