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Hello! I'm Axx1000, an administrator on this Wiki.

About me

My real name is Alex and I just recently discovered how great The Lion King. I mean when i was a kid i never appreciated what a masterpiece the movies were. I recently watched Lion king 2 and what a great sequel that was! I will be doing "this and that" and constantly monitoring this wiki.


Apparently both Lion King 1 and 2 music pieces have equivalents im going to post here which i like better.

"Circle of Life" v.s. "He Lives in You": Both are very ritual songs, but i hate to say that i never really got into "Circle of Life" and "He Lives in You" is a great song.... "Circle of Life" < "He Lives in You"

"I Just Cant Wait To Be King" v.s. "We Are One" (these arnt equivalents but they dont have any): Very hard choice ill say it right now that the 1st Lion King has better music (i dare some to argu that to me) I LOVE both songs, "We Are One" is my favorite song in Lion King 2 but "I Just Cant Wait To Be King" is my 2nd favorite in Lion King 1 very hard choice because i love both song very much so....... "I Just Cant Wait To Be King" = "We Are One"

"Be Prepared" v.s. "My Lullaby": Both dark(ish) songs, very enjoyable, but after listening to both, the choice jumped out at me..... EDIT: my choice is still the same its just that i thing that My Lullaby is a bit more catchy and enjoyable..... "Be Prepared" < "My Lullaby"

"Hakuna Matata" v.s. "Upendi": I (once again) Love "Hakuna Matata" very fun song to sing to and is just a great song. "Upendi" is an okay song, I think that the movie background makes the song alot better, I really like the part when Kovu is choking on a piece of fruit and Kiara kisses him and he swallows it. anyway.... "Hakuna Matata" > "Upendi"

"The Morning Report" v.s. "Not One of Us" (these arnt equivalents but they dont have any): The Mourning Report" is one of those songs that get stuck in your head and find yourself humming to in the middle of the day but its still a good song. "Not One of Us" is a good song but kinda sad. I really like the way it sounds when they say "deception, disgrace".... "The Morning Report" > "Not One of Us"

"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" v.s. "Love Will Find a Way": Both very beautiful songs... *sniff* I Love "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" ive memorized the Elton John version and ive memorized the movie version (timon and pumba parts and simba and nala parts too). I love the part were simba pulls nala into the pond. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" definitely deserved the academy award (o and they got it too). "Love Will Find a Way" is very beautiful and such a great song, I loved the part at the end when Kovu said "We are One" and I loved the part when Kovu brushed away the ash to show the little plant.... "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" > "Love Will Find a Way" (o and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is my favorite Lion King 1 song)

multi-language music

after saying that id do this for the last 3-5 months i finally forced myself to make it a top priority so i went and downloaded every single video i chould find of "we are one" in a different language geting a grand total of 30 different languages and 1 unidentified language that i dont know how to get rid of the part i dont want and keep the ones i do (or video edit it so it doesnt have all the extra stuff) right now i have all 30 of them in a .flv format and im going to make copys into .mp3 and im going to add translations in a text document. right now im looking at all this that im seting up to do and it whould be great for some encouragement so i feel more compelled to get this done also if you want the folder containing the .mp3's (since ill have it done in a bit) leave a message on my talk page and we will get it to you somehow (i hate fileshareing sites that delete your stuff and whould love any suggestions). also one more thing is if you want a spicific song or language compiled im taking any and all requests.