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The Lion King Wiki right now
The Lion King Wiki is running MediaWiki version 1.23.2.
It has 296 articles, and 1,879 pages in total.
There have been 4,723 edits.
There are 952 uploaded files.
There are 115 registered users,
including 3 administrators.
This information is correct as of 18:28 (UTC) on December 13, 2018.

The Lion King Wiki is a free Lion King encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It is a compilation of articles relating to the 1994 Original Motion Picture The Lion King by the Walt Disney Company. This includes the movies, the books, the comics, the musical, the fandom, and much more!

Currently hosting 296 articles relating to The Lion King, the Lion King Wiki is being written collaboratively by Lion King fans around the world. Almost every article can be edited by anyone. The Lion King Wiki has been and always will be a free source of information relating to The Lion King.

Mission statement

"We strive to be a source of information relating to The Lion King that is accurate, accessible, usable, high quality, and always free."


The Lion King Wiki started on April 8th, 2010. Originally, it was just going to be The Lion King Wikia moved onto My Lion King's server for more customization, better results from search engines, no advertisements, and the support of a larger community, but the move failed somewhere in between copying the articles over to My Lion King.

The Lion King Wiki was rescued and continued as a separate project on My Lion King.