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Changes and Updates coming to MLK!

by Azdgari » March 1st, 2018, 4:23 am

A few years ago, MLK was a vibrant community that brought together TLK fans, artists, writers, and other enthusiasts to discuss The Lion King and just about everything else under the sun. A lot of us have had a lot of fun on here, and made more than a few friends along the way.

Recently, a number of members have come together interested in bringing MLK back to being the kind of place it's been in the past. To that end, we've been investing time in thinking about ways to make that happen, and we'd like to share some of these ideas with everyone and bring everyone on board!

First of all, we will be reorganizing and consolidating the forums to "trim the fat". There are a number of forums with no posts in them for years, and it creates a feeling of emptiness around the forums that we'd like to leave behind. We'll be posting a draft 'reorganization' for people to look at and comment on shortly.

As some of you know, MLK had disabled registrations for quite a while, which kept the community from growing. We've re-enabled registrations and definitely encourage everyone to actively invite friends and potential new members to join. We're excited to bring over folks from places like DeviantArt,, Ao3, and other similar venues to post their work, discuss TLK, and make some new friends, especially as The Lion Guard and the upcoming remake keep TLK as relevant as ever.

We're slowly beginning to see the revival of old contests, opening of new discussions, old faces coming back and some new faces cropping up. Let's keep up the positive momentum and help MLK grow back into the sort of community it was when it brought all of us together. We can definitely do that. And let's bring good vibes as well. Nothing would make me, and a lot of other people, happier than leaving the MLK drama behind us, and I think we can definitely do that too.

There's more changes and updates around the corner as well. So if you have any ideas you'd like to see brought to the forum, don't keep them to yourself. And finally, of course, this entire thing is a team effort, so if you'd like to get more involved, please let me know!



Recent Happenings

by Moka » February 16th, 2017, 9:09 am

Recently, I've noticed an increase in passive aggressiveness in posts, mostly in The Den. As a reminder, our rules state the following:

Trolling, baiting, flaming, abusing, or bullying others. Remain courteous and respectful to all members at all times.

I'd like to again stress that being, well, nice is pretty important to the culture we have at MLK. Without the friendly, warm community that we have, the friendships we've made wouldn't have happened. We'd have a hostile environment where members want to leave left and right.

If I may, I'd like to remind people that MLK isn't like the rest of the Internet. Almost all of the other websites you visit (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, reddit) are run by companies that have full-time employees moderating and curating the content. MLK was built by me in my free time, moderated by volunteers, is totally free, and doesn't sell your personal data or show you ads. I'm just asking that the members of MLK be treated better than the randos on the rest of the Internet.

Another point I'd like to reiterate is people need to communicate better and assume good intentions. I've asked this of the community before, in December. If we become segregated in our cliques, it quickly becomes Us vs Them. Posts are often misconstrued. Perspective plays a really big role. The solution it to broaden our perspective as much as possible.

To help accomplish this, I've added a new profile field for entering your Telegram username. A lot of MLK members use Telegram, so it should be really easy to reach out to other members individually. Start talking to people. Asking them to explain a post of theirs benefits everyone: you have a better picture of their true intent, and they get to reevaluate how things are worded.

Oh, and stickers are cute. But MLK has had them for years. :girlyman:

P.S: Telegram username option is below MLKFAA and Wiki URLs in UCP -> Profile settings.


End of an Era

by KingKivuli » February 11th, 2017, 10:35 pm

I have been on this forum for many years. I have met alot of friends, made some enemies, but I can without a doubt confirm that without MLK and the people I have met helped shaped who I am today. I was thinking about doing a shout out to certain people but honestly, we will be here all night, and reading War and Peace would be easier.

All I can really say to everyone one of you, is thank you for everything. But after a long think over this last week I have made the hard decision, to resign as Admin, and leave MLK. If anyone will take my place, will be down to the team I leave behind, but I know they will choose well if they choose at all.

When I first joined MLK I was a brash young man who didn't really fit in anywhere, but thanks to this place, you people I have a life I am happy with, friends to support me, and confidence to make my own decisions and see them through.

I hope each of you finds what you are after in life, and no matter what happens, keep moving forward. Remember the Circle of Life is with us all and may the great Kings watch over you.

This is KingKivuli signing off. Take care all of you.

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