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# If you can just teach, that would be great 
March 13th, 2019, 12:26 pm
All the good teachers leave after their first 5 years leaveing alot of not-so-good teachers. Here are some exzamples of some ''intersting'' teachers

My theatre teacher is always complaining about how a certin play has too manny white people in it. It's just a play with actors who auditioned and worked hard for theirr roles. She went on a huge triad on how there were too manny white people in a play JUST to look good in a Floridia school. It's quite pathetic and i'm sure alot of people can see through her little act. It's also a little insulting how she's ALWAYS complaining about white people. And the ironic thing is that SHE IS WHITE. She should that race doesn't matter, but a person's MORALS DO MATTER and also what a person does with their life. Shouldn't she teach people to learn how to be indipent and to not whine and blame all their problems on someone else? if she can't do that then maby she should just teach THEATRE class instead of waisteing people's time.

My english teacher adores Adof Hitler. (Yes, you read that correctly) during my jounior year my freinds who were seinors at the time told me all ablot her and they took videos, recordings and even kept a tally of how manny she praised Hitler. they told me that the tally shot up to the triple didgits.

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