In The Fur of Another

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In The Fur of Another
The cover of In The Fur of Another.
The cover of In The Fur of Another.
Pages 5
Published 2010
Inducks code D 2008-073
Origin Denmark

In The Fur of Another is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Zazu is boring Simba yet again with another lesson. Simba decides to run off, saying "What if I don't want to be king? Sometimes I don't even want to be a lion!" He sees all the different animals at the waterhole and decides he'd like to be a different animal. So, he gets help from a baboon named Babu. Babu paints some stripes on Simba's coat to make him look like a zebra, and Simba joins up with a zebra herd and his zebra friend, Zebby.

After a little while, Simba gets bored. His moment of boredom is short lived when a couple of cheetahs corner him and Nala. Luckily, the zebra cause a small landslide and the cheetahs run off. After falling into a pool of water, Simba loses his zebra stripes and realizes that he'd rather be himself and stay a lion.


The following images are the five pages of this comic translated to English from its original language.