The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Chavratheserval » July 8th, 2016, 6:50 pm

I am sucker for a good villain. I really do like Vita. Probably my new favorite character.
I like all the New characters, well expect for the one who thinks women should keep their mouth shut. Ooooo. How I hate him! Me being one after all.

The fight between Kiara and Kion... I thought Kion was gonna beat her up. Well I was wrong. But in a good way. I wasn't expecting that.


One theory, maybe Vita sends someone to go kill a pride Lander and make it look like the rebels did it.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 8th, 2016, 8:04 pm

I like Vita too she's cold but highly logical if you want sometime I can fill you in on her backstory. There was no place to fit it in the story being told but I do have one for her I usually do for every character even if it's not going to be revealed helps me better write them.

Muhimu ends up being a very heavy character later on and you will find out his backstory later as well.

Koto is meant to be hated maybe I am mistaken in this belief but I always felt in a story this morally questionable you should have one character the audience can just hate, I feel Koto fills this role very well.

Yeah Kion's choice had consequences and now his choice is truly challenged. I suppose a warning is in order I have no qualms killing main characters at all naturally there must be a purpose and reason behind it but if it serves my story I'll kill whichever character is necessary.

One final question what's your opinion on what's happening with Fuli and how the events of reflection impacted her?

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Chavratheserval » July 10th, 2016, 4:49 am

It's well thought out and properly implanted in her personality and story. Most people would forget to put how the story impacted the characters. But you didn't, I really like that. That's professional writing Mr.H
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 10th, 2016, 5:43 am

Thank you I'm happy to know you enjoy it and it's great hearing your feedback is your sister reading it as well?

I'll be likely posting the next chapters later this week.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Chavratheserval » July 10th, 2016, 7:20 pm

Of course she is! She could handle a lot of stuff that most ten year olds can't. Which is weird really. I'm always looking forward to the story!
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 14th, 2016, 7:32 pm

: Chapter 8:
Kiara stood in a cave one of the captured rebels in front of her. She could feel her rage growing for the savages in front of her. Kion had escaped and she would make them regret that. Kiara sinks her claws into one's shoulder.

She very quietly asks, "where is Kion and rebels heading?"

"I don't know!" The rebel cried.

"Those words better be true." She growls.

Kiara then threw him down gesturing to a lionesses to take him away. Useless he knew nothing. One of them had to know where Kion was, he was their Savior, public face. One of them would know, and they would tell her. Kion betrayed them he sided with the very animals who attacked her home killed her mother, she would hunt him down no matter what and they would tell her no matter how many bones she had to break.
She brings in another prisoner and throws him down. She then slammed her paw into his face before back handing him. She grabbed him and beat his head back and forth.

"Where are they!" Kiara screamed.

She then struck his jaw again, "where is Kion’s unit!?" Kiara demanded.

"I don't know I wasn't stationed with him!". The rebel said in fear.

Useless, another waste of time, Kiara thought in anger she then grabbed his face and slammed it into a wall, he knew something it was up to him to decide how much pain there would be.

"Fine then maybe you can answer another question" Kiara said she then threw him down and twisted his arm back while baring her teeth.

Which rebel targeted Pride Rock?" She said seething.

The rebel looked at her confused, "What are you talking about?" He asked in confusion.

"Oh you're funny" Kiara seethed.

"Have it your way, I only need your ability to speak, your face doesn't have to be intact." Kiara said her voice like ice.

She then slammed him to the ground. "Who hired that assassin! Who tried to kill my family! Kiara roars.

Kovu watched the whole thing uncertain, he had never seen Kiara this angry the thought scared him, this wasn't the lioness he knew all this time, the lioness he loved.
Kiara began strangling the rebel a savage feral and near murderous rage reflecting in her eyes.

"You're going to tell me or you are going to die." She says like ice.

I don't know honest, please don't hurt me!" The rebel pleaded.

Kiara held him readying her claws it would be so easy to kill him, to kill this scum that attacked her home, killed her mom. Do it she told herself. She stared into his pleading eyes, he wasn't the one who attacked her family, she was better than this. Kiara released him, allowing him to slowly walk away from her, Kovu finally approached her. He had stayed quiet through the whole thing, it was time to speak his mind.

"That was savage Kiara" Kovu told her slightly disappointed.

"I had to be certain they didn't know anything.". Kiara responded though she didn't sound so certain.

"Don't lie to yourself Kiara, you knew they knew nothing you were just venting your rage." Kovu replied bluntly, making it clear he would not accept any lies from her, especially to herself.

"How could I know if they were lying?" Kiara asked.

Kovu turned to her, "Come here" he told her.

Kiara approached him and he placed his paw on her chest, listening to her heart beat.

"What are you doing?" Kiara asked confused.

"Listening for your heart rate, when someone lies their heart speeds up." Kovu answered.

"What that's absurd" Kiara said.

"If so tell me were you actually trying to get Kion's location you weren't acting out of simple anger?" Kovu said.

"Why else, I was trying to get information they had, I didn't know they knew nothing.". Kiara answered.

Kovu pushed his paw tighter against her chest and focused he felt her heart rate and for a moment it accelerated before returning to normal. "You're lying" Kovu said.

Kiara looked surprised, "You're right I let my anger get the better of the me" Kiara admitted.

Kiara then felt tears fill her eyes she knew the real reason she was so angry. She thought about it all, what happened and the state of her family. "Kovu why did this happen? Kiara asked in tears.

There's no answer Kiara, I'm sorry Kiara" Kovu said sorrowfully.

Kiara continued crying, "My mother is dead, my brother left us, I lost both of them. She said in sadness.

"People will do terrible things for their freedom resulting" Kovu told her while wrapping his arm around her.

Kiara didn't understand, what would they have? "What point is freedom if in the end of you have nothing?" She asked him, Kovu has no response.

Kion was sitting alone in a cave still reeling from the last few days. His body was aching from the pounding Kiara gave him, though that pain was minor it paled compared to her words which echoed in his mind.

"You turned your back on all of us and betrayed the hero I believed you to be!"

Her words continued to echo around him despite her not being there. Was she right did he betray them that wasn't his intentions he just wanted to help people that's all his family didn't have to be a part of this, except that wasn't true, he already knew that, does that mean he actually did betray them? What of his mother was Kiara right, was his mother actually dead, if so was it his fault, did his abandoning of them result in her death?

"Is it my fault?" Kion asked himself.

"You say something Kion?" Bunga asked.

"Bunga is this my fault?" Kion asked quietly.

"What come on pal these guys hated each other long before you joined, I mean the only way it's your fault if you were secretly the mastermind." Bunga answered the last part was dripping with sarcasm.

"I was supposed to defend my home, I wasn't there" Kion said in a hushed tone, it was filled with regret.

"You can't be everywhere not unless you can duplicate yourself which sounds pretty cool actually." Bunga replied with a chuckle hoping Kion would join him, he remained silent.

"My mother is dead because of me?" Kion said tears fell from his eyes on the floor.

"Come on Kion, that's not your fault, you can't expect to protect everyone, not unless you can move faster than lightning." Bunga said.

Kion felt his anger growing his mother was dead now was not the time to be joking.

"Stop trying to be funny, this isn't a joke Bunga!" Kion shouted.

"I'm not being funny you can't be everywhere at once, you can't save everyone" Bunga tried to reason.

"I'm supposed to be their inspiration but I couldn't help them, what kind of symbol is that? Kion asked.

"You can't win everything Kion and you were up against your own sister, but remember what you did before all the rebels you freed, that's why you're the boss that's why your awesome" Bunga replied.

Kion sighed and walked away, "you don't get it." Kion said. Kion then walked out of the cave where he saw Muhimu watching over the injured.

"How are they?" Kion asked.

Alive no thanks to you, you're weakness nearly cost them their lives." He said bluntly.

"What are you" Kion began to say before being cut off.

"You are unwilling to put aside your family for the needs of the rebellion you should not be leading them." Muhimu stated.

"Sacrificing ones own family should never be an option." Kion argues.

Muhimu was unmoving, "I already did" the leopard replied.

Kion looked at him in shock, "It was do or die if I didn't do anything the rebellion would've been slaughtered, my family was the price." Muhimu told him with a hint of sadness.

Kion was outraged how could someone sacrifice their entire family like that, "You heartless, how could you just sacrifice the people who depend on you, the people your supposed to love!?" Kion spat venomously.

Muhimu growled at him, "You don't have the right to judge me, I put the needs of the rebellion ahead of my own, and if I had to I would do it again, they're freedom matters above all else, if I have to have the blood of my family on my paws to ensure their safety so be it! Muhimu growled with anger.

Kion was completely speechless by what he heard, that couldn't be true there had to be another choice. His family and the rebels could both survive, he wouldn't sacrifice one of them.Muhimu's last word then tore into his very soul because he knew they were true.

"a leader always puts the needs of his people ahead of his own." Muhimu said.

Muhimu made his way outside the cave trying desperately to ignore Kion's words, it was only partially working. What did he know, nothing that's what. Kion had no idea the choices he was forced to make, he had no right to judge him! Muhimu felt his teeth grinding against each other, his body was trembling. Why was he letting this get to him now, he couldn't focus on this he had more important things to focus on. He exited the cave where Nuka was waiting.

"You're late, how unlike you, even if only be a few seconds." Nuka said smirking.

"I'm in no mood for your sense of humor" Muhimu said annoyed.

"Always so brooding, one would think the sun would burn you." Nuka replied.

"Do you have the food or not?" Muhimu asked clearly losing his patients.

"Always business, yeah, I got it." Nuka answered.

"Any new information?" Muhimu asked.

The royals are gathering for a meeting rumors also say Vita's returning to her pride." Nuka said.

Vita was going to be away from the council this could be the only shot they have and Muhimu was not prepared to let it slip.

"Good work, you should go before someone sees you." Muhimu tells him.

"Whatever you say, your constant scowling is getting tiresome, lighten up pal." Nuka said he then turned and walked away.

Muhimu paid him no further heed it was time to take the opportunity given to them. As he went back to the cave he could now hear Kion and Nuka's words. Lighten up, yeah right that was gone long gone. Muhimu could not comprehend the idea of sitting back and having fun, after what he did to his parents. The choice he made, which one? There were times Muhimu regretted even joining the resistance, why did he he couldn't quite place it but he remembered the moment the moment he choice this and his life was taken afterwards.

Many years ago, Muhimu was standing in front of group of animals each examining him very carefully. Muhimu stood his ground with pride.

"Why are you here?" A female tiger asked him.

"I am here to join you to fight alongside you." Muhimu answered.

"Are you?" A male cheetah asked, though it didn't sound like a question.
Muhimu was confused what else would he be here for, if not to fight the injustice that is being forced on his people, to rise up against the tyrants that oppress him.

"Yes, I am here to join your rebellion, to fight." Muhimu answered.

"For what purpose?" A female panther said.

"What, I don't understand." Muhimu said in confusion.

"What do you seek" The tiger asked as she eyed him intensely.

Muhimu considered his answer what did he want why did he seek to fight, he thought about how he lived being forced into a small den, watching so many imprisoned without any due process, being left scraps for food. He knew what he wanted.

"I seek to remove my chains, to free all others of theirs, to tear down this tyrannical reign to see everyone free." Muhimu answered with strength.

"Your freedom all want it but are you willing to die for it?" The Cheetah asked.

"What?" Muhimu said confused.

A group of animals grabbed him and dragged him away throwing him on the ground, they then tied a bunch of vines around him hanging him from a small cliff. Muhimu struggled but stopped when he noticed it was tearing the vines which would sent him tumbling off the cliff.

"What are you doing!?" Muhimu shouted.

"Will you risk death to be free?" The tiger told him she then turned away the animals then left Muhimu kicking and screaming begging for them to come back and set him free.

"only you can set yourself free" they said they then left him in darkness.

Muhimu remembered it how long was he trapped in that cave how many days was he alone in Darkness without food, contemplating what he would do but stopping in fear every time, fear that he would die. The fear of death held him back for many days. Never acting but across the days the truth hit him, and a deep desire began to fill him until finally he would wait no longer even the threat of death would no longer hold him back, he would be free, no matter what he would be free. The moment came back to him clear as day, he would never forget it the day he was reborn.

Many years ago, Muhimu struggled in the vines futility it was half heartened at best he had nowhere to go. It was over he was trapped here and there was nothing he could do except wait for the inevitable. He looked at the cliff below him it was a high drop but survival was possible.

"If I rip the vines I'll be free." He told himself. He looked below and began reconsidering his plan, he was safe here.

"I'm still safe here, and I have many days until I starve." Muhimu said aloud, as if hoping it would dissuade him, but he kept looking at the pit below him.

"I'm safe, I'm safe here!" Muhimu shouted.

He didn't believe it he felt so empty, he was safe but not alive. It hit Muhimu right at that moment. All this time he was valuing his safety over his freedom. He wasn't willing to risk everything to be free, if he wouldn't die for his freedom how could he fight for others. He was safe here but he wasn't free he had to be free. Muhimu began struggling against the vines which were beginning to tear, the fall might kill him but at least he would no longer be in chains. That was all that mattered breaking his chains forever even if they kept him safe. Muhimu tore through the vines and pulled himself free sending himself plummeting down the cliff, he braced himself for the impact but it never came instead the female tiger shot out at him catching him in the air and pushing him to a nearby ledge before standing beside him.

"You have conquered your fear of death, you have chosen your freedom over your safety you are ready to be one of us." The tiger told him while placing her paw on his shoulder.

"That was just a test" Muhimu said.

"It was your trial to free your soul" The cheetah said his voice had a hint of pride.

"The very things keeping me safe was what kept me imprisoned." Muhimu replied shocked.

"If one is to fight for anything one must be prepared to give up their safety." The female panther told him.

"I understand and I am prepared to fight." Muhimu said with strength.

The female tiger smiled at him opening the cave and revealing the sun, "then go and claim your new life Muhimu." She told him.

Muhimu walked across the floor feeling the dirt and mud beneath his paws as if he were feeling it for the first time. He stood there for a moment running his claws through the mud. He moved slowly almost tasting the fresh air outside, the faint light of the sun made him feel stronger. Muhimu stepped outside and let the sun shine down on him, the wind flowed around him brushing against his face, the scent of flowers filled his nostrils. Muhimu let out a powerful roar which echoed across the sky, a powerful sound that told the whole world he was a new leopard, Muhimu was reborn.
Muhimu let the memory fill him, that was why he joined and his life was not stolen it was saved. He was never truly free until that day and now he was, he would never forget the great animals that broke his chains nor the promise he made. They would be free, all of them, never again would another have control of their live taken, that he vowed.

Kion found himself standing in the middle of a cave Fuli and Bunga beside him. They were surrounded by the rebellion Muhimu in the center. "What's going on?" Kion asked.
"Your right of passage" Muhimu answered.

"For what?" Kion asked.

"You're loyalty to our cause has become questionable at best" Muhimu replied.
The other rebels all looked at Kion with suspicion.

"When his sister showed up his resolve faded." One said.

"True but it was his family we can't blame him for being conflicted about that, it's understandable." A mother panther said compassionately.

The others considered her words debating amongst themselves.

"Still his resolve failed" a male leopard said.

"Would you fight your own family without hesitation?" A lioness responded.

"His reasons are understandable but we need to have someone who is certain about his mission, no matter what." A male tiger said.

Kion listened while the rebellion debated he wondered what would happen if they agreed he was a liability would they kill him. He knew where they were so no way they let him go, and Kion wasn't certain he had a solid defense for himself most of what they were saying was true, he couldn't deny that. If they did agree to kill him he could only hope they would spare Bunga and Fuli, he would beg if he had to.

"Kion betrayed his family for you how is his loyalty in question!?" Bunga shouted while stepping forward, Fuli pulled him back.

"Not now Bunga" She whispered her voice had a sense of urgency to it, Bunga knew it was wise to listen.

The rebels continued to debate, "He did betray his family for our cause" A male monkey said.

"But was that an actual choice he can go completely through with?" A female Zebra stated.

"Perhaps we should let Kion speak himself" A female snake suggested.

"Agreed that is his right, Kion step forward." Muhimu said.

Kion stepped into the middle of the cave he wasn't going to lie their concerns were very valid, and he wasn't going to tell them they weren't.

"You are all right, I am conflicted I am hesitate to fight my family, can I bring myself to kill them no I cannot. But that doesn't change my goals I am still here to set you free, to end the oppression that led here, and I will risk my life to see it a reality." Kion told them with strength.

"A strong speech but it doesn't prove anything." Muhimu stated.

The rest of the rebels voiced their agreement.

"Perhaps a mission solely for him, to prove his promise." The lioness suggested.

The rebels all seemed to agree with this, "Yes, Kion one of the heads of the royal council Vita is briefly returning to her Pride, she won't be there for long so we must take this opportunity." Muhimu said.

"What opportunity?" Kion asked.

"If we eliminate her, the other royals will begin to turn on each other, killing each other for power the death of one important member is all it will take." Muhimu explained.

"You want me to be an assassin to kill her" Kion said appalled.

"This is a very important victory Kion it could turn the entire war." Muhimu explained.

Kion understood their reasons but the idea of this just made him sick to his Stomach. He wasn't a killer, Kion could not recall a single life he had murdered in his entire life. The idea of this just sickened him. This wasn't what his purpose was he was meant to save lives not take them. But what choice was there, this was a war people die in war. He knew this was a revolution what did he expect? His thoughts seemed so childish so unreal, it was time to embrace reality and make the hard choices.

"I don't want to kill anyone, but I will if I must to ensure you are all safe." Kion told them.

The rebels cheered for Kion, while Muhimu nodded though Kion wasn't sure he said what he said and he really hoped he could live up to it, he turned to Fuli who looked disgusted he could tell she was deep in thought about this, Fuli had taken a life and it still haunted her, she still refused to hunt living off fish and bugs. Killing Vitani traumatized her and now she may be facing another kill, no he wouldn't let it come to that, no matter what.

"So there's an intriguing question, am I doing this for them or her?" Kion asked himself and it was a very solid question, one he didn't have the answer to.

Simba was arriving around Pride Rock where the royal council was waiting he could see Koto near the center, eying him whenever he could unseen. What was going on Simba wasn't expecting anything and it didn't look like Koto arranged it either. Was it Vita's doing if so what did she want? Simba walked outside and circled the council members he didn't like the looks of this at all. He stood beside them, Vita arrived sitting in the middle.

"Thank you for your presence now you all know how I work I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important as I hate wasting time and resources." Vita said her tone was rather fast as if running through a list.

"What is this about Vita?" Koto asked.

"Not you so don't speak again I wanted to get this done quickly." Vita said bluntly.

"As you are all aware our forces located the rebels but our numbers were insufficient more importantly Kiara warned her brother in advance she seems to regret that choice so no reason to act upon it." Vita said.

"Then why have you summoned us" a brown Lion with a faded mane said.

"I am not speaking to you, Kiara is not your daughter, naturally I would bring this up to her father." Vita stated her voice was again fast and very calculated, few could keep up with it in truth.

"So you are referring to me" Simba said.

"Yes, obviously now perhaps we can move this conversation forward with relevant details." Vita replied she was annoyed but only her body language showed that not her voice.

"I can't explain Kiara's actions I wasn't there." Simba stared.

"Naturally you were here, dealing with the recent passing of queen Nala your mate." Vita said lacking any emotion.

Simba felt like someone punched him in the gut. Nala was the love of his life and Vita just mentioned her death like it was some random number. "She was my love, the love of my life, you don't need to be so direct." Simba said clearly pained.

"Facts are facts, you can deal with your grieving phases later or not at all you've wasted enough time with it." Vita told Simba without emotion.

"If you know I wasn't there why are you even talking to me?" Simba demanded in anger.

"Your reinforcements never arrived" Vita said quickly.

"Well things have been difficult here so I needed them." Simba reasoned, it was a lie of course.

"Enough, don't insult my intelligence and if you do it again I will tear your heart from your chest." Vita stated calmly way to calmly like she was in a business meeting.

Simba felt like his skin was crawling she deeply disturbed him. Never in all his life had he met someone so cold, so detached. The way she spoke about death, murder, war it was almost inhuman.

He couldn't deny she scared him, Koto seemed a little unnerved as well. "What do you want me to say?" Simba asked.

"The truth that you refuse to go to war with your son. But I have no desire to see him dead or the guard or you or your family" Vita told him.

"Why would you care about us?" Simba asked.

"You mean nothing to me personally but Kion is invaluable his status as the guard is truly irreplaceable. Kiara and Kovu have great relevance through their relationship alone. And the pride lands are too important to let die, though the current inhabitants survival is irrelevant to me it matters to you, and your kingdom has meaning so logically your survival is insured as is the guard, it would be counter productive not to mention stupid not to insure it." Vita said never once pausing during the entire long statement.

Simba in truth could barely keep up with Vita's long statement, Koto looked like he was having trouble too. "How do we deal with the rebels then Kion will protect them." Koto said.

"Handle it better than you handled your kingdoms, all of you are imbeciles, you cannot crack down on your subjects so hard you can't take their rights so abruptly it must be subtly so they don't notice. Finally you don't just slaughter every rebel force that only brings more to their cause." Vita told the council, she said it so fast, many lions looked at her puzzled clearly not getting her statement at least not all of it.

Vita looked at them with contempt, of course they didn't get it, fine a more direct answer. She stabbed a lion right in the chest, she held him in place and lifted him off the ground, letting him dangle in the air while the rest looked at her in horror. Simba was dumbfounded why did she do that, it came out of nowhere one moment Vita had her back to them the next, Simba felt his fear of her growing.

Vita turned to the council, "I don't need all of you alive half would be enough, that's all that's necessary to maintain the order of our society. If you are stupid and incompetent I will have you removed from the great circle." Vita said her voice was much slower it only made her more terrifying.

"Did I slow down enough for you?" Vita demanded before allowing the lion to fall to the ground.

The council nodded, before bowing in submission. Good the message is clear maybe this would put an end to incompetence. She turned to the Lion on the floor and gestured a medic

"Treat his wounds, they won't be fatal if you do your job competently, if he dies you'll wish you did" Vita said her voice was once again really fast and detached.

The medic looked at her before nodding the last time they hinted at not being able to keep up with her she nearly killed someone. The medic tended to the Lion.

Vita turned away from the council not saying a word. "Our business is concluded then" a gold lioness said trying to hide her fear.

Vita didn't even bother to respond the answer to that was obvious, and she was done wasting her time with incompetent, uneducated, cognitively delayed, amnesiac Neanderthals.

Simba was pleased to finally see Vita departing her cold demeanor shook him to his core, he could see Koto was pleased to see her leave too, however Koto planned to deal with her he probably should make certain he doesn’t screw up, or there won’t be another chance. Koto approached Simba clearly trying to hide his fear.

“The others are beginning to question her soon they will seek a new leadership.” Koto said.

“You sound certain she just held the whole council in a strangle hold of terror, what makes you think anything is going to change?” Simba replied.

“Vita won’t be around much longer, her return to her pride I leaked it to the rebels well a minor insignificant animal did anyway, they know they’ll be waiting for her.” Koto said with a smirk.

“You think Vita won’t suspect this look at how easily she just deduced everything.” Simba argued.

“If she knew she wouldn’t be going back and if it fails who she’s going to blame?” Koto said smirking.

What a smug jerk, if only Simba didn’t have to work with him if only he could tell Vita what Koto was doing, why didn’t he? Simba knew the answer because she was a sociopath and more importantly she was a lot smarter than Koto any attempt to get the best of her will likely fail, much like Koto’s likely would.

“Even if so what does this mean for us?” Simba asked.

“With Vita out of the way you and I move in to eliminate the allies she protects and claim all their kingdoms.” Koto declared.

“Murder countless you can’t be serious!” Simba said outraged.

“Remember Simba every member of the council is plotting all our deaths we have to act before them, if you want to save your son that is” Koto said pausing before he added the last part of his statement.

Simba felt his strength draining once again Koto was right all of these leaders were his enemy and the only way to save Kion was to take control of the royal army which he couldn’t do in his current state, the more leaders die the more control Simba gets which increases Kion’s chance of survival. Simba did not like this but it was his best chance at keeping Kion and the guard alive, he had to kill all of the council or there could be no peace between both sides, might as well start here. Simba nodded to Koto in defeat who grinned with satisfaction.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 14th, 2016, 7:33 pm

: Chapter 9:
Suicide mission

A lone figure moved slowly through the desert her mind was driven and determined more so than it had been for a very long time. Her paws were blistered with cuts on them and her body was covered with cuts as well, the fur on her back was scorched one would think this would stop her but it meant nothing to her it didn’t even really phase her. She moved across the scorching desert trying to track any sign of her prey, he had disappeared ever since their last encounter, an encounter she wasn’t all too eager to remember it filled her mind with rage also a bit of fear but more so rage. She remembered the feeling, the heat the intensity the impossibility of it all. She sniffed the ground finding but a faint trace of her prey’s scent, good it wasn’t far now to track its position. She placed her paw on the ground looking for any sign of their tracks she moved her paw across it pushing sand away and uncovered more of her prey’s scent she kept running her paw across it and finally she felt it a paw print.

Finally she had track that intruder down, Nala raised her head up and turned towards the east direction. He wasn’t far, she raced in the scents direction while remembering what she saw last time she saw him, it wasn’t clear but she knew she saw it.

Nala tried piecing together the image in her mind with minimum luck she didn’t get a close enough look she needed to track him down and trap him then she could see just what that symbol on his paw was. Her quarry was clearly well trained and very well prepared he executed his task to perfection it was surprising Nala even survived, his very explosive weapon being what saved her.

Nala was still surprised she even survived that blast it was only due to that hole she fell in if not for it the blast would’ve killed her for sure, what luck or was it the assassin created that hole exactly before his weapon went off maybe her survival wasn’t an accident at all maybe he wanted her to survive, she couldn’t imagine why but it was a possibility. Nala continued moving through the desert tracking the assassins scent when she finally caught sight of him, perfect there he was but how exactly was she supposed to approach him, maybe she didn’t he didn’t know she was there maybe for now she could just follow him let him lead her back to whomever hired him assuming anyone did. It was as a good of plan as any no point in engaging him just yet and maybe while following him she might be able to get a better look at that symbol on his paw.

Nala began trailing the assassin slowly he was moving slowly throughout the desert there didn’t seem to be an known location he was heading for but maybe it was a place Nala didn’t know about. She allowed herself to fall partially behind she didn’t need the assassin detecting her scent which could be why he was going nowhere he expected someone was following him. Nala drifted further behind but kept the assassin in her sights. She continued trailing him slowly waiting for any sign of where he might be heading when something strange happened he was gone, no that was impossible he was in her sights just a few moments ago how could he just vanish like that?

“I must admit I am impressed with how long i was unable to find you” The assassin said to her.

Nala began looking in all directions the moment his voice spoke to her before she could pin point it he grabbed her from behind or was it the side in truth Nala couldn’t tell he was much too fast, he pulled her in and threw her to the ground. Nala pulled herself up and was about to charge before pausing this didn’t work last time he was clearly a much better fighter than she was, charging him head on would be foolish. He eyed her rather intensely but didn’t attack. Nala also eyed him but not his face but rather his right paw where the symbol was, she tried to get a closer look but everytime she could look at it he moved his paw, he knew somehow he knew what Nala was after, he was no amateur in fact he was a full on professional.

“Don’t expect me to just let you see what you wish.” The assassin said his voice was very sophisticated almost refined and cultured.

Nala began moving in circles the assassin didn’t walk but he did shift his direction every time she reached a different area. It was clear Nala wasn’t going to get a clear look this way she needed a new tactic.

“You attacked my home and nearly killed me.” Nala growled.

“If you were my target you wouldn’t be breathing” The assassin stated.

“Why, why attack Pride Rock?” Nala demanded.

“I don’t reveal contracts goes against my code.” The assassin replied.

Nala was waiting for him to attack but he didn’t clearly he didn’t want her dead but what was he waiting for Nala didn’t have time he clearly didn’t want her following him and Nala couldn’t beat him head on but what if she had the element of surprise?

“How dare you attack my home and family, you won’t tell me who sent you fine i’ll beat out of you!” Nala roared in rage, it wasn’t actually real though it was convincing especially since Nala’s temper when provoked was well known.

Nala came at the assassin, he expected this reaction her anger was no secret and threatening her home and family almost always had this kind of result, she was so predictable he had no desire to kill her but he needed to stop her from following him, provoking her into an attack seemed full proof. He allowed Nala to come at him he dodged a slice for his eye and ducked under a blow aimed at his temple, he sidestepped a paw aimed at his left cheek and parried away her other paw aimed at his neck. He then struck her in the solar plexus, Nala wheezed in pain trying to breath she actually was holding her breath when the blow hit she left herself open to give him the shot. The assassin grabbed Nala and threw her against a rock, she crashed into it hard and toppled to the ground still for a moment she stopped her breathing holding her air in.

The assassin noticed Nala wasn’t breathing and approached her this was a problem his client said to leave her alive, his blows didn’t seem fatal but it is possible the blast injured her which combined with possible dehydration and having the wind knocked out of her could stop her breathing briefly. He approached he slowly, reaching for her form and rolling her over, Nala sprung to life instantly kicking the assassin right in the solar plexus causing him to wheeze and gasp for breath she then grabbed his paw and trapped it in her legs yanking it back in an arm bar. The assassin struggled already he was regaining his breath that was absurdly fast, no matter just a little longer. Nala studied his paw for but a second and traced the symbol on a small rock but made certain her claws were raking across the ground so he didn’t know what she was doing.

Nala let the assassin go and kicked him across the area, she then placed the small rock in her mouth placing it under her tongue and took off running. The assassin pulled himself up she was already gone not that it mattered she wasn’t a concern and while she saw the symbol Nala did not have a photographic memory, she had nothing. The assassin ignored her and continued on his way.

Far away Nala stopped in a cave allowing herself to rest she spit the rock out and placed in her paws studying it, it was not very revealing there were a circle of lines that were connected and within it a what appeared to a star maybe, she couldn’t quite tell either way Nala wasn’t familiar with it however if there was any place that might have the answers she sought it would be at Rafiki’s tree.

Kion and Fuli moved slowly and silently throughout Vita’s kingdom moving towards her den while taking in all their surroundings very carefully a good idea since the whole kingdom was build like a jigsaw puzzle. The trees were confusing and the royal den was in the mountains. In fact they arrived way before Vita did which turned out to be wise security for the mountains was insane, no way they would’ve reached her cave undetected. Now since they had a head start they were pretty close and would be in position pretty quickly. Kion felt a sick feeling in his stomach he couldn’t believe he was actually going to do this it went against everything he stood for yet his options were limited. Bunga watched the area from above seeing if there were any signs of unwanted guests near Kion and Fuli’s position, he didn’t see any yet but that didn’t mean anything, Vita’s kingdom was a fortress and a jigsaw puzzle all in one, he wasn’t surprised so few had infiltrated it, in truth Bunga wasn’t certain they could either.

Bunga took in the area and gave Kion and Fuli the clear, they moved through the mountain area quietly avoiding any bird flying overhead as any one of them could be Vita’s security. Bunga noticed a bird heading for his position and immediately pushed himself against the bushes hiding himself. It seemed to be drifting toward him anyway.

“Oh crud, not good, not good” Bunga said to himself while trying to slide quietly down the tree to enter a small cave.

Kion and Fuli saw more birds flying over them soon they would see them and if one saw them they were good as dead.

“Kion their flocking this way” Fuli said concerned.

“I know anywhere to hide at all?” Kion replied while looking around.

“No, nowhere close enough, we bolt for it?” Fuli asked.

“No we’ll never make it just keep moving and keep to the shadows” Kion said.

Fuli nodded before following Kion pushing themselves against the shadows whenever possible, more birds were above them and many lions and lionesses were around them it was practically a box, the chances of not being seen were slim, in truth this was a board line suicide mission.

Bunga watched Kion and Fuli the birds hadn’t noticed them yet but the lions and lionesses were looking suspicious but why, every time it looked like they were about to leave they would turn back in Kion’s direction it wasn’t the birds something was keeping them there. Bunga looked around at the dead trees he also saw some alive ones, then for a but a moment he could’ve sworn something moved in them. Oh crud, they were wrong about the security Vita had a third security force they didn’t know about probably because no one who ever discovered them lived to tell, there were monkeys in the trees they were the ones tracking Kion and Fuli they hadn’t seen them but they caught a small glimpse of them, soon they would detect them and Kion and Fuli would be dead.

“This Vita girl is absurdly paranoid, what’s she guarding the source of the great kings.” Bunga said to himself maybe he could direct the monkeys attention somewhere else.

Bunga dropped to the ground hiding in a hole he tunneled around it, he poked his head out and looked in Kion’s and Fuli’s direction the monkeys were closing in there was no choice he had to direct them away now. Bunga dug his claws into the ceiling and collapsed it causing a cave in. It caught the birds attentions as well as the monkeys as expected security was heading his way and probably had no intentions of asking questions.

“That’s my cue to scram, oh man couldn’t of my plan been less insane and suicidal!” Bunga stated as he dug through the ground the lions were already tearing through it to reach him, birds were dropping rocks into it trying to flush him out.

“You gotta be kidding me!” Bunga said annoyed while trying to move his way through the tunnels he created, he loved adventure but this wasn’t the adventure he intended.

“Just get this over with Kion I can’t hold out like this forever, and I have better things to do tonight than die, in fact that’s at the bottom of my list!” Bunga stated while digging deeper to avoid the security trying to dig him out.

Kion and Fuli heard Bunga’s distraction what on Earth was that idiot thinking, they were about to turn back but decided not to Bunga did this to direct security away from them. They raced through the area rushing to Vita’s cave they weren’t certain how long Bunga could hold off everything that was coming after him, they had to finish this quickly.

Bunga continued to dig deeper the lions couldn’t reach him anymore, infact Bunga was pretty sure if he dug a little further he would reach the caves which would be great cover for him, man that was close. Bunga was about to sigh in relief when he heard a weird crawling like sound, bugs great Bunga could use a snack but then again these were some loud bugs in fact the crawling seemed to be all around him circling him, in truth Bunga for a moment saw a long leg almost spider like but that was a big spider leg, oh crud the attempt to dig him out was a trap leading him here! The giant spider which was quite bigger than him closed in on bunga it’s monstrous fangs moving.

“Sorry this your home, didn’t know better well then I’ll just leave you be now.” Bunga said before scrambling up the hole.

The Spider relentlessly pursued him. No way this was a chance encounter that spider was security for tunnel diggers it was likely that there were a lot more guarding any other cave entrance. The Spider stabbed it’s legs into the ground trying to impale him another two tried to grab him and pull him in. Bunga threw a rock at it’s legs, before throwing another at it’s head. Bunga dug his way back towards the surface when one of the spiders legs grabbed him. Bunga let out a terrified scream as the spider attempted to pull him back into the hole. Bunga desperately clung to the walls as his body was pulled near the hole. Bunga extracted the claws from his leg and kicked the spider leg stabbing his claws into it, the Spider let out a horrible shriek and let him go.

Bunga began moving up again when a sticky web clung to his back pulling him down and dragging him partially into the hole. Bunga screamed in terror his claws sinking deep into the ground desperately hanging there as the Spider pulled it’s web backwards slowly dragging Bunga back towards it. Bunga felt his claws loosening if he lost his grip he would know first hand what having spider venom racing through your veins felt like, which was probably unpleasant at best, horribly agonizing at worst, the lateral far more likely. Bunga felt his claws starting to slip, he couldn’t hold on much longer, he saw the Spider eying him almost hungrily. Bunga saw the web on his back he couldn’t slice it with his claws however he could use something else. Bunga slammed his back into a jagged rock which cut into him he then yanked it out leaving a chunk of himself behind and the web. Bunga turned to the Spider.

“You want your dinner you’re gonna have to work for it freak!” Bunga taunted it.

The Spider growled before moving quickly towards Bunga, Bunga watched it close on him he didn’t care this thing had done enough and the idea of any animal being eaten alive by it sickened him and Bunga had no doubt many had some were probably still alive down there, Bunga was sick of this freak. The Spider was moments from him, Bunga turned to the jagged rock and tore it off just as the spider was about to grab him.

“Eat this you freak” Bunga screamed before driving the rock into the spider’s fangs through it’s mouth and outside it’s head, it’s legs twitched endlessly as it made horrific sounds before falling over. Bunga then forced the spike all the way through and it stopped moving.

“Should’ve quit while you had the chance” Bunga told it’s lifeless form before moving back towards the surface he kicked out a weakened wall and entered a small narrow area. Bunga rested himself against the wall, he was taking a break before continuing and he definitely wasn’t doing anymore tunneling.

Kion and Fuli closed in on Vita’s cave this was it time to finish the mission, time to do what they had to. Kion felt a nausea wash over him again that sick feeling everytime he thought about the prospect of killing someone and now he would have to. He turned to Fuli who looked like she was going to be sick no surprise he could tell she was thinking of Shetani that death still haunted her and now she was faced with another kill, no she wouldn’t be he would do it, he had to.

“Fuli stay here give me the object I’ll take care of this.” Kion told her.

“No way, i’m not leaving you now” Fuli argued.

“You can’t bring yourself to do this Fuli, it sickens you it’s not safe for you to come in with me, give me the object.” Kion asked.

Fuli relented and handed Kion the object a miniature geyser which had not yet activated a fire and spark would be required.

Kion took it and moved into Vita’s den he could see her sleeping and closed in on her all it would take would be to place it next to her ignite and run mission successful, he was about to place it there when he heard the sound of paws clapping.

“Well done, though I expected you sooner and I was hoping for Muhimu.” Vita said quickly.

Kion stared at her in shock feeling a great fear grip him, she knew, all this time she knew.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 10:

Bunga was resting against the wall catching his breath he hoped Kion and Fuli completed their task by now it couldn’t be any more difficult than the horror show Bunga just faced. Bunga moved quietly outside the security wasn’t looking for him anymore probably thought he was Spider food, still they didn’t seem to be moving in Kion and Fuli’s direction, that was good except something wasn’t right, underground spiders, tree monkeys, flying birds, patrolling lions it really should be impossible to reach her undetected, how were Kion and Fuli not spotted?

Bunga noticed a small hole in the ground he peaked into it it was a tunnel but he didn’t dig this, it was a Meerkat tunnel and they were everywhere. Sky, underground, ground, patrol forces, probably sea, it was impossible absolutely impossible not to be noticed Kion and Fuli should’ve been noticed repeatedly unless, they were spotted and deliberately ignored, they weren’t surprising Vita she was surprising them! Vita knew somehow she knew of the rebels plan but how unless it was all a set up, her going back to her Pride was all one big elaborate trap, and Kion and Fuli just walked right into it!

Vita eyed Kion tracking his every movement. Kion watched her closely waiting for her to attack it didn’t come, “How did you know?” Kion asked shocked.

“Don’t insult my intelligence” Vita said harshly.

Kion stepped back before composing himself, “We reached your den you should be afraid of us.” Kion told her.

“Plenty of have reached here none left alive, now I made an agreement with your father to keep you alive and I keep my word, however i never said i would deliver you unharmed, take that into consideration.” Vita said rather quickly.

“I have a mission to fulfil and i will” Kion said determined.

Vita rolled her eyes in annoyance, “Let me make this clear tell me where the rebels are all you’re friends will be allowed to leave safe and sound.” Vita offered.

“And if i refuse?” Kion challenged.

“Like I said i need you alive not without pain, for example spider venom racing through your veins is still alive and easily repaired if fast enough, which i am.” Vita said rather slowly it made her sound very menacing.

Kion regained himself and pulled out the object, “Do anything and I detonate this.” He threatened.

Vita eyed him closely he seemed serious not that it bothered her, Kion wasn’t a killer and had never murdered anyone in all his life that wasn’t likely to change.

“You’re not a killer, you’ve never committed murder before you’re already trembling.” Vita told him.

“I will do it I’m not afraid to die.” Kion said.

“I imagine not, anyone who betrays their family who abandons their home and turns nearly everyone they love against them has no reason to fear death they embrace it” Vitai said.

“I am doing this for the greater good of others.” Kion retorted.

“Are you, well then allow me to show you something regarding the success of your heroic actions.” Vita said while turning to a pile of stones from the Pride Lands she knocked them over and let them scatter.

‘Here’s everyone you helped.” She said like a blur.

“Nia, Habia, Hagi, Asanti, Jagu, Paru, Hago, Tange, Onia,” Vita read through the names throwing the stones of the deceased at Kions feet.

Kion recognized the names he had met all of them saved all of them at least once and now their deaths were staring him in the face.

“Bangi, Muru, Tama, Tojo, Nadia, Mia” Vita said their names like lightning throwing the stones right in front of Kion.

Kion felt the weight of it all crushing down on him so many dead so many people who depended on him dead, was it his fault did his betrayal cause their deaths was that what Vita was showing him, was she right were they all right? Did Kion kill all these people by turning his back on them, could he really endure such a horrible truth? Kion dropped to his knees and looked at the stones picking them and staring at the endless names on them.

“Kill me you effectively kill the rest, how many more names do you want on your head?” Vita demanded.

Kion looked up at her, “You’re worse how many have you killed in this war, how many have you killed in your reign of tyranny and oppression.” Kion demanded.

“3,578, 1578 male, 1403 female, 597 children. 898 directly by own claws, 403 males, 297 females and 198 children.” Vita answered saying each statement as if she were going through a list.

Kion was horrified he knew Vita was a monster a horrible person but the way she said that the complete detachment of it all finally drove home just how much of a sociopath she was.

“That doesn’t sound horrifying to you that doesn’t sound monstrous that you murdered kingdoms worth of individuals!” Kion roared.

“I don’t care about individuals they can be replaced when mating season comes around, i don’t care about saving a pack I’m interested in preserving the society however best works, if that means giving away mountains of food so be it, if getting a powerful ally means marrying him to the girl of his dreams fine, if preserving order means burning a kingdom to ash, lining up a hundred cubs and slaughtering them as their parents watch, if it’s the most logical and effective solution you do it. The order of this world must be preserved the individuals in it don’t matter.” Vita explained saying the first part very fast, the second part fast but more understandable and the horrific parts fast again.

Kion stared at Vita in absolute disgust how on Earth did his father ever conclude she was the right one to work with in that moment Kion’s resolve returned he remembered why he made his choice to stop monsters like Vita.

“You’re the kind of monster I stop” Kion told her determined.

“Really then trigger that bomb be the hero and condemn your family and home to death.” Vita challenged.

Kion struggled holding the bomb in his paw his arm trembling, he was about to pull it when he hesitated. Vita launched herself at him tackling him and knocking the bomb out of his paw.

“I promised you would be kept alive, if we can’t even keep our word only chaos will prevail, I will not succumb to chaos.” Vita stated.

The bomb flew through the air and landed in a yellow spotted paw, Fuli’s.

“Let him go” Fuli demanded.

“Fuli no this can’t fall to you!” Kion pleaded.

Vita looked at Fuli, “The killer of Shetani hasn’t taken a single life since eating bugs and fish.” Vita said.

“Let us walk out of here or we all die.” Fuli threatened.

“Fuli no!” Kion shouted.

Vita could see Fuli trembling she wasn’t a killer anymore than Kion was why didn’t they understand that Vita was actually trying to make things better, Africa was completely out of control including her own the kingdoms messed up, this war was of no benefit to either of them, compromise restore the kingdoms, changes to the rulers could be made, which was absolutely necessary the way things were now was a disaster that needed to be fixed. Vita had no intention of dying if she did the royal council would kill each other, and right now she needed to play to Fuli’s weakness, which she very clearly knew.

Vita walked up to a lioness and without hesitation killed her, she then threw her body at Fuli’s feet letting her see the dead look in the lionesses eyes. Fuli stared at the dead lionesses face which contorted into Shetani’s her dead eyes staring back at her. Fuli began to tremble and shake.

“That’s death girl see the horror of it I can live with it because i’m a monster you’re not nor should you be, child monsters like Shetani only bring disorder and destruction. You hate killing, remain to your principles and values when we betray our ideals we surrender ourselves to chaos, that’s what war is, chaos and destruction, give me the bomb and you can all leave alive your family can walk away from all of this your home saved, this choice is obvious do the rational and logic thing.” Vita told Fuli.

Fuli struggled her arm trembling, to prove her point Vita let Kion up although she didn’t let him go quite yet. Fuli considered Vita’s offer it made sense it really did what reason was their not to accept it especially since she was, no Vita was a monster the type the guard stopped.

“It’s the easy choice and it betrays everything I have fought for.” Fuli said.

Vita frowned in disappointment, “I gave my word but keeping it is becoming illogical, it’s much more rational to kill you all and just say the rebels did it. I value my word but I value order more, you are forcing me to betray my word.” Vita said trembling her voice like ice.

Vita turned to Kion clearly enraged it was terrifying, “Last chance if you force me to break my word you will die a very slow and very painful death.” Vita hissed in rage.

Kion and Fuli looked at her defiantly, Fuli pulled out the rock in the geyser, “So be it, it’s not logical to keep you alive anymore, kill her.” Vita ordered clearly unhappy with her situation.

A bunch of lionesses came at Fuli she tried to ignite a spark but was not fast enough they tackled her to the ground while others retrieved the bomb. Vita was holding Kion glaring her claws inches from his throat. “The threat is neutralized no need to go back on our agreement with Kion, Fuli on the other hand, Kion tell me where the rebels are or watch Fuli die horribly” Vita stated.

Kion looked at Fuli he couldn’t let her die he wouldn’t let her die but what about all the rebels who placed their faith in him if he betrayed them it would all be for nothing and he would’ve abandoned his family for nothing, he couldn’t let it all be in vain but Fuli, he couldn’t let her die.

“You want to know something all you have to do is ask nicely” Bunga said having appeared at the entrance of the den.

Bunga dropped down from the top of the entrance landing on a lioness and biting her ear, causing her to thrash he then jumped to another kicking her in the eye. With the lionesses distracted Fuli pulled herself free and dived for the bomb. Kion sliced Vita across the cheek. She didn’t really react much just glaring before charging at Kion full force. Fuli grabbed the bomb and ignited a spark with a rock activating it. Kion dived out of the way avoiding Vita’s attack. Bunga tripped one lioness before landing beside Kion, Bunga saw Fuli with the bomb it was time to scram.

“Come on Kion!” Bunga said while tackling Kion out of the den.

Kion saw Fuli about to throw the bomb, “No Fuli don’t!” Kion shouted.

Vita saw Fuli with the bomb, “you aren’t a murderer are you?” Vita asked her.

Fuli took in her question she then saw Shetani’s dead eyes the blood of the war and heard Kiara’s words echoing, “I was wrong about you you are a murderer.”

“Yes i am” Fuli said she then ignited the bomb and threw it, before throwing herself backwards out of the den.

Vita saw the bomb come towards her, that was not what she expected her to do at all, she didn’t attempt to take cover or flee that was futile she wouldn’t die cowering. She saw the look in Fuli’s eyes she believed in her choice not for her cause but for Kion, that was what motivated them or at least what motivated Fuli Kion was a different matter, what an intriguing unity.

“How unexpected” Vita said calmly before the bomb exploded right in front of her shredding her body with pieces of shrapnel and burning her fur, the blast then blew her cave apart.

Kion, Fuli and Bunga pulled themselves up staring at the destroyed cave and the bodies around it. Kion turned to Fuli who was shaking her paw twitching uncontrollably a look of disgust on her face. Kion and Bunga approached her slowly. She looked at Kion tears filling her eyes she buried her face in his shoulder sobbing. Kion held her close while Bunga gave them space they then made the long trip back. A few hours later Kion and Fuli along with Bunga entered the rebels stronghold they held a piece of Vita’s fur and placed it in front of them. The entire rebellion cheered in joy at their victory many even cheered the guards names. Muhimu was surprised as well they did it they actually did it he couldn’t believe it KIon just gave the rebels their biggest victory yet. Kion ignored their cheers and continiued to hold Fuli close who began to sob again. She murdered several and they were cheering her for it god it was disgusting how could anyone cheer her she was a murderer nothing more.

Bunga began gesturing all the rebels to give Kion and Fuli space which after a bit they did. Kion and Fuli didn’t notice them nor could they hear them anymore or really much of anything all they could hear was the bomb exploding all they could see were the dead bodies in front of them, the people they killed. Fuli and Kion made their way to their cave and sealed it they then turned to each other. Fuli began to cry again and embraced Kion sobbing into his arms. Kion held her close and embraced her as well tears falling from his eyes. They both held each other close as they sobbed into each others arms, wheeping at what they had just done and could never be undone, on this day they were murderers.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 11:
The blood on our paws

Simba watched on in horror as he watched Koto cut down a helpless lion in cold blood. He didn’t die immediately reaching out in desperation for Simba. Simba stared at him for a moment he could see the pleading look in his eyes, the fear and desperation. He didn’t want to die he was afraid to and was practically praying not to. Simba stared at him giving him a look of pity as Koto approached him slowly clearly taking great pleasure in this, too much in fact, it was sickening. Simba turned away from him as he heard Koto stomp on his neck silencing his cries, well silencing them physically anyway Simba wasn’t certain he would ever forget them.

Koto gave Simba a look that all but screamed you are pathetic. He then saw another lion in fact this one was a lioness fleeing. He gestured his soldiers to take her down, they all rained rocks down on her bludgeoning her brutally after she fell to the ground Koto ordered his men to finish her they continued chucking stones at her, Simba couldn’t watch anymore he turned away trying not to throw up. Simba found another lion on the ground still alive but barely moving he placed his paw on him and could feel the blood on him. He looked at Simba with revulsion and disgust. He reached out to him but it became clear he was trying to kill him when he tried to rake his claws across him Simba stepped away avoiding it, he began trying to pull himself towards him but he didn’t get long before a soldier saw him and drove his claws into him.

Simba looked all around him all he could see was death and this wasn’t the first they had already attacked others though not like this the others eliminated the royal leaders but this Koto seemed to be slaughtering the entire Pride and Simba couldn’t even remotely understand why. Koto approached Simba.

“Can you see our victory approaching Simba more and more of our enemies fall and with their deaths our strength increases.” Koto said while smiling gleefully.

“Yes without Vita our enemies become much easier to target though this attack is, it’s it’s too much Koto, why are we killing so many?” Simba responded his voice sounding so uncomfortable with the situation.

“The other kingdoms were of use to us this one has nothing to truly offer from its subjects and lacks a proper army and force of leadership.” Koto explained.

“What reason is there to kill them we had control?” Simba questioned.

Koto smiled, “Unfortunately this particular one would never accept a lion as leader only a lioness, and a kingdom led by a lioness is no kingdom, certainly not one I would have.

Simba wanted to punch him right in the face and even bite into his neck. What a cold blooded and sexist monster, why was he working with him these were the kind of people Kion chose to go against and Simba scolded him for it yet Kion was right he was completely right, and Simba still went against him, why was Simba siding with him siding with any of them?

“We will have to rebuild this one from scratch, which considering that it was ran by such a lowly and simplistic individual won’t be difficult in truth we’ll probably improve it.” Koto said smirking.

Simba couldn’t believe what he was hearing he had heard about this kingdom the queen was a bit power hungry and was not by any means nice but she was very creative and one of the more compromising members of the royals though she hated males, Simba could only wonder why, though males were still treated well here and equal rights the whole ruler thing seemed to be more tradition than anything.

“What of the pride living here?” Simba asked dreading the answer.

“Well let’s start that rebuilding the first step to rebuilding removing everything from the old.” Koto answered.

Koto then threw a lioness in front of Simba who was wimpering and pleading with him.

“Please let me go i haven’t done anything to you why are you!?” She pleaded.

Koto placed a paw over her mouth, “Don’t speak again, Simba you know her pleas are lies she’s a scheming and coniving snake like most of the royals, it’s time you put some effort into our little remoduling.” Koto said.

Simba now understood Koto wanted him to kill her despite the fact that she was begging for her life, he wanted him to kill her to prove he was on board that he was with the program. No Simba wasn’t an executioner especially not a cold blooded one he had done enough these past few days he wouldn’t murder what appeared to be an innocent in cold blood.

“No, I’m not interested in all this power you are you should do the dirty work.” Simba stated.

“Simba, how can i be certain you’re trustworthy if you have nothing to hide from, a partnership works both ways, we both have to get our paws dirty so that way both are guilty and therefore have an equal leverage, it’s simply fair Simba.” Koto said politely well it was supposed to be politely it sounded so fake.

“I watched you kill them and did nothing, I’m guilty” Simba reasoned.

“Blood must be on your paws if you’re not trustworthy well then you’re not an ally and i would hate to see you another victim of the rebels cruelty.” Koto said while his pride closed in on Simba.

Well the choice was obvious now either he killed that lioness or Koto’s troopes would kill him, he couldn’t die yet not when so many needed him, his family needed him his home needed him, Kion needed him if he died there was no reason to keep Kion or the guard alive, they would be killed on the spot maybe his whole family would, no he couldn’t ensure their deaths for the life of a total stranger.

Simba stepped forward approaching the lioness who seemed so terrified he pitied her but unfortunately she wasn’t Kion or Kiara or his family.

“I’m sorry, but I have a duty to those who depend on me.” Simba told her.

The lionesses whole demeanor changed what was once terrified became strong and confident without an ounce of fear the only emotion she was showing was contempt.

“You side with a sexist monster for your own needs, you care nothing for your kingdom only your traitor of a son, you are no king.” She said harshly.

Simba extracted his claws and readied them he tried to ignore her words which became easier when she called Kion a traitor his son was not a traitor, he glared at her after she said that, her next words would hit him much harder.

“You are a disgrace to the very memory of King Mufasa” She stated bluntly.

Simba felt his rage grow he growled at her in rage raising his paw how dare she bring his father into this he knew one thing his father would not abandon Simba under any other circumstance, he wouldn’t be here right now though, Simba knew that much no his father would of found a different way he never would’ve resorted to such bloody ways, maybe she was right.

“Your actions will not save your family” She told him.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about” Simba said sounding uncertain.

“Did you save your mate, your Nala.” She said harshly.

Simba felt something in his mind snap, a fire built a burning rage he had not felt in a long time for so long he fought it but he didn’t want to fight it anymore, no he was done resisting it how dare she, Nala was his love he would not allow someone to bring her up so bluntly her death was not a weapon to be used against him, yes it was all his fault it always was but she had no right to, no right to.

“Was it you who killed her or was it your son?” She said coldly, it was the last thing she ever said.

Simba wasn’t certain what happened just a blinding red blur of rage and then a second later his claws were buried in her chest blood leaking from her mouth. He dangled her from the air letting her hang from his claws, she was already dead. Simba let her slide off of his claws and fall to the floor. Simba stared down at her realizing what he just did, he killed her, blood was on his paws more than he would probably ever imagine. Koto smiled with Pride.

“Well done Simba I knew you had it in you” Koto said.

Simba looked down in disgust at Koto’s statement to have that monster feel any form of Pride towards him at all sickened him.

KIon and Fuli were sitting in a cave their head was hung low neither had said a word since leaving Vita’s kingdom they were both still in shock from the events that had transpired. Fuli stared at Kion who looked like he was about to be sick to his stomach what was he thinking about did he blame himself? Fuli certainly did all this talk of not being a killer and yet here she was once again taking another life was it always meant to be this way she couldn’t really say. Fuli kept staring at Kion who still hadn’t said anything yet, just what was going through his mind right now?

Kion stared silently into space seeing nothing from the actual cave he was in instead all he could see was the stones being thrown at his feet each name burning deep into his conscious. The stones were lying beside him yet they seemed to be almost glaring in hatred at him. Kion thought about those who were lost he recognized them all many were cubs. All dead and it was his fault all of them Kion closed his eyes trying to forget the image but he knew that was impossible instead he could almost hear voices calling out to him in rage.

“My sweet Nia is dead, it’s your fault!” A grieving male panther screamed.

Kion recoiled from the anguished cry he was certain was real.

“You let my son die for these savages” A crying lioness screamed tears streaming down her cheeks.

“It’s your fault, my son’s blood is on your paws yours!” Another lionesses shouted her voice began to transform sounding like Kiara’s.

“Our Mother’s blood is on your paws yours!” Kiara shouted.

It was all on his head they were dead because of him. All Kion wanted was to help people instead he let them die, he was supposed to be a hero yet he failed never before had he failed so miserably. Did he choose the right side was their a right side Kion just didn’t know, he just didn’t know if he did the right thing anymore.

“Kion are you alright?” Fuli asked him.

“No, I’m not, I killed them all of them I should’ve been there to protect them instead I let them die, Kiara is right about me.” Kion said sadly.

“Good, if you were okay after all this something would be disturbingly wrong.” Fuli responded.

“I didn’t see this coming Fuli there was a war going on and I couldn’t see it coming.” Kion said in disgust.

Kion turned to Fuli slowly trying not to break down.

“All I ever wanted to do was good, but I was wrong I haven’t done good I haven’t brought anything but pain, The blood of my mother all those cubs it’s on my paws, I killed them.” Kion said in broken voice.

“You have done good think about everything you’ve achieved and even if you were there could’ve you done anything to actually save them? Fuli asked him.

“I don’t know but I did betray my home I abandoned all of them how could anyone ever want to follow me?” Kion replied.

“People know you Kion, They see what you do, they see the sacrifices you make. They’ve seen you and they know you, and you are not a killer, you are not a traitor, you’re a hero that’s who you are.” Fuli told him.

Kion took in Fuli’s words and felt a sense of happiness at them, he still doubted but at least she stood by him, still this war was worse than he ever imagined.

“I never imagined this, I lived my life as a hero always there to help others that was my purpose, I never realized what the true price the sacrifice I, we would have to make would be, this blood and death.” Kion said.

Fuli took in his words and pondered them it did all seem so horrible yet they were still here they hadn’t lost themselves yet, or had they?

“Fuli are you alright, after what you had to do.” Kion said with a hint of shame in his voice, how could he let her cross that line again he should’ve been the one to kill Vita not her.

“No, I’m horrified everytime I close my eyes I can see the bodies, the dead look in their eyes all staring out at me. I can hear the blast the panicked cries before they are all silenced forever. They will haunt me forever.” Fuli said trembling.

“I’m sorry, sorry you feel this pain” Kion said sorrowfully.

Fuli heard his words but more so she heard her own. The deaths haunted her just like Shetani, but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing maybe it was a good thing. After all these years she still cared still felt regret. So long as you felt regret you weren’t lost yet, you could still be better. Fuli was beginning to understand their guilt and pain kept them human. The nightmares she suffered proved the deaths mattered to her. Maybe if she still cared so much then maybe just maybe she wasn’t a murderer, maybe.

“I’m not, I need to feel this Kion and you need to feel what you are right now.” Fuli said.

“You think it’s bad that you question your choices that I feel this guilt but it’s good, it means we still care, we care about what we do and the lives lost, you Kion, you care about everyone, every man woman and child possible. Those are the best kind of people the kind the world needs” Fuli told him.

Kion gazed at her which she returned, they both moved closer to each other sitting next to each other.

“And I need people like you” Kion told her.

“I’ll never leave you” Fuli told him.

They gazed into each other’s eyes, Kion found himself lost in her sparkling green emerald eyes. He gazed deeper trying to see everything within them, it was impossible. The beautiful sparkle of what could only be the beauty of nature itself entranced him, Kion gently nuzzled her which she quickly returned. Kion felt her fur against his it was so soft so gentle and she believed she was a killer impossible she was pureness, kind, strong, determined, everything Kion would ever hope for.

Fuli nuzzled Kion feeling his fur brush against her it was welcoming she felt a sense of comfort in it it was always there whenever she was around him. She saw his orange brown eyes glowing and could see the compassion and passion that lurked beneath them, yet they also showed strength the strength of a son itself. It was one of the main things that attracted her to him. Fuli gently pulled away from Kion she then licked his cheek, her tongue brushing his cheek from the bottom all the way to the top. Kion could feel her saliva on his cheek it only filled him with a sense of joy. Without thinking Kion took Fuli into his arms and held her close.

Kion for but a moment held her there taking in the full image of her beauty. Fuli gazed at him as well she then abandoned all subtly and leaned upwards pushing her muzzle to his. Kion felt Fuli’s muzzle connect with his she began caressing her mouth across his ever so gently and rather slowly it wasn’t like her to be this slow. Kion began kissing her back with an equal sense of gentleness. They began to deepen the kiss taking it further. Their tongues began exploring the walls of each others mouth as if trying to know everything about the other. Kion placed his paw on her back while stroking it gently. Fuli placed her paws behind his neck. Their tongues intertwined and joined in what almost seemed like a dance. Their tails also intertwined, Kion’s gently wrapping around her waist.

Fuli pressed Kion to the ground who still held her close, one kiss turned into several more. Fuli and Kion laid on one another kissing passionately for a but a moment it seemed as if everything else was gone. The war the decisions they faced, the death all of it seemed to fade away. They no longer felt the pain or sorrow that plagued them, all they felt was each other, the passion from the one beside them, the compassion and love that lied within their every action their every move. They could feel each other they could feel their bodies against each other, could feel it, smell it, taste it. They could almost hear each others thoughts calling out to their hearts as if one as if a single soul, they felt whole.

Kion felt Fuli against him within him to his very soul. He couldn’t feel it anymore the pain that plagued him all he felt was sheer happiness, a feeling of bliss of joy but that description was not accurate, no it only could be described as purity. A purity of pain and doubt a feeling of true happiness, it was a purity to his heart and of his soul, a feeling of perfection, it was a purity only she could truly make him feel. Kion in that moment knew he would risk everything for her he would do anything for this moment, a moment beside her. Kion let her passion, her love and pureness wash over him he let it wash it all away he became one with this single moment and let himself be lost in the blissful paradise and purity of Fuli.

“You’re right Muhimu you do care about them more than I do” Kion told himself.

Kion rested next to Fuli his arm around her, he wouldn’t give her up for anything.

“You’re right” Kion said quietly.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 14th, 2016, 7:40 pm

: Chapter 12:
The truth in front of our eyes

The wind blew ever so gently through Rafiki’s tree, the branches shaking ever so slightly the leaves moved for a but moment. The wind brushed against the tree, it was a brisk wind a comforting wind. Almost anyone would take a moment to just enjoy the brisk wind flowing through their face, just a moment to enjoy it, Nala didn’t have that moment.

Nala approached Rafiki’s tree silently and quite slowly understandably so Nala was believed dead and it was in her best interest everyone kept believing that. She didn’t like the idea of having to return the Pride lands at the moment she preferred to remain hidden and there was little doubt this night held the most risk of exposing her but it was necessary this place was the only likely area to have the information she sought. Nala moved through the grass watching carefully to make sure no one was there. Once she was certain she moved to the tree there was ramp that could be lowered for her but it could make sound no she needed a stealthy way to get in. Nala jumped up grabbing onto a large tree branch and pulled herself up into the tree.

Well the easiest part was taken care of now to finally get down to business. Nala made her way to a further side of the tree where Rafiki would store his collection of knowledge from other Prides. She noticed a bunch of stones and scrolls. She remembered the stones were a list of what knowledge he possessed and would direct to whichever scroll it was in. Nala cut a vine choker around her neck which she had attached the rock with the symbol she drew to it. Nala let the vine fall to the ground while catching the rock in her paw she then moved to the stones pulling them out just enough to look at, it was bright enough to see in the night the stars helped that as did all the colors. Not taking any chances she mis read Nala used a bunch of rocks to create a spark which she used to light a torch near the stones, she would have to do this quick.

Nala pulled out the stones enough to see their markings and looked through them for any sign of the symbol, nothing. She continued looking through the next ones, no sign. Blast, could it be that was one of the few things Rafiki didn’t know? Nala looked through the stones and finally came across it. Nala looked closer for it’s location, scroll 13 section mosai. Nala placed the stone back and grabbed the torch holding it in her mouth and moving it to an isolated section of Rafiki’s tree at least now the light wouldn’t be visible to others anymore. Nala then grabbed all the scrolls placing them in a basket which she carried to the isolated area.

Nala knew she only had a few hours at best before someone was bound to show up. Nala looked through scroll thirteen and found the symbol though it didn’t yield a whole a lot. All that was there were a few other symbols possibly associated with it and even that wasn’t certain. Blast a dead end, Nala slammed her fist to the ground in frustration, this was almost nothing to go off of.

Nala felt her anger growing after all this a dead end she risked revealing herself for nothing. No there had to be something here she was missing maybe those other symbols meant something. Nala moved back to the stones and looked through them she then found them though it yielded nothing it just directed her to the same scroll there was no information on them at all. That didn’t make sense there had to be something on them why have them then? Nala turned back to the scroll with the symbols she looked at them closely hoping to notice something.

Nala ran her paw across them when something caught her eye part of the ink was missing on the other symbols, they were incomplete. Blast! She didn’t even have complete records those missing pieces could be anything, how could she ever find out what this meant with limiting knowledge? Nala turned to a wood trunk and began carving into it carving each symbol, she then cut them out and placed them on the ground looking for any sign of what the missing piece is? Too many options to choose. Nala turned back to the scroll maybe some remnant of the missing piece was on the back. She turned it around it was perfectly clean all the knowledge intact with no sign of ink bleeding through at all, wait a minute that didn’t make sense the ink would bleed through unless it wasn’t missing unless the page wasn’t damaged, what if the it was deliberate?

Nala began to understand the answer was on that page hidden in plain sight. Nala looked at her symbols each were missing a piece. Nala placed her pieces on them mirroring each one it gave her a clearer image of what was missing. A thought ocurred to her, she moved one piece and placed it on each symbol until something happened it filled in the missing piece. The answer hit Nala, what if those symbols weren’t references but a puzzle. Nala took her pieces and began putting some together she tried three times before two fit together, it was a puzzle, none of these symbols were real they were pieces of another symbol. Nala began putting the pieces she carved together this time she got it right the first time, the next one took two, the following two took one. Nala looked at the symbol in front of her she removed the piece she used to fill in the scroll and placed it in completing the symbol.

Nala carved it into the wood and cut it out, she then raced to the stones looking through them to see if the symbol was there, she saw it, scroll 10. Nala raced back to her cave and grabbed the scroll skimming through it until she found it. The symbol of the society of Mirithi an elite clan of assassins thought extinct. So that was what the assassins symbol was a new mark for the society which is how they stayed hidden. Nala read to see what knowledge the scroll had apparently not much the symbol was last seen in the elephant graveyard though this was only a rumor and one with little evidence to support it. It would do for now, Nala placed all the scrolls back in their proper place and blew out the torches she lit. She then jumped down and slid down the tree with her claws landing on the ground. Nala didn’t hesitate the coast was clear and she likely wouldn’t be alone for long. She took off running, passing the borders and making her way toward the elephant graveyard and hopefully the answer she sought.

Kiara and Kovu moved through a dark cave like area filled with wooden cages a lone rebel prisoner was accompany them a look of defiance on his face. They threw him into a wooden cage and closed it. Kiara and Kovu paid him no heed turning away from the prisons.

“Everytime you imprison us you only prove yourselves the monsters and savages you are.” The Rebel said.

Kiara growled at him looking him in the eye, “We weren’t the ones slaughtering everyone, be grateful you and your friends are in these cages and not a hole, like our soldiers are.” Kiara replied in anger.

“We embrace the rising fire it will consume all tyrants and if we must burn to see freedom and justice then let us burn.” The Rebel stated.

“Let us burn!”
“Let us burn!”
“Let us burn!”

All the rebel prisoners chanted in defiance and strength.

Kiara felt sickened by their complete disregard for their lives, their friends lives, their families lives, their children’s lives. They were the savages Kiara kept them alive when they showed no mercy to her forces at all. If they wanted to burn so much then she would let them once she dragged Kion and the guard back they could all commit mass suicide for all she cared.

“Then go ahead and burn, let your children burn as well or do they not matter to you anymore.” Kiara said coldly no rebel had a response.

“Some humanity in the savages I’m surprised.” Kiara hissed before leaving all of them in their cages.

Kovu walked behind Kiara taking in what she said it was the first time Kiara interacted with any rebel in a non interrogation way. He couldn’t tell if that was an insult or an attempt to appeal to them, it was difficult to determine due to Kiara being so driven by rage right now. This was even worse than Kovu expected when they joined, Kiara was clearly becoming consumed with anger. He didn’t like it that was for sure, this whole thing was beginning to feel more and more tyrannical.

“I’m not feeling comfortable with all this, I never intended to lock up everyone I met.” Kiara said conflicted.

“I agree this is feeling more and more like a mass enslavement.” Kovu replied.

“What can we do, has our report today yielded anything?” Kiara asked.

“Not here yet” Kovu answered.

Kiara didn’t like that she needed some kind of suggestion right now any suggestion.

“How much longer will this go on, how long before the rebels give up?” Kiara asked.

Kovu in truth didn’t think the rebels would give up, in every battle they faced them in it always ended because they forced it too. The rebels had literally never surrendered ever. If they had their way a large chunk of the rebellion would be dead likely by suicide.

I don’t think they will, you already know this.” Kovu told her.

“Then what reason do i have not to execute every prisoner locked in those cages?” Kiara asked like ice.

Kovu’s jaw dropped did she really just say that, no how could she even consider that for even a moment?

“Kiara we’re supposed to be better than that!” Kovu said in disbelief.

“I hesitated and it got my mother killed, if they won’t give up then we have to kill them, or we won’t accomplish anything.” Kiara reasoned.

“And what of Kion?” Kovu asked.

Kiara thought of her last encounter with him what had almost happened, what she almost did, but she didn’t she wasn’t dragged off his unmoving form, she stopped herself. She was angry and almost felt a need for revenge on the rebels and even Kion to an extent. What did she want with him, to bring him home, make him pay maybe both. Did she want to face him again she didn’t think so though that was only out of fear of what she could do. Deep down Kiara wanted to inflict great pain on the rebellion and maybe even Kion, what would happen when they met again? Kiara dismissed the question.

“Kion will see the truth.” Kiara finally said.

Kovu wasn’t certain how he felt about Kiara’s answer, nor was he certain if Kion was the one missing the truth he was beginning to think it might be them who were missing the truth not Kion. He couldn’t help but wonder if Kiara actually believed this was right?

“You really think it will be that simple?” Kovu asked her.

No, Kiara knew it wouldn’t be but the truth was she had to believe she was right if she believed she was wrong that everything she was doing was wrong she wouldn’t be able to go through with it anymore. Her anger was the only thing keeping her resolve going anymore.

“I don’t know, but I have to tell myself it is, I have to hate them, I have to let my anger and rage flow through me or I won’t have the resolve to continue.” Kiara told him.

Tears began to fill Kiara eyes, “Tell me we’re doing the right thing, tell me this is necessary.” She sobbed.

Kovu wrapped his paw around her and held her closely.

“We’re doing the right thing” he softly told her.

He wasn’t certain he believed it was he lying to her, was he lying to himself maybe both of them, was this whole thing just a lie he just didn’t know anymore.

Nala arrived outside the elephant graveyard she was surprised that they were no hyenas waiting they usually were on the lookout for lions since it often came with food, which the pride had been delivering since Janga’s death. Well they would be a little disappointed since this wasn’t a food run, Nala was here on business. Nala entered the cave where she saw many hyenas laughing at the geysers probably at something that happened to the other. Nala entered the cave and approached them all at the geyser pit, they seemed worried to see her, they had nothing to fear presuming of course they weren’t involved, if they were well than their fear would be very understandable.

“Whatever you’re angry about we didn’t do it.” Chungu told her.

“Funny I didn’t accuse you of anything yet obviously you’re guilty of something.” Nala said scraping her claws on the ground.

“Alright we hadn’t heard from you in a while so we stole a little food from your den it was a few months back.” Cheezi confessed in a panic.

That wasn’t surprising to say the least the hyenas were scavengers to their core, though this wasn’t why she was here.

“That’s not why I am here, Pride Rock was attacked a few weeks back by an unknown panther, an assassin.” Nala explained.

“What’s that have to do with us?” Chungu asked.

“The assassin was bearing a mark that was last seen here.” Nala answered.

Chungu could see it Nala was very angry right now and very determined to get this information whatever it was, which he honestly had no idea.

“What sorry no clue what you talking about lioness” Cheezi replied.

Nala felt her frustration growing she was in no mood for this it was here and she would not tolerate delays. She extracted her claws and carved the symbol into the ground.

“How about now?” Nala demanded.

The hyenas looked at the symbol and turned to Nala in shock.

“How did you find this I haven’t even heard of this mark in over two decades before my time really.” Chungu said surprised.

Nala bared her teeth at the hyenas who began to tremble in fear they weren’t known for their courage by any means, which would likely make this interrogation a lot easier, now it was time to get answers, how much pain they went through was up to them.

“What is this mark and why is it here, I won’t ask again. Nala stated her voice was very threatening.

Chungu saw no point in hiding the truth he didn’t think this society was still active.

“The symbol was adopted for an elite force over two decades.” Chungu explained.

Nala was beginning to piece it together, of course why did she not considering this. She should’ve at least considered this was possibly connected to him and she had little doubt who the original employer was, about two decades ago that was right around his reign, she was almost certain about this and felt foolish for not considering it.

“Who” Nala asked.

“They were employed by Scar” Chungu answered.

Nala knew it, that was one mystery solved but what happened to them then she still needed more info to truly unravel the truth.

“Scar is dead what happened to them then?” Nala asked.

“Scar wanted it hidden so he sent them a single word stating their next client” Chungu explained.

Another mystery to unravel, blast unless the answer was more obvious who would Scar truly trust it wasn’t a long list. A single word perhaps that’s what that symbol means, the assassins new client, but if so why can’t anyone read it? Nala pondered the answer, why was it here and how do the hyenas know of it they recognized it, maybe they know what it means. Nala looked at the symbol she then moved to the opposite side the side the hyenas were looking at. It was a word a word only the hyenas could read. It all fell into place all of it. Scar would only trust those who follow his will only one truly did that.

“That symbol is upside down it’s ancient hyena isn’t it that’s why no one knows it, the language is long dead.” Nala said while continuing to put all the pieces together, she knew she knew what it was and who the culprit was.

“The assassin went to Zira originally who else would Scar trust, but everything Zira did was in the name of his legacy, that was her goal the assassin would go to his legacy.” Nala said.

“The word means heir doesn’t it, Mirithi is ancient hyena for heir” Nala concluded.

The hyenas stare at her shock Nala however paid them no heed and takes off running, she now knows who the true mastermind behind the attack is and she had to admit, she did not expect this, nothing would’ve ever made her accept this but it was true, she knew who it was and now she needed to find him before it was too late. Nala raced to her next location still trying to grasp the obvious truth, all this time the mastermind was right in front of them, right under their nose.

Kovu left the cave he and Kiara were resting in this was probably for the best since it would allow him to check in with their next report alone which he personally preferred. Kovu made his way to a hill where his messager was waiting with his next report, a mysterious panther, the assassin. Kovu approached the assassin slowly and stood in front of him, the assassin bowed in respect and submission.

“Mirithi” The assassin said.

“You almost got caught Kivuli” Kovu told him slightly annoyed.

“Apologies Mirithi, but I gave the desired result” Kivuli replied.

True, all problems aside he did achieve his mission and had been completing his other tasks as well. Kovu could tell the endgame was nearing it was almost time for the culmination of everything he had been doing for the last several weeks, the first phase went well, the second had some trouble but still came through and now it was time for the most important move of all, once this was done the end of the war would be near as would the new era that would emerge from it, however there was also Nala.

“She’s catching on Mirithi, It won’t be long before she knows.” Kivuli said.

Nala was already close to discovering everything that was much faster than expected, too fast actually they weren’t ready, oh well if Nala unraveled everything too soon it could be disasterous, they needed to set the endgame in motion now.

“Never mind that, it’s time to prepare the next phase this one is critical if this fails everything we have done won’t matter.”

“I don’t understand why you won’t have me eliminate her?” Kivuli replied.

“She’s vital to the plan which is unraveling mostly as expected don’t concern yourself with her and be ready for your next assignment.” Kovu commanded.

“Are you certain about this?” Kivuli asked before catching himself it wasn’t his place to question the Mirithi.

“I am already prepared just as when I left you the bomb in the den, now leave me and await my next command.” Kovu told him.

Kivuli bowed before departing, Kovu watched him leave as he did he thought back on how things had unraveled, how it was all prepared.

Kovu had to admit for how complicated it all was everything went pretty well all things considered, now they were finally almost ready at long last his mission would soon be complete.

“Soon all wrong will be right again.” Kovu said while continuing to stare out at the land beyond, soon everything he dedicated his life to would finally be ready to begin, soon.

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